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WWL>Topics>>8-6 8:10am Tommy, controversial police stop

8-6 8:10am Tommy, controversial police stop

Aug 6, 2014|

Tommy talks to Shamarr Allen, a local musician, about an encounter he had with the State Police

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Interesting story here David about -- police arresting four teenagers that Iran does seventeen year old from Gretna. And apparently he advertised an air jordans on in Stuart Graham and kick the SE dared. And then the teenagers met the teenager though is trying to sell shoes and it robbed him -- At gunpoint. And this really strikes accord with me. Because when you're gonna -- -- you wanna sell no lot of Ohio had a pair blue and white saddle Oxford's. Seattle art and I tried to sell him to a guy up town. In the Garden District and I was it was Jack. Finally we do not do it justice here but -- -- at all. -- I have no idea where they came I don't yet know is a lawyer uptown lawyer I had these blue and white satellite experts that I want to go well there while those absolutely guy came out of -- pinstripe suit. And slippers. Jack. Pulled a gun to -- out. I hate it and like yeah yeah now as you -- you have to be careful -- -- barefoot. -- -- -- Since state troopers roughed him up during a traffic stop visa trumpeter and new long ones. Say police released a video yesterday when you talk about that this toleration Mars gonna join -- struggle a bit late. About his side of it what happened in the video I think was pretty non conclusive mammal starred talked rather to colonel Mike Edmondson yeah out students and a good news item outside -- and both sides of this or what Tennessee did a similar was wearing seersucker. The -- or soccer it was at some bloggers some gas. Bubble bubble and so we'll talk about a bowl played on your and other WL morning. Good morning this morning -- barefoot and okay. Obamacare or huge step there suppliers and absolutely tell me which using diesel -- I agree control over -- and I wondered whether or not -- before. They market this week win and somebody were coming -- in -- Obama be doing that change to be able. Look I'm not an Obama apologists I just think it's ridiculous how now it and of it. If it will change when we have a new election I don't know if it. Was the same way with George Bush is it's hard to remember what happens every day but I don't think you blame the president for everything any president. Well I think that's certainly true that we can -- a -- heartbreaker crawl in a book. Quote. We are all living in the -- more complicated world and we were born into. And at the same time the trust in our institutions and government. In family. In individuals who wrote in the lack of trucks to create fear. And fear creates anger. If you want to know -- here -- spiritually important fear of people come from I think that -- you -- select. Trucks during the institutions. That we hold responsible for taking care of that kind of thing. Thank you Bob I'm glad you tickets on account quickly -- thank you for holding him for calling your on -- WL. And IKEA like and I can't beat beat him saying I don't think they should have brought people here at the C he is back. Probably with everything that they take care patient they're treated like that eat eat eat -- brought into our country. The people that are. I'm sure they call it occurred to you and they don't actually. They. I do know this year that the lady that was brought in yesterday there was an ambulance with the drivers with the Hazmat suits use and has Nancy. When she left Africa issue was brought to the airport in the back of a Toyota pick up truck with a car knowing ambulance so I don't know if there is the same level. Services there yeah I don't that's an accurate statement to say that this same level of services there as there are here are the same resources. Sure there's not people. Are taking care that people -- relaxed. -- war college and people are sick to protect -- -- Accident had happened actually take it Jurassic Park. -- now -- Oakland at an. Injury. Slippery in the hit it to get where they couldn't. I'm not trying to be disrespectful Jeanette my only memory I am just being honest of Jurassic Park is queen night being -- don't know was it -- and it was that he got from Miami Vice. Being -- the lifted off the commode by the dinosaur. But what -- what is that assaulting her remember that movie -- what is he saying. The very. Popular. Sport that pretty. -- -- We aren't -- you can. Picture for me at our -- it. -- It Cheney from the UK. Over. So they -- here. -- To. Hear -- Start in the country. So bottom line aren't. You're afraid of this spreading around the country. I am afraid like Italy is that they gave back earlier saying that -- -- and it's very eager to get him to thank you think it brings something like get over here it here so control. Two NM and glad you took the time the -- really MLB have a great day. Thank you you that 260187. Until 3866889. It. -- said he's going to -- Tommy Tucker act in a flash under the W. -- This hour of WWL first news with Tommy Tucker yeah clear up one of the more important issues of the day here and I don't want anybody to think that. I was passing along false information but. I am not in any way saying. That Wayne -- Played the lawyer in Jurassic Park isn't in some text on this he has Wayne Knight was on signed health he'll also played the corrupt scientist. In Jurassic Park now -- guy that was the informant on Miami Fides. He has an actor that is kind by the name of Martin Ferraro. And he played. -- on Miami Vice the informant he also played Donald Janeiro the lawyer who was lifted off the commode by. The dinosaur and I don't care to speculate as to what type of dinosaur that was because -- keel. Another hour toy in new -- good morning thanks for calling your and other WL. Good morning do you think. As far as this thing would that be able buyers are rarely think there are a lot of people are being -- -- air me. We are the ones -- More understanding. How to deal day in and beat us citizens and they knew they hit a compound should be treated. I don't think -- Didn't I didn't like come on tree. So why is it ever want and I wanted to buy it it's it indicate it was in the old people they want to. Eight is a -- and where is it not be able to be treated. -- I think joy if it would be a situation where we knew this was a genie out of the bottle and we knew that this is gonna spread around the United States. Like wildfire. And there was no way to contain it. It was airborne. It leads to from the -- however he wants it will then maybe you have. An argument there I'm not saying you do that may be you have an argument about protecting the the majority for. AEA and scientific evidence is no. Did real legitimate fear that -- gonna spread and wipe out the American people I don't think so -- SI agree with you I'm glad you took the time the -- -- go to doctor -- good morning -- -- -- on -- you're on -- WL. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Couldn't make this -- cases if yours and that. These people shouldn't have come -- moment Texans and they had no right to come home here in -- it. Make the same case for any physician -- somebody with what's what's of really bad hepatitis net than any of them are good but is obscene. Aides are full blown anything what you're saying is you know Latin owners and stake these people. No doctor can operate on these people know lab technician can do any am I mean these people understand that your. Your rationale no lab work on any fluids from any of these people because they get it then it could spread -- -- -- it's better. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thank you doctor that you took the time they called doctor Espinoza critical care position. And morale of it related to when he six timely Traficant for them at a Terrell province. 830 Tommy Tucker we will continue our conversation about a -- against some interesting tax also talked to colonel Mike Edmondson. -- Tennessee police superintendent about the video there's release yesterday and the incident with musicianship mark Allen who was supposed to join us but he is running late souls see. Will we can do with Soledad right now time inevitably will offers news for that we go to David I'll tell you this about this security breach the latest one in the passwords were stolen. Arm and I mean this and I'm trying to be more positive here tomorrow is only twelve billion. Is out all hand I mean it could have been thirteen billion. It could have been fourteen mountain. Actually wasn't twelve who's come to pass a little bit was. One point two billion Al well at the -- had been a little larger out have been so long that my numbers but it. The fact that it let me let me zero over why it could have been one point four -- down. But even what David. By the fact that it's a billion. It is very very frightening and a lot of companies and not only did they get and -- but of course they've. Gotten past the passwords. I don't know in Holland these Russian guys this time here of the Chinese doing is still. We talk about this tomorrow I personally don't think. There is any such thing -- Internet security you can look for the test. -- make your password as complicated as you can where you have to get the paper route look at it because it's a combination of numbers and letters and small in Ireland. What do you do for your password I'm -- I don't red army the -- make it simple one. -- simple for me but I try to make your you know pretty bizarre I come up with them violist compensation now. Words that I possibly can so if anybody's steals and at least bill elude him pause and -- -- I've anybody from corporate is looking at it they'll say wow. This guy's been exposed some different things -- 39 coming back and -- politician Maher -- local musician. Police they police released a video yesterday of a traffic stop with the immunity he says he treated unfairly because of his race and then at 9 o'clock. We'll talk to the superintendent Louisiana state police colonel Mike Edmondson and I would advise you. You'll watch some of that video on -- website when you know if you think it shows anything Tommy Tucker back in a flash and a VW iconic clock Terrell and be completely impartial here. As we talked about this incident that happened and the state police released video yes I mean. 28 of thirty minutes because they said they -- things out recording. For the last two minutes is that it. You know -- scholarship in samarra smaller you know and it just in attribution to mark Allen in his. Is a man that was pulled over he says state troopers optima during a traffic stop in Lower Ninth Ward. You saw the video that's also did it that. Completely capture everything that happened. That's not that's not the total video that is is that -- this is very very incriminating. So if I was officer and I had to come a -- I'd probably do the same thing. -- there's no audio because they they said the officer was wearing -- Mike. Take -- back to the beginning what happened when did this happen and and how did you get involved in dollars. It sold. The police. Had a a role -- it wasn't a checkpoint into the role black -- -- they already had somebody. I was looking for somebody knows something happened that I use is that you conceded difference rural road trip when his home tonight in this -- black justice. So you you just saw a bunch of vehicles and lights and so forth you guys are so at least it. Yes he's like five or six of sort of like in coming assisting go to mr. there are just -- for an awful performance -- -- So unlike you doesn't make sense to go on history I want to the next be turned around and went back of the street. Before I knew it all of the troop was -- -- mean. I pored over. And as upload over one officer comes up with a gun. -- -- Canon color I thought it was flat as they -- when I looked at the video -- so -- -- the second office so that's the actual Gunner so that you guys can't seek. Is that then he came up with mostly if you move -- mobile Helio you've been no move. So might the cause all of my hands. My movement at -- And just be clear you were not -- -- trying to avoid anything or are trying to deny him the police sought to you or anything eulogized driving along and you look and you think. I sums gone on here on Johnny and all and only part of this so and I mean by that they they could had a shooting negative this gonna head that you you're just trying to say clear. I'm just I am just trying to stay out of the nights are you pulled over the guns are on you what happens next and that you said the -- move on the -- you know don't -- OK I'm -- movement. So I got my hands up. And he is that the offices in Italy and the video interviews and stuff delight well. He didn't have -- has only to see him but in the video you can actually -- offices has put us on straight which it is hated meant to me engram now. Obama the cola and take it and bring you know we hear this and -- -- and you know. And they pulled me out the cause slam on the ground another officer grabbed my opinion slammed -- hit it to the -- -- was gone you know like I don't know was gone -- -- who's right. -- besides get out of the car show me and nothing else is said by the off. There's also much minute and a it's a lot of those. In those things. Little billion years ago. What I mean in terms of why European soccer will -- it. No re I have no clue I was boost I'd seed they got she debut heads on a car he seriously injured and -- and -- -- On the ground there. So but when he pulled out according slammed into the ground stop -- adults -- noble ups common media. And as a man on the ground a little -- a little bit just -- not have my feet on the ground. And slam hated on the ground you know -- you Seles in the video it. And they lift me up and run to the car. And two offices of standing. In front image is giving me out title. Which you don't run you when you come from him come from plant where you go on our home you just lie televisions come from play like the economy and say something. That I didn't say. It was like if you don't tell us where you're going you're -- -- for hall hollering hall hollering -- I was -- and I'll tell me like I don't know what you're talking about. -- you know you know you've gone agent. And wonder offices -- you even here in the video if you don't Timmy was someone poisoning you in my face. But you can hit it very very very very very very -- you can hear so. He'd take it out against his listen to. I'm and I'm like oh my. I don't call Longo and I don't -- going now. In one officer grabbed me and slams me on the hood of the car. And as he slammed known under the column both of my feet lift up off the ground he can't feel my feet the -- off the ground and I mistakenly kick the other office this offices. Why you can pick up then boredom I feel that ran on my back east and -- need to. The hood of this UV cities -- -- -- should be able to Figo ran him in handcuffs. Now you you didn't you're saying you didn't intentionally kick anybody. No I didn't. By him slamming me onto the hood both Marty came off the ground he stand directly in front and in my league it. So. He walks up to -- you about the go to jail for assault ban on office you know how long you'll be in jail for that. -- -- you just saw this officer grabbed me slamming on the hood. And you tell him I have a choice for something and he did I don't have any control of myself -- have all controlled. So at this point you're under control and just on his state of Monty on the can truly not screaming you're just trying to explain Hillary angry what's happen. I'm scared into it terrify you notice is our -- set out ahead a friend's mother who was killed by police office. Can grows and in I had that -- open a friend who was Cuba police those who that I grew up would include new and we've pretty much a whole lot until the police Q and Joseph Williams. And on a no lose a few days before this incident that killed a guy and you know who is to win them -- and I'm by myself. -- And six offices I'm terrified they have Gaza targets in the crazy day of the and I believe in anything and I say. I'm scared him but I'm really really really terrified. So. So announce -- run out of town here time here -- markets and a at a time commitment but. So at some point they'd -- lead you to the back of the cars that haven't -- Data and into the back of the car. After the incident when you have me up. They pushed me down in front of the truck and hysteria in the one officer kept slamming -- my right foot down just slam of the when I was on my right -- You see it in the video you can really see was gone -- he kept slam them off with -- slam off what I didn't honest stand what was going -- we just kept slam afoot. So instead of him telling me cross -- -- he just kept slamming my foot on the ground just kept slamming him for them. And it is grilling me about ought to have a questions like what you've done you know late. You know and you shouldn't be -- used to leave he'd be you know I listen grub down in my past and have not had just drop somebody from going in my house whether it is by the across the bridge and what you don't know -- just told to drop somebody -- You know. So. They and the -- they needed was to my ID the very listing that was the land after about fifteen minutes. That was investigated and took my idea when he took my ID he went to the car -- my name and he came -- stood me up. And gave me my idea as soon listen if you come by this is that this is deployed that's not on and video if you come back downhill. I'm going to. Give ER tablets judges. Taking your calls. And you going to Asia. And you'll see me in a few duties. So if officer tells me he's gonna see me in a few days. I don't actually know what that means I have seen some offices that look like not good. You know corrupt -- guys. And and and for all of us that it's you'd had a -- them on anybody so you kind of take that as a threat where you injured and all. Yeah much much older than my knee and elbow was not great though. And then even -- I'm still haven't you travel with the them before. You come to the edge anything to drink were you gauge anything in the car when he ran your license I'm presuming. They find out -- that there's nothing wrong with you at all. In -- anything they didn't find. I don't smoke I don't smoke I don't I don't smoke cigarettes I don't drink alcohol at well everyone knows this about -- What in if I did if I was Joan -- when it took me to do it. Won't you like to see from the state police and was at all. State troopers -- well it was mostly true and racial composition of the officers. It was six -- guys spend two black guys. Did they all act. The same toward you know was there. It was the news blues that was different. Late in the evening in the video you can see the black guys. Off I'm not saying anything in these sorts of my because yes but they didn't tell me anything and why not disagree. -- about how. You should be treated by the offices nothing like laying on his second life. -- no -- it -- them in -- have to protect this themselves to -- so. And -- it was it was -- a tough thing for me I've never have been keeping them alive. What would you want. From the state police right now or do you know yet. I just want an apology. You know like every black person. That's travel a -- -- -- a young man isn't doing something wrong you know I went to college I have a -- career as a musician I. I pay my own because I work hard to buy cadillacs and infineon because like whatever I want. And this is very disheartening to have to go to these type of things over and over -- no -- all you do is live right. You know -- is hard to keep constantly dealing with this every every other. Martha every two months you have to go to the same thing over and over and over like it's wrong for me to have my listings and. And that's not fair what kind of Carty will you drive and now. Infinity when you G data files 2000. I drive and 07 camera 120000 miles. Is trying to make you laugh that's -- I'm glad you came and -- are really due to talk to colonel Edmondson after the top of the -- -- would he has -- -- -- wouldn't talk to again. Tool but I wanna say one thing a friend who. The video is edited. The faces of good though because -- -- political offices that endeavor it is cut off an audio. That is not the full incident that is not -- Think it's been -- been altered and it has really bad parts cut or increased you members in real time -- -- -- -- -- knuckles does not the most I think yeah I appreciate your time -- really do and we'll see what colonel Edmonton has ever been in the policy. Thank you sublime lady came in. A smile -- there you got his side of the story will talk to colonel Edmondson. When we come back and I'll talk tomorrow -- about borrowings current weekend. 856. Idling in traffic that we got to terror province. Hi Tommy Tucker when he get -- involved in this to a -- 60187. Neitzel create six -- 890 -- have any idea controlled crime without getting the wrong guy. That flash.

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