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8-5-14 6:10pm Bobby, Deke & Hokie: on Saints training camp - Hour 3

Aug 5, 2014|

Bobby, Deke, and Hokie talk about the goings-on today at Saints training camp in West Virginia.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to sports talk on our resident pros look at guys and Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia our number three of sports talk. A lot of interviews to heat team coming up later in the Al where we will hear from defense tackle Wesley McGriff he thinks -- bag he's a rookie players. These answers linebacker Ronald Powell also veteran defensive lineman McCain -- this rookie receiver Brandon cooks if it's a -- various -- all of that yet to come here post operative Jack or Pena -- It's up on line it did you do -- you will. Dot com. The New Orleans Saints franchise player Drew Brees did not dissipate in the last three practices or you concerned. -- Joseph vote online at W did you -- Dot com -- can't. Drew Brees is the regular told me earlier was thrown a voter and this afternoon's walk through. Yeah well that it's him. You know we're through all -- -- is he going to be dealing with a nagging injury. The rest of the season that's -- that you could play through it. So he's gotta -- -- he was throwing. Could via a slight. You know pull in his left hopefully I think -- however wouldn't describe it. That. You know they come right now and Drew Brees has been as sharp as ever. You don't have taken any unnecessary shots Adam. You know Friday against the Rams you don't quietly won the series. You know you look at their first is -- team even. In it and Tony Romo -- dealing with the package with the Cowboys he probably. No wal plays so I mean I have zero concern. Right now is now light. You know we play in. Without that the less than a week you know we won. You know that this is way too early. Just make a mountain out of a mole hill in. And it is to have a have a story. -- -- server through that at all. And the in the if you look at. At practice and you have different interviews and -- lot of younger players in hope you know I was talking about this and and who's gonna step up you know we just go about what we see that you look at. Like Kevin Riddick who was a dark horse last year and a linebacker part of the rob Rossi looked curry for him. He was the fourth round draft pick out of cal. And then you look at Ronald Powell. You -- the University of Florida. Fifth round pick you -- one -- -- nation coming out of high school and just to look at those things. We've been to before you look at Redick. In the car reported Ronald Powell all know is that what we've looked at practice. We've mentioned his name 321. At 94 to one that beat cal not. -- afford not to a cal knocked them a 58 outside linebacker. Now out of Fresno state. Used a three TDs and not a rookie. As one year of experience. But as far as being taxed if you know you look at the roster move that if he he made a play right now compared to like -- said. You know Ronald Powell or curry for -- -- Drafted well at the -- game on does that make it easy and I don't know if you mean you're only two months I used to with. Well it's interesting you know me I am I've got to add this to do that colliding in the in -- I Emma. Little beaten them who's won for the wrong reasons you know as well but right reads -- -- adamant attitude and he paid so much out -- -- wouldn't use it he used to read my lack of popsicle replica of the month and not the most I would like to Donald. Well that Dallas -- a lot morning in the sixties you know when you got it down. You got down close to as it is sixty yes yeah don't you get the list that day. Any idea -- hokey that we allowed opening begin to think them getting big hit -- done was knocked out early in the day you might get a quarter again. I -- everything real paper it was there was no -- -- -- -- -- -- ten dollar beneath all of that I -- with all of that -- some -- -- that ten dollar platoon. That is it played a nightmare that is at least you know she lost the two time we get because there's not that our line. No heat also -- falafel you want to look on out of town to finish to a think. Who so obviously in him as I would remain with the -- like that it but I heard it was -- to dock at the financial statement just on ten dollars. Movie at this. I think -- I would pick to fear but also yet that at that that might be -- getting involved with that -- him you might be agreeable to -- yeah. Who would take a timeout and come back. He is a -- if you -- him on -- very vocal not extremely well over a short time here Wesley McGriff defensive back coach entering his second season as. The other Saints secondary coaching the DBC's up next New York sports talk or -- -- their hero. And welcome back sports on alcohol and our resident pro -- -- giant Bobby -- I'm Pete developing it was getting years to -- they got one of the best defensive second isn't National Football League as you the Saints were right in the top three in the NFL. And the offensive conference that's right the sickness and the fans in the NFL defensive back coach Wesley McGriff addressed the media today after practice. That is the answer is sick of being -- with KQ what is it. I always try to I'd have been in that in the few who accident that stupid question. Weis argues that the silence though it's about. But this didn't it's about production. Cover and that receiver. -- -- you can utilize decide to silence the advantage right -- -- like coaching a group was held a tandem like. Base that maverick I wasn't an idiot I'm not I'm not even dog distinct download this movement. Question frank and the Phillies on that thesis overall right now he is so raw that a lot of times he's likely these close forest sting with numerous. You Rickles would receive any. In new -- well he is he's still got a ways to go giving him enough for the sake -- -- have -- -- -- -- today but immediately you know that can -- me. You'd you'd you know there are some people don't don't like and play ball as the years and you might they might find out what it's okay as well give me. Quip okay in the first time the accident it was legitimate -- within a couple of follow what all of it was like according -- his -- he. Right it is -- you that -- here. I don't know what kind of what technique he needs to get on that receiver because it's not like college to recover right -- high school. College professional if you try to bait the quarterback the in high scoring at a win would make a week or so then recover even account and NFL he's climbing now. I thought -- they're pretty good covered and I just got hurt because that window. And they can attack you in -- you've got to be close to use Simon you can be a freelance in that place or whatever you take me. You've still got an assignment and you've got to do it at the highest level and you can't give us our UK realize now. With that being said I think that coach McGriff. Is outstanding you look at it's for sure what he did an NFL. And it's about as good to get coming from all is that -- would establish here. Now with interest and I think I am of being objective about this them. Well go to Cubs three CDs are. You look at Jerry's bird. Katie McCarron I'm glad that we -- -- Raphael who has. Because I got that -- he is a legit he could start that some of the team. He's been out top three seed in the bout with what we're gonna pay him. Like this article when I look at that they're gonna keep. At least five safeties. The way we're structured out of the pinnacle which -- -- five who's gonna win. The that the two spots book and you would you could get done on special teams -- -- in Tennessee because right now. Does what I witnessed -- heavily give Marcus ball and Pierre Warren. That then it's over that theory. And -- them I hate. I'm just telling you can sit there have been a standout on special -- -- talking about it pass coverage. Mark his ball and you are awarded in better and on the bottom of the totem pole would be ties Zimmerman. The rookie out of Kansas State so when you look at who's gonna make the -- or not. And you are being -- that particular audience that -- season is going to be most important it's there's been a fifth round draft day. That he can beat out a rookie pretty cute. Like the year award at a Jacksonville State and then also the better from Canadian Football League markets ball. From Memphis with a mark as well as flat out -- believe that number of people. I've acknowledge that and and I now -- his size 61. To have but it probably accurate to say they'll keep -- is all about the team is gonna put him on their -- that. All right -- or more interviews WW who's done that with 630 this time the first things that will go to him hands though. And welcome back operated jaguar opinion poll is online at WWL. Dot com Drew Brees did not practice for a third straight time are you concerned about the status of -- You can vote no not at all coach makes more progress the France -- You can vote always concerned when number nine he's not there you can also -- -- great he commits products are all that matters he's drew was ready for the dirty birds can joke vote online at WWL. That -- he had a great career at the University of Alabama and you heard coach Wesley McGriff just asked. About what is it about these series as he has a real high football IQ. Here's a former Alabama Crimson Tide start talking about training camp thus far. And he's been he's in there about being just the guy when you we heard his name drafted. You feel like people have a shot because he just Eagles would have the he's he's -- got blown assignment and you know meanwhile things -- athletic ability what should happen but he's albeit a right place the right I would say that well overnight with. Well. -- like. The player coach coach clear having that ability at a young age I think that's. Extremely important. If you look at when you look at who has experience. -- who can coach up that being Champ Bailey. -- how the players look up to him but he's thirty teachers that they. Oh -- the beginning since series 22. -- -- think being a coach's son being how he's been exposed to football and basically being the quarterback on the team at the side. Going back high school and college. That's where he has an advantage that's why I'm saying and -- he utilized his instincts. It is no column. In the middle standpoint. Maybe try to overtake. You know guys like Daryle Ward and mark as well who might have a -- maybe more physical ability. -- not necessarily. Well with those things mentally where it becomes second nature. Let's say you could be a player and you know what to do. -- -- can you tell other players what to do. -- unit that means you've expanded your role in the coaches to trust you that you can help. What you teammate in the right position because safety position in the Rob Ryan. Has a big responsibility. They are basically. The quarterback coat well the quarterback on the back in and Curtis Lofton in the middle linebacker. Being kind of like your true reason -- even so it all has to work like -- -- glove at first things first I know. -- coaches deep down. You can have a lot of physical ability. But it if it your physical abilities not. That much better than a guy who's been atop the things they always. Keep the guy that's gonna have the last. Middle mistakes and can give you a chance. To succeed because first of all you got to know what you're doing so you don't get hurt and you don't have all these busted coverages. If he can do that. You know then you have a fighting chance. And I think that's the one big advantage. Vinny since theory has the -- Florida they would be good at doing the pre season games. Not only when he's at safety on defense. But what he's now -- is gonna contribute. All on special teams you know yeah I think you view him right now. As Laura yes the media wanted to dominant special teams players I don't like. A Chris three Democrats trees out of Georgia -- I hope Steve Gleason. -- you like who puts the police that are -- Chris who reach them tell you in the starting defense -- a real game. In the back in because opposing quarterbacks have been a pickle. They -- after the those type players within look the great career in -- -- career. Which people easily play seven or eight years and it because it was at the highest level special teams that very similar. You know Chris reside a -- to finish well remembers who global. With the on -- K so that's talk kind of you'll got a rookie grief and -- -- -- -- player would be more right now. Now like a Steve Gleason just watching him with a bit of practice -- Steve Gleason Chris -- -- more would you view that as a starting safety in the NF. His road to the NFL right now both specialty. And yet what he's gonna have to do it yet to -- he is. He's an intelligent player like that you grow up in football household it's itself and it's second nature and we. So it's not that usually would pick up for everything. Right off the bat the way that he's done but. When you look at him he doesn't have the talent that rock field bush as he did have now opted to -- light as the -- -- the car and -- Marcus Pollard yet billion needed those guys that are. Need their better back there. They got more range more speed more -- got a great work but if he's. If he's again it's instinctive. In note what do I mean you've got to do a lot of chicken off on defense it just like you don't obviously it does that mean quarterback. Not if you heard -- -- say that the safety is our quarterback on beat him so I mean that guy. Wind something's not right in it and he's history Landon readjust the defense. He's a guy that's got to make the right the thing to probably if you. If you look at yeah yet if you put it in him in the wrong situation. You're looking for a big play to happen and you kick in the wrong treatment so. In that regard he's got. He's got something going point but I think -- first avenue is going to be a special teams player as he -- -- him after that may be down the road you know in there again he's still behind a little bit he's still eat he -- that far removed from rehab. Right right exactly so ID I don't think that he's what you call a 100%. Physically yet so he's still got a little bit of time but he had misty practice time out there and it's a good thing that. He's I don't feel so the zone the we'll see what his future holds through. Out the remainder training camp yeah we get on the banking unit preceding game that they have the Q do. It is go be tutors there's even a couple of times -- -- -- covered technical article tackles and a but we didn't -- Google hits them by Elvis and pokey you acknowledged in that obviously on the radio and ended that the big on this I don't like coach uses the Internet. And that's what -- Courtney Roby last alone we think of him as a punt -- kick returner. We're Courtney Roby making tackles he was he evoked the water too well is that it does -- the teams tackles. All right that's our pro -- guys and -- BA bad I had the ability is a sports talk on WW. -- go back to sports hall. Hakeem hicks has been a very solid player for the Saints in a short time in a black and gold uniform looking spoke to the media following today's practice. The key picks Bobby has been a solid player for the black and gold. Well we talk about that the fifth struggling against the run it sciences then more. -- -- tobacco would you have rob Bryant -- talking about setting the edge Prez Prez. To avoid. Those cutback runs. And then obviously to stay -- -- and -- that's -- all the idiots I drove off -- Had a nice start paying -- had a nice front of the middle. I want to say it's probably. 678 yard type game and after that that he did shut the office down. And that they were style that they were flat out style discovered the run and it wasn't just that he hates it was camp jarred broccoli Buckley. -- -- Buckley really exploded. 01 particular play. -- Boston who you kind of look at. -- he's in the back of rotation as a pass rusher. I think he's even getting a better. But I think it's Mickey -- knocks before. But but most of the ties that when the coaches are pitching in its closely at the back of guys -- times and and really is the backup guys are important. It doesn't matter what they do as far as you know what you win or lose the game in the third or fourth quarter. But you got to establish depth and you have to have guys that are ready come of the bench rotation. What you -- or are they take it if you that's all like rock Buckley cam Jordan. A team -- -- pitching it becomes by. You have to have the guys waiting in the wings that not going to be at that weekly and nobody did. The team drill and you know we look at it it's. You know Saturday a little disappointing we -- that's taken down the running backs and actually tackler but that the pits without. It now a couple of teams of the past few days though bridges that the first. A three run plays. Not that -- for the often it's obviously the an adequate major -- -- -- that. The first three run plays in eighteen period. That the pitches you know flat out -- -- -- down. And Joaquin Phoenix's. What are those leaders to me who's playing a more confident and he's very vocal. And I had very active as much as anyone -- at the line. That is the Kasey -- -- -- along with saint -- physical -- Arizona on the ability operating jaguar opinion poll is on line. And Debbie did you know dot com Saints quarterback Drew Brees enough practice for a third straight time or you concerned about the status of -- you can vote though. Not at all -- Smart to rest a franchise player you -- -- always concerned when number nine is not there. You can also kick off Brees is great he can miss practice. Or you can vote all the matters -- drew is really put the dirty birds. Cast your vote online at WW -- Dot com Randy -- and Ronald Powell and many others and -- birthday yet to keep to. This -- -- -- all the home the Saints and Tigers and dogs pelicans you're listening to get BW it. All right up pretty deck or opinion poll asking about Drew Brees right now thirty missed 36 the city you are not concerned at all he's missed the last three practices. Saying it's points the rest the franchise. Tony puts it you -- concern when number events not on the field. 0% say Brees is -- and his practice. But the overwhelming majority of you say all that matters is drew Israeli. For the dirty birds on Sunday September 7 when the Saints opened the season at Atlanta. What's taken operated jaguar picking opponents on line at WWL dot com.