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8-6 9:10am Tommy, controversial police stop

Aug 6, 2014|

Tommy talks to Col. Mike Edmonson, the Louisiana State Police Superintendent, about a controversial police stop involving a local musician

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Colonel Mike Edmondson superintendent of the state police to join us and a couple of minutes we heard Umar Alan's side of this and a lot of people apparently lied about two people three people have texted in. Incensed. That we would let you mark Allen have access to the airwaves. And also saying that race has nothing to do with it. Well then I would suggest to you. If this hand and your mom where you're dead or your brother or your sister. Would you not want them to have the same access to the airwaves to give their side of the story and then of course we'll get the other side. From colonel Edmonds and then. I'm trying to be as impartial and all of this as I can I do think it's interesting in that the state police have come in. To help police knew Rawlins and -- You know it's a tough job for them. It's tough for the people that live in the neighborhood it's it's not like create a bad guys Wear a badge like at least do really good guy as. Or. They identified themselves as criminals and I if it went down -- from violence that I think. The police could have handled it better on the video it's hard to -- and when he hero colonel Edmondson. Has -- say because then. After I talked to him on models that was smiling -- handled it. Better. Masai you get the story you know use -- -- -- both sub -- Exactly and then you make up your mind from that point so if we had not -- -- -- you have half the story must say exactly and I and I think. You know I can't see it both ways I can see it you drive and on the street doing nothing wrong you came back from. -- Mort you're successful guy he went to college educated yourself and get a text that comes in. -- what a crock of crap this guy I was -- the cops this is why Nolan is controlled. By thugs like this guy. And I think that's you know -- little heavy handed and and judgmental considering is going to college successful musician. No trouble with the law as far as I know we'll talk to colonel Edmondson about that and -- were wrong. But -- I don't know you know some people because it's so. Emotional distances please cops or so races it's ridiculous. You know. I I'd still she's trying to find out what the truth is now leave grandson of -- let's leave politics out of because. As us -- to say is I can see samarra Allen side of it you know you're successful guy you drive and -- at nine your presumed to be a criminal and treat it like it. I can also see the side of the state police where it's late at night you're looking for somebody armed is CF card back up from a of roadblocks automatically think arcade is the guy and we got a hot pursuit here. And it's dark you know it's night you don't know what's going on. You wanna go home after years shift IC both sides of this I really do. A text says handout window should of had his license in -- another one says if he was like we wouldn't even be talking. That from Michael. It just seems like. Man there is so much hate there is so much mistrust on both sides can we just find the truth. We're going to the video right now at a Tommy's home working and find it at WW world dot com while we wait for colonel Edmonds and now go to big surely -- big surely thanks for call. Personal and cover it. An American in. This area. There's so that -- -- Are -- he got. Out. On war. -- -- and got caught it. All out ground out. -- has. Been well. -- Pulling -- and let's not speak to colonel Edmondson. He has been on yet but I'm. He's got Cooper yeah it. Does not there. It. That. Is. Back at. All. The result was. That. -- -- ability -- get out of there -- it has got it right. So big surely -- then would you. Aggressively. Address the crime problem because -- which is linked to drugs which is predominantly black on black crime. And if you're a police officer -- how do you draw that line and that's what I don't get them never done police work. Between profiling between. -- Concentrating on people. You know if you're young black male and a predominance of blob crime murder is. -- young black males killing each other than if you're young black -- in the area. How how do you know how -- the police imposed know who's good who's bad. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How. Are. Bill okay I have no outward. So. Well it by now you can't -- -- why they're why you. Why -- all. Our big. Question. Yeah surely -- But yet. All all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Oh. It. -- give and giving your chance right. I'm giving your hands right now big surely coming give colonel Edmonton is chance. And a text comes in and says. It's a rough community at that time of the morning. Murders everyone had guns are searching for an escape beat. What about the the fact that he backed up. It's innocently. To avoid as he says to avoid -- the blockade of the police units because. I don't know about you but and I'm not saying this is right this is true I wasn't there but I have already gone out of my way to avoid police actions as. I don't know if there's student I don't know of Putin's gonna break out I want no part of that at all. -- -- -- in the police officers. Out there we go away. But from the police are and from the police officer's standpoint if they see that happen. Just from their standpoint even though you're innocent does that not make them a little suspicious. As -- don't check out of the courtesy. Visit. Sir did you get ready and get caught. Our. As well -- at this stage. I appreciate your time big surely now really wanna hear from police officers if you've seen the video. What do you think of it and what's going on in your head in a situation like that it detects that comes an. I know she -- well -- as a citizen Meehan fundraising -- feeding the homeless. He has a may leadership program fifteen students at this time in which he volunteers his time to help students with musical talent. He prepares students for entry Nokia twelve last year students were excepted. He's a role model the only thing he's guilty of is dreads and a nice suvs. Another one says he backed up because he was high on marijuana I don't know how you would note that. -- Not -- says maybe if gang bangers stop killing each other and toting drugs automatic weapons in our city. Other black people wouldn't have to suffer by being lumped. Into a role model. So you tell me phone lines are open NC 60187. Neitzel 3866889087. I believe we will be joined by colonel Edmonton. Later in the hour. I'd next couple minutes it will get the state police side of it when we return Tommy Tucker -- W well. I Tommy -- talking about a state police. Stop. That occurred after a roadblock that was happening in the Ninth Ward it concerned a musician. She Maher -- he says he was manhandled roughed up by the police for no reason. And Louisiana state police headed by of course superintendent colonel Mike Edmondson says they did everything you're suppose to do they've been cleared in the investigation. Is close -- -- that we welcoming colonel Mike Edmondson the morning colonel. Anger more harm or it was help he'd be talking about her trip to the border will address yes. We'll address that -- ramped up that a crime against. Easiest way to approach issue Maher Alan -- stop video that you guys released yesterday is. What did the Louisiana state police do right and did Jamar Allen. Do anything wrong in terms of being stopped at that time -- night which. You know every action causes a reaction I guess maybe -- from the air because I would think that's how the investigation -- But look out at 34 years and we can't state leaks and when -- -- believed -- -- -- The integrity while we were that is most importantly. And so when I looked at this and Metallica begin an outlook to apply out. Policies and procedures of how we train -- what we do look at action. Out of based. Other actions that that -- honest that that was important to me. Alec physical buying in I think what's what's -- -- concerning I don't wanna get -- -- -- In the sound like a very nice -- You know I'll offer to meet him an offer that go on the radio be glad that. One warning and -- him and talk about it. He you know great in Asia and in order and you'll and that simple. I think on this particular is that. Everything it was based on what he it would look cute and it is it that we arrested. And actually escape from the district the we worked an investigation and we immediate hot and weigh about 4000 more this stop managed woodland area. That you would -- Colonel just a note that the guy you're looking for escape from the police station from custody of them sound crotchety and at least -- -- -- -- And then -- to label which -- -- and Angela. And Costello who ran out bill so expect that night actually looking on the view this. -- wanted to cut it. Am probably the second largest distribute cocaine in front court. Pretty. We certainly yeah yeah on -- weren't. At 2 o'clock in the morning. Our investigation. Isn't -- -- into an area that it would take an interest. And in that area. Knocking -- -- walking around that particular area this -- it's awareness so many things. In remarks so contentious different changes several. As -- -- what the cougars were. -- the -- was not and I know that. There were no lights on -- or not. Blue light place it was stoppers literally eat simply couldn't go on there and an indication. They may have just stopped. Check in England they actually stop we got there. You can call it -- and and and -- very. -- and then left. And that certainly brought attention to him. I don't look ordinary. And actually OJ and a Golden -- We each of felony. And that's the situation what we went and it could or should -- -- talk. It is -- -- anybody else the call. -- -- we can't say what -- at 3 -- and wanted to lose in the call -- the -- out like. It is expanding now -- now -- we we don't you know things and we certainly. To talk about. My that we don't condone the Egypt. And we simply don't do so that that probably is disingenuous even even bring could that should should simply not. We approach the caller that counting him. And I respect and the -- not -- it was brought in its entirety to a television station annual. And say help blocks right out. They were on the congress in your area brought them as the man achieved at sister. Bring additional people in this city more what I haven't -- these are some order. They actually -- -- on the -- it still involved investigation. And I simply getting their pictures that are enormously because it. At all cases that legally. This particular day after Labor Day. They can go back and continue for some of those guys so that's the reason that. The pitched it you're called retreat in the -- at that time was not one that shut out. -- -- are completely. And that tight. Exit its sixteen -- and it's not true probably. Less than two minutes it was actually on that set him up and limit to the caller to stop trade that. Currently there -- a couple of questions or run at a time date on machines they would set the news which -- great I. Important yet it is I get it. I don't light and always believe that but let let. It will and argue that argument. -- all you don't bring that we know happened I'm not not install the change in -- I don't I get a text here and and I I would think this is a policy if you if you're looking for guys that escape from a police station a cocaine dealer. And somebody's squeeze squeals -- -- tires backs up from a checkpoint where. I am not a college checkpoint blockade whatever it was no flashing lights series you -- -- Smart units I would presume. Talked on the south and it will be different houses that area okay and whatnot. Stop and cause them I'm on the road there and actually talk approach that will not -- it was clear to go to their and they can't deny that lights and so. -- just wasn't the case. And the reason I ask all of this I would think if I was an officer I would approach the vehicle with my gun drawn thank NO OK there's a there's a probability that and since we're looking for an escape guy. This person squeal the tires cannot that this could be somebody. That's armed and dangerous so is set procedure to have to guns drawn when you approach a car. -- -- in an interview we just don't know which usually get out of the call he was not -- -- man. It wasn't putting both it and we don't know and and injures his left without. Vehicle at least not comply with the law law. You know it's an app then of course very quickly. But it actually and that he's simply not doing so they get to call. And and that and it's -- come in contact with them and they grab at all. They don't. They don't market map and -- cute little animal will. They don't slam into the ground it was a controlled descent in the ground older acts that do not in -- -- it -- -- well. And that I -- at this -- -- -- Iranian count -- we've become if we stop. Once you controlled the subject. We stop and that's what happened and that's what it was controlled atmosphere. It was it was kicking slammed. Edwards. Could put it well you know fortunately and court. We'll take down every single order. Important -- and expectations. Public. -- and I'd do if said the state police under the greatly and look at those who want and -- -- hard -- -- something that was that was different from. -- -- for me. Why you why you marry each and distort and once he got somebody you know like they can Somalia. Know you like something that probably has -- area near and go. Away from the -- It's never important. But more like he had an incident that way to go to court and I'm walker stopped them and some of them that's. Purchase cigarettes. So when they checked his ID colonel let that came up dead here. Al-Qaeda is so what is it a. Pending charge and in at the end there's no controllers -- And in this they simply -- wrote him back. I don't know about doing what the computer showed in terms of other business scrapes with the law had there been. You know that an incident and that same tired chablis at location where it was actually yeah. Actually that existing. Non. On the object model all. -- -- but he -- more to believe in Cain. And I was very similar circumstance and and it -- be. I don't know why he has a community -- about police aren't. They kill somebody you know that an unfortunate situation and great comic. There was an unfortunate situation this is not something that we won't -- but. India. And we. Probably been my mom and acted in America. Tall and you know when it found that yeah. To get a copy of data on him but based Kadima. Because. And they column he secretly and they let him go you know there was one out there. -- automobile and -- human. And we all. Ought to treat people I'm I'm I'm very. I didn't have that so. That was important to look at all experts say here's the bottom. And the incidences though. -- an automatic. Blitzer in -- -- do -- own area. That we don't -- successfully and abruptly under. A good idea and drug taken. Out when extolling coordinate apprehension on those animals wanna go on all -- Of those poignantly. Sixteen album born and the people should not happen and I believe Donovan. We've been -- productive. No traffic tickets around the city and the state. So would a lot of things that we can tell you -- Should get some -- -- Oval but ultimately there. I mean it's an important meeting that you -- You'll. Get back on the -- there are some additional manpower. And and -- bottom line with the people that there's people that live in the city -- And eyes and say that we can he ought to make their -- I wanna continue to announcements came in any count doesn't make you think you know there. But the bottom line will leave and at labor because we simply on the -- continue this apartment. Colonel please give me a couple of minutes and talk about you your trip to the border and -- quickly before we do go to news was there. On a chase that happened after he backs up the police officers say oh who resists it did he pull over immediately and just wondered about that part it. And I got a remote was a very short time period -- pulled over I know there's some concern that he's still trying to put the corn and and or something which a lot. Is -- and stone article it completely ought. And and the trooper approaching record that time so look at all that the cadets and Cordelia look at the totality of the situation. And I simply deny him and I -- troopers. He worked in a manner that was not conducive to -- trained how we treat people and that was important in the a look at all the. I will talk about your trip to the border when we come back also when you mentioned partnership I know it's important. At least is I understand in law enforcement to have the the cooperation of the community and and now I would like asking of this damage Danny and that our people very appreciative that the state police are here because he can't have it both ways you can't. Not like crime and then. Now what the police there as well -- a bit -- 935 more with colonel Edmondson. The superintendent of the state police try another time for another W golfers and isn't that we get David -- thank you David colonel Michael Edmondson spending some time -- this given. -- state police. I hate to say version but do what did the way the state police who responded to. The traffic stop of the musician we ended nearly a fortune Maher Alan. Given his side Ellen I guess and at one point colonel -- -- says that the police poked him in the chest and said that they were gonna see him again. If they if he ever came Baghdad neighborhood any of that happened. We don't treat people like that I'm bill on the totality of this situation. There that where it was stepping away or slamming they had little. That. You know kicked in the -- those types of that that -- -- that did happen. You know and I thank and you look back keep in directions I taught -- that are similar situation that that was a light at nine. High crime area yet at going to call it all out that -- and that report so. You know that that that's a pattern that respect and I'll I'll offer to sit out and helped him. I guess -- -- -- that we -- community I am today. -- it would like does that that it would amendment will gladly do them. I think what's important -- Billy caught out each one that should individually and collectively elected to try. I talked to -- about it ain't. -- we brought the trade. The -- patient and you -- salt in Arctic. Everything but there's no edited sergeant other than what they did on the faces of the guys -- -- -- working undercover we did not for the in we have blurted out we simply don't we operate like that -- 34 years and I'm telling Ali I'm. It's about integrity it's about the truth is about making sure the public knows. While we do the things we do an and it. Out of faith based community you'll. Throughout my term as the temperature are open to up actually yesterday applaud the work of what we don't want law and order. Uneven yet they have those interviewed and had at least when it probably thirty people on the list. And say thank you spoke to group. Business leaders from central business district in the French Quarter business association wall applauded -- thank you so much it's a more different and all year. And -- commitment. And that that -- I think it's important I mean and are you feel like we've you've got an incredible group of men and women and can be your. Console out. To be able war with them and be able to look at it's not about. State police. He law is about one intricate providing public safety and service to the citizens want the people that one of our great city. Could we know we can't be successful. -- -- beefy recruit people -- world ago I'm going to say that you all under the treaty of bourbon you know current quarter that I get that on any. And -- meeting wonderful and we haven't traded in the leadership. And and we got to make sure we hear amber those those for the citizens live I spent. Precious so important is this is unfortunate situation which it has not happened but the deal with it. Probably small as it dealt with it did -- he knows they did a manner that. Convicted. The way I operate in the way -- honest -- that's how we -- And eight times limited -- me about the trip be made to the border. Eye opening experience and com am it was something that audit plan of course governor Jindal came along likely they go out. My lag sure I'm purge. It was important you know my second trip there mom along respectable coach. Different we don't make heroin and cocaine and and I and Louisiana's coming from somewhere and actually well on the border to -- map -- while they're estimating dissident. Voice. Differently abdicate marijuana cocaine methamphetamine the Carol black torture one. Mexico -- that second producer of heroin in the world. And it coming out there for somebody it yet -- that no relation between. Texas Mexico border in the real time river probably that's definitely. All the state it is. When you see what would come across that border in the individual. For me to be a lack in the small ball out like at that point. Let it be trying to prevent -- toward Barack and not feel like in. Now we've had apparently of the world around here care. Probably coming out of Mexico and actually in the Louisiana deaths and two of -- would go for annual Republican entry level -- used to be. And the 12% at about forty to 50%. -- -- Assurances that needle or should've spoken and on their dock in critic Jack and almost sure. Heroin into the system and and it's killing the -- it -- it is I'm about to the other thing. Quickly but what can you do -- I would have to happen at the Mexican. US border whether he can. They're stopping it there but I can learn how did being. Out of being transported how they're getting -- -- I'm actually -- -- -- and information of where it's possible absolutely can -- up and others. And we can look for that explains what stopped a car. And stop when people look at we can train them how to look at things and be prepared or we know what's coming across the board and what I'm old. If they're probably stopping. Maybe 101215%. Of -- come across the border. And so we're dealing with 85% that's coming. I'm okay I'm -- right and not a whole lot -- -- -- The pale light spectrum light through Louisiana they're adding a new law to Miami Atlanta to New Jersey New York they tell us that. Traffic stop -- that the rest -- that. And the million -- intelligence information so that they -- -- thing which is I use the word scary but it's very concerning to me. With the the drug gangs gangs that are coming out of Mexico are proliferating. In taxes they've made numerous through grass and -- and -- What data tell the public to educate himself on that of -- bury. People very bad people and they've they've arrested in the border how many did he. Only use in this -- for the people come across the border because they're being recruited and yank you around announced lately coming in the Louisiana. You know we talk about -- market and at fourteen they've been here. Not in Central America not in South America. Not Mexico 141516. Or adult. -- lieutenants and then. And on the record failed and Yang in the coming across with with with. Only intention -- and even -- modest and portray it and get back involved in the drug. And our people and we're seeing a very large. Population. Different groups are coming and they. Some New York areas support believing how we can -- Information along force structure our our our police departments we ought to be sharing that collectively -- -- probably -- -- I appreciate your time we are at a time and hope we talked again yes sir thank you are creature you -- colonel Mike elevenths in Louisiana. Say police superintendent you've heard both sides some -- to think when we come back under the W Jauron -- quickly Rhonda we're almost out of time please. Tell me what you think is quickly she can. I don't think a week ago I actually air. Because like eight he would understand the only right but in an -- -- you know whatever. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Fairness I don't think they were looking for an escape drug dealer with the mayor's son -- It don't matter keep -- -- -- to the shot it up at CNET. Hot. Pro at -- big check him out of the car and throw them out that you. I don't know they would but do you think they knew it was a -- -- at the time and I'm trying to take up for -- here's I'm trying to don't try to put myself. -- behind a bulletproof vest as a law enforcement officer. And wonderful I had done anything different knowing at the time. That I'm looking for an escape cocaine dealer who escaped from a police station. Like I understand they're not that people should go public and -- why don't guys. They approach why people like. In the end it differently. To the black. Let the candidate. A majority of crime is black on black young man does that have anything to do it then we. Should approach. -- single bill. But -- -- let me just real quick run to -- run out of time. If the majority of of crime and murders and violent crime in new loans young black man killing or wounding other young young black man. Is it wrong for the police to have a reasonable suspicion when they make -- stop if it is a young black man. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sure you all the people go. All -- Are you got to look -- But yeah a lot. Aren't getting it. On TOK. -- Rhonda appreciate your your time in your -- it's not what all the experts tell us what you're entitled to your opinion would you call back in a flash and -- Let's congratulate cat people like. 119 dollars words. In get him at Ticketmaster dot com 807453000. Will give more away tomorrow garlic coming up next with a great thing tank right here at WW.

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