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Aug 6, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And it's a hot August nights in New Orleans pleasure witnessed tonight I had a chance to go to the superdome earlier they were. Offering the new menu for the saints season 2014 had a chance to taste a lot of great things tactical bite out of a couple things than just. Went onto to something else it didn't -- gorge myself I -- to taste so many different things. A -- a lot of things that I wouldn't ordinarily eat but I thought I had a responsibility to do that because we're gonna talk about that tonight it's in the top eight at eight. And there's one item on the menu that is drawing some controversy. And I think this is a clear indication that political correctness is just totally. Out of control it's really not political correctness it's it's just more about people feel like they can complain about anything that might even slightly. The offensive to them we'll talk about that in the topic to date. It is time for tonight's top rated nature of the topic things we'd like you know it was -- get our show tonight -- -- WL number eight. MTV tweet about today that Maroon 5 has been signed to perform at the MTV video music awards. It's coming up August 24 on Sunday night. 8 o'clock -- time. It's surprising that Maroon 5 is never performed on the MTV. Video music -- but -- -- for me this year first time they've ever performed on the show. And they're going to be promoting their new album which is their fifth album coming out in early September. And I believe the album is titled the Adam Levine and Maroon 5 this is one of those bands BetaNews is going to be a super banned for generations that are growing up with him right now. They'll be one of the -- will be playing. 2030 years from now. And you know hopefully they don't split up but sometimes -- put up and then they have a reunion concert if there if they do happen to split up and go there their separate ways -- for a period of time. There will be a massive. I'd Maroon 5 reunion concert and again I'm I'm sure I'm sure they're going to be touring all along and quite often we we talk about some of it the the newer fans -- mean Maroon 5 is not brand new but some of the newer bands. Vets will become rock icons in the future and Maroon 5 is among them. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. It is menu for the saint 2014 season at the Mercedes-Benz superdome was introduced and there are some special items that will be available. When the different teams come the talent. Win Baltimore comes to town they're gonna serve from Maryland crab cakes. When the Atlanta -- it's an attempt I believe it's going to be a game hand because you can't kill -- falcons. Meant that that's illegal. The Haitian chopped salad I believe it's going to be for the December Cisco forty niners game because they're known for fear a Chinatown and -- Asian population. So any suggestions on what might be offered to win different teams come to town. I I had a chance taste all these amazing items there was barbecued shrimp which is a new orleans' favorite barbecue shrimp. In a French. Bread bowl. They had on the supreme which I python which which pretty good there was some awful lot of garden salad. I don't know why we haven't thought about this before now I'm awful lot of garden salad it tasted just like them awful lot of but without the guilt of the -- And the chicken unduly jambalaya pasta that's a -- you can get a lot of different places. But I tasted that and that pieces of chicken -- moist and tender. And it just had just the right amount of spicy as it just be a picture of mouth just a little bit when you -- it and that was. That was a really good. Also there was a -- supreme on multi year multi grain bread with sliced tomatoes squash cucumbers they were marinated something that had just that. The slightest hint of a sweet flavor. And then and -- baby spinach lettuce which is sprinkled over all of that but even the football fan traditions like nachos. To -- his. And hot dogs were were sensational -- -- hot dog with hurricanes saw us. And he reminded me pretty much of a -- saw us. And I really wondered why you. We haven't thought about putting rumble and I mean maybe you've done if I ever thought about putting -- -- sauce on hot dog. But there was this being chili sauce and and a hurricane sauce which is gonna like Iran wants us which I thought was sensational. But there's one item that is attracting some attention on social media. It's the category five -- to. And because of what Katrina. Did to the license of so many people. There are some people who were offended by that. Category five hurricane not to. Is that an appropriate. Or -- we really got to the point where if anybody thinks that there is. Any thing. Close to something that's offensive. And it it can't be -- you we've become way too sensitive. And there are so many times when a political directors is under control I don't know officially. Is in the category of political correctness. As much as it's in the category of just being ridiculous. Did anybody talk about banning hurricanes -- pat -- after Betsy. After Camille hit this area. After Katrina. What if what if somebody has some kind of a tragic relationship with a fire. Could we no longer sell flaming doctor Pepper's. Or are or did you see how ridiculous this content. Are you offended by a hot dog known as the a category five hurricane hot dog and in in the Mercedes-Benz superdome be available for the saints season this year. Six to be that we should be so sensitive about it. One thing that still to this moment stands out in my mind. Tonight I taste it and I've never thought about deceit. Fried. Read according. All am G it was delicious once it greasy it was crest had little bit different cinnamon flavor to it and that you bit edited. -- bread pretty fried bread putting I thought was. Sensational. Number six on tonight's list of top eight at eight. Former Clinton labor secretary. Robert Reich who would -- is occasionally at the university California at Berkeley. Gave a lecture on. On income inequality. He also wrote this in a blog and and it's it's titled work and worse. And he says that there's really not much of -- relationship. Between what somebody is paid in what they're actually worse. He also calls for student loans to be forgiven. For the those who graduate and get it feels like social work nursing. And teacher but he was just railing against the inequality. And the defected some people make so much more than others. -- -- -- may -- just a little bit hypocritical because Robert Reich which paid 240000. Dollars for TC got one class. Talk about. Income inequality. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. A group of women in Georgia say that they were stopped from praying in a mall because it's against the mall policy. That anybody really stop you for praying. I found this article is is in -- an op Ed article foxnews.com by Ted start to Todd starts. And I would consider Todd starts to be -- a fanatic when it comes to religion. He he he makes a living out of finding. Little things little isolated incidents and makes it seem as if there's an attack on religion and and that's how he's apparently built his his reputation. And and most of what he writes I just sometimes I agree with him but most of what he writes a foxnews.com. Is. There's really I think hysterical stuff about oh my god we're losing a right to to freedom of religion which we are not. There's a group of women they call themselves the Dublin girls run and from Dublin Georgia and Tami Bradley is the leader their power walkers. But they also combined their their their faith. With their power walking and and fitness. The -- girls dress up in an outfits when they go at some of these these -- says they can beat it chick -- cows. De Villa had been superheroes. Sometimes they were two twos into the boys. The deadly girls run this group was about to. Start -- evening walk in a mall eight other groups that do that and individuals that they do that as well. So. They're -- to start to run again in a circle. And they're bowing their heads and they start to -- And suddenly a mall cop shows up and tells him that they're not allowed to pray it's against the mall policy. Well thinking that this this cop doesn't really know what he's talking about they went to management and management did confirm. That prayer is not allowed at the mall because this is private property. And apparently this mall had problems with a previous religious group that was harassing the shoppers. So praying in the mall is. It's against the the policy rules. Now I wasn't there I don't know. I don't know what they were doing to pray. Yeah you can pray I mean the mall can't stop you from training. Is it's so important to let everybody know what you're doing media have to let people know what you're doing -- the other night on the show we were talking about. There's this restaurant and it's offering a 15%. Discount on your bill. At the end of the -- If you openly pray before you meal. But you can pray before your meal -- some people wondered show authors at their pregnant I don't think there's anything wrong with that. But the truth is you can pray whenever and wherever you want. Now if these. These doubling girls in this small. Are allowed to pray. Then you would also have to allow based on our constitution. You would also have to allow a Muslims. On to pray with their prayer rugs face Mecca. They have to be allowed to pray in the mall as well so would open up different doors but he I think this is another case of for -- stars. -- just just becoming fanatical about something that's very little. On very little thing. The point is we're not losing a right to pro. You can -- everywhere your kids can pray in school. Nobody can stop you from training. I guess the question is is it all that important. To have an outwardly sign. Pitcher -- and I pray every day when I'm walking around downtown. I pray 'cause I like sometimes like I say a prayer when I'm walking the halls of of the station. So you you can pray and nobody can stop you for -- so let's not get hysterical. Let's not let people like -- storage get a hysterical about how we're losing our right to pray. We're losing a right to freedom of religion. I don't see why a mall would prevent it -- If you can't do it in an overt manner in -- to celebrate the fact that it's a prayer you can still price. If you gonna join -- for the -- tonight about anything we're talking about -- numbers 2601872. All 38668890. At seventy. And a text number is 878 cents. Never for a tonight's list of the top eight at eight. RadioShack is being criticized for new advertising campaign to the American Family Association says is crude sick and disgusting. The American Family Association very very conservative group you know -- I've. I read about these commercials and I'll I'll I'll share the theme at the commercials with you I think -- far. I think they're very creative. And in my opinion this is just total overreaction. The commercials feature a father talking to his son. In one of the commercials which she is which is titled the talk. A father is talking to his son a ballot. Protection. And the father says. I just want -- and I just what you'd I want you to know he just can't get out there and show it off. He can't just go swinging it around all Willy Nilly trying to impress girls you gotta be careful. He's talking about a tablet. He's referring to glass is fragile. Telling his son not to Disco swinging -- tablet around and not to be reckless with the tablet. Now if you heard the words there was nothing that actually directly reference to sex. So if a group like the the American Family Association if their reading sex into this. Then maybe they're the ones that have the problem. They don't mention sex. And somebody who doesn't know anything about sex is not gonna think about sex when they hear this commercial. To this commercial was not promoting sex. And is not telling people to. To to be sexual it's just. A relatable thing the other commercial is titled lonetree. And it shows a father holding a laundry basket. And he says to -- mom just finished the laundry. Is there something you wanna tell us. Andy Young males on a nervous and this -- we you know sometimes I get these funny feelings and now I'm not sure what's going on when I looked on line and and it's that it was normal. The dead looks all confused and he says I. You left your phone in your genes. And went through the wash. So again if you didn't know anything about what this guy was this little this dog I was talking about. You wouldn't think about sex is just it teach you anything about sex so you know once again I think this is overreaction in the same way that. Some of the some of the people who commented on social media today about -- one of the new items in the Mercedes-Benz superdome for the saints season. Is the category five hurricane hot -- And people were offended but some people were offended by that and I just think that's or being overly sensitive. It doesn't mean that we don't take Katrina seriously but there are so many other things in our society that could be considered. Offensive if we go that far with it and the American Family Association I mean. This is how they get donations though this is how -- this is how they they get attention. They make a big deal enough. And honestly I think the RadioShack commercials we're creative and I just don't understand -- there's a criticism but that's the world we live in today at least we have an opportunity to balance it out. You know if they make a big deal about it that we have a chance say hey you know what it's really not a big deal. Never forget tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Can a man be friends with a woman. Without sex. Can Amanda -- with a woman without a physical relationship. Is easier for women to be friends with men without a fiscal relationship. If your man do you have female friends close dear female friends but there's a fiscal relationship. If you're a woman do you have guy friends. And there's no sex their gesture friend but maybe there's such a close friend that you tell them everything. You know it's really important to have a member of the opposite sex to talk to. Great guys to sit around and talk about their problems for women women -- and talk about their problems with men but it really is very helpful. To have a member of the opposite sex be a really good close personal friend. So the question is can men be friends with women without a physical relationship. Remember the scene in when Harry met Sally. Billy crystal's character was explaining to meg Ryan's character why women and men can't just be friends. You're just going to be friends -- -- credit France. The best things. You realize of course that we can never be. -- -- I'm saying his. And this is not have come on in any way shape or form. Is that men and women can't be friends because sex part always gets in the line. It's not true I have a hundred men -- There's no six and I'll tell you the yes thank you lions yes I do you only think in the you're -- having sex with these men that I don't know what I'm saying is they don't wanna have sex with you. Patent due to. -- itself. Because not meant to be friends of the woman and finds attractive he always wants to have sex with him. So you're saying men and can be friends with a woman he finds unattractive and -- and much watermelon tell us. What if they don't want to have sex with you. Doesn't matter because of sexting has already and there's a defense does ultimately don't know that at the end of the story. Yeah it is it's time. Can a -- be friends with a woman. Without sex and is it easier for a woman to be friends with a man without sex than -- -- to be friends with an attractive woman or some of these attracted to. If you put into an issue with a comic tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And protects -- -- 77 here's had a VW property general opinion poll tonight can men and women be friends without a physical relationship. It is European in my going to our website WWL dot com and we will track that poll throughout our show tonight give you the first update. Coming up here in just a few minutes never to tonight's list of the top eight at eight. 63 Texas conservative Republicans have signed a court brief saying that marriage equality. Could lead to legal incest. Pedophilia. And pelican. Is this insane or. Do you agree -- blog tonight -- title conservatives becoming desperate. And at same sex marriage reality. And it seems like the closer we get to the reality of same sex marriage in this country. And the more courts to continue to rule that he ban on same sex marriage is unconstitutional. Based on the constitution. Even in red states that there are cases where a ban on on same sex marriage is considered unconstitutional. So as courts continue across the country and red states to to rule that a ban on same sex marriage is unconstitutional. Those who were fighting this battle to ban same sex marriage. Seemed to be getting desperate. I would think that that's pretty much what these Republicans Texas are doing but this is this is not reflective of all conservatives. Especially younger. Conservative Republicans. Who don't feel the same about this as many older Republicans do but 63. Conservative Texas Republicans have signed this court brief saying that marriage equality. Could lead to legal incest. Pedophilia. And polygamy. Even though the group has admit it. That their fears are not necessarily the next logical step in marriage equality. So if they admit that it's not necessarily the next logical step then shouldn't we conclude that this is just another scare tactic. Being used to instill panic in America over. Same sex marriage. And is that a difference. Between same sex marriage. Incest. Polygamy. And get a feeling. If you wanna join Russia with a -- tonight our numbers 260187. Sold for 8866889. Steroid Serrie takes a semi semi in outlets -- ever wanted to request that a top eight. Cause -- commission is talking about tests results. For -- type of guard rail on the -- which the guard -- on the southbound bridge is six inches lower than the guard rail which usually more than guard rail it's. It is really more an embankment on the northbound bridge which is the newer of the two bridges. If a vehicle goes over the guardrail into the lake. Is it fair to blame the lower guardrail. What about personal responsibility. This idea of racing -- the -- I mean I've never seen the car the vehicle of any kind just go over the -- randomly. Does it really come back to the driving. -- you tried the causeway. -- responsible for assessing. What kind of vehicle -- in high profile. Problem profile vehicle. Our -- immediately assessing your surroundings. Don't you look at the guard rail in in relation to where you -- in in your vehicle. And she realized it maybe there's only certain things that you could do before. It actually. Goes over the side. What happened a personal responsibility. You drive the causeway. And see this this this talk about raising the garlic if they get a chance to raise the guard real far of course gonna cost I. Bless I heard of that cost like twenty million dollars. And I don't know exactly where that money's gonna come from but I believe they're talking about this stage tonight we talked about this on the show before. To be this just bypass this personal responsibility. You get -- vehicles. And you're responsible for driving it. In a safe and responsible manner. You drive the -- Is the guardrail the problem. Or is the problem. The motorists. If you enjoyed a shorter with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Server seventy. And a text number it's 87070. It's Wednesday nights I've skewed and we'll be right back on -- WL. I mentioned in our topic today to affect mistress number eight tonight for the top aides say that in TV tweeted out today that maroon pride has been signed performs at the MTV video music awards later this month. And here's a Texas says Maroon 5 music disposable pop is disposable pop garbage. Saying that they are -- Adam Levine will stand the test of time is laughable. Been playing MTV awards is hardly top eight newsworthy -- we do a lot of pop cultural show. And there is never ever. Any guarantee that you'll agree with everything that we choose in the top community I think it's one of the things that makes the show fun. But -- Maroon 5 I realize which -- saying Adam Levine is Maroon 5. In the same way that Paul McCartney and the -- -- according John Lennon were essentially The Beatles and George Harrison to some degree that. You know that this the stones OK it's it's Mick Jagger and Keith Richards but it there's something about seeing all of the stones together. So the elect Charlie Watts still back there -- playing drums that significant. So Maroon 5 I think it's a -- will stand the test of time not just Adam Levine and and -- I don't think there're garbage disposable I don't think they're very very talented. But there are a lot of people today. Who totally dismissed. Music today especially some of the new stuff is coming out don't be so quick to have to dismiss. Here's -- WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight can men and women be friends without a physical relationship. Right now 100% say yes. 0% say no. Due to shipping by going to our web site WWL. Dot com and from Metairie Brenda a year on the -- show under the WL. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- currently everyday and aperture you know they made the announcement about. Tried to you know -- the guardrail and started serving a car you on the guidance. And that -- it really. Driver. To be responsible. He go. Are higher. Like our guard. Yeah it's true I since that bridge was built I wanna say 1965. That'd southbound lane abrasive that's the deal to bridge. The guard rails were lower and there were not as many high profile vehicles on the road there but it was still trucks on the road but not as not as many. Right I think. Higher in the cart -- went too much credit card let her -- And I would suggest I mean but if but if you're in the car and and you're in a high profile vehicle -- -- -- year of some kind. Don't you just automatically kind of assess your your surroundings and you looked down I mean if you look down. At the guardrail I would think that instinctively while you're driving you would just even subconsciously think to yourself hey I'd I'd better be -- -- real problem. True in relation to -- -- a spot right there. I don't saying. I know how. The -- L. They're talking and I believe you need. It the driver on the bill. Yeah I agree because we don't just see cars going over this side and inevitably when there's a car that does go over there it is -- into the lake. The driver has done something to lead to that action. But I appreciate you calling. Or solicit it to all your text here in just a moment from battery Cassandra your WWL. I is I am I'm good. Yeah yeah. Why I. Actually he may be one -- that once thought -- -- -- but maintained. Adam. Yeah propaganda. I have bad -- well on the -- play. A bit more actually no it's actually a lot more than someone. I have -- called the way you don't have. And there aren't people. -- Who. -- And hello there and there's no room for mistake on the -- -- -- -- And then I'll I'll -- they. Lee. And there can be a -- on me. Somebody that equal responsibility for. -- I -- now. Well do you think at the guard rail would ever be to blame or is that the motorist. Well and you know -- And they have. It does happen -- old man got in I wouldn't it at all. Well we do take chances in life that means if you if it summaries feels like that might be a possibility and they they should drive because they -- all around well. -- can't -- and we do we do assumes some risk when we get behind the wheel car. Well -- that backed Cuba but like past and it can happen anywhere so what you -- up. -- -- People are always there are a lot of people Cassandra as you know we're always looking to blame something concrete something other than. Human behaviors never the humans fault it's always something else's fault. Somebody else's fault -- the fault of of something tangible like the guardrail. And I think that we just continued to. Erode the respect we should have for personal responsibility. -- Some degree of some big -- -- -- -- some degree yeah. OK but it's not the guard wheels -- did you get a blowout and have an accident as you said that could happen anywhere. Like I say it not happen you know but blog that happened happened and then you'll -- you know -- -- -- in -- Well you don't wanna take that chance and don't drive that bridge over water. You don't have to. Well. Well you can go the twins fans or you can go like fifty times you don't have to draw the colossal. It's a convenient. Well -- -- it. Well it because you couldn't but I'm getting back to the idea that you can't blame the guardrail. Anyway you can't blame the barrier anyway if you see it if if something happens. He made it might be something that just happened it might not be your fault if you have a blowout but it's not that -- to the guard -- that you -- over and the -- -- -- Way. That second I haven't talked about how bad that -- -- pot. An outstanding and the. Category five hot -- going to be available this -- saints season. -- you say that some people aren't that what that way I. Where are upset they were they were offended and they've made some people -- social media today after it was announced. And me and -- Considering what went. And then it went down during Katrina had. Yeah I probably -- -- -- and now I would not they thought I would not want to be bore hole course. -- in Kuwait in -- Y yeah. Would you not would you be in favor of banning the sale of hurricane drink. In the superdome. Well what. I mean all kind of -- Me. I. Mean. At me -- me eight. I mean you've -- -- -- You know. How and why me. -- Well I don't I you know yeah I understand the argument you're making but I can make the argument what you have to be offended Cassandra I do have to get to break and I join our conversation. Thanks for call. If you wanna join us with your comment tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. Texas 87870. Here's our -- W a pretty general opinion poll tonight in men and women be friends without a physical relationship give us your opinion by going to WW real dot com. Here's a text that reads I can't be friends with my wife with sex it's the -- will be right back on W viewer mail. I taste is over the new food at the immediate tasting today at the Mercedes-Benz superdome for the saints season they're coming out this year. And one of the guidance is drawn some controversy on social media is called category five hot dog. Took the picture of it I'm gonna tweeted out I'm coming at that is the news break at the top of the hour in fact this is a big hot dog and its clinical category five this is being. It's not meant for two or three it's meant for one person. But because of Katrina and the sensitivity to hurricanes that some people were offended by that I think it's a problem. Out a tweet a picture of the year category five hot dog out. Coming up in the news at the top of the hour so if you wanna join me on Twitter it's acts scoot. VW. Act scoots WL. For what town elbowing your under the WL. And the mother had been and it directories from the -- I don't know. Because. No wanting instant issue both on public question actual there -- accurate it's -- didn't have any. So mainly by the banned them from that no -- it is -- bundles that. Let me know because a little advance. All right well if anybody has an interest since I don't drink directories that's not the kind of thing that I would notice. So if if somebody knows if they sell directories in the Mercedes-Benz superdome it was call an -- when no thanks for calling your -- keep listening. Here's a text that read says dude honestly the only way I can be friends with a woman is if there is zero physical attraction between its. Is that true. Also talking about the guardrail on the causeway here for cargoes over the side is that the fault the motor stories that there's the guardrail Harry -- on WWL. And our mom I'm. Some of them and the -- got caught up and leave him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What we shall we shall we and. For the what shall rule so we. -- They. -- Don't. -- Mean what -- when this. One is. As -- as well. -- -- -- -- -- -- Can you comment on the world. Is. Going on and all of -- Ronald. Does this in Trenton. -- -- what. You just eight days. But Harry when you know but when when it comes to something like the guard -- on the southbound lanes to six inches lower than the card real which is more of an embankment on the northbound links that -- -- People automatically there are some people who automatically say well it's because the guard reels are too low. But it really comes down to two driver responsibility and in my opinion and when you when you buy a high profile vehicle. Then you have a responsibility to assess the situation -- in and drive accordingly. Sure what level and -- sub domain that you might trickle. Unlike the development and twenty out in the street and. And I that they ought to have some of cigarettes and where regrets in the state that you. And and and what I need to oh yeah I'm not months and the Palestinian. Lot of little one but he was so -- -- -- and caught in the UK actually didn't get that. Didn't do it -- the Obama and now you're in trouble could you see that all -- leaders in the -- And you and I comment on. What you people rather than -- -- I was one. Of the ones than I did. You. Now instrument and we we accept responsibility when we meet on the -- Harry into a conversation I gotta get to break you call us anytime if you wanna join us with your thoughts in your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668. -- nearly seventy. Attacks -- -- 7870 stood blog tonight is titled conservatives becoming desperate at same sex marriage reality. Reap it share its temperature comments -- It's on our website at WW well not count. And here's a -- WL party general opinion poll can men and women be friends without a physical relationship give us your opinion. W dot com and we'll be right back can men and women be friends without sex without a physical relationship that's -- WWL party general opinion poll here's a quick update. 5% say no 95% say yes give us your opinion by going to W -- to account also we're talking about this -- like controversy that erupted on social media earlier today. Where the two items it's going to be offered during the saints' season this year and Mercedes-Benz superdome as the category five hot dog. And some people -- offended because of the impact Katrina had on their lives on the city of New Orleans. Katrina it was a category four but there are people who are Steele upset what -- about the band category six as a very talented cover band on their called category six. Would you be offended. To go see those guys -- -- about the drink the hurricane is that a problem. So are you offended by the category five talked a minute a minute tweet a picture. On the category five hot dog -- -- -- today at the at the dome. And didn't turn during the news coming up -- 9 o'clock and to join me in Twitter is -- Scoot WL. Wayne I've got time for a quick comment welcome to the show. Goodling who wrote a couple. The idea it actually. Should. Actually -- a home most act or old bowl or comfortable. Bullet. In my opinion expert. Now. All I. Coach. Opted -- wall so it was straight that is all -- post should people's. Those people. Stop a lot of people from. All year. I think that go into a lot less experience. There. Well Wayne I I appreciate going to show I've got to get your news right now but we're gonna continue this conversation coming up the -- commission tonight is talking about. The results of tests on a new type of guard rail on the bridge racing the southbound guardrail six inches. To be as -- as cigar real on the northbound lane. Got a -- -- just a moment ago the state of Louisiana has a responsibility to provide safe roads this conversation will continue.