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8-7 7:10pm Sports Talk: LSU Football

Aug 7, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk Publisher and Recruiting Analyst of tigerbait.com Mike Scarborough about the upcoming LSU football season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And -- to go to the final now of sports talk on the Kasey -- embodied their time at the ability coming up at the first break -- over like a great dot com will be with. The talk about the challenge you talking on the PK Korea they are in the thick of things. As far as the preparations for the opening game on August 30 against the Wisconsin Badgers in Houston plus we'll hear from LSU coach. This miles operating jaguar that you -- -- -- excited that we give you a dot com the NCAA over the they sixteenth tee to allow the firepower comets is. They have autonomy a thought how come -- the ACC the SEC the big team in the big twelve. And the -- -- Is this the end of college athletics as we know you could -- vote online at their -- of UNL. Dot com also on line is they podcasts of a conversation. With hall of fame great of these Williams -- keys for tomorrow night's game. Coming up between these Saints and the Saint Louis ranked as always -- by the Kasey Kahne Bobby gave him Bobby. The man who was one of the first via a beat -- football player at any memorable TV -- Need Jewell green the -- before world championships. Forward championships in a decade that the seventies by the Pittsburgh Steelers both that the four titles. Came in back to back success of the being great coach don't know who recently passed the -- mean Joseph green will have -- -- attack. Well the excuse me the puck go on and on because time -- and -- a football traditionalists. And I know how much you appreciate the Pittsburgh Steelers. Do green so when has seen his article. They came out of mean -- in. The Steelers rightfully retiring means to a green that was 75 Jersey. We all remember that commercial. You youngsters on the educate you move it or Mehmet 1979. TV commercial. Went to a green go down -- -- This young kids. You know his jerseys that we had to Favre Jersey after a -- game. -- -- indicates says wow. Thanks mean you know and I couldn't watch that commercial. In how -- of football truly means America. And that appreciation. Winning in any kind of tradition well. That's at the Steelers in a break from if Theres a tradition and I think about it. The Steelers are very. Humble franchise. Scores. Recognizes. That it's -- Jersey because you're a great player. Would you look what they've done now mean -- green the Steelers in a break for fifty years -- tradition. I'm not retiring Jersey numbers are seeing now by officially retiring. Green I mean to bring them to 75. Doctors and they got it right. That this year is the fortieth anniversary of the Pittsburgh. -- for Super Bowl championship season. In the -- meet Joseph Greene and -- Texas they. With the first building block in what is now flourishing NFL franchise its sixth. Through horrible time. Returning it to -- repeat it. Will the Steelers I was six Kubel titles that speaks for itself. If you have to pick one player who set the total. In a -- that that a modern dispute with Ara. It was it was Joseph -- When he came to Pittsburgh from the Arctic despite in 1969 at the fourth pick in the draft. The Steelers fans weren't sure who -- -- like that. Who wouldn't Ellis need to agree that north Texas they turn it -- -- -- as well today what. In his first training camp practice I think -- in college electoral that the Pena. Whether it's you have to still haven't their training the end of training yet you could and I think the -- -- -- that I'm I'm I'm. I'm speculating here and Agassi with the Saint Helena here at the Greenbrier couple of them and B yeah as they will apparently practices. I think we're at a few of them here -- the team we don't play yet now. AFC you know we go looked electoral luck like we did against the Patriots. That that it's he'd make coming about. But when he with the training camp I think it's been he was virtually unblock able. And he talked around a veteran players and if you look at the huge favorite one at thirteen his rookie year people played fourteen games at that time. And like the city was just unblocked unblock able when you look at it. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1987. And you look at in the Steelers coach Chuck -- several respects chuck no. When he was the first dinner I mean -- green into pro football ain't. Coach bill -- the city of Pittsburgh. Was billed as someplace special. -- he said it is my pleasure. To often hear a guy who's really. Something's special and something that we don't know I think happiness and -- got to speak to. Felt we think about like how how movies -- written over the old. It was like. Is that blue collar guy in home where commends the coming up at the -- is his only duty -- meals and come out all of us. So it don't work out well only loves football and meet people down here that blue collar town meeting love this thing to me to the same type of thing. And when you talk about that was generous to buy it in the Angels beat him like here pretzel beat him all the green to I think -- -- best owners the Rooney family of mr. Rooney purchased a license for the Pittsburgh Steelers for less than 30. But look at the growth of the Steelers in the Rooney family fans the only as an automatic. Dave -- in that thing but it's daddy in the -- it speaks for itself. Which you look at the Steelers and their tradition. Before I mean -- green on the ignorant retarded 35 Jersey. They had previous to retire -- one Jersey number. And now with number seven warm by the -- of tackle Ernie and his partner. The in my pronouncing that right now about them on Tuesday. As he. Eight UT any are or he would not survive back what -- retired in 1964. That is really old school in Florida Steelers. Ever won anything. But all on knows that they retired that there's -- 7000 -- out of work. So now a little cooler Pittsburgh's at Pittsburgh only. Only to retard jurors belong to the deepest of linemen. And that being earnings Butler. And now I mean Joseph green even hardcore. Pittsburgh traditionalist. At the light that. To about winning the game in the trenches blue collar hit the Pena is not like that the south. Yeah West Virginia owned a coal mine. Steel factories at the corners and battle you finally have people don't -- -- on the campus the end industries Hussein as the musical minds that yes we're all day long and often and you just an 80 primadonna is all multifamily it's all the same type of people who would beat them are close out Detroit blue collar. Hard working you look at Pittsburgh unofficially. You don't seeded numbers -- by the Steelers -- And improvement talking about standouts being worn. By newcomers the one thing I prince's band that. Has recognizes Archie Manning. Yeah and -- notice. I mean Archie Manning no one has warned him he. No because -- tradition and what it means that dance in the old school equipment manager Friday when -- like that the steelers' approach. If you look at standouts being warm and you covered they haven't used them a twelve. By Carrie Bradshaw they haven't used them if you know I'm a Jack ham in the -- Q Franco Harris. In the 58 Jack Lambert. And number 52. Mike Webster but he did retard mean through green's number retired. Now that without getting used to with the flat out retired. There's something awfully called dispute will weigh in Pittsburgh. In are truly respect that because I'll love football. In and I and I love the steal away. Because is done old school. It is -- -- crap and all that it is truly on the right way that some island am before. It's that's what. When you look down on you wouldn't pay their -- and who knows aircraft maintenance thing because it's going to be a tick quicker rate that -- and then and then as the my good friend -- case that is who will grain pulling the Cowboys at the about it that the Cowboys. You know brought him so we -- -- you know and about beat him into -- -- we've beaten him in recent but the guy I know you would appreciate that because a lot of young kids want to be associated with a winner. Hello raise that tangible that Paris -- right Darren and me. I mean there's a lot of fuel and didn't meet Billy McKay right now but to accommodate majority but it noticed the the fans while I was from. They had their hands some of the in Dallas they hate them yet. And I -- and how in the hell yeah he got a little European allies and empathy would. The team that team IQ four is woods was all of us. Because I love Earl Campbell and I thought he even though he was the fourth -- in the country. I look at that as the blue -- and -- but it's a melting -- -- all -- that is right -- -- -- Earl Campbell he would have been in another place he methodical with who blows him -- twice easy but it they could get -- the -- they couldn't answer all AFC east India now you know it just goes to -- leaders avid flow in the different cycles that come about. I mean right now the NFC's weight Dominic. Tennessee and deceiving when I was playing in the late eighties early nineties -- amicable and that you always in -- in the way of greatness and a lot proposal representing. If he -- suitable we beat of fortitude in not that. And it departing -- it's still like the sixth with the Eagles the Vikings all the OT Redskins -- -- went over the teams that didn't go all those three teams with a -- and beat -- vote Buffalo doesn't mean it was just you know it is -- enough it wasn't you know right time -- I tell you thought you would appreciate that you know me to a green now getting his Jersey retired but right now. I'm -- tell you what. If you -- steeler fan. And each year that are steals over the saint shame on you know from Louisiana he -- -- 50006. I told you. Don't you get where it -- -- skirt around me. Good good -- -- stuff that you don't I don't want my guys Alan Duke who is absolutely -- a lot of -- vent about whatever it could've played our game open -- and -- because I mean obviously none of us if the Saints stock market there then -- in the stands are right now if you -- Louisiana and you never ever did in the -- -- you know you've got to know uncle blood where amongst the fans in saint -- good everybody. Listens but if they think it's economic all right now since 2006. The Mickey -- Aaron. Then he is throwing Sean Payton drew bring us don't visit as good as they get put on the last four years and -- I don't know area cups solar atop the group outing. Bill Belichick's only coach in league with them -- additional pain now members helping me coach to -- will write Obama for he asked for coaching years I think. Notes that the only one that's the north south east are way past the Saints are in -- home. You know and if you are a true that an -- or Louisiana they know they have a -- -- that if they get -- did you come -- really separate yourself from them yet about it because it was so he could traded. So frustrated 2011. To be -- and -- and imitate we pay him. Philippine Drew Brees now what they've already accomplished with that but we expected him to do right so they got awaited noticeable ugly goal I'm gonna get that bit but it felt. I don't think you know when they gotta go yeah I got to get half as well -- in the postseason outlook for him to be one teams in the NFC championship. And that's fans as expectation of the could oddities in the service look it would make Eagles Vegas the other at Vegas and that's that's go to Tony on Iowa Tony thank you calling that you give you -- Or -- anyway. Seeing how did go back even on my whole life. -- at work at the AFC championship game wouldn't be improved stadiums -- ball well so. But -- next -- you know where he should be a problem there though there are now where -- And you know it is what it is and I'm proud -- -- are there they are. It is. A little nine. You know Gerald Green of the many days where the Pittsburgh Steelers no doubt about it. Like it here. The biggest is being in the are the supplement on. The and they and by the -- there -- running. -- does that reflect on it but don't you think get a young generation. Okay you look I'm not talking about you know what is now in your agent TV you know and it's it is that society. -- whatever it up on me lately. The state the right there dispute are trying to get there right globally gotta be honest is a huge yeah. Yes yes I am coming at him rather revelry Duke thinking it will eat you -- he is confident yet all of Mike Tomlin -- -- I get to the Mayo. Note that they have to not let the bagels are the Ravens overtake them right I -- to -- that definitely at -- That they're paying. -- and and who else it would go out there and you know what you need to be so close -- And oh yeah stadium where you while -- the game and what -- among the Joseph Greene in the paper now. And a break right. Like he -- that find the right there. You know we're we're here and and back the next good you didn't want right. We're out there anyway you know you you don't wanna crowd that you don't difficult -- with you milk but it had they got that one and eleven you you know there's no doubt about it the you to three downs Pendleton is no doubt about who broke it would -- You -- three as well on us earlier how hard it is to winners who -- And he kinda. Connecticut's volley taking for granted and you beat Tom Brady coach Belichick Bryan. Tom Brady looked beyond -- water back the youngest quarterback to win recent rubles the mean. He's trying to turn a corner to get that fourth. V exposure how hard it is yeah it is or has got to be aligned at -- Montessori -- -- your way. -- meet up but right now but did say that there and on felony. And I'm not been a homer I think this -- are -- good. And I don't know what's gonna happen but I know what they can hold their feet that have fared if you don't get that double digit wins that's still an acceptable. Because an expectation. And not only from a local perspective from a national perspective. I agree -- Bob -- pie debate dot com is they thought they also looked at things tiger information PK -- and so Formica just turned into peace. All -- things will LHU and I saw some of the pitches on the site a how to Neil Hartman looks seek -- to -- forty pounds but he's pokey. To me he's a guy whose stock can rise and all four quicktime and I'm talking about like Kiki -- stock if he has tied the I think he can. -- like I mean this is easier. But you know he's been achieved and in the galleries. Seemed immediate in the -- ridiculously athletic kids in and I think he told me that all -- the media. Body fat percent like 9%. Extremely lean toward taxes message board -- days to talk about in the red zone in on -- you know and taxes didn't even recruit offering. And then a couple of pitchers. Him and you know talk about you know -- he looks so. But yet but it is -- can you can look like tours which like -- and this -- -- the -- -- -- Now you know might -- you look at obviously Disney in the -- and in obviously the right approach. You look at the -- violence tomorrow which comes about between a male and a female Lola. And he looked at all have a wood Ray Rice at the Ravens in. You keep it transpired that at the major college football what is your take going -- Jalen bills and though which came about what that. -- -- and now it's been what I think classified as a misdemeanor. -- coach miles obviously meaning -- Poland at the legal process. And the justice system says well. You know I mean -- just break that now for me because bottom line is that we play and L issue once and beat. Gailey and bills that his skills fit. And you know what's happen all the feel lateral into and out. But -- what is your approaches -- -- What does coach miles and LSU and in their. You know proceed in the -- going forward. Well I you know you look at the disciplinary issues -- -- -- the years. You know -- and so we kind of -- him. I don't know at the end of the Dynegy -- -- look at the -- coach miles an opening in the program. An and really taken to task I think the that the Jerry meals thing. You know something out -- and all summer long and just talk and the people good. You know just looked like scared he would -- situation would get resolved the first week of practice and sure enough that's what happened on Monday. And yet you know also does that mean that that would -- everybody point the finger across the country and they look at that another one get away with been. Yeah inhaler more than -- to return to Baton Rouge there's no connection you can convince me. -- -- on Monday that he the first or second week in July. But because of the way it was there that things were handled. -- it looks like another athlete to get away with Upton and -- -- could well be not guilty. That he knows some things you know tomko was. But -- the -- and he's been plead not guilty to in this manner George. But either -- the timing of them when it was it was handled yeah just like Jeremy. Time in last August. And did to me that's realistic of people. Call. Mike live by the what's up on the site. Go tiger -- -- -- would jam packed with. That the practice stuff miles and a pitch to me that we. After this happened and grade and then -- and and Michael Knight came in said that the decision to -- so we'll see if we get in a -- the first day of full pads but it is more on the schedule and we -- that video and of course you've got a commitment. We broke the news. They get that about 1240. That that the interest in 2015 wide receiver rivals to fill the wide receiver who was absolutely fantastic ideology camp a few weeks ago. Game is global commitments so. The 2060. Recruiting class of the off the chain. All that saying -- Mike -- you've got the and atop an adult battle Alabama -- caught who plays today to give -- -- will but they already got. The young man from my saint Thomas declines -- -- and Alexander so they got a good start to sixteen already. Yeah we don't do it could indeed committed I still think that went up and take it. But. What it would take into the corner they did they give him turned around but. You know that when those positions you know you know like everybody that you offer. Man we've just look at that didn't people at the back of the ocean particularly Jamal item this week I think he's going to be absolutely fantastic. Mike and I got a CBS. Date on the new it's happening now with the video presidential situation and of course -- mile. Whether -- not going to be some more military action what had it in the -- with Mike's call for a a tackle they dot com but first is a -- from CBS and I debate that -- all things LAQ did he had real wall to wall coverage to put up. Oh at least half a dozen stories each and every day WWW act like they dot com Mike now off course though. Practices limited we know what it's like -- o'clock -- -- -- something -- you don't get a chance to take a look at mullet but. Won't be long the Tigers take on Wisconsin. What's the the biggest thing Mike and I -- that historian if you if you have an ideal day would be beside a quarterback. Before you go to road October to Florida in a dog and a -- If you can had to -- quarterback once they come to town that would be ideal -- bad that time. Other quarterback what the knicks' biggest concern you got about these -- tendencies. I don't think wide receiver and good base and -- I don't know that these. These freshmen are going to be. You know Vinatieri -- to come into the on the ballot try to -- -- looks the spectacular from what we've seen and the players you know would we be the -- much. But the players -- and wide eyes when talking about now I -- -- In what he's doing I think they repeater and and show a little bit qualitatively. Like he's ready to show up and be. I definitely thought he would have been last year. In New York is coming around my house in really good things about him and the treatment well. Watch him in the gauntlet drills. You know and he certainly looked a lot quicker and more powerful than he did a year ago. And that might -- partly due to you know -- in the second year. Public back from an injury. Now might with -- -- things then and now -- all excited -- -- regular pregame show in Houston. People are going to be -- big Boudreau the big were grows and the about it myself and -- with the -- and to me I think it's going to be kind of an SEC type match a marvelous on the Diego. Is that you almost wont wanna force Wisconsin to pass the football yeah. And I mean what you look -- name on my T ball you -- you'd Millar Gordon won't Mayo going JOL yeah I'm not like people ultimately when he hit the yeah -- velvet garden is slightly vacant or run the ball game he stopped the run. A three to me that's your biggest challenge. For coach Davis that would -- gonna do defensively. From the get go it's going to be kind of like old school football when you look at Wisconsin hopping and trying to attack LSU. -- and and look I was used. -- one defensively. Good tactic -- the same way I mean they're gonna. Didn't stop them and I was you quarterback to prove they can throw it and you know same thing pro issue defensively. I think the differences is that. Defensively. And now she's got an -- -- -- and -- -- New offensive line coach they're gonna wanna assert themselves. -- and Allenby have McGee in here earlier but then the Cuban born at the whose. Who's gonna wanna. Get his opportunities so he can do in the game and whether it you know second quarter or early on -- sometime. He injured again and again and he looks like that. You know -- is going to be conservative than. You know they're they're gonna. Given from one game into the into the quarterback situation feel like them. I just think. And I'll be. It just said the other day it's the odds of Brandt Ayers being the starting quarterback in the first game is probably. Similar before the Kentucky Derby the preakness that the California club and the job that he had. Now might a look at that obviously I'm real excited about this. You know look at Tiger Stadium did you official who -- right right over a 102000. Now ranked fifth nationally just above in Dallas defense held of this is about Alabama's -- the any stadium. You look at Texas seen him outfield polls plays I should -- eight legitimate part of LSU. Well went went very expansion is finished coaches like try to Cuba with a -- when you look at the SEC but what is your take come September 6. As Sam Houston. That even though they rank second in SEC capacity. Would that be a process where. K you put that anything in his seat so to speak. Where you don't have. Those actual if he sees even though you sold the tickets so what is your perspective on that going forward as far as. Whatever you dealing with that's -- few more. Have people actually come to the game. -- help with that that that's the problem that you know but -- was Q did you have -- right I think it's. It's it's about the SEC and they're gonna have to get creative. You know even for the game to see more -- games. And decent in tiger's statement and it's going to be even more you -- point now. -- between that the horrible traffic to take some people three hours to get home that in that area. Not quite Mickelson and everything else after a game. You know. You can -- -- type definition TVs -- You know -- our house now. You know people opting to stay home BP. You mentioned. And he's -- exactly. An opponent it's gonna have people rarely go. But it is personal games of that yet you know you do from that but overall you look at the home slate this year and an Alabama there is not a whole lot to. -- -- it really excited. And that that's what they're gonna buy it but they're so on the ticket this week and so that ultimately. You get the big a million plus dollar TV contracts. And it -- you know again the -- Major League Baseball. You're you're. Your ticket sales in in the that the groceries at the stadium. Our line yeah because -- major money before the fourteen -- -- happen. Because of the -- money. -- let them know how to get the -- on the buy you think. There's -- debate. In. Between. Now in this day and so. -- -- account you know what you mean we all. I might have a -- -- another season -- thanks so much will be ticketed out nuclear to. All right this is WWL. All right tomorrow it is scheme they folks it's the pre season they were gone out thinking we got it right to. So that's -- will be -- -- -- -- time it is Cardinals the policies we can't force it to the seventh hit the eight TO to take on the dirty birds. Walton walk over sought to 3 o'clock tomorrow -- walk over to spin on line that we -- -- -- of the week before training camp are great they have the Galaxy Bobby Beth -- silent report of 132 in the country. Christian scare Coke because John McCain camp -- we have all brought everybody back home Scott Ian -- at the Helen Thomas as its entire team effort on time new department handle -- -- means. David goalie Chris Miller Dave -- everybody's game all the -- get information out to you at -- -- at -- dot com right now we have things to watch with a moderate pro. If you did take. Yeah -- -- Bobby on the Saints and the rain. Revving up operated jaguar opinion poll on -- get the W dot com the NC voted 62 today to allow. The five how competent the ACC the SEC the big twelve the pac twelve and the Big Ten. Autonomy this is the end of college athletics as we know. -- an accident you say yes 42% you all like me ECE athletics who have ruined a long time ago. 1987 at Penn State and Miami the national championship game the first time it was standalone. From New Year's Day. Is a big feat online you can do that the by college football what to hale is a great. Peace I'm telling you get a ticket now it explains what happened way before it's time. -- opposite they get neutral 8% of you say no we thank you for participating. In operating -- -- -- -- into camp and. Yeah big you know it's crazy when you look at it -- fans in the seats whether it's major college football are NFL run. And we think it's a great game day experience. What are the things that rounds 7980000. We -- in the 7000 mark local eight. So what I'm telling you. Is that all of a sudden you got the university of pushing. To have the hit that -- more and to have the biggest and the best I heard a thousand. I mean. You know what you do -- out some beat them on a conference game you know yes you definitely do it and now the big -- nonconference game that I was -- -- neutral sites. I mean bracket is they will be sold out of with you -- -- all Wisconsin to be a capacity crowd are LSU fans like this he was not that come with the back room yes yes of -- are -- it now we feel like the neutral sites obviously -- they've -- the trumbull college football bowl atmosphere -- -- -- this season whether -- in Dallas or Houston or Atlanta. Oh we -- we all in dollars that the but the ratings of the revenue Bobby you could albeit expected them with the factual basis. Those games like that all these blogs -- -- -- Clemson and that you Wisconsin Alabama was the fourth seed Oklahoma State. Those games the fall didn't fall more attractive than the other bowl games at the other schools of pulling like so that the smaller schools that have a change. Well liked for it it's I think Alabama opened the season against USC in Dallas. Yeah -- if fifteen yet -- one of the people really don't see that yeah but in the minimum analogies -- Sam Houston. Now Jimmie does that does that make the difference. As part of the expansion. We have added through high definition video board only a few additional LE at the ribbon board it's also every play through two -- he -- boards that are -- -- -- -- stadium. All of the effort to enhance the game game experience drop it. To -- that that and entice. They have a capacity crowd -- you months though wanna be in that number in this stadium that immediate opponent if you like people -- -- it is the you gotta have the right opponent. First you play in this and Houston or permits that were still -- -- ransom I'm Deke Bellavia has always talk about the aging can't name Bobby a bear bond that we relate to law -- people.