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8-6 7:10am Tommy, are you worried about Ebola?

Aug 6, 2014|

Tommy takes your calls and talks about the fear of Ebola spreading in the US

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David Blake as much as I would love to fiddle fool around with you I'm not to be able to because we have a very important man on to discuss a very important subject is that right yes doctor Chris -- as associate professor in the department of biological sciences and associate director of the center for. Experimental infectious diseases. And LA she -- let me take a call -- real quick isn't a lot of people are all wound up about this Robert honey I tandem morning you're talking to doctor -- hasn't gotten me. Yeah. -- Will check back with Robert nature he's got his own turn down doctor Tom is there any cure for this for Ebola and the medicine that the people. In Atlanta are receiving is is that an experimental thing. Yeah that the that the experimental. Their behavior that -- given. -- highly experimental never abandoned global force so. It's. It's really. Very used and there's some good evidence that it it could be successful avenue where -- -- people. But there's just not a lot of pain to -- education it will be. So -- -- Villanova can do support people are eager to build. That's what's important to get the hospital and picture. That -- -- carefully monitored and so they have. Need for. You know additional vertical support. We could provide -- a different direction. So can they -- it off 80% of those I believe 89% of the people get it die is that accurate. It's not it's not really that I mean it's very high and -- itself you know and beauty -- action. Right now the latest data to saw. Just good outbreaks. -- happened about a 55 to 60% in Calgary is an -- that. And that's what -- -- Consulate insubstantial that is that is you know one of the worst -- is. On and so it hit something that's. You know what we can do to that your credit to help those people are trying to lower that rate -- really get -- enter into a situation where we can can supporter there -- portrait portrait kidney liver function. And just get them trying to have treated that. Yeah the worst. This this is speculative question and I know you sciences hate to answer those but. Is there case and he made that because the overall health I would presume. People in America and again we're talking about average as compared to the average health of the average person in West Africa that. This survival rate here would be. Marginally marginally are a lot higher than. It is over there as you as it relates of this strain of a bull. Really. We we gonna have the experience. I don't think about whether -- be a difference and Coke vs -- their regular bullet -- look -- is extremely low but we haven't is is the medical care -- differential. What is that a consider if there's no cure is that a consideration about your body's ability to fight off infection and the overall health I guess because I'm asking if you're given a medical treatment. Does that mean you're treating the symptoms and trying to make him as comfortable as they can until. Because there is no vaccine no cure the only thing nobody can do is summon up the strength in reserve -- to beat it. That's not what it is difficult supportive or -- care. And is just trying to -- keep the body bolstered. A league system can really be it correction. I'd -- that are the Brody Jack -- opinion -- rest and says he -- about the Ebola Virus spreading in the United States 50% half of the people responding. Highly unscientific poll but -- would you say to that 50% are people that for whatever reasoner. Turning a political I don't want to get you into the political ground that are European revved up so much about this taken over the united straight as states. I guess all of the Andromeda strain. -- and then you know of course as a number of other. Fictional account breaks like that. -- really get people you know. -- and and fearful that sort it is something that's gone on -- -- line. And I'd I'd been monitoring. The -- state student and people are generally you know generally. Concerned about but that operate. They're the most important thing we can do is to try and track the effects of the -- and try and trying to person you know the reasons and and the science here under. Which is not fluent that is to people without much Republican -- And it's not much what it's in the movie. Properties the terrible disease and public figures -- to control. Any chance in this mutating into a different kind of a bowl of it's even worse -- could spread through the air. Well I mean -- yeah of course you know and it. -- and that that we don't you know we don't have to trustees. Without content via highly unlikely scenario. All it is something that we will be able to protect. If any changes happened in terms of the -- usability of the art blogger must Africa. Are all part. You know it is it is -- I would anticipate. Having said sciences hate speculation I'm gonna ask you one more speculative question. And it is based on everything you know about the virus and did in what's happened in west -- so far how do you see this ending. Well what will happen here now that entrepreneur. Got a picture of your European Union you're. A lot more personal background over there. But the big job to. Contain the outbreak could stop the transmission from spreading. -- open that would stand -- people involvement and -- Extra effort being governor either going to be a great transmission. And Democrats Ctrl+Alt or get much larger but rather that could pick a number of months accurately mop up -- And people doctor I appreciate your time out and and ask you too many dumb questions. -- order court. Order worker concerns -- thank you sir have a great day. Nuclear doctor Chris Moore associate professor in the department of biological sciences. And associate director of center efforts and experimental infectious diseases and they'll issue. And just chuckling because union mansion house Martin Meehan is he knew it -- 716 Tommy Tucker coming back -- evidently. I Tommy Tucker and into next about Ebola viruses the differences says between concern about a -- And his stereo Allred effects are needed to thank you so much for ending the expert on and it was that Chris Moran as. With the experimental infectious diseases department and -- issues associate directors -- back in and associate professor. The department of biological sciences -- story that's trending on -- WL TV WWL dot com. Concerns overtime in an inspector general's report. About it and joining us right now one -- one of the bright young reporters from the stable over there at channel four on to wanna harass and going to morning nice to -- Our good thanks taking time tell me what this. Inspector replied general's reports and as how it relates to NO PD overtime and I guess what it means. Well ruling means continuity of the another black -- support that I would strongly disagree they had ultimate sort of -- -- red flag instead -- Over time. Officers two former it's working overtime and of course an oversight that allow Google grew so for instance. -- -- -- -- -- -- Dora the entire audience there and done it once section on the 36. Of those cultures work a week ago. So all of that 3623. Do you get any approval. To work he'd be killed and buried gators so what has done and now it broke up the number of hours. That and are allowed to work. -- in a day's time which is sixty hour and 35 minutes. And so some of them being at work more hours just don't know beat Kitna and the law properly by much. But if they didn't get. Permission doesn't the new detailed policy requirement to come from one lasers and up to them who monitors the hours. Supermarket monitor the hours and then at the time management system which is supposed to. Keep track -- that to take less work are there will take work away from the supervisors but what's happening. It's many of them are old goalie entering in the information in the database. And -- our supervisors are just getting your -- are proving our and everyone goes home and so what happens. It's you have mismanagement of our according to its audit that's what you get another. -- -- -- -- -- Any at all. Alt key it'll be outsourced work more than 32 hours of overtime to -- -- -- -- hundred in at least six. Hours of all the time -- -- it's clearly. Now or polonium two hours worked. And power to talk more about this in March but isolate govern and on channel four and and we want to talk to you about it -- you -- out of it. And I thank you for your time hockey again. You -- Antwon Harris that it WOTV reporter and and -- who did something wrong here I don't know if it's. Foot dragon as it comes of the consent decree in the annual overtime rules. Or at least DTO rules. I don't know if they have rules about offices were indeed -- within their work in a more. Overtime. Going over the number of hours because there's such a shortage of offices and ambiguity dig into it and once -- a result of all others does it mean. Will they mourn this talk about tomorrow right now 72 when he four -- -- Traficant that would terror Robinson. I Tommy Tucker talking about a lot of different things morning primarily. Of Poland -- to hear from -- if you have a problem with people coming into the country to be treated with a four rather enviable virus and is that your main concern is that people -- coming in the country illegally they could hand it is do you think it's gonna spread or do you think the sciences. And it under control and I think this bottom 1 evening is a threat to you or your family. But the ready -- opinion poll asking are you worried about the Ebola Virus spreading here in America. And 50% saying yes 50% are saying now and I would love to hear from yet. If you are worried and for you to tell. Me why. Another question comes in and says -- comment that says. It's sad that the people in Africa had to get sick but. They shouldn't be brought in in this country and potentially of in fact. 80% of the population. Then there's this one able is terrifying but if it was you -- your parent child or other loved one. Wouldn't you want them they have the option to come home to the US to be treated. Where to maybe died there. Die here's seems heartless selfish and ignorant to say no when everything double bombing care it's better to treat them here. Any and it's amazing how everything turns political because I don't know what in the world this has to do. With Obama care then there's there's 1 morning Tommy and reverence of the Ebola Virus. About cargo ships coming here from West Africa is anyone taken into consideration. Workers and those vessels that sometimes get off for one reason or the other. And I would presume there's some kind of screening process. That goes on. Other people expressing concern about the CDC. And this is on him like you -- priest or it is specious compared to what we are already dealing with the idea credit. Oh well that's about it for so that when -- go on and at 730. Time to -- traffic I wanna hear -- as radical idea for me about visible thing you worry or not. And would you have let the people come back in the country offers on memorable has been allowed into the United States. Here's David -- yes David we continue our discussion of evil and you know Jordan and Sheldon we're talking during the break we -- -- include unique conversation because well. You're in the news. But. About possible thing you wonder where politics enters into it being honest and and -- in -- industry wondering if as a pretty slow news times some in the jump on and create some kind of hysteria about not on us now just in terms of national media's Ian and it's better because is not a lot else to talk about it. And if something else -- were to happen would it would it would nobody here accountable and get a text comes in here apparently the people at the CDC never read this stand while it may be fiction exactly was still enough to make me fear any kind of outbreak in and I appreciate you you're -- -- really do but. Everything about blood. Swine Flu. Members are borderline and our member bird flu that was gonna sweep around the world and kill everybody's there it was metres that was gonna deal over in killer. Channel. Yeah. I think part of the thing going on here is is we've had so many of these movies and TV things about the under the world and viruses -- an almighty god and everybody's covered up and suits and then zombies and I. I know that staking -- -- but if you're at if you think zombies Evian natural offshoot of mobile and Egypt and Kenya is just one of those things and people are probably waiting for some. Sign that were all in in deep bush you know what. In Texas about HIV and aids there also transmitted via bodily fluid transfer media likes to use scare -- tactics. Is ideal for the infected people to come here know but it's our best chance to resurgent. And finding -- I don't know vote. The AIDS virus living on average dealers it is. But living on a surface. As long as he -- I didn't think it at the same. Com. -- our ability again if you wanna call instead of being. Spread. Mum and government says Obama -- -- does is text into the country he's trying to destroy the country I think. A lot of times these things. Become so politically you can have a conversation about anything. Without it turning to politics. Eyes yeah you're right I I'm just I think we should know about it. And I'm glad there were aware but certainly I don't think panic news. I didn't speak in the present let's say this the the president gets caught. I don't know doing whatever it is that there will be no right or wrong it's like was guy's got to go. Do you think. We would even be talking about a bowl. Probably non thinks of the vice president gets caught you know land deal done entered its -- do and is doing that. That's -- I'd like to hear from me it's music's one -- at any tool -- 86 exit -- -- the early semi deep do you think. -- -- is really something you have to worry about. Or that it's gonna take over the country do you think this is another hyped up scare. That that's gonna result in in really did nothing as far as our country is concerned on a happier note David. A text comes in and says can you please mention RG PRD West Bank. Twelve year old girls they mated to the World Series championship game tonight at 730 RO man so congratulations. Ladies on a great series one -- ago. Go for the gold -- titled this trophy get the last out. Will be back Tommy Tucker -- W. I topics are definitely -- talking about the Ebola Virus and is a lot of height or you legitimately concerned about it as for me my opinion. I knew very well in science in school and I this -- when -- doctor Chris Moore is on. Associate professor department of biological sciences associate director of the center for experimental infectious diseases at LAU. Why would experiment with infectious disease. That's -- knew -- secure them IC. Tom. I just I don't I don't worry about it I'm not afraid of and I think there's another Swine Flu. Another Mears another bird flu week we hear about all these threats. And maybe eventually one day they'll happen mounting it is -- double but that's just me. -- I think it strictly a political. If you don't think for New York's second that Barack Hussein Obama wouldn't let people across the the board of egos everybody's two linguistic level and -- leaving a huge number of domestic terrorist get this country thank you. -- apparently do want have a conversation but these people are American. Here they're they're being patriot I guess and never renounce their citizenship ring fingers people it. Went to volunteer because there's so many people in Africa and so few doctors. But if you think elect your entitled -- your opinion -- if you think. Barack is you said Hussein Obama is out to destroy the country and this is latest attempt. If you think -- case gimme a call if you think that color is way off base. I'd love to hear from me as well at T 60187. He told create six exit eight -- early seventy. I think it's crazy conspiracy talk but that's just me Claudia in Covington -- because what you're saying there is that. Either the president started. The a bola outbreak in Africa with the express. Intent. Of bring it let -- letting Americans go -- get infected and then bring them back or he is so hell bent on destroying the country. That -- use any opportunity that he ten. And in this case it would be to kill everybody. If you think that would be the outbreak of a bowl -- which would know. No race no class no party. Affiliation any of that so I don't really buy that scenario but I am glad you called Claudia in Covington -- -- on got a W out a morning thanks for call. Good morning it's not a collar that scares me it's a fact that the CD -- handling and into treatment -- a lot extort. -- -- -- -- that we where Cheney the audience they were zip lock in on land. Shipp blocked nineteen or I mean you know I'm not sure that there -- -- -- and they are. So your concern is with Emory hospital your concern is with. What David peoples say they know what -- people far smarter -- as Smart enemies say they know about the disease. You'd think it spreads more than they say it does but did -- -- And about the people who are in charge. Bob what they say they are were air but what apple good and -- independent and I'd say -- And I get that in terms of of -- do what happened in the passer -- you sane and then that they would. Somehow allowed the disease to spread I guess what's going to be the effective that is -- and ask him. -- -- All. I. Got to look more and. -- bottom line. If yet in this collection are you worried about the Ebola Virus spreading in the United States your answer would be. Now got Jack thank you -- -- lady cult. -- T six 187803866889087. And get a text that says why can't wages and doctors there. Well one of the people that came back to the country to be treated was a doctor. Here's this text about the call from. Not beginning so much press if it were not for an idiot by the name of Donald Trump making such stupid statements. You know the only I would say about that is I think he -- rested but I think there was an undercurrent of a lot of people feeling that. Tommy text says I had the Swine Flu a few years ago I didn't die but I sure felt like it was going to be careful out there. Announces and I generally concerned this text says about most viruses or illnesses. But things like -- -- make me very nervous the virus was created unintentionally by its exposure to anti bacterial soaps and hands sanitized news. In adapted and changed it became resistant to most antibiotics that's what makes it's scary. Another one says Obama would love to kill Americans now I don't think you would not know where where that feeling comes from really I don't. The -- in terms of I guess my thoughts on and I'm not afraid of that because. They have so many other things that could kill you before you get to a bowl lot. Driving down the road with somebody texting and that -- in with their -- one somebody speeding coming up on -- left playing on a 110. In an eighteen Wheeler that almost touches your bumper that Timmy is a much bigger concern and able I think that's going to be the thing that kills you. First not to mention the John -- shove it in a MySpace that is probably clogging my arteries as we speak. Why are people that are out there is smoke and up but tell me what you think when we come back 752. Time related Traficant that would go to Tehran province. -- -- expected up WL 7573. Before -- any in Hammond good morning anyhow you don't want. Is that your real gamers and a nickname. Now Michael my daughter's real name is Manny as a matter facts tell me what's gone on what do you think about a -- low bomb lands that are -- Well I mean part it's I can't believe there and that huge huge outbreak and that -- part of the movie. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He -- it something about them. -- -- at the Ebola outbreak that happening. And ask -- old argument here. I don't know how they're not going to be one here and I'll ask you -- -- or Obama they really -- on. It's just silly that there are -- What are these people -- for I think that has. He could lock will turn into wine and get everybody at and they. Or encouraging out it. Images they but now that lineman Taylor I think yeah I think a lot of people get there. Information they get their talking points from Talking Heads and you know. News well -- lag. And it. I don't think they think it through because what you zionism. And it's piracy doesn't know whether you black light Republican or Democrat. You believe that the the theory is a killer body in the country and I guess. Somehow he and Michelle and the kids would be. Secure than the whole country would be left for the run I think that's a lot of property for anybody who managed by an Italian I got a lot that's like 98 by a 170 and -- a hard -- in the grass cut. Not yet. Hit it exactly right and that it not -- needy they can't keep any and that it is -- -- -- Being illegal immigrant that bringing in even though. But there are people coming out of the country any just be fair there are people coming in the country. From Africa and documented that could be seeking I don't know. And the body could be that any day with anything I could spot and with anything that -- well we can happen that are coming to -- -- you know it happened. But -- network surrounding him. You know what I get a text that comes and I think -- what you're trying to say when it's your time it's your time and and and like -- in terms of Ebola. Man walk around take a look make a list there there are a hundred things having to kill you before that. That's an -- that. The leaders are absolutely right that -- being deployed the -- need. -- more people. And think that sell them and.

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