WWL>Topics>>8-5-14 4:10pm Bobby, Deke, & Hokie: at Saints training camp - Hour 1

8-5-14 4:10pm Bobby, Deke, & Hokie: at Saints training camp - Hour 1

Aug 5, 2014|

Bobby, Deke, and Hokie talk about the goings-on today at Saints training camp in West Virginia.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A good evening and welcome to another edition of sports talk a bit Saints training camp at the Greenbrier in West Virginia all our resident -- smoking guys out and Bobby Hebert. I'm Deke Bellavia coming up on today's program we have a whole lot of sound it to Saints coach Sean Payton defense coordinator Rob Ryan. We have safety Kerry is -- wide receiver Brandon cooks defensive lineman Hakeem -- defensive backs coach Wesley McGriff. He -- a -- -- area and I back a Ronald Powell have all of those guys come and a four year. On today's program to us -- Bobby UPD a breakdown of today's practice and operated jaguar opinion poll put third straight day Drew Brees. These practice. Give a short take online at WW -- dot com are you concerned about. The franchise missing practice no not at all -- spot to -- the franchise you always concerned when -- -- is not there. Brees is great he can do is practice all that advisors drew traded. For the dirty birds cast your vote online at WWL dot com a lot happening in the world of sports -- in a negative -- dirty -- -- we get to camp. They -- might all -- -- -- down as the Atlanta Falcons make your debut on hard -- that I don't HBO which we do hands on our team. Yes -- you'll be interested because is very entertaining I think if you like football over -- -- football should Theo. The big to be featured hard knocks. If you look at that short runs during the NFL pre season. The five part series when you look at it. It's it's produced the conjunction with NFL films. -- -- stunning you that you always have an archive so to speak in. Is debuting tonight and is gonna go all the way to September dissect it. I didn't -- that actually you know with this from day one I don't know if the states could ever be involved in this judges don't know -- bush on Peyton. -- -- that he would be a part of this with he looks at a news is gonna help. Slater is gonna help the team in as he was forced to do this. I don't the the -- participating. And hard -- I think it might do more along the lines. Oval -- he would ESPN and actual practice. What would they deal with the Seahawks. You know going forward but I think more what's happening on the field. Vs navy in the media rows behind the scenes -- I hit those do you think being -- part of that. Well today's practice is all -- tickets that kick is up online at WWL. Dot com our resident pros give you -- take in hope you guys on him by the there was so -- first Tokyo I'm not paying particular. Cruise date for the Saints offense out there today practicing at the campuses. I certainly didn't think so and you know it's something you've not talked about the Mormon. And it's -- -- that we've seen. Really it's kind of only reared its ugly head here the last few days. The center quarterback exchange and you know I'm not saying that every other stat but. There is any coach -- -- you want me to meaning and when you see three of them in the course for practice today and look I understand that. Their governments and guys around. Moving Johnson over from senator guardian and he'll move one gap -- -- and indeed -- it's it's not that there spirit meaning to find out. Who can make the best that -- article right that if they're trying to find out who their best offensive linemen are right but. The fact of the matter is it's the most basic play in football because if you can't get that done you can you can't get anything else done. You're not that you're talking about how good branding coach is looking because the quarterback in down the -- in the backfield. Covered up the football -- -- can't throw it down the field so a neat to meet when things like that happen. I mean I don't even I don't even give them. A rain check for one here in court to the practice Bobby that it's a responsibility of the quarterbacks in the senate. Think you don't live for -- -- it 3040 -- he ever mania takes. And make sure that smooth and one thing that I have never done. In my football career I've never taken a snap from sinners so. But I know quarterbacks -- Radisson or a little bit and again make -- it's up so. It's. It's two people there is not always just the fault of the sooners are always just fall to the quarterback right let them. The bottom line is it needs to get rectified. Soon because that's something that will cost you a ball game. In a heartbeat. Well it has to be a 100% it has to be second nature you know like I think you'll like I'll always give the -- quarterback exchange in. No it has to be a 100% that the second nature. I can remember at times -- that it would've broken finger. There was -- when a guy that. The block but never snapped the ball and that. I don't want it to be an adventure I'm like I remember telling Carl Smith who's now the quarterback coach you know the Seahawks and Russell Wilson. Like Ottawa that than it would on its inner is I don't know whether but the balls coming I know off putting enough pressure on his -- Cox. And -- give him up and riding him and he's not hitting my top ten. I don't wanna be scrambling for the ball around so. You know is so guys can do it where it's automatic. You know I remember Majoli November I never had. Almost that whether it was price -- game ever not want. And I think you can look at the film not one time of practice are on the film. Now long gone with the court -- helped -- out -- on the radio our members he would tell me ride with me Ryan Whitney. When he had that tilted bills and you know they had that nose guard hard it is side. In trying to disrupt that snapped. That I really have to Riders we got to build individuals inner and it's all about putting enough pressure you always got to hit my top hand. And in this better. Might tell our quarterback coach might tell the quarterback with you cant get antsy you Capel Al to quit. And it sounds crazy when you think about it you got to ride this dinner and you gotta go -- And don't allow too quick because in the balls flying everywhere and it's on the ground and in everyone's. Gulf Coast that in nothing's happening and be back in yeah I get value over -- -- over and and -- that's one thing. That we kind of take it for granted because that is not in the situation would through but. And now that you will be there was a scenario Bruschi going to forget it Brees is throwing the ball at the -- that's the first time he's thrown the ball. Since the AM practice for a so yeah I mean I mean. You don't won't be dealing little bleak that you caloric you don't want to be that is that it's aggravating every day trying to. You know play football you want that to -- -- that something you play through. Michael you know just a little weaken our twinge in my. And hopefully -- to keep the -- to play through it no you have to arrest that. And it's such as being. You know -- be cautious. You know with that now. With that being said look at a practice today in that we elaborated now more people with -- show. This is growing group and maybe his -- practice. You know he -- one of those snaps and in the shadow man I think he Bobble it that anything get to handle the ball on the ground. With that -- those -- we just -- haven't any slam the ball and run and he was. Ticked off -- frustrating which came about the other running great grip about this time he's been haven't. An outstanding camp its -- at progression. He did also. Like Princeton to a nice pass to -- Watson plus twelve yards and all of a son of Cory white. -- -- kind of like that safety position. Kind of faded I think grip than in Indy it's a nice interception nice coverage and now Corey -- you know 22 days in a row. He comes -- an interception but the we get every -- more practice what occurred. Like -- he said. Well all I know is that that that frustrates coaches. -- anything even at the high school a lot of careless college. A professional high school. The quarterback center exchange that has to be automatic in that and not an adventure. -- because of it is an adventure it's gonna come back to bite you in you got to keep working on that the word becomes second nature. That's our resident both of you guys out and Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia basis sports talk on the BW him. And welcome back all of our resident pros look at guys and Bobby a bad time Deke Bellavia witnessed the Greenbrier at Slammin' Sammy is bringing you sports talk coming up at the bottom -- -- -- -- with saint coach Sean Payton. Had to say the black and go get back to work again tomorrow appear at the green brat with an 850 practice they'll also practice. Now excuse me Thursday is travel date and they take on the -- Friday night right here on saint radio. WW IA MFM and dot com OK till he thought it was kind of a sloppy practice been okay I was looking back in the notes. A couple of guys that have stood out you know we always kind of keep announce some of the lesser known players that come up. You wrote down in some of things that you filming an equipment -- in on the it in the immediate action me Hoke had been banned -- with a -- to Colombia -- my mouth Marcus Thompson -- via -- lap back out of book. Rutgers. A befall us thought -- in the notes that break him Downey whack -- what is -- plenary and why he's. You went well I mean he kind of reminds me a lot of the first time -- -- junior -- You look at him out there and eats he's not big enough to be a defense of Lyman. And yet he looks a little over to be a linebacker. But I like -- the guys got some explosion off the ball real good initial quickness he uses his hands well. You mean he's got some pass rushing skills about it wears number 99. So. I don't know exactly make -- listed on the roster. With the library as a linebacker they get getting -- it to fifteen but. Every time I've seen me he's in that in -- three or four points they have come off the aggression against the -- to tackle so. Mean do they have something in mind for him as far as you being a rusher. In nickel and dime packages. I don't know I understand he's got one pretty good skill right in the ability to rush the passer and I would not say they've got something in mind when that I'm not. -- in that there's a roster spot waiting for him anything like that but he just kind of one of the guys that really. That nobody knows about that EC at practice in that term value -- he shows up. You know that's kind of what for example let's put rod sweeting is like she showed up I mean -- break up to a ball every practice he -- an interception. Every now on the and you've seen if -- -- -- -- an offensive linemen in Indian not hit the quarterback yeah. But when they do go to Japan for a funeral they have the dummy back there that -- -- -- going it's on me -- somebody that you kick your idea. You kind of watching mundane again I think the his biggest obstacle that it got to overcome is where are they gonna put him because. I haven't seen him do any drop in anything like that but doesn't really look like that's going to be a real natural thing points but. He just somebody the last couple days as has done a few things. Erode my notes that Stanley Jean -- finally made a play today he had a nice pass break up. Down when they were running of the goal line. Skeleton drills. And I think it was against Jimmy Graham in right LaTroy in India Florida he had the perfect position. It inside position on gimme the ball was being thrown the back corner of the end zone in and it went up and use those long arms and jumping ability. They get up there break the pass up. So he was again that that it's opening day. But. Well it Bobby -- and Corey white -- you know as much as he's been jumbled around I know Sean Payton got -- answer questions last week about -- the reported which was a very. Honest question -- Corey white flag and active for a lot of times they don't volley that corner and nickel back well. In that three safety package that they use -- did the deep safety back there. But interception that he had today was that he was -- -- and how he broke on the ball -- Through intercepted a role in the it was more from -- safety position not a cornerback position. I did anything one yesterday. The but he's now I -- -- -- -- in a -- hole in the but you know that's what you that's what you wanna see out of Corey wants the the progress being made in that he is. Doing some things and you know I can -- and that he had a couple of back to back place. Where he had a nice pass break up but when he was -- against Jimmy Graham and grin rightfully gets the interception in. At the interception yesterday in -- another. -- in the third team here drill that they ran on the pass break up so the that's great the jacket you're in a couple of periods that. We showing up around football and that's what you need to do so you know when. I guess wanted to talk about the center quarterback exchange you know -- make it sound like practice and all gloom and -- well the flip side of that if somebody announced that the ball that doing something well. To make some of these -- at the and it play well against the run two days and they did that India in the inside drill there was not a whole lot of running around Brad banks today. All right coming up -- to get this call was more of Bobby and Hokies take on today's practice first -- -- BO and whose time is 430 Tampa first news and I'm going to do my crystal ball -- guess it's gym and so. And welcome back to sports talk our resident throws giving you they'd take this a few days away from the first game of the season between the Saints the Rams turned down the sound that center of Sainz radio 7 o'clock kick -- New Orleans at Saint Louis. Friday night here on WW to the phone to go to says squeezing. Area on line one Karrie thank you for calling that you give you -- -- Hello Kerry won't put -- hole for just the second and if you would listen to your phone not trade let's go to her about New Orleans he's on line to hurt thank you for calling. I don't. Question. And it. We've got a -- did you happen but it did buy out and then. Well. -- -- you good numbers that means. Can't. Know I don't know either because he had been in there. The economy ago -- I -- as far as possibly being in that in the rotation or. You know that obviously the top two centers at Tivoli -- Jonathan -- wouldn't even move. Zito. How you see is they that the bullet from Washington and opponents they always joke league Calabar every element that he can see no yes. That they've had him. Like we've been -- is out not only guard within also putting limits that are but I see it right now. You know to come back and I want all want to -- a lot of I don't see a lot where are the circle his name when he got beat today it still mean that's I guess that's known to. Well it you don't have an interest in with him in if you watch the game Friday night and now he'll be in their Providence Sega have largely because of the third fourth quarter and in the 61. So it but I mean this -- Like all of a sudden now you look at a great block or are you give credit. A particular individual whether it's on the office that the it's a blind. No I have not seen that. We've -- Armstrong for instance though. When you look at that the 101 and have to drills -- -- -- once when you got 40 what did it feel like you might have won only one -- film. Did you got one element to -- linemen and you know I'll look at it just in my notes written that many guys that junior go -- Was able to get the best is that treat today and arms they got the best. -- -- Now here's individual. And they. You got it built -- and as the constantly push him over the could be a lot of side go with him they've got him as a free agent from and Jacksonville Jaguars have Brandon -- And in the 67. And you know here's a guy half five year veteran six with 4305. He looks a lot -- That the real fire right now against really good hands on this particular pass rush and they were all expressed that to -- a great heads. That's what you need to do and it also guided -- recognize them out of nowhere last year to free agent out of Illinois. -- Foster the use him every day he has different. Type of rushing techniques that he utilized with its power. -- weather like this beat Russian. -- a great power today's all of the bits of -- they were like high fives and each other. -- we've Glenn oh loss to show in that bush and power here's a guy. That the you know. 280 to 85 pound. They don't -- that have been at that really you know it's. -- his challenge and all that -- and things that he didn't have. One. Kind of technique is gain that built the way to get the quarterback. All right 26017866889. Theory ten of them get involved. Let's see who can give it to carry on -- Kerry thank you for calling WW. Michael call about their quarterback change but -- for ball it was. -- practiced with the opposite for special needs work. We were. Second. They're all. And scored in the game. -- Myself but it was wondering. Their quarterback he's injured. Because you get back. There you don't. Really. How -- Call. You have luck that they brags that though I at least thirty. 4050 times this is like before we even stretch. The theaters in the quarterbacks do go out early it. And and really it's all about trying to find out who could be potentially -- back of -- The because the bottom line -- you know I think a fumble that the between John McMillan and Drew Brees. Now like timlin Rico. You know he's learned actively sit in the garden and now and talk it would Ruiz is that says is that and that has not been a problem. But you know everyone's different so you got three different quarterbacks. For. I'm. Ironic if you count Logan Kilgore. And it's a utility wood out the report of its letters. So you what they're collected only where no matter who's in there and you get it done and that I talked about this it is different. Likely he's taken a snap and really their their leverage charges hitter but placement how high are hollow they are. It is keeping all the all the same no it's not the same on felony like that whose figure is that from -- to -- what it's different. But we have taken it from timlin Lito. And now we'd never see really a problem with that and and a few days ago. They had to do what practice above a bit stressed that it does work -- -- Because I know coach that's -- no matter what TV look at that that's totally unacceptable. And that I -- happen. In any phase and obviously that's the time you gonna have mistakes you want it to happen so you can correct it. But -- unity gain -- know that back because you have to lose the game. All right we'll come back into some more calls and gulf of it this summer as players as contest the code word is coming up. You can win a thousand -- stick around for more this -- sports talk on WW. And welcome back Sean Payton -- cooks. Ronald now that -- since there aren't many other interviews and coach Rob Ryan. Coming up the rest programmers are pros break down today's practice you know public information -- Sports news it was online at WW OO dot com -- the latest on the -- go our entire team is here and our entire team back home. He's making sure you get all the information as I've got a team here but the team back home with making sure everything gets open running. Take everything out at WWL. Dot com Drew Brees may surprise -- the third straight day but was seen throwing it today this afternoon walk through you concerned at all about the franchise. Not participating in the last three practices that's -- -- beyond -- like the on line three thank you for calling them UW will. They -- right out Notre -- man I wanted to go right -- quick questions. We -- and all five all with my mental -- on it to -- and I have good data. Our guys aren't getting any easier or better yet yeah I mean -- is that even competition. When you look at tackle. I mean if you look at right now. And it's amazing how a player progresses that street. You know we look -- -- gave a couple of years ago college programs -- were -- in there and Zach -- is a top ten tackle in the -- left tackle that we've received -- In the NFL you look at the run -- Man got to run Armstead. We all -- what we think you can't -- that time he -- don't can't yards that the around norms that it. I mean the sky's the limit -- -- -- -- -- implement -- Willie -- -- but that two run arms. I'd be shocked if he struggles at left tackle. Did you know but it is not a whole lot of difference athletically but yet they'll do exactly. Is that he can hang his footwork hand placement. You just talked a number of players competing against them as did -- renteria. Jahri Evans a big groves. -- there. That we weren't there in the conversation not -- Carl Nicks and a Jahri Evans -- the best you'll -- when you look at that that's the Uga 32 teams. Is obviously could be -- -- -- that that we in the top five via still a dual guards out thinner. I think it's going to be a win win situation we gotta let it play out you earned a pre season. A whether it's you -- timlin -- -- Jonathan Nolan. That that they is gonna let it play itself out is not gonna let him put you in here no matter what. Whoever declare that they get away to the in August and I think in theory like that before you what -- -- you don't got to work out. And John at that bill and almost to be like that Lloyd's of London. Insurance policy we got a guy this but -- the highest level. He wants to rubles each play we championship team though it -- just think the 49ers. And in if it's any conflict. And you put him in there so I mean at I'm not that that's what they're right now. That now. You look at the back of the who's who would be in the yet -- we stay healthy put this I am totally pleased. Well starting five all but the linemen. And in ninety -- Millwood in the makes the -- -- select those six guys now who's going to be that seven guys there's a lot of competition. That's why they get -- look at that no matter where you are. If you play -- ability PP please dinner or Beers dinner at guard knocked out of the Phillies but he was that guarded that that he's played. Guard a long time ago but who you -- game day now -- the -- him being whether it's competition. And hope you might elaborated on this is back up tackle. Now you think Bryce Harris I mean that's that's a guy who's better the team tackle eligible -- tied in the three year guy out of Fresno state. You would they. That may be as experienced but you know you look at -- jolted the seventh round draft pick out of Nebraska 86 with seven so. I think that that position there's a lot of competition. Well one -- Wouldn't get any snaps because he was on the the UP early camp which they've gone -- and -- go out there oh and hey look good and -- I think the last couple days is -- at the end of a plate in a normal path for a complete you'll see it haven't seen it with cam Jordan today. Cam Gordon pushing me -- him and you know what that means. And means it he's got the best of cam you're right it at me because and given him the fifth in the dad and -- and sensitive moral one you know may argue that tell you look at that right if so it's not like you're -- guard was booked them over and helping. Anything like that so moved for a guy that's only been the practice for grade point. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- David almost like buying anything -- they in the eighth on him on campus they know that guy is hanging if you take good notes the -- will since he's come back. From that what that the UP list. No he's competing without witnesses see how that hopefuls. All right those are resident pro -- guys on him Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia coming up we'll give Nicole were in the summer splash 1000 dollar K -- contest on WW. Operated jaguar Pena both as quarterback Drew Brees and -- practice for the third straight time -- you concerned about the status of breeze you can case you vote online at WWL. That time coming -- -- I would hear from a head coach Sean Payton and Saints defensive coordinator. A rob Bryant a -- to key to all the rest of today's program. Including -- to take from our pros Coke guys and by the U that we -- sincere here Brandon cooks. Also Ronald Powell among others that addressed the media -- today's practice including defense and -- a key hate these.