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8-7 4:10pm Sports Talk: Saints Training Camp

Aug 7, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to WWL listeners, getting them ready for tomorrow’s preseason kickoff game against the St. Louis Rams.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The -- -- player of the day wouldn't talk about throughout training camp well there is no practice today so that at a program by the -- gave you a list of all five plays we think have been the players of camp during training camp pop world famous. -- football the perfect school welcome back to sports Hokies -- Katie king and Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia Texas State 7870. Is a text from Ron. In the rarely -- guys. What about great week you think. They'll come out to the Saints tomorrow like he can. I would -- be surprised. If he does -- the Sean Payton will be surprised. You know Jimmy Graham that it that it looked at the film when the things -- the 49ers in the gym or Bulls Spurs game. Well along as they almost half 40% of the snaps. And you cover zero cover zero. Is an out now blitz. Not a dog will be bringing down lineman -- linebacker but everyone's -- coverage no hell why would you do it different game because you have to work on it. -- now -- you can be a -- But I have a map and I I'm -- -- that -- against would be the right appointees that you give Saint Louis home game and we don't game right. It is statement where if you acting -- in that game. In life in the house though it's supposed to be a gentleman's handshake exposed it will -- -- a blitz package. Right of the forty game -- that was that the case. I think with Jim Harbaugh and it was shock college cavity goes as Spurs game Alex and it. Was still with the 49ers. I think he eat or to be a caught by surprise and embarrassed if I could recollect but lately it six sacks. In that game and you know how the 49ers were prepared -- -- -- and I really think they can win five games yet again and again three come playoff time so I mean. Hey you gotta work a -- blitz packages and because Greg Williams's personality about like Rob -- and nobody writes as the who's your mentor. You are going to be aggressive -- -- got to work on live drills not just walk through flooding that was the case in point. But now when you look at Greg waves that are trying talent think stance. That you're a lot of great coaches how the players but I think he's a great coach and he helped us when it's doable when I look at Jeff Fisher. Jeff Fisher going back to Chicago Bears. You know Rob Ryan tell you Rex Ryan. Greg Williams who -- you learn for a well when I look at how the business that Ron and sports game plan and yet this year and Gregg Williams our our NFL great talking about great at it as a coach now. What they've established whether regular Egypt this year last sixteen years in the modern era in it that's one of the longest tenure I think he is it is the sixth he had to go back to my time and it Gerald -- like that the Saints is -- one -- and volley yes that's what I'm felonies and they -- yet this year and their relationship with Gregg Williams. Not to read a few -- show you. How it's here they are about one another. That Jeff Fisher says that. The higher that the Gregg Williams got big thumbs up. From the players that adding that Michael was blown out the player that's all part of that you know we were bringing Gregg Williams -- -- -- middle linebacker James Laurinaitis who don't know him. It that he -- out publicly for the Gregg Williams coming into this -- -- more aggressive approach -- the it is scheme. I look at the Rams have always been one of the NFL's top pass rushing team now they got to secure more on the back in that. Now laryngitis and Odyssey when you lose outlook that note that workaholic typical downswing. Having a lot of people with the players appreciate that everyone. I've known that has played for him that being Gregg Williams just absolutely loves the guy. So when you look at that track record of how could you are -- argue about that and you look at July Dunbar. Who's now. With. Law they elicit loss and the St. Louis Rams and wanted to starting linebackers. In the elbow he we had our hearts yet with the things that. In Ireland and his -- one player happy to be playing for Williams -- linebacker allied Dunbar who played for Gregg Williams with the Saints. I've done -- signed with the -- in 2012. That. And thought he was coming to Saint Louis that at times -- -- that -- although Cuba -- Bonnie you know baton. And then now it in well -- is on the path that he's that I was obviously excited Danica at the plate Greg Williams again. And now he's one of those guys who puts you in a position. To win. And I think that's the thing you with the players look at now proper line. That he put cute in that position to win he's very competitive and has this attacking style that's always fun to play. Having the opportunity -- for Greg. Williams again is exciting -- -- July Dunbar so when you look at ending and it doesn't -- about terminology and are you comfortable. And with that meeting in the what you're doing. Jeff Fisher said also that I would say sixty to 70% about terminology. Is he has. I go way back at Tennessee Titans right when they witness Ruble and they've lost that was that the Rams yes that that when you look at it he says. Six you said it was that much immunology terminology is -- I just really felt. Strongly about. Just pulling this together almost old school whenever you have success you wanna replicate that in a new situation in that I think you have. -- Greg coach Jeff Fisher. Bring in Greg leaves them. All right much more and what's your take on operated jaguar -- people a new day UNC and make sixteen to two to give the power conferences autonomy. DeVito the only time is 431 time the first news and -- to believe it's Jim Henson. And welcome back. -- the -- to -- -- Bobby gave their time -- ability tomorrow east team action. The fans first take -- -- Manassas and jumbled the court based on a -- 3 PM 5 PM it's about like countdown to kickoff a cement him kick off from the Edward Jones dome in saint Louis the gateway city to St. Louis Rams and it won't think spot about the point after. Simple as I was a wall a Wall -- coverage here on black and go radio WW LE 7080 -- FM a 1053 and online at WWL. Dot com -- can't and no one of the things that we've been taking full advantage of appeared -- stay in West Virginia is the free you have stated that he papers that we eat each and every day I was looking at something and we do consider them they'll consider one of the top five teams fourteen rather. In the NFC and I was reading what Mike McCarthy had to say is everything in place for the pac. Spoken about the team's future is bright and when you look at what they hands and of course the young players and and it Randall Cobb. And also Eddie lacy rookie of the year but they also want to say that they have thirteen players entering their third full season in the NFL eleven in the fifth the sixth. And it doesn't in his seventh hire carpets and I don't know we've ever had that kind of balance before. We've never we are never going to be an old team. The way repeal but that is a fairly experienced. Group. And ballclub but it is even though they were 87 and wanna you -- want to at all division in ours at a playoff payment hook and have -- -- -- -- this season they went toe to toe. -- San Francisco so you definitely have to consider the Packers. I think the class of them off and one of the top team. Well if a QB throw a truly objective I think they have very similar to the thing. With anyone I say that because we have a franchise quarterback like Aaron Rodgers who I think is the best and revisit that number. You know and always put these clone these or put together with Tom Brady Peyton Manning Drew Brees and Rodgers. That that you have a great chance. I don't know music is -- -- you'd go to playoffs or you have a great chance. Maybe get this rule now if you look at coach McCarthy in the job that he's done. I mean it just goes to show you. How things are going well when he says it doesn't feel like nine years to him being Green Bay. Even after that you look at at six -- of truth in those nine years to NFC title appearances. And it's -- win. He's he thinks that the fact it is getting warmed up that you want coach Peyton. To have that mindset. That even though he's been here since 2006 that he just getting warmed up that maybe you could stay in one place I like with Jeff Fisher. Who's now the head coach -- Rams. Was with the Titans the sixteen years. We start getting double digits. Coach them that he just doesn't happen as there even though you get very comfortable -- as the packers' McCarthy or. The faith -- Sean Payton. Not you look at the -- as I said the ego. Five consecutive postseason -- that matches the New England Patriots the NFL's long with. Active streak you look at Green Bay they've won at least ten games. And four consecutive seasons then well know Aaron Rodgers broke his tolerable. And they finish 871 or 2013 like you said he's still able to win the NFC north but his job is glad. That that we got the Packers. And you all those -- and I football. Because I think that the parity in the league that it truly makes it different. That you know UK see him if he's truly objective all the gonna win every game. If your Saints fans yeah optimistic and think we have a great chance of them but I they. That's where it goes that's important when you got to win though that I think it's because the tiebreak it's would have well scenario through that that alcohol we got to take care of it at the pack at the commanders some wiggle. We're not go to Lambeau Field. Where -- like the Packers Ted does a lot more if the Saints were on the road and that's you know while you look at those those those games like that when you look at those games obviously. Well up in Chicago Florida niners have 49ers superdome will have to have a better record than them you won't have a breakaway yeah and it's huge gap technically and 06 I'll take first year. If you don't beat -- Dayton sixty wind east Wheaton six we win the south. Bay would -- two seed in -- -- well it's it's it's a different. It just looked. Now Carolina to take care of business Politico. The 49ers. Had to go to Carolina used they do you know and and and I think we more mature more experience felt like our chances a whole lot more. It was pouring out of field -- the coach Daniels vs us. On the road I think as the evening what was the Packers. We've been on the road. They've got their -- -- win against the Eagles are better than Eagles and you know be truly object we catch the Eagles -- They're deep it is I don't think redness but that that date they weren't very good no I mean Al we is smack in the mile and -- Dominated the line of scrimmage where if he's seen it get to number of the NFC west opponent. That was not necessarily the case this for a -- and -- trenches that's where he had to have that the nets. And the mindset. Accommodation Sean Payton Drew Brees. Trying to exploit that the fit and almost not tricking them. -- the having the best player available not just like -- -- football over the Eagles who were able. I'm from all of that aside please matched -- and they couldn't stop us. He is the case -- can't empire being there on the ability at this is sports talk on the home of the New Orleans Saints you're listening to -- you know. -- and welcome back to sports talk he indicating Gainey and Bobby a bear on the they'll be able to -- -- taken look at. The St. Louis Rams coming up in the next hour and also let them hall of Famer and -- we Johnson's. I'm now Bobby take a look back there's no practice that they -- this talk about some of the players of camp those fallen -- player of the day. He's -- name a few little football and -- -- or things ticket is truly the perfect score. And -- I would say the last couple of days of practice we and gone back and look at our resident Pro Bowl before brought this up. We gave a -- -- on several occasions Corey white also a Stanley. Any team that -- had he's most productive back to back. Practices the last three together still a record of yes yes I will work to -- -- listening to opera that of course the impact -- event -- would have to be in that number and Israel. I think -- and would have to be and then number as well although he hasn't. He hasn't done is as late as of late question especially the first week right leg through and we don't yet but in the end Bob I would think. So you got to put that bit and Robertson there I mean especially -- that it checked down when they got the ball don't -- not Enron but dump down to double check downs. Mean they've made things. -- well. It is it more explosive. Him or hate I hate them. Marking I mean what they -- both been in any -- -- from -- I mean it's like marking -- -- -- you -- a sixty yard run. Well maybe our paths the same type play -- -- two bars today. -- -- Robinson that you who has really been impressive. As a pass receiver and running back -- posting sixty yard. I played all the sun. It's like forty plus. Still up I mean. And -- -- beat objective. In the equivalent to a market that establishes that you think I care about athletes is it out here on out. Yeah all those -- is what I see. And I'm not saying he's the second -- -- Darren Sproles. But it Sean -- he's gonna get that opportunity pick up on that role. That and I'm saying he'd have to set -- all purpose yards record like Darren Sproles when he came Saints uniform. But when Alex or is -- that. Mean I've almost been surprised if you don't have success. Because he's had success it has been -- games and I think he's more mature. As a player. And I think how -- they can utilize him he'll be -- except that role -- you have to remember. -- -- is not a running back. He's the receiver so what people say and I look at you know they'll be talking about old -- -- is gonna take care Sproles his place. The two different type players Darren Sproles is a running back. Randy -- is a wide receiver. Now Brandon -- -- both those players that there's Sproles a coat this and that yet an obvious you wanna get the ball there and it's faith. Because the Kennedy space need to make people miss that they have big plate but -- coach -- to play for Brian Cook would be like this beats sweet. I call it an extended handoff of bubbled between a middle screen. The likes of that but as far as well look at Darren Sproles to look at. The bars today you could put them as a true running back. Edward -- off tackle as far as their vision. Our sprint draw whatever you want to call -- -- -- -- -- bowl or that type plays. With a goal and emotion are you -- -- out the back field. Tarvaris could that would -- bowl or. Like a poor man. Darren Sproles luckily I can't compete there's pros that you -- in Dallas there's nowhere near that. But that's -- it's a poor -- Darren Sproles because they're very similar and if we get half that a production. From -- that that we got out of roles then. I think he'd be playing his role and obviously be contribute as a kick returner of and it's that a one time maybe three of four times in his he's had a big kick off return. That helped us beat the 49ers Clijsters Tuberville to say that before. Look at my notes is probably about seventy yard kick which averages that three of four times. A year then that you so value put it. And you know all of a sudden you -- in your resonate the NFL battling with the Saints but the teams are acknowledging that branding coach. No Brantley coach is good enough. I'm not as a situational -- -- he's right now could be. Wanted to best receivers in the national football and and I sit over -- -- might be. Just too -- are optimistic but have an outlook of branding cooks. I mean I'd be almost surprised right now if you don't have seventy catches. The reason why -- say it is is because you can't double team -- when it Drew Brees got to protect quarterbacks gonna find the open man. So if you double team him Brendan cook. A little guy. -- one you can't double team everyone that you -- ankles. Route that that you got Jimmy Graham very creative Kenny stills recruit you and I mean it goes on and on. Where I just think I've seen out of cooks just strictly as a receiver. That he'll have a seventy plus receptions for all you fantasy. Football is out there I think -- and -- -- -- definitely an option to look at. Will come back with the co were in the 1000 dollars a misplaced as contest on WW ago all right it's the 1000 dollars almost plays -- contest echo whereas this. How -- Is cool. The court this hour is cool CO OL Texaco -- cool. This 72881. Tax -- to seven to eight they want projecting it to win a thousand dollars. Nationwide and you get back to put down the phone. Yet there's an easy 1000 dollars almost as cash is just takes the weight. At least it was a for the next -- were before that to happen now news tomorrow morning at 7 AM during Tommy took -- shall we have a -- that takes the individual plan Texan data rates apply. Good look for small radio the common -- a duo.