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8-5-14 5:10pm Bobby, Deke & Hokie: on Saints training camp - Hour 2

Aug 5, 2014|

Bobby, Deke, and Hokie talk about the goings-on today at Saints training camp in West Virginia.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to sports talk allowed a -- -- guys out of Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia online at WW dot com let's operate jaguar opinion poll we are asking you. Drew Brees and his practice for the third straight time or -- you concerned cast your vote online at WW -- Dot com these hours it was social in the interviews and -- Saints coach Sean Payton post practice press conference from earlier today up at the Greenbrier. And any Saints coach Sean Peyton -- and media following day's practice almost. Feel like about it in -- the -- all of the house -- -- counting until the cynical on. When she -- on -- now realizing at desert Wally came on so my question today is coastal wanna. Chris being prepared and then a 635 taken away they go to great stuff -- campaign field. Well. When you look at it. It is pre season. But I'm sure which it was Julio on us. Between him and Gregg Williams that. They've had. Confrontation behind the scenes. Noting your little tea you know and and never known as an eagle and Eagles getting. But. I do agree with him -- -- -- this point. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's like me to see it that they need to play down Celek that it is don't advocate at this evening in this thing than Matty being who you play. Right he's trying to evaluate who's gonna make -- team who can execute but it felt like. Oh you know I'm initial hammer you know vice Versa that that -- that -- but. When I brought up and Mike Triplett did report this that's. You know he's the blog writer for ESPN news views and he brought up about. Will shortly never compensation. Greg was reported game scores because coaches that time to utilize this. They talked to one another which could be worth it on and the reason why I brought that out initially when you -- -- game week is because what occurred. When the Saints played the 49 and it first receiving game. When it was Jim -- both first game as the head coach reported it to the superdome where. We'll work and I'll blitz packages. And like Jim Harbaugh on the 49ers polite shot. But you know at the bit they'd previously in the year when it counted. You know Cotto play out though we at six fact that Damon and then. And now I'm sure Sean Payton realize what -- greatly is doing. But this you got to prepare and be prepared to shoot over league game plan and the pre season when they're -- but at night -- quarterback he gets back around that was the case. When Alex Witt got back -- and all of college cabernet was a rookie. Much the most sound account from a mix things the -- -- -- Bryan on WW. And welcome back to sports though he's the Kasey Kahne Bobby Hebert of the Soviet. Well once plus about staying away from home educate the USA today. Every day about being you don't think they got to be something done about the pro bowler I would read this today an -- they always speech in a player or team. -- -- -- -- And the Vontae Davis and I were talking about how they say I do watch in the hall of fame they would like to beat the -- they're Brooks. And once that combination to Tampa players who want a Super Bowl. And know what to both went to a whole thing well they have that ability yeah you gotta do it this publicity is that they were talking about. The last season the Vontae David was a pro bowls though. After having seven sacks five and a sense -- a 145. Tackles despite being named first team all pro. When you don't they got to do some about their Pro Bowl -- come how could you be all pro tackle to a pro. Oh I'll throw a small part in a pro at that as back all right -- due -- -- as though it has -- if you. You all pro it don't -- to go to Hawaii at that was moving at Duke couldn't get enough -- some that's even a diplomatic game in a penalty on that level we talked about this vote on the wanna Hawaiian drink like his approval. This and if you all pro -- like Jimmy Graham. I considering his status that -- disapproval of all pro. The -- that best -- -- for a top pro event I'll -- well yeah but a lot of that is like. I think goes hand in hand at times to be teams ultimately having success. It did individual players get more recognition obviously we know. Kevin bass struggled last season -- I think they could be a dark cars but it this year. Now hopefully that against the Saints but I think they could. Be a team. That's -- -- 2014. Version of the Kansas City Chiefs and scores a turning things around but I would not be surprised Lovie Smith. What an McCown and all of sudden they can get it wouldn't go that way here's the thing. What do you think it impasse is pretty decent what do you think the team's war. Lay by the peninsula and -- property do you think of a guy like a a -- greed I think. You know their defense and they you can talk to give Brooks was a -- you can all you -- -- was in the you could say. Once that was in the lovers in this -- in this article -- found -- there Obama about it. This is durable court defense and you know that's that's pretty strong local we think about the history time and as football league. There have been some but not mean the units all on defense have had that he fit the land and as. This is his defense. Gloria it though you don't do it that's not yet anyway it double digit sacks I mean you get a higher levels begin at six in what he had nine and a half yeah. I -- that that kind of speaks for itself. Them. Bailed him when it comes from a guy like Lovie Smith thing and then you know you're you're not talking about just you know run the minute I'm like great young adults and that right. You don't let somebody that has. Clean a lot of very good. Defense of football players and coach them and that's a strong words. No -- he had -- that you look at see it that made -- because football is here would be at the major college football idiot that NFL. And though we know there's been a job now -- commerce does not only individual schools. But now everyone excited and think about the SEC network you know and and that long you look at that are current. August the fourteenth -- just around the corner but it's all about these reject TV -- that's amazing. -- you look at it now DirecTV. And ESPN did reach a deal with the parity SEC network now. If you look at it they announced agreement at this past Monday means that network. Would be available in 87 million households. When it goes on the air August 14 -- DirecTV has about twenty million. Customers in the United States now ESPN that he -- -- power of ESPN. They already had announced deals with other major satellite cable providers. Including this network. Time Warner Cable and Comcast cable now if you love sports you -- SEC football. Will -- but the Longhorn Network and it would. And welcome back them before we hear from -- -- for -- and around Bryant case you can't it was making it on yeah SEC that. It got big I think the fans they'll be a static because if you love SEC. Sports presents the football. -- to start with you look at the -- with the network will air at least 45 SEC football games this season. I'm starting with eight famous -- Carolina -- 28. You know broadcast -- 1000. Live events in the first year. ESPN and SEC and SEC every supporting year deal you re going to be old a twenty year deal. Warning 34 degree in operate that network of regional those and -- a big joy that they -- ESP you know and SEC now don't they have not seen this it will broadcast Florida 1000 -- -- -- -- while mom probably weren't -- happy with that. If British don't if it's -- -- -- football games of those 1000 I have my hands. You don't get -- count like turn the channel. -- my dad Billy Il watch L it's -- is a daily links feel like it if Belichick was putting it look easy -- It is there the no matter what does forty girls' softball. And gymnastics would ever update at colleges to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And yeah that doesn't have exploded -- -- Kentucky's guided all I want to say. Not have to -- in the conference have it but some of them do so well. I just like Watson or some other thing is I can recall. They take insane and they have boundaries. Yeah -- illegal rodeo stuff overeating you know go with a few down -- But this -- so. He and Erik terrible you know if I don't know what they'll look at Texas Lawler fan assume that figures via the Aggies that they'd be about -- some. -- figured figured I would -- Bobby point eight you know to sign local homeless alcoholic what I'm definitely is an old school. -- some -- you know you have school you had to you know certain people at home with differently and it -- crowded at crowd he had a -- you kind of they weren't that. And it would look different but become like somebody's music -- team. You know like somebody -- it and like he -- -- I want people called devil worship him in. When he weighs one do you want to come out any bells and he's -- -- he he's doing little components that. And garlic and what you're doing your Texas and it's just Texas is his -- he C -- -- he's eradicating steel cable there's that. You don't crack an asset as a local Owens after the universe it's like if Powell or -- -- -- came over. Think it Ukraine. Eyes at the heavy metal -- he was in the board and -- -- -- you know it's not funny you brought him the -- a mark that outweigh go to once they know who I think I'll. Bloomberg and if lives defenders that you do from yeah that they -- out of Tennessee this that a college football season but surely there's a new sheriff and now at University of Texas. Who that you go from and it always calls this that -- that it takes it and this is like old school. Kinda against the what you -- -- practices and how you run your team right at they would Charlie Strong is old school we need that -- -- -- Well you know the at this offseason motto for the longhorns. Has been -- we get to put the -- Back at Texas and now we're talking about toughness and intimacy that we won the -- because though he has that number. Correlation between the letter -- at Texas you know now he prohibit it the players. From all about the look of Lawrence side to their hands got to earn it they got to -- it right you can meet the net right -- now. He has made them walk the -- about the prices that have taken a bus like he used on the Mack -- I agree with that. And he has even stripped the longhorns. All their -- to get that white male with -- can hardly got to -- where players arrived the first day of practice Monday. There -- -- with a solid white and nines that that the original article. Whereas you know it is making them earn it you hear that you hear now is always something that people come up with a hot topic is a hot name. And balance sports its culture change in the culture and that's what's -- -- -- -- we gotta get there is it is hockey season shares are down he led he said the Crowell is now. You know political beat in my way or the highway. I -- so -- love bum Phillips but his latter days tell you -- -- Jim Mora came down. That there was a new sheriff. We actually have been having the same -- Wasilla they came to -- yet. You know they had in any both the Millsap and Jackson W this is -- it's going to be different the way it's gonna be out of here what you done and you get the players to pitch them they get a pro. No doubt about it we're going to cut down my neck and we come back we will hear from Saints defense coordinator. A -- -- who is responsible for the greatest turnaround in NFL history since the 1970 AFL NFL merger on from 32 to fourth. From twelve to thirteen -- what happened in 2014. We will coach Ryan had to say after today's practice is black ankle radio because you're. And welcome back to sports -- current proposal because on him Bobby -- the Detroit Lions quarterbacks -- wearing jerseys made from plastic that's right. Yeah fans who one incident Detroit Lions practiced Wednesday -- was the quarterback -- -- then all of it was in all of allows -- We seen him play UConn yet you know Kellen Moore James Franklin to -- Franklin from home is there. Wearing green practice -- is that it's distant ridge. The Jersey will be made from 21 recycled bottles eats and a part are part of the -- new partnership with the recycling five a brand reprieve. Dave cricket reporter on this from the Detroit free. Prescilla -- given a money Jersey yeah I mean cause it's all about yet go green he has to go green yes the devil every every corporation tries to go greeted me you'd -- you're responsible I guess do you Moats. Don't you feel like in the bag you make your -- compo -- -- on I got started that I did it become what you try to do a dog ordinary area. I did it that. So -- at the pins you know and you make it to have -- -- and of that have a plan have a few good habits in. You know. Given back or doing the right thing. You know going green ever recoveries tries to tutor writing about recycling. Different items that is that is is that had a unique thing that jerseys made from when he went recycled bottles. You know part the partnership with the two lines reprieve so. Yeah I mean nobody does that include -- I'm sure. The promotion that reprieve gut with the lines but I and then the heaviest in his CD get roller coasters though the yeah it was defense that that the one thing. And and I'll say this college football couldn't -- ever become a head coach which -- -- happen or even a coach what you say and you know just in case you do yes when you look at coach Charlie Strong that you Texas coach and you and I thought this is though. This is great now that make you make them so that's obviously base the way the unit they'll they'll almost -- Tennessee. So I only Buick but I think this week go great with Tennessee Volunteers ultimately mean ways you know anything would -- In temple Texas whatever -- Is that it's all about putting this as coach always strong felt like putting a -- back at the Texas. -- you get fifty back to Leino tennis team unity. Tennessee try to get back to be relevant and SEC. I think that would be appropriate then also. But when you talk about he said it's all about putting the back in the Texas. Any all he had these he worked that you talk about. Toughness. You talk about trust. You talk about togetherness. And you talk about just becoming a team I thought these few words. You got about Dallas is great if it isn't it great you like speak to an offseason toughness thrust together in this. Team in -- that he didn't he put it he backing their team. TNT I'm not talking now would be here to rob Bryant addressed the media. Saints deep at the coordinator arrived -- pleased with the ability he says he's Saints defense come back get more thoughts from. Bobby Hebert who -- guys on and many more sound to hear from on today's sports talk recap the day Saints practice. And -- -- a few days away from the first pre season game. All of that exhibition part of the schedule 3 o'clock transfers take 5 o'clock but like count them kick off. And it's a 7 o'clock game time Saints and the -- thought about a point after. Now and plus thousand wall a wall things -- I would do it on game days turned down the sound on -- sick it sort of Saints radio if you don't yeah. RI -- -- out with a sports talk it become coming up the next couple hours player interviews plus Drew Brees as being an out of the last three practices are you concerned it's operated jaguar opinion poll on line. Attributed -- dot com.