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8-5 10:10pm Scoot Show: Online Dating

Aug 6, 2014|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about meeting people from the internet. Have you ever met anyone online to sell something or date?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The recent anniversary of America's landing on the moon really sort a lot of talk about sending Americans to Mars and you LL professor doctor rave Boudreau. A says he may have a way to reduce bone loss that the the loss of bone mass. Which occurs in humans when they spent time in space which would be a big deal because the trip to Mars one way right now would would take three years. So we kind of got me to thinking about two Americans going to Mars what what if there. But there is intelligent life on March toward the go to some other planet where there isn't intelligent life. Would we be the aliens would we be the illegal. Aliens. Would there be criticism of us going there and with a stop us from from going. The -- like tonight is titled American astronauts would be illegals. On Mars. Theoretically it's on our website at WW dot -- also talking about -- on the show tonight. Here's detects it reads I don't wanna go to Mars there's a better place called haven't. If Mars was a peaceful beautiful place. And we went there. We would it. And missing just like a we would mess it up just like we are doing with earth. I have no problem with the what trying to cigarettes of the us are talking about tonight I have a problem with making marijuana legal. There are too many illnesses. With real cigarettes. So now we want to dope ourselves up yes I -- open earlier this -- covered everything we're talking about tonight. Yes I -- hopefully over my food. And on time with a group of volunteer to say grace. That would with a group I will volunteer to say grace why are we ashamed to have to let people. And knows that we we know guide but -- embarrassed. To do say his work man's inhumanity. To man if we see that that text pretty much covers everything we're talking about tonight. That we've been talking about. This. This. Ideas that. A restaurant in Winston-Salem North Carolina is series is giving a 15% discount to customers who pre open. The music is this is this a good idea and do you pray openly do you say grace in a public place. Occasionally I've -- had gone out to lunch or dinner with somebody who's who does say grace and they say grace publicly that we hold hands at the table and we're in a restaurant it's it's obvious there were overdoing and I really don't care what people think. I have to admit that I don't do that myself when when I'm in a group and maybe I I should start. -- try to remember to say a prayer every night when I'm at home and eat something and I try to remember when I'm out to I don't eat out that often. But I try to remember to say a silent prayer and where and when I'm about two about to eat my food. A -- this is interesting that it's this is not mandatory or even a policy of this North Carolina restaurant. But if the restaurant sees you openly pray before you before you eat they'll offer you a 50% discount it's a merry score may diner. And the they they feature a comfort food it all started when a guy who was traveling on a business trip Jordan Smith. I -- openly. And the waitress gave him a 15% discount when he's still the Christian radio station in Orlando posted the image of the receipt. On FaceBook it perceived over 7400 likes. -- the person who owns it says no this is not an Internet hoax she's really doing this but she says it's it's not policy. They don't tells customers before hand if you pray we'll give you 50% discount but if they. I guess -- could put it this way if they catch you praying if they see you praying they'll -- view of 15%. Discount for having a moment she says it's really not about religion. It's really more about the spiritual thing. Is that a good idea and do you say Grayson in public. I mean nobody should be embarrassed to do that but yet you know sometimes when people. Or overly religious -- that it's it's sad that it saying grace before a meal in public would be overly religious but some people would look at you. And think that you were kind of weird if you wanna join us for the comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And a text Everest 877 it also three were talking about the city of Tempe Arizona banning electronic cigarettes. Is banning. It might not be bad for -- The second hand. But there are people who were opposed to it I think because it resembles. Smoking. Again there's a lot that we don't know there's research being done what we don't know about. About. And turns it into an aerosol. Turns it into a vapor which most people perceive as being a harmless vapor but I have to admit there was a time when people thought nothing of secondhand smoke. I'm still not somebody who's concerned about secondhand smoke I'm not telling you that you should. Dismiss your fears about secondhand smoke but I talked about this quite often I grew up with their two parents who who smoked it Weaver constantly locked in a car at home. With our parents smoking and you know. We are all five my brother and his sisters sick and tired arm are fine but that doesn't mean that some people aren't overly sensitive to smoke -- it doesn't bother me I don't mind going to. Might going to places where bands play and day in a bar or something and and there's smoke and it just doesn't bother me. Have you tried the in your smoker did it work for you when we talked a few people tonight who said that it really has worked for them. And are you concerned about the smoke that comes from somebody's. If you wanna join our show with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven and -- tech's number is 87870. Also was super conservative Glenn Beck appeared on CNN's reliable sources and confessed that he said some stupid things while he was hosting a show on the Fox News Channel. Megan McCain John McCain's daughter. Who says that their Beck. Mocked her when she was doing a public service announcements for skin cancer pretending to bar for fifteen minutes into the camera. She wants to know we've Glenn Beck is really regretful. For what he said to her and and mocking her. I'm Megan McCain also blames Glenn Beck for dividing her party the Republican Party. Do you think Glenn -- divided the Republican Party. If Glenn Beck didn't do it is somebody else do it or. Was the Republican Party already divided. -- just so happens these voices came along like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin in and Rush Limbaugh and and many others. You know in this study that I've done live of media and in much of this relates to to politics. I don't think Glenn Beck. Divided the Republican Party. Anymore than Rush Limbaugh did not create. Conservatism and conservative trend in America. Rush Limbaugh first when the year in the eighties. When America was already. On two things are happening America where's where's the baby boomer generation what's turning many of them were concerning -- where we're turning very conservative. And also. There was said this rebelling against what was perceived as the liberal media. And so Rush Limbaugh didn't create the conservative movement. But he was on at a time when he reflected. The way this country was had a and I think I Glenn Beck. Didn't divide the Republican Party but was more likely a spokesperson who spoke to the divide. And attracted those people who were on one side of of the Republican Party. Do you think Glenn Beck or anybody divided the Republican Party or was the party already divided and this is not negative for comments about the Republican Party this is just an observation that Republicans themselves are making. The party is divided it. It's gonna be interesting to see if the party does rally around. One. Ideology. Not far right. And not too moderate. But it's going to be interesting to see what happens in the mid term elections coming up and of course will be talking about here every night. On the -- if you would enjoy showing with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Irons here -- -- -- is 8787. Protester hand Jason -- on the -- show. They are greater good Jason they are or you're -- comment about that you cigarette ban yeah all I amnesty and. That it may not be as harmful to the smoker or even really that's our fault that people around though once OTE cigarettes. I mean -- the reason behind the original ban smoking what they are harmful effects of secondhand smoke or was it. You know I don't want someone blowing smoke into the air and me having to -- it. Yet there was that there was the fear admitted that there were people who say bullet if you smoke that's fine but I don't want I don't want -- -- failure in failures smoke. Right cool because people you know the smoke in the air -- months rootkit on products and hit moments you know quote me. And you know that states -- you that's not it's not literally -- -- your help. But it's something that you don't want naturally appeal. And I think the you know I'll I used to work a couple of people who -- Exit you know they'll upload the ticket sleeper that's what you want to call Al. And it and it still went. Parable like you're I don't want -- use that and I don't want that being around -- and whether it's food I don't want that being promptly to where you know I'll. I wouldn't want it on my clothes you know intentional. That for the rest of the old one. And that's and that's something else that I'd I'd like to -- does the does the vapor from. For me cigarettes does that stick to clothes and hair at the way the smoke from the cigarette -- Mean I have no idea I mean now I'll I'll never been sent to the smoke and that will be kind of the smoke on -- -- but smoking has anyone you're gonna come across. And I mean I think it's ordinary people to be small like Arnold at the band that bans smoking in public outdoor places -- You know I I don't understand it you don't want to let -- employee portraying the restaurant and being attacked. They had been quotes state you don't want that smokes at around everywhere -- the people -- law. Well that's why that's why Jason I've I've I think it's -- some of the of the talk about banning smoking outdoors it's it's not even based on a health issue. As much as is based on. Some people just don't want. People to smoke -- for for for good reason. But there there there is this irrational fear about just even the site of somebody smoking it has become such a disgusting thing. In the eyes of so many Americans that I think it's based on a static -- much is it -- based on a health issue. Well you know I I considered the start and play at this meantime I'll globally and this country because of the Freedom Tower allow you're allowed the unity. And smoke immediately. Well here and you know it you're allowed that the slowly kill yourself -- cigarettes smoked in forty years ago you know cigarette. Nobody that can lead he can't turn on the other help on its patented touch her prerogative I mean look I it's not my body -- -- -- -- bought. And you're sitting there there there are people who are slowly destroying themselves without a hole. I -- -- -- -- called -- -- to me you know I don't let. You know you can you can you can support somebody's freedom to do something. Without supporting what their deal. I completely secret and acts. That's what I tried to -- to understand that people have a right to do it's that doesn't make it would be looking to do the Smart thing to do but it's what it's saying. I don't want that we -- you know if you wanted to attack on you how it got you got you around and he you know -- that. That's something on the apple it was because of the region of the country like I completely understand if people don't want. That -- it to me it doesn't smell very good first of -- and secondly it's no better to have that around. You're holding food and and -- -- no better at that that keep people out there that it cigarette -- because it's just it's not -- or pretty. I I can't tell you that I I'm actually I mean I I've known people who smoked the cigarettes I pass people on industry entered the CBD in the quarter smoking. I can't really tell you that I've actually smelled a distinctive flavor but if -- smoking in a closed environment you do apparently smelled of the flavors of the. Yeah actually it's not then it's not an item or trying to that the disguise the water -- and look it's it's the carbon dioxide. Though because you're killing itself -- bet they'll help you that you're still reading it's Winokur said in carbon dioxide which isn't good. -- -- I appreciate going a show -- -- -- break a prominent place those insulated -- hand if you wanna join us with your comment tonight on numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890870. And our tech Summers a 7870 and here's a text that reads. -- I'm an atheist. Would it be messed up for me to pray over my food to get the discount on my check. While a few faked a prayer -- that's between new -- guy on knowing him I guess it's not. You're an atheist it's not between you and well I guess you can because she could do that. I'm sure there are people who would -- praying over food to get a 15% discount. And you you can go through the motions in and look like you're preparing. And you for an atheist you have to worry about god -- -- -- you do that won't have to worry about god this is -- show will be right back on Demi WL. This is a Maroon 5 doing moves like Jagger and Mick Jagger produced the movie. And again on up about James Brown in big Jagger says that he stole a lot of James -- move so maybe this song is really ultimately about. Moves like James Brown so the movie of the weekend I really enjoyed it. A few times a -- legislative a few times it was a little confusing with some of the flashbacks that did not necessarily going in chronological order some guys took a moment to figure out where you were. But it didn't take long to what you figured out where you were you were OK with it but I was and I was impressed with that the movie in the story that it told about the life of James Brown. Here is attacks that -- this is about the restaurant in Winston-Salem North Carolina offering a 15% discount if you pray. Before you eat. The text reads do you only get a discount if it's a Christian prayer. Or can you do a Jewish Muslim Hindu or wiccan prayer to know that's a question I can't answer and god knows somebody will scream. In equality of fruits it's not at all if it's not all lethal. I'm here is another taxed everybody breeze out carbon dioxide smokers and nonsmokers. There's no argument against. Has a band electronic cigarettes. Is -- That people have for anybody who was smoking in an. I think that's really the reason forward -- good to talk about bans on smoking outdoors in parks. I mean I just I can't imagine how somebody smoking in the open Atlantic near park I can't understand how that would be health issue to me. You know I'm I'm willing to go and in places where people smoke and I don't think that's a health issue to me I'm not telling you that you shouldn't take it seriously you have to judge what you wanna do in in those kind of situations but I just. I just I can't understand -- smoking outdoors it's a a place like laughing airport I can't see how that would be harmful to somebody's health. So if there is an attempt to ban that. Is the health issue used as an excuse to simply banned people from that legal activity in America. If you enjoyed Russia with a comet tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Recipient Texas State 7070. And had you tried to have you tried. Smoke and here is -- taxed at that Reid said there is a three way draw. Back Limbaugh and Palin the Republicans get exactly. What they deserve bin Laden got his. Limbaugh got his. Start by racist views being thinly disguised. And spoken to the client over the radio trying to -- or racist ultra conservative -- ship. In the hills of Kentucky Tennessee Virginia Alabama and Mississippi. And yes Louisiana. It must of worked. He garnered the racists lunatic market. As so you can in. So if you can't elect a national candidate to over reasonable sane people. No way that's why McCain. Lost he had stupid Sarah. It interstate it's my understanding that Russia started his conservative show in the blue state of California. And I know he caught on in smaller cities around the country but he caught on in in in bigger cities and if you just joined us we were talking about. This stuff idea that did Megan McCain the daughter John McCain said that Glenn Beck divided her party. That he's responsible for dividing the Republican Party. And I don't I don't think he has I think the Republican Party was divided Glenn Beck became one of those those voices that reflected the divide among Republicans. And I don't think rush I don't think rush created. The conservative movement. He just hit at a time when this country and in many ways had gotten involved in a very strong conservative Trent. And not that there's anything wrong with that this was following the Reagan years Russia appeared there was as a strong. There's a very strong feeling of of of conservatism and in this country. And many of the baby boomers who had been liberal when they were young they moved the suburbs. They bought BMW's and nice cars they have families and they. Became conservative their lifestyles. And their jobs and their priorities. That turned many people who were once liberal. Into into conservatives. So at -- to create daddy just came along at the right time in the same with The Beatles did not create the anti establishment rebellious generation of the sixties. But the music that The Beatles and The Rolling Stones in every every group that was part of the British invasion brought to this country. Reflected the mood in this country at the time. Kurt Cobain sound garden. Pearl Jam Alice in Chains. These -- didn't actually create the grunge movement. But they spoke to a young generation. That was. There was rebelling against the establishment. If you are Jewish -- are numbers 2601870. Tool free 86688. -- are we simply a Texas State 77. A recently some people have been carjacked while trying to meet somebody they met online. And now there's aggression a teenager who was trying to -- air Jordan shoes in -- To an on line hook up he was met by five teens one with a gun. And they still issues. So here's this here's this teenager just trying to get some money for his air jordans. Think he has a hook up and they they meeting with a gun and steel issues. Here's -- WW project opinion poll tonight have you ever met someone on line in person. To purchase something. -- go on a date. 53%. Say no they've never done it 47% say yes they have. And you purchase something have you met somebody to buy something. Have you met somebody to. To meet for a date. If you -- on line. You know obviously one of the things that you need to do is median on a very public place the first time. And not meet somebody on a quarter not meet somebody. On. -- street in their neighborhood community is best to go to a very public place but I I've known people who have met people on line and gone out on dates in and nothing happened. Know personally I might be a little skeptical about that but it. You know use your own judgment and in terms of of what you do any advice when it comes to hooking up with somebody that -- different date. Or to buy something online any any advice that you have from your experience. And have you met somebody on line are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Dines here which every Texas a 7870. -- -- is our studio producer tonight Ellison I turn your microphone you that your boyfriend on line that's why did -- and so you guy it's. Found some common ground you were attracted to each other based on on what you we're talking about in the pictures that you saw. Yeah we're on this dating website. It's a free getting at -- really popular and yes like its ended up its OK do you think. And you know it's really popular with my generation. I know that for sure and it's free and you fill out all these questions. And then Lleyton might give you matches based on like the percentage that your Mac actually -- a year you know 90% match and 10% and in the year -- And -- did you like the best matches and and you know I've been on the website for a few years and then some dates some better than others but. Yeah I'm -- my boyfriend and which -- about two years in two months now. Well now when you would when you would meet somebody that you met on line what were worse a typical place if you would -- him. Well I would I didn't mean me chameleon like. I have to speak to someone for months. Online before. I'll meet them and I know a lot about them and then when I do it's. It's you know well let public place or places that lots of cameras you know and anywhere where there's. Lots of people around I tell people that I know where I'm going. You know. All sorts. I would think that if you if you do have an extended conversation with somebody on line. Somebody he was just trying to take advantage of view or scam knew or or hurt you they wouldn't have the patience to go through this long. A months long conversation they'd they'd want to get right to you. Yeah well I mean there's some patients cameras on the Internet but sure. For the most part and you weed out people and he's. -- now and -- went in you know since since opposites. Quite often attracted I I've I can speak from personal experience in my life -- when I dated people who are very much like me. I headed a difficult time with the relationship so I guess I really don't like me. And I do better when they're. We don't have obviously you have to have the same interest it like to do the same things. But you know person -- I've been dating recently we're we're very very different I mean in a lot of ways we're we're total opposites but we get along really well. Which you say that you and your boyfriend based on these on these questions. Did you find a lot of common ground you are you very much alike. We have a lot of similarities I mean we're both dorks for a -- Mikey he graduated at an anthropology degree -- And where is -- -- in the backyard digging up for bones. An apology not archaeology well. Cultural study people mostly politics. So -- do a lot of political discussions and there's a lot of nonfiction books -- -- house and everyone in the house. Read all the time and we watch a lot of science fiction a lot of doctors who would Star -- and things like that but we definitely don't agree on everything Alan you're going. And it's interesting and NA and good advice to to meet somebody in a very very public place that idea you know but you know how guys can be you know I mean if it's an attractive woman says you know meet me here guys. They don't think with the right. Part of their anatomy and they'll go meet the person and instead of beating this woman recently a guy met ten guys and they stole his car. Well time. Darwinism is -- thing. I I guess our appreciation that story with -- sells -- if you wanna join us with that your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Late Saturday. And a text numbers 877. Here's a Texas says it's the cigarette companies lobby. Cigarette companies are opposed to the here's a text about ten meeting people a notice about quitting smoking I personally quit. Five months ago and -- attacks the ingredients in these cigarette or water. Hydrogenated oils. Flavors. And nicotine. No -- is gonna context secondhand health problems. By being around -- person. Who enjoys VP and that's of the call number two we briefings. Much worse every day we step outside of our homes like car exhaust fumes etc. also. And educated -- educate themselves and learn the facts before. They open their -- Yeah I was always under the impression that -- Offensive in the -- in the way that people think that cigarette smoke is offensive. In your hair and your clothes in the if you if you around somebody's looking and he cigarette you are you gonna go home and smell like the cigarette. And did you try any cigarette has it worked for you. And I still I honestly still believe that it's that much of the opposition. To. He cigarettes. Is based on this idea. It looks like smoking they -- for its two similar smoking therefore. It must be -- In the same way that I believe it's irrational. To be concerned about banning smoking. In a public park and I mean is that is the concern -- oh my god what if my children see somebody smoking. Well what if they do. Is it your job to explain to your kids that you really. Shouldn't. Do everything you see other people do. If you gonna join us for the -- -- our numbers 2601870. Total free 866889. Steroids every Texas a 7870. And here's our WWL pretty general opinion poll have you ever met somebody on line minute online and then you met him in person to purchase something or a lot of red dates. Give us your opinions to a close call like give us your opinion by going to our web sites -- WL dot com. And don't forget Angela begins her show every week day with what's trending on -- WL. At 1 o'clock the beginning of Angeles show. She'll get together with their friends for a candid -- in depth conversation and you'll find out about that top trending stories of the day news talk sports social issues. And joining Angela. Friends from B 97 magic by -- channel four. -- WL and three WL thirteen fifty so hang out -- catch up on the top trending stories of the day with Angela weekdays at 1 o'clock. -- -- -- Well it's happened again a three year old Colorado girl was shot by a five year old don't know whether it was a boy or girl boy shot by a five year old. And guess what they were doing. They were playing with a gun details on that are coming up here on this -- for Picayune David welcome to WWL. Age group. You talk about you know the people here. Like. Got a good story. Nobody in my church Libyan born again Christian. And so he's dummies did bring people out there at the little animal life if he wanted to children. So. Point Scripps web site. Sort of broke on there and the economic. Rico they like the tenant B collections in them. It's one. In the and they cost on the computer. And -- -- about about remarks. Apology. Come down here well and and they come down here and indeed there and they all -- yeah about the so they match. And -- it -- Utley. Had a birthday. So that was good as oh and yeah but it. Get pregnant. Thought until one day and Christina Christian. You know the best thing about it impregnated. He can't get. -- you know keep prove me at all. She see that -- and actually get pregnant. About a week and -- -- pregnant. And it's Kabul -- -- we looked on computer. And they said that -- -- eleven OK to vote. They didn't figure out what was causing that whole pregnancy thing. Well. About -- dropped. And being able. To implement. It. That -- -- -- and people are going about. Two years and she's seat belt one book I -- that. That you. That's we prayed why. It's you know and -- going to a two year and -- a beautiful life with three beautiful children. And to beat -- in Canada. Came out apples and unbelievably excellent. Had they look like they'll call. While that's a great story David -- I've I've often wondered how many people take -- manager of the the Christian web sites -- pretended to be Christian because they. They're there one beat somebody and well they're not -- that Christian themselves thinking that. All this is going to be somebody who's going to be you know just all -- -- in and ready to. I'm ready to just explore and explode and I'm I'm sure people take advantage of that. You know I think we're Christians yeah no questions ask -- you could feel -- -- like you know who. It's true you know David I appreciate you calling a short thanks listing tonight. I hear is attacks that reads it's about dobbs is getting along scooter getting along with opposites. Better than those who are similar does it mean you don't like yourself. It means you fines -- opposites more interesting. I know people very very similar to me in in many ways and I just I am friends with them but I don't think I can have a successful relationship with them. I things for me work out better if we're kind of -- opposites. Here is attacks disk utility like dating someone just like ourselves it's too boring. If you kind of have to light the same thing -- I like the dynamics of being kind of different from somebody else. Here's a text I have gone out with many women from a certain dating website. And they were usually one night stands. Usually met in a restaurant or cafe one girl brought her whole family whether. I also sold things on line with no problem I'm the good judge of character my brother does a lot of silly things on effect when I I needed. I was finally ready to -- to get a card I was gonna buy new car my brother actually found my car on line. And he was you know great it's finding things on line because it -- all a lot of that. On net the person and checked out the card and ultimately I ended up getting the car. But there you know there are there ways to be Smart about that and he just really have to be cautious about people wanting to meet to a certain place. And I I think that there's probably yeah a younger generation that is very. Very prone to simply trusting. The Internet trusting. On line sites because that's what they knows that steered medium for communication. And maybe there -- more trusting than others because it's really. It's really all they know. And so they are the ones who were going to be a sometimes. Susceptible to to scams and India in the case of a guy immunity in attractive woman says you know. Beat -- the corner of a -- and insane man well good possibility that's -- -- a woman. If you wanna join our show with a comet tonight are numbers 26 -- not that there's anything wrong with that -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And a -- amber is a 7870. Here's the text have you ever met someone whose comments go right over their heads. What do you mean by that. We'll be right back on the -- -- -- WL have you ever met somebody on line -- met him in person to purchase something or to go on a date. That's -- have a W a pretty general opinion -- he's quick updates 54% to slight majority say no they've never done that. And 46% say yes this is a survey of our audiences listening to do to show right now who -- responding to a poll. It's been very close all night you can give us your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com. Don't forget to -- you black and gold to work on Friday opening day of the pre season Friday night's new -- show. Saints football Friday night here on -- -- well the saints will be Saint Louis to take on the rams were gonna kick things off at 3 o'clock in the afternoon with first take. But I resident pro former saints offensive lineman Steve court and Todd Manassas. At 5 o'clock it's the Bud Light countdown to kick off with Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia. 7 o'clock -- game time with the best play by play team in football. The voice of the saints Jim Henderson sees color analyst -- guys John saints' sideline reporter Kristin -- that after the game to indicating Canon and the big chief for the point after. Until 1 AM. It's ten hours of wall to Wall -- football coverage Fridays starting at 3 o'clock this Friday afternoon on sinks radio WWL. That's the big 870 -- -- 1053 FM and remember you can stream -- schemes live. On your laptop desktop. Who dat I look forward to the game. Is still some talk about Drew Brees perhaps not playing and yet he doesn't play in the in the first pre season game. That's fine. I'm interested to see the backup quarterbacks. Because you know every every good NFL team has to have a good backup quarterback just in case. Something god forbid something were to happen. It has happened yet again. This time a three year old Colorado girl was shot by a five year old police still say whether the five year old was male or female that really matter. And guess that they were doing. They were playing with a -- The young girl is in critical but stable condition the mother was at home at the time of the shooting. Police say that and nine year old boy gonna handgun from the house. And five year old got the gun pointed the gun at the girls. And and shot. The girl could easily -- -- Mean the difference between life and death when it comes -- -- shooting can be. A fraction of -- an -- The mother. Was at home at the time that this happened she's not been identified by police. The man child who was who shot the three of the five year old child has not been charged with a crime. But the owner of the -- 22 year old Adrian Chavez. -- Pueblo Colorado. Was arrested and faces child abuse charges. And I I I think that's free appropriate hold parents accountable if a child gets a hold of your gun. Not only is that your responsibility. But it. But you should be charged. I mean that's a crime that's child abuse that's child neglect -- I don't know what the legal term would be but. There's still reason why you should get off if a child gets a hold of your gun and does simply terrific but the guy so if you're gun owner. It's real simple they responsible. I'm scoots we'll be right back after the news this Tuesday nights at WW well.