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8-6-14 1:10pm Angela: on what's trending

Aug 6, 2014|

Angela finds out what news stories are trending on social media with WWL news director Dave Cohen, WWL First Take host Todd Menesses and B97's Stevie G.

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And it's quite a crew it's a beautiful crew. And it's a beautiful day it may be 92 degrees feels like a 102 but -- in August and it's post. We are trending on this Wednesday but I wanna tell you about our 2 o'clock hour a real authority on animal behavior is going to join us. She's an expert of world renowned expert on exotic animals but you can also answer all your questions. About how to get better behavior from your dog or cat and the way she does it it's all through kindness. And at 3 o'clock it's going to be a fun hour -- has spent his lunch hour at the superdome getting the scoop on the new menu items for game day. And all the other changes for fans as the season starts so it's going to be an interesting day. But we begin with our trending. And here to clueless and Dave Colin WW wellness director of -- -- Talk Manassas co host a first take with state courts taste like the -- clue in two and Steve EG the other. You're so pretty too I search for parents to -- -- afternoons world you search for clues on that you find them to some it is a great day to be trending. It just a great day it's Wednesday we may get little rain that cools off its quit whining. Here we go let's start with this is painful to even say. And OPD suspend another officer without pay when does this stuff. Yeah you know that's the question this is the fifth new Orleans police officers arrested and suspended without pay since July 11 so in less than a month that's now five. -- PD officers if it continues at this pace will there be any collapse. This time we have a police officer who was allegedly driving drunk and was pulled over by the causeway police. And it charged with DW YMC. Has been arrested and suspended without pay and it just doesn't leave you shaking your head that. You would think that after they've seen four of their fellow officers who have been. Essentially kicked off the force now of course it's pending a trial and guilty verdict and and I everything that follows in terms of hopefuls. Civil service. -- How -- yeah I think that. A cop would go maybe I shouldn't drive drunk this may get a rest I think I'll lose my job. It really cap market kill somebody or myself. And we talked about this is just a really bad run and doesn't like this doesn't happen on a police force of over a thousand people. But in sot 26 states I think it's the fifth on. You do you just have to feel badly for everybody. Yeah a while I am I -- I don't feel badly for those people who are breaking the law are allegedly breaking on getting caught again you feel bad for the police chief for the force says that now. Shrink even more and try to fight crime in the city with even fewer resources and the public who only wants more police -- more police and more. Police good police officers and all the experts are we're talking to say this does not mean that the and a -- is full of a bunch of bad apples that doesn't mean this is. Essentially a law breaking group of police officers but it does raise eyebrows and leads to shaking of heads when you have. In such a short time five officers arrested and this. Hopefully this is the end. Hopefully I wonder if they're having a major staff meeting sang don't even think about loving peace going appease and -- Like your back in the first grade you'd think that would it would mean they could just tell the police officers you you can just quit you know you don't have to. You don't have to go through all this to get off before. Equipment you know. And that's one of the things though that presents the new administration came and they made a big point of their trying to weed out the bad apples are trying to get rid of the problem officers -- -- there weeding themselves out -- this point yeah -- it's the -- that they're just taking care of it for them. Well according to move on to sports and I know this is entry number one not child but it's one that took my breath away. And maybe could better explain it from Florida State. Is gonna pay quarterback. Jamie has Winston 60000. Dollars. Played this -- you have days they they found away around and I guess you would say it's it's a loophole that they're taking advantage of what they're gonna do. They're gonna pay him through. -- fund. That they have that are all the universities have. Usually they use it to buy like a flight home there's an emergency for -- player or -- new suit if they have a media appearance. Well. What this guy did does this young man did -- Winston he took out an insurance policy. Basically saying that if he doesn't get drafted. And one of the top ten picks he'll get so much money for it because you know he's gonna stay around and play with -- so they're gonna pay for the insurance. Policy. From this fund. 60000 dollars you out a little -- yeah addicts are basically money out of their there's a report that their paying him 60000 -- to play football this season. Which is a small portion. Of the millions he's gonna help them learn. In relation with now -- isn't for Texas they NM figured out how to do this. It says that they pioneered the use of the student assistance fund as it's called to pay premiums for insurance premiums for. Players if they get injured for their families and so forth and so on and help pay for if there if problems come up so. It doesn't really go on to have affected the title says that they they're gonna pay him. You know 60000. Dollars to stay around. And a -- -- this just isn't isn't going to notice an airplane ticket but the NCAA is OK with it because it's common not a that doesn't it only fair I mean that that school should assume some of the -- this -- -- playing for free and next -- -- a play for a couple million shouldn't the school. Have to pay for the insurance policy -- I I would I mean that's what they're telling me let me clear that he doesn't get any money from this but the heat because it is its policy premium -- if first -- all. Wouldn't. Aren't these kids all insured as the school that insurance. For all and I don't know medical one minute on. Only retailer to them unless it's medical yet again and up pay for their hospital sells this and and this thing in life insurance or -- He he purchased a total permanent disability coverage as well as a loss of value coverage. Because what is gonna happen is -- say he may lose his value. In the NFL draft. If he continues to play or he got injured or something happens and let's. No word Hollywood stars -- concerned that their legs are there other body parts thing if I can't use this I can -- money. So you'll have to pay me millions of dollars of. Absolutely possible that came its Winston gets hurt and cannot play in the NFL average this year and he's guaranteed to make millions even if he's not good in the NFL -- a year and get a couple -- well here's the thing if the policies are needed he stands to make between eight to ten million. All of these policy initiated freshman is he a senior who is. I believe he's seen he's a sophomore he's not soft mattress on he's a sophomore is the 60000 dollars per year of the school will be checking out this fund. It doesn't really go into details on that they're just kind of talk and getting -- himself the next NFL draft yet because he's the Catholic -- -- the cap this fund by 3500000. Dollars okay the NCAA says you can have that much money in this fund. To use for things like this for the players. So Florida State Texas a and M they're saying hey we got this money sitting around here we got to use it. Some kind of wait let's use it this way maybe this is a way we keep these guys around at -- and go into the NFL early it's utterance I. I think it's an incentive last year there were suspicions that you -- and -- was not trying super hard because he didn't wanna get hurt depth and -- to get drafted the next here -- you couldn't go on the NFL yet. So I think the school wants to assure games within hey if you get hurt you'll be covered so you gonna try. Israeli -- just look at abide by this time next year the best fifty players. Will have the same policy. Yeah I saw that yeah it's coaches are going to sit literary terms of mom and dads and recruit high school kids now -- one of the questions is going to be hey are you gonna pay for a policy for my kid exactly get millions if he gets hurt on your team and doesn't go to the NFL right. If he doesn't go to the NFL 'cause he's not good enough this whole thing -- Milt he'd get a very good and everybody else let's pretend he's not let's say some. Any kid but it's -- it's only going to be for the players I think -- market will spring up in appraisers who robberies thank you future and where I was looking of NFL while its prospects it's already there it's just not legal. It that way it's also interesting though that a kid who may say you know what I'm gonna go out. I'm going to the NFL after my junior year I'm not sticking around for my year at the university comes of this hole on. Your concern if you're not gonna get your payday theoretically if you wait another year you think your value may drop right we're gonna give -- -- -- -- policy that says. If you don't get drafted is not and you still get ten million box I think this can be precedent we're setting where there's a lot of letters demanding -- stink. What I'm saying and that's what they're saying this assistance fund will probably. Help college football hold on to their players longer like you saw -- issue lost a bunch of folks this year who because. You know if they're all thinking especially when you become a junior. Well to do I get if I get hurt next year do I stick around like go to the NFL. Andrew Luck was a bigger big thing to prospects when would he go out or stay for his senior year he decided to stay for his senior year. But the top ten thing I think is what's throwing me let's say they pick him twelfth he still gets eight or ten million from the policy yet and what they're gonna yeah yeah absolutely. The way the only -- -- -- even get -- twelfth verses six that's a lose money millions and down a lot of money because the scale. Based on where your pay. Is set by the agents in the NFL teams higher you're picked the more money you make so you drop. -- draft stock drops you lose millions of now. This is fascinating I'm so glad you had a time you'll stay with us everyone we're gonna continue our trending yes we are with Steve EG next. And we're trending with date Colin -- Manassas and the great Steve EG. Yes very fresh yes you are great in our eyes and I can put a little blurb on business card the great quote -- Angeles quote. You can take that as a quote you have to actually great news though about. A website that tells you when paid iPhone apps are free. I don't know its its kind in -- not. I just discovered this this week and will be trending today and it should be trending because I can't believe they let people do this but you know I'll I mean. Every store has sales you know and iPhone and android apps have sales to. Sometimes apps that cost a good deal of money will be free for promotional reasons they don't buy commercial sports how do you find out about it well. Used to just be locked with his website BGR dot com there at tech website at tech news website. But two or three times a week they'll publish a list of all of the paid apps on either iPhone or android. That are currently and temporarily free. And what I would suggest these you go to and get them while they're free even if you think he might use it in the future you download it because the cool thing at least an iPhone news. If you download an -- and then delete it. You can read downloaded for free anytime in the future. So this new cell if you get it while it's free and then delete it has on -- -- two months from now if you do need. You just don't get it. Well you know I knew it was set up a Google alert for a there's an app you want to you're waiting for it to become free to probably set up a Google -- on this PBG ours that would -- ER dot com Jaret act now website. To alert you when the app you want history right. Well Yahoo! has started running their articles about it -- it it'll say it like three or four. Apps that cost money that are usually free most of Berman 1990 sent -- someone -- was 14990. It was on Microsoft. Office -- we could pull up excel files on your phone. This 1499 would rent for free for a week. So if you downloaded -- that week only. -- -- -- -- -- time charge fourteen million I would be one time -- just on a monthly GLB a one time some of our subscription in this that it would be free we have a lesson on -- -- can do all of a spreadsheet in -- -- found this is a lot of -- Music to ears of those of who Labarca. This is thank you very much dvd this is why you were great BGR dot com remember those BG yard dot com. Let's talk about this is major news the company has to redo the application. On the North Shore fracking. -- now it depends who you ask them whether or not this is a major setback or not supporters. Of stopping the fracking so I -- fracking opponents see this is a major victory that the US Army Corps of Engineers has told. Those who want to drill. -- fracking well near Bonita springs that. They have not proven that there's anyone -- there or a significant amount of oil there that would justify the -- giving them. The permit to go ahead and drill the fracking well. Tracking very controversial. There are many people on the North -- concerned that -- -- destroy the environment that it's gonna disturb the homes around that it's gonna. Contaminate the ground water that is gonna create air pollution. Course the company that wants to do the fracking says no that's not the case or not gonna destroy the environment it is our best interest to preserve the environment. And is it our best interest to only drill where there is oil they say that we were gonna drill exploratory well anyway. So the court telling us that we have to apply for a permit to drill exploratory well before we can get a permit. To do the full fracking well no setback we were gonna do that anyway so the fracking fight is far from over on the North Shore. But this. -- laughing -- Timothy fracking. Fracking the fight is far from Iraq and crazies -- You think -- made -- -- so hilarious on purpose -- -- little. -- oil and gas I don't think is laughing at this point but there are putting good spin on it and thing. We're going to be fine we're gonna drill exploratory well after we get department at their provisional island and they hope to get the go ahead and -- But. The NC eleven again again I'll put that. This is serious business it's serious business but it's just the way you say well and -- fracking opponents have. This could have made signs that they get the frak out of -- -- you know I guess they've played on that. Thing that makes time we change all serious issues to silly words -- and like you ever again -- now little by god Columbine era. The silly word in this serious fight over its it didn't work -- Willamette imagined world leaders talking about this man giggling in the -- Which is perhaps why we're not worldly. Let us talk about that when everybody's talking about and that is what's happening within the NFL. And on the back field. Yeah the New Orleans Saints well they released their unofficial depth charts all the the NFL teams do and the saints have released theirs has raised some eyebrows. With fans and analysts you know the saints' backfield is crowded -- they always keep a stable of running backs. But the interesting thing is they've released their quota on official depth chart. And the pecking order is this Mark Ingram is listed as their number one -- Kyra Robinson number two year Thomas as the number three. Back. Now as we know from recent seasons the saints like to spread things around in the backfield and if Mark Ingram is the number one back court it's carried Robinson most analysts seem to think it's not Mark Ingram their giving them nine Mordecai re Robinson is being the if you don't want that one based on the reports I'm hearing -- and Bobby in but again -- out that one of its pricing and the NN if you look around the league right now at all of these unofficial depth charts they put out you're gonna see a lot of things like that. Where they're scratching their head in and some folks. Joking in saying that. NFL coaches do that just to mess with the fantasy football guys to say hey look this is really what will we see in the death but. Most of the fantasy football guys know what's really gonna happen and that as far as also in the NFL talk about what the saints. There's also debate who's going to be the most prolific offense in the NFL this year. And of course the saints are in that number that they're talking about their getting a lot of nods especially now with Brandon cooks. They're saying the saints are gonna sizzle. There is one guy as typical of the media that just says. I think it's going to be the cowboys and of course everyone just left. About the yeah I'll bring that news out of saints -- today with the Brandon cooks dropped the ball drop the ball and actually everyone watching practice cannot remember over the last two and a half we dropped the ball -- dropping a pass before so. At least we know now that he is human my big question now is. Is true threes OK you talk about the depth chart running backs but it as one note who's going to be a look at the season. I think you'll be ready for the regular season I don't think he'll be ready to play for the pre season game and nobody really cares and wait for the pre season game you think he still feels 25. I think he still -- 25. With a little -- -- -- -- -- injury although he realized for us if we had 200 the call while painfully in injury. For him to know we think note saying it hasn't wasn't a 100% sure -- that was a lot to handle again for a cause that's where there. For him he doesn't have love and also called noble actually for us who will be a debilitating injury but it. I do have to say that our WL pretty -- opinion poll is the saints number. First unofficial depth chart they list their running back up pecking order Mark Ingram won Kerry Robinson second Peter Thomas third. Who's number one on your list so cast your vote will look at a little later on in Russia. Let -- go over back to mr. Steve Gina your beloved wife was here yesterday she brought up. About fifty shades of gray and I think you have a little comment on it or something. That's happening the same day. -- released yeah well I I. Have several comments and fifty shades of gray but one of them. -- -- that the news last week it was actually stolen the trailer for fifty shades of -- came out last week but the N news with stolen by the announcement that a Christian group. Is gonna and finance and make a movie and it's gonna come out on Valentine's Day that same day it's fifty shades of gray and it's gonna come back to. Against all of them it's gonna be called old fashioned. And it's gonna be about an old -- that you're gonna love this movie Angela an old fashioned chivalry is romance. I'll be there. You're gonna BC that would not fifty -- And they see both. But I would see that is -- level fashion six double feature a double feature. And -- scream and asked to go the newsroom we will go to the newsroom but mommy come back we're gonna continue our trending. And so much is trending in this is a story that John really hit the heart of a lot of people of whether you like animals are or not. It started the conversation and done that calling you have the latest on the man kicking and squirrel. Into the -- that is three consecutive days this has been one of the tops top trending stories worldwide and now. And I say worldwide because we have now learned that the man who shot and posted the infamous. YouTube video which has been pulled down by the way because it violates. You'd turn YouTube's code. Showing. Two men laying down at some sort of bread crumbs retreats to draw the squirrel closer and closer to the edge of the Grand Canyon. Then these men wearing. Only underwear one of them as a straw hat on. Wait till the squirrel gets right to the edge of the Grand Canyon and think one of them kicks it. Right over the edge and you -- a flying off into the distance and we can only assume this world. Would not survive this massive plummeted to the -- was not flying squirrel was it. Regular girls swirl. I'm now the brits after learning. That the a man who shot the videos and -- with -- war but they spoke French. The brits now we're going wild with this because of the you know the England vs France rivalry that exists. And big story that's trending worldwide today is the one announcing the 101000. Pound reward that's about 60870. Dollars that's being offered. For anyone who can identify this world kickers and bring them to justice. Would it have been more OK if after that they went to the bottom cooked it in Egypt. Well you know we we talk to people about this. And again at 5 AM hour. And ask what's what should be done with these guys half the people. About who texted candidates 7870 said that the squirrel kicker should be kicked into the Grand Canyon and they could suffer the same fate. As this world other -- holed up. It's -- -- -- -- and shoot them. Regularly there's a lot of squirrel punters in our audience. What's the big deal one person -- is it -- -- tailed rat. Would you care be kicked Raddatz at the basket. And so it's -- It was about 5050 amongst those people who text -- who thought nothing could happen to them because and we hunt squirrels we eat squirrels what's the big deal. And others that kick him in the Grand Canyon but you know I guess if I would be more palatable pardon upon but if they had. Then retrieved the squirrel and made a squirrel -- I'm disappointed in the squirrel I mean half my youth was me trying to trick squirrels in the coming close enough for me to catch him and I never once call one now. We normally -- what I tourist spot like the Grand Canyon where -- round people -- This and I find it very disturbing period cruelty cruelty cruelty and also find it disturbing that -- and is under. Yet was back -- I don't. No and at least we sell out like he was -- on our website WW well that down the stream V continues to transit to go to our most viewed stories in the middle the page in the bottom you can still watch. It's a compilation of still images. That there are still up from a news report posted to YouTube -- can still get it really good idea of what happened here but yet we don't know we don't know who they are we only know that the person who shot the video said they are French. But one -- -- wearing black I'm also like biker short tight underwear bicycle you have it and I think their underwear. And the other one's wearing white victory two nights. Another boxer briefs what they. Surely it was a bus people going by that might have seen. Two idiots like this dress like that. And they're -- they're hoping -- -- especially as viral as these videos have gone now that someone will identify and that's why. -- now in Europe is offering this 101000 pound reward about 161000 books the -- about something happy we have. The first female assistant coach. Yeah this this came out yesterday and we were talking about it is gone back and forth and back and forth about. Was she the first was he not Becky Hammond okay has been on join the -- on the San antenna Tony a spurs of the and the WNBA season cheek. She's going to retire as an assistant coach. Well WNBA now -- -- been chosen for sixteen years she was saying with the new York and San Antonio teams into the of WNBA. She's retiring at the end of the season is gonna join the spurs. As an assistant coach now the question was she the first which -- not what will NBA. Finally the NBA finally cleared it all -- because. In the 20012002. Season the Cleveland Cavaliers. Coach John Lucas brought -- boy year. Onto the team's practices and in some games as they type of assistance however. She was not hate him so. She is be their first full time paid female assistant on an NBA coaching staff that's how they're listing your. Now also congratulations to -- haven't ever San Antonio Spurs in the NBA they just continue to break. Barriers left -- right that the rest of you know in the NFL and and in Major League Baseball are still sit there we're not gonna do that. Was this wonderful player only hit 56 on my politics -- and -- tall the national. But you don't reach your I'll learn I'll be inspired by her. She's one of the she's one of the -- I think she's like fourth or fifth on the scoring depth is unity government of the NBA's she went to the their Pro Bowl like six times it was a selected so. Good -- in my interestingly though you raises a lot of questions will -- be in the locker room with the guys after the game what oracle role be as an assistant coach and Gregg Popovich I don't know if you wanna say he put his foot in his mouth the coach of the spurs but during the news conference announcing that she was going to be join in the staff said. She's been perfect she knows when to talk and she knows when to shut up. That's as simple as you can put. I think if he had said that about a male assistant coach you'd understand that. The guy knows his place as an assistant coach yet yelled at that he knows when it's -- -- -- -- tell employers what to do when not -- and let the media the head coach say. But when he says that about a woman. It's a -- you know she knows when to shut up. In most cases if a man said that about a woman it would be extremely offense. Didn't play in the context of what the role of an assistant coaches rust but okay. It was perceived differently because she's a woman it's going to be very interesting to see well when the federal a year from Toronto -- look and and say where's the next one according to take a break and come back we have much more trending to do. And before we get to Stevie G in his next one I just wanted to say are ready hole. Shows as you know the pecking order was Mark Ingram first this is by the saints carry Robinson's second -- Thomas third. Well you're voting Ingram third and only 16%. And you're saying Thomas. At 53%. The -- the fan base is the fan favorite that I did I really doubt that he is first on the depth journal remember he was cut and had to re sign with the saints as is. Fans hate to see it but he's getting a -- running back its third area expiration Robinson those on getting all the buzz -- -- K yeah so. OKMR -- -- talking about I'm so happy and TI is here and CIS New Orleans yes you can see him all around -- usually in the the movies have codes to help the extras get to the site but no not French CIS and -- and CIS and an arrow. Add to their film and so if you -- and there's some sort of crime scene looking area. It may just -- them filming for the got from quantum leap yes guys from want to wait that that was or that guy from whatever else he's. Has he done anything else thinks the quantum -- guy. Investigating a naval officers and naval officer victims it and. Citing -- exciting they're doing it here he did he was one of the captains -- one of the early on Star Trek one of the ones that did not succeed. -- -- normal yeah. Well anyway we welcome them -- hope it's got -- that the got back yes. OK yesterday it should we talk about. This is incredible because -- The Russian gang stole one point two billion Internet passwords. They did it in like six of them didn't like. Fifteen minutes -- -- And essentially. If you're again spyware or what appears to be a virus on computers they've been Thomas for a long time this may just be. It people on eastern bloc countries or even terrorists in the Middle East. Trying to get username and password from computers all over the world why you might ask either eight so they can. Victimized on the computers around the world at once as a terror attack a beast -- -- can take your money. And these Russian. Gangsters. Now have over a billion user names and passwords of people all around the globe and can be your bank account. Your email to anything else the experts are saying. Do yourself -- favor potentially passports. Also other saying you gotta get all the spyware. Malware and everything else off your computers. So if you know you have an annoying thing keeps popping up you think and it's no big deal to some malware or you can't -- your home page on Internet Explorer whoever facilities that. It keeps defaulting to some weird website deductions. If you -- exactly. Did you may have some malware that may mean that the Russians are in your computers stealing your username and password. But they did say that there are very young and that -- like they think six of them and it just took a month literally. And that's kind of creepy to think that they could accomplish such a short period of time is there anything that we're going to be able to do. Well again as you change your user names and passwords and I can't remember the ones have done. What you know we have to keep changing them. Well you know it -- no there there in your computer when you go to change your password that comes up that says you sure you want to change -- -- attributed to got a problem. Oh you can't have it. Let's go back to sports what is this about hard knocks and -- Well. Every year they follow it a team in training camp and this year the NFL -- they're following the Atlanta Falcons. In their training camp then so. Let's just not sure it's a comedy -- tragedy I can't figured out yet how they're following habit. In the first episode it's it was kind of you watch us I guess funny. Just some of the things that they were doing in the they're trying to reboot this season as what they're talking about this year is a he re booting. Year to get ready. One of the funny year. Things in there they said was you see Mike Mike Smith the coach walk around and sandals. There was an awkward moments. Win one of the coaches twice. Who's just joined the team. Says is sitting with the owner Arthur Blank. During practice and he says mr. blank we just got to get them to act like New Yorkers like you and I then will be okay right. And Arthur Blank -- kind of looks at him like. Line but what are you talking about I have no idea what you're talking about so. It was a little little awkward in some of the scenes but like it says that I don't know if it's comedy or tragedy. This year follow them they don't believe editing. They do edit but I guess they thought that was that was going to be a a funny portion of it -- I don't think they gates added I think well the NFL and -- in Atlanta that's an added power for entertainment value rather than runner so. Mike Smith said he takes a lot of the blame from last season in what. And and so forth and so. State AG Simpsons that just keeps getting bigger. Well you know the Simpsons has never been on cable they were on syndicated a lot on certain networks but they've never been on cable and they finally struck a cable deal. For the Simpsons I picked it just because and a time to do his Homer Simpson impression do. And it kills me and do that you former teams doing so the Simpsons have. They've been around what 25 years they have 552 purposes. And they're all going to be airing on FXX. Witches. I guess the third FX network the other next one you know that put another comment the commitment name and to start it off starting on all on August 21 going through. September 21 are gonna air every episode ongoing commitment to back. In order in order and the Simpsons movie. In the order -- that would have been. Back to back to back for August and stop so that any repeat figures Simpsons fan. You're not doing anything -- obviously first -- September 1 this is 24 hours yeah. Now -- -- eleven and a half days is when it comes out here and they've already warned Fox's Ari said. No one will be able to watch the ball it's not physically possible be tried to stay awake to watch them all you will dot. And they said that you will die and so they're urging no one to try it became -- DVR at and go back and watch it. Within that time allowed because and other ones are coming on. Coming in Ramallah again -- gonna -- and then regularly between in order from the I admit I could Smith is diabetic it would remove it will. You all are getting stranger and stranger but still a wonderful stay with us everyone we're not done. Thank you Dave Cullen top Manassas Stevie -- you're the best renders in will be trending again tomorrow but with this for our next hour thank you guys.