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8-7 7am Tommy, racial profiling pt. 2

Aug 7, 2014|

As of this year, 97% of murder victims in New Orleans have been African American with 87% young, black males. Is it profiling or cause and effect for police to approach young black men with caution? Tommy was also joined by Capt. Black, Anti-crime activist.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm David -- WWL first news now Tommy shocker WW rally amount famine dot com. Got an interesting subject on David about how do you draw a line between profiling and effective police work and and I honestly don't know because -- you know. I put myself behind the wheel and I think okay what if I were in that demo and every time I tried numerous stories every time I make a trip to the hardware store up. Maybe I'm gonna visit. -- in his family that we now in the number -- -- I was going to go to work. Every time I get in the car if I see a police units -- make the U turns like oh no here we go again a chance now. Already got the -- all right on my way to work now arrested take that license back to the car running ninety. But then again if I'm behind the bench and I know that. 97%. All victims in new -- has been African American 87%. 29 year old black men and now I know -- victims that's not perpetrators but I I think. We can all. Pretty well project that most of the perpetrators were black because we've heard so much from black activate a welfare act on black crime. There are stats -- you're American background up and its -- is the case it's black on black crime so white -- black officer of fund. Making a stop. Or there's. Woody column. Bulletin on whatever -- we have at the roll call meeting its nominal account. This person or that person their drive and as they look like this vague description. Apple led unit over. World then again I'm gonna probably have the weapon drawn repeat pretty close to it. But then I'm thinking this through and if I'm behind the bench. I don't think just -- over. People -- look. Or in their demo at random is gonna help because woody -- to fine you know I -- other and you run the name and see if they got any warrants or anything -- -- thing is you'd you'd never know what you're going to fine right -- -- -- but. I would think at some point -- idiot who so look for at least the on description and. That is C at that roll call you just talked about. And they're gonna get probably 90%. Of the people that they're looking for -- are going to be African American that's what they get at the roll call. So then your top blocker wide makes no difference and you get in the patrol car path which are looking for. Right night in and it gets it exudes a bolo be on the lookout for. And I guess there aren't always accurate descriptions and and again how do you. You know I -- Heidi you to do descriptions are always stayed right I mean and you don't know somebody's -- and car healing for a license plate number says sometimes you might just be looking for. A late model infinity ya are very -- some kind of jewelry your hairdo horror you know that car you know mine. Thank you David I appreciate your time what did Jason new loans higher and at WLE thing. It's the question. I agree with Larry talk about it being -- I'm African Americans that -- there. So. Experiences in total. About one. Dot com what keeps my son. It was probably will be sentenced September. When he approaches driving a ball in the conversation with a bit on your soul. To make sure -- responsible. Actually alert me but we're that he can get some questions that should. And maintain global respect. The whole top it was an officer also. If you used -- in what. Mom and they can -- what built in particular we -- securabit. The point right now and there should be re. Incidences -- it's all he wanted to community. The African American community the Hispanic community. Exception exception. Should be looked at it from our perspective well. We defining image is project to do very well that the media. Are bad at all urban communities. You can't say. Profile and doesn't exist made it and look at the full out. Which is a gentleman a more. The public -- onscreen betrayal. Of American. Appetite in order. If you look August they -- to actually get some of the comedian some players. Everybody perpetuating his image wannabe gangsta or. In -- when you go -- It's going to. It's natural it's human instinct it's an instinct -- YouTube. It's -- it. It also itself for African American community know what we. Spots through which were so it -- -- projected. All the streets and that no one wants. To clean -- the regular day. We shouldn't be done if you're. Should be judged on your mayor and the police officers -- -- -- -- -- ago. They'll pull a lot of situations. All our. Standards and all saw what they're forced to. -- and so it is not committing to acquire traffic violation. Maybe you should probably call. The such and such. Protect certain of the volleys and with its app supports -- investigating. It and present your case that put on alert. We have a lack of response early in and I spoke out for you're not at fault were. Well the real -- all share were well. Acquired that -- more war to get away from you can't art form in law should be about which all were probably. -- here on the law ordered all. Eight stoppage or later. It's probably African American Falwell Bob gates and eccentrics such a -- it's comfortable there. There's so many different capacity that meeting -- problem. But I appreciate you have an account -- recent morning good opening people mines. That we all work -- -- Jason appreciate you taking the time the call you your thoughts and also given what we're trying to do and matches it's a tough situation for everybody. Have a great day -- -- call against talking about profiling in statistics cause and effect. Racism crime in new loans captain black and has right now and anti crime activist and -- county as a big surprise the captain black actually black. I don't captain. Armor we do do and we do them well you know it's from Ireland and -- -- we talked to -- Edmondson I think. With all due respect to both album because when something's going on your memories are different and colonel Edmonton talked in the offices looked at the tape. I think the truth is probably somewhere. In between -- captain when you look at the those statistics 97%. Of the crime victims. In a wall and so far this year African American ED 7% young black males average age. 29. Is it profiling if that's who the police target or is there a better way on a more effective way to engage in crime fighting it which you take on dollars. -- -- -- Believe. Didn't. What a crappy iron -- well it always is I mean it's if you you can't win if somebody. It's murdered and all of a sudden it's where the police. How can this happened but if the police stop somebody then all of a sudden it's profiling and it's and it's terrible side -- -- answers -- Bishop just sort of the last night I attended my City Council persons crime prevention. Town hall meetings and don't -- -- did it. Yes you know leave majority black or before they -- to be here aren't really yes. Syria you know our outpost and -- don't blame him as a -- hostility toward police are outlawed Stan. We are not engage in. In police community relations activities. Considerably spokesman. Black man and the pleased because passing is indeed the people's dangerous dynamic American obviously. But also know where look at the stat did you -- So slave. We are not focus. On back there little groups -- convivial or so you you can't wait for the ones -- or the one that wage. Computer program who were able humans. And -- to minister to shoot people Uga people on the daily basis. Committee has sort of -- last -- repeat. Violent. Felony crimes and that's something that we we can't spend it. We can't put up a small screens you'll this particular part. And were run and -- hang on we'll pick it up here when we come back if you have any questions or comments for captain black and anti crime activist jabbing you give your real name or not. You're not. -- I have a hard time announcements -- He'll take you calls a T six 1878203866889087. -- and captain just four. Did descriptive purposes you are an African American male Howell. -- City the clock -- six ticking 48 years. Want to fifteen days or -- a certain terms are. -- had a serious conversation this morning David after you know we spent some time yesterday with colonel Mike Edmondson from the state police also -- Allen a musician that. Says he was. Roughed up when the state police pulled him over. And colonel Edmondson said he wouldn't change anything in the world that that the troopers did that night they were looking for. Summon an escape from the eighth district as I understand it a cocaine dealer and ironically I guess are coincidentally maybe cause and effect the Illinois state police are gonna join the Chicago Police Department forty troopers. To help them catch fugitives. Pretty much exactly what it was and captain black on. Not transient anti crime activist he says last night at a town hall meeting held by Nadine -- the announcement -- -- lag did you say that. The predominately black audience want the state police and Algiers or was at what. -- -- the state police permanently. In New Orleans in general. Saint rock maple voters. That -- being repeated all count all of the. Well in May be that goes to the question where -- minister Washington hang on I'm guilty in a minute about. Profiling because of most of the crime is happening -- -- the map open and try enemy right now but if it's happening in specific neighborhoods. Then why would you presume that is happening in all neighborhoods and and spread the resources out over their -- that area those areas. You have an copd program please -- using mr. about computers just so if you want to -- it. It's a racial profile commander -- from group. The commander for a bit. Warm. -- bullet. The assistant chief of police wouldn't or abuse of power is blacks are more open. Police commanders in bears districts are who actually saw Yugoslav there would be willing to spear. In the nine other people so. If the pro quo argument is absolute war. Is apparently putting their resources where violent crime reports. Being. Case in point the park right across street from the church. Where we met right after. My anti crime mark last week a group we're known men this and so maybe you would reveal my so what's the big deal. It -- on the playground through with children and they were brandishing the weapons used there's now had NO PD not rest of these. Young men and something happened what would the -- Not to mention -- images. Being portrayed the young kids role models if you call that minister Washington. -- has called in to talk to captain black and anti crime activist and morning minister. Captain black just an original comics -- well so. All but I was full but -- about a week so cool about state trooper. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Like in about it you know all arms so we -- out of that car. But what you're or result so awestruck injustice. Britain -- a constitutional rights. Got a problem also -- -- -- -- -- papers we. Let's let the original home. How would you feel as a -- cute though down. We also -- one evil list form. And -- a couple of George. It just Bob what they have done it caught usual personal prop. I don't have a problem with you stop and mean what bill. It's set up the app app pop call stopped some about what you did agree. I'm not talking to vote. Police also is planning governments like -- More breaking him because of another chicken and some mine store they don't have assert more. And they don't have a problem also -- at -- they're committed a crime so I've read about -- And as normal we've also. You know that are when people do after the arrest and as a minister. Also known that we are convicted she came to ensure that. Doubt sharp knock you down -- outlook steel are not commands that -- young people can see easily take art. Yeah are all Americans yeah. I've told that we're in people we are back in the I'm the murdered two woods got into the light -- I've. Yeah and you do well you just as wrong so that Italian car. -- elderly. -- the black gotta take -- -- would hardly fit the profile. Well once again. That situation -- have. Have you made a complaint to the state patrol fields and respect are you popular. Yes but it is not our report state patrol also. An outlaw -- you'll. The popular -- and in. -- book. And it game and I -- audio kept so also spoke with the X number. Well. I don't have that turns things like what had happened but you need based general -- just gotten trapped. Opted to the bigger question. Well first off I presume you were aware -- -- yeah -- to the bigger question if you were in that that. Group if you worry 29 as a former police officer if you wore. A 29 year old black male which is the average profile of the people who commit murders in in new -- would would you have felt targeted or would you say you know what it's as good police work. -- target because he'd get. Up and up pop cult he became opting to get the call eight opponents. That's wrong. And I've never gotten. -- must -- that I support. Just stop and people just becomes. But now we're -- we've talked with him norms or any that did not sit. Well -- you a on. Broad and homicide problem where you work. There in the way. Don't -- -- assortment of reasons if you work and tables where. But I perhaps started to work hard to argue it you need to pay attention to activities in the desert area. If you don't renders any. Role probation you know may be aware of what you you'd pay attention to them that we grow up on net. And people. We're going in and out of course mostly. Obama crime. And are continuously committed violent problems. As worry about the racism in the police department which is legitimate concern. We are killing each and the body count includes. -- And that is happening on a regular. Basis so we're so caught between two. Warren partisan world -- and committing violent probable one of them police -- a number of those field. Are being. Unconstitutional. And outrage. Reform but do that is open mr. The complaint your complaint and the complaint -- downgrade. Involves state -- enormous police department under federal consent to pre is gonna be -- -- -- Should engage. In any time activities. On the calls particular law. -- injury problems go on even more world. It will happen national media partners as -- -- the -- -- -- -- That we can somehow boring black -- completions again. Try to address this regrettable and the superintendent does not want -- picture with the black community. In Minnesota and if I -- just jump in here for a second as a former police officer. How would you deal. With the with violent crime in the city if you don't wanna. Look at specific groups -- demographics whoever it is that's committing the crime and and -- it that way how would you. It stop it how would you fix it it will we would would you consider effective policing that's gonna make a difference in crime and Ottawa captain black said. Just now fewer police officers that would be under intense scrutiny. An enemy and he is using the world Regis you know but now mind you anything. -- -- You total all -- so all the constitutional. Law that's not one. You you are such great on the air yet have a problem. Now. In an apple agree it would buy any car. What we stepped out a little while calm people's constitutional rights that wave because -- Did you do your job and I'm out of the army unit that has to be great. You've got to do with the real well when you step out about it rumba that well you'll -- all -- to a apps when it -- problem -- -- taught taught them all there. That's when we come out just like the law if not -- -- those key stop what packet that. Without proper call stopped it would issue it will equipment -- is gonna make it. Well minister Waverly we got to run -- a time just -- you know what the state police are saying is that there was a police action there was there were police cars and in the appearance was that he was backing up to avoid. The police units as they were looking for. And escaped drug dealer which I guess was their probable cause captain black anything. Parting comments will relate to go. Up. Remember in the store pop up close have a much more common than some may have thought book -- -- -- If you do not pay attention to be inconvenient truth of who is committing violent crime. In this community then it is actually refused to ignore them -- because just one. It's not the kkk. Is not the Tea Party and there's not the GOP should have been black people 01 into the suited to local. Thank you can't appreciate your time is always get a text here's saint Tammany isn't stories for profiling being pulled over so much among on the -- vehicle however that makes me think when I. Elect is cops program a lot of times they'll -- white people over. In bad neighborhoods because they think they're there strictly to buy drugs so. Is that profiling or is -- different then a 29 year old blackmailed gone through. A predominantly white neighborhood now you tell me -- -- the morning on -- WL. Think you don't -- I immediately. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He is cute skirt and and audio and it will all -- -- parents always told them. The -- not a true the public -- you. I'm global bully while Rick that while social apparently it's how you worry about what Ali law and -- -- -- -- W.

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