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8-7 6am Tommy, racial profiling

Aug 7, 2014|

As of this year, 97% of murder victims in New Orleans have been African American with 87% young, black males. Is it profiling or cause and effect for police to approach young black men with caution? Tommy talks to NOLA residents about their experiences and what we can do to change it.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm David Blake WWL first news now Tommy Tucker on WWL. AMI Clement dot com. -- Martinis hurricanes what is it. Is ill and who -- Julio Julio and I was fortunate enough to go to Hawaii a couple of years ago and and your daughter lived there from I was still does you selections in Mali and look when you take. A tour. Of any place be in Ireland be it in and those that would have been fortunate to do that no it all runs together and there a matter of days you don't -- -- -- after it's over you're wondering what -- -- and it was on Molly was and -- -- who won and I really see out. On some of the big island is the one in the front right Hawaii that's the one that is right in the line the front line if you well. And -- if you've been -- Honolulu. Specifically Waikiki. Beach there is a development there shopping nice guy when he and -- shopping sent it to me it's. A combination of Rodeo Drive and Fifth Avenue and Las Vegas and Los Vegas thank you David it's it's built right on the beach. And stuff didn't seem to be you know it's hard to tell terribly raised -- Meehan and it's weird kinda deal -- -- -- -- Hurricane go into a place where you began to problem actually as opposed to. I Mississippi -- and that's -- against Mississippi but we we've all been in Mississippi's it would one goes in there we know we've all been in the Florida Panhandle and now what's in the best early in our yacht when you're right on the sand. You know literally Aaron and it is yeah yeah high rises in shop stores. You go from -- wants and I mean literally ten yards away thirty got away forty feet there resist. Incredible development at least that's on. Com a -- who would Wear -- Honolulu is. And they are mountains but -- just you know when you look at the Hawaiian Islands when you travel there a look at and on the -- you penalize sunlight here. -- Yankee go on north. No I'm saying here we go to Cleveland if we wanna get the car and not gone on here you're there in a middle of the Pacific -- of keeping your prayers as we know what it's like to go through. Our came out tonight back to back although we did I guess in a way David with Katrina and yes regret but none of this little brighter. Yeah nodded yeah this really as a double punch this Julio is right in behind the the one on the front. I talked to my daughter yesterday. In Mali and there's -- it's kind of a split saying there's some people like -- don't work non what's the big deal others who know better. You know -- had that many of -- -- these things and two years I think yeah yeah and those who know better like now -- you know you -- Port up and get your food and get ready they have cleaned up the -- pretty good. Yet is it's not. Easy to restock it it's not like again they send a truck down from from -- Wichita or something Ned to load us up on water right over from Houston where Everest. It takes them to travel and so forth and restock obviously the island that's where things such as much as they are aren't. Smart or rainmaker and you know but yet you know I don't know it's. It's. It the least we know we're fifty and seventy mile an hour winds are -- announcement day at the beach and so does speak. And -- and hear it I -- some mountains skillet with the week I would stuff this year parent. And helps it is an audio I'd so show and that a little bit controversial yes a lot of people on hold we couldn't get to so. It tried new to pick it up here this morning and talk to cap and black gave an activist yeah. Pretty well is known to speak his mind 97% of murder victims of their so far this year and Crescent City and an African American 87%. Young black males. And as it relates to the the incident with the state police. Is it profiling -- cause and effect for police approach young black man with caution and and I guess even if that means. Guns drawn and what would you do if you were behind the damage or behind the -- Because you got to look at -- -- from both sides your behind William do anything wrong. Conversely. Looking at the statistics you're the top -- wanna go home. So you don't know who's in there who's not a hard. We got to protect himself tough tough situation talk about that with you all. At 260187. Until 3866. 889087. Thursday morning August 7 which actually might Pittsburgh would have been today -- -- stupid does which he's not missing every day. We're talking about racial profiling and police practices of course yesterday we catcher mark Allen on a musician it. Says he was roughed up by the state police Mike Edmondson the superintendent colonel Mike Edmondson NC police say you know what. Troopers didn't do anything wrong and acted according to policy. So that got me to think in a boat. Profiling. And treating people the wrong way as a birdie in connection with a police officer protecting themselves. And make ensure that they go home and we're gonna talk to catch black a little bit. Hopefully get his take on a season black activists at -- speak his mind and I'm not sure any responsibility all but. I would ask you give me color T six 187203866889087. BU white or black young black male. I hate it I hate to classify people like that. But I I don't understand how. You can say if for example 87%. Of the murders so far. The victims now that the perpetrators but I I don't think and just this latest on inanimate I don't think white people or assassinating. Black people I think it's black on black crime I think it's pretty well established. In any big city nationwide -- black activists such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson etc. said we gotta quit killing each other. The slaughter of young black man phrases like there have been news. And -- 87%. Of the murder victims so far new long ones have been African American males young African men African American males average age about 29. Then is it profiling EF one a police officer makes a traffic stop. Or for whatever reason is looking for somebody is in escaped prisoner from the eighth district that's what happened in -- mark Allen case. He backed up colonel Mike Edmondson said. Difference in the story said there were no lights flashing it wasn't as though he eat. Thought there was an active crime scene that he was trying to avoid instead backed up. Which is what you mark Allen says he said he saw lights flashing it was a crime scene backed up and went a different way trying to avoid it which most of us what. -- Edmondson says no that's not what happened at all pleased to sit there. I don't know of the road was blocked or not he says no lights flashing all of a sudden they see this car squeal of tires quoting colonel Edmondson -- up. So they think you know what is the guy we're looking for. So with the guy I was one of the biggest cocaine dealers according to colonel Edmondson that they were looking for. This she -- -- backs up the you can believe whomever you want as far as what the tires were squealing or not. So they think is our guy so they approach him with guns drawn. They -- not very friendly money getting out of the car and so forth because they think there's a guy that escaped. From jail. Now could -- check the ID quicker I don't know. I try to see it from both sides and I know one time and I'll tell a story again to see you know where I'm coming from. I was mistakenly cuffed and stuffed into the back of a new Orleans police car. Because they were looking for a guy. That was stocky and bald and they thought I was the person. So this officer put me against a card and Tom who was going on cuffed me put me in -- back in the car that's when they told me what was happening. No gun was drawn the officers twice my size and perhaps. Because in my age may be because of my race they didn't think I'd be packing -- -- although you never know. After about fifteen minutes they sorted it out sent me on no -- apologized but I also wonder. If it would have been me. Not them a big chatter anything -- just had access to this big giant microphone. On this legendary radio station would have ended the same way. And it is damn wonder that I do know this and as an immaculate car. Like Kramer on -- felt I was freaking out Gerri. Because that's a terrifying experience. Now I get some text that come in here Harry Lee said it's best. -- 90% of crime is committed by young black males when he stops young black males not racial profiling it's crime profiling. And another -- says there's a difference between racially profiling and criminally profiling. So Escude. -- for example. They in it in a different neighborhood they pulley on black -- over and and just as some questions. And -- you decide if you want equal rights for all. Let me check that strike that not equal rights for all. But not certain people to be targeted while they're driving but yet you -- the police to make an impact on crime because I don't know. How you do that. And you know I don't work from the script or teleprompter and just tell you what I think in. If I'm a police officer I see it if I'm behind a whale IC. Because it only happened to me one time but you know this happens see every time you drive through a neighborhood. Does it get rather tedious after awhile. And as Jamar Allen said he worked hard for what he has and he shouldn't have to explain it when he's pulled over by the police. So give me call let me know it's 601878203866889087. And if you're black he would tell your kids -- chances are you you're going to be pulled over and this is how you deal with a police. Because somebody -- in yesterday when -- is going on. It's -- you know what you should follow the police -- the the rules when dealing with the police state by Chris Rock which which isn't as a text from yesterday saying. You do is cooperate say yes or no service smile be polite showed your hands and you go anyway crime statistics the -- 87197%. Of the murder Britain's new loans were African American 87% of them. -- young black men average age 29 so how do you draw the line between. Get the bad guys protected the bad guys if you -- the other victims. Of crime the victims not suburban trader. And adequately police saying without being accused of profiling because I think we keep making it harder and harder and harder do anything about. Criminals -- we keep complaining about the police and if I was a cup I would know what to do I really when the text comes -- I'm a black female Bennett cops so from both sides. Some black guys make it harder on themselves stop look and so guilty respect the officer in a situation. And watch the results. Another one says yet does get tedious I was profiled thought it was a robbery suspect on my way to school. Handcuffed me -- and took me to the business try to -- me identified by persons at the business when they said it wasn't me. Ali did was handcuffed may push me in my bag and tell me to get going no apology enough -- on my way to school really. Larry uptown thanks for calling -- double WL. It's unfortunate but it's -- Now you've got to give you different. Our ultimate effect but that's what never appreciated the black people that with the everyday in effect that's tremendous. All black people not grumble all you know blackmail and murder victim -- -- Merck pulled the -- Perspective there to kill the Little League like -- deplete capital little white and beat will be -- debate. But I would ask you Larry do we have a problem here in new loans with serial killers or -- and I'm just trying to get away from. Hypothetical to dealing with the problem that we have does that number -- hearing that 87% of the vacant so far been young black males average age 29. Data that Britain that the victims being black ribbons that we got there via the blackmail but he struck killed. You have made certain that the community that has been -- -- Bet segment of the community is not the chart the community so making it that every you know black -- it's a particular victim or perpetrate it completely at apple well. Well what -- 187%. Of the victims had been 29 year old white men would it be wrong for an African American officer approached this 29 year old -- or violent. Offenders -- or or murders army won't put it would be wrong from black police officer approached this -- 29 year old kid. And and we went with his hand on his gun because he -- know what's going on. Race -- that you'd call out the way but a delightful human. That unfortunately due to echo that promise you go all you look like we can't go put it. And accused of all acute while walking on that. You'd you'd get you'll. You'll exception it. Larry Larry first off I know celebrity secondly I think it was because of access to the microphone. As I said that might of till today I don't know. And the third thing is you know what that experience taught me. That experience taught me not everybody in jail as guilty. Read I'm glad that you don't want it to -- up the majority of people don't get expert which you did and at that bought it peculiar that the experience that. But you've got this city that is not all the police at 100% right now and it's not omnipotent. -- in the debate political black vote because they're black guilty opera ball. Do you think the differences are the differences because if it would be white people in my case it was bald and stocky but with a black not few black -- pulled over because. Because your skin is that color let's put it that way is -- It would appear that it picked up the EC he did that -- -- that it would be it would at least at Ole. What that or the -- is it that by people would. Never been arrested. The order went about anybody else have a party and about it and now. In a certain light because we happen to. Cult the Larry. -- however. -- an advantage you would be out of the you know -- -- -- media demo you wouldn't be -- the demographic so if I would stick and it. Epic debate but the demographic outlook and down you'll. Creature that. Cute kitty pilgrim. Well stop walking to outlook. Adult. Can you went on a second I did get to news and I ask you this to answer this formula we come back. So if everything your saying is right how do you -- how how would the police best use their resources of target who it is. That's committing the crime -- units Mexicans and we're talking -- Larry from a -- I asked him before we went to break gave. If you don't want the police to concentrate on those. That statistically are the victims of crime and statistically. By the perpetrators of the crime then. How would you call the police given limited manpower. And it just seems like Larry and I and as a far bigger situation but. It's telling sometimes you talk to somebody and ask you they tell you about a problem and ask you for a solution -- -- will do this can't. Do that can't -- about there is no Walt. How would you do then if you're police chief how would you effectively fight crime. But not. Target. Profile anybody that. It fits the average I guess description that the description the average murder the most frequent murder in new loans. Did you believe it and criminology at it that the fighting crime. Like engineering. I don't know -- to -- -- and you know what is happening now work tribunal that Arctic. It demographic they don't rate and clearly is not expecting the number the percentage of what you know. What we do not working now. Is the way to fight crime that lock up every you know black -- Opened at the end of the table at the -- -- the -- before the police even get involved and talk about. -- that it happened. -- well and at the end if you all think these young people to keep -- the -- -- on the spot the ball. -- that the ID issue that's -- bigger. Bullet that model because people weren't great I didn't want to talk about. Actually to the -- that deplete gave climate. Climate something that happens all the complete but. The problem in the everybody. And political about it because they beat a little bit. Two things -- in -- for early to go and I appreciate you calling you an engineer. Not. Ideally you sound like a very Smart man just fired engineered a mighty mouse first I was wondering. A bomb it put yourself behind you will you get pulled over by a police obviously didn't do anything wrong his negatives of -- -- if it's a white or black officer. It has not made -- different -- provide a block call on the LA don't put you behind you behind the wheel summit your reaction. To get it happened to meet. On numerous occasions. Not just why at all but the black problems -- the formal. Why all the but the demographic but I do -- -- -- -- have nephews I'm very close to you. You know black men but it happens to break it. We let that have an ability in my life that I've -- car element I thought. That could -- to be riding around in the back on the black may. How do you tell -- could have been told repeatedly it would it would been a bit. You don't anybody get hurt you know anybody get beat up because you could be morally right and you know my -- and hospital what do you tell the deal Heidi it's on the deal the police and. Ultimately it's been that. You probably had the spiritual. -- have to tell our children. Each all that you are no sir and if they are refugees get called we will get you built each -- -- the -- Larry had a lot of you'd make a good point is I never have -- you know I had a daughter has been drive into and half years and I never even thought. About having a conversation with a. You talk to black people it will hit it that is regular patient that you -- to your children we -- -- It's that you know are the could be -- -- the law. Get in the call called a UQ will you achieve our opinion and we -- worried about children. Being murdered but -- -- Or about what I keep it toppled the there. It's a lot. Larry we're late we're late I appreciate your time your viewpoints stagnant time that call and I hang on so much right. -- -- I will talk to again talk about a controversial subject and that the statistics show a bit of the murders were committed so far this year in Orleans parish 97%. -- the victims were African Americans 87%. We're 29 year old African American males and and guests that we had a discussion with two Maher Alan. But what happening him when he was pulled over by the police after backing up to. Avoid. Police cars that are corner or whether it was a road block -- don't know -- -- -- in this -- from the -- district. Cocaine dealer while -- a big cocaine dealers in the in the area. We talked to colonel Edmondson of the state police we talked to -- Allen himself -- You know with anything I think. The truth is somewhere in between because I think everybody remembers everything differently but generally speaking in Larry earlier from uptown said that you know white people don't have to have a conversation with their kids know what to do. If the police fully overnight -- attacks from friend pretty prominent guy pretty liberal guy that says he's had that in these white does and that he's that is. Converse of that conversation with his kids before and -- visas and pretty well known people. So I don't argue ever talked to your kids about had to act when the police pull you over I never thought of having a conversation with my daughter but I guarantee. I will I -- West Bank morning thanks to Colin you're on double WL. And I Adelman I don't think uncle that you can't. I don't like that -- outcome of said well what Leonard said that police ever you know dangerous. Thankless job to do. And now there's there's been no movement on -- in this area are rare black people. Is something that accurately. The late great. Hang on a sec and I think you make it go a point there Chris and that. Are -- from a police standpoint that's on trying to look at this -- both being behind the wheel as a driver and being behind the badge. As a police officer is the intent. When it comes the police to pull over black young black males who worry in the demo I hate to say Lebanon demographic. Is that an attempt to hassle or is that an attempt to legitimately fight crime. Well you've given that the logic here in you work with the information we have the work and like I said they used call. -- 95%. Of the crime was committed by fifty year old blog lightly -- And I believe -- year old -- lightly would be. Had a little more attention paid tool and in in the criminal investigative. Matter. I mean it's it's it's not our fault as police officers -- that society all. That the majority of the crime in a city like wall is history is is committed by young black males. I needed eight -- DeWitt with the live rule spin on everything is to ignore your senses. In ignore the fact she ending it in in just because of political correctness now think it helps anymore. -- -- -- -- which behind a wheel man yeah how old. 3838. Light. White. And look -- baldor -- Criminal. -- city would get thirty Deming and thirty acres 3838. White male normal heading there and -- fat then. -- about. Athletic OK I don't affect. Well let's ninety crazy. And just like that you credibility is gawkers know it is so let's say you're behind the wheel and and that is where to buy. The person person accused of committing 90% of the crime in terms of physical appearance and you get pulled over constantly even though you do and do anything wrong because you fit the profile. -- to be patient every time you get pulled over Oregon Saturday get tired of and after awhile. Well I would look at it is this man -- the job to do. And because it is it's a cultural problem on our current. But even if you every time you tried to go to Rouse is against -- and it tried to run the hard way as -- like oh lord -- the police are here we go again. You wouldn't get tired of that after awhile. Well Percival what happened I in the what you say in that they'll I don't buy -- in the back -- Black people just are rant but no. Are not insane harasser I say you fit the profile just right. You talk about now you talk about blonde ladies right fifty -- blonde ladies and just make it about you and trying to put you behind the wheel so do you think. Just as I said the police would do as you said police pull over those -- late fifty year old ladies titled. We use sexy guys like you as you said if you're getting pulled over constantly because you match the profile. Would you get tired of and after a while. Well you can believe it. -- odds are just asking. -- -- take it you're Chris etc. and a sexy part. Well it's it's all all stated view I want to tell you this Harry Lee who was a great law enforcement official and -- an area. He he's he made a comment once that start invited. Where and when he was confronted by civil rights. Leader where we're running late Chris and we read it already which you can say is it's not the racial profiling it's criminal profiling right now or not. All that. -- I Chris thank you appreciate you call load these he'd agree disagree with what Chris had to say give me ecology 601878. Still free 86 exit 890 late 76 it.

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