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8-6 Scoot Show 9pm, Causeway Guard Rails

Aug 6, 2014|

The Causeway Commission is talking about test results for a new type of guardrail on the bridge. There are more accidents involving vehicles going over the railing into the lake on the southbound bridge and that guardrail is 6 inches lower compared to the northbound bridge. Do you think raising the rail 6 inches would make a difference in safety on the Causeway?

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There's a social media flurry of controversy earlier when it was announced that at the Mercedes-Benz superdome they're going to be offering a category five horror -- hot dog. During the -- season. And I had a chance to it to go to the media tasting of old and new items that are being offered and food was just a delicious but some people took offense category five hurricane hot -- Because of Katrina. Even -- Katrina was a category four hurricane. Are people being just too sensitive with this I just we got a picture it's just a few moments ago. And I here's. Here's a Texan -- Cisco what's wrong with these people it's hot dog grow up. Yeah I mean if if if you're that sensitive to a category five hot dog her cannot talk. They -- we should not be offended by. The hurricane. They drink. While we should not be offended by countless other things that are available. Mean I still feel badly for for anybody who endured. -- tragedy. Or just a terrible setback -- a result of Katrina as somebody if you did it. But visited a little over sensitive to say and I don't I don't agree with that being named category five that's one of the things we're talking about the -- right. Also the -- commission. Is meeting tonight to talk about the test results from a new type of guard -- This would be for the southbound bridge would make it six inches higher at least I think six it decided it's six inches lower right now the southbound -- -- praised. And the new bridges the northbound lanes the new northbound lanes have more -- more of an embankment there our guard real per say and it's six inches higher. -- there have been occasions when cars have gone over into the lake so the question is if a vehicle goes over the guardrail the lake. Is it fair to blame the -- guard rail or is it -- driver responsibility. And if you do decide to drive the cost -- Don't you except some degree of risk of whether it's the northbound lane of the self -- Mean I I I don't know physics but I guess there are different scenarios where you can go over the guardrail. On either side of the so if you if you choose to drive across the causeway -- accepting some responsibility. What happened to personal accountability. It was so quick to wanna blame something tangible like the lower guardrail. If you wanna join us for the -- tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Series every text to state 7870 -- what tonight is -- conservatives becoming desperate -- same sex marriage reality. You can read that to share with others give us your comments it's on our website at WWL dot com we're talking about that on the show which were also can men and women be friends. Without a physical relationship. That's a -- to -- a pretty general opinion poll only 8% say no 92%. Say yes from -- in a year and a VW -- good evening getting. -- -- Partner continental or what about soccer game and she's a daughter you packer backer you. All on the back and yes some responsibility should -- to -- Thought I should be a -- picked up that off but on August Specter. You know. A great RGR a law where your that that it all caught. Meet you and I compute. Peter do you grade -- actor -- it was quarter. If you if -- an accident or were -- did -- pick our group. -- -- -- -- -- -- So I now like to. I'll famous jogging track net corporate from the tree out. Problem is our law. Oh actually thank senator dockers and a walk or the tree that campus -- there may yet be paid attention -- trip and -- But that's not faulted the that's not the fault of the -- mean -- Roberts I would like I would say that your accepting some responsibility if you if you -- -- -- -- Exactly accurate that would you know at what point Tom do you say OK now not buses trimming the repair you know so. -- Well it is a matter of expenses I -- the last I heard it was -- across twenty million dollars. Well it is it is corporate box to cross that caught quicker so Austrian. It's it's it's not like it Fiat you know it's Frerotte to go back ought to know their jobs and it -- it but at -- get paid me. And -- I'm not opposed to raising the guardrail especially if money was no object but what I don't. Approve on is this instinct that so many people have to wonder blamed the guardrail and yes I realize that there are more high profile hope high profile vehicles today but. Minutes that's your responsibility to a -- what you're driving. Obviously -- Munich they could put them are the dog roast -- hot. If you have a card it's you know -- drop in reckless big bounce back before you call it sixty call Apollo put fatalities so you know it's. Again it's you know less you know -- hopefully get what they could possibly do to prevent it but -- like India -- spot bill realized. -- -- -- how do you think people should be offended by the category five hot dog. Absolutely and a -- -- In the beginning yet understand what I'll I'll retreat now -- -- out. Four at the you know oh look -- -- In the -- -- -- But you know. Maybe. You know some might that might be offensive but it is -- income -- -- becomes -- culture right so. I think that the people who get really -- about it for a really even people who went through that are working all the people who. Moved down from multiple all left. And you know. In May experience could stop -- And it really. Beards that -- -- -- you know and -- Biden. Might make reference to what part of our people on the bottom part. You're probably about an election. I didn't that aren't. I'm glad you -- -- show my thanks a listing. I'm from Covington Michael you're on the -- show and WWL. -- right -- Michael. -- -- comment. Whether or not men and women in beet red and -- the actual relationship you know. Then we're in the spotlight for almost eight years in me that but the actual. -- That means that change right. I appreciate you calling additional thanks realistic here's attacks have raised -- I have six female friends. Ands. That's yet. And we all have a lot of fun. Here's a texting friends with a woman makes me a better -- And more appealing to women or interested any physical relationship. So I have I have a couple of very close female friends. Now dating somebody else. But she understands my friendship with them there's no sex whatsoever they're very attractive. Females. One in in particular -- is a friend that I can confide in and talked to about anything but there's no physical relationship so is it possible for men and women. To be friends that sex and is it easier for women to be friends with men than for men to be friends with women. To join us at the comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Ninths nearly seventy. In a text of receipts of -- story from New Orleans Judy you're on -- WL. -- -- I. Think about. -- you can play well you know. But I'm you know we can -- an anger -- not -- -- Our country because they got boring. Into account. And I really hot dog and I. -- I -- and why am -- boring. Yeah at. That I. And quiet and polite. And get. Me out to -- Different. -- So he should become friends with and -- Our -- girl. Yet. Karl at the I cannot get. And and she has she's met my friends it is just the opportunity doesn't doesn't come up for us to all hang out together but -- but I'd like to be able to have to. I like to be able to talk to a woman about things that involve women. And not necessarily shares share those things it's it's not about being done -- excluding my friends from. Cap and Collie out in the aggregate dictate. Treatment. Category. -- are distasteful when they got the upper. TP got pregnant able. -- is necessary. Well I I understand the point Judy but would you be offended if they decided to sell -- -- -- -- you got a big. Deal. -- And yet. There are arguably. Agent to get it. I and -- him. And you in my in my support of calling it -- category five hurricane hot dog is in no way -- diminishing those horrific moments and allies of those people who had to endure those. Those times and in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. Actually calling. It here is attacks the res there was an article. It says the name category five hurricane hot dog was not approved and the name will now be the jumble Louisiana chili dog. I just I've -- today. I just tweeted a picture during the 9 o'clock news. Says category five hurricane hot dog. If it's changed it's changed since. Well earlier today. If you are joining a Twitter it's acts scoot. WWL -- journal stay -- for coming right back with more of your comments on WW LI throughout the show tonight I'll be talking more about some of the items that time had their privileges Batiste earlier today at the Mercedes-Benz superdome some of the new items that are being offered for saints fans. Summer only going to be at the suite level in the sweet -- -- we're going to be available concourse level says I usually sit in the terrorists when I go to with six games. So we'll talk about some of these and is a mild controversy is a social media today. About 21 of the items called the category five hurricane hot dog and its appeal because Katrina have been sensitive to that. And offended by it. They were so one moment that I really remember for the tasting a slushy the Turk from W Google TV channel four. And she hugged me and just -- left. -- also met Nancy Parker from foxy one nice and Nolan makes people today. A 63 Texas Republicans have signed a court brief saying that marriage equality could lead to legal incest. Pedophilia. And polygamy. Is this insane or or or or do you agree. Now this is not reflective of all Republicans. This is just 63 conservative Texas Republicans a -- Georgia Republicans by this but it seems to me that there's a desperate attempt to. To try to instill fear in people about about same sex marriage. And since the battle to ban same sex marriage legally isn't working then those who were on his crusade seem to be. Just. Acting out of desperation motor talk about that on the show host of blog tonight. It's -- conservatives becoming desperate to -- same sex marriage reality. Here's a before about your calls will be read this text that relates to that screwed so what is wrong with polygamy. Being up in a polygamous relationship. Should not be associated with incest or child molestation no matter whether we're talking about same sex marriage -- heterosexual male marriage. You can be in a polygamous relationship without being nature of the Lester or sexual. I I agree with that. And isn't -- there's a huge difference between same sex marriage polygamy. And incest. And had a feeling. And yet there are some people who can't distinguish the difference and that the difference is quite obvious double talk about that coming up. In just few minutes if you are -- like with a comments about an -- we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. -- simply text the State's 7870. A 2 hour morning Tommy Tucker we'll talk about 97% of the murder victims in New Orleans. Have an African American so far this year 97%. 87% young black males. Is -- profiling or is it cause and effect for police to approach young black males with caution. And what would you do. That is one of the things come to talk about tomorrow morning to VW -- first Newsweek up and feel good with Tommy Tucker tomorrow on WW off at 610 a from moment to linger on the Scopes show on WWL. Hewlett -- and England. Are -- same sex marriage now now. In the -- Man and woman. Adam did -- not evidence that he -- out -- Men at the moment. Okay now -- the you know that in the you know it's -- now on our. That is way too early years. What are you out income alone. EMB board. And -- you know you chill out you know why -- key. Out of you and Katrina you know you know and there will. So men and women can't be friends without sex. He didn't you. Very cute Natalie. You could you could be free could just be friends with a want you couldn't you couldn't hang out and watch TV line around on the sofa with a female friend you know. -- -- -- -- I've been -- volatility in the media I mean yeah. It and making Connecticut. Residents. To related you know. But Glenn and I I don't think anybody would expect to a woman to. To resist you as a woman probably now stand to be on the sofa with. Without without. Acting on that something. When -- get -- appreciate your calls its concerns listing. Operative and no love Michael you're under the WL. Pretty into the I truly go into the loudly. -- Category five. Yeah and I can understand or something like -- -- prince Rupert. One beautiful. Country is and as the one we have pre speech. And we have. Any capitalism free marketplace where we can actually for our -- what do we like our utmost portrait. And -- seniors a lot of times. And that since. It is measured by this -- a crisis but the severity and perhaps it is measured by public outcry. We'll look back proceedings if the majority of people who were written about this initiative to people. And they can simply not patronize them that they -- seen him. A lot of management. If anything now. Well I I would agree with you especially in our free enterprise system that are stairway to speak his says through your decisions that to our consumers make. However I don't think that anybody should go out of their way to named something. That is offensive but sometimes things are named. And they are perceived as being offensive when the intent was not to offend anybody. -- and we don't really know which which that was spot. I figured it was obviously you don't risky generally people just -- well considering. The the back. But there was you know -- this there's a local band called category six and I don't think they. They decided on that thing to be offensive to anybody or. -- To somehow belittle those who have been through the tragedy of Katrina or any hurricane for that matter. It. Is ice OK so what do you lived in them -- -- -- -- in India. They had tornadoes and in Indian or. A Kansas that would be the big tornado state government that from the wizard of us here where are you living you living Kansas. Should be -- the game twister. Public -- -- -- percent. You know it and it and it it really is that that big of an issue and not -- people just you know dust and those people you have the reached -- Not patronize and then the problem will be solved because it's it's it's actually is to settle on it will it will which. Michael idea I like the idea that we empowers consumers and appreciate you calling our show from the North Shore Sousa junior and WWL. That it. May rule that there. A now. -- -- trainer. And trying to. Well. -- I agree with you -- and it's something that we can relate to in this part of the country we can relate to a category five. Hurricane. It's a bit that's a big storm and hot dog is a big hot dog and I I just -- out a picture of a few minutes ago it's it's not even signed for more than 13 designed for one person it's it's a long big hot dog. And now. And on. Boy that's -- that's -- great point and and I think that is. Really why so many people find so many little things to be offended by because they really don't have any big problems. And you live you live on the North Shore so obviously you join the -- who. A -- commission is talking tonight about this says it has studied it was done on new guard rails that are talking about raising the guard rails on the self found. Bridge up six inches -- or six inches lower than the northbound lanes. If -- -- goes over the side is it to guard regulars at the driver. -- -- -- Not pay attention. How. -- if you don't pay attention it certainly is that the guard rails. And not I. This is a good point Susan because it you know the costly in some ways is a very very safe it it it might be considered. Among the the safest 24 miles in America because they're there were no intersections. But it's also dangerous because. It's it can be monotonous for some people and they might not be paying attention to what they're doing or they might get you boards are doing other things. And let him. Gary. Back at the state. Darn things aren't real high. Or individual. -- In the end in. -- I think it's the fault of the individual and if you work concerned about going over there at the guard rails then you have an option not to Droid the costly if you get on the causeway. Don't you assume some risk for being on the cause. Susan I enjoyed every our conversation and I I like your respect for personal responsibility -- appreciate you calling. You get a comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Series heavily -- as a 77. From Mary. WW well. Pace stood for a period they had little bad finally just can't it was a genius. I actually agree with. Jimmie to not yet -- bat an eye on people you know upset about this hot dog being on the Canadian category. You know opens up and it. Well it looks I didn't eat the whole thing but it is it looks like it took took me to an unfinished weeded out one more time. -- so if you if you wanna join me on Twitter it's -- -- WWL I took a picture of it earlier today at the Mercedes-Benz superdome it's clearly marked the category five hurricane hot dog and it's a big hot dog. Hello. Don't know I mean it might have been a foot long. -- belong at the to build on basically. Yeah had a bunch of other cellphone so -- it's it's a massive hot dog in the same way that a category five storm is a massive storm. Beautiful on the rail topic is personal responsibility like the belief that the -- before. It's about our personal responsibility tropical Utley yet it was a very monotonous -- But -- -- pay attention and don't know. You know Strahan. -- and that's how some people fight monotony I hope I see people read the newspapers was years ago alive because of falls they have to read the newspaper anymore but it. I I've seen people do crazy things on the on the causeway -- and which was reading a newspaper. He understand women would make a point that it -- doing great things that. Like he had been out on the cause late for a long time you know both ways and yet pay attention and it's live. Jerry alleged -- show affection listing nice to know that there are careful drivers out there who actually do pay attention. Here -- attacks may -- they should just take the guard -- off altogether. I drove the causeway a lot. And I never hit the the guard real wants. So theoretically if you if you've driven the causeway and never hit the guardrail. That theoretically you could have driven the causeway. Without regard -- And I know that becomes freak. Innocent way you know if you were standing on a two by four and it was six inches off the ground. It would be different than if you were standing two by fours it was forty feet off program. But still standing and two -- four. So again I think about it the erratically I -- driven the cause weight without the guard rails and if you've driven the -- without pitting the guard rails. You could do. Here is attacks that -- Cisco only a gay guy can get away with hanging out with a woman like that. Well. Contrary to what many people wanna believe. I'm not gay and I have good female friends. And I have hung out with them in situations where it was totally respectful and -- They're attractive females but sex is now part of the equation there's no physical relationship. And I I find different -- to be very endearing. From reserve -- your WWL. It's who I'm in the Broadway -- accounts in Barbara checked you know. People you know council doesn't stop. And that does that mean you want to -- -- want to all of all right well now -- -- in the sweet little wired tropical you know. Had a bit check -- four or should sit right spot as strong -- elements you know. Now storm my. Mind. It's and it and -- dirt just -- aren't you -- -- -- -- -- speed up these these upstarts like on the break such people right now I. He wanted attention when Monday where our Barbara Barbara Japan -- the formal role model for it. Citizens was this southbound north. That -- -- Hillary feel toward our -- -- when I -- okay RC yeah although. Yeah I mean it can happen it can happen anywhere and while I think he would be fine if. The guardrail on the southbound bridge force which raised. The idea of blaming the guard rail is is ridiculous if you drive the -- because I think you accept a certain responsibility when you decide to get on the causeway and drive whatever vehicle is that your your driving. Exactly and you have -- -- the single it's gone and Illinois. Are approximate secured bridge there as -- over massacre. With a small little little wooden barricades. -- my -- that -- real time and all. Like their products sold here -- British secret probably Bobble. As well. Angie just to -- its losses were you afraid rival. Says you know would you repeat it decades ago it's arguably -- desperate. -- right I appreciate the call on Phillips thanks for listening in reserve if you're on hold say whether somebody told your culture just a moment also get to a more of your tax. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. And a text -- -- 7870 here's WW project -- opinion poll tonight can men and women be friends and he really close friends really hang out together. Watch TV hang out together talk without a physical relationship. It is your opinion by order we're certificate you don't count will be right back with your comments. Another new item this being offered in the Mercedes-Benz superdome this might just be on the suite level but it's barbecued shrimp in a French bread bowl. Barbecued shrimp in French probably deeper bowl mean we've seen French principles Christopher Thomas a barbecue trip in French bread bowl. And -- also they had this this delicious. She it was a chicken. Strawberry. -- And it was just it was amazing strawberry the concept and the desserts. Were said that actually the desserts -- should be illegal in most of the states. We're talking about. The causeway in the cosmic commission is talking about once again bracing the card real there during Morgan. A test the possibility of raising the card real and southbound lane by six inches says it's six inches lower than the northbound lane. -- -- the guardrail if something happens or -- at the responsibility of the driver. Here's a quick update on our W -- pretty -- people can men and women be friends with outs a fiscal relationship. Only 11% say no 89%. Say yes -- from a beat awaiting your WWL. Ultimately bill -- -- speculation that -- the bridge on the night. Because it. It is particularly great OW's because -- the new great aren't they. And I was on affiliated. -- -- -- of the meetings with the Colquitt commission commissioners the commissioner of the called the cops want the short. -- would issued. A master plan to that bridge that W. But not too well wanna talk Cuba is that. -- -- -- Courses that north. South bridge and -- or all wish it does open the state does not call. This state owned by private investment group. And he actually. -- our own when he is much older in the war. In north up at Ole. Hole Roche. Meet DOT's after that it does not meet the DOT. The BOT. And as we well. And it -- -- -- in the what they do. No real -- exactly the real at all. It is. All are my knowledge. Or in -- That tight ball ball or is designed to make the or apple or angle -- top. If -- if I remember correctly in. Over the -- not too long ago the northbound lane is the northbound lanes -- more than in a country and. To what you are actually goes up in it roll that old it's. You local if you note on the boot into the six in. What's that are out -- ball easily been. When you all year that card that wall and a mortgage Egypt in. Yet. Britain and all. Although. -- -- We -- couple outs to operate. It's not be able. Interestingly it and if if I'm not aware of the fact the cause wade doesn't it meet DOT standards. But if that is the case that would be interesting to investigate. Portraiture generic think -- that I mean it it it -- Could be a could be. Did you call or something like that mobile there -- -- political -- what would now. Incorrect and knowledgeable. In bill but com I mean. I think I -- think it's I do think it's amazing that they're no shoulders on the causeway but you know you you drive the causeway by choice I mean it's a decision that situation. These I don't -- In these. It was 1960 and was able to is it a little note note and -- -- it was built and -- like get out of that -- You know got the information or. Or announced you're 509056. I just had the numbers backwards like I 50s1956. Part that it. Along prompting one uncle. It was an act. Bill that religion mandala or. No it. I appreciate the information and thanks for calling it I I would be surprised -- the cause we doesn't meet DOT standards. Buddy it's does have its hazards and you don't have to drive the -- if you choose to who don't to accept a certain amount of risk being on a bridge for that long over water. I don't collier on the -- showing -- WL. Well -- -- didn't do in a vote. -- -- -- -- issue and they -- group may you know that you'll be calling because. -- receipts and party and -- Ma ma ma ma -- talking about all the -- be you know. Mean -- you talk about it oh. Yeah in the he'll. Most of it down. You know I'm and the players and indicator that we -- got the pieces we get -- the other way and and not a mixed -- and legacy. You get the Euro which replaced used it to within the Euro below. With the old ball ball flight and and you know. Of Mac realize them vote goes -- -- to -- Euro that you failed. To pulling championship game in the bill and I'll sit in the world six in the network announced it will -- that -- could -- Yeah. It's really it's. I think about it it's really nicely not fair it's it's total discrimination and most of the same -- like you're too I'm sitting in that in the terrace section. Our problem. And I saw it and -- that who did not meet duke didn't. You gotta go. At that much more on the plan that they get old and -- -- is predictable for this script. For. And that's never easy. And again navigating around the dome that is never easy. Right so so that's what I wanted it to them about their man -- talks. But in the -- that was taking different -- got bit by bit that we may want to double on the bottom. So what is it maker's bottom feeders. Don't -- to call the show man -- I appreciate you calling thanks for the compliment. If your -- stay with us we'll be right back with more of your comments on WL I -- barbecued shrimp and -- bread bowl for the first time today at the tasting all the new items that are going to be available -- Mercedes-Benz superdome for the saints season. But apparently he's been around for awhile here's its exit barbecue bush trip in a bread bowl for expert bowl is nothing New -- princes had it for years. I guess I just haven't noticed it and -- went Shimon me. Here's a quick update on WW a project opinion poll in men and women be friends I mean really good friends hang out together and everything without a physical relationship. Only 12% say no 8080% say yes. -- your opinion by going to web site WW dot com coming up after the news in the next hour or played at scene from when Harry met Sally. -- and Billy crystal's character is explaining to meg Ryan's character. Wise men and women can't be friends. You might actually agree with his his point will do that coming up after the news at 10:10 o'clock -- slight hill David -- on the -- show good evening. They do a great group people have been over the because it more this year matches that have in the past twenty years. The culprit 44 miles straight driving to mind. Which it straight I mean it's what people -- -- -- -- do you draw. It's not a competition to see how he could make it. I still stand its 44 street my -- I'll admit there lakers'. I I agree but you know that leads to two people being bored because it is it is straight. I find the causeway to. Two weeks I I enjoy the drive by an -- -- the cause me and not really enjoyed. But some people get bored -- and start doing other things I've seen people in the past reading newspapers to do it today because you can get on your phone but. Just on a national phone musicals on the cost ways so in broad. Dozens of on the radio. Are you one responsibility is to drive their cards -- -- -- going -- On the way to go -- span. That's that mortgage holders on either side and so why it. Then you wouldn't really work on. People's government and every day in -- He hit the side of two and stand everybody. Why you don't dare I mention this earlier I I've driven the cause -- to expand a lot. And -- never hit the guardrail so theoretically I could have driven in all the times without the -- -- the in the -- but it would -- I think -- I would if we -- on I would do -- David appreciate you calling a show specialist into WWL at night. Coming up in the next are also talk -- on 63 conservative Texas Republicans have signed court brief saying that marriage equality could lead to legal incest. Had a failure. And polygamy. Now this group of Republicans even admits that their fears are not necessarily. Not necessarily suggesting that that this is the next logical step for marriage equality. So one should conclude that this is just an attempt to instill panic in America conservatives becoming desperate about same sex marriage reality we'll talk about that in the next hour.