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8-6 6:45am Tommy, is Ebola a threat?

Aug 6, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Chris Mores, an Associate Professor in the Dept of Biological Sciences & Associate Director of the Center for Experimental Infectious Diseases, about Ebola

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker talking about it bola. And fears that are now rising after two people arising after two people came into the country officially to be treated somebody was tested at a New York hospital yesterday. For a -- of people traveling in the country of course from. West Africa every day there are signs and airports they go through customs and customs been alerted to look for any. Signs of illness and of course we have the concern of people would come into the country illegally. CDC is besieged with calls they say. Come from hospitals wanting to know about people who are ill after traveling Africa that are reporting on themselves are showing up at hospitals. And then director of the CD easy Tom Frieden has done his best to reassure the public that it would not spread. And any hospital with an intensive care unit can successfully treat a patient with the ball. We invited doctor Chris -- on an associate professor in the department of biological sciences and associate director of the senator foreign. Experimental infectious diseases at LA issue. I want to talk to him because when it comes to a discussion like this doctor I don't guess faxed never heard -- And a pension and count them and it is capital. People understand the situation here. Good morning and thanks for taking the time you know I think. Sexually when you see somebody. In Hazmat suit being bought -- rolled and hospital nobody around and is wearing the white Hazmat suits that. The ambulance people wearing them. I guess it gets everybody's attention but. Also those books that are actually transporting an unknown people Asian. -- protect their and so they're the ones are. Most extreme risk in terms of contact with a transported her ankle the patient and today they absolutely need to. I shouldn't get the appropriate protection. But it does it better interpret the -- course. Well it's always they wouldn't -- contact with -- patient impact of the patient that's infected could they catch an inning as the other question is. Ten this spread through the air because I've read so much studies one hands and it can spread from. Pigs and monkeys or the other way. As it relates to airborne. Visited spreading this disease you tell us the bottom line Campbell has spread from human human. Through the air somebody coughs sneezes itself. Solely we have not seen that toward the eastern rebel cause -- humans could we have not seen and -- transmission. -- Yeah credit indicate that these great influence the content or iPad. There's been you talked about -- other strains. In pigs and monkeys yet -- strain has been able to go airborne in the past. I'll bet that not be a little today. So I read something doctor that says it can live on at room temperature on servers for refer pretty good long time is an accurate. So yeah I mean there have been. Take a look at. How long buyers -- is viable and different services. Are -- -- somewhat. Stable a record number of other viruses -- trying to. And public. But. Yet remember that it doesn't mean the a good point transmission for folks -- To significantly faster the laboratory experiment doesn't. It's going to jump off that your rental income extra the government can't put it so that. Well -- transmission. Is or something like it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're really -- that data that or route of transmission people. Is likely to be urged. I don't eat at both days because I just don't but for people led to end. And hypothetically speaking if somebody. That was infected with this Ebola Virus were to its knees were -- Rub their nose and touch a played some money comes behind him -- same plate you're saying the chances of it spreading that way -- miniscule. I would say yes absolutely -- -- appear very low risk of transmission are not that anybody would want to do. It's it's eventually to. We have is that what is an efficient in transmitting -- would be very different are outbreaks and -- it occurred now. On you and some good people would money do you comment on the stage right and just yet. Our perpetrator or bad they get out there for me it is not knowing anybody in the fray businessman. On the so. When you hear people like Donald Trump when you talk about people coming in of the country. That might be infected that you know because our borders are insecure not trying to get political religious statement of fact. Mom dated the concern I would guess here is not. The two people that are in Atlanta because the that there -- those that did the least chance of anything spreading it's the people we don't know about. Well I mean in terms of people entering legally here illegally out there could be differently here. Contraction in the but he. In the different groups that -- -- the people are going to come into the country coup. Who have. Pathogens and there's a -- public commitment but people. And you know all he's grain car at the airport and reports this country are probably -- work -- endeavors -- people -- Symptomatic were shown on their couldn't they have people and that's what that would be -- senators -- -- -- and -- -- Appears. Of course that -- -- that keep it goes the cars where you're not showing symptoms. And so -- developed. Plain and yours here in back. I'm proud we're not yet chilling. Article walker to the screens and your knuckle under party -- put -- -- line. We have to -- a lot more questions we Jordan's gonna discuss something with you about hanging around. -- off the air doctor Chris -- as our guests and associate professor in the department of biological sciences and associate director of the center for experimental infectious diseases. And LHU explaining scientifically to us. Facts about the Ebola Virus got the 1000 dollar summer splash cash contest code word coming up right now though time for another WL Traficant that would go to Terrell Robinson. David Blake as much as I would love to fiddle fool around with you I'm not to be able to because we have a very important man on to discuss a very important subject is that right -- -- Chris -- as associate professor in the department of biological sciences and associate director of the center for. Experimental infectious diseases. And LA issued -- -- take a call your real quick isn't a lot of people are all wound up about this Robert honey I tandem morning you're talking to doctor Mora hasn't -- me. Yeah. -- -- Will check back with Robert nature he's got his own turn down doctor Tom is there any cure for this for Ebola and the medicine that the people. In Atlanta are receiving is is that an experimental thing. Yeah that's -- that's an experimental. There appear that they have been given. I highly experimental never abandoned global force. -- -- it's really very -- stuff. And there's some good evidence that it it could be successful avenue or therapeutic and people. But there's just not allowed to you know how should it will be. So to combat. Really -- we can do support people are because -- -- don't. And that's what's important to get the hospital and picture. That there's been no carefully monitored and so they have. Need for. You know additional medical support. Obligated provider to a different direction. So can they fight it off 80% of those I believe 89% of the people get it die is that accurate. It's not it's not really that high I mean -- Injured -- itself you know and beauty greens -- But the right now the latest data to saw. -- the groups -- -- happened at a 55 to 60% mortality rate is that -- that. At the -- about that. Consulate insubstantial that is that is -- one of the worst -- is. A lot and so it it's something that. You know what. -- we can do to. Temperature -- -- to help those people are trying to lower that rate. That you really get them get into a situation where we can can support they're -- -- put pressure support -- liver function. And just get them trying to have treated that you know the worst. -- this is speculative question and I know you sciences hate to answer those but. Is there case and he made that because the overall health I would presume of people in America and again we're talking about average as compared to the average health of the average person in West Africa that. This survival rate here would be the marginally marginally are a lot higher than. It is over there as easy as it relates of this strain of a bull. Really. We we could have these cards. And compelling thing about whether that be a difference and now in Coke vs folks there and they're bullet you know it is extremely -- what happened is is the medical care he differential. Is -- a consider if there's no cure is that a consideration about your body's ability to fight off infection and the overall health I guess because I'm asking if you're given a medical treatment. Does that mean you're treating the symptoms and trying to make him as comfortable as they can until. Because there's no vaccine no cure the only thing nobody can do is summon up the strength and reserve -- to beat it. That's what it is difficult supportive -- -- care. And it is just trying to you know keep a body bolstered. Until the system can really be it correction. I -- that are the British -- opinion poll rest and says you learn about the -- virus spreading in the United States 50% half of the people responding. Highly unscientific the -- but -- would you say to that 50% are people that for whatever reasoner. Turning a political I don't want to get you into the political ground but I heard. BN revved up so much about this taken over the united straight states I guess all of the Andromeda strain. Oh yeah and and you know course -- a number of other. Shall accountable breaks like that that. That really get people you know. Excite and and cheerful about it or if it is something that's gone on that line and you know I've I've been monitoring. The immediate state student and people are generally. Yeah generally. Concerned about about that operate. There's the most important thing we can do it's trying and trying to put the facts. Afford them and try and try anchor and you know the reasons and and the science here under. Which is not fluent that is to people not much of it in order. And not much of what it's in good movie property is a terrible disease and public sectors of the control. Any chance of this mutating into a different kind of a bowl of it's even worse there could spread through the air. Well I mean that yeah of course you know things can happen and that we don't you know. We don't have to notre seat but -- can get the hiring and likely scenario. It is something that will appeal protect. If any changes happened in terms of the -- stability of the art -- Africa. -- -- You know it it is it is -- I would anticipate. Having said -- estate speculation I'm gonna ask you one more speculative question. And it is based on everything you know about the virus and did in what's happened in -- -- has so far how do you see this ending. Well what will happen here now entrepreneur. Got a future here European Union and you're. In a lot more personal on the ground over there. -- but the big job to contain the outbreak could stop the transmission -- I'm hoping that would stand -- people involvement and then. Extra effort being governor -- going to be a great transmission. And Democrats control -- -- it -- much larger -- -- -- said that couldn't pick a number of months accurately mop up there. And people doctor I appreciate your time -- and ask you too many dumb questions. Welcome mark harder is important -- -- order weather concerns about the -- thank you sir have a great day nuclear.

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