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WWL>Topics>>8-6 6:15am Tommy, Saints camp update

8-6 6:15am Tommy, Saints camp update

Aug 6, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWL's Steve Geller about the latest with Saints camp

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Time to get our saints update now we go to Steve Geller in White Sulphur Springs Virginia where he is ensconced at the Greenbrier resort. Enjoying saints practices and not missing his family and all RE ST. Not one bit top -- being grossed in football I'll bet so tell me what's going on -- what happened yesterday. Well we had some low more names added to the list of the walking wounded I guess you could say you know we know Drew Brees is out with an oblique strain right now. -- still still has the -- -- kind of strange. He started off the pass through practice sessions in pads. And then later on takes them off when it's time for team drills to me it's like why even get suited up if you're just gonna. You know take a -- but not participate but. Joseph Morgan also sat out the day with an undisclosed injury. Ben Grubbs -- out offensive guard. He's still out with a back injury -- Jahri Evans another guard. This time undisclosed injury and -- -- also join that list. Oh no word on him exactly what happened scary kind of moment towards the end of practice wide receiver nick who went out for a pass in the end zone. -- -- shoulder and was visibly you know writing campaign. He walked off for a moment but did come back we still don't know. How seriously could be but at least it was a good sign that he -- -- come back on the field however you can take any more snaps on the day. That's double edged sword because if you take it too easy in training camp then maybe don't want sharp when you start playing for real polite in your practice more. If anybody gets hurt during training camp then the question is why were you practice and so much -- in yet letting you save people until the regular season. Yet the good thing I think last night -- they go through a walk through in their PM session the saints. And Drew Brees was was throwing the football. That's the first time he was actually seen throwing a ball since Friday morning. He had he'd just been running -- stretching on the side right now during practice so definitely a good sign that things aren't as serious as maybe some people worried about. Yet you know it's different I remembered analysts say anything as I don't want jinx anything but insert your certain James. You know get the -- where it's one linebacker terror and has another linebacker blowing out -- and before you know it your curtain at one position this. Would appear to -- the just training camp bumps and bruises and think and open. That's exactly the Olympic and Tommy just little nicks here in the air nothing major like you were saying no tears. Nothing of that sort so you know fingers crossed right now with this team. And definitely looking forward to more days we got a pre season game to see some of these young guys and action. When mr. Benson was saying no hospital was -- is going on was he out out on the sidelines knitted disrupt things. Yeah practice was going on I actually found out about it through Twitter while you know going through. Might daily offensive putting out what's going on a practice and then I saw the story about mr. -- and I wasn't even aware of what happened on the field. But you know it's kind of a scary thing for the for him since he has been dealing with some health concerns. Over the last few days he had some dehydration issues so our hope all is well with the saints owner. Was he on the field runs on the sidelines and -- happened. He was he was on the in the field area there's like eight obviously private VIP. Kind of tent area where from where he was station by. All reports have been positive so far so no reason to be worked. Worried I guess with him you know I just think it's interesting that demand is safe and hospital and you're right -- -- you point out about it on social media that that says a lot about social media today. Yeah exactly how well I'm like I set out so focused on what's going on the field I couldn't even believe it we have -- newsroom calling me about the have a picture to see what happened or anything else like. I'm sorry I was so entrenched of what's going on on the field yet who had a good day yesterday who had a bad day. I really like cola or -- white's been doing of ladies had back to back. Practices with interceptions. He's definitely in that mix for the number two quarterback position. Champ Bailey and Patrick Robinson Patrick Robinson another quarter that's really been standing -- this campus and with Champ Bailey. You know basically sitting out right now doing work on the stationary -- those -- can definitely elevate their stock. So he did it died today Hillary if if the regular season started today assuming champion Bailey's healthy ready to place a safety or corner. Just deploy corner yes so does -- with the starting to corners being. If I had to guess right now I'm saying it's gonna be here utilization number one and -- Patrick Robinson as you're number two quarterback just because. Champ Bailey has missed some time right now Anders question about what exactly it is initial -- won't Telus. Anything else -- no mention what we let you go about practice of the game coming up. Just second year defensive bank -- -- there's been another guy that's really been standing out during a handful of the team and individual drills. On he missed practice Monday and other -- with an undisclosed injury but was back yesterday impacts. And he looked like it was missing a beat it also. Just continuing to erupt for game -- a game one on Friday just two days away. Pre season action in black and gold states are in Saint Louis and about Stanley -- that teased. You play yesterday I was actually -- made a comment 21 of the reporters on this outlined that I felt it was its first. You know really big play of the -- campy -- on. Unnoticed for me I guess a guy as a rookie learning the system. A wide receiver converted to corner so he still has a big learning curve but you gotta love the guy sides. -- he definitely powers over some of these other receivers out there and another another type of corner that is physical. And kind of in this mold of what the new quarterbacks. In the NFL turning into a lot but be excited about him we just hasn't show much yet to see what happens with a lot of bullets fly and brought. -- -- much of that position to me seems about confidence and I would think because it changes and techniques changes in coverage in the NFL stuff he has to do that. And not do that he got away who in college because level of talent wasn't as high. I'm thinking he's gonna come around it has to take him awhile to get comfortable get his confidence. -- talking to our WW LN FL's Mike it's that -- he really believes that Baptiste. Will be the guy taking over that number two quarterback rolled by the end of the season. We'll see if that happens but right now he's definitely been newbie and you know just learn the ropes. Patrick Robinson has that edge as the number two corner and Corey white nip and that is heels. I think that positioning quarterback that too. Positions where you. For the most part have to know what you're doing and so much that you're completely confident and that they do not even thinking about it you just reacted edited that unfolds before you like a puzzle and you see where the pieces it. Yet it rob Ryan's defense safety is another big position on that defense. Just because they're responsible for so much of the you know barking up the orders for the rest of the defense and he uses that three safety set witches. Kind of revolutionizing. I guess you could say the NFL game right now there's a great article in the Wall Street Journal -- -- saints' defense kind of might be changing things. For the future. He had evolved thank you Steve I'm glad you took the time winds up being a great day of practice. I'll always Tommy thank you you've been much at VIP up by a bit more -- the data will gladly get a celebrity up there when a picture -- -- something.

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