WWL>Topics>>8-6 7:10pm Sports Talk: Saints Training Camp

8-6 7:10pm Sports Talk: Saints Training Camp

Aug 6, 2014|

The WWL Sports Team talks to WWL listeners about today’s practice at training camp and the upcoming preseason opener against the St. Louis Rams.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back final -- sport so put -- pro hockey -- John and Bobby -- locked gates who operated jaguar paid people who do you think will be the starting cornerback. Alongside on the opposite side of Keenan Lewis he -- Patrick Robinson Champ Bailey Corey white or Stanley seemed at peace casual online at WW -- Dot com a lot of interviews -- to this our backup quarterback -- count police thought on Friday night. And we'll hear from tight -- Jimmy Graham the first that he with Saints coach on Peyton had to say after the day's practice. This couple roster moves real quick. Com yesterday we -- Steve's Steve whole wide receiver Tyrone -- nose tackle linebacker Marcus Thompson. Then we signed wide receiver by homer and tight end Richard Quinn. It puts it 89 right now. We'll see were every bit less spot. Today was a little modified we changed up some of the periods the emphasis was a minute that was in -- last night. This afternoon we'll we'll get another walk through him and then kind of -- thirty years it's evolved into. The focus on Saint Louis big questions it's. Idea not yet looks like you turned up the Dolphins and the more physical practice running back or slogging it well we had a period it was different then. We've we had a pass -- period which involved. There's three different for different areas of the field where there are rules and somehow some way shape or form role for blocking pass protection mainly with the Titans. Linebackers running backs and linebackers. Trying to create game like experience knowing when to do that didn't go the more kimbo I saw you watching the running back pretty closely during that -- got here what did you think about. Listen it's it's a good drill -- The challenge is always. Trying to simulate you know the holes the linebackers have to hit often times they can become kind of allies of the running backs when it when you're talking about Lyman -- Keeping your looking forward just bad global technique and I think that's. Go the whole thing there we're trying to work on daily is improving the check these these guys are. Either Russian with the blocking where. Never gives us that we'll. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're gonna monitoring it day by day. He's still a lot better. Then. And we'll see him and I probably by tomorrow with no. But I but I don't wanna I don't wanna say one thing and all of sudden they do the other so. I know he's -- matter -- a couple of little island of broke the same way here we're just gonna -- -- -- tomorrow. You'll probably make a decision tomorrow with a lot of the injured players and then that'll have some various whether they traveled enough jump. -- you can bet you've exhibition games. More committed to nothing bigger would you be better served well for more -- with a team. Saw how I think this. You know you're at nineteen you're you're going to be down to 63 here about three or four weeks up I colonel like what we have this just. You know we've we've got four opportunities there I don't want to say -- much like scrimmage is there not. But there are opportunities for us to evaluate. Thin. You know there's going to be a player -- -- here. Friday night that that stands out maybe separates himself a little differently in the easiest way to do that is in the kicking game all. And yet recognize the challenges did you get to the final pre season game. Which are all typically played on Thursday. Your your your mindful of injury in -- Those challenges out I don't know that changes if your point three pre season games it's really distance from the last pre season game to the start of the regular season so. -- -- We're currently right now I think that what we're doing. Works. I think the modifications we've made in training camp. -- -- You know on him. -- look good and that is what it is it got really really don't give a lot of thought to it because probably we probably an area that you know you don't have a lot of control over. But. But I think so far this calendars were pretty well. We've got you know obviously a lot of time left here. Think zone. He ran good had a really good hands of their respective. Of the learning -- to me what the next. You want to learn about -- well I think this I think with regards to. -- missed in the spring and then where he's -- now he's picked things up pretty quick. I think there's plus -- Technique things -- work on that would be the number one thing the technique the position the alignments and some of the like two minute calls. Some of the hand signals if you will a lot of the nuances that that come with just repetition and a couple of practice time I think that would be the number one thing. Don't look at it seems willing to block. And these seems like he's got a toughness and the other thing I would say also is consistency as a returner. -- locate and track and then didn't on every. Snapped you're catching the ball properly securely and him being a reliable that would. Shawn would get up early at practice. The visitors are here this is drilled -- -- -- -- -- -- the offensive -- -- past the -- -- -- how important. I think for the tide is also develop their skills at it obviously of the running backs in the court protection. Well there. There's a ton of snaps where. But tight end for us might be involved in protection often times you know on a linebacker safety and then sometimes with the tackle. On a defense event come. You know you there's a little bit of not a guessing game but he did. With regards to your protection -- snaps for the back releases right away and is not involved in any protection. And then there's other staff quite a few words he's got to be able to block an inside linebacker so the only way to work that technique -- to kind of -- that. Live drill if you will because it's hard -- necessarily get them the reps during team because often times there may not be a dog or a blitz so. That was one of the points of emphasis today is set up for different drills to receivers were working on their blogging. With the corners the tight ends were down here working their their technique blocking the outside linebacker position -- the strong safety position and then the running backs. Handling the inside linebackers so it's something that. And training camp would like to -- -- -- weaken him the idea of being a player might -- 45 snaps. And then. You know it's gonna come opening game in here tonight -- what -- I don't want his very first full speed and look for runner inside and to be or one of our. Guys that are involved in the pressure to be. Big game so. Well I thought it was good at those organize a -- guys were we're going hard. We're going to be Michael sands NFL debut and because -- -- and we're national attention and make it to the pre season game. Do you think related NFL analyst in the league players handled it -- the next time around it won't be as big deal. Well I don't know that the players of the NFL. Contributed to how big this story was or or how little the story was I think I said this back the owners' meeting admitted to being good. Training camp with our players -- the offseason is you know if you -- last year because you're I have to go to Parcells hall of fame speech I think it's. It's very. Right on you know and him I think word of business weren't -- good. -- is striving to win. And I think the locker room welcomes all those that can help him do that and the history of our league is good news is that players from every state. Regardless of color didn't who created and so I think the same thing would apply I think the uniqueness is that. This was the first you know would typically. After the first it's probably not the same story with the second or third. I don't know that now once we get into the game I think that. Do we use -- -- faceless opponents were or blocking assignments were were were playing against. A team last year that finish off strong a team that you gave us a -- good butt kicking in the regular season so but tear to your question I think. Certainly it my expectation would be -- it would not be is big of a story line the next Simon occurs in. I think history is always that was regards other barriers. -- -- -- Pardon dungy who do a lot of electric I wouldn't pick December comes fresh. If you believe position -- towards the end when you would've been a consideration being. It would have been based on our grade yeah I mean I read partly what what Tony said. You know our our decision strictly during the draft would be based on whether whether or not we felt like he could helpless and whether or not we had the the grade on -- player. It didn't come up. But. That's what -- we would really look at regular season your goals when you went senior teams are different in pre season what are you looking forward to seeing Fridays and things well. Look for simple thing like -- alignment and having the right amount of players on the field one of the challenges for the special teams coach is -- some of the years you're dealing with ninety players. You know we tried to break in the phases. And so everyone's communicating when we're in phase one face -- -- face street there's a lot of moving parts. With regards to special teams so which you don't wanna see is ten guys on the field or twelve guys on the field. You wanna see guys get sick -- the line. And playing fast and that's the best chance to evaluate a player. His when he knows what to do and if he doesn't then you're really not get the good evaluation now he consistently doesn't want to do. Your data and information as well but you can always -- Croshere whose contributions training camp so far he's done well he's got a lot to learn balls been on the ground a few times. Deal with the pads on its a little different. But. You know I think. I think for young guys he's he's handled the installation knows what to do and I'm anxious to see him. I look to have a more regular. Safeties cornerbacks specifically in the. Well you can read for presents challenges he says he's a fast receiver. He's got great speed he's someone that they use very well on the road. Reverses mystery action. He'll play inside a lineup and a few different spots. Obviously he's an explosive player you know and you just have to go back to one game. Then you'd see him at the college first I think it was Oklahoma. So as a returner immediate -- he's a guy you've got to be my club on every snap and he's very explosive and I felt probably. Played better the second half the season for them. Than the early portion of the year but he's he's great -- Saints coach Bobby does that mean one thing he hit on the it was thought about it the 82 minute offense that yes they're great opportunity for both a running you grip it and look McCallum. To tell you the truth. They'd mix that up. I don't know you could flip a coin who actually gonna start. And I think they'll -- be given opportunities. Well with the first unit type players. Whether it be even in the first two games let it be against the Rams order Titans. Have to wait and see how that plays out but when they started two minute. Ryan Smith and went with that first group. Now to show you the situation now that the -- tried. Keep the office of scoring obviously committed the Pittsburgh the two minute offense. Now -- agree that Eric right Griffin hit Robert Meachem. A fifty yard play on the first play the Keenan Lewis but. Now what they did not allow it because he would have been sacked I think it was groups that the team makes -- -- -- When it got the right group before he can release the ball so therefore. -- Lewis recovered Robert Meachem long ago it was a post route that you had a -- there but right grip and bounced back. He hit uncles that are twelve yard gain -- -- Jimmy Graham -- eight yard gain probably. -- wanted to hit two big pass plays but I called big pass plays twenty yards or more. -- -- Primakov had one well right after the hit Jimmy Graham for eight yards a right grip and hit Robert Meachem. A plus 20/20 five yard gain. And beat Corey white a cumulative ineptly that an acorn while I was playing kind of seek the combination. -- Elvis and offered his movement in the right grip than. In -- getting it to scoring territory right outside the reds on all of -- around the thirty yard line and athletic -- completion that Meachem. The plus 20/20 five. Then very next play Raphael -- they would become what would -- -- interception. Off a right Griffith so that ended that drive. Now along. That stuff who comes in the Luke McCown. He started all the drive what are nights at the bit Watson. Plus they can visit the next play with his longest play that being looked McCallum. Of the drive. He would probably Robertson on a simple. Option rout not this option route it is like depending on how the pin is gonna court yeah on the back field. Whether you cutting outside or inside or he may be make him think he's gonna go wide ours that you have their sharp angle. And I'm McCown hit I carry around with him right in stride and that was very some -- while I was recollect on that play when I did. Oh with Dalton Hilliard a number of times which we call it option rob -- we called it a rabbit that type Ralph well perfect time and hit a curry Robertson plus one who knows -- his ability you get him in open space I humanity and at the house but -- they gave about a twenty yard gain. And -- now we have a call his name macho. A few times cities trying to compete we're Robert Meachem jewels of Morgan had a eight yard reception. So now it's 32. And again and plus territory out around the thirty yard line not quite in the reds film. If this is where Stanley heal and that these. Stepped up big two plays in a row. It was a 32 situation. Nice pass breakup and so now if you before that you but it at thirty to play. Constantly show that these could had a pick six. You know can you imagine you take -- right break on the ball you go to the sideline at the shore. And you've sealed the deal and owls fourth at two and the count went right after Stanley's on that these again. In this when he could is that the but he got his hands on it. And but nice up past the pin the pass break up that I was too big plays that I really stands on that Heath. Look like he kind of turned a corner. Trying to get in the mix as far as either top four corners you will be in the mix. Which you could see him if he plays that the last couple days -- particularly. The clothes -- practice as that was crucial with the defense governor what -- win. And that's the game like situation. 32 you -- would have big -- in -- that you go to big play. Game over you win the game so I think that as -- helped his confidence. Going forward having that type of a game. Well winning play in a practice that heading into Friday's game against the -- All right with tickets I'm out and we'll come back we'll hear from. Aideed Jimmy Graham our resident pro so you guys on him by being big deviated take. On Saints practice this is the Saints talk on sports talk WW. And welcome back allowing our resident pro -- -- guys on -- Bobby -- I Deke Bellavia when he addressed the media today Saints tight end Jimmy Graham spoke. After today's practice. The best so I don't like his contract. I don't know -- -- -- I'm it's. Everywhere were the only good it means you don't know exactly. You can. It's. My opinion he. Okay. It's. Your background. Yeah you know it's I'm in high and I think it's I think my background in our -- quite a bit it's. Enough for me. You know for me it was. Oh -- the money he -- it's going to be -- knowing down there and you know -- there. Thompson no you know where your future gonna be there and very you know it's always -- and norm. Then you expecting you to give it -- McIlroy yeah that's OK okay is really good you still those great stories about. -- thumb might do. You. Some under -- -- You know -- missed -- -- three weeks so I've been pretty busy here. But you know I was certain -- minority came from and there and you know I know. Com you know how hard it was to get here in -- -- -- -- -- every moment -- -- and then you can do everything in my power to nevertheless. Jimmy Edmonds drew Little League last few days have you its. Yeah you know how critical was a stone's throw from a number other than nine. Clippers -- my career so well you know it's good news column on the tournament communication. Both those guys in the decision regardless you know they have so much on them -- -- press. All the responsibilities that we put on a quarterback problem. The locking on Garrett called protection and he doesn't replacing Amare and showed. An opposite him you know always. All these checks there are very good -- so so and I don't think. I'm someone -- -- unique player where you know a lot of Arabs. Paul Mara dropped zero spend an Emmy and drew have such a feel for those things you know he he knows our faceoff my body language what I'm gonna do you know and and the balls always there's so now it's it's you know working that would that come. Around with the other ones and -- very good. It's still it's. Big news. A great receiver. Look at it today good blocking skills. You take pride in them being good I'll probably see -- at times you ought to know Romo that's a pass blocker -- -- to -- it. They like -- you birdies out there today and then we'll. Yeah you know those. Home you know the last two years are you -- and -- walking -- here I come alive -- You know it. I'm truly healthy you know you know I mean I think I think that's a big deal with -- Willis was a major injuries become a limited data. How come you -- a good time this offseason to really look at some film and analyze myself as a player and you know I noticed. You know all all the time throws that would help the team the most was when I was blocking us. Because it helps I don't play action you know -- -- simply couldn't. You know corner I don't know presto all while woman like on the line with the outside -- so so you know it's. Column you know it's going to help the team so it's an awesome and it didn't work toward it for -- You didn't greens that are building not to have my your. Schoolyard ER I mean he's. It's. Even after you know even though he's not you don't throw the ball after every round and he runs a -- tells me. It doesn't really want him to do well what -- -- them better so you know he still get those mental reps and and then now. You know -- -- news I'm going to be just fine and he's just come to new musicals I'm often which he needs you know this offseason and you got sixteen games. Four pre season games this morning and I'm lucky to get -- where -- you be ready to go over. Yeah I mean I'm just got my judgment regardless. I was running judgment. It's. You can come out looking for more I think about how are you Q what would be starting -- when you keep yourself grounded. -- -- -- -- Yeah you know home. Tom I think there's offices it was a good -- point -- you know there's. You know I don't there isn't -- so close -- only a couple people in my corner so hum. Gotta keep your round and men and keep your focus you know that's all I do this offseason to work or Martin. And you know simple -- -- -- I'm so -- person I was up four years ago so -- do that is. So you know once they're healthy. Obviously that's the most important thing right now and I don't know -- there isn't. -- -- a -- is pretty good. Thing going you know you know it's. Fun you can you don't clear you're thinking it wasn't. Harrison and DL young and I know we're just -- and it's. A few years ago. We put same friend -- first preseason game and you know you -- zero blitz. Like you know there -- 79 shows so you know and agree work for. For the court martial artist could start and threw it means very very across the board you know he's. I'm -- -- and he brings so so you know where -- Yeah for a -- -- the -- and -- had eluded him. Column. I should overflow thread it is. You know is different work. Column the facilities are amazing and then during the off there at their position as -- It's a decent supporting players are some guys there are some of the Navy SEALs. And you know I just in our living on the -- drew and and that -- muscle all those name is still so. There's four putted it. Hum -- -- enough -- just get really heard about -- supposed to be. I'm sure hear about it for us to you know radio reporters to get away. Column. I'm not coming where are greater than you were here in inclement weather's beautiful you know in the -- It's good they're great feels come I think -- -- were gracious Mario it's. You know we didn't remember it's been -- Marlins -- within the last two -- -- will keep -- -- -- -- and and so you know I think it's time so. You -- follow his list I don't know look good when you. Scrimmage somebody who played exhibition game you doing here we're we're. Come. I mean you know I'm in corporate game has a lot of the opposite but you know that's our attention. In the U a W I'm looking so well hope you guys this. Is here's the home field the -- -- it. Did you know brings. You know my Ricky I'm -- lucky through my crew have come home. You have some investment towards mom that I could possibly our sport in our room are you starting Shockey. You know he was. Yeah he's a big deal Margaret you're just teaching me what it was appears. You know it's your physical competitive side and then and then David Thomas come in and now I've got -- -- you know and and you know he. You know he's been on a lot of good teams still a lot of good quarterbacks and then you know just an hours in 2000 and you know the ability the ability for me to lean on him you know. And then. Then you know he knows he knows it's its stay healthy -- knows -- to bigger things there's there's no what am -- doing when I'm not facility. You don't want my -- at home -- I'm listing him here and you know he's that would help me on the. It's -- -- dozen or more -- doesn't let them there was no offseason it's close you're your quarterback takedown came back. Pretty between his advice you want things got a team that that help you there heard. You know with -- in the hopes of seeing minimal -- no -- production. Yeah you know with -- me it was a few yards if you don't like it did. I'm like -- in the -- a year you know that's how are solid in their own home and then you know that's -- -- Swiss government -- so you know we do this and work that we did there and and hum. And you know hopefully -- little bit off. But he said he citing Jimmy Graham -- addressing the yes. Peca Jimmy Graham really came out the shoot. Like gangbusters in me so to speak and then. I'm saying -- corporate practice but you know you'd. The monotony. You know doing things the data -- that it is second nature to him that particularly when he's been through now it gets extra work. These last few practices. -- -- since who's been out Luke McCown right Griffin. But it looks like he did miss -- beat you know you look at his contract in its -- -- that I think it finished -- not being the difficulties in mini camp. All knows it seems like. That week one he was ready to roll -- it didn't need to look. Like he was out of place he's making plays in -- -- it says that that I think that he has enough experts now. You want to get better in all phases of the tightest acute beat technically tied in. But I even thought that. Jimmy Graham you would have it -- a 100% healthy and ready to roll -- week one against the Falcons and and I really think. That the -- he kept himself in shape he was number one in the conditioning drill. That that it -- get a practice. Game we get that bout with it and I think. He'd be a handful Lola to trying to stop that I think he's on that of his game right now. I had a little bit curious as to what he meant when he said you know he spent the offseason long with only a couple people in my corner. From the standpoint. Because he couldn't be around the guys or. Because I know I think it was about fifty feet he really did you order and get it again that's put on me you know I think it was 5050. Of people that said he's a tight end and Dillon you he's over he's a wide receiver so meat but I think. It doesn't make any difference which side of the -- you wrong with that everybody was pulling foreign net. Let's just make sure he can saint uniform right in the field all that got done then. I I'm like you Bobby to me he showed up in -- and never known. He missed the OT gazed at that it went down to the alarm fire on July 15 -- one thing you know. But I think that's just a testament to what but a great athlete he is what does that -- in. He is out there on the field that you couldn't. Yes he was working out but he wasn't -- with his teammate right in -- -- -- timing and knowledge that the goes with it so but it just a -- just how -- he really -- Well and you know I think helped him also was -- -- submit to our and that's the most physically with psychologically from a mental standpoint. He said that he -- give a lot of credit. That Jonathan Vilma. And then he worked out with film in Miami. Coach Brady we kind of -- joked about the first couple of days of practice. -- Jimmy Graham played as well. We diseases being in Miami in every our brain every athlete and a -- if he didn't want that you don't like that but he just think how he came ready to play. But -- why I appreciate that I know a lot of better players and he. You get that respect it we all know how Vilma. Got to pass that -- the Curtis Lofton. And now he still has been involved -- Jimmy Graham lives and training him and help them them that built the hand of the contract situations. Are right about the cage he can't embodied you know guys and a -- -- -- next quarterback -- looked around the sports talk on saint radio WW yeah. What do you think if you get a lot of snaps he base -- Friday night when the Saints take on the on Friday night the St. Louis Rams and we're talking about quarterback Luke McCown. Luke McCown and of course rank -- look at the majority of snaps as not no word -- Drew -- hopefully -- I could pick did not say that that he -- ruling him out. But account did address the media day fun day Saints practice. We have biggest. Friday night for. The Packers president quarterbacks don't like yeah it's just do a good opportunity for us. You know there's. Cause I'm doing now and if -- continue to sharpen up what we do you know in training camp we've we've still doesn't -- go left. Before Fridays so that's our focus right now how much you. Yeah I think grated on his face. Me and he's a competitor and these guys that. You know I anybody asking any offseason you know about. I'll play -- I don't like him very much in the never let me play the helmet. But it's you know us. -- competitor that he is he don't miss -- snap and leading greeted army did you get -- them ready to succeed more -- You look I'm not a doctor. This is that I know what I've experienced was that bad injury before. And what is different for everyone so. What I was really quickly make decisions like for you call visit navy. Hospital rotation. You can start this game and then it's an extremely high and restore its for the rest have been just a little cool yeah. I have no idea about a so is it did and no idea. Quick as possible -- be -- good -- Everest with the ones and the number two yeah I would say it's possible here. Even double teams throughout your career would always -- this and changed. He -- -- I don't think it's healthy I think positive and. Absolutely absolutely looked. Since I was in eighth grade. -- a scripture in my home I'd save my wrist. Robert sixteen as as a man's heart play as a way for the lord -- -- steps. And we all. Grow up with the -- we -- grow we goals -- it was strange that we -- there's of them has been a play any NFL since I was in second grade. And then also I got here is to become a starter in. You know things have come and gone through doing knee injuries been traded twice sealed things -- and descend on that wave with the entire time I understand it. My heart has had a plan to my lord open up -- my steps he's in and saying yeah. Ultimately is this guy who pulls the strings for me since -- got loose -- closes the -- for me in and I'm OK with that. Being around through that -- got to talk to me it's. Walking yeah absolutely absolutely -- -- that is he's an extremely faithful man. That's in his own right understands the difficulties of going through injuries in. Doors -- opening closing and and having that they cannot persevere Izturis and things like offensively wishers. Some common background in -- Then go a little -- really. You told your brother -- -- that's forward Josh ahead in the hall from the old dog and we go -- yeah. Yeah absolute world and thus far winning Edsall does -- so you know every schedules different -- times are different. But. But generally don't and in a normal week. We saw once or twice a week and just gets up and see l.s family's doing it 'cause boys are doing how my boys are doing. And then. Just got to keep in touch that way I'm obviously just as. This kind of trailed as a road. And and it's just been well documented health. Elderly couple years ago and played you know are you with some of the best football at the position for a four week stretch last year and so. You know he's he's he's persevered a lot to do so let you know when you when you have a brother not had total -- you're performing in everything they -- recruiting and high school. College ball now AFL I saw. I was at every day you look at somebody doing that so stunned you know no matter how hard it may seem or that possibly come your way. You keep pushing you keep positive attitude and -- and -- warden and and ultimately. Whatever he wants for -- is what's best for you. We've got a lot of your playing time forty years in music division yeah I think yeah. And neither of them. To do to value these games. The ball whatever -- over the years have you heard you broke tradition club think they're extremely valuable. You know again as you. Really pointed out that most Black Hills -- -- to play very much except for now. But that's where we -- -- sharp for ourselves because women has seen the field again for maybe twelve weeks in and then you know week twelve you also and you gotta be. Ready to play and so. It's over the last opportunity of the first -- it's -- really put yourself in that position to get yourself in that mindset to prepare that way all week. Just a case it were to come up for you sometime during the season -- for a backup quarterback is very important -- for being. Del -- your. Absolute. -- look for the lower. It's it's only is itself is when you make it. All of that makes sense but. Come now I surround myself with -- godly men -- -- hold me accountable and come from -- words from actually struck balls. And you know ultimately it's a community of believers that helps you stay strong. And you know Tim was -- Brees you know guys that. That I can talk to that we can lean on. And we have a great group of Christian men on the scene that. That lean on each other look each other for advice for leadership it's. So that's the locker room is a unique dynamic. And there's a lot of respect goes around and can itself place as well and so. You know to have that. And then. His shoulders to lean on admit that here for advice is always welcome to. All right we'll come back again poking about his final thought that's quarterback Luke McCown we'll wrap it up this is sports talk politics radio WW. All right. But Schuylkill is -- -- with a lot of hot topic tonight he street checking out -- -- -- will be with you. He is at the Saints in the Raines and hall of Famer of these Williams. What Jonas at 6:35 tomorrow evening thanks almost all of it -- back home dying Newman haven't seen any. I'm an -- is the one who would do on the bulk of the work make that -- all the programming things it's taking -- plus. We certainly want to thank our -- the parliament Christie Garrett Balkman north -- guilty by a -- And on health news this afternoon evening -- handle and Alison -- scoot is a mix. Full hokey guys Deke Bellavia has always thought about that cajun cannon Bobby eBay. Bluntly they soul that night people who.