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8-7 6:35pm Sports Talk: Aeneas Williams

Aug 7, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to 2014 Pro Football Hall of Famer Aeneas Williams.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now we were joined by hall of fame great -- views. We have -- the is thank you so much for the time we appreciate how are you. I'm doing great meg glad to be all -- these guys social policies would be to Bob. Van and the city is an obvious I know is as that the pleasure in the fourth and we had to speak refute. Over the years in your career when you play and now his senior -- and -- -- a what you do it in spread the word the good word. I would think just look at when you are sitting there are standing there where you'll -- And you were defile the laws are taken their pitches. That that had to be a moment and he has that I don't know Werth could describe it for you. Note hard to describe to you yet and -- and see these. But discipline their parents want to vote in this field and I'll hold blown out. I'm right there and walk my two Brothers in my beer over callable. And try to vision and managed to -- graduated from college. And no matter what we feared big problem -- -- war it would feel you know what third in the morning. On a one related Union Carbide arbitration by -- Lead a comfortable job at that I'm a consultant to bill. And -- Lawrence would be one of the few. -- Monday or Tuesday at four why is it that we. I just learned all out war. Guys I've never been outside. Off from a current on the actual problems -- the world. Hall of fame elected via a knees we just what is it is with trying to -- Saturday night came in the 2014. Kalus. Of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. A knee is not as it possibly the most unique claims -- thank -- Edmonton and other than Derrick. Who was you know at forest they his whole time while just thought at all at home community college in the with the pros they. Andre -- -- county Pennsylvania -- gas so that means Claude Humphrey Tennessee's that he utes -- the Michael is at Texas so that. Unique in all small college football but you guys all of the hall of fame. Talk a little bit about this class and would -- you first got the call what went through you're here. Of course we're in York it was the first time that they all finally do whatever -- -- request. -- each of us were in New York. -- before the Super Bowl. And we each need to be you know what all the -- And when we call you a trade -- trades I'd do. Really have he's -- this phrase god pros toward. And then we went down down there as well we all met and that. On that group of guys in this certainly in the class but please. Well bonded and it's like we've been -- each. All along count Claude and worry guy at the podium. By Michael Strahan in that instance. Our connection -- have been a pro bowls you have come from. Stallworth and the Falcons plan against each mobile. It was F bombs and just horrible. And hopefully what everybody. Shelf goals left in. In her you know -- That no one in it in the arm themselves that they. Were all. What. In the -- then eventually it will -- Well -- I'm a call like I see it I think you amongst the -- and am and I look at when you get praises from the likes of hall of fame cornerback Deion Sanders. You're talking about the southwest let athletic conference we all know that in. In Louisiana and and that keeps out of this way. And would you consider -- the great players that have come -- swagger they kind of both speaks for itself put. When I heard this called by you know Deion Sanders and he said. Then Aeneas Williams is one of the best scorers to play the game. That kind of speaks for itself -- that he also said. He's a great man a pastor father. And a friend and now congratulations. To Indy is of being a hall of fame game member I mean I kind of speaks for itself was -- one. I don't care if you casually and -- ball you know Deion Sanders and they get that that kind of recognition from him kind of speaks for itself. It does not yet been one of the things it was the goal when you let go. -- caught the balance goal of simply this. Culture club we have the best on the field but how well have been the whole -- approaching. Obviously I'm in a -- in the -- but you should go to fight of the sport. And it -- get the respect them it was but it would get the one of the and it's about that terrible way to gain that the quarterback position and has returned to make those statements. It's just really. Helped me mind you all of the importance do your job. And while it although -- one win in the although a lot of movement -- but. -- become a it means. Always -- was excellent and make sure. I will continue to do the open and the play. Chances are hopeful with. -- it is that it being at depress me and out. And I bring this because I'll look anything. Over a number of years the -- -- decade or. With the Saints get ready to kick off their season to Barnard against the St. Louis Rams that. Expectations of Florida 2014. Season -- -- although the outstanding job. And Rob -- -- them with the defense but. You know at the size and now we got to get better with takeaways you know we had the fourth ranked defense. And discipline they kind of look forward a look at what you accomplish they can NFL's all decade team. But in 1990s. But you finish your career with 55 interceptions. Neither of which you returned for touchdowns. That figure ranked second in the NFL. Where you retired after 2004 season. So it actually kind of look at far. It is that. The deepest of touchdown. You know because that's the -- you have that in the NFL considering the parity. But it was detect values we win and I think decade maybe be the winning formula the Saints get back that is doable. You know Bobby all I have to do you know out there were outlined is there a side note. He's pretty good -- philosophy -- what I mean but yet. Practice it all to become have been practice. All in all that anybody involved in quite the I don't care through walk through so it has to be something that the difference about this thing. Any other day at work or -- in the football. It'd depict where -- the defensive -- that do not work or about to do. Catching the deep ball down field yet -- -- involved that you have to work -- It's just not enough for the work but it -- a development that judgment. And force turnovers. And won't be built as -- it's cool little fumble recoveries. -- every time -- out clutch and the ball. Out of the inception. Although probably. -- you fall in -- To -- So when people out there what was. With the control is impressive in the well you're able to beat the Packers in a well you get to all dressed all in its selections are. -- dual job while Elway in the that you are you just slide like that. And that's what I know that we want you guys. It does not just ovals -- -- always believe yet to be on Monday was not good that people watching me. Do what I'd do it. And he is Williams hall of fame great our mission is in the issue told us and they issue when asked about coach Ron Ron you said -- that's that's the right guy he's the right got his team goes from 32 to fourth -- audience here -- -- When you when you look at it now in the garage with all the famous for which always keep -- -- All the NFL. How good can these things the things that the 2014. Different things for -- it would be. A lot better than they weren't actually here because what I know you guys it didn't matter Halladay. -- help matters. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Give them to rally get the ball and challenge people. Because when you're often like we have with the racial or that offense puts pressure or -- And maybe in a fourteen to one dimensional all that evident throw the ball well what you're doing that he has -- line coach defense. It should create opportunities with tribal. So I'm looking forward to this if you noble or. I'm looking forward tool. If they have the right it doesn't change -- it will go out as relates to defensive -- now. Internal didn't -- because. That would be the -- And all of the political. You of the ball as often as you -- and it's pulled where a lot of pressure or seems. It -- right now with this award though is that. -- that tip off the idea that in the future that you. Know thy -- -- boy you talk about -- we all know how we appreciate. Great football that the south Louisiana Russa what a coincidence. And you look at this when I read this and in the Rams bio in the Saints get ready to play -- tomorrow night he called the pre season. Says the Rams moved to Saint Louis in 1995. They've had two players. Who were prominent contributors in the gateway city that went on. -- earned obviously in his prime and a Pro Football Hall of Fame. In ironically voter -- players Aeneas Williams and Marshall Faulk. Finished their careers at the Rams and then navy's New Orleans. A lit bit about that -- odds. That you look at the influence over the Rams that bad on that community Saint Louis and know you make your home there. What you look at hall of famers the did their vote right there for the Big Easy -- use self at Marshall ball. If so -- involved until a whole lot of -- each other. Bowl will need to face will it. Via trade Marshall. Didn't who got affected in the fifth round draft since they -- you know. All four so with the quality of all of the cardinals' franchise sport in a lot of prospect who broke for a month services. They've been able reflection in the fourth round dropped -- and hopefully they won't call. All of the -- better in the war. It is all -- to believe. That is only scored -- national football. Although and obviously we're warming up -- a Peyton may be why they'd be able to deal. But it just threw it Tomlin but no back in Europe. And that shouldn't but all -- the -- and eventually it was. Ottawa blue Marshall inaudible sold popcorn and you know no. It will. -- -- Hall of fame great ideas we have Indians -- gradually sticking it to you and your family another top -- another high achievement in our life and it had a lot of those and busted asserted there was a ride on a once in a that it -- approve the New York Times it was because Joseph Lewis sees it Joseph Lewis is that create his race he -- the human race. And that they can the issue make us all feel better we beat -- -- -- congratulations. And can't thank you so much but don't. And -- you know the good data on that -- that and -- through your hard but I'll tell you to type individual. That if my daughter was they used Allah be pleased. And my. Flight. -- -- -- it -- okay. It's been that. -- I think -- how you view not even on the field but off the field. Gave -- the great war involved -- maybe when you look at it again this year. Oh yeah that would be that would be great ideas thank you so much we appreciate. All right this is sports talk called think he's Williams on WW.