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8-7 8am Tommy, New Orleans on an upswing

Aug 7, 2014|

House prices are rising while the population of New Orleans has risen TEN PERCENT since 2010? Tommy was joined by Michael Hecht, President and CEO of GNO Inc., about establishing a niche in the New Orleans medical industry and Arthur Sterbcow, a local real estate analyst.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now Tommy talker WW Welling in my famine dot com go on at a hundred miles an hour riding the morning lightning like we always do -- hear David Blake and will continue our conversation about. How to draw a line between racial profiling and targeting. The group. That commits a crime and I mentioned before the break elect is cops program occasionally Arianna and they'll pull somebody over -- if there white and there and and a good predominantly black neighborhood because they think they're buying drugs not -- every predominantly black neighborhood. No sells drugs and and an area known for drugs. Because they know it just doesn't it doesn't threat area or something doesn't look right you know it's like -- lot. And I think there's got to check it out that's what a season police officer knows. That there's something done quite look right we gotta check this sound I just wonder. Do you do political correctness we've kind of taken some of the tools out of the law enforcement officers' belt and and they as my crime -- I know we'll talk about it and -- and -- operating jaguar opinion poll we've been ignored. And that is are you stressed at work 60% are saying yes. And enhance those story invited -- WL dot com. From the things you suppose is due to relieve stress get moving by exercise or any indoor outdoor activity yeah certain foods. Unplug shut down -- awful Smartphones get plenty of rest and the right amount of sleep. Now I'm not stressed at work but trying to do those four things would stress me really -- absolutely. Yasser you talk like that tiger would have trouble coming home and shouting off the computers and TV in Smartphone data -- they sent the no I don't why -- and I am on 24 hours a day. A little out of but the an -- sleep eleven doing a lot of pressure washing lately and as a he can bringing that. You know we could be so in a factory. To look its best. And unlocked downstairs just now feel whether see what's going on and I am here and especially Washington thing in my god and heaven it's gotten stuck in my hand thankfully again it was -- pressure washing the -- all our. That you that was doing you know as are those stuck in my head I thought it funny how much it. -- this I don't know -- this story's true or not. But I hope it is. And this is posted. On a credit thread labeled off my chest. He's at a burger king and he hears a kid behind dean screaming. At the mother. I want blinking high. I want blinking pie. Now this this is talking his mother you know secured five year old kid you I am a big bomb on months ago so what that guy did. Is he ordered every high that Burger King had left. So he bought all 23 pies. So that. This nasty little threat behind in couldn't get his blank in pie. Now I don't know if it's true. It's not. But you'd like to think it is easy yeah yeah this year -- I able to count aggregate type of us some good news in new wall and some population boy you you heard that 88% of Katrina levels. That property values still rising not as much but has a population of new loans grows. Where they common front. Maybe ever wondered. He's gone. It's got Ali's monitors and here I get into an adult lives like grainy when he in the store with somebody walk away -- What type in the milk cartons. Where they coming from and if you live in the verbs. Why won't you come back to their wallets a lot of people are. Property values going up and wanting Ray Nagin did say. Is that get yourself a piece of ground in Orleans parish members and a new -- I will talk when we come back Tommy Tucker glad you let us. On this Thursday morning under the W. I love talking a Michael -- because. Every now and then especially if you tend to be cynical do you need a dose of optimism. And positives that he positive in this positive Michael -- help me out -- would you card. Cause are. Awesome. It's right also -- and humility. They all go to gather Michael that our president and CEO of Giannone. And blowing at about city back to 88% of pre Katrina levels bars mail. Delivery goes goes some of -- that -- growing Ares I think holly grove Ninth Ward and a holy cross area. And tell me Michael what I would do why people are common in new loans why their movement in the parish why is this city growing. Well I think it's very simple. Right now and post-Katrina new war you can get more for less than virtually anywhere in America. I really don't think there's anywhere her that we get this type of economic opportunity. We're work growing so quickly in energy. In technology and other industries like tree and emerging environmental at the same time. Claudia -- that was distorted number one. In the country back problem leisure and all the and in oral. -- National Geographic we just got accommodation at this moment. I think is very special and the -- beginning to to get out. I Syrian Broussard. I think it's either auctioning asylum alliance in the lower 94. Hundred dollars each of course there's some stipulations and some priorities. As it it relates that meaning in final that in various web sites but. Did you do you think there's going to be a rush to get those lots of first priorities for the people that own net that live next door and on property I think in the -- you have to promise to build and in such amount of time and stay there for five years but do you think that's going to be the they shot that the the Ninth Ward needs to really come back. Well you know I don't know. It's going to be in the tipping point certainly the lord. Art that being slow to come back in his record is well people are aware that but I think its target that -- and and over I'm just because of the lack of Atlanta actually land like the lower ninth which had restrictions but by the river. Being that the lord and I that think is going to do verbal -- to question their bodies might burst on it is. Who's gonna be coming back there and are we initiated war declaration -- future by growing large middle class. And I think that's in India rookie our success over time. I hang on if you all touchy about balancing gentrification. With the growth and I got some questions about the medical court -- that I've I've heard other people. -- I have myself look we all went this is succeed and beat -- best thing ever for new loans but it -- -- philosophy I think to be able to clear this up force very positive guy. It is get right to be when you look at what's happened in the new long ones in terms of re population -- -- but how do you draw that line Michael between I -- gentrification -- neighborhood. And growth because I you know -- you will you know running on -- means -- Well it is very real discussion and -- a couple of points -- kind of been through this a bit. Living in New York City also purchase starter at first dot com marked down and in the mission district nylon Algiers from. Take -- -- and understandably are -- an island in years. Yeah. -- did so immediately in dynamic equally eager cities that don't eve ball and stagnate and -- so that wrote that changes the good thing. But there is one issue is that -- a huge occasion is that people. That old homes tend to do well even -- -- -- home not much generation ago. They can you accumulate. A lot of well Wendy -- that neglecting the challenge -- -- which -- the bill that those or renters because directors and get pushed out and I think to show for so. There -- about one of the challenge that we have definitely with in New Orleans proper. It's having affordable rental space and so. I think it's illegal sport we need you want to recognize it changed it to recognize that he's become an awful way we should just let it happen. Are still or so but overall. You albeit much better than that stagnated. We added the gentlemen I think it was Chris Murray they did that got assaulted in his saint rock neighborhood and -- -- -- it was because -- knew it was miscreants doing and if he was viewed as an outsider. And you know I don't know if I was living in a neighborhood if I would mind an outsider coming in. The rent issue aside as much as I would either vacant properties that it would seem like unite to use a cliche a rising tide lifts all boats went. The heaven the neighbors that that are new to the area that really care about their property although they might not look at it like you or maybe. You know be from other areas where they don't really know the new loans customs and may not even embrace some it still be better and heaven heaven -- haven't -- property and enough. I agree completely and outlook think what makes New Orleans is so deeply imbedded art in I think the the possibility of -- coming -- much this city. Like some of the newer cities that we talk about. It is virtually impossible to -- in this region first place in history. That nobody can replicate my tactic about what's gonna make a record for army -- restricting that nobody -- from -- And got them make them anymore. And first once the river. The second -- energy partners our culture and I think that even that we become more reverse which is a good seeing the population with -- 2%. -- -- population growth I think that makes this special. That's no mistake we will. It when it comes in medical corner and and then and all the great things that we see being built. Hi Desi Cullen mid city wouldn't Michael. Actually whole spine that goes to -- can now -- from from the water collects. And I just wonder in terms of development and you know a lot more about this and I -- financed and isn't the type of thing way if you build it. They will come and as sort count on William Murphy was gentleman's -- sultan -- are different this identifying images from clear that up. But isn't the type of thing where you build it and they will come or do the big. And medical. And meg cities is it because they started small and an expanded. What you're theory is really important point structure inside baseball that -- building a beautiful New York she and VA. Right that all we do that very important -- development. Not economic development to -- the local population -- But it's only going to increase local community well local community -- time. We do what you think if you look at Houston 25% of the house days. In Houston are called the Texas Medical Center that because it's such a problem destination -- here so what really -- economic development is becoming a plate that -- service. People come to around the country in the world. How did that from the business model how did that develop Michael was it. Is something that they built it and people came argued did did did you start resistant and expanding it bigger and bigger and bigger. Well it was all it was planned part that you was would that once they develop specialty oncology cancer her and I don't know. Exactly how that started. It can replace that you're right back. That are there for treatment here around the world and so. The point is that that you got people read it -- calm and bring it outside dollar inside look at that -- -- and the other way to really dry -- Not by driving research commercialization. So he how to arm and that it critic to keep 3000 jobs. The convection or -- average in the number of national science grants that they get the current all the research that's going out there. If you don't have that health care -- of a resurgent new technologies. That -- -- we multiple hospital but if you -- those two things he. The Serbs local hospital but you get huge economic development -- -- bachelor or trying to get to. Yeah and I know Nancy I presume that's part of the plan here right absolutely that's why we passed legislation a couple of Beers does submit all the many are. And the mideast sign cheaper by finding. Or partnerships public -- where they're going to either be creating a center of excellence in -- health care or in research commercialization or apple. It is becoming national leaders in -- rookie generated -- like alzheimer's right like like put traumatic head injury -- acute. Our servers or put. That's -- that nobody right now we are expert she's at Tulane LSU. And we did that it would comfort from memory care to New Orleans from the whole region and country. And I am not trying to be. Disrespectful about it but you do I guess have to find your medical pitchers on the -- Birmingham's on doing something that Houston's undone because you don't take them on head had to try to compete. All right that. It would be foolish to try take on your keys and end. Broccoli in Chechnya met this should be knee issues. In cancer we can really either best or in my particular -- is not the molecule heart care which he Birmingham but if you want something. But -- -- quarter. That's a growing market. And unfortunately for me and huge army alzheimer's. But the baby boomers aging at the great growth industry scored the next generation and a -- -- -- that reputation they trust -- And it's not all about dollars it's about you know providing a higher levels services for patients who are already being addressed. I appreciate your time Michael thank you so much. Tom thanks and slapping it to say it is important to -- or stay humble and opera -- -- card or are we doing better than ever better than many decades but. He's -- done yet got a lot more work. Thank you -- appreciate your time. Mike elect president and CEO of G you know Lincoln if you don't think. David Blake that he is an awesome guy did you hear the gracious way Aaron that he corrected my pronunciation of niche yes -- -- he used it twice the word twice in the stands after -- said nations. -- the browns both ways Ana is it -- -- I say it induces a niche or an inch and niche probably and -- and senate seat I try to avoid the were completely whenever I can I was -- -- Gypsy king tickets to giveaway about a 119 dollars worth the ticket there on sale at Ticketmaster dot com Saturday April 16 they will be. At this anger and part. Wednesday. April not a concerts on an April I'd be foolish. We -- you know still be here in April idealists who knows -- August who will be here August. Hopefully sixteenth there are no guarantees of that either but it's all right thank you Sheldon August 16 does when -- cancers and giving tickets when you hear the Gypsy king sing and hotel California. Yeah no there has been some downsizing at -- industries as you know and and we've decided to close the factory zealot but. That's why you should never say never because I'm telling you I would move back in Orleans parish especially in at lake view. I love that. And there was a time where I swore I will never. Ever moved back to Orleans parish but I guess post-Katrina the area -- different things they go on in your life. That's why and Kevin and company and a second that's why when it comes as Supreme Court justices. You should never appoint a liberal or conservative because first off they're not gonna vote like you always think they markets so mom changed -- Souter did. And the other thing is you may change because you might think you're conservative today. Years that -- line 34 years later you change what you think completely but you so get that man or woman on the Supreme Court. Kevin West Bank -- morning -- Devin WL would you ever move back to Orleans parish or have you ever lived there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And yeah story. -- -- and other pregnant or. Sure. Been in the law but to argue. That she'll move back there somewhere bio war by. Advising John area man on Tony is very very nice if you haven't been out there in a while you go united sons and maybe not now but in April not August you'll see -- no would really see a lot of families out there and join them by use it not there eaten food maybe a parkway -- lawyers some like that. And as a very nice area so you would have to see a radical change in NO PD you would have to see. I guess it comes on the money somehow the city -- streets. And and I'm guessing you could live with a utility costs of the other two putting -- -- much and -- -- Eighty. That -- -- the summer better. -- -- -- -- power outward. In their. Ball yeah. -- -- -- away. To be a walker. Walk to work out there. Ellison as soon as you go to and Carrollton com or Orleans avenues even at night 9 o'clock when it's argues a lot of people pushing strollers and out there and join its. Thank you Kevin I'm glad you called. You better have a good day and Arthurs or -- is good friend of dollars and -- you know -- -- remembered from now on. There is no cow in stern. Artillery Barbara are you like oracle or Moscow I don't think there's -- -- -- -- Elliot for coming about it's gonna thank you would join this by the way -- -- -- avenue and tell me about the the real estate market into long ones and what's the latest trends and not just in terms of value and and house sales did financially but like some of the outer neighborhoods and I guess -- has something to do with prices as well. You had to deal with flood insurance -- a lot to do that perceptions and of course arms schools get a mutual thing. I think probably in -- that probably the most. Salad and that's a real -- Think nick aren't decide decipher our caddies everything as a benchmark Norwegians you know sinker working good trait that really. The period time right before. Hurricane Katrina it was -- as real estate market the citadel on tickets are tracking such as we sit right before Katrina exact. That -- The most active housing more poems were so believe in our. In August. 2002. 2005. Did any -- month that we ever -- it was unbelievable. Or about August 29 is when market street but those 28 days. Were actually off the chart it could've been that way across the country. So right now and great -- on the number of problems and protect our sales parts -- just this year. Number of homes and probably get about 23%. From their peak. So apartment population. Part of that is certainly the credit. Problems we've seen that better -- risen from. Yeah economic -- across the country. And you know flood insurance is certainly an issue to -- -- a lot of people back to Brett. So. You know jobs seem to be recovering. Some market Serbs certainly most of others. A number of homes sales in some areas -- very solid. West saint Tammany is. Daryn 83%. From what I want for -- to -- He's guilty it's still there you have the into the population. Consider east campus and stand 23%. From the number -- signals before Katrina. Eastern campus of Slidell area and 32%. Our west Jefferson didn't sixteen pursue say an hour and 47%. You can see that it did you -- the numbers or all over the map depending on. You know how damaged those areas were during Katrina and and how much a couple of -- back. It seems like for awhile. If you had known -- home you didn't have the American dream then and seemed. For a while people were buying homes as an investment and flipping them every what seven years and it was the average times a -- and now. Where we get now as far as that goes not just locally but nationally is AirTran. Toward ranting and not buying it does anything to do -- baby boomers downsizing. -- -- -- is rebounder all over the map it was certainly. Hyper excitement in terms of buying that that you could you can do no evil Bob -- Hall. Never anyone's imagination didn't catch -- could go out and 20304050. 60%. I've heard in some markets we never -- that debacle. We had a mild form -- wave -- eighties during the oil cost locally. But but nothing like the rest of the country and our -- our oil bust wasn't as bad as the post. Reached. In the let's be years so you know white male parent pretty stable market and that's what I would problems at all the ownership standpoint. We're kind of -- great summer of very very strong summer which was excellent. We a lot of people -- because of the first quarter. A lot of people around the current regular parts of the country get awful -- -- because of the -- -- discussed siege you know. It was all over the place your call it really rose on sales of its order here which really. Impact it has occurred as a tree entries could sell their homes so they couldn't be here. -- this summer so it was between a free market we we just were exiting right there it was good schools. People don't like to -- win their kids are in in school. So the -- premarket useful in there on relative to what it's been in summer and we're going to -- global balanced market. I swear to god does not my question is something news texted. What about Belle chase. -- Well it is not my collected -- -- Well and argued the Orleans west bankers -- 34%. From the peak. Hurricane Katrina. And now yeah -- Rutgers number of units built -- actually increased very significantly. Because a lot of folks have kind of moved up from lower plaque commenced in two Belcher. So some of the flood protection levees you know they moved up further north. And so it's made some people who. -- screwed of people and jazz -- let's face it well that's being current not. It will because people don't know -- put a floodwall right across 23. Between built -- and some really beautiful homes and areas beyond. It's things you know you drive and it just seems so org trees so great and some. Some got -- -- it's like a good spot here without understanding. The impact of the support people who. And distances to. Rural area is it's it's it's disgraceful actually. But you know hopefully they'll be cheap parts of ways around that but you know they can take soccer. Arthur I can't -- amateur appreciate you time enjoyed talking entity and we culture at the last minute and thank you so much for coming on. -- it -- -- Cole a local real estate analyst.

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