WWL>Topics>>8-6 4:10pm Sports Talk: Saints Training Camp

8-6 4:10pm Sports Talk: Saints Training Camp

Aug 6, 2014|

The WWL Sports Team talks to WWL listeners about today’s practice at training camp and the upcoming preseason opener against the St. Louis Rams.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It will have to touch another edition -- sports talk Saints can't coverage to eighth in the ball on the black go final practice well they travel to Saint Louis tomorrow. It take on the -- -- -- here on Saints radio WW are examples of guys Johnny and Bobby it will be their take on today's practice coming no we're here for the Saints coach. Sean Payton also will hear from a cam Jordan that's coming up in just a few moments as well and thought he and Jimmy Graham also so a lot -- -- on today's program. 260187866889. You beat him but he. Is the number to be involved it also will -- by the Hokies take on today's practice and the voices in humans or -- in about. Ninety minutes a game and I hope it was photo -- hope for spoke of the practices. Don't appear for the week in now the team pizza for the same mood for himself. The change of pace got to be a little more excitement because that in you we'll see someone other than again anything -- place before we. Yeah and this will be live it won't be. Golf on somebody. One thing that -- practices more than that I am not seen it camp. Was. Linebackers. Sort of run back and ideas won't against the linebackers in past broad it was it was pretty live I mean. The running back -- an -- -- put ourselves is probably the most live -- -- -- -- -- -- -- mean you've got to get -- -- and you've got to -- He got to make contact and the linebacker has to be able to make the move and yet. It's I mean it's probably about is what you do one -- one -- -- -- with the offensive linemen and defensive lineman. You know that it. In live game action that regard of the tackles this and where's -- gonna get some help from somebody. Typically speaking a running back not in the game you know he's got here responsibility. And if the guys blitz in that where he's blitz that is designed to be a hole that why the defense allowed start to leave that gap yet anybody can get a clean run. -- aid and okay we're human to a -- throws a running back you know what else is up I think you put on a running back an island the linebacker got a head start -- we are. No he's he's covered full theme for five yards and that tragic Curtis Lofton and it was pretty dominant in the. He did did -- tremendous job is and a couple other guys that there. So in there number 95. Kind of I think it's really the first time I ever read it even making all of camp Todd Davis Sacramento state is yes yes yes he's a kid from Sacramento state he had a couple of good rushes. You know some of the the guys that. Have been around here in that we've seen play and everything else that you know he knows some. Have pass rushing ability and by that I mean multiple moves some of the strictly just -- rusher in an all they can duties translate. The running back out but that was a pretty good drill Indians. Linebackers winning its running backs and fullbacks and the tiny hands to win against outside linebackers and a safety yeah. So that was that was a pretty good really in the end like you say Bobby. It's got to be pretty well lives because it's viewed as a linebackers come in from his depth. And the running back is lined up at five yards you get two guys prevailed -- know it. So it's not like -- mean you go across from one another if you're the defense attack line in the dark. We're only a foot apart you out -- it's contact it's taken place -- -- he's become collision so that was depth. That was a pretty good drill. And that's why -- right after practice. I told would be that I think that Tarvaris cadet in -- do a very good job in replacing parent roles because. Where he was -- and yet. And now we're seeing in the the part of his game that if he is called upon to block. He can't do it was better than Mark -- yeah oh yeah yeah I think he might have been the best wine at an -- -- thank Larry Robinson that I was a little over aggressive. Yeah but when he was going to attack through July -- gotta love that any any it and as a back you have to approach it that way could that definitely pupils might. And it's and you have to be careful because you can't anchor your feet in the ground -- if you do that. Any guy makes a move on you was that you just couldn't -- and if you just run adding completely out of control all -- -- do it used -- dodge ball yet so anyway -- I was quite impressed with the way that -- -- Did that in today's -- -- resilient and in the later on in practice. As they were. I think it was a two minute -- mark the ball down field he caught a ball in the end zone. Where it looked like he ran an option now anabolic strong blow it looked like you slide into second base the spurt feast. The first in -- downing comes up that ball off the ground in. It kind of gets me in his entire progression during training camp that you know we said well he's not half the field the role of -- Girls because -- -- ran out and I looked at because predicates the receiver. Tarvaris cadet is -- running back on my back -- yeah a pass receiver Ernie Banks and like Sproles could run between the tackles so connected that so -- but now. You know going into. Your full second week of practice you've seen all the different things that Travares -- and have to do to be the replacement for right -- And I feel quite comfortable that he's able to fill that role that I he's done that you look at through that wide receiver. You look at giving guys how they don't feel so bad about losing Atlanta mourn losing there's pros because now you look at it as okay. You know you talk about hoping -- -- it -- yeah -- -- right in a kitten and I spent out. What do you do with that opportunity what they can that is definitely taken advantage. It was an opportunity another one along those lines -- what I was impressed with because we always give a hard time about his blocking. Not a robot -- run blocker but as a pass blocking usually he's always out in the route. Jimmy Graham was awesome and now he was blocking Ricky Jackson already pat swilling all the edge -- Jimmy Graham was going as a pass protection act and that no we adamant the podium. But that that I looked impressed. That the level that Jimmy grandy if he worked on this and that he won. I don't know out Jimmy Graham. When he had to block linebacker. Or safety off the edge. He was he his balance is good his hand placement. He looked like a pass blocker he's not looked overwhelmed. And at times. You know you pick and choose. To try and I'll box that he fits he might be called upon to do that and this that I gave Jimmy Graham eight plus and he actually appreciated that because. Just don't want every acknowledges. Me -- -- block -- -- took pride -- is able to -- pass -- when he's called -- Well if he's gonna become the complete tight end that does that do it in -- wing that was quite. Quite surprised with the way that he. That he handled that that role today in practice because normally he's will be the hot guy yeah I hit a prelude see you gotta like that they're blitzing going I'm going to him -- now. Are right goes our resident pro we'll come back a much more from poking about it it's his Saints can't -- on black and go radio -- did you. And welcome back you don't pick a monopoly vehicle were in the summer his plans 1000 some players can't contents. Coming up before the top of that now welcome back to sports talk ala pros recognize John and Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia. The proof that immediately take from Tuesday's practice -- gaining Curtis Lofton. Well -- we need to continue along this story line that's fours because that was the closest thing the live contact with you could see an actual game. Against the Rams. Now we watch a hard knocks last night go like to falcons' practice and they got embarrassed in the trenches. So I think they kind of took approach to training camp they were gonna be more physical. Now it's -- give or take it usually keep guys that are healthy. That but I thought this is a thrill when you had Michael you said a running back the pass block and gets inside back and have a full head of steam. And also tied in vs the outside linebackers and safeties. And you bring up Curtis Lofton. I mean I think rob Ryan's definitely aware of this though would you do with the tennis -- now now now blitz. Is different than Nadal a dog is that you bring that down lineman a linebacker. Out now -- that everyone to man coverage and -- free safety. But you look at it dog -- it's a number of times that coach Rob Ryan is gonna break. Curtis Lofton. Because I think he has a little wiggle pocono I was talking about that. You don't necessarily bull rush the running back in the running back with -- sign him at the -- he's. You know trying to get from point a to point B right in the middle. In some kind of gap. Do how they they -- the rush to get that a quarterback with. I mean he whipped everybody. And -- he whipped a young guys old guys he whip Pierre Thomas. Mark Ingram. -- you're dead -- Landers. Law that was dominant that you would fake. Is that at times maybe putting him in pass coverage I got a built the pupil that you cinema on the rush. As that fifth guy he got the four down linemen and and who is that hard 34 or three BAA interchangeable. Would bring in law that as their fifth guy. The thing that he could ultimately bring heat on the quarterback now you look at and -- typically speaking inside linebackers don't have any move can run around right he'll be out that you yet women isn't like guys like bull -- that's what it is like a gambler and like you know you -- National Geographic or any of those Animal Planet. And you got you know that to me already and -- -- -- you have big Archie will -- fighting one another who's gonna get the female in the few rare revenue is any other -- that -- that's that you we got to the collision. Where if you look at law in. He's has that quick goal now like an outside linebacker we grow accustomed monopoly with pat swilling. Well it's abuse running backs he is cool right by him and it was just Whipple. He did have that attempt to run him over and at that that you see lofted do now if you look at. Who -- who had a dominant player on defense. Who had a dollar -- off it. Austin Johnson the fullback. Hawthorne. This flat Brian Campbell one time that would be and it's today you -- that was the bull rush here's all of that Johnson fullback right now. If you look at our running back situation they count on. That the Tampa Bay running back Eric -- to be the guy now Austin Johnson. From Tennessee. He's competing. But I don't see him being out -- at -- -- Hawthorne a -- one time but all of that Johnson about the back. And he did block Ramon Humber will one blitz now if you look at all on the offensive side. Gore to not think about this course that might mean -- putting them into the ground. And the one time with the core blocked with a two parts -- bit of all people that -- -- -- -- that I -- middle. I'm leading 612 kids that he's that little as a running back we kind of look at him as a replacement that Darren Sproles it really president pass protection. He gor cal not to leave you -- to see that eighth. Before column not. A one year you know I don't know goes the better but he's been in camp from -- those the 861. -- one you know they could that really good at all we thought about what it's the where he kind of gave ground. And they column that knocked it over has been in Davie is in them. It is jammed admit that a ground. You see that kind of play. You know the position players the running backs in all vote public mood you know look at that play and I don't and is -- at Hawthorne. When he ran over Austin Johnson thought that they get really excited with. Easter I don't know if -- by you know we're just because I haven't coincidence that probably years. But you know -- them last night think apartment meetings. But you know when you HBO obviously he's HBO is unbelievable. And they haven't they and how they added that way yeah I don't ever had. But they can make that can come to them I high school and making me -- like the most powerful football well they went to state champs in the world -- -- bit late eighties at all -- -- up -- -- that's not a knock on his gives you what they can do to campus and all that so don't. I mean you know you get a feel all the federal law music you -- -- the Bob AD to all many teams can be good -- -- -- but my point is. The day after all just if you -- that -- this -- cronies these physical group of first founders trading. Salk you know you I don't know if you put two and two together or what but I would be wood -- a bit the way he coaches all in the way teams are now how structure they -- how. Like they wanna be on certain -- who sees what. I'm sure Ron Rivera should Lovie Smith option things. Everybody active -- played -- is key and now they throw out there to get up to pick up some because you can pick up something about watch and that. Date published Hewitt became an issue with the practice you were there to pick up for that. Yet that -- beat the that's -- tell you that -- you tell you is that you -- auditioning. To make this thing. You are deceiving to me are the players it's the in the NFL. With and that's why you look at the game tape. And scout at all that they look at it is there and other player. On another team has bettered MO we got and if there is that they can we get ready and and they get that other guy that's how competitive. It is -- well we got -- part of because like coach means that. When you look at when he got to pass -- -- whatever yes -- you can't wait you know a real team. And all of a sudden you expect -- running back on the dog. The black inside -- well I haven't done it before it has first them every bit the safe thing. That would you accident tied in that time of the matter. Who it is that we do a lot of tied it up a bit human Watson. You know would you look at Josh -- all of that know you got to block that guy hello coach I've never done this in practice. Endowment a real game you gotta do you know that's why there's no excuses. That's why you have this in practice to get it done those clauses that game experience that you gonna have and at the start Friday night. All right much off the mark pros before if Saints coach Sean Payton Jimmy Graham and cam Jordan among others that need to be a news time. It's 432 it's not -- first names out of him as a man who's entering his 36 season calling games. Prepare this football game ticket out its -- lives -- -- talked yesterday about how he prepares. For every brought it taken out it if you -- Buick dot com our resident pros Christie -- quick hits even go to rookie profile in podium -- Ante -- AB is in the -- all online at WW. Dot com to the fold we go to school to big feast on and I want to thank you for calling WW. They don't expect -- -- I watched. Part not that I'd. And mark question you call it what your production of that and what did you think like my side. And Bryant -- And out for the fact that even Jack authorities are opting out and -- -- -- -- Well first impression -- if it. It don't matter who's who's looking at HBO is that they don't make them look good. And now and that's not -- sent a problem and not going to be a good number two out of last four years without a that the number one seed in AFC. I don't think it going to be -- yeah -- leaves you at all I think it'll be a good team this year this is my opinion. Now we alternates they did. All they meet the TV stuff. I think -- times in the whole show what what stood out the most is what might I say you're not doing anything if you fight out. If you pick a fight all the time you know he worked on fight over a course that time we talk about us get through practice every -- accounted for. Get it to admit that I mean and if they would it was a week of practice base because it took Atlanta all the way through their scrimmage. If Friday Night Lights scrimmage -- it would be the equivalent to the black and gold scrimmage so you get more over the he'll look at them. But I I just think it. They're they're a team that news if you go back and watch that like -- -- They were disappointed in the one thing after I found according to New Orleans was -- -- -- the blank. What about last year. You sit out fail in the first game of the season we just inherited and they went back to the last drive of the game. When mat -- was going down through eighteen you look arrow hit Matt -- any kind of a late play citadel by took to -- for Matt Ryan right -- I felt like we weren't up. That's why they've gone back trying. The -- took her Mike Smith go back and he showed last night. Look at what I can't look like in 89 team that McCann wouldn't likely -- that we were we went -- on the -- that. A lot that happened yet to give little lax for awhile about the steam out yeah. That's a problem when you gotta realize now -- recognize that thought -- I think -- you're at the perfect I guess Eric Dickerson Stephen Jackson analogy I I can tell you now I'm just speculating but I think I have a good feel on this when you are then running back before elaborate on that. I guess they got I know -- tonight I know Mike -- because I room. With his brother for eight years John -- Mike Tyson as the head coach of viking John prices the writing coach. If you notice also that episode. You know Mike Tyson look at all the -- And being a tough New York. Right -- any no blue Angels -- white Kaloko about their blue collar New Yorkers. Come there from the girls. A New York you know. Long Island strolled out in whatever you -- -- you can't yeah you you wanna call it but. Mike -- it is listen that's the kind of coach probably -- That means that if you think that that's kind of closed -- -- -- with the line I needed you all -- hard core old school. And and that's why I think he brought them all on board. To take that role now. As part -- you watch their practice house and pulled it didn't Oklahoma drill they do an old school drills that you normally don't see. And NFL camp today now with that being said then. They got the NFL players association. How you practice in and there's challenges but a lot genetic guarantee they gonna have a microscope what's going -- its part the physical contact. Particularly -- team -- dealing with concussions and all that how the bout that they'll all our -- now. A veteran running back -- it's -- you know we talk about university inside -- nine on seven right I remember. Jerry Glanville. 983. 1993. Not report that era. All of that we have an -- -- which -- run real run. You know for the offense and run but the defense where you know passing you running -- twelve plays. It is out now. -- physical contact. Well I'll never forget this. Jerry Glanville would always at a safety. Now we had a -- Donaldson Scott case Tracy -- And they were just coming from ten yards running full speed. And he has not hit the crap out there running back when nobody block him. What they try to make the team -- do whatever it takes him Gary I -- told the -- while ligament while. All of us -- very big thing -- team that would hell's going on it ever see this kind of drill. And he said I'm not pinnacle of their order and hole the captaincy he would it to eight yard headstart. Knowing he got to where bundle pass or anything is gonna come and knock the crap out of all of -- sudden. I'm -- big it's as -- I'm hurt in on unheard can't practice. You know you look at the give and take with that all of that while it is the Jack Stephen Jackson. That. I'm speculating here I don't know what his hamstring injury is that. You look at the thirty year old running back to tutors that are role now. I think it's a different hamstring going from right to left or left the right if he's dealing with what you look at the troops that are trade. And the longer you last in this league but. Amendment that one running back. -- -- -- From our taxes they. He thought that the way it always was a little. The savings that come up attacked whom and he was just like trying to run him over every play he would do whatever. The coaches told that do. And what arm of like -- this is a little off subject with an error forget and looked like he had a sweater on. And the -- and that's that always. You know get on -- has negro. It it's August you got to take all that sweater. -- never seen a black male and a -- back ever in the -- is very very -- if I get a sweat in Deion over the Titans -- -- they would be adding that. You would be -- in the locker room. He Geico how can you get yourself clean if you got that sweater on in the shower then. Does the obviously but Eric -- I think what one game we've played at San Francisco hoped he had like a 184. Yards rushing. He was so -- -- tough opponent in that area that he was so tough is that he was bring in you'll come and hit him you better bring it. And that'll run its cheapest -- draw type plays and all and and that's that -- like -- Pile of Pollard now with guys ever seen how he was challenged he thought this the way but it didn't NFL. And -- figures in the pan am not every team practices like you. All right welcome back let's vote you -- -- -- and rescue call this -- sport saw Oakland at UW. And welcome back to sports talk let's go out the Donnie on line one -- thank you calling -- did you -- -- here about cute but Emma she got short changed. Should have been more and it. How about Johnny Morton had a loss at home manager Busby way I felt work for you if you show them or ten dollar that too. It's like well you know and they need to wait 82 he didn't hit it. Yeah you got penalized you got there are lots. How much are not -- an NFL network in and -- watching HBO it's like a lot about what you -- same. That HBO's trying to make them look good. Who you are from achieved it. Get knocked out before or what their record I mean would come. Who will aggravate bagels -- we get the big was last year they won the division they were undefeated home. The first year the Ravens come out with sumo anyway that is they went to the playoffs the following year. That I think he was the best one I think becomes a mile with the Jets it was Rex Ryan's second year they were today AFC team projecting -- and they and then also I think that's the best one note no team -- ball to the Super -- what they'll both a -- it is -- you know do. You don't want a distraction what I think is a good team didn't get cheap jeans yeah. And rightly so -- brought on veteran. Bobby ate there K Kahne and what's that about did you built on that. Yeah I'll open you know we get back to -- that bit over a pre season August 15. Right now -- specifics about when we get Albany but definitely. You know probably the latter part of August and how we gonna be doing a number and we're pregame shows I guess it was -- -- on the road. You mobile update later in the program coming up -- the -- work -- -- -- the -- -- contest going to be that you. And welcome back -- prettiest of the -- to hear from saint coach on Payton also hand Jordan defensive team and we -- here. From Jimmy Graham among others is that -- -- for the -- that -- a top pros giving you. They take on today's practice and operated jaguar opinion poll do you think will be deciding quarter cornerback opposite of -- Louis it's now time for the -- last year's contest. And the code word at this hour -- yard. The -- what does our east you all why they are the technical -- you ought to 72881. That is 72881. For your chance to win. 1000 dollars nationwide without ever putting down your phone. You can't have an easy 1000 dollars of his players scares you just want takes the weight. There's a -- and has co were before the top of the outings tomorrow morning at 7 AM that would have a thought for ticks the individual plan -- data rates apply. Good look from small radio dot com and all of us here. At WW.