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8-5 8:10pm Scoot Show: Online Dating

Aug 5, 2014|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about meeting people from the internet. Have you ever met anyone online to sell something or date?

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Good evening it is hot it is human I heard that there's still a chance of rain tonight that might also be something that would be welcome it is so hot and humid. But I'll remind you that sometime this winner now be on the year and will be just starting our show here. Just after 8 o'clock. And it will be very cold and windy and maybe even raining. And you're gonna think back and wish that you had this kind of day. So let's enjoy it while it's here we're just a couple of months away from cooler weather maybe not even a few months may be just a couple of months away. But it was hot and humid today I had to do little walking. House had to walk from the station to the grocery back to my apartment I am on my second set of clothes for the day. That's how hot and sticky it is it has been absolutely miserable. I'm very excited about the State's first pre season game Friday nights in Saint Louis against the rams that we -- all the latest information on our website at WW dot com TW QL is with the saints. Training camp in West Virginia. And you just heard in our news another NO PD officer arrested. Suspended. This time he was -- -- force of -- Christopher do you line. On the -- And this is not the first time that this is happened. I and I guess the lesson to learn from this is if you drive the causeway I know I used to live on the North -- so there's a lot of driving on the causeway after people. Have fun in the city or in Metairie. You just have to be really care home on the costly it's not worth it. It's time for tonight's top eight -- dates here to topic things we'd like you know which we begin our showed nights on WWL. Number eight. You're young men in their twenties in Germany died due to complications from abnormal heart rhythms. And the only drug that was in their system. Which THE the active ingredient for marijuana. This has led to a warning for the American Heart Association. That it smoking marijuana may have adverse cardiovascular effects on the heart. Went toxic what toxicologist says about this new report that some people. -- DR who were predispose to cardiac events may be particularly vulnerable. Two potential harmful effects of marijuana use and that's with this new report shows although you know. I can't help but think about tennis. If marijuana is really that bad for your heart can anybody explain why Willie Nelson is still life. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight -- eight. Here we go again. Three year old Colorado girl was shot by a five year old student and say the gender of the five year old and shot the three year old. How did this happen. They were playing with a -- The young girls in critical condition she's in the critical but stable condition in hospital the mother was home at the time of the shooting. Now the child the three year old child shot the three year old five year old we don't know whether again it's a male or female. The five year old is not -- face any charges but the order of the gun toward a two year old Adrian Chavez of Pueblo Colorado. Has been arrested and faces child abuse charges and I think this is good. If your kid gets a hold of your gun and your child does something wrong with your gun you are responsible way it doesn't. It doesn't get any simpler than that and yet there are so many people who still don't seem to understand that. And we're talking about parental responsibility let me give you a quick update this happened late in the show last night but if you missed it what -- -- very interesting update. On a story we have on the show last week about a child left in hot cars died this was in Wichita Kansas. Well there's new information out about this case -- this -- a case word of Foster parent port one child in left field I think it was a twenty month old outside of the car. And then something on television jog his memory that the child was still in the car ran out to get the child but it was too late. The child was. -- -- Well police affidavit which took chances says that eight crying child on the television show game of drones. John the Foster parents memory. That he leftist it was chemicals -- his ten month old inside a sweltering car. -- baby crying on the show on TV reminded him that the child was still in the car. But even more details at surfers from this Kansas case. The document shows that -- Jackson and his partner were smoking marijuana while the trial was inside. The car in Wichita where it was ninety degrees outside and much hotter inside the car. Jackson faces first degree murder charges in the July 24 death of mr. Michael -- and no charges were filed against its partner Jackson's partner told police. The girl was hot and stiff. When he grabbed her. Interbrew and a house to call 911 what Jackson attempted CPR. And child had been in the car for over two hours and I I don't mean to be graphic we're saying that -- the -- was hot and stiff. But I think it's important to remember. How horrific these tests are and how preventable they are. And yet there will still be those who say you know people. People get busy so it's just one of those things that happens. Personally I don't think there should be an excuse for leaving a child in the car. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Recently have been carjacked while trying to meet somebody they met online. The online meeting was a scam to carjacked a car. Now -- teenager is. Was trying to sell his -- Jordan shoes expensive to -- issues athletic shoes. Trying to sell -- through on line hook up. But instead of meeting one person he met five teens one had a gun. And they still issues. And believe that I think this brings up an interesting question I I know people who have have met people on line. And I'm sure there's a safe way to do it. Don't just go meet somebody and some. Remote area go meet somebody in a public place if you're gonna meet him but here's a -- to -- a -- -- opinion -- -- this'll just be a survey of our audience listening. And be honest this is not about criticism is just a survey -- Who he's meeting people online. Have you ever met someone on line in person. To purchase something. Or to go Watergate. Different testimony online somewhere. Due to shipping of -- go to our website WWL dot -- attract people throughout -- -- give -- the first update coming -- It just a few minutes number six. On tonight's of the that was number six so able to talk about online dating I would have to -- never five on tonight's with the top eight -- eight. North Carolina restaurant is offering a 15% discount to customers. Who. Open openly pray before their meal. It's not mandatory. And it's not part of the policy rate and the restaurant doesn't tell all customers in advance the target of 15% discount if they -- But they're offering a fifteen cent a 15% discount. If they -- praying in public it's Mary score may diner in Winston-Salem. And it's all starting win some guy you pray openly in the restaurant. And -- it was George Smith go to business trip. And a parade openly and the waitress came over instead we got a 15% discount. Because you prayed. A Christian radio station in Orlando Florida posted that on FaceBook it received over 7400. Likes. And some people thought well this is probably just an Internet hoax but the owner of Mary's. Says it's not a hoax it's -- whole idea about gratitude it's not a religious thing it's a spiritual thing. It's called the prayer discount. Now this restaurant specializes in farm to table comfort food. And she says that if they see somebody having a moment saying a prayer. They get a 15%. Discount off their bill. They don't advertise it and they don't tell all the customs at a time but he is simply deliver the deal with the 15%. Reduction to the deal. She says it's on our policy. And we do it very brand of it is this a good idea. And honestly this brings up put a bigger question I'd I'd occasionally go out to to launch an occasionally go to dinner with people. Who say grace who who prayed before meal at a public -- And I pray right along with that but I have to admit that while I say yep I try to remember always say a silent prayer to myself I don't eat out that often. But I try to remember -- a silent prayer to myself. I don't openly pray and -- Do you do you say grace. When you eat in public. And -- perhaps people look at you like you weird. I would hope that nobody would look down on anybody. Who justice. It's it's a very bold thing because in our society we tend to look at people who are. Overly religious or who do things like say grace in public or were distraught. Which had to look at them as being some kind of religious nuts and we shouldn't because that's not really the case when I say we I don't necessarily mean you or me. But we as a as a society. I will talk about this on the children write down do you pray before you meet in public are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86680. -- nearly seventy. And a -- number is 87870. Number for a tonight's list of the top eight at eight. A difficult time finding healthy choices on restaurant menus. Louisiana is one of the most of these states in America. And the dare to be healthy program is working with local restaurants to provide healthier items on their menus. This is something when -- occasionally go out to eat her -- -- have launched this is something that I struggle with. It seems as if almost every appetizer. On the menu. Is either fried or concealed in some kind of heavy cream sauce you know spinach -- spinach is good for you put the spinach dip is not something that. -- not I'm not criticizing anybody -- thinks that I don't eat but personally I would like healthier choices. Especially when it comes appetizers as -- does everything have to be tried. Every once in a well you find healthy appetite so we'll talk about -- the -- right. Not only healthier appetizers. But healthier menus you know there's always the salads but if you took a lot of blue cheese -- branch -- a thousand -- the salad and it's it's just as bad for years. Something else on the menu. So you have to be. Yet to be honest with yourself either when your ordering to -- like a salad. And a salad with fried chicken on it or something like that is different than with grilled chicken but even with the grilled chicken. You know there's there's so much border used in our culture. And even when something news grilled. It seems like quite often when you eating out it has borrowed it. Well you can make anything taste good with things like buttered -- in the challenge is to make something taste good -- Well it doesn't. The decently do a lot of fat grams and and and calories. So where do you find healthy food. -- there -- he can restaurants and vegetarian restaurants but some of the mainstream restaurants if you're looking for something helping on the menu. Can you find it. And can you find healthy appetizers and help the countries where do you find healthy choices on the -- Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Nearly seventy. And a text -- a 77 I guess the best thing that she could -- as an appetizer would be something something on the lines have. Raw oysters. And as good as the char grilled oysters are. They're not really that good for you number three at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. City Arizona has banned electronic cigarettes now via electronic cigarettes. Have not had a lot of research darn about him so there's still things that are not known. Is banning the what do you think it's based in part on the discussed. Even the idea of people smoking. Even though there's not a lot known about it this is I I always thought they were they were harmless especially to those sitting arrived around people who have smoked. And it's it's a great way to help some people quit the Tempe Arizona City Council voted 521. Last Thursday to approve this ordinance. But they got a lot of opposition from citizens and from businesses he said well this really isn't something that. It's really isn't something that you should tell us to do. And the the and it's a battery operated product -- it turns into an aerosol in its inhaled by the smoker. And maybe will learn something about second hand. There seems to be this reaction to it and I really get the feeling that the reaction to the and that's how disgusted many Americans have become with the idea of smoking. I thought it was a funny last week we we bring in the original trailer. From the movie on reefer madness which was a propaganda film in 1936. About the -- the horrors of marijuana and one of the lines individually as she says and these kids take. Take this marijuana and roll it into a harmless cigarettes. Well we know the cigarettes are not that heartless. Do you think he cigarettes should be banned and and if you smoked. North you're still going to the process of putting has the if you wanna join us tonight are numbers 2601870. Tool free 86688. Nines here which seven at tech's number is 877 number two tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Super conservative Glenn Beck appeared on CNN's reliable sources on Sunday. And he confessed. He said I said some really stupid things while posting my show on the Fox News Channel. Megan McCain who was the daughter of John McCain she's an author columnist and she is a show warrant -- TV. Megan McCain. Wonders if Glenn Beck is really regretful. Of things that he said to her things that he said about her -- -- show. He mocked her body. Made fun effort as far as I know she's she well when I can tell offers she's beautiful for the pictures -- But he my doctor body which she was doing a commercial of a public service announcements. For skin cancer. And she says. The most. -- up disgusting worst most insulting things anyone has ever said about me hands down in my entire life came from the mouth. On this man. And that's Glenn Beck she says so I what are -- does he regret that deceive regret barking into the camera. And pretending to bar for fifteen minutes at the idea of her doing -- a public service announcements for skin cancer. But Dominican McCain went further. She said that -- Glenn Beck. Divided her party. She says Glenn Beck divided the Republican Party with things that he sent. I'm amazed I said this on the show before I'm amazed at that anybody pays attention to Glenn -- I mean he has said. So many he's had so many eroding its predictions that never came true. So many you've got to tune in tomorrow because this is gonna happen and it didn't happen. Secret information that we have this is going to this is going to mean the collapse of American you've got -- he's done this several times. And here we are we're still here. So doing that so often I just I don't know how anybody. He just has any respect for him at all however the question is. Did Glenn -- divides. The Republican Party. And I think it's fair to say that there is a battle for the direction of the Republican Party that's that's not a secret there are Republicans who admit that that's done it it's not a secret. But did Glenn Beck divide the Republican Party. It is Glenn Beck didn't divide the Republican Party what do you think did. Or was the Republican Party just ready to be to fighter already. If you and enjoyed us tonight the comments are numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688. Yards nearly seventy. And a -- number is 87870 and finally tonight. Number one on tonight's list. Of the top candidates. Recent anniversary of Americans landing on the moon stirred talk of sending. Man or woman to Mars and you LL professor here and in Louisiana reboot or we had this on our news yesterday here -- -- of humility to stories are still on our web -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Boudreau may have a way to reduce bone loss which is something that occurs when humans spend an extended period of time and space. In a trip to Mars would take three years so bone loss could be significant. He thinks he's got a way of solving that problem. It was Newt Gingrich during the 2012 presidential campaign who said that he was a visionary. Newt Gingrich said he had a plan to go back to the moon and colonize the moon. And allow parts of the -- to be up for statehood. In the United States. New Gingrich said this on the campaign to. He also said that he his plan for a new space program included sending Americans. To Mars. If we did it if we did send men and women to Mars. And there is life on Mars because they're -- could be. And who knows maybe it's organized maybe there's this society this year we don't know for sure that there is we -- -- a life on the move but we don't know for sure that there's still life on Mars. If Americans went to Mars. Would American astronauts. The illegals. That's the -- blog American astronauts would be illegals on Mars it is something to ponder. Would there be talk among the martian leaders that we've got to do something. To secure our atmosphere. We can't let these Americans. Come to our planet. And how parallel with that be to some of the problems we have in this country today if you wanna join us with a comet tonight a numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy. And a text number is 87870. Here's a -- W a pretty general opinion poll tonight have you met someone on line in person. A -- purchased something or to go on a date. Give us your opinion by going to our website WWL dot com also this to blog is titled American astronauts would be illegals on Mars. Read it. Share with others. It's on our website at WWL. Dot com we'll be right back have you ever met somebody on line to meet him in person to make a purchase to sell something article wanna dates. And there has been under the crime committed to it because somebody that's -- -- on line this time as a teenagers and stole disk it's at gunpoint stole his air jordans. Recently there have been some carjackings that were scanned. Via while the idea of meeting somebody for a day it was a scam instead of meeting one woman this guy and attendant. And do the math on it. You know that's not what you really look at four. So here's our WW a pretty gentle people he met somebody on line to purchase something or to go on a date 44% say no but 56%. Say they can't. Have you give -- -- by going to our web site W bugle dot com it's good blog tonight is also on our web site it's titled American astronauts would be illegals on bars. And here's a text I hope there isn't life on Mars because if there is our government sure as heck will find a way to send him for an -- We're also talking about a North Carolina restaurant that's offering a 15% discount to customers that openly pray before their meal. Do you. From New Orleans and AT and -- on WL. Yet -- Conan because. I'm maybe one it is and study abroad program before you went home whole bottle when my plan for it. Before and after the -- Really yeah I hadn't thought about trying after what would do at what would prayer after the meal be like. Or give be thankful all of beneficial money go out of Iran -- -- am innocent of the contributed wanted -- worship god rest impeach him. Now well that's a really nice solid do you do you you pray in public. -- you know do you do you think people look at you not that you care but do you think people look at you like to weird. But that doesn't stop -- -- about it you know -- This is meant to this -- -- models. Was his duty to stop now is. You know you know -- you might actually be setting examples for somebody I -- what -- start doing it. Exactly have a cigarette tourism back when and I enjoyed our conversations nationalistic tonight. I would do present this monitor and indigent to broad as long as -- -- wrote -- -- all right appreciate you calling -- If you -- join us with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. Enter text number is 87870. Also -- we're talking about whether or not you have a difficult time finding healthy choices on restaurant menu. Louisiana is one of the most of these states in the nation. But it's the dare to be healthy program was working with local restaurants to provide healthier items on the menu. And personally I'd like to see healthier items as appetizers and also on the menu so where do you find healthy appetizers and helping countries southern and you were talking about that tonight as well. Also won a super conservative Glenn Beck appeared on CNN's reliable sources he confessed that he said some stupid things while he was hosting his show on the Fox News Channel. Megan McCain. Who -- marked. For her doing a PSA commercial for skin cancer pertaining to barf for fifteen minutes into the into the camera. She wants to know if Beck is really. Regretful and she also goes so far is to blame Glenn Beck for dividing the Republican Party did Glenn Beck divide the Republican Party. -- somebody else divide the Republican Party. I -- join our show with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. And a -- amber is 87870. From homer Glen -- on the -- show good evening Glenn. Thank -- again you do. Good target. -- OK I had Leo's bargain network -- had -- -- putter in my neck. -- -- function and -- the call one day and around you know I want to you know smoked -- you know you smoked three packs a day. And a little bit easier while our chart small -- -- throw down on -- our church every book such awesome name -- Start -- and how load down in the. Who really. Wrote that could be hazardous to your health to. Yeah. But I did it help you did it satisfy your craving for smoking. Now not did not know I didn't back yeah every tax cigarettes are two sides. You know jocks and equipment alone you know and you know that -- would be yard -- What do the basic came with the gland and I know it can be do really difficult but to but try. Yeah yeah you're doing and you have read a bit more preferred Euro forty odd years never too -- to stub. Now is now would you say you know enough and that issue. Player. Yeah stick that in good thank you I'm operator immoral and wake up. Kamal I make my breakfast at Shea in little prayer you know think -- lord -- review report to mark. You -- be delivered -- And it brought out -- much borrowers stopper -- which I knew a lot yeah we -- -- but not so should I -- You. Ukraine Ukrainian poet and an -- is it obvious because and you can. You can just look down on your food and and say quick prayer silently but he is it is an obvious that you're taking a moment to pray before you eat. Yep yep we're -- -- you know in yummy -- not -- it where it out. I'm out here people think I'm weird you know we are not you know we like -- or parts are. No good for you going and if I'm worried about people thinking that I was weird I wouldn't even be able to do the show on the radio. Glad I I appreciate you call you have an isolated home tonight from -- -- Jim a year and a VW -- -- -- demonstrable good you think. There's such -- -- -- -- probably a candidate. I would say Egypt's. So you say are you end and if you're in public -- -- say a prayer you'll say Grayson public. All right -- played -- He is at any rate. In my grade. -- here -- the problem. Our total. Are also partners right now. But I do -- and it makes you say that -- it and holidays you know. Mostly. That I built that -- raised and as people. And places -- -- -- -- -- -- so -- -- seven -- -- which Jimmy I'm sorry go through a tough time it wasn't that long ago that I went through a really tough times and I never questioned god guys still had faith I had faith in god has faith in myself. And you will get through this and I'll tell -- I I was wondering at the time -- god wanna be to go through what I was going through. Now I realize why he -- -- go through that and appoint will come wind you'll get through his -- back in your goal okay. That's why god wanna be go through that. All right Jimmy you take care if you wanna join us with your comment tonight on number. 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- -- at Texas 87870. Ross are talking about the and there is so hysteria about electronic cigarettes -- after said there's not a lot of research that's been done and so it takes years to do research more research does need to be done. I get this feeling that. This country is so obsessed with expressing disgust. Over smoking. And I understand that to a degree. But its obsessed with expressing this discussed. That anything that looks like smoking. News. Considered to be terrible. And an -- it might be the vapor it might be the second hit and and I'd -- I guess there's always a possibility that it is. But I think the initial reaction to the the and it seems to me that this is really based on this this hysteria date people don't want anybody to even appear to be smoke. Even if it's not really smoking. If you wanna join -- -- your -- tonight on numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point 78 in a text -- received 7870. Here's a text. That reads went on a date from Craig's list. She weighs. Wait too loud and not executes. No more on line dating for this man. You know sometimes it only takes you know one bad experience in year nearly done with it you'd know what you look like when -- when you better on line. Have you ever met anybody on line and and -- them somewhere to sell them something is that safe. If you ever met somebody on line and you met -- where it started dating -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Series semi -- 877 it I'm screwed and we'll be right back on Debbie WL. Welcome back to discuss show on this Tuesday night ledger with a script like tonight his title American astronauts. Would be illegals. On Mars. -- share with others it's on our website at WW dot com and its intent to draw parallels with what's going on in this country it comments. About one -- going to Mars in May be setting up a colony here's our WW a pretty general opinion poll have you met someone on line in person to purchase something. Or to go on a date 45% say no but 55% say yes give your opinion by going to WQ well to account. Are you worried about the old -- the bola. Virus you're at the spreading in America. Do you think the medical experts have this under control. Look for reasons to worry about -- -- like you know to be a little concerned about it. That's one of the things to tummy -- and talk about tomorrow morning and -- W offers news also we'll talk about parents and what kind of punishment or discipline works for you. Spanking is not the only way to discipline your child to tell you talk about that also is there any job. It she would liked so much that you do it for minimum wage. All of that coming up with the Tommy Tucker tomorrow morning WWL first news from six to ten -- from which we go later you're on description of the evening. -- -- -- -- Well I want the stereo or paying for a -- of Greece situation. Yeah. And you know probably young man and that would read. You're not brought -- so weighed down. Serbia model citizen. And no matter what I'd do as Carter has been so good to me. All we say Margaret when we have much it is -- All of you in public places so. Own work please so would be happier than you know oh issue Margaret should epic -- sure. It is an obvious that you're you're saying grace before you -- public restroom. You know -- not. Our government saying they should bill. What but is it is an obvious that that's what you're doing and do people look at you like your weird. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'd do as surrogate see all of say all right he's saying this brings -- Here is occasionally I will he was somebody who who does she to pray in public at the table at a restaurant and I don't have any problem with that I. I have to admit that personally I don't eat out very often but when I do. I try to remember to say a prayer do it every night at home but I also try to remember to a thank god is silently for the food it on about two to eat. But I it's not obvious that I'm saying a prayer. I don't really don't think that would be embarrassed if there's somebody thought that I was crazy for doing that. Northampton native who so you know is that that that's. -- -- Yeah Leonard I appreciate that you appreciate that and I'm glad you went through a tough time and you know you're one of the examples of people who have been through a tough time. And you might not have known why you were given this test but she went to a tough time you've brought yourself back up and now you for grateful blast. Appreciate you -- thanks for calling. If you would join our show with a comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- -- seventy. In a text or -- 7070 here's a text -- they are two guys. I know that do the most immoral sinful things on a regular basis but they still pray before every meal I don't get it. Here's attacks I'm agnostic I don't begrudge anyone for praying I just have no idea what's beyond this point. Here is a text about the NE cigarettes. I've been smoking -- that's the cigarette since July 6 and haven't had a cigarette since. I love mine. I taste food again. I can smell. I was smoking a pack of heavy cigarettes every day since I was sixteen. I'm 29 now. And I enjoy smoking. I didn't really. I didn't really enjoy. The BS that came with smoking cigarettes and I have already seen a return on my money. So I've I've saved that's that's great -- we're also talking about. Has -- -- -- Battery operated products that turn to nicotine and chemicals into. An air solve it into vapor is a lot it's still not known about it. I always was under the impression that the -- words was quite harmless to those nervous standing standing when I was are worried about secondhand. Cigarette smoke. I did you try any cigarette and has it helped you quit smoking. And you think that the the banning of for the activity of smoking. That even if it was okay for you I still think that they would be people who would be against east smoking -- -- cigarettes and and smoking. Because they just don't like the idea smoking they want that's totally wiped out so it's not just based on health issues it in my opinion. I've screwed it will be right back with your comments abort your text on -- WL. It's it's here's a diet wise very very hot and humid today I've mentioned this at the opening shale oil I had little walking to do and and walked it and more to the station that walked to gross tree and walked back to my apartment -- -- I want my second set of close for the day that's held Schumer and discussing it was earlier. There's still a chance of rain tonight so that might bring some relief. But again I remind you it's not going to be this time all the time and there will be a time this winner. -- will be on the year at night like this. And it's going to be very very cold. And you're gonna think back on that warm humid weather this summer so embrace it while this year. But it took at least text and among other things were talking about saying Greece in a public place there's a restaurant in Winston-Salem North Carolina. It is offering a 15% discount to any customers who openly pray before their meal. Now they don't advertise it and they don't tell customers that if you pray this is what you get but if they see you say a prayer. Before your your your meal they will give you 15% discount to -- they give you the deal so. Do you -- Also we're talking about another crime committed that started with an on line hook up this teenager from -- it was trying to sell his air jordans. And instead of selling is air jordans -- to somebody he was met by five teenagers one was armed and at gunpoint. They still issues. And referred about a couple of carjackings. But it would be the idea was to meet some woman on line Demeter someplace bites that they were people there waiting to carjacked the car. Here's a WW up pretty -- about opinion poll tonight. Have you ever met someone on line in person to purchase something from them forward to go on a date. 47% say no but 53% say yes and -- I'd love to talk about that experience. Where did you meet. Why did you feel safe. Have you met somebody on line to sell something. Or to go wanted to make it -- -- by order -- -- -- WL dot com if you went into an issue with comet are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Recipient -- number is 87870. We're also talking about super conservative Glenn Beck appeared on CNN's reliable sources on Sunday and he confessed to be set some really stupid things while hosting -- show. On the Fox News Channel Megan McCain Senator John McCain. It is very critical of -- back because he mocked her pretending to bars for about fifteen minutes into the camera. I'm making fun of her for doing a public service announcements for skin cancer she wants to know if he's really regretful of saying that in some other things. And Megan. McCain also says that Glenn Beck divided her party. The Republican Party. -- Glenn Beck divide the Republican Party. If Glenn Beck didn't who did. Or was the Republican Party just ready to be defied table talk more about this coming up in the next hour. Here's -- -- reads Beck didn't do anything -- the Republican Party was well divided on before that. Here's another text about that appeal -- conservative that divided the Republican Party between all the ultra conservatives divided the Republican Party between. Reasonable conservatives. And right wing nuts. If you at a joint site with your comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 260. One a 72 -- free 8668890. It's -- text numbers 87870. And so if we do send Americans to Mars. And there was there was intelligent life on Mars and I don't know that has been totally ruled out I guess anything's possible. Would that make the American astronauts. Illegals on Mars. Also talk about that coming up in the next -- pledge to witness on this Tuesday night this is dispute show and we'll be right back into the WL.