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8-6 5:10pm Sports Talk: Saints Training Camp

Aug 6, 2014|

The WWL Sports Team talks to the Voice of the Saints Jim Henderson about the upcoming preseason opener against the St. Louis Rams.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back another -- sports talk coming up about a Balata voice at the door and saint Simmons and most about it give us his take on training camp and Friday night's game against the St. Louis Rams. Operated day or opinion poll it's up online at that we give -- -- dot com that we are asking you. Who do you think will be the starting cornerback along side of Keenan Lewis would have beat Patrick -- with Tampa Bay's Corey white Austin energy that he scares you vote online at WW -- dot com. Well peca and I think -- you would agree with this. Patrick Robinson -- having an outstanding. Camp. I think he's had a good to great camp but he could be outstanding -- Nate all the interceptions. He's an opportunity. That it just knocking the ball down at times and I had one great interception and a tough pitch. Well look back in my notes but he could had. Dollars they. Six if not seven interceptions. And he's been very active. You know with so yeah he had an interception today against -- grip but now I don't think it would happen because -- let the play to be extended I think you know that would had a sack. According interception by a few route but if I had to guess right now even though Corey -- had a strong the last you know two -- three practices. And and obviously Champ Bailey not being out there. Patrick Robinson. If I was going to be objective and Rob Ryan was looking at that as a -- according to Hewitt they. He'd be that guy obviously Keenan Lewis. Hello the breakdown of what occurred in practice you know you know I talked about. The one on one pass protecting of our running backs it's -- linebackers in the tied into it. Outside linebackers and the safeties. You know coach Payton does an outstanding job. Always to a situation it'll. Plays that could occur. In a particularly gains that the U miner worked -- training camp human rights the outcome October or November. He was doing -- scenario last play of the game. And both I think I don't know what it was like all that -- defense. That they were calling it 911. Because it just shows you desperation time. Now even as good is Brandon -- this. That you never know what's going to be the final roster spot. You want tall receivers. Now. If I look at at they had Jimmy Graham. Marcus Colston. Nick two. And Robert Meachem it was all the calls was used because really the coverages theirs or -- red zone type play where. -- about -- -- 45 yards in his the last play of the game that was basically -- jump ball almost like a rebound. Honestly you wanting to have the tall receivers don't that was it has been. Even if -- coach might be amongst the best. Because of his lack of size he probably would not be in that scenario or situation. Now all of that practice continued to unfold. Look at it now we have gotten it in his name. I'm looking at seven on seven drill a good pass defense but buckeye report. -- for it's Aniston is the along with -- Ronald Powell if you look at their linebackers like that them. Come the next couple of refusing gains -- with the doing defensively how they could riveting. On special teams. We have talked about that Ronald Powell -- -- University of Florida. The user number one -- player in the nation. You know when you look back and he ended up according to notes from California and dealing with injuries and that you look economy or. He's from Connecticut was at Penn State. And he was able that transferred to cal. Because of all the scandal and hokey observer noted this is a carry for. How -- how fast he has when they had him going down on kickoff coverage so he did a nice pass that hit -- -- had a great interception. Began. Come up with a vault Bala. You know Ryan grip was trying to go to -- -- today Q could pass defense according wider and -- people. -- do you play the people can you find it I doubt that an opportunity and that interception but he batted the ball away took -- went like you said. A three straight days where he's had a good practice. Now they -- -- a team period as far as running the football. And it's amazing. How you you know you break down each individual player. Who you play to get this it's films all about Rob Ryan requires that that was running the football. And -- -- -- it did a good job stopping the cut back where all it would have been. A three yard gain wearing it in. In the past and the previous week out have been about a thirty yard gain or rob Bryant hollered at the defense. You know who he is futile years the cutback runner that he stayed disciplined. And they were able to shut down of course cadet because. -- mean you could you look at but I cutbacks in the defense with that's been out. That's the -- that. Now I'll look at that. Brandon cooks. -- -- to -- drops a pass. Public today was that day. It was a little behind him. But to be you know you beat that was going -- you -- -- you in the backyard of his both both the hand you -- can't catch it than dallas' first drop. As far as as a receiver it was a little behind him. Now there was also situation I don't know if you wanna call -- a fight but -- tempers were flaring. Raphael bush and Charles Hawkins I think. You know the DP. You know they don't wanna get -- But they -- get involved. And even -- Keenan Lewis got involved but. You know I think it was he'd lose the holidays have made it might have been Raphael bush. Is that you know -- -- the DB film as the DBs. Which Charles Hawkins was not backing down he's the one year guy that's when you argument this then. And he's a little -- at five by the united AB not backing down. But it leave it to back now there was stiff competition. -- it is special teams drill. As far as field goal attempts and it was long talented field goals they went. From 39 to 44 of 51. The 53 yards and better slight went out there but that seeing Graham made all the kicks. And did keep it pretty accurate but did keep me at 39 party for 51 yarder. But he slightly miss. The 53 yard -- -- look pretty -- Graham McCain Graham was able to make all of those -- So when you look at that very competitive practice overall. Now the thing is heading in the press press conference and both practice press conference on Peyton. And niche in this you know what the challenges when you -- in training camp pre season and now you're playing the Rams. You know to playing them as the team. Is that individual drills what are the challenges come Friday night and he said it will make it a watch that film and coach Brady as your coach and as it looked at big kick out but. I hear in the regular season that's why I think it's a good match you know you're -- and who you playing particularly in the trenches. And they'll put that bill one and so I'll be surprised. If we we're not fired up. You know collected its game in the the Rams are gonna come a lot of passion under Gregg Williams defensively. It's just that Jeff Fisher coached team. But I notice things that then -- like -- will Wear a playoff team in the Rams resort because that they got humbled. Last year by the Rams in the regular season game. I try to squeeze in local on I want Coco thank you for calling WW yeah. -- -- -- -- -- Coco loco Coco of that local leeway all right we'll come back and what's more from a pro -- guys on him Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia. Saints can -- continues on Saints radio WW. And operated day or opinion vote online at W did you know Danica who should go to cornerback for the Saints obviously Keenan Lewis Patrick Robinson Champ -- court like a strategy busy schedule -- would it -- if you go. -- kind of come to take home rob on the West Bank. He says guys that I would say Champ Bailey I don't know his -- we have seen in awhile with so what the future hold things camp is the -- well class. I mean -- after -- this quote much Jones Peyton. And this is how a number of NFL coaches -- True veteran players. And not only better players hall of famers. All the got to see film right did coach -- see enough from Champ -- and obviously in my observation I think what he can elaborate on this. All I know is what we -- by Champ Bailey. Is that he's in the top four cornerbacks. Not that a starter or -- third down situation and you want him in the nickel right and you keep it for five quarterbacks all of -- come. September Olympic Games count. And a Champ Bailey looks like he's in great shape -- -- and a couple of times and pulls Chris Thomas said. All I needed and see is enough I don't know a -- brazen but as along those lines were at them again -- see it in India yeah. That that they know what he can do so with that being said. I think right now where we're at. That. And Champ Bailey was out there and kind of ride a bike in a killer now that he will be in in the mix on that thing UB. Starting corner opposite. Keenan Lewis. But I'd be surprised. If Champ Bailey let them make the final roster in that -- OUT. Well. -- -- opinion didn't count Sean Payton does but I think watch in. What's taken place after practice there is a spot for him on the roster. Not because he's Champ Bailey not because the future hall of Famer because he's better than those other guys. I actually example yeah I totally agree if you keep thin because the way the game we've structured the passing game 45 course you can eat there's not. Four by quarterback -- -- him out there. Bottom line let's go about back to the -- maybe the second best guess right -- it. Let's go to Coco on monologue Coco thank you calling that we did you -- You know box all the way why are hard to -- -- -- I don't know what it is this -- hopefully. Yeah ultimately affect -- it's a must muscling his dummy you know if you love handle it's it's it's a sad muscles yet this -- is let it left all bleak. And you gotta figure that's your core whether it's -- If you don't your back are dealing with Islamic every time you move where you throw. And it even you don't want it to be an aggravation always having to deal with this date in day out that's why. You know they cautious and he's out there that are only seen him jog Reseda running sprints with the team. That they don't want to have to deal with that injury at throughout the season if it was two earned a regular season. He would be this in -- -- he'd be playing every game. And they'd be dealing with treatment and all that but they don't have to be one again it's the you know where he's -- word about it and at the time to do it. All right let's go to him Kristin -- -- on line includes thank you for calling the objective you know. Child alright Bobby you think you very much -- show with whoever's open they don't. That was -- It will quarterback she start I have absolutely era like the Snead era training camp upper. Right -- which you know what -- Chris. That you're you're response though I act and appreciate your response because. You know it's hard to get a gauge on training camp I think space for the majority -- motivation is back home unless they've been up here now. If you lose it you know I had a chance to kind of look at some things don't YouTube -- watch the highlights you know cause now that's a resourceful thing but. I I appreciate you sandy you have no idea but I think you gotta give an opinion though all of those little of that group who would you go with on the other. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A member -- basement and bow our. But I. I'll let you guys that you know villiers. I think rarely. For a Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis. No matter what they -- I mean that right out there it has to. Q Miami Dade city atmosphere Obama or wall and it yet done. In laps in in. They've done off job and they are. They're -- I'm stoked this year alone we are moderately -- one. The elite franchises. Since 2006 dominant look at my notes. But -- this from a national respect that not being a homer out of 32 teams that franchise's. Ranked in the top five. Brittany Hewitt beat -- Q was -- doing something right not the team. We did in franchise and the whole. How they go about their business. And I'm lucky get that haven't note that -- speaks for itself now like you say this the opposite cornerback Keenan Lewis. The -- Rob Ryan. You don't care who in the hell that if he does -- production. And you don't have the track record I would Pat Robertson. And a great -- Robinson. Would be having an outstanding camp kind of like how we talked about branding coach I think he could have announced it yet I think he could Yemeni Greek and yet it if you hit three -- -- yes he could have six bull yeah he could have like all of a -- it all -- what we need to get these takeaways. He's had a couple that realistic now he can -- Sixers Evan. But he did position. To make the bit to please -- -- the -- and according whites had a stroke three -- Corey white. With that weak link -- would be typical for Jabari greater but you could see his progression. He's getting better -- they would look at the guy who finally -- took place today and you kind of disappointed. The Stanley -- that he you know he made a couple of plays that they've -- tiebreaker but but he he was guy like considering where he was drafted. At the project got nowhere near branding -- but you would -- put him. In the first two weeks of camp there for everyone's helping in the top five of about the top four -- -- -- But maybe -- progression and that's why we have received. The gates -- right most of all get to author and the fourth the Saints in -- -- -- that need to -- -- his time with 530 -- -- the first -- and we will go to him -- -- Well he is the voice of the New Orleans Saints getting set to prepare to open up is -- Friday and I brought an us against the St. Louis Rams -- the Saints radio network that BW AM FN dot com. Jim Henderson joined us now GM thank you so much for the time and him that's thought I'll follow what's the first thing maybe you -- looking for in Friday night's game at saint Luke. Well you know because -- I was appreciate that they talked about some of the younger players needing to make their mark on special teams to make this team. I think it's certainly true -- saints' roster because I think all the starters for the most part are penciled -- and you could probably go two deep at every position right now can be pretty sure things. And it's probably gonna come down to maybe 34 spots that are open and that's what both team and certainly special teams -- were some of the younger guys make their mark because. The starting lineups barring injuries and so solid right now. DL now as far as. Looking ahead of looks like he will be -- and Brian Griffin your thoughts on the two quarterbacks what you see that in their training camp. I think it's really a battle there at Ryan's been very impressive for the most part -- cup a couple of rough plays. A couple of days ago in team drills that. I think they're pretty even right now although Ryan's potential that you so I think that's going to be interest in the I think they're both just serviceable backup quarterbacks -- -- matter who wins that number two -- you hope they never the year -- the field of play and that. -- always does that take -- through one passed last year for for an incompletion so. You've got that kind of work as any back up quarterbacks to get to the Saints that's very level. Now I'd give it all the fans and everyone even Rob Ryan arguments of players that talk about this season going ended. You know staying where -- atop the that the getting the takeaways. When you look at the cornerback position. Oh what is your take a hole and I we're all talking about this. That that Patrick Robinson. He's been in great position you have to say. Well debuted at number two guy we Keenan Lewis right now and then we have a six or seven interceptions. And meet you almost outstanding so I think you approach -- and rob -- Considering the -- -- Robinson's take it step it up -- being that number two guy now Saints fans aren't as confident. But you do progress the player but I think could try would have no problem with Patrick -- to -- their quarterback if you proves that obvious that a Keenan Lewis. I would agree idea and certainly doesn't like Champ Bailey and contribute. Right away with whatever injuries or whatever is bothering him and keeping him from the lineup and it looked like Stanley can that he is ready yet you'll probably is one of those guys that he'll probably make between that. Going to be kind of know mostly about in special teams and think Patrick Robinson sent a pretty good camp. They -- like -- pretty good camp to the using somebody say it but I think Corey -- last he's impressed me based on -- And in pre season so far in training camp as opposed to the way that he played last year. Now Jim and ask you this little off subject a little bit you know these beautiful mountains. I hope you know at that -- is that you catch any fish and you just there for the scenery. I did get if you finish that we were on the ponds that are open the golf course -- -- there like sport golf courses here. We are able you know woman. That's -- access who wouldn't normally get so that was great. And that the commonly found the most efficient and they were not take what sort of bubble watch and affection -- -- that. But I relish it and hope that the Canada where it is. It's -- much punishment that in pretty good freshman but he never goes to break it to the shop. I didn't -- well. Oh -- I wasn't you know. The guys that give up that you wouldn't even see him at the wanna get orbit is being under that I don't -- -- -- -- -- -- I guess get ready for the PGA yeah. You know you can never be his carefully I -- that he had been violent. Three outs blue gill and you know. On it and your whole career. GM of the -- did hook you found the question to keep you your your overall I'll take on own training camp appear at the Greenbrier. I think it's been wonderful week. I think most everybody would agree actually have not heard one -- criticism. For anyone from anyone and you know hardest to please the media -- that they're happy with this as well. I think everybody's a little bit better a lot and are very -- the practice field. Most every day that it's just been orchestra. They like it and it's a real adjustment to go back and work in the -- and battery after being in these conditions but it's like it's been great. And never spent much time in less urgent and it truly has scored this year. People are very nice I would. How it is encouraging saint Stanton didn't make the trip out here this year if they think about doing it next year come -- out because I think that's about it. I don't really have any questions for him in Vince enough in his stance for the last couple weeks we get a lot of if I do it Clinton you'd make your reservations for tomorrow night. I'll take care of it around back and here. As has done that so hopefully. -- They'll have been done and he'll be able I'm in the restaurant and we go -- every -- Saint Louis that. You know black cat sometimes it gets confused. Or just kind of a tight schedule Oakland right from the airport to make -- education but I'm not -- to do it. Yeah that's a -- that's where I'm concern is that it's going to be a different route with ignored from the airport to the -- Wisconsin airport hotel restaurant but a month. Nonetheless. You know I'm looking forward. Didn't think cranked up on Friday night goes -- -- you know have an opportunity to sit up there in the stands in passion things over and as you may Canadian you know I don't know that there's going to be what was at free agents that made his team last year in in. Sean Payton track record you don't usually pretty good bills got may contain that. There and it's just not that many spots. Opened W look at kid who's going to be maybe the next Kevin Riddick. Are so you know carving or he flashed today we talked about Ronald Powell. The day it's it's it's a handful or less when he. When you look at what you look at a dark horse than it did with that being said -- when you look at I think it's a great. You look at Greg Williams in the -- that just their swagger that they've been playing game in the trenches and you know coach Peyton he's gotten. A little return everything that would a couple of questions. In -- will you converts with Jeff Fisher or. You know Greg weighs about a game plan and what you can do I think figure to be prepared. Though it Gregg Williams that they wanted to recovers the year without enough bullets and -- like with the eight hits. When we first played the party -- and they're pretty -- Jamar also offers game I think we had six Axl would you agree that. Sean Payton never gonna make the team aware that Greg Williams that they had to be aggressive maybe you might bring the house at times. Oh definitely so I think he's still playing cat and mouse with the situation Drew Brees and even out the first pre season game you really don't have a game plan. -- the competitor in you watched it at any advantage you might. Signing your disposal and the uncertainty over Drew Brees is probably that security expect should be sitting this one out. Especially given the fact that -- of his starting. -- may not play him. Some people that you evidence there certainly you know where -- is true behind -- on line the senate in less than most efficient. You know you look at Jeff Fisher's teams too and he's wanting to get more physical said that. Midway through the season last year he came to the conclusion that you want to have a better running attack and they certainly at that. With backstage he's so. In the Saints of course of recommitted themselves to the runs so. Hopefully they'll feel a lot of running in this game in the clock will move quickly and it'll be a clean game up interest to see how quickly it out close cynical bit. The -- pass interference and in contention and downfield holding sort of thing out illegal contact as they say they're going to. Be interesting to see how closely they call this game and teams to go to the year. Let him Augusta or the area come -- jawed locals of Frank Sinatra so. Say Q would you give back and say either we go with a little bit that Sandra we -- on out here. That's -- it to me he can't think the bunch in order to be stripped doorstep and that. In the back of the truck and and will be -- so. And I I with the Wal-Mart has got to just got to roll -- just -- -- -- -- them if -- don't think we are right. And it's. That's right Jim Jensen the voice of the Saints GM thank you so much from the time the phone to call Friday night. -- -- it in -- and -- of course that's an over called little inside to open on the triple appeared. So it looked taught in the bag and all -- of -- -- the week voting with about a mile down you know -- -- -- follow -- just thought about enough to Liu will meet. Doesn't want to put wood in the -- Niekro and kind of it would have been -- it has depth. You know it's even do a commercial. -- that Paola you know it's even better duct tape more guerrilla team. You know I feel better of him said that but I never used I'm opening group -- but I heard I heard it is I did -- it here tonight if you look at different surfaces we athletic tape and I think that duct tape at different level. That -- big gorilla thing you know. Went to use them yeah you gotta look at doing -- you know Islam okay there. Well -- get yelled glove and I'll be holding down the fourth -- -- dogged team -- Steve yeah right you know we're living here till Thursday. You know report a tight game back in the superdome but I say what you are just -- deficient drivel. That's one thing I don't care -- featured in the world. South Louisiana still you wanna go flat out fish had no idea what the environment in the -- that it on the scenery. -- -- -- -- don't get any better solid weekend and read -- speckled Trout. Great that the seat -- I mean is it's unbelievable which you get and we take it for granted. Not if you while makes -- always call me at 1 o'clock down and all season and hang out at south Louisiana. All right we'll come back with much more -- the sports talk on the -- yeah. They welcome back to sports talk a lot on our resident pro -- guys -- and about being there I'd be WT 6087866890. Rates and who should starting cornerback for the Saints opposite Keenan Lewis Patrick Robinson Champ Bailey -- like. An easy at least you can case you vote online at W if you go back -- That's you know campaign is not here right now so Corey white. In Iraq who would you who Yugo with opposite side -- -- the he -- hero because he's had a bit yeah. You know I don't know what word you wanna use for the great excellent. Phenomenal. Whatever it we've we've gotten to the point where we're. Slam meaning so much on it the plate that he doesn't make. If he comes up with those interceptions you know on you know those -- the things that really jump out at Q but I mean the guy is I don't know if it you don't now. After X number of years in the league that they finally gotten it you know at the lightbulb go mom whatever. -- cliche you won't use it but the guy is making a lot of plays they could be really big time plays game changing plays. If the ball is intercepted. But where I think we all know that his hands are not very good but. As far as it himself in position late movement around. Just the fundamentals of being the cornerback I think he's looked very good -- and Kory Robertson is Jays made a strong push but. He'll let's not forget to some of those plays that quarries make it back there it to safety position. And when you look at that you on May -- I'm not sure they Corey Wright might not hit better suited as a safety and a corner he's -- guys on the ability to sports talk on that because you.