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8-7 5:10pm Sports Talk: Saints Training Camp

Aug 7, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to Joe Lyons who covers the Rams for the St. Louis Dispatch about tomorrow’s preseason kickoff game against the St. Louis Rams.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The pre season action tonight. A lot of games on the docket a lot of proteins and expect he will. He sees the Indianapolis Colts and the New York Jets beat New England Patriots is the Washington Redskins San Cisco fought and I was at the Baltimore Ravens. Cincinnati you -- Kansas City Seattle is that Denver. And the Cowboys are at the Chargers and -- the San Francisco 49ers. I've been through three consecutive NFC title game appearances they went to the Super Bowl in New Orleans lost a close one. To the Baltimore Ravens and they all right there at the favorites again this season moving -- to one point three B -- dollar stadium in the heart of Silicon Valley. And that out of historic Candlestick Park and Harbaugh Brothers square off. -- can't tonight this is a ballclub that in a -- amount of time he's really becoming the franchise. Anyone that they did have the talent I mean Mike Singletary prior to him. They had the talent on the roster but now this the team that just looks like as we talked about Green Bay last hour. They that I think will be around for awhile. Well I mean what more can you say about the Harbaugh Brothers. What they've done at the highest level of coaching. If there's the football when you look at the Baltimore Ravens in this have -- -- 49ers. As Jim Harbaugh and I go way back. Two when he was at University of Michigan I was playing in the united football league with the -- you Panthers. And he just the coach's son both him and Jon yeah and -- I'd say what that he didn't impress me the most and I'll look at. His resonate as being Jim Harbaugh. With the 49ers -- fans they'll like his mannerisms things a little cocky. Imitate the players love him. At that as the kind of guy you want in your corner. And old school football. Listen Stanford was never noted. That -- -- and the standard pac twelve. As smash mouth football they were kind of always -- nets. I got back -- John Elway you know more time than opt out if the media don't like somebody -- -- Yep yep that pretty ridiculous at times and do an interview is slightly and Brian that I could be what it was like tonight what an Illinois and they won knowledgeable wanna BCS bowl and they won the first question I want to ask him about if you leave and go to the pro. He's gone like he's all like let's make all about these kids about and because he wanted to meet you meet you want to costs across how -- you know. So what he's not alliance that question what can steal away to the program to what he's opened program for -- -- he's that good do the right thing necessarily scores with a medial wanted to do. And now he's gonna do the right thing long. Those players right and we've -- work -- -- and at the time and all I know is that you Pakistan football about the win in the trenches. And you look at the 49ers. The highest level. I mean equivalent you know unit -- -- -- -- -- fans who you're playing a 49ers golf but it did -- the line and and so I think he'll. -- what what more could you act from a coach -- what he's getting out of the players. That's life with Jim Harbaugh it's a shame. Then he hasn't got an extra two Eagles get him -- between him and the manager or the general manager organization but I mean the 49ers to one hired Jim Harbaugh long term. Would they get it back in the line that's. -- -- acknowledged by senators to the teams they are -- -- -- an amateur he right now. There are some teams. They wanted to play also makes you know what Jim Hart I would spot vehicle to beat Pete Jim all -- yet so simple how look at data and it would be a good move in -- kind of makes me laugh. That if there's any conflict if that there's a conflict. In the 49ers organization well. Whoever's. The -- with Jim Harbaugh. When he got to go somewhere else here I definitely -- yeah it. Now Q you wanted to meet you talk about you than three street team to games you can and one point three billion -- -- you want your team to be at eye level. Bet that it has the -- NFC right and especially the holes in a suitable. The fifth the it it's doable fiftieth anniversary right right now they thought it might that be if they decide to get -- -- Roman numerals and just say. -- Cologne visits the United States. We can have the Roman you Mosley got to put in parentheses are fifty we go to number of fifth year that would help out I agree that down a bit of a fit you -- work -- your work and recruitment and corrected that I agree with you keep the Roman with. We'll put it into red as he -- -- Italy always at the year veteran I mean that's good that's very significant when you talking about this global what it means. That the NFL teams to hoist that trophy. Now speak if you look at the NFC west in this -- opponent. Enough to lead is that the break I mean I think they're that good as a team if you put Drew Brees and Arizona Cardinals are. The St. Louis Rams that the legit yeah then maybe at times overtake. The 49ers are the Seahawks. As any type division -- and the -- Saint Louis saint solicitous with -- has -- here that's what I'm saying don't mean I simply do what happened always at Monday night Saint Louis in. In Seattle and they -- -- and manage the union in Seattle held them out. That's quite severe that you look at Arizona whatever department -- -- you think was the last team that beat the world champs. Arizona Cardinals yeah. What was that like a thirteen yeah I would I would think at the last game of the season -- -- at Wrigley it was a very low scoring game Celtic Carson Palmer. And Sam Bradford that they got to step up. Because they have the supporting cast and the duplicate as Sam Bradford who wouldn't think that hopefully. Tomorrow night now the Rams general manager list need. He basically said it's Embraer effort that this is the guy. He is our future you look at the 22 million dollar deal was randomly pick overall -- what an ops repeated here. That that is scheduled to pay him almost fifty million in 2015. That they wanna pick him but yet to produce his deal overall is average thirteen million a year. Now when you look at young quarterbacks -- would you take. Sam Bradford ago over can you Andrew Luck Russell Wilson College can't predict -- -- Witten. But he got -- that way Sammy Bradford is if you look at the one thing it's -- negative into turn things around it's one. He was the last big payday he has the one political -- marquis as six point nine yards for him. That's what -- for last in the NFL during his ten year. Now like you it's about right place right time he's only 26 years of age. And as the season let clemency chair of the seventy million dollars contract he received in our bracket fifty million dollars guaranteed. And he beat that leap from Oklahoma 2010. And we all know we came about. Then he was the top ticket in the last draft before but the rookie wage deal with that acute in 2011. With the post lockout collective bargaining agreement and the year after Bradford came out. That's we can use him. You know he gets a four year deal. That that is basically half. All right Sam graphic got so -- hit the lottery right -- the right time the knowledge bottom line is this time. For Sam Bradford the same for -- produce. But the Rams are down I think to get to go to different direction though when you look at hi you've been rewarded. Because he got the supporting cast that thing. A great team as far as being a disruptive team especially defensively. Along with the Cardinals so it's time for those quarterbacks. To produce that's why we got appreciated Saints fans to have a guy like Drew Brees and I think we do along with the Packers and Aaron Rodgers. And obviously the Patriots it Tom Brady and and along with a big man of the -- It would take a look at the Rams at the bottom now what July to the Saint Louis. Is that would be what does Saint Louis in New Orleans 7 o'clock -- out tomorrow night right here on Saints radio WWL and welcome back he indicating gaining about the -- bear on Deke Bellavia as the clock out without little college football Michael -- Michael -- compost will hear what coach. -- miles had to say to the meeting he spoke for about ten minutes operated jaguar -- you polish up on a website WW dot com the NC voted sixteen to to allow the five how -- -- -- To have autonomy is this the end college athletics as we know you could cast you vote. On line that the WTO. That comment at the bottom of the Al after the via email we will talk about the St. Louis Rams the night -- another ballclub that many people you can make a suitable run. In the AFC this year they can can challenge I think a lot of people had him at the third biggest challenges in the AFC. This year we're doing and in Denver media people think it is the Indianapolis Colts Andrew look. Yeah. Speaking and that I'm Andrew Luck and you look at. Becoming guy -- -- -- what he did. When you pass and it starts so to speak from Peyton Manning and they fell on their face -- -- who -- coastal port in the -- now. He turned things around and being franchised players at that he has but. Will he make. And of different. I'm saying this correctly and get them to the approval you know I'm not convinced yet. But the one thing. That that now -- animals -- the -- well he is the -- thing I didn't geez you know. And let Michael -- you win. You know that playoff game of a lot of times in his critics and I dictate is that and to -- a lot of times. When -- haven't those great second half or quarter comebacks. Because he's played so bad at the beginning. So he's had to do something to help his team in and you gotta give credit. I mean the swagger a winner whatever you wanna call it he's been able to do it now with that being said took Gado. That that he -- And it looked that'll is that good quarterback now with a great quarterback. Which you got to go out there -- -- on the field. And the you know what -- be thinking let me -- -- do something. I mean are you gonna be a Mark Ingram. Are you gonna be -- -- You look at Alabama -- running backs and a alone that caught on the out the NFL. Didn't they see -- clothes. It's a bit at the best that -- we'll begin with the Packers last year. So where Trent Richardson and Mark Ingram and they leave a lot on the feel to be desired. It's flat out like getting it done an excellent written that you put his last year in college. He had seventeen yards in the ground and SEC. But even as good as the SEC is I'm telling you is that the NFL. Would Aaron Rodgers being down we -- right now with is can -- see and he you know why and am a brag a little bit because he's from Louisiana. -- talk about touched down right. Yes and you look what he did at Alabama -- it was the Packers he's the I mean over Taylor in mesa will be even better if you could have. Aaron Rodgers the whole season now. You gotta love this quote right here by -- chuck McDonald. And if you could mature as a quarterback when Andrew Luck. Now this quote that this is a cool. That you could use that your quarterback coach over to court and a coordinated with any quarterback whether it's nice to college. Our professional letter and level when I read this as it will this is so true. That when he's talking about -- -- look he said look as they've talked about this. That how you break down at the end of what you actually I've seen Woody used. Wouldn't that you've been in. And and that's -- -- making quick irrational decisions. And how you. Transfer information that ultimately have success. And this is -- he's trying to get and to look. In case of point you want it to be at this level. That the take this with like almost sound like. Like. Almost like a prophet and try to give you wisdom. Like songs are you know solve them they do whatever and -- be some movement -- -- -- this is NFL with them and -- at the quarterback position you know. -- little. Q -- him repeatedly do you feel a little music in they'll listen -- see a little. Oh do you like what you fish hitting I don't and in how they line stopping aren't -- little. -- -- -- CL life seen nothing. In other words when you like the whole bunch of -- up there violated the who's trying to do you don't know what the hell you doing just swing -- You got it truly break it down that it Drew Brees. Tom Brady. Peyton Manning Aaron Rodgers. That's what they do they -- they they cook it a point. Where. They are. Seeing a little airport they're seeing a lot. All these young guys making it Johnny meant that we've probably seen a lot of their forties -- net then you kind of -- little luck that you can have success. That's win big gain. Comes at a point where you -- have success when you steal little you see a lot. The game slows down. In being he's starting to see things how they truly are happening and you act is gas in the union are freaking out about what you have to do sort of evidence. -- little Eli. Eli you've seen that. All right we'll come back and we will talk about the St. Louis Rams the saints' first opponent in the pre season would -- Lions at the Saint Louis dispatch W video -- time. It's 531 is tied for first -- we'll go to Jim Henson and welcome bank. This kind of likely under the radar like 68 in the NEC this season the team could bounce things in today favorite with more Doug is that sales it's the St. Louis Rams many people feel across the board. And what he's clearly classified as a tough division in the national football only. The Rams in -- New Orleans Saints tomorrow night in the first exhibition game for both the Saints and the rain -- line to cope with the Rams at the Saint Louis dispatch. John just now so thank you so much for the time and it just certain things that happen in in all phases of life in Portuguese -- might well. That's a good feet and -- -- when Lovie Smith is with Tampa. And what he already had to work with and that talent and I think great Weems come to Saint Louis with the defense that we all know so well. How talented they already are great we've seemingly will. Thus spoke the fire. Hit the best out of these guys but DiPietro had been the problem for the rain rushed the football -- I've been the problem Rams it's kind of been consistently at quarterback. Is this team consistently. Away from being a playoff team if they can get -- consistently quarterback. Yeah I think your definitely. If Sam Bradford and and so far the great practice and not. To this point if he can -- -- a year people expect it from the -- number one overall pick can and stay healthy. With a weapon -- and -- think and that and a game plan they've got in place I think he had to take his team where they wanna go easy. Yeah every day out here the big question is that a make or break year for the Rams in pursuing him and I think it. You know he tried to play at all but I think there's pressure there and a. You know he's got to be -- stepped up -- ex -- this group. Well oh -- you know politically it paid all that money yeah after the vote that a contract although we -- before the rookie wage scale. I mean if he can have great success. Even have the most money ever before he pleased in in Korea if they'll order. When I mean it it's unbelievable what he's ready made now live up to expectations. I think that's -- the nature that think everything he can't blame people quarterback it'll have to I would the old. Patrick situation you get -- yeah funny and the next year. I guess it was Cam Newton yeah yeah so now it's kind of -- it you know -- there isn't a mortal victim all the money. How -- Rams haven't done better than. You know seven and nine so -- it that the pressure situation for and then. To a to a point you gotta wonder what have they added up around am. At this point but I don't think he's got an argument anymore I mean they got a running game. They brought in Kenny Britt and you know solidify our receiving and it looked like you guys were picked in the first second and third rounds. As far as receivers so it's time for this whole offense it got a step up the same got to be if he can't beat him. Now until I don't know if you view it this way but this always love a team that you win in the trenches but Olympics and 2010. Saint Louis had -- 187 sacks which is the Bulls among all NFL clubs. During that time period to -- that being said. You look at like their front seven -- what you do and at the line -- against very similar when I view. -- to the Carolina Panthers but if you look at the Rams they have wanted to like instead NFL's top pass rushes. But there when you look at free agency and the draft. And in the approach they took. Have they gotten better in the second error in the back again. I think plant they'd be pretty well they brought in some young -- -- I'm mark LaMarcus joiner from Florida State in the second round of the guys that they're all -- on. Loaded up a couple of kids from an area it's some free agent guys out. They're open a lot of it's going to be that pressure I think their ultimate pressure it Gregg williams' group front seven guys can put on the floor back. Maybe he'll make those guys back in a little longer. That is the quarterback simple -- your guys. I -- horse chicken and remain Garretson who played pretty well as rookies. And then -- right off last year which. Some people blame blame the part that might be because of the defense that played. You guys know Gregg Williams he's an aggressive all out guy. And I think the added that he's got all. It'll play a little more aggressive player will. Force things a little meaner. Here maybe it helps the defense the back he'll make some strides it. You mentioned that the -- Front group it is definitely. Got stronger by like Aaron dialed from Pittsburgh. You know and in the draft is is quicker than cat he's unbelievably quick and all that. Perfect compliment to what they have up until I think the plan is that they get that quarterback for then -- force the quarterback and make mistakes. Make the situation maybe -- into the backfield. Gets a little better because of that. Now Joseph. You know obviously this is my home volleyed and -- with -- go to LSU Greg Robinson looks like has the ability to play. You know guard tackle tackle guard -- how is he looks so far. It can't considering you're number two overall pick. He grew up about a 2530 miles -- in my home down. How's -- look on they impress. And a justifiably. That number two overall pick Greg Robinson. Yet there early precedent if it take awhile especially the positions -- And with Jake Long been -- -- east. Knee surgery. So there were a lot flows so -- is playing a little bit attack a little regard just in case. But it's everybody's healthy he's gonna be at left guard right next to Jake Long which is going to be awful strong and writers -- the other guards that. For one thing that's off the line if they're LT is going to be better than it's ever been. -- -- It's ordering him go. Greg is that the coaches rave about it it unbelievably quick feet. Big big giant man who knows how to run block which will helpfully in this game plan has got to be capable backs facing. In these early -- Pollack in their -- run and run dominated game and then delivered off play action will. I think Greg is very happy with him as the number cubicle brawl. He's just what they want the young kid again room for improvement and at some point he'll be chipped it back got to tackle. And you know I think you know along successful -- where. Yeah I don't that was my next question if you look at the featured -- running back next face the in week five I believe he started the final twelve games. I mean is that a flash in Japan are you thinking he could BO work car start running back in which official was. I think they they want think what year was the key is to -- -- out. It's one on inspectors the quarterbacks it would -- an -- lot. They basically gave the ball back entity. You know turnabout chair that we'll plant he's short stocky guys -- it's hard workers there isn't one of those guys to. If you go -- I'll you'd -- okay. And all the sudden chill out along or for your downfield. Are -- at a training and from Auburn would break back when you can't. And -- them I think to get -- get little different book you know where Beckett at a guy's gonna turn the corner and make big plays gonna go to the middle and yet. Trent wrote the biggest -- Joseph. Joseph when you look at it had a 133 yards against the Saints at. A Taylor wanna learn more embarrassing losses for the Saints last year considering -- expectation that the game was lost in the trenches. And and -- Stacy was a big part of that. You know really had been a solid game right and a 133 yards. Yeah it was that the thing is unbelievable. At Vanderbilt where it'll that's where he would play you know gets older he's speaking with proper little talent around him. And I know we think and -- as a part of this team it was just a great chip all the right things all the time you know yesterday we talked Domonique. Yet just to get the competition and makes -- -- battered and you know -- he knows what to say any. But it comes at a place football he get those out he hit some great work this week if you know some big hit late -- -- -- run. Where I don't think that it sent back and -- -- wait for the ready for the Ed. Eagle with a -- on companies are. He's got a very look at eager to go Heatley it's art. Joseph -- Joseph how can people keep up with you on Twitter. -- -- -- Think it's which what I could use -- but I at steal dictating economic -- -- paper. And his solicitor -- he's there every day. Joseph lines go with the -- for the Saint Louis is that Joseph thank you so much for the time I -- Joseph. All right this is what it's -- going to TWO. And welcome back to sports he is BK came by the eight there I'm peak ability you. 260 when he 7866880870. Ease the number to be involved that it won't think on the things with my hands tomorrow night continued. Talking about that matchup and Jim and it wait for the -- -- will -- -- and his Williams. Will be what is next now that -- -- -- I debate comes with us we'll talk college football. In the 7 o'clock now that tiger has continued to go through him about -- -- a few pieces. Like -- Diego on the way up to the Greenbrier Christian and I both with and we had travel to put a few pieces in the bank in at least until a wonderful. That we get the outcomes than in the bus got Cologne Ian -- You know to silent laces I'll talk about some -- but what I think will have to have a finale should have a successful season. We'll talk about that what Mike's call or -- 7 o'clock now but next now a great visit with the hall of Famer. And these we. Well and he has Williams me c'mon they get any better than that. As Grady individual all -- feel as on the field wouldn't. -- -- and I love local heroes the fortunate high. The at the fourteenth sharpens. An insult who's Tarver is anything -- Tabasco like the department -- You know if you look at the the relievers came about he was overshadowed. Well all the teammates Kevin Lewis that Murray's nerves. But now you and Pro Football Hall of Fame. It will elaborate more on that as Aeneas Williams. Just a great individuals. And how these Rivers didn't you wallets. Southern university of professional football and a well deserved honored being in a pro football hall. Think he's a Katie came in Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia weekdays 48 PM on Saints radio WW ago.