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8-7-14 1:10pm Angela: on what's trending

Aug 7, 2014|

Angela talks with WWL news anchor David Blake, WWL First Take host Todd Menesses, and WWL digital strategist Ian Hoch about what stories are trending on social media.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well welcome to our Thursday were going to be trending with the very best. At first wanted to tell you about our second hour -- so hang on that new -- has become a real Mecca for concerts. It wasn't always this way. So we're asking the question what's happened that now the big names wanna come here we're gonna talk to the experts that's at 2 o'clock. But again we're gonna start with our trending and we got some great training things today. In sports. Yes -- -- -- we have our great top Manassas co host a first take with steep court. In lose David Blake a real radio yes acute and I love this Indian hope -- you suit says. The date yet the DC -- no I don't I have Internet phenom all that's good I wrote that myself that's really good thank you and cohost with me on Friday attendance that day sheet I think to -- pronounces -- -- resident cutie. I've been called many things that are resident yeah Wada list of I phenom better yeah -- delighted that you're here let me think that it and we do have a lot and do little bit different today we have lots of news and things but. This thing that time Od hands with. Sports talking about Kansas State head coach bill Schneider took my breath away. Yeah he he made these comments. About the current state of college football that are getting a lot of hits on Twitter and and everywhere else he was talking about it and its related to another story that's happening right now with via the NCAA. The NCAA is voting on the what's called the power five. Conference's. Okay via ACC the Big Ten and the big twelve. Independent pac twelve SEC all those guys they want to have their own autonomy. They want and not have to follow the NCAA rules this all goes back to think about paying the players and doing other things and and things that they wanna try to do. Improve the game. And on the cameras you just have to sign into. The five conferences want but how many others are there out there there are several other smaller conferences out -- there won't be able to compete with these guys if it becomes -- you're gonna start paying players -- -- a lot of them. To do things to practice more and and and some of the rules that they have and Kansas State head coach bill Schneider who is in one of these conferences. He said. Basically that the current state of college football is selling out. He's he's one of the old school guys he's he's you know he's been around for many many years. And he says quote it's changed. Me college athletics football in particular has changed dramatically over the years. I think we've sold out we're all about dollars and cents. The concept of college football no longer has any bearing on the quality of the person. The quality of students. Universities are selling themselves out and it's no longer about education. We've sold out to the cameras over there was at a press conference when the cameras and TV has made its way and I don't fall TV says it's not the guy your fault for broadcasting on the broadcasting games. Because they got to make a living that's what they do but athletics. That's it. It's sold out everybody is building Taj Mahal is referring to these giant stadiums are currently I'm building. Kansas State actually just redid their stadium built a big stadium as well. He says. And I think it sends the message. And young people today I think are more susceptible to the downside of that message. And that it's not about education we're saying it is. But it's really about the glitz and the glitter and I think sometimes values get distorted that way. And I hate to think a young guy would make a decision about where he's going to get an education. Based on one of building looks like he's talking about the stadium acolytes and what's in the glamour and where they're gonna play. He says instead of where you're going to get an education that's gonna benefit you for the rest of your life. I gotta say I think he's very very. On target and I think he's very brave to accept that. And he's one of the coaches that they did a poll. The the power five coaches. Were holed those that are in this conference would be you know the SEC US miles and Nick Saban these guys. About if they wanted to play if they could. Only played themselves not place some of these smaller colleges who make money by playing LSU we have this story. You know last week. About LSU not selling out some of the gains locally because some of the that they're gonna -- -- owners -- home games because some of those teams are not big name team guy and and those fans are gonna travel here to see their team get trounced in and so they're sending to expect. But they make money by playing. These bigger conference teams they get paid to place of their school makes money what they're saying is we would rather just play amongst ourselves. And not even play some of these smaller schools. And the voting came out and majority of those coaches up 46% of them. Said they just wanna play. The other conference team well. And other realize of those coaches voting Alabama's coach Nick Saban voted yes and less miles voted yes he just wanted to play. The bigger team -- cities aren't really that. 54% who were against it. Well -- just out of this out of the 65 coaches that work. There were polled 4546. Percent thirty of the coaches pulled out of the 65 favorite playing just. And so I think you'd be very interesting to fast forward about ten years to see it reduces. But it's interesting is is comments bill Schneider's comments are striking a nerve with a lot of folks -- like we -- NCAA is voting on this today so I don't know how much impact that's gonna have but it. We often talk about you know these guys and athletics is supposed to allow them to get an education while they're there. And yes the argument is the school makes a lot of money on the educate on on the athletics that brings in a lot of money to the school and he's saying the schools have gotten. Enamored with that money and they're just looking at that money and not at looking at the individual and the players and providing good education for them. I wonder when wind and the case of we know we're talking about -- today because he came out and -- in this person is high position authorities speaking on this matter and kind of speaking truth to power but. When do you think we really crossed the rubicon went to this kind of become the case because -- senior agreeing that. Did he's correct I think it -- -- now wait for the I think it's a ten years. He grabbed my own thing as money has gotten more so from from from the networks -- the contracts you are huge. She got that you're here every year and now you get ESP NB getting antsy I mean they're beating on running network on running conference's. Who's gonna get the SEC games because they're very popular beat -- so they're paying a lot of money for the then you've got you know walk -- -- what's nexus beat him who's gonna run those games they're learning a lot. Texas is trying to run its own network -- it just in Texas you know the SEC network now. So it's been it's all become all about the -- almighty dollar he has got a saying hey wait a minute limit. What about the student athlete that's what this was supposed to all be about an aggregate loss -- So I think we're going to be talking about this for awhile I really do I think it's -- it's perhaps the time to talk about it. -- there isn't you know progress can be good and progress can not because it right so -- -- maybe they're need to be a little balance -- that's perhaps that's the world. There are some other coaches that agree with him there but they just haven't been vocal about it. -- -- to take a break but we're gonna come back and we are gonna hear what's happening in news. And also from what is it mr. cute from president Q resident cutie cutie product to exit dynamite doors -- now. While we are trending here this hour with David Blake of -- WL news top Manassas of our sports department. And -- -- man for all seasons. Let's start with something I actually heard a new earlier but I think it's real important everybody here fewer hurricanes expect. Did -- what are we to make of this this crazy hurricane season so far we like a lot. -- -- And deadly for Hawaii but yea I Hawaii is a little bit of trouble. But of the Atlantic hurricane season. There was like a follow up on a follow while we already had predicted to be very mild or soft whatever you wanna call it. And we had to. Birth and Arthur and now know while the federal forecasters. Come out and say you know -- it's going to be even lighter than we told you the first time around beautiful and you know you're almost afraid of talk about -- you know even -- but that's what they're saying the the el Nino thing hasn't really. Materialized like they thought -- year old the conditions atmosphere. And Oceanic conditions. Are suppressing storm formation it looks good for us. But -- real quickly I talked to the National Weather Service in Slidell. The lead forecaster Robert -- says you know. It only takes one. And all these great numbers were thrown around you know three to six is what they're saying now hurricanes three to six. -- -- He had to. But it only takes one and the height of the season. For the New Orleans area is September 10 which happens to be the anniversary of Betsy. So I kind of fusion chill look and Zelnick is that there for the NFL season starts that there's a man. -- It positive test positive thought. Positive thoughts and hope this is a very interesting -- ice -- challenge yeah ice -- challenge yeah the first time -- is such Shep Smith on Fox News was -- -- -- -- anchors and then suddenly it's it's blown up everywhere and that little variety -- went back and kind of salary started. People probably -- in their FaceBook feeds. You know people that they follower maybe even their own personal friends are dumping buckets of ice water on themselves to raise awareness for -- LS. More commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease world -- familiar with here. As we know that's the affliction that Steve Gleason is dealing with -- police and his organization has always try to raise awareness for. So the deal is. You know he just you get a camera he'd get a body go out there you Sam dumping market ice water in my had to raise awareness for sale last and then you. Heathrow while no link or just a shout out to whatever your favorite -- organization is. And then you have to challenge three other friends to do it in if they don't do it. Then you know based on -- -- honor code they're expected to give a hundred dollars. Q one of these ale like cherries are not a very strict about method for enforcing that you might imagine. But on it all started out in Boston once the fellow's name. 29 years old he's been diagnosed -- us in 2012. So it became kind of it got really its feet on the ground in Boston a lot of Boston athletes Boston radio stations. Television's -- politicians are all doing and now it's. It's gone everywhere it's gone completely viral and I don't think. But in its creativity -- kind of raise funds and awareness and I mean I think is the fact that we're talking about it right now is a testament to the efficacy of that whole life you know. And so Steve Gleason we continue to cheer him absolutely so I actually in my office I have a bucket of ice water if you wanna comply. -- -- I know you got -- to be a -- Relief yeah I think we are exactly there's usually -- and I'm sure dialogue. Beautiful women I would think. With like our listeners -- -- on our FaceBook are Internet cutie and feed them to hold your life well you -- -- -- that you do it but to think yeah we go yes I'll do it. I'm up at that minute challenged Todd. Manassas and yet these next. You've got to -- on yourself for somebody personally -- think it's optional I've seen -- about it yeah. Before we get into other sports and were talking about -- is rethinking the saint. I have to do my little tribute thing because I love this so much what happened 29 years ago -- button with the saints 29 years ago today. It's time is up with -- different idea on Broadway actress field goal 1985. Saints signed quarterback Bobby -- Normally -- -- -- bell and currently in a name that he received a one point three million dollar signing bonus. Then an NFL record. High like that animals -- to swallow and Legos in 1985. I can't believe it's been not -- now and just just because I love this guy for years ago today what happened. Four years ago 2010. I don't know. Ricky Jackson for Arnold and roll hall of fame -- -- he was -- assured as -- regular I -- anyway we're moving on to Todd and you have other things Drew Brees does have a sense of humor. -- well this is this is what he did today but but what's been going on at at camp Drew Brees and Sean Payton. Have been cranking each other back and forth as all this has been going on. You know drew said he wants to play it was 45 but he's still very childlike in his thinking and and what's -- -- a lot of fun. So he and coach Payton have been having a little bit of -- -- they had the you know we talked about the quarterback talent that they had. After the practice the competition the American Gladiators -- contest. They've also been -- practical jokes on and it's started. As far back as the Intel after Peyton expressed annoyance. During the offseason workouts with the presence of the sponsorship patches. On the team's jerseys if you see it now they've they've -- matches. Well the next day. He arrived at team facilities see in the coach's locker room an array of polo shirts. All with the same patch on them courtesy of Drew Brees he went and had the patch put on all of its polo shirts. So then. Last week during training camp. Should on replaced the patch that was on -- practice Jersey with an identical one of the one enhances Chevron to ship out that. But it's that had the Chevron logo but it said. -- game. Which was not and I acted after profits shrinking hair follicles on the head. Now or Sean Payton distracted drew while he had dressed and was talking to so drew -- -- and played most of the practice session -- the -- to run get on until someone noticed that on well most recently. Coach Payton had an apparent mishap over the weekend with one of the golf carts. And the talk about how well he drops the golf -- the Greenbrier. So drew recreated the scene by putting the cart against the light pole. With the dummies slumped over in the windshield in the cart with the name Payton on the back of it. And even had a visor -- on the front of the the golf are now and migrated my creation about a little bit of fake blood and -- -- -- was kind of gruesome little -- now Bryant trying to shows today in and they were all have a laugh about it now. Drew hasn't confessed that he's done it but they're pretty sure that it withdrew in DC in a video visibility on the State's website about it in Japan raises and the. There is a picture of that on our FaceBook page yesterday that people Monica is you know check it out -- up -- eleven -- eleven very quickly because I think this affects all Manning. Tens of thousands of parents. On new laws banning cellphones. Yes this is import. School. Back in session in saint Tammany today 38000. Students and the chorus Jefferson tomorrow. And then Jefferson being wired just. School district in in the states oh now we have this new line and you can't. Go into a school zone as you can see people doing -- just in my mind. And they're gonna have their Smartphone gone and the cellphone. If a -- -- and you're gonna get pulled over. In you're gonna get ticket a 175. If you are parked and waiting to pick up the child can't -- not if you're in the schools so I don't know. This is maybe you've got to put that away and I remember in the legislature did lose. There was a lot of Leno back and forth you know but. Whether this was the right thing to do but again it's all about distraction. Yes it is it. People are gonna freak out about -- I would just remind them how did you pick up your cute fifteen years ago correct generations of kids have been picked it -- now that guy and if you're just coming through the schools don't have nothing to do with a kid. -- that's that's that's true well it'll be interesting in the enforcement but it's a -- there is enforcement early on so they sent yup -- we don't have any numbers on what happened today but to -- I'll get will get an update probably a couple of days we're gonna get an update from the newsroom see what's happening or we will be back. And. We are trending trending and dot Ian -- This is such an interesting thing -- we're hearing more and more about these drones gap and by golly drone went where it shouldn't. Yeah somebody flew a camera equipped drone into Yellowstone National Park which is strictly prohibited by the National Park Service the signal drones anywhere. In a national park some Yahoo! flies a camera drone. Into the Grand Prix asthmatic spring for -- not familiar take ten seconds in Google it it really is. Beautiful it's Deep Purple in the middle and then it becomes blue and it's. All of these amazing colors like yes that's why they call the -- -- spring anyway somebody flies a drone over it. And it crashes in sinks. Into the into the hot spring. And so did authorities at Yellowstone real screwed up about this obviously they're trying to decide whether or not they're going to try to extract the drone. Whether they should leave it there they don't know who piloted in their -- -- just some eyewitnesses -- buzzing over and then plunging into this. Grand monument. I'm around national park -- -- the finest candidly some kind of pristine lake that the only people and the fall and that's why they don't I don't I would want to -- pristine because it's it's it's a major component of Yellowstone us tourist traction right so. You know I'm sure it's cut. Railway is all around it where people come -- and can take photos and things but. Think they would wanna go down there again and think well it's just. It's pretty deep and it's a 160 degree water so you have to have some kind of like specialized equipment also I think they are one reason they're hesitating is because. Whatever equipment they would use to extract it would probably be more damaging to the spring and tweaking little drone itself. But how big the drum line that's that's part of me that wonders and this is really is -- -- not because this this geographical formation has been here on disturbed for. Who knows how many millennia and now some guy flies at three pound thrown into it and everybody's concerned about. You know what's gonna happen but it is the reason it's all those beautiful colors. Is because there's different layers of heat resistant microbes. That live in the water. I just think it's so interesting there's a certain brand of microbe that lives in the middle that turns water blue and then as you expand out from there in the water cools off. Did the color of the microbes changes and so that's how you get. CN business the way away in my weird brain thinks is we we sense something down in there and look and we find out that. While it's not pristine ancient man used that as a garbage that our job and kids entire -- so let's -- that they're older or below. Now what that without wedeman on the strong thing though that we've got the celebrities. Out of California letters scared to death that are raising hell -- laws coming. That the are considering at least because. The paparazzi. Is is going right into the backyard catching them. Yeah hopefully for if you're paparazzi. In the nude or whatever and their life and out their backyard and here comes the drones. -- I have a sound -- knowing I was. No big little. -- I hate to move on but we must. This is very interesting to me the hole on. University of Minnesota. All -- dodge. You know. -- winning get to the story the other David Daniel Snyder again the owner of the riskier and and and yes those -- you were groaning listening we're bringing up the name Redskins again. Said he's adamant and never. Ever in capital letters gonna change. The name of the team. Well this year the Minnesota Vikings. The -- they're gonna change their name but because they're building their new stadium that we lost out the suitable two. They're going to be playing a number of their gains at. The university of Minnesota's. Stadium this year. Now. The university of Minnesota once the vikings. To avoid using it though Washington team's name in. Any promotional. -- team date. Material I think when they're going to play the Redskins this year and it's going to be at home at the university of Minnesota however -- saying. You can't use that were redskin anywhere in association with our stadium with our campus why now are anything anything to promote this game. So they're looking into it. So what -- that there's there's been no word yet from from the owner of the vikings and and whether he's got to -- to that court not a work do but. I hear the sound of the court. Opening yeah yeah I am so well you know I guess they -- just say you know Minnesota vs Washington is what they would probably say you know on all other fairly. It. But the -- come right out to say here's another blow against him Daniel Snyder's thing Hitler were not gonna say that you already have sportscasters. Who won't say the name Redskins on the here they're just calling on the Washington team. You know Washington team yet I don't know -- sorry you know Washington I know he's resistant to changing it because of heritage and so forth and so on but it. You know at some point is he's probably just in the gators. -- -- spoken because I have not follow us on a with the stories I had fallen detail if you have have have anybody sat down with. People core of our our Indians see that's just how does it affect you. That's the question -- there at the poll that the NFL constantly brings forward and Steve court and I talked about this a couple of weeks ago. This says native Americans don't find it offensive. Is not an accurate poll. It was -- it was actually an election poll that was done. And the question was added to it now on the election -- if you've seen you can click check anything to say if you're. Quarter native American part native American you can check all that off. So it was not true they don't know if it was true people who were native American and or someone who's happy who considers themselves -- but did not grow op. On a reservation are in a native America you can strictly news American Powell -- -- It's a couple years old are okay now fairly recently yes so when so there has been another poll that was done by some researchers. Andy Powell while because of the reservations to get togethers and these nations -- to get together. That was done that did say. They didn't like the name Gretzky. Sold. The question is do we use that one issue we have like come comprehensive one and yes there are some people that. That are native American -- don't find it offensive just like anything. You have some you know Italian Americans are Jewish American -- don't find that this -- is going to be a percentage somewhere and that's going to be a percentage somewhere but they have to do some sort of accurate poll before this hard throwing out numbers saying 90% of native Americans -- offended well that's not really accurate. Stay with us every one were still trending we're gonna hear back from Ian helped quite after this. And we are trending with David Blake top Manassas and -- -- And David Blake the very latest on the outbreak. The latest. Is. Are we really -- in Louisiana do you think people are worried about Ebola. -- aware and alert I don't know if that's a world and that's what the head of the the state Health Department asked people to do is to not be frightened. Be aware know know what it is know how it's transmitted. Witches of bodily fluid transportation. To not in the air. You know and and relax on that the deal where but suddenly today this December just moments before we came in. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. As raised their emergency response to Leo Ebola outbreak to what they call a lot of all wanted. What does that mean it's the highest level of emergency response at. The CDC. It means all hands on deck. At the center and they are going to be sending. Policy they have 240. Staff members working on the response. Thirty of those are in affected regions and they're gonna send even more of their people into the regions. And that's of course word gets Dicey because of the two people. That are being treated in Atlanta. Missionaries in West Africa. In that very regions so. It's is its concern. You know I mean and not something that we have to register to Ronald worry about wanted to watch it and see how it unfolds obviously there. Taking it. There it's there I'm not particularly concerned about anybody here telling it like this situation in Africa I think is can become. Read the pretty dire I mean it's out of control we -- to a degree or you know you know. It's always been a very rural disease and now this -- and alarm goes in Monrovia. I mean who knows. A week from -- -- months from now it's -- destabilize those countries it's. Create all kind of civil unrest and raise oil prices you know have a rest than I mean they're they're BP very moral high -- coming forward -- -- -- Because they're afraid he'll be quarantined and they think of quarantine with -- Which isn't necessarily the case but it's just which really say could continue to contribute to spreading -- sent out. -- -- is it's not good. Of not not moving on to the -- I was gonna move on back to sports. But that just election oh this just just came in we're talking about and our first story yes the NCAA has voted. To allow of those 65 schools in the top five conferences. Autonomy. So they're gonna be all right we'll just happen yeah they're gonna there are conference going to be able to make their own rules that would they're talking about submitting. Their own legislation by August 1. And by 2015. Have a convention in Washington DC key early issues expected to be inside full cost of attendance stipends were that the 5000 dollars per player. Four year scholarship here know these. They're being loosened rules involving contact between players and agents. As well as outside career pursuits for players travel allowances for players' families to attend post season games to basically pay players. Teeny tiny and -- -- yesterday now. As. -- okay and it is very timely -- our discussion. And move on to mr. Wikipedia. Yeah Wikipedia is in the news lately for -- reason they probably are not ruled out there and legal dust up over among -- -- yes let's be taken by a monkey so there's a photographer's name is David Slater. He was photographed and acts. Indonesia a couple of years ago -- taken pictures of these attacks. And one of them text takes his camera and turns around stars taken pictures of themselves. It's of course photographer it sees hilarious photos and you can go on Google and they're very funny. Of this monkey smiling into the camera and so that for the photos go completely viral girl over the Internet and then they end up. In the -- -- commons and for people more familiar that's sort of an image bank that belongs to the Wiki PD foundation. Where they store. Images that are in the public domain so anybody can use them you know he don't need use attribution you don't have to pay for my use we -- media. Collins images all the time when we're doing graphic stuff on WW -- and -- tournament winner everywhere problem in the ourselves these -- self p.s and up and we can meet your comments in the photographer Park City will be money for that. In the -- -- no you don't own the copyright on this picture because the monkey took the photo -- And -- rest copyright law says that you can't you can't copyright something that is authored by a non members. And I think there was also an issue about the healing peace and probably where elephants. Will paint with a -- almost in that you can't copyright elephant painting our. And people tried to do before they got shut down. So who knows. And at the story probably just went and did there. And nobody ever heard about it mr. Slater would have lost a little bit of money and radical guys have tortured out but he goes on the record and he says the Wikipedia editors are Communists. There the next Joseph Stalin they're the next Adolf Hitler and they're terrible people. And so now this story is gaining traction for all the wrong reasons and now it's just become an embarrassment for him. And Wikipedia is coming out. Pretty clean and a little bit of like an underdog in this Alley you know I think all we need to think about smiling faces mark Goldberg I -- everybody look at the monkeys. What what I'm thinking is anthropologists and now gonna say that obviously self Beazer in DNA in our evolutionary true Ali gallant departments are -- the area we all like to take pictures of ourself -- -- -- and now one of the self he's now we know where it comes -- yeah and also why yours are right around the corner on -- management. They're going to be right in there. Everyone stay with this we're continuing our trending. What a great team of renders final thoughts guys David. Well -- you Doucet and off -- and give us through looser can -- police with no activity. And and we get this nice report. From no loss today and the federal forecasters say. Yeah we think it's going to be even milder than we first thought. And that's great news. That's great news using the WWL app for android and iPhone it's new it's upgrade it's fast it's ready for football season you can listen to audio on demand -- can stream live -- you can upload a voice message to your -- -- we can't wait. NCAA. Change generals should have more about it on sports talk in players finally may get paid starting next year and some comfort to this -- major major thank you guys -- the -- very much.