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8-5 9:10pm Scoot Show: Online Dating

Aug 5, 2014|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about meeting people from the internet. Have you ever met anyone online to sell something or date?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Into what he's supposed to be vapor I was never really concerned about second hand smoke and I'm certainly haven't been concerned about the vapor becomes for me cigarettes. But the city of the Tempe Arizona has has banned them and I know that there's been a lot of talk about banning cigarettes first of all if you smoked. Did. And are you satisfied smoking cigarettes do they work for smokers to -- for you. And do you think this idea of banning. This collective discussed in America where -- smokers in general at that people don't want anybody to even look like they're smoking. It's one of the things we're talking about also the a recent anniversary of Americans landing on the moon stirred a lot of talk about sending. Americans to march as something Newt Gingrich talked about during the presidential campaign of 2012 and he wonders why he didn't win. So we're we're talking about that here's the scoop on tonight American astronauts would be illegals. On Mars. We'll talk about that here's a text if bars has intelligent life. They wouldn't allow -- in and we'll send us back they certainly wouldn't give us medical help and shelter. And probably would stop our ships. With the fence and armed border patrols. That would do. -- -- -- and they would -- most assuredly before. And eating before eating their meals is silly and accommodation to think are also talking about a restaurant in North Carolina that Winston-Salem. That he's offering a 15% discount to customers who openly pray before their -- not mandatory. And it's not part of the policy and they don't advertise it but if you -- before him the only seed do with the giving 50% off you think anybody would fake a prayer. Hoping to get 15% off. And we are are also talking about whether or not you've met somebody on line -- the crime was committed this time involving immigrant teenager. He went to -- to Seles air jordans but he was met by five teenagers one was armed and at gunpoint they -- issues. Have you ever met somebody on line to purchase something or to go out without. That's a W have you appreciate what people give your opinion by going to our web site divvied up you built a company toward -- text here in just a moment. From Slidell Mike -- on this -- good evening. -- scared they might I met I. A walk while on. Probably eleven years ago. Went to the as a -- channel. Treasure chest casinos. In Biloxi could be. Net -- the pop -- shop. And -- Etiquette. So you admitted to safe. A safe place. I would if she would have said look gonna meet me on the on the corner of discrete industry which you'd better. Now don't buy it. -- -- And and it worked out OK you were you were happy with what you saw in person. Relative to what you -- on line. And you guys are still together. Right now treat them all my child that's a great story like oh. You know I I I never thought I'd a never tried the online dating thing and I I know people who have tried it in and succeeded so. You're not the only one -- -- of people have actually met. The right person on line. But the most important thing is. He got me in. Straight. Say. Or -- -- age. Walk files from being so. The situation. You don't meet in front of somebody's house. -- -- -- and not to call Euro write up. Because of of suburban and do -- -- I'm like I you had a conversation specialist into WW all at night. From Kenner mark -- -- -- show. I don't -- good mark. Our look ultimately -- a couple of people awkward there. And then you try to we have Kyle the Asian it would mean. The more X about the product which are trying to buy from -- You know it didn't -- that we thought that they would wanna talk about it they did this you. And all of -- that they do so -- go out -- livable community all of my. Could trust and my -- well I'm sure you're kind of familiar with a lot of the complete this. And you know in -- paper and I'm not working it out now. I would bring up the 6 o'clock. -- Yes so if you're gonna meet somebody you're gonna meet in in a in a public place. It would be probably. A good time you know the work ourselves they call -- shot the ball well. Something like that in the pocket. The moral right. You know at least -- yeah. Yeah you know you know not -- in your book. A couple of kids who you beat your caller advocate who don't know if you the -- sewed it up and then you don't have a description of. Yes that's it that's a good idea yet -- his total to eight you know right wingers have been there's been a scare about police imitating the police say photograph of if a car pulled you over. Don't pull over ordered dark road pull over. And of convenience store more gas station orders are some some public location. Look me in the recount and volatility idea -- puppets. Took a look at it. Yeah. A marker -- that worked out for you. I appreciate you calling if you wanna join us with your comment tonight about -- we're talking about are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven your text -- -- 77 gets more few text here in just a moment from Mississippi Mike you're on WWL. Critic. Once great Mike are you. Were called but they are they should. Our order book that shot. Why sheer are not should -- shut. So which satisfies your your craving for secure. -- much. And -- reason why everybody. I am. -- What are you. Shouldn't. -- Well that doesn't surprise me at all you know other governments can be if they can't figure out a way to -- -- they don't want it to be legal in. It's going to be interesting to see how -- legalized marijuana for recreational use in their Washington State and Colorado work out because this may encourage other states to put the same kind of taxation. Planet affects to generate revenue sets that's it for CD that you think anybody should be afraid of -- secondhand east smoke. -- Mike I honestly when I when I hear about these bans any cigarettes and when I see people look down on people who who smoking cigarettes are. I'm not a smoker but I'm not bothered by smokers. And not bothered being around smoke in and some people overly sensitive to being outspoken on not being critical of that. But I I quite often get the feeling it since smoking any cigarette looks like you really smoking. That that's what a lot of people object to more than even the health issue. -- and all of it looked like. Armed Dutch publication of all. One you'll like they should collector so -- sort of but I thank our belt law rhetoric should direct botched that's good you get a -- November 7 street. Wonder stage I felt like cigarette but I'll pre. And sure Italy's -- apple or. And we all appreciate that bike and I'm I'm happy for your success. And then it just watching people. Short cigarettes. That. -- now window. Or and don't. Yeah you know we talked about that a lot of the show when the legislature was dealing with this this new law and -- now his is going to effective and there's a 300 dollar fine if you flip the cigarette and your car window. And I I hope people follow that law but -- people it's just it's secondhand nature to throw cigarette butts on the ground and you know they're not biodegradable so I don't really understand why that isn't considered later by every one and I've I see it all the time and there -- times that I'm very tempted to confront somebody it. Not in an aggressive way but to say hey you know you should -- on it's it's a later you'll you'll littering. But people will become very defensive of their actions even if they know their actions are wrong if you talk to them about it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- One now he's probably jealous of well. All -- -- truth -- much better. And I don't think by. A strike. -- -- -- Mike I I'm glad you called and continued success with that appreciate you listening from west we go ranger on the -- she going to be WL. It's who and it doesn't seem to do to you I'm doing good. I quit smoking. Cigarettes cold Turkey on December 1 vote they can move to a new place you know wanted to make a change at one. The curtain walls to be you know -- -- the end. So I -- me and my mother to -- to these secrets. And I quit cold Turkey it needed coax her to stop. Cigarettes -- and loans. To go 100% and on paper and we've been you know cigarette free for a long time. That's -- -- at the. It's the least ordered or higher milligram nicotine like between four. Milligram per liter. And we slowly walked to work totally down to us six more importantly. And increases were going to be going to zero percent. -- I recently -- Indecent. But we can't do that -- -- I would smokers. In I just recently quit I don't want to be year round. Iran. And yet that's a big cats have been a big criticism of the banning of these cigarettes of the restriction of the cigarettes is people or are. Treated like smokers in the right back in the environment that they were trying to get away from. In in I -- heavy duty would be box. You know we you know it it it's a lot more flavor -- -- -- -- smoke. The home it has a bigger painful moment. Some of them look like -- on soprano saxophones. Yeah they're -- big -- clarinet. -- -- it's pretty it's pretty date but it you know to sing to other caller was saying in the that is it. It doesn't look like the cigarette but what breeze out looks like it -- So far and we're pleased I mean if a football game in the superdome. And I'm blown out my least favorite people see that from a Palestinians in the east smoking cigarettes. You know. Yeah now I I I and I and I understand that it's ready for it's not really harmful in and I guess there's some things that we still don't know about it but that. I just I just interpret much of the initial. Condemnation of of these cigarettes to the idea that it looks like people are smoking and people are so disgusted some people this country so disgusted with the very idea of of smoking. That they don't want anybody to even do something that looks like there's smoke. But I think it's more about equality if there's smokers in the Spain but can't smoker's -- the secret. It means -- paper blown out smokes and he they believe that it is actually smoke. They might get upset that the -- smoke smoke. Well what about the the alcoholic who sees somebody having a beer having a mixed drink in the stance stated they might be complaining that -- or else it really comes down to you're gonna your personal willpower. And but it is it is the rule alone misconception you know it is all about misconception. Rain has so much is I appreciate calling her shoulder specialist into your -- derailed at night. I -- is a text the key to successful online business is to make the transaction in a safe place with a backup or at least. In a well populated location. Here's a text about today Gingrich saying that he wanted to colonize the moon and even go to Mars. When he was running for president 2012 this text reads Gingrich just wants to return home. If you enjoy is that a comet tonight on numbers 2601870. -- free 8668890. A seventy. And protects a -- Seve Seve will be right back at a bit of -- I was invited to go to they Mercedes-Benz superdome tomorrow at noon there's going to be a food tasting. They're they're gonna show was the new food menu and ask -- to come over and tasted and then net Angela SEB on -- show tomorrow afternoon for three to 42 or to talk about it. Interesting and apparently they're going to have some special things depending on the team that's in town. I don't know exactly what that means but I'll I'll. -- -- taste the stuff tomorrow normal we'll talk about tomorrow afternoon. And -- show from three to four bit it would got a great new way to start actually show every week day at 1 o'clock what's trending on -- WL. Two and Angela friends for a candid fund in depth conversation about the top trending stories of the day get caught up on everything news talked social media sports. Get caught up on what's trending every day at 1 o'clock with financial. Joining Angela and our friends from B 97 magic by -- channel four and all of the favorites from -- WL and three WL thirteen fifty. So hang out catch up on the top trending stories. Every day -- days what's trending we days -- 1 o'clock. Financial whatever WL. A we're talking about the city of for Tempe Arizona banning electronic cigarettes. And do you need to get nervous if your rants about his smoking and electronic cigarette. And -- their part there are people who were actually smoking these in the workplace. Here's a Texan Reid say haste to we have a guy. Who uses the I tell amusing and give me cancer. But he's gonna give -- diabetes. Here's a text -- for meeting. If some people could see the patches under our clothes they would probably object to that too they just wanna hate. I have this sense that it a lot of the opposition to. Even though we don't know anything harmless about the second and he bespoke yet. And I say yet because there's research that's constantly being done -- right I know that there are a lot of groups that would like to find something wrong with it because they wanna ban anything the even. Even looks like smoking so. It's really about. It's really about the the vision of the habits. In in in my mind as much as it is about the health issues. If you wanna join us with a comment tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And a text Amber's -- 7870. Winston-Salem North Carolina restaurant is is offering a 15% discount to customers who openly pray before their meal. Do you openly. -- before your meal. And do you care if people look at you like your weird. Nobody should look at you like -- weird but sometimes people look at people who work. Very religious as soon as being kind of weird did you say grace in public something else we're talking about on the -- tonight. If you wanna join us for the comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Unser which having a text number is 87870. There have been there a few people carjacked two this has been in the news recently while trying to meet somebody else they met on line. So we try to hook up -- some might a met on line and what went I was going to meet this this woman that he met on line instead of meeting her he -- ten guys. That was disappointing but not only that they also. Carjacked this car. Now this -- teenager who was trying to sell his air Jordan shoes through an on line hook up. He met five teenagers one had a gun and at gunpoint. They still issues. Had you ever met somebody on line. -- that you met ultimately met in person. To purchase something from them or to go on a date. That's a -- W a pretty general opinion poll right now 48% saying no but 52% say yes very close poll give us your opinion by going to our web site. WWL. Dot com. What if Americans. Went to mart's. Last month's 45 anniversary of man landing on the moon rekindled the patriotic spirit that Americans -- when two men planted the American flag. On the surface of the moon. For years during the Cold War Russia was ahead of the United States in the space race but America caught up and pass rush. And landing Americans on the moon was some kind of I guess a final score of sorts that American had won the space race. And it was a very very big deal. I think about how quickly we've made this progress now I want to say that Alan Shepard were sort of the first man in space and who's the first in a special wanna say that was around 1960. Maybe 61. And by 1969. We already landed on the move. So we had a very aggressive space program with NASA. Anyway it's just. Amazing progress said and much of the work was -- me -- confident the whole space program here in the there was area. So were calling the pride of sending men to the moon. Some Americans have begun talking about the feelings of patriotism that would result if we send Americans to march. You LL professor doctor -- Boudreau attracted national news this week. When he proposed a possible solution to the bowl loss suffered by humans to space. Bone mass is reduced 1% to 2% for each month spent in space. A trip to Mars right now would take three years so the loss of bone mass would be a significant obstacle to to overcome. Doctor Boudreau has for has proposed a bone loss treatment drawn along with resistance exercise by using. Pneumatic power equipment. In space. Account over the bone. -- -- Now this idea of going to Mars if this were -- came up during the 2012 presidential campaign because candidate -- Gingrich. Described himself as a visionary. He said he had plans for a massive new space program that included a stab -- a permanent colony on the moon. And declaring part of the moon as US territory with columnist. Petitioning for statehood. So. You don't you don't a lot of people in Puerto Rico would probably be upset if there was a part of the moon that we became a state before Puerto Rico. But Gingrich is a space plane in 2012 also included sending Americans to Mars. And he wonders why he didn't win the election in the nomination. Now let's let let's just have a little fun with this okay. It is they determined that there's still life on the moon. But there's a possibility that there's life on Mars. Has not been ruled out. So the idea of colonizing. The moon. And then going on to Mars really got me to thinking about the parallels between space exploration and the current border controversy. Again let's have a little fun with this. What if there is intelligent life on Mars there probably isn't what what do serious. They would have -- legal they're that intelligent after the kind of hide out so. We don't know that there's there. And -- if there was intelligent life on Mars do you think that would stop us from trying to -- later now we probably still try to go there anyway. Morris might be a very peaceful place. It offers a better opportunity for Americans and their children. A place to go to get away from the crime the violence. On our planet. And traveling that long distance to Mars might be considered worth the risk. For a better life. For men women and children. If there is intelligent life on Mars and we did land on Mars. Would that make Americans. Illegals. If there's a population on Mars would we be entering their atmosphere they -- border. -- martians viewing us as illegals. Entering their planet. And there was talk radio on Mars I can imagine many of the martian talk show host would be condemning these Americans from crossing into their atmosphere. In hopes of a better life. There might be talk about the burden. That we would place on the martian government. Abusing their health care system in -- our children in their schools and all we -- it was a better life. The leader of Mars would be pressed to secure the martian atmosphere. And to stop Americans from illegally entering their planet with no visible means of support. Desperate for work Americans would be willing to work for less sending abortions into a rage over lost jobs and that would be another big topic on martian talk radio. -- political candidates -- campaign on the theme of securing the atmosphere and stopping Americans from taking advantage. A better life on Mars. Americans might even. And make the difficult and dangerous voyage to Mars is seeking to escape the the battles of religious beliefs. The battles over religious beliefs and and and moral issues today. An attempt stoop to force everyone to agree. Uncertain moral values. We would not be going to Mars to establish a religion we would be going to simply escape religious controversy. You know there was a time the new world America was as distant and unknown as Mars is today tell almost. But if Americans went to another planet. In search of a better life greater opportunities freedom from violence in today's world. And freedom from that they heated controversy -- of politics today. Would that make -- any different than those who were criticized for doing the same thing when they come to America. If you and join us for coming tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- separate -- -- state 7870. Strip like tonight is titled American astronauts. Would be illegals. On Mars. In theory. But if there was intelligent life on Mars you think that would stop us from going to it would probably be even eager more eager to get there. You can read the blog and share with others is on our website at WW real dot com. I hear is a text that read says that is an interest in question you raise but we pretty much proven there's no intelligent life on Mars and arguably laden. We find a difficult time finding intelligent life on earth. For Herring and David Euro on WWL. -- I don't who has by the pew things on Craigslist inaudible had a good. On. A good result. One thing though he's done is make sure that they have multiple pictures. You can indeed ensured that they do you have the -- that there -- Charles. And holds multiple pictures of the night. Multiple pension but it just -- a picture of the Internet and the FBI them. Also if you can meet in public -- that you could bring it. I just go on Google earth and check in out in -- -- -- there. It like an area that the little inspection. -- you you've actually gone into it into a neighborhood to meet somebody device something that you met on line. I have since senator I've always -- -- -- the ability to make sure it's not been. It's no lower -- local special. Well how how the inning mr. if you are going into a neighborhood day and your your daughter around a lot of people you're you're not a little apprehensive about. I have been and then. When you inaudible had taken along with me -- so that kind of make stability here I would -- Now. And it visited and nobody's ever happens suddenly you'll continue to do. Yeah yeah definitely. Going to be as safe as possible about it but -- these -- and good view on the Craigslist and web site. Are you surprised to hear that that people have committed crimes using on line as a way to to hookup you know you meet this woman is set it -- a woman you meet. You meet guys who steal your car. They're teenagers and undergo -- air jordans in Kenner instead of selling is air jordans. He's met by five teenagers when the gun they -- are you surprised that that happens. No not at all I mean you something like a disaster like Katrina happened and people start taking advantage of and trying to stay. People's monies so the rule was trying to find some kind of -- Two. You know you'll on the communal work. Were -- on the front and we're just. So on the long again usually is gonna keep your eyes open. Yeah David you know you you you can't blame -- Craig's list she can't blame. Meeting people on line you you can't blame the the opportunity to meet people on line. It's really how humans use new technology. It. David I appreciate calling a show my thanks for listing if you wanna join us tonight with your comments are numbers 2601870. Totals 38668870. And a text number is 877. Got a text earlier from someone who said that if there is intelligent life on Mars what he hopes there isn't intelligent life on Mars because if there is. On the US government will figure out a way to give of foreign aid. Here is an update on our WWL party general opinion poll -- ever met someone on line to purchased something or to go on a date. 48% say no 52% say yes give us your opinion by going to WW real dot com. Hands will be right back. And before I get back to your calls and your tax that would remind you that we're gonna try to help you win a thousand dollars -- me it's actually up to you to do it over giving you an opportunity to find out what it feels like to win a thousand bucks. And our nationwide summer splash 1000 dollar cash contest Phyllis -- -- and evidently a listener. Right here in -- Recently -- Every -- you've got a chance to win a thousand dollars nationwide summer splash cash contest just listen weekdays right before the top of the news at 7 AM. 11 AM 2 PM at 5 PM for the code -- Detects the code worked seven to 81 for your chance to win without reporting your phone -- That's seven to 81 every weekday four lucky listeners nationwide win thousand dollars each. And at least on the money sign up now for the Debian you'll cash club. And we said you text about fifteen minutes before we announce the code were to remind you tune in to make sure you're listening at that moment we send out the -- work. If you wanna sign of the -- you'll cash club just text the word cash. To -- 787. Extort cash to wait 77 again then you'll get the text solar fifteen minutes before we announce the code word. It's the 1000 dollar initially some -- contest and don't forget those times to listen right before the top of the news at 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM at 5 PM. And good luck for sort radio in -- com analyst at WL. Remember we never charged for -- by individual plant text and data rates may -- -- for the West Bank Samuel the -- show on WWL. -- -- about which you mentioned about the music didn't mean. Got a throwback that's gently into the break. Out that was for and I think it truckers and public name the group. And a danced on. There's so much like current weather and higher on the news at the -- it was -- it -- not as like. Wouldn't -- but this is like. I -- When I see the video for treasure by Bruno Mars I think about earlier earth wind and fire videos. I'm sure you know no doubt that fresh out of course that so visit Iran into the ground. What would become like like in high pitched electric drum pads. Like you know I did that it is but -- Back to describe -- -- -- I'd do that once suggested and I'm no fan of Wal-Mart talent you -- -- get started on that concerned her at Wal-Mart -- -- Very crowded. Every Wal-Mart good to you have a duty. Police officer. And he -- before. So you do it transaction. Could be the best place. Got a place to you know what do visible storefront perhaps. Yeah we just heard a lot of cases in the news problem my latest one policy teenager was trying to sell -- air jordans and I mean obviously the news team they want in my mind they stole -- from. We're. Pocket. And my problem I didn't medical reasons now. Actors and coaches aptly except -- out there could take an hour try to. I'm sure to secure -- -- beat yourself project thing. And try to make it up to this additional. You look -- it that it was awful these all of that. And we're good people the world that hopefully. I tried to decay but I. Experts out there which on the caller. They'll -- you people call. And some jobs out of town. And one that's warned -- -- I saw your post about your -- for prism on our web site. -- Craigslist. So. Awards they're trying to get the default port at this web site -- -- post a caller and that's what. And -- the same scenario happened Jeremy. Three separate times. Same phone number six in the exact track like a re on for jobs in the last two ball. Another guy like texted me with the California Erica. About it -- about it sight -- And public rate at the -- and then inform my. Oh. So there are so well that are out there are some things that sound very suspicious -- it's it's a shame what people do with. With and with new technology arena there was a you know before guns when. You know when guns were introduced to humans are humans figured out a way to use guns for evil purposes and and they'll figuratively uses the Internet and innocent people online to to scam so it's said. Yes it is and it's something that's gonna like -- people try to sell stuff. You weren't those cute thing in particular cinema though that there trying to. -- Make -- your account information. Law. They're trying to real cute that web site I appreciate you calling it up and unfortunately law enforcement. Include these. -- days -- different directions and the stay. Like extremely. Responsive to. And that's -- it goes well and it's all -- the -- got app for that gets one -- -- You know that's gonna that's gonna that's gonna change with with time although we don't we know our resources are so taken up with a violent crimes on the streets it. You know people are gonna have to be Smart and if there's somebody wants to meet you I don't care how hot this woman looks if you're -- guy don't go meet a woman. In her neighborhood don't go meet a woman at a corner you know make sure that there are. People in the room don't need -- woman at the course loosened Daughtry you might not even be reminded you woman not a good -- but again my idea about like and a public meetingplace desperately that's -- common. Or universal common sense but -- pregnant again. Place. Like medical world to where they'll have destroyed crowded lot of traffic and law enforcement authority. Says in the is that displeasure. I appreciate the advice and thanks for listening if you rejoice for the -- tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven Texas a 7870 Scott bought tonight is titled American astronauts would be illegals. On Mars. Theoretically they would be think about. And if there was intelligent life on the planet do you think that would stop us from going would probably be even more eager to get there would that make us illegals. There's a Texan -- -- question that may be faced in the distant future when human space travel expands to other planets. Here is. Another text to it reads. Morris is probably a pretty peaceful place microbes. Have no way to prove residency. So they can't. Open carry or get a concealed permit. No target practice either. Something to think about it. Here is attacks that breeze -- sorry skewed by its I'll have to tell you is that it would it's totally different oh they did we. If we went to. A planet that would be different day and illegals coming to this country. Or at least it would -- it would be if we don't send only our children. If a third of our children. We sent aren't raped and murdered. And kidnapped and used by drug cartels. And when we get there we don't live off their tax dollars. Take away. A lot of their already dismal jobs or if we try to sneak in under a perceived loophole in their system. Instead of announcing our rival. And going about our rival and accepted and legal format. Wow. That is taking it to a very serious level say we're talking about this idea that in theory. If we went to another planet. And there was intelligent life there would that not make us illegals. And -- and think about this. Inevitably. There would be -- talk radio. Or talk radio on another planet. And you know that would be on the -- listeners and more should talk show host would be complaining because these Americans are coming here. And they don't want to assimilate. They just don't seem to be interested in learning our language. And becoming part of our planet. No they wanted to spring their culture to our planet. And then lived their life. How dear. This is the -- which ago. We'll be right back into the W well at lucky by big -- group Daft Punk as so I said it reminds him of the seventies and the reason for that here's a text that says it. It sounds like seventies funk is because it was written by a Nile Rodgers. From the band chic and -- -- similarities between this song and get lucky by. Daft -- Now I'm I'm hearing a huge resurrection in music mainly from the eighties but also some of that from from the seventies but. Much -- the hot new stuff today by so many young man's. Is very similar to what music that I remember from from the eighties and there's a a very positive attitude about much of it which I think is very encouraging. Here is Texan reads there are more secluded and dangerous corners in town -- Saint Louis -- -- -- well indeed there are debts you know not going to be. The the most isolated one but you know you have to be careful where you meet people. Here is a text is a retired architect. I have a request. Talk of martian construction and infrastructure. As Willis related ecology now what if they have any of that climate change problems on on Mars that that we have here. From this city -- a year into the WL. -- -- shill to enter. Tell people about the Xperia RAA outlets by. Electronic machine McCray it. Are met this guy right -- all this year all -- -- ultimately. -- Like it checked in real good when. We -- -- It is still. It's pocket. Call eight hole. -- Upset about it like. To law now. In a ladies don't do. -- I appreciate that advice and thank you for listening here's a text that -- it's very hard to meet a good hard working god fearing man. I'm a very highly educated and beautiful young lady. And I'm looking for a guy who -- spend hours with having an intelligent conversation. But it seems. They are withering. They are -- breed no matter which way you go about trying to seek them out. Is and that's it. This is the -- show will be right back with more right after -- if you gonna join us tonight -- numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890870.