WWL>Topics>>8-6 6:10pm Sports Talk: Saints Training Camp

8-6 6:10pm Sports Talk: Saints Training Camp

Aug 6, 2014|

The WWL Sports Team talks to WWL listeners about today’s practice at training camp and the upcoming preseason opener against the St. Louis Rams.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to sports talk Alabama three we saw us up and in the interviews this now coming up -- -- of the week from cam Jordan later we'll also hear from quarterback in the count Jimmy Graham Saints coach. Sean Payton are pretty jaguar opinion poll is online -- -- -- -- US dot com Texas to a -- to an 8787. Who do you think most thought opposite of Keenan Lewis and cornerback -- -- little money that we did Buick dot com Patrick Robinson Champ Bailey Corey white. Most any team that piece out of the pro took you guys -- -- -- with us each and every day as Wales also the great things information on lines if you did you will. Dot com let's go out to Algiers a Ferndale long line want to thank you for calling them because Hewitt. -- appreciated that means there. I I definitely believe it's gonna be Patrick Robinson and the reasons stated that -- Well and if it's -- -- you look at when he twelve. It didn't work when he wells was only got in at second actually. Took changes in the net chip it and make plays. The statute rob he's a first call -- reason. -- -- you don't see people read into because I am and them -- -- on the cheap you can easily. Yeah it -- camp until you get everything else that ritualized wanna be in line. Problem. Yet I apologize -- want and not at all. You get merit thing it -- that he but he can put aren't. And I you know I like you wanna have these and other -- in it if anything -- My opinion it -- -- -- Yeah blog you know part dale what you look at it. You know he needs to live up to expectations that you come back from an injury it brought our line. He wanted to succeed you know you make -- a couple of million dollars. You know bottom line is that yet to produce. Well it was crazy about it now what you think of about his situation his first game ever. And talking about being challenge. And you start thinking that the player and that's saying doubting yourself but you singled with how -- the -- -- is. -- gave you remember with starting on the role. Award it's -- out of it it was Monday Night Football I Green Bay knows. Oh that is right in the third and -- and I know he's going to let my arm yeah ought to get it like he has -- it -- like. It was like part of some -- -- and he's like he's probably thinking like it was never like this that Florida State. -- -- he hit well but. You're two yards but it was like almost a rude awakening. Because you know the great quarterbacks. That -- haven't the core of like back in the years you've been attacked weakness sling and I think that's. Happened. I gave him an expert gave it the Packers so -- he's battle tested and I involvement now they EE at the chance. About. If you practiced. I I got what -- and that one -- look. Even go to guy with the light lit us up wanted to and have a shot Victor did it will demand. Everything that you didn't do on any and it and it then that's a popular -- when it's usual -- -- -- walk away from. Limit your injury. You know -- -- at -- right handers and oddly tentative out. It happens you know it had been different forms an eagle you felt about these young man from New York based in -- injuries -- they can't play anymore because it's it's too risky for life. In the embodies this terrible -- the second time I've seen on hard knocks the guy with ties it close it -- area. That walked out of the training camp in the first -- not 2001. I can't think the amazing thing is messing with Matthew twosome LSU. He was trying to footer Ravens and he's going to make the team he'll wanna play -- more -- -- and also Brian Billick and Marvin Lewis are not they -- you know. You'll make these team he's aware that you don't want play. And lots of hard knocks us and I hit parade -- Well a top Clinton -- millions this was no late round -- -- that I mean he's the guy I didn't expect to come and give him some help in the interior defensive line. And he sit in the -- with a Mike -- thing. I just don't wanna play no more recently you know what you want to do you know -- that this was the one play. Pain and you know out of all the players in this leak it got to be gleaned more players in that. That don't wanna go out there and they don't want -- whatever the reason may be. But on the flip Zack you think about it well as a model go make full file for a thousand dollar. -- season without a doubt that's why if you go to retire yet Amaechi or that it's a final decision. And you know coach just tell you that you shortest of what you wanted to do. Because once you you do retire. You know the team still hold the rights he can't like while I don't like being on this team learned that the team. Though he's still have to deal with the team that you retired for a so with that being said that think football is one sport. That you've got to want -- do you can't force the body to play football even if Europe parent. And you love football and try to force -- kids to do it if it doesn't wanna do you can't make a play you can. Have a runner on a kick a soccer ball play baseball and -- him and opulence of then. And now have a participated in team sports. If you don't wanna play football that's the worst thing the forced to -- even adult now. I think it'll be you get -- can tell you this as much as I enjoy football and enjoy that lifestyle and a lot of money you make him. When -- any Kevin Hammond Louisiana and 1986. Now here I AM I'm going to be 26 years of age -- probably get -- to play football I'll wasn't gonna play -- everybody and I camp. From the light hardcore Stan -- Steve -- body you hate them all you doing this is the best way to support your family. And I'd -- to survive it. -- it it but it was that part of situated scenario. Where it was it was a job it was a because -- -- it. -- what a great job I have knowledge that he could visit to West Virginia -- that can add. Through three years the career. And united yeah beat yourself up -- that -- anymore but it is a lot that I think comes in the play. With the wanting when a player. Wants to retire even though they have unbelievable talent. You might make sure -- -- two -- three times you sure you wanna do this but you can't force in the played about how talented. You know for people like I mean you you wanted to play in -- can't imagine. Somebody that's in. There like -- coaches -- -- -- teammate what's it what's the deal you know but. Then again I mean I don't hold anything against this young man because -- talking about the they're running back from the Giants and meet somebody that that. Cup we have been totally get certain that he'd been forced out of for physical last -- forced out at the united me he wants to play like a he can't. So -- they're different circumstances. For everything but I mean in a way -- It Meyer. A guy that blocks away under his own terms and says it I don't won't do it because like you said -- -- you look at -- the money that don't tables out and you walk away from that. I admired from the standpoint that he's he's he he's got another goal in life and maybe that goal is look. I don't wanna be crippled when I'm forty -- bill you know wanna be able to -- things would mind with my kids Greg or he may have another hobby -- that he wants to do but. All in all they're different reasons why guys had to get out of the game -- eight yeah. Different circumstances for everybody but. I guess when you know a short time ago when you don't enjoy it anymore. That you better get out -- -- And -- -- made every -- you don't wanna be your ninth inning and you don't wanna be happy you get hurt if -- -- if you don't like alright yeah I thought absolutely you know our guys and as I've noted that happening the players you teammates were also expose you -- -- tell you that you stealing money. That that you can't you know we don't make an -- care with a first round pick in the Falcons and I felt like flared a player you think the -- I'll orient but sometimes if you teammate if you know that you got their back and -- given that you all. They'll call you got to use of the body you get paid every two weeks to be talking about you'd. Back it up to the pay window. You know he got a couple of equipment manager at old school report out direct deposit no -- kind of gave get a check every two weeks cynical and you back it up that I Palin used to embarrass. The united Q trim it didn't keep his money you know those -- even the players the club the players in that regard. We'll come back we'll hear from Saints -- it's Islamic cam Jordan there are resident pro -- guys on him by the Hebert and Deke Bellavia basis sports talk on Saints radio WW TO. And welcome back to sports so he's it takes. Guys I watched hard -- last night. And I don't think about it will be any better this year that -- -- change games thank you very much worth of interest to see. I think some of the problems at the Falcons -- it may this year there party. The connect this year and you heard one of the things talk about this Mike Smith is Stephen Jackson is out of a they've they've had they've had rookie running backs accompanies the an extremely good seasons. But -- Freeman is as the go to guy now and I mean I don't care how much of a champion -- College in what to do. It's a different level you -- up just from a learning standpoint so that's an awful lot to -- the only handles he would have to move forward. Without you think it good enough at quarterback. And it -- have the best and the receivers in the league I think there and compensation nothing else on Jeffrey. And the Brendon -- that Chicago and the devastation Roddy White Julio Jones I just think it -- -- -- quarterback. To be a ballclub that's going to be a four win team I would be surprised that they know more between them and we. -- this year -- just my opinion I think the three teams is that these are the people who win double BG games the one I don't think it's Kapler went over to the game issues Carolina. And it's just my opinion I think -- loaded in great physical defensively I think if that'll often it's about let's give credit for. And we've seen teams come in with their new coach with the new coach turned things around with so Mike Schmidt in his first few weeks which I'll pay it is first year. It doesn't take -- it doesn't take much an article to change in the Lovie Smith that got -- how -- thought of where respect it. Nick ample and yet so you know talk about a new -- you talk about it really reuniting. Weight he really got on the rise -- storms -- at camp. Well and dignity it was through being objective and we gonna focus on the and it's because that's what -- think that dealing with. The NFC west is the best. Top to bottom and the south -- the south it is close though -- -- this but I think -- date -- the conversation with the NFC north. The reason why -- say that you look at where the Packers are at and a healthier right. You look at the Bears won ten games look at the line to their defense could do anything. That that the Lions scored the high twenties right now the Vikings the Vikings on that bottom team in that -- home opener. To me -- ready to close that the worst is the NFC east you know we say the NFC at least it did they are that that that I think you get in as the US. And that top to bottom I think we got a slight edge over NFC north. I agree but if you look at it it at number -- no division in football has -- every team a division with -- games in the last four years except in a season. Yeah the the example -- getting -- if you go to the playoffs. Bless you Carolina with twelve hopeful we know the Saints have -- and two out of the last four years Atlanta with thirteen in threes and the number one seed. In the NFC when you that you -- four with thirteen three. -- those times so that that that's. Speak well because we looked at all think is yes I would say the NFC west debate is going by what happened most people that. Oh yeah allowed time you don't you you've got to look at the short Q and did it's that's his record amicable. You the Rams -- -- it -- record well yeah yeah they were way better era that I mean at least that's my let's get back to the -- meant to feel. Jeremy on line to Jimmie thank you for calling if you do you will. I think about it. -- -- But got out just a question of will get much going on black's -- about players cool it's not just here -- Wide variety. Decision before they got -- -- because then you're you couldn't just it will happen there's more players that work their butt off. It's an entry in just to get drafted that. Well I think I think that the majority of -- is not so much when they get drafted it's apathy in the league for a certain amount of time how hearted in the game and an 88 if it happens now Horton like period -- that was five years ago affair it. In 2000 and and and then after a course that time on the east now with two seasons ago he was out the entire season with a knee injury. It in losses position I don't think he was in jeopardy of being cookies I don't know maybe he was. You know buys them why they don't repeat because you know they could compete to get that are rotation but he was on the books that we make what 56000 dollars and you -- There you know you can kind of flipped it that people every day jobs. We look at if from the standpoint to whereas. It our fourth Moscow to go to work him even if I was miserable until they kick me -- a ticket now to make that kind of money and now I'm in a while with you I agree with that. But when you have done that before and you've been today -- beat him intently. In your body aches the pounce on that I would know. It I would say that -- familiar territory of the mean but -- its probably a little more easy for guys it's been doing -- -- -- -- candidacy Millwood. It it's it's not a difficult decision for me as it is the way you've yesterday. You and our -- camp cook it and you know how I went on the road with him for affairs out and everything else I can recall. Which one year -- back when -- was the twelfth round draft the saint scripted. That ninth tenth round something like -- eighteen and he went through a couple of days up there in lacrosse in. He walked into Baltimore's office. Or play it means rookie draft pick. And one of the things -- can't cook told me ask every player you're viewed at that. Do you want to play in the NFL yet you -- you -- -- exactly because. And you'd almost think it's a stupid question. Until somebody like that alternate coach's office India. That he -- the caller when he that you wasted draft pick yet who went to draft pick right on a guy that doesn't wanna do it in and you didn't know that at the time so right there get a you don't ballot question that he would not know. Perfect example I can tell you we've played whether he played in a Pro Bowl Brett I don't. Brad and although with the starting thinner at University of Missouri. You've lived in New Orleans he beat all -- caller good guess is that it's all jacked up had to get it views. Brad did even. Brad was good football. But he didn't like football you can't be good at something at a high level right equipment -- do you really like Guillen that I would know that by the way he played like it and let it behind the -- he's like -- it's not it's a dog fight every day and also -- players you know -- -- -- handle. They could be dominated high school. And it pretty dominant college all of a sudden they get the NFL. If you don't bring it every day you get embarrassed that that's what we look ahead of that middle. And in games it's like the comparison and now he's a everyday like it's a job with the profession now. On the outside looking -- look at eagle like well. With you've got to compared to dislike what you do in philosophy you'd think the -- can't compare somebody goes to work in his -- successfully what they do. The -- them that this might not be who they wanna do. What they got a lot of people that lethal blow -- -- that but -- just like you say they can't match whales can make go and make their kind and it in the that you may have me thinking yet. Some went down on I'm my health might not be that good somewhere down I might come animal health problems. But is there a risk worth the reward pulled out of -- Bobby and I obviously from my standpoint to meet. I I would take that risk from a standpoint of thinking of how much for a pocket of my family and that's just that's a mile. And they'll -- -- that's it. When you get to that point we need a mid to late twenties and thirties and you've been playing football long time. And and you getting BW I play for free. And you get to a point it's they were truly. Dealing with -- available issues at all when I got them by 3334. Years old. That it it really was the job -- 1989. I got -- opera -- knocked out. I mean football at -- then he is trying to survive that and you knew you need to know that you know of the all of us hope the meeting if a it's probably no but it. He's who'd taken out of no -- can be pleased to know that they'll hope they got to keep it all prospective you know you want to be happy and you -- But yeah after realize that helps you be happy and you work is that teacher and in the village a lot of players I know. And Al Islam is that you like -- lifestyle you know I liked -- going great. Exotic vacate his -- -- the world you know you gotta have resource that do that the woodland avenue. They pro football and compete in and obviously when you're playing out there you know thinking about the money and they competition. You competitive spirit in nature of Cubs about -- But then when you beat -- that they -- that you wake up the next morning and because I don't know what Thomas elected -- -- that's all we sit right now through a young 35. It and not necessarily you know they can about -- play a couple of lawyers -- like that's why I made a bold statement. You know 89 Kimberly. WW at least 9633. Have a person who go to Japan so. And welcome back to sports solve our resident pros look at guys on him by BA -- I'm Deke Bellavia what you think will be the starting cornerback. On the other side of him Lewis would be Corey why Iraq Patrick Robinson Champ Bailey or stand -- at peace cast your vote online at that you -- out dot com while he was. April vote unless you wanna tops in the business and expect to have another stellar season he is Saints. Pass rushing expert cam Jordan addressing the media activities practice at the Greenbrier in West Virginia. Game week. You just go through a whole preparation -- Millen and getting -- very nice welcome change I don't was still fresh in our -- And I mean we have this beautiful weather to go with but -- this story is. Big -- game -- history season was still working on our technique was still working on our plays are still working on us so maybe we'll transition over to tomorrow. -- as far as you -- -- there we're going lefty so there's still. Yes it's. So early and oh let's say hi guy -- let me guess I just about children. Our return. -- needle through didn't turn out kind of it is this summer your impressions of yeah. Juniors must be the best Panamanian. That's what you have to expect from junior. He's such a high intensity guy he brings so much energy every and he loves what he does every day of the week if you ask jump off the field where he's trying to do he might try spin off of the -- Junior is definitely a guy you have to respect him as a low speed rusher in every down player that he's becoming. -- -- dogs are gonna happen here entry here when talking scheme Lewis struggled bush really got Grissom out there what did you see in pass defense dominate and that's what I expect. What are Phillips and some -- -- quite slippery down defense dominate. And that's that I expect. So I guess. -- -- -- Getting -- pretty physical out there mean. -- it seems. The meat lover I mean we have we have all the safeties back there and creating plays and it's not creating plays creating having. And that's supposed to be a part of defense plus the a force it to be reckoned with and I think -- that -- that we're trying to take him or trying to establish that pre season but -- -- support just becoming a better because overall. Is that correct the other Brothers don't always get -- -- definitely I know that's pretty cool cool yeah. No I mean that's that's the whole point of it rob comes in every day with so much energy and some of intensity that you have to feed off of it and feeding off of it is. When our defense has to do I mean we have to get better than last year and that's where we're working towards. It was pretty complimentary about the Greenbrier Michael. I first got here at thirteen year old relief everything -- School so I mean that elevation to a different. And we had a little first afternoon practice yesterday and got a little -- Relatively speaking it was like eighty. I'm the sun out so -- -- -- all you know it it doesn't really matter where we are what matters is the -- we're putting and what are you thoughts on facing your old it's what is. I had like five to discredit assists and -- know he knows my Jazz couldn't in my -- here in. Everybody knows we're here you get cheated a little bit differently. So -- this thing that turns -- mean I was trying to you know find my -- at the time. And I think Greg is -- great coordinator he's set the bar for a lot of different stuff PS I temple defense and we look forward to playing against them. Yeah we'll look at the film wash your ability at the -- It's your BCC game. What was the main reason that success story with the -- I don't remember us might forgive yeah. Com I was happy particularly happy about the game so it's gonna push towards the next week sometimes and let's look so great about football as it was the next game or sixteen weeks. And he had a -- -- -- there's -- next week to redeem ourselves now she'd had three decent too often but I. -- game day is all about half the back of the team becoming a better team. Cardinals won't quite physical good and you got to -- -- and you just try to -- but I mean I know assists all of -- mean we're all on the same -- -- all the states drove players and if you -- -- -- -- -- contract. I -- who are one Palin who were once seemed so promising that's item on the sooners are making them stronger you're making that much more tenacious on the field when you go get somebody you don't know you don't care about. -- interview that exhibition game change your rookie but yeah. We need to be better. How you approach. I'll whatever whatever Minnesota sides. Number inside -- it seems to be the smartest -- to -- it's. Good now. I would have my organization decides he's seen unless it's just be with a fight or not it'll happen anyways so I'm just going to sit back and San by the decision. If -- -- Louisville of their -- bode well running back I don't know much a little help us. They're like little late little guys -- the forty the 48 team is like 55. I mean you know dumb but they're fast they're strong in the you know you gotta give him a lot out of them I mean -- they're trying to make their mark and rightfully so they're doing great job. And -- cam -- addresses the media who is a probable count a player and a guy who was on the rise that the problem. Yeah he got big healthiest game. So it's somewhere could you always look at down the role of utility -- the -- salary cap. And you look at certain classes a certain draft classes -- whose -- to get me. In the whole NFL right now. -- -- of people had camp darling number five. Or like honorable mention right out of the top five -- four hours getting ready to get rewarded. Based on what they've done so far in the NFL. If you build upon what he's done it and you could see you know to think obviously that option year. Pick in that. The camps are now that he's established himself with the approval or -- you wanna build a one that. And then you get that ultimate market where. You know. Yet not only two or three teams that you have a handful of teams. That what you services and and that's how you really get reward of all the her hard work he did. That's established itself in his words a few years -- camp has been a player coconut. You know on the -- -- The evening will wonder when the heat stroke -- that full every year. That's what you want all your players to do recognized. You know -- he was a guy you know I can remember when they draft demon in him that might be -- play end or tackle in so you think will again got some versatility. And now we've seen. Plain and a 34 defense -- Without question suited for the defense to be in but then when they go on their nickel package when they had -- -- four down -- eagle V audience that can be on the outside. And when you've got a player that's got that much versatility. And a coach with the creativity. Of rob Bryant. To where you can move him around pumped up QB stand up he'll look like a linebacker. He might drop into coverage he might blitz. He might be as big that got that day he might get dropped right back from the senate in play right in the middle -- something that the quarterback. Is not looking for so he's athletic enough. To do all those things. And like you say -- is the fact that he continues to improve. Anything I about the effect from the media and he gets light hearted you know I like that you know -- -- -- -- -- serious. I think he opened his press conference right. When you want to -- well let's explained that it exchanged greetings and hello how you done in what Anthony another so the at -- make it makes it fun for the media to have somebody. That you can just joke around win. You know -- be talking about the great players that all of us that combination. You know speaking about hard knocks Jake Matthews. The tackle out of pixie and he looks legit. As a left tackle you know you talk about demanding him. Brother accommodations. In the count down slow a lot of the little but realize that you -- -- you know is we can't -- that. I want to say played at least twelve at night thirteen fourteen years it tied in with the Vikings. So you could see that he's been around the game and the one thing. And I talented -- pre shot -- appreciated by -- When he came out of cal was noted is like every down. Units have been you know first downs stout against the run but not. There is anything about his pass rushing skills -- -- accountable ever had a one year with four sacks now you almost expected double digit. Sacks through him and that's -- -- Julie gets recognized the court approval with him because getting after the quarterback. All right he's -- -- OK guys on this -- sports talk on that you -- you -- And welcome back our resident pros okay guys and by BA BA here with you operated jaguar that you -- who would start who -- -- -- cornerback. But the Saints obviously Kenyon Lewis he rod Champ Bailey -- whites can't achieve that he scares you vote on line. It could be if you go back companies he's a football thoughts on Friday 3 o'clock it -- take. With -- and Estes and Steve Cole at 5 o'clock that's the -- like countdown to kickoff. It extended PM the team of -- -- -- guys on him on the sidelines Kristian garic. Bring you the Saints at the St. Louis Rams at the point after 21 unit and now the -- while saint Albert on the big 87. 870 AM if famine mortal 53 you -- -- thinking lives on young -- Though two of them that you -- dot com coming up tonight it's this an issue he's I'm not a hot topic talk about. Calls -- commission is talking about. This -- point that type of caught real on the groups you know more accidents involving vehicles going over the railing to the lake on the south -- it's. And that caught rail is six inches slow compared to the all boundaries that you think raising the -- six inches would make a difference in safety on the calls where. Plus 63 Texas Republicans have signed a court -- saying that marriage equality could lead to legal incidents pedophilia and polygamy. Is that a concern you have if same sex -- is legalize and can you main beef frank with a woman without six. That's sort of scoot you're right you're -- -- of them -- -- One of the top he's good enough not to -- kids can main -- me the ball without six easy easier for women to be fine with me if you're a guy. Do you or have you ever have -- really close -- go -- -- -- a physical relationship if you're a woman had you ever -- that would -- -- I think it be easier for -- When that a man what -- every I think it did studies on this every few seconds. -- have been thinking about yes. Exactly sold. How you can throw that whatever. What do think it is the only ailment that is that you can do to control that it's really I don't even if you like -- -- -- about that if a -- -- -- -- 81 thing how you come in that thought I had it is is that a 100%. Right but I Alexei. As well. A female with him to have. More male friends. That have -- We're having female for -- I think I saw it than the well -- -- it's it's as -- people like I guess the way we guard. Vocal a relationship. With the female side of things strike yet so well out of bombed close friends. So for. Scoot -- talk about it -- I think him much more eloquent and professionally week who have but I'd like to do a full -- it. Mean you really Ku beat the phone last over team BC BS and a lot of phone calls of it -- front it. Well I'm at bat -- I'd never get them prison. We'll do what I never could have though girlfriend who could give a finger own though I'd go printed benefits and a little girl ran right where yeah could. And understand the Coca basically have to -- the caller you know yeah it's good but things like that the type of there -- for their -- in front greeted him. All right we'll come back on what I wanna talk about it got the scoop shooting night he can be pushed him buttons and talking. The 38 states each and every -- -- night here on WW. I coming up another hour ago we gonna hear from Luke McCown Sean Payton. And Jimmy Graham all of next doubtless more of your calls on hopper ready jaguar opinion poll it's online at WW had to come. Who -- starting cornerback for the Saints opposite of Keenan Lewis should it be Patrick Robinson. Champ -- -- -- And regime -- -- cast your vote online at W did you go down accomplice. Friday it is game day Saints. And the St. Louis Rams ten Powell is a wall a wall saint coverage starting with fans first take with -- -- Estes and Steve cord at 3 PM. It's the Bud -- countdown to kickoff at 5 PM seventy -- it's game time. Given its hokey guy zoning Christian Derek and -- after the game dictates you can and for the point after. To wanna units and now is a wall to wall -- football blackened golden radio right here on home the -- that you get you real. 870 AM FM 1053 and on and hit it if you did you have that --