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8-5-14 7:10pm Bobby, Deke & Hokie: on Saints training camp - Hour 4

Aug 5, 2014|

Bobby, Deke, and Hokie talk about the goings-on today at Saints training camp in West Virginia.

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And welcome to the final out of sports talk on -- as opposed -- guy John and -- there. I'm -- -- ability a lot more sound to keep you coming up just a few moments including the biggest frequent free agent acquisition this off season by the black and gold. He -- -- operated jaguar pupil along lines are asking you about Saints quarterback Drew Brees he didn't practice for a third straight time. Are you concerned about the status of the greens right now Wilfork doesn't use thing all -- matters who's ready. For the Saints season opener against the Atlanta Falcons you can vote on line. At WW -- Dot com and -- -- will recap the thoughts on today's practice well he supposedly the missing link to a defense that went from thirty seconds before. But 20122013. Is a ball hawking defender. And some of the most. No this interceptions and a during his career as a Buffalo VO a vote over to a saint. The Saints defense to -- that turnover late making capability on the defense out of politics could be the difference in the black and gold on another Super Bowl. Here is Saints defensive back Jerious Byrd speak to the media after the -- practice. And about me that he's Saints defensive eight years bird. Yet they get -- and asked them because. You know what you rehab and -- -- -- able to have that physical contact. Like Cuban light as far as. Not even a game like situations and -- in practice he's running around out there but. You know to get a position that that tackle. To have the right angle the right leverage -- kind of buttoned up. You know of the the player not take it to the ground. Of the that's one thing that I noticed when we've signed a generous bird. And look at that in his last three seasons this course is that. Very similar what I can't appreciate. Any knowledge we -- -- apparel. Printed though when I talked about missed tackles. You almost have to have that passion and bizarre. You gotta have that want to you always hear about it. Now Q you said than done. Because human nature when you focus in on something. Let me do what you brain function than your eyes and we've beat to run an object -- -- -- -- head or avoid contact. -- pretty much you try to take it down NFL running back. You gotta bring it to them you can out of boycott the well one thing like -- at the last three seasons. What I've been impressed -- what we've seen it as Saints fans but when you look at number of times Malcolm Jenkins. Might have been in position to make a tackle. We got the right. But -- -- them as an attack always used the example. Of the Jets game -- Chris Ivory Rob Ryan calls are right keep it should have been a three yard gain. About wanting to miss the tackle it's 3035. Yard gain and if you look over the last three seasons as the compared to. Now that was definitely an upgrade -- it was Devlin threw to one ratio. Malcolm is 45 tackles. The past three season Harrisburg. As -- fifteen. So I mean that speaks for itself right there. A lot like what I said which -- -- -- you pair up. -- -- verdict in the Carroll. And I don't -- them -- the Raphael bush but I think they're all pretty darn good. Thankless. As -- they're not out of control to keep their head out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Would be could be out of control and not able. You know to make the play that's part the tackles that I that's one thing I'll -- looking at -- -- -- does get back. -- that his swing at things very -- local live tackling I don't know what pre season game that might be but I think it will. Come about I don't know I don't know there's not against the Rams as we have a team practice the weather. Is the Titans at home are the third public feud the -- precede the game I think you're going to be fresh. When you go to Atlanta at the way to felt that I think it's second and third refusing game. Where you actually -- errors -- live game and you you have to tackle. -- to see if he's as sound as he's been in the past three seasons where he's actually. Making a tackle. Don't get it first of getting position making the tackle and not getting position but this isn't that. 26018786688. On the right Sammy Drew Brees is basing the third straight practice -- you concern it's operating tech or that you pulled it WWL. Dot com what he's done not that have been solid since he stepped onto the scene at the end of BO TA Ethan now during training camp. Expected to have a peak season here is Saints rookie wide receiver Randy -- addressing the media. And at -- the Saints wide receiver branding -- Bobby again who is just off to a better but still yet because he's already getting national recognition I think Jarret bell of UFC today. It's actually gonna write a story. On Brandon -- To me with this downing an Oakland never seemed is on and talk to yeah we got a first hand you got this the first thing yes that when you look at. Yeah realistic go at it. I mean it was it it really included a map and we all make mistakes but it was embarrassing way if you mean -- now I've I've told him and I say you know we -- him -- he's well respected -- -- to -- He's got these speak feet a year ago it is now about to rain Matthew. Well I mean actually I mean I mean I have a reporter -- me to you know some Sydney he spoke about how you know that arrangement usage the history of yankees today and I as the classic I said scared -- it. You talk with the rain Matthew you know -- be easy he's -- remorseful that he seemed humble about what he vitriol as you. Any -- whether it actually interviewing. And long like you got to be -- As that you see the Utah any you've got all these quotes about a GM told me it is about -- wants to -- me. You spoke directly to the GM wasn't easy it well no I heard. -- him by what may not come all of what do muddled to a million basically like a flu because I'm having you on the show as a -- And you don't a feature on a guy that's obviously. Problem to what we're talking about -- another few. And he's with -- call -- the team or play utility to tell them directly but they feel like I have only talked -- -- could directly Noah plus there and you can you can believe what he -- the. Outlet -- -- and company you know and the thing is I think what a number of people -- Is that first -- obviously not overwhelmed. And I think he is so confident. Because of this -- Now you can be fast you can't critical. And basically. What was good -- When you have to catch a football listed as a receiver. In the NFL but what I what -- Been impressed -- thank -- I've seen is that. You see young players like Robert Meachem opponent as the guiding you get behind the defense that. I mean I don't know. Late first round draft pick he looked good the -- in the great we'll bring in the -- I don't know it almost looks too good to be true. At the level he's playing in the confidence. And though when you talk about only have a -- pretty -- high school to college and college to -- how the game. -- really speeds up that you wanted to float battle for you so you can ultimately I have success. And I elected talent -- or for a decade ago. It looks like everybody's trying to catch up to Brandon cooks he's like almost does that was better because of its -- It and you look at the way he was coach at target date though which is NFL system. That. That he runs precise routes. -- he talked about he is a little guy. I guess you'll have to deal maker. You know you definitely have a disadvantage and run block him and at times he's going to be asked at the run block or third place we talked about. Having obviously that you get better and then I'll just a few bits of players that you -- and they're just smarter. You know compared to a college player when you gonna get to pattern. Elected Champ Bailey are working Alou has been -- few more tricks of the trade in your average college you know cornerback but other than that. I mean when I've been impressed -- fans were good but I know they -- thank you wouldn't. Now with that being dead. Made I think is built like if these -- and that put drill but he did drop of one month. That the first policy and hit the ground as far as the pass receiver. He has not this the past. Of yet and and then I they would. I don't know what's gonna come about any neatly the person receiving game it's so far going to camp. -- might view events the number one draft pick. In Saints history or maybe. Right now the best normally pick essential -- that was in charge that 2006. We Mickey -- so you're an almost pitch itself. And one and let the process play itself out. But as far as beginning -- training camp we'll god I don't know probably ever seen a young guy that it president dominant as many coaches. He doesn't make mistakes he's fast. He's get praise from his teammates -- watch him work back to the football things that. Normally have to be top two young wide receiver. And you know it. I -- I don't see where the guy is tonight he certainly not to be a flop. Busters completely out of the question. I hope that we're not build him up to my right foot in the fact of the matter is to be this is what are two guys are elements. Every day we watch a kid he's doing things that are exceptional like a veteran receiver yeah. And you just you don't expect that out of a young guy in. I mean there's no doubt he uses the shining star of this year draft class yet you know on of those guys have. An opportunity to contribute to contribute yeah. But I mean it. They still look like rookies they still look like drama like Michael ignited -- when you look upwards vs that. Staley on Baptiste branding coach. That's the -- like the same me write it in I even if you coach aggressive that he city where you were still in the process when it was mentally right right try to go to the -- everything rolling and rolling exactly though. I mean -- You know -- on Brooks and had much chance out there -- Ronald Powell I mean yeah he looks the part cart record carry Korea none. Done nothing I mean and I I don't recall 88 rec well I don't think that these guys. Are not playing particularly on us who don't understand that that branding coaches and everything with him as -- as they -- -- play is ahead of schedule. I had this Galileo and and because we go to break. But the one thing you are not like about him is now hopefully it stays this way you know got the big hit it. He is so kind and I don't know yet on now but you know it down there ain't no jive and -- than that in light note he'll. No it's O cinco. Even as all that ability -- know he's pretty humble and just saying that you're great young individual. That's our resident -- okay guys on about you being here daily here on Saints radio debuted at Uga. And welcome back to sports talk on our resident proposal because and a Bobby a bear I'm Deke Bellavia command of his few moments we'll hear Q what's coach Sean Payton had to say. After today's practice the first here's a guy that is a very big physical stats you in the -- he is the part. And have a pretty good camp this -- linebacker Ronald Powell spoke to the media began Hokies in Fabio boy he just looks the -- out in the big Fella. Well well you look at it in Dallas the case to play when he came out of high school -- used the five star recruit. And he was lured out at California. But then -- coach Urban Meyer at University of Florida. -- -- that -- -- overall prospect in the collection of our rivals. And but you have to say obviously where he was ranked. That he would not have the success. That that you would expect dealing with injuries. Obviously in this entire 2012 season applies to airing. Is ACL it. Because it that you looks he looks the part. Mean he looks like an NFL. Linebacker. Now how healthy. You know kings video Rory is forgo being able to run. You know silent as -- if you look at it started 21. Of 34 seventeenth University of Florida. And give you to feel a little backward I think. Any knowledge that you heard that in that interview that. -- coach being said I'd never see him playing. The Sam position -- for us and that's the Martin is stacked or off the ball more. Well on the line of scrimmage and that's that strong side. Linebacker and coach they went on to say. Specialties is definitely. That's going to be a point of emphasis. That that he needs to contribute anything knowledge that. But he could be one of those diamonds in the rough. But it looked like purely linebacker making plays. Pocono I had talked about this earlier that we can. You know -- the linebackers and a lot of times whether it's inside or outside. But as far as a linebacker young linebacker that you maybe not familiar with. That we named we call -- -- Johnson. The outside linebacker out of -- state who last year remember he was a sixth round draft big boards of pass rusher. But as far as making plays on the ball. Got an interception. Even make it -- just having an -- of football. How knocks. Out of Fresno state. Mean we've called or acknowledge him or. On a positive note that even Kevin Grady. -- for rookie out of California the fourth round draft pick -- even. A Ronald Powell on the fifth round. A draft picks so you know they gonna go by what they see on film. In that matter where you were drafted there's a lot of competition there along. With the safety position as for special teams coverage who which what are these young linebackers. Arches pinning their ears back because it is there. A playoff type game you try to impress the coaches in a pre season game but when you're at kickoff and punt coverage. But what else -- it don't -- look at this as teams tacklers. Which wanted to -- youngsters. Of Arabia against the tackler to. Come back to pre season game. Ronald Powell looks like a physical -- well one thing about the guy in way to early it you know but you always hear the real thing you know it looks like Tarzan plays like Jane I mean I think if it gets up and about it you can -- team move. Very light on his feet. -- Eagles linebacker tight movement where he movement laterally. He's got the bodybuilding he can play either that they slam or while they call the bulk. Honestly salmon will but. It it typically is Sam has got to play over the tight and you could see that strong building right at the key jam at tight -- the -- scrimmage he can see where he'd be on the weak side in. And use his speed -- on the edge so. The preceding game will be very important for him and and give us a better look at it and look at a pretty good group of linebackers that the Saints have right now but of all of them. He looks the best Houston and am trying to. You that you want him Devlin the first look at all the books. You know we talk about punch shots it was that Cutler. We hopefully he -- behalf of the -- Johnson all right we'll come back if the Saints coach -- -- right here on Saints radio WW. And welcome back Saints coach Sean Payton -- -- some what he had as a follow today's practical practice the Greenbrier. That is what Saints coach Sean Payton had to say that day to the media will come back give Bobby and Hokies final cultural ramped up this is sports talk on that you do if you. Thanks giant tire eighteenth tee about David Kristian -- Steven get -- back home Balkman -- Ian Hoch Scott Cologne Thomas haven't sent any. Mama beat Diane knew would Jim handle all the new and the hokey guys that. I'm Deke Bellavia -- off almost -- -- -- -- pizza for the Saints and the Rams has always job by the kid eating canned him -- a fair ball and the whalers at all. That -- people who have yet.