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08-06 11pm Scoot, Friendships between Men and Women

Aug 7, 2014|

Is it possible for men and women to be friends without getting physical?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I had a chance to go to a tasting of some of the new items that are going to be offered on the menu at the Mercedes-Benz superdome facilities will only be available in the suites. I don't get their very often. But some are gonna be available in in the different concourses and it was introducing some new items for the 2014 season when the Baltimore Ravens come to town they will be serving. Maryland crab cakes because -- crab cakes at. That's it's very famous attitude to Baltimore they're they're crabs that come out of the Chesapeake Bay Area. Pursuant to our blueprints don't they just don't cook on the way we do. But the cramps themselves are are are very similar also I believe when Sampras Cisco comes to town they're gonna do an Asian chopped salad which was delectable. It had to sushi grade tuna. Lightly seared with -- the the black seeds on it and -- light -- ginger may be. Teriyaki -- this loss and water chestnuts and all kinds of Asian vegetables with -- it is well. And win the -- has come -- town -- you can't kill -- the falcons. So I think they're gonna do a game hand or report something. Something like that and even the Cobb salad. Which was really special music -- extraordinary even had to caramelized pieces of of a sweet onion and another thing that I found really interesting and I got a text from somebody earlier who said did that they have seen this somewhere else. But it's the first time I've seen it. I'm awful lot of -- sell it. It tasted just like them awful lot but without the guilt of the -- Mean I know the -- delicious but some people don't want -- Eat the bread so humble a lot of garden salad which I thought it was whispered -- The at the chicken and unduly jambalaya pasta. -- sensational tender pieces of voice to white chicken and just had just the right kind of spice in it. -- there's also Thomas supreme which was on a multi grain bread. And sliced tomatoes in net cucumbers squash with debut letters baby spinach lettuce on top. And really. Adjusted that was it was very good had just a slight sweet taste to. And did the barbecue shrimp in French bread bowl also one of the interesting -- was the the chicken strawberry pecan salad. And even some motive football fan tradition -- not chose to -- his sin and hot dogs were -- extraordinary. And one of the hot dogs one of the items -- hot dog that has gotten some controversy erupted a social media earlier after this was talked about today. It's called the at the category five hurricane hot dog and because of the experience with Katrina some people were offended by that. I would think you know it's just it's just hot dog in that that's not designed to belittle. Anybody says problems in the this horrible things that so many people had to deal with with Katrina stumbling that are all. But a category five hurricane is a big store. And it's a big hot dog so I understand and I don't know that we should be that sensitive to that sort of thing. We've also -- talked about the cause we commissioned talking about it raising. The the railing at this has come up recently but they were gonna talk tonight about the test results from new. New type of guard real on the bridge itself down bridges. The really -- six inches lower than the northbound bridge which is that the newer bridge. But if a vehicle goes over the guardrail. Into the lake is it fair to blame the lower guard -- or. Is that really something that comes back on the responsibility of the driver. Themselves. Also tonight we talked about a group of women in Georgia they're known as the the noticed that the Dublin girls. The doubling girl's -- and and but they do is they they they did they do runs of the duke power walks the from Dublin Georgia. And they say that the that -- that they were ready to walk it. Stop them from prying. Would not let them price. And now this is an article this is an op Ed piece by Todd starts at foxnews.com. Quite often I disagree retouched or because he's. He's. He's basically built a career on trying to. Make you think that you can no longer -- Make you think the -- no longer have religious freedom. And I think you say it's a shame leave that preachers are quite often scare people. In the following them and I think it's really a shame. So his his his point is that these women. We're told by the mall that they can't pray they were there were about to pray before they're there evening walk -- -- to circle bowed their heads in the mall cop came up. And told in the couldn't do that because it was against that the policy at the mall they fumbled this in this mall cop doesn't always talking about so they actually went to the ball in the mall said. That's a prayer is not allowed at the mall because it's private property. And also apparently the mall had problems with a previous religious group. That was of harassing. Where are a little too aggressive with with some of the shoppers so they -- band that that sort of thing. So what Todd -- this is attempting to do here to tell you that you you're losing your right upright. And it's ridiculous. You can -- You could freedom all you can print. Your kids to pray in school. I -- when -- walking down on the streets of other portrayal halls here but the reality of the thought comes to my note are safer. To decide that we've lost our right to praise ridiculous. And -- we have a constitution. That does protect all of us. I don't think the more should be offended. By by people praying. And you assiduously that we talked about this the other night to bring in public with. -- Winston-Salem. Comfort food type restaurant there was offering a 15% discount to any customers that they saw openly praying before before the -- they didn't advertise that they did promoted. They didn't tell customers if you pray before your meal we'll give you 50% discount if they saw what you say a prayer before your meal they would just bring you the check with 50% discount. There's a lot of people thought that that was the case they they might take a prayer which would really be wrong. But this idea that we're losing our right to praise is ridiculous I don't think it I should be offended if somebody Trace. But what would what would Todd stars and which some people say if if Muslims went to the mall and use their their prayer rugs and and they -- Mean based on our constitution if you accept Warren you have to tip the other. That's the way the constitution. Has been written that's the way to constitution has been interpret but I I just wanted to or to cowardice mediated peace and certainly entitled to his opinion but. I just wanted to counter this this attempt to instill fear and panic in people. For the reason of making people follow. You know we if if people eight. Make you afraid that you're about to lose something -- you think. You have to go to that person to get the latest information that this is the only person is gonna give you the right information bring you updated on everything is going on. In the same with that preachers. Cause people to to follow god out of fear to follow them to give money to them out of fear. This is what's gonna happen. It's silly look to these these preachers as the people who have the answers. Well they're telling me that that they're telling me what I need to be afraid of so I'm gonna follow them. And it really said because nobody has taken away your right to price. And I think -- OK if you don't actively. Visually show everybody that your price not that anybody should be offended by it but don't ever think. Anybody's taking away your right to pray if you wanna join us for the comment about anything we're talking about tonight -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Or seven or -- a receipt 77. RadioShack is a big criticized for new advertising campaign to get to that in just a moment but I wanna remind you that we wanna try to help you win a thousand dollars. WWO can help you win a thousand dollars every weekday just like Phyllis -- or a -- get real listener from -- she won a thousand dollars. Every -- you've got a chance to -- -- thousand dollars -- -- nationwide summer splash cash contest listen weekdays right before the top of the hour news at 7 AM. 11 AM. 2 PM at 5 PM for the code word and Texaco were 27 to 81 for your chance to win without ever putting your phone bill that seven to eighty -- Every weekday four lucky listeners nationwide 1000 dollars each just like Phyllis Sandler from every did listen to the W well. And don't sell on the money you can sign up for the WW -- cash club. And we will save you a reminder to text that the code word is coming up we'll see you that reminder about fifteen minutes before every code word is announced. Now if you wanna sign after the fifteen minute alert at the -- to be a cash club just text the word cash. To -- 7870. Tech support cash to wait 7870. We'd ever charge for -- but individual plain text and data rates may apply. It's the 1000 dollar nationwide summer splash cash contest and don't forget those times to -- 7 AM. 11 AM 2 PM and five Pia and good luck from Smart radio America and all of us that every W well. Here's our -- W a pretty -- opinion poll tonight can men and women be friends without a physical relationship. 84% say yeah it's possible. Only 16% say no it's it's not possible. I like hearing that because I think we should be able to to be friends. Here's a Texan Reid said many women can definitely be friends I think for men it's a little more difficult because typically men. -- Compartmentalize. Sex and women usually. Do not. From then it's easier to have casual sex whether with a stranger or friend whereas a woman. Whereas women typically. I typically attach emotions. And Felix. So -- and the two to agree to agree that's true of course there are many many. Variations of that. Here's attacks from the -- perspective -- handsome close male friend. -- -- And an egg again that's why I I said personally -- -- sixers summer you're attracted to so yes if if you're gay if you had a really attractive. Male friend that would be like a straight guy having a really attractive female friend could you just be friends with a person. Could you hang out with -- could do enjoy watching a football game with. How without. Without having sex without there being a physical relationship. You know -- we should be able to do that. It doesn't mean that we don't find somebody attractively. You would NIC people all the time that we think are very attractive. But that doesn't mean that sexist -- is something that's gonna happen. It does it mean it's sexist is part of that so why wouldn't we be able to have. I would like to think that everybody could patrol themselves to the point where if you wanted to have a friend of the opposite sex or a close friend. Where there was no sex but you fell on the person attractive. Did that you could have that mean I think it's -- I think it's great to have and female friends as a as a guy. And I've got a few close to -- -- friends and really have throughout my life and it's it's it's great to be able to talk to them about. About females. Because they know more about him that I do. Even though I'm a little -- life and have some experience I'd like to be able talked to them about the experience but you don't have we played part of this as seen from. Now when Harry met Sally when Billy Crystal brings up the idea that if if you have a a close friendship with a woman. And you're you're with a woman. In the world and was -- -- why you have this friendship with this woman what's missing in our relationship. And I guess the same could be true when it comes to two men as well so it's. It's area is is very -- but. Again if you can't be friends with somebody of the opposite sex or somebody that you find attractive -- If you need to stop thinking about sex. As is often. From desperate hand Doris here on WW well. Scoops are ill and goodness -- you probably orange -- -- just like to tell how much I'm enjoying jokes. And cut out. At night and electorate should -- -- Well door issue or socially to say that and I I appreciate the fact that your their listening. -- -- I pray you all the time being hasty and to say we'll pat Gillick our outlook -- -- slow shall. -- your very kind and I hope you have agreed -- thanks for taking time to call. -- -- Thanks -- had a chance to meet her right hours as walking around the -- for male fair. With. Woman I'm dating and as somebody came to office oh my mother listens to you all the time -- you've got to meet her and that it was restore since -- had a chance to it to meter and -- torture Renner. As did the Winn-Dixie -- dentistry and it's it's. It's it's good for me to meet people who listen to show. Because it gives me an opportunity to put a face with the people who. Policy. From Pascagoula Fred you're under the WL. Page there they print on how to -- good. Will go on until. Like I should give gale force -- morning. -- Well what the with the the bean -- they might need to do that. Indeed in. You know idols in the world. Night you know I'm just got a little -- in the wall and were not are you -- Well it's true and and nobody has complained about the hurricane which is still very -- drink here in New Orleans and you might even be able to order hurricane at the Mercedes-Benz superdome on treat them but you might be able to order that they are so. Would that -- I understand how sensitive people are about Katrina. But I also think we have become far too sensitive about things in general if you use this idea that while they shouldn't call the category five hurricane hot dog. Because of Katrina then I mentioned earlier what if you lived in in in Kansas where they have tornadoes. Should they bay and the game twister. It is our job. How good. Fred -- political show and thanks listing if you -- -- tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688907. At Texas a 77. I will take a break and then when we come back we'll talk about radio -- new campaign of being criticized by the American Family Association. Calling its sexual crude sick and disgusting. John -- studio producer actually found one of the commercials. Which will play for -- and then I'll tell you about the other when you make up your mind. Other commercials funny creative. Or they accrued sick and disgusting. That's coming up next on the -- showing. WWL of all the items that I tasted the food tasting for this the new items that are being offered for the saints season 2014. There. There are a couple of moments that really stand out. The moment that I bid into the fried red putting. -- what's hold it should be illegal. In the continent the United States I mean it was still it was increasing. It was crunchy in the -- putting and that cinnamon flavor it was really good about it I don't eat a lot of fried food. But I felt the obligation to to take some things that I would ordinarily to selected -- could talk about it. The other thing that really stands out humid in my mind was when I associate the Turk from for channel four. Which came over -- hugging kissing in the cheek which I thought was really sweet also -- Nancy Parker. For fox thing which for school and Lance. Photographer. From Algiers John your under the WL. -- -- like I did relatively well and there -- issues. Listen to not fuel poured it would not one -- -- at all. Well -- yeah I mean if if if people are listening I consider you to be part of the show even if you even if you don't call. Fear and I think they're we have you know went to be friends in its proper meaning if you. -- need to previous to deal with. Which someone you know with or what what are working now that you -- -- a group -- you meet in the body they're. Oh indeed indeed want street you know. That Bill Russell difficult whether it's especially attractive while I -- came -- it. And. Well I I I'm I've done it so I guess there are some exceptions. -- street street will be needed poultry meat previously kind of action you he'd been print an abstract -- Yeah I have pitted and came in relaxed situations where were we were just hanging out. And I had -- you know I don't really well so actually weeks in total some on -- I understand I you know I I just. I just I guess I have the ability to either make something acceptable or not -- maybe that's one of the good things about the obsessive compulsive disorder brain which I have. And I it is that things are Barbara black and white there's not a lot of gray area so it's like if I. If I'm friends with you and there's no sex OK I'm OK -- it like it just like he just shot and out of Lima or. It made you do that are actually had merit but it just -- -- the plot that don't do more kids. It's a blessing it's I mean it's a blessing for me to have a really close female friend who I can tell anything to confide in. And get her perspective on things because you know got -- you know guys have -- perspective. In general and women have another perspective so I find -- a blessing to have a good female friend. Wilshire I mean that the Internet threat. Credit you know I'm not no exception but there are displayed at -- in order to get so. People -- on. Corporate Chitwood moment level six they have get off from the east. Don't put could make a tackle and I -- street you know we try to import all we gonna be treated very aware. -- -- I understand about it but it's good that you recognize that about yourself. Yet it shouldn't you know don't you know I'd don't cold against anybody. -- sort of marble. Bet it's what you what year are you worried it would your you know your beauty or should not at all in good. Only it doesn't mean that I'm I'm special just means that that's just the way I AM when it comes to that I don't think I'm better than anybody else or special it just means it's just the way I am when it comes to that sort of thing. Are featured molecular that you that you recently at a cheaper and cheaper Turkoglu back at -- worker you could be different order without there being anything. I mean. It is far relation if it was based on on friendship if we. If we had enough in in common to just be friends than yes -- could be friends with a very attractive personally achieve the -- High and there wouldn't be physical relationship it doesn't mean I don't find her attractive enough. For this relationship but again if we if we bonded on another. On another level and we were just friends I -- to be friends. Go to school was -- -- -- yet trying to admirable and it's not need to -- you -- we did do it. I'd -- appreciate you taking time to call our show. Here's a text about two about praying in public in this this group of women -- of RadioShack store here just a moment. A group of women that we're we're told to not -- in the mall. And there's this attempt to make you hysterical and think oh my god people can't pray in public which is ridiculous to you pray anywhere. This -- racecar I always thought the same thing about Tim Tebow it football. He would do the kneeling and the Boeing had after touchdown. And I wondered about its place during a game. I wondered what if a player did something overtly Muslim after touchdown. How could we complain if we allow other religious types. A celebration. And I agree. What you hate about the constitution is the very thing that you love about the constitution. Here's a text about hot dogs. Scoot you wanna try a really good hot dog trial hot dog with -- Pena's. Louisiana hot sauce onions pepper Jack cheese it's called doubles inferno. That does sound nice here's -- I guess you need to get -- surround yourself with some ugly friends. Yeah it's it's easy to be friends with some way that you're not attracted to but if you find somebody attractive pricing attracted to few fights and I really attractive. Could you just be friends with and if they -- member of the opposite sex or you're gay lesbian and their member of the of the same sex. It works for me. I bet assuming that -- better than anybody else it just means that that the networks me. RadioShack is being criticized for new advertising campaign be criticized by the American Family Association misses of the very conservative religious group and they've really gone out of their way to find things to be critical of and now -- critical of the RadioShack commercial. John -- studio producer found via the radio when the RadioShack commercials we're gonna play one for you and then I'll tell you about the other when. Just listen to this and you decide if this is too sexual too over the edge. I think -- and we have a little talk about protection. I know you just wanna get out sure we can't just go sling it around all will definitely trying to impress the girls you got to be careful. This class is fresh. Covered. Water damage to. -- Send it back to school with a tech they needed protection plan it's actually worth. Now get a free speech protection with a new phone or tablet. On the radio that's a father talking to his son about protection but it's about protection of his. -- his tablet is a second commercial title laundry and it's a father holding a laundry basket and he's telling his son. Mom just finished the laundry is there something you want -- Telus. And the young male was -- -- successful sometimes I get these funny feelings and I'm not really sure what's going on I looked it up on line and it says it's normal. The -- looks confused and says on you left your phone in your genes and it went through the washed. As I I think those are very creative. Neither one of those commercials and we had the other wouldn't. There was let's and we just on the other -- so here's -- here's the other commercial title laundry from RadioShack. -- was just finishing the laundry. Anything you like to tones. Sometimes have these funny feelings are not sure what's going on that I looked -- I said it was normal. You have to call on -- Went through launch. Greater -- ridiculously I think that's I think that's funny it. Neither one of those commercials really tells you anything about sex. Now if you understand what they're talking about it. Then you already understand sex. If you don't know what they're talking about they're not explaining anything sexual TU. But yet the American Family Association is all. Up in arms over this calling it to accrued sick. And disgusting and actually they just -- so much meaning to this. Then I think it's I think it's the American Family Association that might have the year that the the sexual hang ups that they might have the problem because they're adding all this stuff to me. These word natural relate double things that that happen in life. And there's nothing wrong and in my opinion with either one of those commercials but the F -- insist that RadioShack -- or encouraging. -- are encouraging the wrong ideas. And there are encouraging Americans to call email and write letters and make postings on the company's official FaceBook page. Like RadioShack is having problems financially. It's up because these commercials I think commercials are -- -- it's because of RadioShack. -- radio RadioShack. What is RadioShack. I think the bigger problem is defining who they are and what they are in this new world of technology. On your cellphone place in the radio place our. That they place we applied. Mean different electric. I think they need to do a better job of position the company but that's just that's despite that. Here's a text I think odds are good their RadioShack and needed to make itself a little younger. Well that's you know that's true. Maybe they had to appeal to younger or -- and again I think that's very relatable for the West Bank Sam you're under the WL. Thank you. Global problem not my company an expert and sacred and discuss them and that study were quote. And -- both both of those two -- don't explain anything about sex and if you understand. The double talk under the and you understand -- -- right. So low well. To -- thing but it's still what these so called. Conservatives over and taxes. And as a good for a much. And the fact that people like that is why we Lou it was a real election. But these are real conservative -- like extremist. And -- Conservative. That some day should about it joked that. It's quite an effort and I -- that political and I don't know maybe. But that's funny. We could do that some other what you disgusting thing on one Rush Limbaugh. Rush Limbaugh gets. -- An entertainer. Not a leader Barack as the -- ago. I think it's a really. Good way to put I would have gone so far as the city's Psycho victim of raw did you stay in business it's about entertainment. To that bridge thing calm down. Stuart Reid do that -- -- on it since then -- -- -- -- that hopefully they'll call. It was the description. They were. Until like may -- the -- -- -- -- Close to a cause real but the mechanism that. You'd noticed in the last spot here's a lot more yardage. Cause I tried to like you're so distracted. Particularly perplexed and cell -- -- does little -- somebody before they -- the -- Don't know -- umbrage. There's there's lent it there's less room for error has a good point there's less room for error if you're driving -- high profile vehicle. And I don't know that much about physics but the defense Hugo I believe the wider than vehicle gets cities are all things that people need to I think accept responsibility for. It's in itself for. As much social urgency early nowhere ago again regional under those. -- well. Used to let out short speech which -- still the -- that would directly. No problem. Struck out to the condition. And our Buick law affording it. That's what I didn't like but again you know at one time -- went -- real. -- -- -- -- Apparently. I couldn't spot like you said. I think the railing is is different there but -- imagine and there are a lot of people who were new to the New Orleans area they don't remember his or they're too young to remember it. But imagine that the original causeway was the southbound bridge that's it it was a it was a two way -- way Tulane. Highway 24 miles across like and there was only that one turn around. And we we managed to survive. And and do some research about the 63 million dollars. But again different. Web page as appear not to look at perhaps maybe look out. Because -- and again draw the bridge. Here. -- can you liked it a description. -- to either Detroit and Israel in. Cause we're in an audience. For other re do the -- But I don't know. -- expected -- -- -- sharks and the caller said that -- that. I'm glad you called I appreciate you don't like it or drop drop yeah. And if anybody has any information -- thanks for calling -- has any information on there and the improvements on the highway eleven bridge -- please call the show. It's to me this that temptation to blame. The railing at the lower railing on the southbound lane -- the causeway is just another example of the erosion of personal responsibility that we we seem to happen this country. Is it really fair to blame the -- you know of course every roadway should be made as safe as possible. But sometimes there are financial reasons why something can't be and is ultimately safe is she would like it to be. So that the responsibility just falls back on on you and as a driver. And you have for responsibility to understand exactly how to drive the vehicle that you have decided to drive. And if you don't feel safe on it if you feel like it's a high profile vehicle and you're not safe on the causeway. Then take I 55 or take the twins fans are realize it's inconvenience but ultimately. You make a decision to get on the causeway. And it's a great amount of personal responsibility that goes along with driving any vehicle anywhere. And you need to know how to assess the size the vehicle and and your surroundings. Whether it's the the deep deep in the degree of return or. That the bank. Sort of a ramp or or or anything -- weather conditions you have a responsibility understand that or maybe it's the guard rail and bridge. So this idea that while the guard -- too low. This is just part of this whole temptation that we have in this country to wanna blame something or someone else. Four for. Flaws in human behavior. You have the freedom to drive the -- One of the things it makes the causeway dangerous. Is that for a lot of people exploring. And so they start doing other things. And so it's distracting. It's distraction it's doing other things that. Can lead to accidents. So if you drive the cost -- just just be safe and really if you if you drive as fast as some people drive on the -- it's. Or on the twins fans or do -- east toward the I ten between. Between Baton Rouge and and in Kenner they would all see people speed alive I CP a lot of people speeding on on 310. You really don't get there's that much quicker and the if you if you're an eight hour trip driving across the country. Or ten hour trip. You're going to save time if you drive ten miles an hour faster. Fifty miles an hour faster. But you still have to assess whether or not that's that's worth it. But for those who just. Who look at the causeway as I've just got to get across is British quick response I mean I've got to deal with. Think about what's your -- You're wasting an opportunity just to just relax. You've got an opportunity to spend time 25 minutes over war. Which -- to human beings water is a very peaceful thing that a theory is that too we. Came from water in the womb and so were comforted by water. And I always looked at the the opportunity drive across the causeway -- just a ferry -- comforting things very peaceful. So if you do drive the cause -- -- do you have any long drive. Senate trying to rush because you really don't get there that much quicker just tried to try to enjoy the moment. Study -- or something so he's just to learn to just appreciate the moment. Here is a tax. That reads according to the Bible you're not supposed to pray in public so the ball is following the Bible -- the women in the mall are not. This is the scoot show and will be backed -- VW well there we thought we slow things down a little bit for those of you wanna slow dance right now. If you're not everybody likes to fasting has going in and out of breaks so colorfully as soon social -- so. Enjoy it. Could you slow dance with somebody could just be friends of the or did you think of other things. We're talking about it whether or not men -- women can be friends on the -- right here's an interesting text. That reads that I had a male friend for many years even slept in the same bed on a few occasions but we've respected our friendship too much. To ever crossed the line. Those friendships are rare. And I can tell you that I -- the same thing that was the -- with a with a one I would declare that. It's in other people who wanna think something that is it really -- got that there's anything wrong with. But. I I've fire I've done that and you know if you if you could do that great but if you if you can't deal with and recognize that you that you can't do. Former Clinton labor secretary Robert Reich. Who teaches a class act. Universe of California Berkeley. Robert Reich gave a lecture. To a class on income inequality. He also wrote this in in a blog. To see the day work and work. And he says that there's little relationship between what somebody is paid and what they're worth to society. And I agree with that you know some people who were worthless. Get paid a lot of money. Some people who do very very worthwhile things don't get paid a lot of money so I agree with it. They said the real moral crisis in this age is not gay marriage or abortion it's insider trading on -- CEO pay. Wage theft from ordinary workers Wall Street's continued gambling addiction. Corporate payoffs to for the politicians. And billionaire take over a part democracy. It's interesting that. To teach this one collapse. Robert Reich was paid 240000. Dollars. -- -- And he's talking about. Income inequality. Interesting. Team WL is. In West Virginia following the saints with all the latest information on our website at WWL dot com don't miss any. And there's always something new and fresh and -- remind you that tomorrow at 1 o'clock this is every day catch up on what's trending. When Angela she begins her show every day at 1 o'clock with what's trending under the WL. Angeles joined with their friends from. Beat only seven magic by -- channel four WWL three WL. A thirteen fifty and it's it's in an in depth but also can't have fun conversation about the top trending stories of the day. Media sports talk social media everything. So -- and Angela for what's trending on WL tomorrow. And every weekday at 1 o'clock what's trending weekdays 1 o'clock make a date right here -- WL. A pretty good articles of foxnews.com website earlier today. About the a -- outbreak. Page again it's continuing to to spreading in West Africa. There had been a 158 guess reported in the last week in and of course did the two doctors who were doing work there from America. They've now been returned to the United States under great protection and there are Emory University. Hospital in in Atlanta. And they're they're using some experimental drugs on them to to try to save their lives and apparently they're. They seem to be doing a little better. But I thought it was interesting that. This article brought up the idea of whether or not you can you can get -- from sex. And it's not believed to be airborne. It means it is somebody's coughing and they have -- that you're talking again and although you know I don't know I'm a germ a full of I would wanna be too close to a person coughing with Ebola. But when Libya. Wouldn't wanna be locked in metal cylinder flying through the -- 30000 feet with other people who were. Suffering from -- But it of this is such a horrible disease that I I don't think anybody would actually be in the mood free physical relationship if you were suffering from it. But for some reason somebody felt the need to write an article saying that you know yes it is possible to catch people from. Physical relationships are good but it's just another question Jeff -- Have misty had definitely be Hannibal. So it did this continues to confuse things suggestion don't be careful out there it's. It's a tough world. Here's our -- give -- a pretty general opinion poll tonight in men and women be friends without a physical relationship. It was your opinion by going to our website WWL dot com we'll give you a final update will be compact. That's a wrap up our show next under the WL. MTV -- out today that Maroon 5 has signed to perform at the MTV video music awards later this month. I think it's August that Tony fourth the Sunday it 8 o'clock enormous time this is the first time Maroon 5 has ever performing on MTV video music awards. Would -- forward -- that -- again I think this is one of the bands that is going to. Stand the test of time and be around for very long time a Maroon 5 is going to be promoting their new album is called. Five but it's a fiber of the I don't know it's a Z. So it's either the Roman numeral for five or its G I honestly I don't know which it is it's due out. September the second and yes here's a confirmation. And MTV music video video music awards Sunday August 24 and it's Epoch. New Orleans time as always fun so you know the next the next Monday will be talking about discussions of tune for that a script like tonight -- entitled to the conservatives becoming desperate about same sex marriage reality. That's not all conservatives. 63 conservative Texas Republicans. Has signed a court brief saying that marriage equality could lead to incest. Pedophilia. And polygamy. But they even admit that these are not necessarily then -- the logical next steps in marriage equality. So obviously this is another scare tactic to try to instill. Last minute panic in Americans over same sex marriage. Which. A ban on it it continues to lose in the courts here's a final update on tonight's seven W a pretty general opinion poll. Can men and women be friends without a physical relationship. 16%. Say no. But 84% say yes lot of calls a lot of section people who say hey you know what I'm a guy I can't be friends with a woman without sex. If you wanna join me on Twitter it's acts scoots -- of URL and FaceBook pages scoots on the air. And my email address is scooted WB real dot com when they John -- our studio producer also object Paris in the at a studio. A grand jury duty tomorrow so maybe we'll have a so they talk about tomorrow night of the show have a great evening -- love -- New Orleans.