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8-5 11:10pm Scoot Show: Online Dating

Aug 6, 2014|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about meeting people from the internet. Have you ever met anyone online to sell something or date?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I was amazed by that story we just heard in as CBS news that the -- that porn industry in the Los Angeles area. Has. Decreased tremendously. Because the law now requires. The the stars and use that word stars loosely the end of the stars to Wear condoms. So what there's there's there's -- there's something exciting about watching people take a real chance having risky sex. I mean if that is it if that is the reality of the world then you would think that people would find. That to be appealing. Because it's realistic. It would seem to be that if it's realistic that would be more appealing that's something that isn't realistic. And if wearing condoms is something that is realistic in in the world today. In any event I just thought that was interesting that the -- businesses that are going down because they have to Wear condoms. Here's -- W avenue property -- of people tonight at a quick update. Have you ever met somebody on line and -- person to purchase something or go Watergate. This doesn't happen too often our -- been close all night now it's tied. 50% say no 50% say yes give us your opinion by going to our web site. WWL. Dot com. And we're also was talking about. This idea that American astronauts. Go to march -- American astronauts went to Mars or we went to another planet if there was intelligent life if there was a society. With that make us illegals. -- blog tonight is titled American astronauts would be illegals on Mars. Well in theory it's on our website you can read it chairman others it's -- WWL dot com. And tonight we've also been talking about this at North Carolina restaurant. A mission brief and last night the we'd be talking about it tonight at this restaurant is C is offering a 15% discount to customers who openly pray before their meal. It's not mandatory. -- on advertised as a part of their policy but at the restaurant -- issue openly praying. They'll take 50% off your bill at the end. And it's all started when a guy who is a traveling on business was in -- Winston-Salem. And which at this restaurant Mary -- made diner. And using George Smith and he. Somehow got the story out to a Christian radio station in Orlando. And they posted an image of his receipt. -- they they noticed that he prayed before his meal and they offered him the 15% discount. And the image of that on FaceBook. Almost instantly received over 7400 -- As some people fall this is just an Internet hoax but the owner of Mary's score -- diner in Winston-Salem. Merry Hagler and -- she said now it's it's it's real and we're doing she said it's that the whole idea of gratitude. She said it's not a religious thing it's a spiritual thing. She calls at the prayer discount. And she says don't they don't. They don't advertise that they don't even go out of their way to say. To customers pay if you pray before you -- you get a 50% discount. Because believe it or not there are people who would fake a prayer. Means they can you believe that people would do that. Mean an atheist sent me a text earlier said would it be wrong if I faked a prayer and I said no that's between you and god. And then I had to stoppers -- always there's a god so he wouldn't be between you and any advice or kiss I guess it might be easier for you to get away with it. But if it really raises this question do you say grace in public and it would Russian people saying grace in public again I I try to. I tried to to remember to thank god for the food are receiving but I do it very silently and you don't really know what I'm doing. But I had been in the presence of people who have prayed openly. In a restaurant even to the point of holding hands and saying a prayer out -- a perfect race. And I don't my dad embarrass me -- really don't care what people think. Bert -- it's unfortunate that a lot of people would look at people. And think that there they're kind of weird if they they say a prayer when that in public. Do you say grace in a restaurant. If you wanna join Russia with a comment tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. I seventy and I text number is 87870. Also tonight we have been -- talking about super conservative Glenn Beck appeared on CNN's reliable sources on Sunday. And he confessed that he had said some stupid things while hosting a show on the Fox News Channel. Megan McCain. John McCain's daughter. It says that Beck mocked her. -- pretending to throw -- -- pertaining to bar for the camera. For fifteen minutes mocking her and mocking her body. Now when she was doing a public service announcements for skin cancer. And Megan McCain yesterday wondered if Glenn Beck is really regretful. She also went so -- is to blame Glenn Beck. For dividing her party. Dividing the Republican Party. She says. Who's going to fight him to divide America which I believe Glenn Beck has played a part in doing on our you know taking culpability. Do you think Glenn Beck divided that the Republican Party. Megan McCain went on to say day it's Glenn Beck well here's what she said. The most. Blanked up disgusting worst most insulting things anyone has ever said about me hands down in my entire life. Came out of this man's mouth. She said this on a show on pivot. Which I guess system cable channel show -- called to take part -- -- life. And she said. So I wanna know -- regret that. Do you regret barking into the camera and pretending to bar for fifteen minutes at the idea of me doing a PSA. For skin cancer. And Glenn -- -- critical of her body you know I said this before a minute this is this is no secret it amazes me. That. There are people who horse so. Blindly. Beholden. To their political heroes. That they don't care how many times the political heroes -- wrong and this goes for both sides of the of the -- -- don't care how wrong the political hero is. How often. The political hero -- -- and and and Glenn Beck has just been a poster boy for. Crying wolf. It was there was something after the Edwards Snowden. Incidents. And Glenn Beck on the show said something to the effect of we've got inside information. You've got to be listening tomorrow. What we're can tell you on the show tomorrow is going to bring down the US government or are something to that effect and he was it was detrimental navy was more dramatic than net. And then that's not the first time that he'd -- he said that but it's just it's -- it's amazing to me that it's somebody woods would still have credibility. No I think it's honorable that he now realizes that he said some some stupid things and in other guys a multimillionaire and has a lot of followers but what does that what does that tell you but the the people who who follow people like that. And they'd make these. I'm price for. Disaster happening or something's gonna happen ready to an end it -- doesn't. It does it come true however I don't think Glenn Beck divided the Republican Party I think -- came along at a time when the Republican Party was divided. And one side was looking for voice that reflected that that sharp divide here is a text Glenn Beck is soaring. But yet he continues to do the same divisive acts on his radio show every day and I would know that because I don't I don't listen. And you know it may be by saying he's sorry maybe that's a way to further get attention again again I'm. I I would I would challenge you and I I challenged myself. Two or not. Be blind lead the whole -- To somebody that you. Respect. And if she actually tried to figure out. Whether their writer wrong and not just simply accept it or not except. What is totally false. -- -- well you know that's fine but I like everything LC because again. We are just we heard. Were too enamored as a nation again maybe nine you were me but as a nation we're just too enamored. Where if -- with some people and we simply. We simply give them our total support. No matter what they do wrong. If you wanna join our show with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's evident. And it takes a receipt seventy -- of getting very brief change is still very close poll tonight -- W a pretty general opinion poll. Have you ever met somebody on line then let him in person to purchase something. Portugal on a date. 51% say no but 49% say yes it is your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com here's attacks -- sold concert tickets on line once. -- the buyer at Starbucks no problem turned doubts. They were youngsters from Alaska driving around the country. Before continuing their education slash. Careers. -- again and do you have any advice for people who. Who meet somebody online. Or who wanna meet somebody online or somebody who wants to buy something on line. I can honestly tell -- I have never. Mean I'd I did it through my brother because he's he's very much in into that in knows all the the nuances of buying and selling things on line. But I never sold anything and I've never bought anything on line. And with some recent -- incidents that have happened. A couple people -- carjacked recently in the news -- one guy Tony was gonna go meets on. Attractive woman and he ended up meeting -- ten guys instead of the woman and the guys stole this car. And it was another carjacking a case that resulted from somebody meeting on line. Well now regret a teenager. I was trying to sell as air jordans in Kenner through an on line hook up. Net five teens one had a gun. And they stole his shoes at gunpoint in -- and it's it's really sad. But what advice do you have do you have any advice for people when it comes to. Trying to see through some kind of a standard and you may know more about this than. And me you may know more money out of I'm sure you know more about it than I do because it's not something that I do. But I would think that even if you don't know much about it there would be some obvious things that we don't meet somebody. Don't meet somebody and in. An area that's a populated. Meet somebody in a very. Crowded area where. -- there -- witnesses. Not -- any sort of happened but just indicate that people are probably gonna be less likely to. To manifest a scam that they tried to perpetrate on line. If -- of people around. And so you cut down your your chances of -- something -- Agassi could always says still happen. If you majority showing any advice on them buying or selling something -- meeting somebody online I've ever done about I've had friends who have met net people on line and they've they've gone out with them and and had a good time I don't personally know anybody -- had a long lasting relationship. But we've had some calls and text tonight from people who. I talked about meeting somebody online and it turned out to be very meaningful relationship and our very own studio producer Alison rants in tonight. I met her boyfriend and together for what 22 and a half years now. In two years to a but who's counting right I think that's so -- two years into months and next month it's going to be two years -- -- -- -- -- be two years and four months. Oh how cute it's just nauseating. -- I'm really happy for. Thrilled and I she she. She met her boyfriend on line. Got attention somebody earlier said he admitted number of people on line but they were just one night stands got another -- Celanese said that they were. That the people that he met the women were sex freaks. And that's exactly what some people are looking for a to join us with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy and a -- number 6787. There is a campaign called dear to be healthy Louisiana's one of the the most obese states in the nation. Ended dared to be healthy program is working with local restaurants to provide healthier items on their menus. I have a difficult time finding healthy choices on restaurant I don't eat out very often. But I have a difficult time finding healthy items on the menu. Where do you go to find healthy items -- find anything else can you find healthy appetizers. Can you find healthy on -- I mean it healthy on. They can still taste good I would hope that they was still taste good. But the it do you go some place where -- you find healthy choices. And why should that be so difficult. To join our show with your thoughts your comment tonight on numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890878. A Texas State 7870. This is the -- show and we'll be right back on WWO. I do what I talk about finding healthy items on restaurant menus where do you find something it's healthy and what would you like to -- consistently on a menu. Maybe an appetizer or an odd -- There are some things that I can think about from the past I I just I can't find some things that -- -- should really always be on an appetizer menu. And mean everything doesn't have to be fried or concealed and in a heavy sauce. I realize this British goods is good for you but. Spinach dip made it taste good but that's not something that that I body I'm not criticizing you for warning ethernet. But that's that's of the event that I would -- so I have a hard time finding things over on on him and especially appetizers it's like we fry everything here. Just everything to be -- If you wanna join us for your comments tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866. 8890 point seven it -- number is 877. From Mississippi and -- the Scotia needing. Good evening how are you I'm good and I go back to World War II that this I'm dating step that was known mandating in those days. And had been panel that we corresponded he was in the navy which corresponded for a couple of months. He came homily we dated for two weeks and got married. And we were married 58 years. While that's an amazing story. -- tell me what it was in the letters that that attracted you to him I mean you guys exchanged pictures. We had that one picture. But -- get -- take that picture and hated me it was a very small picture yeah payment to of these but he. And that we can't count the bad things and handle. Things that we like they but. Reading. My music. All sorts of things aren't there. So you gonna need like a bat -- -- -- He had with a four column in those days -- and separate command and ended -- pretty in the paper's account and interacting. A foreigner can there be. And now at the camera and and panel's -- what I wrote about it when. And now the -- is kind of scripted -- well. And today I use a computer or core. Technically -- messaging or anything like -- And how to do you remember specifically what it was in the letters that'd -- first relieved major realize that you are attracted to this person. Outmoded business plan that -- -- outside of a person that comes out in -- letter that you don't see in person. Yeah and I hit it which is the how I was gonna hand it to describe that we get settled -- to have a lot of income. Well you know the written word is is often more eloquent than the spoken word. And I guess you saw something in those letters this is a really enchanting story I I cannot change. No 1 rather than I am they -- massive step this time way. -- only they knew each category now Talladega Myers. So they've been communicating. -- -- -- that's for hours. And end so you were you with your. We disguise the -- in this pen pal relationship with for what two months he says yeah. Are we wrote letters to. No regrets and -- outside hadn't whatsoever. They would send. And I that your parents in the navy in World War II the Korean and Vietnam it. And -- he was Haiti fraph when he passed away a year ago at staples. We just celebrated our -- TH wedding anniversary two weeks before he -- collects. You know in this day and age when marriage is a disposable institution and it's not taken as seriously as it does it once was by many people that's a really heartwarming story I appreciate -- -- it. It's a lot of give and take and and a lot of sacrifice of course being and maybe lack you know you have to be -- and it it is part of that meant. And now Utley raise more children have six grandchildren and that great grandchildren. -- -- -- thanks for sure in this story it's an inspiration. All right thanks -- and if you like join us with your comment your thoughts tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Nines are -- seventy. And a text number is 877. Are so where do you find healthy choices on a -- why can't they have grilled chicken. -- there was a -- I don't Orton and -- in the name of it but there was -- there was it a casual restaurant today in the French Quarter. They used to have fitness. Grilled chicken kabob. It was a really good it came with a peanut sauce but I didn't care for the peanut -- So I would actually order two of those to the appetizers and that and that would be my meal this would have been and then in the mid nineties. It actually came to the table with a little fire so you can pretend achiever. Warming it up and I guess he did really kind of warming up in charge us a little bit but it it was already -- cook. The tests -- think I would love to find on the menu. In of raw oysters okay that's that's healthy. But they're not many things especially on the appetizer menus in new or elicit the art fry or concealed and heavy cream sauce here's a Texan reads I eat healthy at home. When I go out to eat something. -- a win like a lot to eat I want something that tastes good. Well you know that's I mean that's a good way to look candidate you know I admit to me listen don't. Don't follow Miley don't don't follow in my life it's like quite often if you listen to this show you wanna pick up any tips from me. Do what I don't do if I do something don't necessarily. Follow along and do it because you know. And I do deprive myself of of a lot of a lot of good things but you're tomorrow I'm -- -- to this really cool thing I'm -- taste everything. The -- series and superdome and at the saints. Are having a tasting tomorrow and -- at the dome. And it's going to be a sample of the food at the going to be -- offering a new menu. This season. And it's gonna be a taste of the new items on the menu and it's my understanding and I'll we'll know more about this after I I do this. But they're they're offering. Some special items when certain teams come to -- And I don't know what that means but I'm interested to find out about it. And then -- Angela asked me to come on our show tomorrow afternoon for three to four to talk about it so we'll talk about it then and I'll I'll I'll talk about tomorrow night. On description. Here is attacks said the raids -- I was in between roommates and was having trouble finding someone to help with rent. I got desperate. I put an end on Craigslist. Guy responded. And I met him for dear to discuss details. He ended up moving in and everything worked out just fine. As great story. It -- -- bad stories about people and meeting people on line and then meeting him in person and it didn't turn out so well when they met him -- person so. Do you have a story that's that's a good story about either selling something or meeting somebody on line. And then what are advice do you have for anybody who is interested in meeting supporting -- trying to meet somebody on line. I know people have done it I don't know anybody personally he's had a lasting relationship but. I know people who live that people on line. Here is attacks that reads. Veggie -- and foale. Orchard. That would be I guess a healthy place and I know that there are a lot of -- -- restaurants and restaurants where vegetarians or are very comfortable but what -- just when you go to popular restaurants -- are you surprised that there aren't. Some items on the menu the art fry date -- Like fried cheese or not that there's anything wrong with that if you if you wanna eat that I'm not I'm not being critical. But just for my taste I have a difficult time a finding. Finding the right stuff I mean quite often -- eyes settle for. Inaugural -- -- chicken salad. And -- you just in -- grilled chicken grilled fish you know that's fine but. You know sometimes some restaurants -- put a lot of blotter a lot of stuff on that that's not necessarily -- good for. Here is attacks it appears might only addiction is the saints. My business suffers during football season because I planned my life around saints games and saints coverage. So you might want no alerts your customers Friday starting at 3 o'clock our coverage of the saints rams pre season game first pre season game of the season is here. Our coverage begins at 3 o'clock. On Friday afternoon and goes on for ten hours through the game and then after the game with -- the point after with. -- Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia you'll hear all of that a right here and have -- have you will soon know -- show -- forty nights by Tim I will be tuned in listening to the states. Here is attacks I am a big believer in long court ships. At least three years. Most marriages that follow short court ships. Don't work out. I don't know that the statistics on this course Reid just talked to a a woman who I had had a pen pal relationship with her husband during the war. And ended up missing and they were together for for two months before they got married. I would lean toward. A longer courtship but again and it it depends on the person it depends on the situation it depends on what you feel at the time and you know god does time I'm not somebody who should tell anybody. How to run of relationship. But I'd try to learn from mistakes or things that worked and things that didn't necessarily work. Here is attached to scooter if you're selling our line outside if eBay or Amazon. But locally in Nolan. Agreed to meet at the nearest police station. Yeah. Of course we've heard in the news today that another NO PD officer has been arrested and suspended. Without pay emergency suspension this officer. Was caught sooner weeping on the causeway. And are charged with and DW I didn't pass the didn't tested the -- Tire test and in the field and assist. It's. You know I realize that police officers are human. But when a police officer is arrested for breaking laws that there are sworn to uphold. It's is it's disheartening and it doesn't help the relationship. Between. Between society. And and the police. Here is -- taxed at that Reid said maybe you should listen to Tom Fitzmorris many places to go eat healthy. Stop being so liberal. -- now is being cautious about what she was at liberal. Is it this is what we quite often. Talk about there there there's so much interest in making everything political. I eat with my right hand okay is is is that are right I mean or is that some kind of political statement in itself. I -- I don't know how to -- being I don't know how. Being conscious about eating healthy I don't know how that qualifies me is being liberal because that. That was say something really negative about Republicans and conservatives that I don't think they should be implies. What if Americans. -- to Mars. Last month 45 anniversary of man landing on the moon rekindled this patriotic spears that Americans Phil went to me and planted the American flag on the surface of the moon. I remember where I was if you were. Watching television if you were onstage I'm sure you remember exactly where you were at that moment that -- strong except on the surface of the moon. For years during the Cold War Russia was ahead of the United States in the space race. And there was this thought that if if Russia could put a satellite. In orbit. If they -- orbit the earth with a human. They could put nuclear weapons in space. Right over our. Right over our country. But America caught up in -- Russia and I think landing Americans on the moon might have been the final score of of sorts for America winning the space race. And and were calling the incredible pride of sending -- to the -- some Americans have started talking again about. That feeling of patriotism that might be inspired by sending Americans to Mars landing on Mars. And this week in the news EUL will professor doctor re Boudreau attracted national attention. With a proposal to deal with the the problem of bowl loss. Bone mass lost that suffered when humans -- in space for an extended period of time. According to the professor. Of bone mass is reduced 1% to 2% for each month spent in space. And a trip to Mars right now -- take three years so loss of bone mass would be a significant problem doctor Boudreau has sent a proposal for a -- laws. I'd drug that would that would be that treatment while in space along with resistance exercise. By using pneumatic power equipment in space. Now this idea may not be that far fetched because during the 2012 campaign. Then candidate Newt Gingrich. Described himself as a visionary. He had a plan for a massive new space program. It included. A step pushing a permanent colony on the moon. And declaring part of the moon as US territory with columnist petitioning for statehood status. A lot of people in and in Puerto Rico would probably be upset if a section of the moon became a state. Before Puerto Rico. The Gingrich space plan also included sending Americans to Mars. -- wonders why he did in the nomination. All right what we know there's no intelligent life on on the move. But there's a possibility of life on Mars that hasn't been ruled that intelligent life. Probably unlikely. But in theory. If Americans went to Mars and there was intelligent life or if Americans went to another planet if we knew of a planet that had intelligent life. You don't think we'd be trying to get there. We would we be very eager to compare. But the idea of colonizing the move in and going on to Mars in doing the same thing. On Mars or if we've we went to a planet where there was intelligent life. Seems to me that there -- some parallels between space exploration on that level. And the current border controversy that we have in this country. You know Morris might -- a peaceful place that that offers a better opportunity for Americans and their and their children. A place to go to get away from crime and violence on our planet. Traveling that long distance to Mars might be considered worth the risk -- better life reviewing your kids. If there is intelligent life on Mars or some other planet we go to. If we went to the planet with ethnic Americans. Illegals. If there is a population on Mars would we be entering their atmosphere their border. With martians viewing us as a species. Is illegal entering their planet. If there was talk radio on Mars I can imagine many of the martian radio talk toast. Condemning Americans for crossing into their atmosphere for hopes of a better life. There may be talk about the burden that we would place on the martian government abusing the health care system. And rolling our children and their schools taking advantage of their government. Opportunity on Mars. The league of Mars might be -- pressured to secure the martian atmosphere. To stop Americans from illegally entering their planet with no visible means of support when they come there and desperate for work. Americans would be willing to work for less. Sending marches into a rage over lost job opportunities. Those Americans are taking jobs from us martians. -- political candidates might campaign on the theme of securing the atmosphere at stopping Americans from taking advantage of a better life on Mars Americans. Might. America's might wanna make that difficult dangerous voyage to Mars Mars. Seeking an escape from the battles over religious beliefs and the attempts by some to force everybody to agree on the same moral religious values. We would not be going to Mars to establish a religion people would be going to Mars to escape religious controversy. There was a time when the new world America. Where it's distant and unknown. Like Mars is today. But if Americans went to another planet in search of a better life. Greater opportunities. And freedom from violence and today's -- controversies. Would that make this any different. Than those who were criticized for doing the same thing. In America today. And think about the criticism on on Marshall radio or radio and some other other planet. You know these these Americans these earthlings they you know they come to our planet and they don't want to assimilate they don't wanna learn the language. You know they just wanna bring their culture to our planet and that's yet. And that's -- I can hear the controversy now. -- blog tonight is titled. American astronauts. Would be illegal on Mars. You can read -- share with others -- on our website at WW -- -- -- if you wanna join us with a -- tonight -- numbers 2601870. -- -- 86688. -- early seventy. And a -- number is 87870. And here's -- WWL pretty jaguar opinion poll have you ever met someone on line and then met him in person to purchase something -- goal on a date. Give us your opinion by going to -- to google.com we'll give you an update on that when we come back. After that I've been called liberal for a lot of different reasons every once in awhile somebody accuses me of being. Conservative. But I've never been called liberal because I wanna eat healthy. Look I have my faults okay I don't eat everything everything that put in my mouth has done is not always LT. But here's interesting -- I can't believe someone called you liberal because you wanna eat well now I've heard it all I guess I'm liberal too. Compromising of that scene that from the movie in and out with that Kevin Kline. And Tom Selleck. And I'm just a bunch of other people -- and imovie. And he he was today. And so he said that today he was gay and so that was said it was a big it was a meaning it is at at the school he was being. I've kept -- client's character ways it was being kicked out of school because he was gay. And then somebody sit up it said well if if this is if these -- his characteristics. That I -- to. And then likable listed on which it's able I'm gay and it pretty soon everybody was standing at single I'm gay too. So if eating healthy -- liberals. Then why now. That means a lot of people -- liberally might not even have known from Algiers John here and -- well. You'd want -- -- -- people courses not. Always consequences brought. A couple different points here it is so we -- you -- course and it's you know where you know been. And he meet someone. You know -- -- You know eight Indians. That were in our case and -- -- different -- in -- know what -- be. In place -- -- happy for him but it won't meet someone they know. Hi John you know. Sometimes when it comes to guys you know -- some attractive woman says meet me here guys are relieved. You know thinking in the right way and build build do -- -- when one guy was expecting to meet some attractive woman he met on line. And when he arrived he -- ten guys who carjacked this car. That's well -- -- -- well and I mean anybody put up pick to be -- she might have been part of it. True true debt then that is true now. Optional work and you know I think about. You not. -- -- you know people viewed as a meeting place because again good things happen -- like you'd like you probably experience. It's cool but it didn't want. To say being the menu is what they. Don't. Yeah for the up upcoming season and apparently they're gonna feature certain there's certain. And dishes certain food item and instrument and come to town. -- that you exit poll again. The did you. Go to. Yeah. -- -- ought to mention that it. Yeah and ready I'll talk about it tomorrow night I'm also gonna talk about it with -- Angela tomorrow from a from three to force I I really have no idea what this evolves and it would be interesting if they did have special items when certain teams came to town. All right again thanks. A quarter of blackened falcons would be I mean does and he immediately falcon -- you can't kill off topic thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not that I know what that is. Government we hear somebody say once by Sid will what is what is eagle tastes like a countries like BBC. If you wanna join us with a comet tonight a number just kidding 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. And a -- Amber's late 7070. Here's a text as -- I was staying and it's a New Orleans hotel heard gunfire turns out someone from a web site. Called. Black page dot com lowered a couple of guys. To come over turns out to armed men and a female. One guy it was tied up in his room. The other sensed trouble tried to run and was wounded. Police caught them law. I mean you've got to be really careful and guys I mean I don't care how Tim did you or. It doesn't matter how good looking she used. Which is go -- on some quarter -- O meter in some place where there's nobody around because she might be part of these scans yes. There aren't attractive women who are evil. It's not all attractive women are nice people. And I know this from first hand experience. -- hear from. Here is. Texts. Than. She reads. You said it before and it's worth repeating. Some people. Are you cannot please. If you throw 100 dollar bill. Out of a second story window there would be those who would find a problem with that -- with with that with that. Absolutely. Mean it can't possibly make everybody happy. And I could possibly do the show with the idea that I'm gonna try to make everybody happy. Everybody's a chance to voice their opinion sports the you can't worry about what the people -- is -- this year basically being respectful to a people here's a quick update on tonight's W a dual party. Have you ever met somebody on line their men and in person to purchase something or. Go on a date. 51% say no 49% say yes it's been surprisingly close throughout the night it doesn't always turn out that way. You give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. And there's always something new and our web -- the injury list unfortunately grows at the saints' training camp Kristian -- has the latest on the injury list for the black and gold we've got that. On our website at WWL dot com. Now also Bobby Darren -- -- guy show on. Talk about why the why the offense was sloppy but the defense looked great. In practice and don't miss the video our resident pros analyze the problem with. The snap. That's the information you get. Right now on our website WWL vodka and if you with the latest updates when it comes to the saints through the pre season and also. Through the regular season if you with the latest updates on the saints anything that that goes over the saints you can get those text alerts. By texting the word sports. 2877. You will get the information before others. And you might -- a group you'll be the first one to get this information and you'll be able to tell your friends or whoever you're with. Maybe your. Maybe -- it'd in a in a business meeting and it is ever relax meetings so you'd you'd get a taxi get a text alerted. You know is this might make you look good to a client might make you look good to. Somebody that you're trying to impress in a meeting by having the information. So text the word sports. To a 787. We never we get charged for text text alerts or. -- may apply also will give you updates on L issue that season's about to get under way in and the pelicans as wells have just text or sports. To -- 7870. Here is a taxed. That res. Can't make you have all I'm very happy I'm I'm very happy person hears a text about American astronauts. Being illegals on Mars. Good grief the martians might come here. We need to build defense. Hire more armed troops. Awaits. The story was told. It was called war of the worlds in reality that day will come when we meet another species. We better keep fighting within ourselves. Why. Because it creates the technology. Faster. And sadly moves ahead as a species. To better able survive to survive. Let's hope if we come here if they come here. They're friendly. Because it's. They will be centuries ahead of us. -- you know that's that's probably true and it's not to suggest that we're back respect. Since we don't know of any intelligent life in the media it's solar system. In our immediate solar system and I'd have to come from overly. Long distance away that would mean at their very advanced because they can just get here. It's Tuesday nights -- -- it will be right -- -- to be WL. Ahead jury duty today I've I've never never done that before it was part of the jury pool. There's really kind of a shame because of what is the first thing they told us that there's no skinny dipping in the jury pool. The chronicle that. But it was it was for its distinctive to sit there is as it as is solicited realize that you're part of this a system of justice as imperfect as our system of justice is. It's still something to be honored. As something that is honored. Around the world. So was an honor to be part of that I wasn't wasn't selected but I did the show to midnight last night had to be there when exercise will be before. I got there so -- got to the sixth. So that -- a much sleep last night dole on essentially tied -- have to go back on on Thursday and then and a couple of times and next week but. If you do that and a lot of people joke about trying to get out of third jury duty but it's really one of the one of the things that we do is is citizens and I found out why it's so cold in the court room. Because they tell you he might wanna bring a sweater bring a jacket with you because it's so cold in the courtroom. And they explained to the jury -- why it's so cold in the court. It's because the judges. Have their clothes on. Under the ropes. And all this time I thought they -- -- No I really did and over is hoping that who -- work. But that of the judges have to have their full clothes on and -- the ropes. And any -- I'm sure a lot of the trials get rather heated so it's it it is -- moved down in the basement I mean you're like in this bomb bunker. Are your while you're waiting to be called. And you used -- have -- to have Wi-Fi everybody's really nice there's an interesting when you're missing in the in the Julie pulls you report to beginning you know nobody's talking. It's really quiet. And then slowly. Conversation starter appear in the -- And then pretty soon it's this entire unit in and people -- people are talking and you know. I guess people or adding people to their Christmas card list in. It was just really interesting to see how how people react over time some people just like myself stayed yourselves but. Some people sort of having having conversations and I don't know who knows maybe it's a place where. -- you'd meet somebody and you become friends with them. Here is attacks why should anybody bother spending years immigrating illegally. When they can just hop on a plane to Mexico. And to walk or drive across. Here is another taxed. Than its reads. By these texture to brown we get new text in all here's a text I buy and Craig's list all the time I bring my Great Dane. Never had a problem. Well you know that is that it's definitely one way to. One way to look at it but it was still. Be careful about meeting somebody somewhere and I've never done it I've I think my brother for helping me find him. A pre owned vehicle. An older vehicles. That he found on line forming. I would you know how to do that parties have really in tune with with all of that is what it's it's a it's a great way to. To buy items it's a great way to sell items but it you know just don't meet somebody that you don't know in some. God forsaken place or some area where they are not to people around. Here is attacks are going to another planet would definitely make as aliens would not necessarily illegals. Well I guess so but I guess it would depend on the laws of the planet I mean if we -- or somebody else's atmosphere we would cross their border go to their planet we might. Theoretically. The illegals. And I see some parallels between that and what's going on in this country and right now. Final update on a WW a pretty general opinion poll. Have you ever met somebody on line and then met them in person to buy something -- going to date 51% no 49% say yes. Still a treading on our web site as the blog that I wrote for the show last night man kicks squirrel in the Grand Canyon did you see it. Well before you see the video. Read the blog first one to -- -- ransom or studio producer Jack Harris also in the as a studio have a great night's bloody New Orleans.