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8-6-14 3:10pm Angela: on the new Superdome menu

Aug 6, 2014|

Angela talks with WWL host Scoot, who sampled the new menu on tap at the Superdome for Saints gamedays as well as Superdome representative Ricky Zeller.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I feel like we made a new friend with Barbara what what a great talent she is. What an interesting life she has -- and she promises if she comes back to New Orleans shall come back on the show which I would love to talk about. All the wonderful animal behaviors attempt she's witnessed and helped and analogous we can all learn that. Very very appreciative. Well we're all gearing up for a wonderful football season literally blink and it's going to be here. And along with that some wonderful additions to the fan experience. Now some media people were lucky enough to go over to the Mercedes super dome this noon. And get samples of some exciting new menu items. That'll be offered on game day and a tour of all that will be happening at champions square and beyond. One of those lucky many people who got a nice lunch was our own script from everybody will host from 8 PM to midnight. He is here to give us the scoop. Get that scoop from -- do I love that. I wrote that and I left all night to. I thought how clever -- into picking easily entertained and that's so tragically cut back. It but and I have to say to everyone this man walked into the studio. With the boxes of food so. Also with him. That is a very kind I'm gonna call of our new best friend Ricky Zeller. Who came a little early and it's been so kind and patient to sit here he is the communications manager at a century. The company that runs not only the Mercedes super -- but also champions square. And the smooth became -- -- and I cannot wait to hear about all the exciting new things that are happening for the season. So if you are a fan of any kind. Spend the next hour with this because we're similar thank you very much -- -- thank you always for your generosity and thoughtfulness. We're gonna talk about the human. Can you got to eat it. I did I actually a lot of it in fact I feel like covers throwing things away I didn't mean to but I couldn't consume everything that I wanted to -- to try to -- thinks it. I I really went out of my comfort zone and takes -- and things that I wouldn't ordinarily eat because you know why I keep myself a relatively. -- strict diet but I kind of realized all the things that I'm missing for example the one thing that really stands out in my mind. Was fried bread putting. The blue squares. Of fried. -- according awaits today. I mean again I don't need that kind of stuff very offered -- maybe that's one of the reasons it was so delectable but at that really stands out in my mind -- reporting. And also on in addition to other great desserts. There were just so many different things and this is there at the sweet food that's available. Also concourse foods -- this will be available to those in the -- effect with some of this food you might even forget it's a game going on. It well it really is interface city that is to come -- and very very creative wind. When Baltimore comes to town we're gonna have the gotten. Nearly crab cakes crab cakes sliders. Others a buffalo chicken sliders as a specific things like that. I think the Asian chopped salad is going to be witness ever Cisco comes to town and that has has said lightly seared. Sushi grade tuna on top and it was has a kind of a a ginger tennis -- on I'm not Tom Fitzmorris I'm not a not a gourmet so I'm just gonna kind of talk like a regular person you know what it was really good. But that's what's fans wanna know is that really good. Why the changes mean thank you for the changes but something motivated that. In terms of the menu home pages that are constantly evolves into something new to offer patrons it is just evolves and and this was a chance to do something fine. And there are. A lot of things available on it was a -- the net and chance have screwed over needs some of it as well but there's just -- evolves and new offerings for the fans every year. Great idea and I didn't know it's maybe you've done it before but as the different teams coming in -- sort of the food tribute to them. Yes yes and you know very Smart yeah crab -- sliders for her. For Baltimore should be Goodwin popular when did you try the sweets or did you just bring them here. No I did try some of the suites in fact I think what you're tasting there is it's some kind of Vanilla cake with fresh fruit on top kiwi strawberries pineapple. And there's chocolate shavings down the side of it like chocolate -- don't mean it would could have beaten my body weight in net. I mean if we -- it was it it was delicious. But you know in in addition to in addition to use things like that there was just so delectable there were fruit -- fresh fruit parfait. With Korolev. A sprinkled on top which way it's a really good. And don't I really kind of fell in love with something that kind of surprised me that I haven't seen this before. A move a lot of salad. All the taste of them awful lot of without the guilt of the -- that is the greatest idea ever hurt. It tasted just like them awful lot of without the -- And you know I really love that and I don't eat them because of the bread because it's just too much into it what are we demand. Why have we thought this. Field that's like when -- go to the Whitman's sampler of the Russell Stover I eat the middle. -- but it's sick but that's a beautiful idea I'm awful lot of salad salad. And the -- chopped salad and I'm sure it's just a moment ago was excellent -- -- even the Cobb salad which is just such a tradition is so many places was specials of the presentation the way they had it. That the tomatoes and the they've achieved eggs and the blue cheese stands. If -- onions and just I mean and nice really big chunks of of white chicken that was in dry it was very very moist. So Ricky. Guests this will be available to everyone or just to. There was a mixture there today there were. There was. Menu items there that was just for suite holders are in in club rooms there was also menu items there that will be for everyone in. In the stands anywhere where you and patrons where they are sitting so there was a mixture past. Right now you it was you can get. But much can you get nachos and hot dogs and things like that near your expanding. Than what will be available. Ride and then today what I think one of things to. I think this austerity was the hurricane. Hot dog has special sauce on and that that is for everyone there are so. There are a lot of different things out there today that the media and and it's about people there were eating so there that it was it was quite a menu and quite a lot went down today but we. You shocked at how. Media people become vultures -- sinister present him with food. I couldn't really see the food I don't know how how fast it was going down because the media people were standing in the -- of the Booth with a. It's a wonderful idea -- and and your and your wise to to change things -- and just as one more element to a special day. Yeah I was just nice it's it's nice to change it -- purely for people who comment have different offerings have different things you know. At. We enjoy giving people different options as they come we have a we have a lot of different options this year just when they come to the game. For pregame and and these food offerings for while you're at the gamer are part of that as well. Well we're gonna take a break and we're going to be talking about some of the new offerings you're talking about before the game. At different venues so stay with this I'm Angela under the if you well. So it's all about the fans yes were getting ready for. Wonderful football season to begin. But the Mercedes super dome and of the company that runs it. Thinking about the fans and -- to really make the whole game day experience better and better. And so they have the media out today. Showing them what's gonna be new on the menu. Scoot -- the short straw. And got to go any. Yeah I was very fortunate I was excited to wake up this morning after the show last night and to go sample be sinks. And and there were times that I would just take a biter two out of something I wanted to continue with the but I wanted to taste so many different things that it. I didn't consume whole plate of of anything but I I want I felt it was my responsibility is takes as much as I could. It actually eat chicken and -- pasta chicken and dewy -- jambalaya pasta that's something he's you can get everywhere here but I found it just. Particularly. And exciting. -- -- tender chicken in the air was just you know sometimes it the chicken in a jambalaya is not. Is not exceptionally chicken alone would have been good. But I also on notice that it just has the right amount of spice it just had chances of that little light. Yup that little bite that we've that we love in this part of the country could make it spicy you want but I thought it was just a perfect the way it is to get a chance ordered chicken and doing. Jambalaya pasta I would highly recommend. And what we're learning from Ricky Zeller who is sound. Other communications manager at SN OG. Is. That some of these things that you were eating are going to be just for the suite level and then there's going to be a bunch of stuff for. All -- levels correct yes per okay. I -- I've beaten about 42 pounds of the desert. That's good brought him and it really is delicious it is delicious and for some reason on not associating -- with a game how very foolish. I I considered desert with anything. Yeah and then there's there's the the chocolate. But -- cheesecake. Where it's like it's not it's not a dripping chocolate it's it's kind of -- effect chocolate. Layer on top with the cards and then it's -- it's cheesecake. In the -- -- -- because she's. A let's talk about before we go into the dome on that special game today we have. Such an incredible addition -- champion square who would have thought well somebody thought. Right and it's you know we have an addition coming -- Jason to. Champion square now and it's it's called the opening act and if you're a member of the New Orleans senator food court yes taken that it's been a space that hasn't been being used. And where. Putting in. We're redoing the old food court and totally re doing and it's going to be an extension champions square. It's it's gonna have great views of the superdome. It's gonna have big HDTVs all over its can be great place to come inside have a drink get ready for the game it's kind of like you're gonna need to know your options and have a game plan before the game. Because you'll be able to being champion square. And then. There's also club for four as you remember. And it's it's a lounge that's a VIP lounge but it's it's ten dollars to get in but it has DJ and -- it. Which one is ten dollars to give him that I would be club 44 club for -- -- going back though to the opening -- apple and an. I think we all remember that food court very well right so bad disc that is free to get him. It's free to get in it's gonna have food and beverage and it. It's gonna have some special some of thing it's gonna have some specials and there. Special menu items in there. In the opening act and you literally could sit in the chair and watch the whole game from there now you can now. This is -- pregame area though that -- it's gonna open is going to be another option. Within. Champion square -- air conditioned. Climate controlled under roof. Area that hasn't been being used at all that we're finishing now that you'll be able to come and during the pregame. And you know watch pre game show host and have. HDTVs. -- I don't in in sweaty times and they are sweaty times during here that we get football. That will be a relief to many now I think maybe it could make you organ like the space and the other thing that's very good about it is it has been used. You know and that were. It's been sitting there empty and so. We're making the most of of space and we're giving another option for fans. And like you said it's going to be climate controlled so it's going to be air conditioned right and it's going to be something else. That's really nice that's gonna completed game day experience. Champions square I think whoever thought of it just really hit the nail. Because it's just evolved into something very special. In it and not only -- right on game days and it's fantastic but it's also banned. Something great. In the offseason yes it's not only it's it's not only a destination for pre game but it's also somewhere that we've had a you know concert series. Throughout. Throughout the last few months that's been fantastic we have events coming up here. Over this month you know -- Cohen is coming last night he was on the country music festival on TV was on ABC. Poised to -- -- that Darius Rucker is coming next month and those events. Have been well received there. And it's been a great addition to New Orleans in the entertainment. What do you think it is -- both the view about. We just like that outdoor feel or what is it when I first want to -- it's where Angela I got the sense that OK New Orleans is now in bigtime NFL city. This was there this was the missing weight gain their places in in in other cities where where fans gathered before the game. And with the big screen and events like the top cats -- them laboring balls that she result of the bands it to be played here before game. I just got a sense that New Orleans had just stepped up in in. And into being a real big time NFL city. Beautifully sent. Stay with us everyone we're gonna continue our new game day experience -- we're gonna talk about some of those on other venues with we're discussing right after this. -- talking about the new additions to the game day experience for our wonderful things games. And we've already got super fans and it's good to see that the management of the superdome and and of course and also the arena etc. as MG is thinking of are always have of continuing to better entertain. All of us and so -- changed so many things are beloved -- who I -- now saying is Tom Fitzmorris junior. I'm pretty sure. I just -- it taste good and -- descriptions are. Make my mouth water Italy even the traditional football stuff like not Joe's -- and we're just absolutely beautiful. That the heat. Display whereas was excellent that. The hot dog with the hurricane -- And -- -- dot dot detection the hot dog was different it it to select gourmet type hot dog but there was this hurricane sauce on it. Candidate John I don't know why haven't -- -- before it it reminded me of a rumble -- sauce wanna put -- dog sauce on hot dogs and that's what it reminded me. What was your all time favorite thing to consult. I would. And I have to say that would really stood out in my mind what it's the that the fried. Bread putting a little little squares of fried bread putting. But Saddam. You know I would I have to say maybe that Asian salad. And I hated it it was just that the perfect amount of I guess it was a ginger teriyaki tight dressing with lightly seared tuna with a via the black seeds -- -- and it was it was sensational being an amateur even the Cobb salad was was great -- special things like normalize salad and on thing going potato salad which was like that's a long long -- -- have sieve of part of potatoes and that was the potato salad and it was. Not heavy in mayonnaise it was delicious. There's a black and a black and gold -- boy and that some traditional favorites like that here's something else and that was interesting. You know we love barbecue trip here barbecue trip in a French bread bowl. Already -- yeah. And beautiful -- the -- And some people might start with the bull which might make a mess. This sounds. Fat but you know something we live in -- food community that we can and so we -- got to step up. If you can not just compete but it to be part of it in but what I really love is they're gonna have. Food representative of the team they're playing against so if the rams are here it'll be something if Atlanta -- -- it'll be another. What would be for Atlanta. It's stopped Cornish hands. Scientist because you can't you can't kill topics. I -- I mean we can kill him on the field but you can't you can't kill with that but -- also ever loving Smart what about the rams with Clinton rams. -- He out well I don't know under for what we're playing the in the preceding game party night. And I do things that I in my mind were wearing a Baltimore County to county to Maryland crab cakes sliders. And you know nearly crab cakes and -- crabs are good they're not nearly as good as our cramps -- now -- not have to come from Chesapeake Bay in a part of the country. Are are very similar to our our blue crabs but they're just not prepared to say. And I know I like the taste of -- outside of I have he saw us and that you know gets mixed up with all this of the kind of stuff I mean they're the that the crab cakes lighters are very very good trip to very good and I just wouldn't just have. -- -- -- You know what we're gonna let scoot continued his riding -- is doing complete review here of the food and going back to Ricky Zeller with us -- We're talking about the different venues that will open prior to the game because it really has become. A day experience. So three hours prior to the game you can go to champions square you can go to. Opening act or you can go to to club 44. And the only when the cost any money in his club 44. Right it's ten dollars to get -- and it's a VIP lounge. Environment. And you do get a three drank with the price of a -- admission you know one thing it's worth noting about both club 44 and the opening act is. Is they make their debut for the second pre season game on when he. And then they'll be full go obviously for the regular season as well not and are not the first pre season game -- were really excited about both of these we've obviously always been excited about club 44 it's been a fantastic place -- -- And there's a DJ. It's it's it's a great experience and great food offerings in there. And there's some VIP group packages for bigger groups and and and there's also community partner normally. For each game community partner and that partner up with sent a community group in in the in the in the in the area. But. The opening -- should be something relic because it's going to be air conditioned it's gonna be under roof it's going to be in nice spot to get in there are a lot of people like to watch pre game shows before as well and be able to step back in the champions square and listen to the ban and come back in and cool off for a moment. And I think this will be a nice option for a lot. I'm just I'd be so curious to know how many people are champions square -- and beyond who never built into the game. What percentage of people. Not many but you do see him sitting on the steps watching the game is -- it. It it's kind of like the people who go to the city where the Super Bowl is even though they don't have tickets they just wanna be part of beyond beyond simply a part of the excitement and he you have situation could you sit -- and a lot of people enjoy watching the game and in the privacy of their home or going to their favorite tennis sports -- a place like that. But people just enjoy being being part of the experience and you could see the game just outside it champion -- me I eye -- when I'm leaving a little early sometimes I'll I'll see people still out there and going into the don't -- -- -- -- going after the did the kick off is -- taken place there will be people sitting on the steps and it's it's community it's it's a sharing the saints it's. It's another way of kind of being part of the game without. Going to tell you I have said for many years it is the common bond -- they have never gone to the Super Bowl it would still be the common bond that once it did it just cemented it. But it is a conversation that you can have with a guy departure car it can be the you know the person behind the scanner where you buy your Diet Coke and it just something that we have in common. And so I think that's the energy that we now we're starting to feel here comes it's gonna happen it's starting and have these new amenities is is wonderful. We do invite people like part and we do invite people come to champions square before the game whether you have tickets to go to the game are not just to come. For the pregame atmosphere. And party. Because it's it's fine and you may be going somewhere else to watch a game with friends but to come for the pregame party and listen to the band and and enjoy yourself we do invite people to come -- champions square for that now the opening act we do invite people for that. And I think what we should start is a new thing where scoot what we tell everybody finds -- dancing just like a -- -- Waldo. -- swelled up a weirdest food dancing. No I don't know that we should really do that I have to do that it has happened occasionally but I don't know usually should focus on I. I think it would be a tremendous street I also think that you could be wearing perhaps a chef's outfit and you could say by the way I've checked. The Chinese slaw slaw or this oriental this I've tried the hot dog with Iran wants us. Police truck I'm telling you you're walking wealth of information. You know and I'm happy to -- -- -- on the supreme. Which -- Wouldn't you know what. On that -- we'll take a quick break but everybody hold on because let me tell you something in the on the supreme. And -- Roberts from Lafayette stay with us we want to hear from you -- we'll be right back. Well we're here with Ricky Zeller who is the communications manager at SMG who. Is that wonderful company that runs on the Mercedes super dome and also champions square into the game we're talking about the standing experience. But we couldn't do this show without -- because screwed sacrifice to spend what a couple of hours eating unbelievable food that's going to be on the new menu. You know sometimes you have to do those things for the station you work for. I'd. At the -- supreme was which really going to be I love Thomas and it was on this multi grain bread. Just I just I hit a sweetness in the in whatever the the sliced tomato is the squash. The cucumbers they were marinated in in something and then the baby spinach sleeps on top of that. So socialist presentation as well yeah I'd say yes and some of -- stuff is available to -- that a lot of the things and I'm talking about are going to be available at at the concourse level as well. I would think that the chicken and unduly jambalaya which I thought was exceptional. I think that's probably the. Available -- I think really what we're talking about is we're having a game and fine dining. A closer -- through that right you know reduce the Briton Robert you've been so kind of hold on you had a comment. And Oprah no problem -- thanks don't linger and undergo story that I had you questions all of them. Well any that's great should make it after the terror level. And every year change like the parking he get out in the parking lot grounder down. It changes every year and it gets worse every year. Are they work on those problems. Yes were working on making them parking is easy as possible but it you know their only so many exits. There was so many exits but yes we're working on the parking we always work we always review after every season how to make it easier for our patrons. We work on that there are going to be great menu items available. You want to terrorists on terrorist level there's a lot of work going on at the superdome right now. For the saints -- some big time year for us and we're getting everything ready. Right now that took the turf is being rolled out its its been rolled out we're putting -- and the film 650000. Pounds of rubber and sand mixed it's 60% robber. Makes it does stand up firm but I understand exactly what you're saying in terms of the parking. And then nine terms of parking in terms of the traffic on on the way out of it marks. It is tough it's even -- if you're walking much. But in reality it's 70000 people pouring out of the building. And I cannot yet I realize that there's a magistrate and and I am sympathetic to that accusing like every year. They try something different and change like it it's sports Centre banner at you know people observed pattern. While it's whose efforts of trying something different is it's trying to make something better. -- when people like you so will continue to tribe and I do understand your complaint there but there are. You know one of the great things about our stadium is that it's downtown. You know I absolutely -- and when you are downtown like we artists only so much space in in -- upgrade is only so much space and the wonderful thing about as being downtown. Is right in the middle of the action. Doesn't make it. You know that we're in a suburb. Where the in and out isn't quite as easy it's just think. It's also you know other parking space and you just walk. -- -- -- We have season -- -- at -- so that I've -- Ago. Of everything about it it's great I would watch anywhere else. Just little nuances -- now and so that you rock bigger -- so. A did you bring up always a good point about about that getting out of the -- And and thank you thank you Robert very much. -- taken of the break we're not finished yet those so stay with -- we'll be right back. Wanna thank Ricky Zeller with SMG Telus. Final thoughts on that game day experience. While this doesn't minister manic a year as it often is. At the superdome because we've done so many things right now to the -- -- senator there's so many enhancements and improvements going on there right now. Where we are putting some finishing touches on as we get ready for the season we employs 4000 people. On game days we're going to training but we're also meaning doing fixing things up there getting ready for the saints. And that's gonna happen and the flu it'll be great Scrooge who was delicious I didn't even mentioned the the really tasty chicken strawberry pecan salad. Cool tasty moist chicken sweet strawberries and the crunch of fresh for -- I -- for ever grateful I also -- to -- -- -- Simon and thanks for bringing in -- and thank you everyone for listening and will be back tomorrow. Have a good one.