WWL>Topics>>8-5-14 3:10pm Angela: on tax assessments

8-5-14 3:10pm Angela: on tax assessments

Aug 5, 2014|

Angela talks with Orleans Parish tax assessor Erroll Williams about how property taxes are determined.

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Well it may not be our favorite time of the year but it's definitely one of the most important. Property tax time. You have this week and next and actually few days after that to challenge your property tax. And because of major changes in the center's office he shouldn't have to face -- endless lines for your hearing. Here to tell us about the changes is New Orleans assessor Carol Williams. Who will be with this for the entire hour so if you have any questions whatsoever about your property tax. This is the time to pick up the phone and call 2601872601870. Really appreciate you giving us this hour because. We do have a lot to talk about and some very positive things have happened since last year first of volume extended the time. By two weeks that people can reviewed with you. Desperate that they invited me what we've tried to do is try to be more accommodating to the people that reserve and that is trying to -- is tough to try and Syria an average of 67000. People in the year. And a two week time period and give her credit same opportunities so we've made some changes changes by adding an additional location for people who go and visit. Also extending it to 32 days actually and then trying to give people on -- appeal can build and so if you disagree which assessed valuation. You know the right to go online download forms and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Convince us at least at the property value of the -- -- your problems and correct. And my staff reviewed before we. Submitted. To the board review if if we agree which -- movement to change to -- -- Richard and we are obligated to submit a form to the always -- review which is the City Council and they aren't independent view appraiser. An independent appraisers. Is responsible for trying to determine -- an -- says it's right or your request it is in line with what it should be. So that is the process you either go online go to your office and say okay we're Greer we disagree in if you agree that's. It's Don -- business management yeah if it that they disagree then the next step is the council. Texas' City Council we generally do resign over. Have tried my best to try and build. Appraisals where people know the values of properties based on neighborhood by neighborhood basis. So we're still tweaking that by tweaking union that sometimes -- -- change in their values change just by moving across the street. So we're trying to do is to campus there for a -- to read any shoes he would neighborhood changes we need debate. To try and make sure when we grew properties by neighborhood that we get proper -- -- -- similar in nature and size condition. -- and so we try and try to deal with that and that's has been pretty good change from. When we used to have when we hit seven districts so each successive don't base with. Neighborhoods embodies square now repetitive and group in properties where it is similar in nature. You have been in office how long behind me assessed zones that they Guzman a thirty year in and government now -- were -- 37 here as an employee. But actually have been in the building for alone time for a three years prior to that when Moon -- was -- -- my god had a chance to see all the mayors and though we're 41 and during those years you get to learn this. -- -- different styles and measures sells reach respected manner. Taking over as a single assessor was big. It was a big deal. But I challenges real challenges every day -- refine things to -- trying to graduated in 0120 why do we get here. And the biggest challenge for me and trying to bring about there and it will -- this is trying to get. The effect to a mission of these respective property particular to baseline. Which is. How -- -- property it was a square footage of property with type construction it is. What is age of pride when his condition report and in some you know some of the challenges. We don't know where the person has. And unfinished basement. -- finished basement so when you guys when he -- some -- you calculate prepares. Market value based on the square footage of that footprint. But not known met -- a little portion of the house may be unfinished. -- in which case though we have to make some adjustments as a contributory value Google's. -- upstairs for that first flow if there's not interested in just treated at the same rate per square foot. That we may use for a measurement property have you gone full circle throughout the city now post-Katrina. I would say that in and be not to be distance we've current. Nine and that percent of we still have some properties that because there were missed classified misquoted or at some override. Control on the -- was done by processes that reduce discovering that those are like a small percentage of properties. We -- to a neighborhood we tightened in -- world to -- -- to witness may have missed it because it. It had a past the case in his worst piece of property. -- Fiore -- classified as. As -- -- in this house on a song by as gluttony revenues -- -- people drive it look at property. Repeated discovering and put them on to -- On how many people do you have working with the right around sixty people sixty people who. Scour the entire sitting -- we've -- that we had seven actually people that recent get certified as a deputy of -- as certified -- from the state program. And we had some people that regard that work. Already appraisals for period twenty years. On the independent fees -- and -- some some structures well offseason have. Appreciation of the single property appraisal -- registrant teach him how messed appraisal prop property should be handled. In which case you deal with a larger number of properties and try and make it. They're weighted fairly uniform and sometimes it means that. That prompted me so 4000004. But it didn't department store itself on 900000. -- both of my -- 1000001. Rather than though neither congress one point four because of mass approves -- you -- -- detect bird to everybody. The political support if you got right back at the -- and problem we have with some some cases this unbelievably do that it should he should be an individual. The basis of individual fee based -- I get the right to come in the house NC with a net in case you -- on the floors granite counter tops Formica and by. And then makes a difference in the with the problem and so forth but excessive abuse of property from her and -- you invite him into your house most of in this statement and it's not one programs analysts that we couldn't. Well in other states like managers in New England princesses says if people come into house. And -- -- there was -- board looking at amenities in the quality construction unions as well as. In an objective in recent years and there but. New Jersey has the largest tax. Races in -- -- in the country it's it's really rough about four -- tolerate. Four times where would you put New Orleans -- -- in the scheme of the United States a week in the middle of property tax prices. Already clip above -- example all 100 no go home and always terror cells for. News which is personal 100000. The it would dollar homes exemption tangled as 14170. Dollars. And Houston -- 2500 dollars. And Atlanta's 18100 sells. So you get an idea where -- -- on the low income taxes although people don't punitive riveted oil respectively redo MacKenzie -- Other people -- for the same property. And that's controlled by the voters anyway when repayment illustrates his control those criticisms of losses. So -- you know that's something we're exists and -- assessment and pay more taxes but race going to be saying. Everybody baseball on the sides conducive for -- more than property. Stay with us every one we've got Carol Williams here for the rest of our view of any questions form don't hesitate to call us 2601870. We'll be right back. New Orleans assessor Carol Williams our guest so appreciative of you being here it is tax time. Some people got letters in the mail saying that. -- properties have been re appraised. And and you you're getting response from them. That's correct and in what neighborhoods. Basically what we're trying to do is this year we did we're a target was 32000 changes reduce 25000. And and and what we do -- targeted at inner city neighborhoods. A and those neighborhoods where. Values have non question we're focusing on is trying to picabo new houses that were built in those areas that we. -- picked up because of the free permits there -- back then in houses have been renovated new problems have been demolished. They had taken down the NEA and probably is that we have to overvalued and give them values of justice who -- it should be. So that's. And we had a derivatives because of some of the crimes of -- as we -- -- Do it in groups to it was -- a -- one person there because -- at. Someone who's been stopped on the street the -- pulled on Amazon as a appraisals or try to make sure we. Give some some support -- -- people into those neighborhoods safety in numbers correct. No that's sad commentary. And I was in reality we're must face and no matter would business where and so you're what -- the neighborhoods. Basically if you took. In this scenario would -- anything bond between Florida revenues. And domestic load going -- from movement or -- real details neighborhoods. And we Turco widgets and -- rate changes and neighborhoods and -- like. In return east overrun of value has gone down. And then we had definitely. Buehrle and traits are grown substantially. Yeah. Properties in lake view which were on the rules for 50000 dollars 60000 miles in the arrogantly and sale was coming in between 140 and 200000 calls per La visa -- one too much so he couldn't ignore that because it. It wasn't and colosio's laws. And our concern was -- Because -- defend. Not change in these incessant flow of people into -- -- postponement so we're trying to best of his religious deadly your list here. The mixture and any problems that we. Retains elaborate on -- -- -- and increased to you told you we increased over this because of building buried in Edison. But didn't replicate anything here with the problem would be word and it just some small number problems there but -- -- -- originally hit this year. So when property values go down the land value not the house valued the land value. Like English turn and one of those due to lower. -- -- the landry's -- but we also have focused on what the market values per square foot so if we have a house its own. And we've recently determined in the house and retreated through 2000 lots -- 400 outwards and if so we're real cute via the land. And building applications. Some extra -- reduce -- -- to anybody got a vacant lot. Should have a reduction plan just the vacant lot of people not the people -- built known -- -- -- have to market donation vehicles were marketed and if was wasn't and they will bring it to our attention in -- We also looked at. The mission house in new engines and other areas yes that is where we. That he it died on the east when you go award in the streets and some of those laws which may have been so for. The 60000 dollar ranger and on for 30000 acres 2000 Wednesday. And narrow areas which are beginning to pick a president bill in the schools -- finding that of those areas of beginning to become -- areas. But people who want to build homes and Don Young couples. Who plan -- live in those theories. And hooting about the holy cross to the U the -- school and Revere and who tries to. McChrystal has proven to -- would -- so we've got pre brand new schools there build. And the -- barrier between Paris avenue in those they've been on avenue and your and that's a driver and -- it -- Los from. Just two years ago was selling for 30000 now a lot of guys that are going to 62%. 5000 dollars. This scenario. Markets changes in the flow Jarvis it's it's not an exact science you have to stay -- a stay vigilant in trying to keep track with the values. Or in these respective games because it's changed. You we hear so much about the downtown area the young people moving -- on you know companies coming in which is all wonderful news. But the values down here and have gone up. Audience hello reasoning is that it'll break and land. The news though in the sea treaty. At route 662. Bills square foot but we also have paid very close attention -- some changes this year. And we looked at all hotels and ilsley history years to try and understand that when some reprieve oh hotels which is trying to understand. Weren't they fit in news extremely open to some. That sort of sales have been so -- four. As much as 230000. Miles per -- and that's that's our problem -- -- And receiving trying to understand is sales. -- mark today terrorism -- zero revenue stream project. While it appears. And discount of Mexico. We are raising assessments. And hopefully though so lonesome on the property is rule. Bring -- necessary income and expense Davidson we try to deter them assessments and linemen that we. We grouped them in areas which is -- design there you pursue justice and and they were grouped by type. -- solo mortgages and so hello healthful low -- restaurants as well as a Politico that the -- -- -- -- so. And the remnants of an apartment system -- a range of pork and so we. We're trying to bestseller -- you'd try and earlier study and understand that while we don't know we have all we know we've -- ago to try to get some uniformity. Among bills bills so. Much that you just said parking and I think the parking lots of -- or in another business of the parking lot. Because they're all wasteful and -- we need more parking so that has to have been raised in value. All Leo well that's that's one of those initials were -- were as a debate among assessed as well and that we should take. And music and approaches enemy's part analysts. Which would make to -- a lot more valuable I didn't know what the lot next to maybe. Because they're committed producers from -- and in some debates and leave them alone. The Canadian -- way to lists of those possible rule on. The other departments and just do would land vacant land as story as they can -- building on and he value -- of people definitely plan. Janet Howard was here yesterday -- head of the bureau of government over search and hanging over he mentioned in the comment that 40%. A 40% of the property in new loans is tax at 60% roughly. Is exempt this exempt because it's either government buildings state federal city government buildings. Or a nonprofit. Or. To a lesser degree people who have full exemptions. But that the nonprofit issue keeps coming up as we face an era of the city meaning money. Whether it's the consent decrees whether it's fixing streets. We're turning on the lights we need more money to to always go back to the 40%. Is tough. And I'm just asking you your thoughts on. If somebody has on no legally if somebody is. Said there are nonprofit. They can be exempt. But should that be the case in all cases. I don't think it should be and the reason why -- -- alike fuses turns some nonprofits. Or non profit for profit. And that's the only -- if you look at their experience. In revenue expenses suited expenses usually iron and the expenses for profit. But the concern is the constitution. Governs what's an example of what's taxable. And while -- we do have some problems with future growth because so many. Non profit organizations of buying property. And taking off its rules we have to also be cognizant of -- would do efforts to come back and Rawlins. Was led by non profit organizations and who rule -- -- churches and defending him -- you know as good feet. Question is were Isabel received the BOB. And that is you sums cities in the country -- and it's negotiated agreements. -- payment of tax program. Future growth is controlled by. What we get to who development for profit and non payment in round. The city this state. Government educational institutions loses delusions they make a good portion of -- And in some states. You know I have the -- by the bureau to talk to assess from. Parts of the country and -- -- -- a non problem at least says it equals those -- Our church like that. It automatically goes on the tax rules this tax Olympic it's superior for abuses. During that all those -- and -- real. Distinction that movement as Serbia. Our state legislature and justice and posted to decide on the -- true definition what constitutes a charitable act. Constitution educational purposes counts as two hours ago to help for a related purposes because. That becomes a fight and even. Even -- those with accounts of what does it makes Tuesday we told him -- -- one. That is what is institute public purpose weaknesses so that some government to issues they've been hurting him do his opponent purpose. And that people who rent from them should pay no taxes and Oprah. We're gonna pick it up right there or stay with this and call us give us a call 2601 and seventy if you have any thoughts will be right back let's go to news. New Orleans assessor Carol Williams our guest. We're talking in the break him again he BG be easier because. You're telling me things that -- just it's upsetting and the bottom line is this the cities -- we need more income. An awful lot of people don't pay any taxes organizations and company Texas we've done any number of shows -- But some of the games that -- you're talking about. That people manipulates. In these times it's a heartbreak. Not such as -- -- just about. That. Who is nonprofit is the question is that the 1%. Low. You have nonprofit organization. Knows of Vizio home property exit from probably needed dues. Have a -- non profit organization created. And recorders -- Thursday. Eleven from the internal revenue that is that is echoed determination minutes -- -- -- exit from prop from income Texans. On the final 460. And then there's to a close reject. Does nobody. Received in the case and if it from the nonprofit organization and India opposes it dissolves. If -- assets transferred to -- And makes you. Legitimate -- -- exit surprise now the question is dealing with the use of properties so if you buy. When decode grocery store. And you open -- restore that would be exempt but if you residential property. That it would be exempt owned and operated exclusively by in the -- but some of the games there can be played today is the nonprofit organization might. By operators and apartment complex. Only to finally grown a deal Leo 1% of them apartment complex -- that president bill -- aside who. Who who got tax credits -- made him portal. But but issue dead and you know we -- it goes by begin looking at. The financing. Documents to show how who care and note on the property is a nonprofit organization were born one dollars a deal little. Go to investors -- money you know putting money for the project in new you to return this. So it's a challenging thing this for recesses because you can't just look at the sale and Holmstrom profit pioli. -- dated -- that's molded and we -- one case we recently -- of problem Baylor Ron. Baylor ran projects in the city but clearly the Columbia park in and which -- -- into -- premiered. Facility but the -- and so on -- location. Hello to prime real. But because -- the problem 120 million dollars to build project. And industrial and just don't know what for the four million doses it real so therefore it real and it's exit appeared in which real so. -- the person I was an entity in the form windows 120 amino project scenario play. -- ousted as the low side step below it were round news this is paying taxes ago with. That's just some of -- load games of two CO there tax credit housing is you know there were. People or property and so tax credits. Two private investors. And what happens is that the private investors and some cases build a 1000 this is a problem I have always prayers and saying to him -- have to deal with the problem. Apartment complex is now being bill. With tax credit money out two days ago by a double Post Properties 2000 dollars in property taxes he regrets every hundred bills besides. And is used as a model. And so he could succeed and Obama. One of those guys who bills of -- house he built 225000. -- -- balls right next it is property. And in because he's got -- restrictions each only charges by a hundred dolls -- Now he could not -- don't -- on paper because of the farm bill. Historically aside please don't close communion. But he's getting tax credits equivalent to what the market revenues the biggest news on his personal tax returns though. On the next mission now listening real issued you property. Video text created inauguration based on file and dials and -- reason guys point six and window -- And the guy who's who book 450 in 2000 miles into. Problem there is is that it doesn't just in -- the guy who's got two under through to go out it's no losses tennis because they move next -- -- -- right. It and is dead and six at least open to doubt though that tax so that does not fair and house in his opening the legislature really. Intended this to happen right this is just taken advantage of opportunities debt within -- structure. Stay with -- everyone Carol Williams has more to tell us about who's paying and is not run activists. Carol Williams the new -- -- our special guest today I'm gonna go to our caller I appreciate this Arsenault. Yet thank you so much. Recently. I have I think there oh in the violent and yet he -- a -- Because of global New Orleans and because I'm tired of fighting it I'm going to pay their taxes. But the wind and I want to thank you -- put it to peel away and he had kept two of their actions. I saw him -- he would be involved in planning. It be anything like that and put him on the kind. I was leading them to put her home which it was versatility I was telling you what I've done or exact kind. I have appealed to -- that the less than nine. Nobody in economic -- at a property. Find me I had to pay somebody it was suggested by clamping. And that person was able to lower my taxes on although I 203000. In between that you. You know -- don't let them articulate that is played. Most likely. To win and I would act like it is unity -- -- grant on the planet on how to become actively unwillingness -- -- -- -- yeah I think panic. In every night ended and content that they think is somewhat like acting that he -- the -- -- it and I never if he quit you. And find me when I think somebody -- you have to -- somebody look at Republican gopac. -- only -- and now I'm going to pay. But Anna is an -- that -- kill you -- Indian police and Josh hasn't been unconstitutional. And feel and a piece that we are paying. And I just that you don't panic. But why don't while. At work -- Little history is where it works. In I don't know when you came into bring it -- office. The tension everything here every year where every year and at thirty years Celeste and I when you begin. That is because up until 2000 -- -- so everybody came in my office and hampers that's it's now and review between -- and everybody wants to see me. And they're gonna pay sixty people who do the do work and have the sedan and and this and that everybody who has a problem with my prayers and blow -- take appear to indeterminate fair market value property -- included in some money though the -- -- -- In in by water if it's about what profited quantify and others about war intimacy neighborhood. Houston you should not have had to -- in appraiser to going to go to profit was -- because in the appeal process is if you follow the report. Then I'll make them obligated to Smith -- documentation to the City Council and board review and they are an independence few appraiser who determine when -- my values -- When your values right. Process and and beyond that if you if you are not satisfied with. Their decision on us like I wouldn't decision that we take it and they know which of Louisiana Tech. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Went in -- what he's now I have been here from the water's going to stay put a better time. But it was kind of in Arlington because he's simple manner count. We we haven't done. Opportunity here and it but he -- being -- he's thinking like you can't even though it was not. I'm likely that technique I had to call on -- what I don't know would be sentenced. Does your thoughts as you filed an appeal and it went ahead we'll review and -- and to give you the number eighteen years in the Sudanese agree with us -- -- -- anything you want to strike came on the board review it came from me. It ended -- know from the board of review and got targets would really liking to you whine like children that are that are likely not going to market. They wouldn't matter if we published -- speculating that sense what you. You know what happens is is that the first -- offenses should be an appraisal person if united convince house. Then we are obligated to -- suitable or be real disarmament presumed will review we -- we would much prefer to settle down self reticent and more review. When I was not exactly an aching and I just could -- get an -- this. But my question right now he's I'm all about their -- I -- -- can connecting those of people in the bottom ninety. -- out -- way to go forward to it why he put these people for somebody to do with that and why -- -- -- line. But nobody. Ever know anything what would you do it again say on the court. And liked what she believed it was on. Emotional and let me help you understand that there's a difference between the role of the tax -- and the tax collector. The tax collectors of one who's charged in the penalties and fines and fees okay -- says -- doesn't so you provident tax bill he has to send your tax bill. -- -- he doesn't collect the money doesn't know busy refund -- and that's from a lot of people think there. We -- we're like so many other places in Texas sacks assesses tax collector he's. That contention and wind pay even though all one at one under purple. It was you have to file suit within thirty days now -- -- have got to do they ever plan to protest know them that a particular rights. The president probably didn't think I hit -- and I wouldn't mind I'm going to say it. You know what I need to do and what my misses us -- and do it and just probably should follow federal. You thank you very much for calling -- arsenal in her final moment I just wanted to very quickly asked do you assess the exempt properties. Yes but. But -- there is no. Requirement that I have to reassess them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That they were put on there when he built the building twenty years and years ago and a new buildings that are coming on the rules -- depicting those that for the bill to permit. But does not a constant. Reducing problems deceit and every four -- what is -- were 250000. Wells were 1010. Years ago. Well like we could talk for hours on this I'm fascinated by an -- Williams I cannot thank you enough. -- -- don't forget you've got this week and next if you need to go to his office he's there. Thank you so much we'll be right back. I want to thank Carol Williams so much our new worlds assessor remember his office is open. For the next two weeks if you have any questions go up or go online you can not download the up. Whatever you want and do with that way but again I thank you for you to answer. And thank you all for listening we'll be back tomorrow.