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8-6 Scoot Show 10pm, Causeway Guard Rails

Aug 7, 2014|

The Causeway Commission is talking about test results for a new type of guardrail on the bridge. There are more accidents involving vehicles going over the railing into the lake on the southbound bridge and that guardrail is 6 inches lower compared to the northbound bridge. Do you think raising the rail 6 inches would make a difference in safety on the Causeway?

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Are you ready -- nation we are now -- -- closer for the first pre season game of the year. They're black and gold to work on Friday. The opening of the pre season troops -- called the saints game Saint Louis against the rams. And we're gonna kick it all off UWB real at 3 o'clock set a Friday afternoon a lot of things. Wanna go somewhere you know fortunately it's similar to what we're seeing -- where. Home field watching your favorite place where you watch football for our coverage begins at 3 o'clock -- first take. And our president pro former saints defensive alignments to import and Todd Manassas. At 5 o'clock it's the bond like countdown to kick off with Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia 7 o'clock game time. Yes technically team put over the -- -- Jim Henderson for those who keep guys -- instinct sideline reporter Christie Garrett on the sidelines. Right after the game the cajun cannon and the big chief for the point after until 1 AM. Ten hours of wall to wall extreme saints football coverage starts Friday at 3 o'clock. Once sacred W well that's the big 870. And horrified free FM and remember you can now stream saints' games alive. When your laptop. When you're -- And we always have new information on our website about the saints. At WW real dot com. If you would like if you look at alert for example when the news wouldn't induce a break if there it -- if Drew Brees does played a Friday. And again we're not sure if he should play Sean Payton said today that some day by day situation I think that's fine. Sean -- look at a poll season not justice pre season game against the rams. So if you've Drew Brees does play and that is announced you'll get the attacks to alert if you haven't signed up for the W appeal text the word yet. It's real simple. Just text the -- sports. Torre 7870. We don't charge for for -- but your -- and message -- rates may apply. Text the word sports to wait 7870. And and anything breaks with the saints down during the season any time or LSU in the pelicans. You'll get an instant update you with the information. May be the first in your group to get the information again just text the word sports. To -- 7870. Can men and women. Can be friends without physical relationship. It is it easier for women to be friends with meant that's the BW a pretty general opinion poll can many women be friends without a physical relationship only 12% say no 80% say yes. It is your opinion by going to our web site every WL dot com it's one of the things were talking about on the show tonight. Remember when Harry met Sally. The movie about Billy crystal's character warning to be friends with Meg Ryan but he didn't really think men and women can be friends. Well it was Billy crystal's character explaining to meg Ryan's character why men and women can't just be friends. Without sex and you might actually agree with him. Yeah -- just going to be friends I'll -- credit France. You realize of course that we can never be. -- -- I'm saying his. And this is not have come on in anyway shape or form. Is that men and women can't be friends because sex part always gets in the line. It's not true I have a hundred men friends and there's no six and I'll tell you the yes thank you lions yes I do you only think -- -- you're -- having sex with you remember that I don't know what I'm saying is they don't wanna have sex with you. -- due to. Patent itself. Because not meant to be friends of the woman and finds attractive he always wants to have sex with him. So you saying -- and can be friends with a woman he finds unattractive and millions and much watermelon tell us. What if they don't want aspects of the deal. It doesn't matter because of sexting has already asked this of defense was ultimately don't know that at the end of the story. I guess we can change and there's not. Can men and women just be friends if you're -- guy do you have a very close female friend. This you literally hang out with -- comfortable enough to. The at her house or her apartment or she's comfortable enough to be over with you and your general -- situation but there's no physical relationship is that possible. And if you're a woman do you have a a friendly relationship with a man give us your pain in my going to website WW dot com which reckon the polls or show also talk about it tonight. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Series every text number is 877. For Texas tower you're on WWL. That moment cross play you mean those cable systems between -- this statement the key to crawl toward leveling up. How does that give -- that could be what corrective action from closely but I haven't closely as small pick -- -- -- -- -- to -- to. I took my three great kids in the silenced under Acosta -- That would do that again it was scary sitting in this country -- the effect -- decision over everything. To -- you know I'm not gonna drop the course weightless Obama so well. -- that that's that's a that's a big pick up that's a high profile vehicle. Come on look at that feeling that -- -- in the pack on -- protect those -- into the war. Well analysts say that. And when opening up an -- -- would. All still subtleties. Penetration the -- is the question -- glance. It's some kind of deal -- uproar about ten years ago. And if you go to the war -- you can't achieve election what is it will approach at a glance technical is way off that's so once. And it's probably good to have the safety items if you drive because we're in a regular basis. So -- smile opinions tonight and have a good night and. Our rights don't show thanks -- over in Texas from Bay Saint Louis chuck you're on -- shown to be WL. -- -- What does what listeners probably an upset some people but -- caller the torturing and dog category. They called the broken -- -- of the corrupt politician. Because. Katrina -- well it would not the war like it or not him but on the urging. -- an that -- are talking about this controversy there -- service in new items. Made available at the superdome hesitation today and I I had a chance to goatee some of the new items that are going to be available. It in the dome for the -- 2014 season one of the items are caught fire on social media there was some controversy because it's it's called there to category five. Hurricane hot dog so people were offended because of Katrina which was a category four storm. And you and your right -- the worst part of Katrina was flooding that took place after the storm. -- -- -- -- Yeah I mean they called the grand. Well good -- -- are out there on the night. I understand amoeba I think the point you're making is that there are so many things that might be considered offensive to some money. Or -- a political show thanks listing in Bay Saint Louis. And from every Peggy you're -- WL. I kept. Excuse me I'm. So I'm aren't good how are you I'm good. Good thank you enjoyed the program right calls about the causeway. When how are the trial in grammar school. I did homeland on the North Shore and musical every couple -- so over to look at -- It -- -- About plot and if it different acreage and it was a two lane highway across. Across do you know when we don't want my back and calm people did not speed and people concentrated top are very important that means we got there. They laid on my bit with in his. Late eighties that -- care of him. Come between -- on a year ago and -- belt on Friday night from time to review date -- sometime I have to work and come back in the middle of the night or early early on Monday morning. And people. Need to slow down and pay attention or it cannot tolerate it. You know they like it could be responsible where there aren't. I agree there about 40000 cars cross the causeway every day fortunately there are -- go over the side it does seem like they are were some recent accidents where vehicles went over the side. And immediately peoples are talking about the difference between the southbound lane which is the older bridge built in 1956. And the the northbound lanes the -- northbound lane has super Leah concrete embankment -- is six inches higher. But is -- really fair to blame the big the guardrail. You know people are doing things before they get into an accident I guess there's always a possibility that somebody's -- running the UN IQ over decided. You know and things happen and while I'm I'm fine with raising the guard rail. But it's gonna cost millions and millions of dollars in if the money's not the -- than it at least in the meantime. Accept responsibility and be careful driving the -- That's exactly right and and and at that point it was that why -- I think it was the last one may be the one before the last one. I heard it India mr. -- show you said they had done a survey almost every one of the people who -- across. Over the whale we do when pump and been exposed to do one -- all parts of real. It's a -- you know like trying to match at the radio -- the CD player or -- phone. All our other -- and supplement distracted them and they went won't fly in over the. The -- is so safe in many ways because they're no intersections but there are also hard no shoulders. And you've got to get today it's that turnaround point and also one of of one of the reasons causeway isn't safe is not because the bridge itself but it. For a lot of people it's a very boring drive. And when they get bored they look for other things to do or they think about it and then up in addition the driving. -- I think some Peggy I enjoyed our conversation ritualistic. From your -- frank here and WL. -- -- definitely don't -- -- anger and so we really. We just as an argument -- whole year him while ago. -- lost audio through it and cannot go to guys not interesting you. Note. And for years we've argued that it. Took to the goal now you know. And I think -- -- now frank did you not trust him because do you think you know what he's thinking about with her. Are no. Or you know I know we've been certain thing at all. And it in a way you know -- the white issue wanna be friends with him. -- think she's so. In -- and it seeks to keep salesmanship they would. -- In Africa today. You know -- and a -- -- situation. She ago it was just friendship but a certain -- currently the and no evidence. Pointed to him. As it -- on the on the -- to close it. You know -- we usually by Hugo -- and and could use into. Orbit on its year. View story. -- -- and got really feels good to be right some time president. I am not allowed to build and grow that tribe that was planned and well in the you know in. Going to be more than that -- The -- -- -- can't resist. What to -- just as it was. You know you grow and then you know. But if you spend a lot of times with a guy you mean there are guys who really close friends I mean I've heard people talk about. Having a man crush on somebody which -- I don't know -- understand that the people just really do. I'm really do. Love and I can tell you there are there a couple of guys that. I really and I mean I I I love being with them I really like them as people might like their company but no matter how much time we spend together -- second lead to a physical relationship. Right I mean much to racial mean -- again you know for an. And Nazi gear up jiggle in Tibet and to come back more welcome -- in -- Do you plan. While ago well you know. So army and some experience -- you want -- -- even though it's like -- it is this Austrian perspective you know Monday night. Probably the night to night -- You know you know Torino. -- maybe you're just so irresistible. Now on now right there -- -- -- -- the dispute in. And -- would -- then. You know that you achievement but. It's been really now are. Are you her are you her friend while she's going through this difficult time. Are probably particular time obligated together because I mean that we -- will argue. And argue this. And I don't like you gonna come back you know go out my. You know -- -- well yeah. And the in -- And it's -- -- but it dealer and and not tutorials do put in there are items problems reported you know and maybe toward. Well I I guess that you spent time with their arrived I hope he can be a friend to her and help for modern anywhere you you can. The the conference the other guy made the -- -- he. And the that the little -- could go broke. A guy called erroneous do you need to be friends with some morning with no physical relationship -- have been married fifteen years and where it is my parents -- -- -- -- agreement called a specialist and all right. I view and enjoys tonight on numbers 2601870. Total free 86688907. Taxes he said he -- from Covington Matt -- under the WL. I can get him I think you -- -- -- in regard to the can't wait -- -- in New York. Slash LE transplant and I -- because we all the time. I love 43 miles with no traffic -- 101 of the for a live a life you just -- -- we secure our. The Santa Monica it's like that it's like I've always -- if only they had the movie be your students to the day the earth stood still. Absolutely. Aid to me it is just a wonderful well built road back. What what what real problem perpetrator. Actuary creation and the majority of the public right now are driving trucks which are -- sugar gravity. I drive base station wagons Mercedes float senator Graham. -- it's it's it's it's it. You know you I a vehicle that the truck you are all involved with archer gravity that you'll hurt the merger. You know there's an accident it's gonna -- it will obviously built Obama. You know. People here a little sport I mean no traffic tortured miles. Great road he'd get right into the city 8 o'clock o'clock in the morning and I again I -- accurate and about it. And -- we we accept responsibility for what we choose to drive and if you choose to drive a truck and it's a high profile vehicle or Nash UV. Then you have to assess your surroundings and and where you are going around -- turn we're going across the causeway release relative to the guard -- you have to assess. What you're driving and how you're driving. Absolutely I think people have -- sent -- security in the -- trucks because they don't really understand that. We Oprah correctly you're an -- the brake hard because there's. -- units and here we all. My gosh you break and you. You might never cracked. Trucks little slip that's what they did there aren't -- Bradley may spur heavy loads. Heart don't -- many people drive trucks and know that strategy -- for trucks should be jarring. Are now if you're if you're responsible you can you can drive a truck and SUV but you can't be irresponsible. You can't think you're driving -- a low center of gravity vehicle -- be in a -- and should be. Matt thanks -- into our show I appreciate you a comedy. If you're whole stay -- this so we'll get back to more of your comments coming up. A -- so later gonna talk about RadioShack being criticized for new advertising campaign from the American Family Association. They describe the campaign is to sexual crude sick and disgusting. I think you're gonna find it kind of funny talk about that coming up when we come back after this break though conservatives becoming desperate. About same sex marriage reality. This is the -- show went -- to -- well no this is a fun sarge there's two back in the eighties. You know that they used to be a lot of happy hours in New Orleans or to highlight the -- is doing morning radio for somebody years. And I got to start the party early with with happy hour but sometimes it would go into the night and they were a few occasions when I just went straight to work the next day and in the song reminds me of one of those nights. Here's inevitably you'll pretty -- -- not proud -- the by the way is it ever give you a pretty general opinion -- probably survive. A Connecticut women be friends with out of physical relationship friends without benefits give your opinion by going to WW real dot com. This is not criticism. Of conservatives because this is not reflective of conservatives in general. But -- escorts across the country even in red states. Continue to rule that a ban on same sex marriage is unconstitutional. Those were still fighting this battle to ban same sex marriage. Appear to be growing desperate. 63 conservative Texas Republicans. Have signed a court brief saying that marriage equality. Could lead to legal incest. But I guess brings up the questionable what is it legal incest. On pedophilia. And polygamy but since the group of Republicans admits that their fears are not necessarily a logical next step in the process of making. Same sex marriage legal. One could only conclude that it's another scare tactic being used to instill panic in America over same sex marriage. It's amazing to me that there are still so many people who make the argument that legal same sex marriage could lead to incest or pedophilia. Same sex marriage is a decision. Made by two consenting adults. Incest. And pedophilia -- actions. With the young victims. There's a victim of the same sex marriage you might disagree with it but this is consenting adults. And since polygamy is a decision made by consenting adults it's hard to argue that it should not be an option as well. But to link incest and pedophilia or even. The more -- more concerned of people saying well this is gonna lead to people marrying their dogs. Me to compare that to same sex marriage just defies. Basic. Logic. When animals are wounded they often become very vicious. And crusade to stop legal recognition of same sex marriage is essentially now a wounded animal. -- becoming more more desperate in and vicious. Recent attempts across the country to use religious freedom is a reason to refuse service to gays and lesbians as another example of this desperation attempt. To. Instill fear and panic in people. The day will come. And I will still be doing talk radio and talking about it when America will look back and wonder why there was such controversy over same sex marriage. Same sex marriage will be declared legal in America. And those were predicting the demise of our society as a result. Will be proven completely wrong. During a late fifties and into the 1960s America's self proclaimed moral majority. Led a crusade to band birth control pills fearing that legalizing birth control pills. Would -- promiscuity to -- out of control. The Supreme Court ruled that a ban on birth control pills was unconstitutional. Most of markets find it difficult to believe today that there were attempts to ban birth control pills and that that that case actually reach the Supreme Court. It's also hard to believe that that races were so segregated and it was justification for that. And there are whites and blacks could not Mary in this country. As a nation we vault. And we continue to evolve. And our evolution is is really driven by a growing awareness of what it means to be a human being. The people who predict the sky is falling this is what's gonna happen if this happens. You know they're they're rarely right. And yet it's interesting that those who boldly make these ridiculous predictions about what's gonna happen as a result of something. They never seem to be around to admit. They were wrong. If you rejoice for the comic tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Niger what's happening. And attacks amber takes having assemblies of blog tonight is -- conservatives becoming desperate -- same sex marriage reality this is not a criticism of conservatives especially younger conservatives. Because they don't they don't all shared the -- should be more. And an established older conservative Republicans. So this is another's split within the Republican Party so this is not. Criticism of conservatives as much as it is on an observation about those who seem to be getting desperate. To continue in this crusade to ban same sex marriage -- almost every day. There is another case for court has ruled that a ban on same sex marriage is unconstitutional. Based on our constitution. People have a right to do things that that you disagree with. And we should celebrate that because there are things that you do. That people might disagree with and you have a right to do those things. As -- should not hurting somebody else. And again this this link between. Incest and pedophilia. As same sex marriage news is absurd. Because we're talking without consenting adults compared to a situation where there is a young victim. It does not give consent. And therein lies the difference. If you wanna -- initially with your thoughts your comments are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. There tech's number is 87870. Also trying to be talking about the -- commission they met tonight to talk about the test results and I don't know what the results weren't. About racing the guard -- on the southbound bridge which is the the older the older bridge it was the ritual prayer to mean imagine that. That bridge was it was only it was two planes. Mean it was a time when there was only one bridge. And it was the the southbound lane and we told the -- With two way traffic. Mean and imagine that you'd think people could do that today safely. I wonder but it was done for a long time until that the second span was was built across the lake. If a court goes over the side is it fair to blame the guard rail or does it really come back to personal responsibility. On the part of the driver. A from Covington pops your WWL. And he is not -- I -- I call the art art -- column in the community where. On I would -- Cuba in the oval on dot com contact person. Yeah in case it may just joined us pops -- -- bring everybody up to date. They're the new menu for the saints 2014 season was introduced at the Mercedes-Benz superdome today and I had a chance to go there and test. Much of the items will be talking about that but there was a a controversy and social media earlier today about the category five hurricane hot dog. I'm people's sensitive about to about Katrina. Look at what what I wondered is that I'm not going to be available in the public order this week. I'm -- -- you know. I'd I'd I don't know I've got to find out I'll find the menu and I'll I'll talk about this when I I do get a hold of the that the full -- some of the items are available. I've just for the suites to some of the Iranians are going to be available on the concourse as an I would think that it I would think that the hot dog would be available everywhere. Yeah welcome my pointless news available. At the -- you know where you know you know work. A -- people weren't you are a -- bitch about it to be. That would do it's Jericho. I've not been here thirteen years number of called late you know forever and ever -- -- for night one was hard enough. All I do it when I don't mind that break drive. You know I don't worry about you know always -- very hard. I knew it would be no different you know because of I think defection. We'll build different that I did but I never knew once used. In one -- but one argument I -- my -- technology. Committee and drop -- it aren't you. I drive the -- I don't do anything wrong mall cop -- went under and I really do. In my opinion. It could be -- Paul if you have a unity drive and how -- they are. Well that's I think that's a really great points you know there's no reason why the right accident wouldn't send somebody over a guardrail there was higher. You've been -- -- the northbound bridge has more of a concrete him embankment. This southbound lanes of the old bridge it has Syria has a real it is six inches lower but. You know when you get on the causeway mean. That there were times when I was driving an SUV and I was on the causeway. And subconsciously I just assess my surroundings mean we do that when we go around. I turns some of her -- sharper than others and you instantly assassin okay this is the vehicle I mean enemy. Everybody has a distinct responsibility to understand the vehicle their driving and and you know some people were able to buy big vehicles and they they don't have to get a special license to drive those but you have. You have a responsibility to the rest of society and to yourself to know how to drive that vehicle in different situations and went situation might be on the -- Right exactly and one and one last thing on foreign though it about the game matters. People here I mean. If no one -- -- and if anyone is listening. Gay marriage is here and it's here yesterday. Good good defuse a little conservative and a word about it there's always do when -- tried to. Something up in the conservative foreign. There is as far as I'm concerned there'd be an -- and game records it appears that day in great -- A it's it's not gonna change the world you know we we talked about this -- recent study we talked about this on the show that. Only about 2% of Americans define themselves as gay or lesbian. And sold. Even if everybody who was skiing got married that's just not gonna have that big of an impact on America but yet it's based on. It's based on religious police is based on morality but yet there are so many other things that people do that art displacing two others and there's not. It was not the same kind of fuss made over. Yeah I think we're gonna look back on this and that's why we even had this debate beat guys you know it didn't ruin America as many predict. Because -- Bogged down and gave them -- -- -- -- -- -- people in the world. And -- if it was me. And I think I would like from the right children are and just leave in fifteen years from now. Will we have no abuse and all the -- of the GP today in domestic Mary. I just think there -- -- people and I think it will raise nicer. He -- more. Now -- -- aren't some you know some so I mean that their their their peoples so they are going to be some good wins in obese and that which -- with heterosexuals. Outside to Eric are sacred -- Netflix for thanks for calling and I'm language realistic. And if you have never called the radio talk show before I I hope this will be the first that you call it's very simple. And when I was on WWL in the ninety's site used to a recognize FTC's. First time callers and your first time -- -- -- and tell us your first time caller that's that's actually cool. But I am always amazed it people. Come up and talk to -- -- an -- when the call you show but I did. While you don't have to call I mean you're comfortable you're part of the show even if you don't call the show. But if you do have a comment to an opinion it's real simple just pick up the phone and it's just. It's issue and I have a conversation. And a few other people or are hearing the conversation as well. If you wanna join us tonight or unite our numbers 2601. A seventy toll free 86688. -- here -- seventy. And a text of receipts if it's if this is this -- show on no Wednesday night's humid Wednesday night in August and that's the way it is his time here. Will be right back. WL continued talk about some of the new menus available at Mercedes-Benz superdome for the 2014 season coming up on a show. You know one of the things I felt really interesting I don't -- like sweet things we have four with with with food. But I tasted like chicken strawberry pecan salad. That it was cool it was tasty chicken was moist. Sweet strawberries and clinch a fresh because it's very very take it as police have easily available at the club level ordered the suite level. But the the controversial item was this a category five hurricane hot dog that's another tweet a picture of earlier. That's -- recently they've written an article. Recently that the name was not approved. And they were gonna college called the big Louisiana jumble ought to order something like that but. I took a picture of it today it's clearly marked the category five hurricane hot dogs and it's my understanding and it's that's the name of the the hot daughter was as of earlier today but I -- between the picture if you if you wanna join me and twittered haven't done -- -- -- act -- WL. That's cute. WL. We were talking about whether men can be friends with women as it is easier for a woman to be friends with a man that for me and be friends with a woman in early weekly play part of the conversation from Harry when Harry met Sally when Billy crystal's character was explaining to meg Ryan's character why men. And women can't be friends because men always think about the sexual relationship. Well here's another part of the movie when -- miceli. When Billy Crystal and meg Ryan's character born into each other a little bit later and here's another part of the conversation about just being friends without a physical relationship. Like they've been. Just friends. -- When I say that I'm ranked. I never sent us. Yes that's right -- and be -- Unless both of them involved and the people and again. This is an amendment to the earlier the two people live in relationship to depression and possible involvement. That doesn't work here because what happens then is that person you're involved with can't understand why -- defense to present you just -- But it means something is missing from their relationship and wanted to go outside to get it going to say no no no it's not -- nothing is missing from the -- to suppress immune problems and -- secretly attracted to the present you just friends but -- probably make a month with a Halloween giving let's face its greatest back to the earlier will be for the amendment. You know I think he brings up what a lot of great -- points. If if you're in a relationship with a woman. And you have a good friend who's female friend somebody you confide in and I even hang out with an occasionally do things with the -- that there are are Whitman who it's able you know what's missing in our relationship white why do you need that. And guys might think the same thing if your Toronto woman and she has a really good guy friend. You might wonder what's missing in your relationship and that's saying it isn't complicated sometimes but we really should think about how intelligent people should be able to have relationships. With the opposite sex. Or somebody even. Obviously attracted to I guess I wanna say somebody who was attractive to you I wanna be able to be around attractive people but that doesn't necessarily mean. That I wanna have physical relationship with the -- it means that I respect our friendship and that was at whole site filled episode where. And they needed to have sex to save the friendship because usually it's a physical relationship that ruins the French for Metairie Gregory -- -- double WL. And it could be cute though you ain't good. Governor. Yeah we try to put like your credit. Definitely not you know I'm not a bit more then it -- -- -- -- -- and gets. And -- -- and good you're. And stepped down. Yeah well honestly I'm not a food critic I don't know I don't know the chemistry behind Wyatt -- school literally the Prius I'm just kind of the guy says you know what. It. It was funny. It would it would it would period. It's like on the but you know out in the opening and getting in the certificates -- and -- it could be -- there will be people there. Probably well. I -- it wondered. But you -- -- and vehicle and I'd literally cut my grip and -- -- you know on -- you know. In. And I -- like. But that's about the only mention John I'll be open and that. They're they're the PO group trickle. Or deported. Correct accurate thing but a little -- like -- -- Omnia. I can understand how and how you are today. But I have been Carl Paul and John were relieve the driving force but I agree if you -- group I don't think Ringo was a particularly. Great drummer in terms of mechanics but he was and he was a phenomenal drummer. Look bad in the world that he. Per -- well he did need to be. And it never hired the step -- did commentary that album Abbey Road I mean -- really let you know and in the end there with him on you know. And he can still Iraqis still plays the -- spot on take Ringo or he will pick up but George expected and would not be debate. That some of the hole. I do I do agree with that and I don't. And I I don't know how much all the members of -- route five contribute to this sound to Maroon 5 to me is mainly adamantly. Great -- saint but we at all and that. Today tuchman at an outline these songs -- remind you seventy AD group bought a couple. Adam would be all of these kids to learn from the masters I don't it was a simple -- -- -- -- I mean. Country for a ability -- country does not our country music fans with my country except output could think to promote quote current world however. I don't know what George duke didn't panic -- -- And and it notice that country stars don't even look like country stars in an -- look like rock stars. I've been in this country music let go -- it XP at the you know you know he's put in the country and sort of like rock and roll on Tyreke. Any country. But guitar that he's been. Gregory I'm got to get to break a -- conversation. And then -- it goes -- I appreciate going Gregory. Will be right back WL I thought we talk about at this hour didn't get to a -- talk about it after the news at 11 o'clock RadioShack is being criticized for new advertising campaign. Being highly criticized by the American Family Association very conservative group they say the answer to sexual they accrued sick. And disgusting. I got a text here says so I find the RadioShack. And shocking. I'm shocked RadioShack. Is still in business. A real as a RadioShack is having some big challenges with business we'll talk more about this coming up in the next hour. I don't have the commercials to play but I can tell you what -- about. And I understand why some people which up to this conclusion however I think they're funny and if you really think about it they don't promotes sex. If you understand certain things about. About. About sex then you might pick out certain things have about the -- talk more about that coming up in the next hour. -- just a blood that is says still trending on our web sites and in the middle of the page a front page still funniest story about this this video. Of a man who kicks a squirrel into the Grand Canyon did you see the video before you search for the video. Read the blog. And if you still wanna watch the video after reading the blog. Then. That's up to you. But it's it's -- for staying because I think the -- -- the audience. That makes people do these kind of things. Are somewhat responsible for people who do crazy things like. Ticker -- to the Grand Canyon because a whole premise of the blog is. The guy wouldn't of done it in videotaped it if he'd think it was gonna attract an audience. So often attracts an audience doesn't the audience bears some responsibility it's it's a great example of the relationship between the audience in the media. Quite often people quick to blame the media for this and immediately that -- It really is the audience that drives the media. Here's a quick update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll can men and women be friends without a physical relationship 17%. Say no 83% say yes. You -- your opinion -- going to our web sites Debbie WL dot com.