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08-07 8pm Scoot/ NOPD Tattoos, Torture Songs

Aug 7, 2014|

If you were being tortured; what song would make you give up info? The NOPD has o.k.'d tattos on police, so long as they are covered.

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Tomorrow night's the saints will take on the rams in Saint Louis really looking forward to -- and an overall getting excited about the first pre season game. This all a lot of talk about Drew Brees not playing in this game and that it doesn't look like you from last not last thing I heard it doesn't look like he's in play in the game but so -- There are other quarterbacks starting quarterbacks like a Tony Romo we're not gonna play in the first pre season games so you know save him it's OK it's not like he needs that kind of practice season that season to the quarterback. And frankly I'm looking forward to seeing the other younger quarterbacks. In there even now in the early part of the game with more than the starting lineup and yourself in any event. Six season is here our coverage begins tomorrow afternoon. State radio here at 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon it's ten hours of wall to wall coverage will have -- full schedule for -- we also have all the information on our website at WWL to account 22 hurricanes are heading for Hawaii. And I would just hope that anybody who's wearing a grass skirt it isn't going commando because that would not to be for T. Also of Hawaii was hit with an earthquake. Can you measure earthquake. And also to hurricanes back to back and you you if I'm sure you've seen video of this. You see these on the screen and they're just this one right after another and -- -- and slicker on hurricane training effect. Amazing -- have special updates from CBS news at 1031 after the hour every hour tonight as we bring you those updates that we can certainly relate to what they're dealing with. In Hawaii just charted our newscast achievements. That this is going to apparently be an even milder season then the mild season that was predicted so let's go to despite. He can be a mild season it only takes one storm soul you know we still have to be vigilant and we're still. Not even at the peak at the hurricane season but I have noticed there has been a very -- season so far. It's time for tonight's top later -- to the top eight things -- like you -- -- was we -- get our show tonight whatever WL. Number eight. A petition has been started to pressure the NFL into selecting weird Allegheny pathetic is the halftime entertainment for the Super Bowl next year. About 30000 people have joined the petition. On change dot org so you -- for a look at that. And did join the partition you know when I first thought about this I thought -- this is we weird Al yank affect I don't know I mean weird. Yeah difference yes you know what. Why not. You know they they certainly shown that they can get big talent last year was Bruno Mars which -- which are an excellent choice. They've gone back and gotten a baby boomer rockers they've done a lot of different -- -- have a sense of humor. I mean obviously they'd have to be careful about some of the parodies that alligator if it does when he does right now we'll play part of this where you're a little bit later in the show. He is it's a take off on for a Williams have to and it's called tacky and it's really funny so it's coming up in just bit. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. I just -- an earthquake hit the big island of Hawaii early this morning at two hurricanes are taking aim on the Pacific paradise. You know there are a lot of things -- meeting of that they've had hurricane in over twenty years. In -- of this even though -- like sitting up here in the Pacific and -- -- hurricanes in the Pacific this is still a real rare recent four for Hawaii. And -- with people who war. On the island vacation this time of year. -- any of Hawaiian Airlines been offered to waive fees for anybody who want it to a flight out of here and now. And get off get off the island. I'm thinking what did Hawaii do deserve this and then I thought I got I got it figured out. Same sex marriages legally -- So I guess it's God's -- number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Took golfers have been arrested and charged with assault. After they got into a fight about the rules and he Pennsylvania golf course. One golfer is accused of hitting the other golfer in the head with a three wood. This is kind of an and an amazing story -- that the two golfers were arguing over. What is known as the -- casual water rules at the club puddles after it had rained briefly. And they started the argument. On the fifth hole and the argument came up again on the seventh hole. And one of the guys Roger Harris 63 took his three wood. And hit Brian -- dance 42 years old hitting in the head and then the man started trading punches. The guy with the the club in his hand was charged with aggravated assault -- weapon because it was considered a weapon mean I hope nobody talks about banning. Three woods or golf -- just remember it's not the golf clubs fault. It's the person who uses the golf club and inappropriate manner that's the key. In any event these guys are like punching each other out when guys charged with aggravated assault and simple battery to get a guy who tissues justice was simply charged with. A simple battery they face preliminary hearings on August 30 I think we'll we'll follow this story this took place at the Springdale golf club. In union town Pennsylvania. The two golfers were part of a group and they got into this this argument about about the rules. -- can you let you do get so upset. The issue he hit somebody in the head with a three. Mile I'm sure -- -- sure if you if you're a golfer I'm sure there have been many times when you've been frustrated. But I'm I -- I'm hoping that you would never got so frustrated to the park for you and actually hit somebody with a three wood. A police did say the charges would have been lessened if the golfer has used his spotter. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. And culture is the conservative author and clintons who was rejected by many many Republicans especially younger Republicans. She says that the American Doctor Who contract it Ebola. By helping patients in Africa. Was idiotic. She said the doctor should have been helping people in America and should not have gone to Africa. Now Ann Coulter sells books. And she is one of the she's one of the most cold hearted people but it's it's on on television. She says things are. I don't know if she's the -- Glenn Beck is she saying things simply to get attention. Again and Coulter is rejected by many many conservatives and many Republicans especially younger Republicans. I thought that we were humans first. And American second. You know we do share this planet with other humans. And I'm very proud of this country and the doctors and the volunteers to go try to help other people. In other Lance yes it is true that we need to take care of our country first. But the idea that we go -- help somebody else somewhere else which might actually. Help us in the long run. I don't think there's anything wrong with that -- -- not for -- she think -- Ann Coulter has appointment to talk about that on the children might if you wanna join us with a comment about anything we do talk about. Our numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889070. At a -- number -- 87870. Ever for a tonight's list of the top eight at eight. A 42 year old man was shot and killed by police at a Wal-Mart in a suburb of Dayton Ohio. He waved a rifle in the air. -- customers. Did police do the right thing. Even if the rifle was an air rifle. They'll be -- controversy about this Ohio's attorney general says the man which fatally shot by police he was carrying an air rifle. And in a brief statement. After the after the incident took place they -- -- investigating the incident as a twenty year old John Crawford ways to rifle customers. Tuesday night and was fatally shot when he would not drop the weapon. And what police saw was a man that had a viable -- rifle. And I you know like I guess you don't know what kind of -- audience. If you're gonna wait -- rifle around air rifle or not and you get shot. That's that's your fault not the not the fault of the police. Number three on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Summer is already over for students in saint Tammany public schools. School started today for -- every public schools. I hope nobody has homework already I hope you know I hope they didn't -- homework on already read it some basic are. I remember when I was growing up we can go to school to after Labor Day. In every year just creeps up in creeps up and creeps up and this is really early -- in other parts the country that they don't go back to school at this early. Was there anything good about going back to school. It was it was it your belief when you finally went back to school -- kind of excited to get back in and meet new people see who was in your class and see people that you had seen. Throughout the year because you didn't hang out with them you only some school where you looking forward to that that class reunion. I guess you could call it. And is it a relief for parents. Also Louisiana state police are reminding everyone that a new law bans the use of hand held cell phones while driving through a school zone. And I would think that that's a lot of all of that's I think that's a good time for a lot of people will be on the cellphone. Because they might be calling their kids you know come and -- you toppled leader just a minute. By two the police say that they're gonna be vigilant about arresting people and and I hope they are committed doesn't do any good to have laws on the books. Especially new laws if they're not enforced. -- we're gonna have this law that it is illegal to use a hand held cell phone in school zone. Then the police need to start pulling people over and that message needs to be loud and clear you pick up your hand held cell phone in a school zone. -- -- Any problems. Number two on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Our Russian fisherman. Says that he was saved by the music of Justin Bieber. The -- said that he was being mauled by a BI I saw pictures of this guy and I mean he was he was injured a meeting had. It's his face was was the copper with bandages he. Had part of this the cited as captain and covered with with bandages the guy was being mauled by a bear. When his cell phone went off. The bring Tony cellphone was Justin Bieber hit baby. Demand said the bear heard that and certainly took off and left him alone. Interesting how music's. Music can save your life you know I I did a little and research on this today -- found out that the US government and I I thought about this when I thought about the the leader of Panama Manuel Noriega. And I have remembered that the United States troops where we're trying to get him to surrender and they were blaring American rock music. Into his compound and I believe one of the songs -- of Van Halen Panama. And they were trying to get to Serena I think they even got to the point of Michael Bolton music and that may have actually got to him and really caused him to one I enough enough I can't take anymore this but is actually something that has been used by the government it's called music torture. And they use it in our prisons they used -- Guantanamo. -- to force of people to tell or to force people surrender. The used the government the FBI used these boots are made for walking -- by Nancy Sinatra when they were trying to get David Koresh of the branch Davidian compound. To surrender in the in the early nineties in Waco Texas. And well it didn't work he didn't surrender but. Music has been used to get people to surrender so. Terrible talk about whose music. Would make you wanna surrender. If you're a prisoner whose music we just make you wanna talk OK I had enough of this I'm talking. If you would join us for the comment on numbers 2601 a seventy. Toll free 86688907. And enter text oversee 7878. And finally tonight's number one on tonight's list of the top eight candidates. NO PD has reply east the tattoo policy according to the fraternal order of police. Under the new policy tattoos will be allowed on the upper arm above the crook of the elbow. Even if it's visible below a short sleeved shirt. Below the elbow there can be a single -- but he cannot exceed. Two and a half inches 24 and a half inches if it's on the lower part of the -- tattoos on the head. The face and neck are still banned along with vulgar offensive and political tensions -- Japan and and I understand it. But does anybody have a problem with us. Cops with visible tattoos that we talked about this before brigade here it is time to talk about it again. That's -- WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight do you care general PD cops have visible tattoos. And in time when when NO PD is trying to recruit new police officers at a time when we don't have enough people on the police force. Do you really think attached to as a reason to disqualify somebody. And if so what is it about the tattoo that tells you something about somebody's personality. That make you not think that they would be. A good police officer. When you think about people who have tattoos today. And a different generations even my generation. But it didn't have tattoos. We think that the could be -- different type of people would have tattoos at every level of society. I really amazed that some people still so harshly -- tattoos as being some kind of a negative sign when it comes to personality. Or character. Now -- -- obviously some people go overboard with their -- But there are some people who just steal judge. Tattoos. So do you care to know PD cops have visible tattoos. A sort of TWO project looking it'll give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. And we'll update you on that polls we have go through the shoot right and if you wanna join us for the comment about anything we're talking about tonight. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. -- -- seventy. And protects numbers 877. And especially with a text texting a song to actually whose music would make you wanna surrender. Or talk if you are prisoner neighbor Bieber blaring to -- against you -- you would finally say enough is enough whose music would make you sick enough. I'm giving up of surrendering I'm talking. Texan -- of -- have. It's Thursday nights on -- she'll -- will be right back on WWL. The Russian fisherman said the music of Justin Bieber saved his life a bear was mauling him what his phone went off and the phone had the ring tone of the song baby by Justin Bieber. The -- heard that and the story often lets the guy alone. Music has been used to torture people and and obviously scared of fairway. Music has been used to force people to surrender. Also force people to talk in prison what music. Would make you surrender or talk to make a semi attacks anything -- share. There's another text the the Barney the dinosaur song. The National Anthem by Roseanne Barr. Any suggestions sesame its next year 877. Coming up at 831 we're gonna have an update from CBS news there are two hurricanes back to back headed for Hawaii the big island is he with the earthquake today. And other two hurricanes heading for awhile you'll have an update for CBS news coming up from man to -- Greg you're on the -- -- into the W elegant evening. Changed it any -- Greg. I wanted to share on the story that the whole music and torture saying it. One out pledging Tulane went out an attorney at Tulane University. During hell week. -- -- -- crayon that you -- by ten room for a week tomorrow only let out. For -- we get to come back to that room -- class. And they had an old time speaker you know now there's a small at this speaker was Alex -- higher force I would have lunch and all day and all night when you're in that room tight tight game. Climb every mountain and on that needs. And this day. -- -- a lot of rumors that saw everything on here and it can't be like active network. And it just so -- it chop it to that was -- and cal -- It was it was tortured music is used as torture. Yeah I'm sure that thank you Greg appreciate -- there's going to be WL. From New Orleans -- here under the WL. It's like the good. I want this comment on that thing about that -- -- -- -- it had been a problem because we got a question. Well that's -- make that come wannabe result in. People. Well I think that whopper or -- be to work on it it -- -- -- what makes a difference. And for this one -- opposite. Okay well. -- with capsules there a difference and that person that's. And -- I think this really comes back to us asking ourselves as a society why are we still judging somebody's character or ability to be an honest police officer because they have tattoos. I would I would think that. Especially younger generations have really changed the image of -- tattoos and there were people in my generation -- there have tattoos as a result of tattoos becoming popular with younger generations. So I'm just not really sure why they're still judgment of anybody with a -- when you think about the diversity among those who Wear tattoos today in every walk of life. Is that it will -- it -- there at all actually you know. Getting go to Vietnam companies serve you at the time to be available upon all my -- and what to think what we that's too bad yeah actually own. Since school let -- -- any the Korea you know -- it's -- their thing and we'll adjust that and what certain country and it got absolutely within all. I appreciate -- socialistic. If you wanna join us for your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. What's happening in our -- number is 87870 here's an update on RW to be a pretty general opinion poll this doesn't happen very often. Do you care -- NO PD cops have visible tattoos right now 100%. Say no don't care 0%. Say yeah they do care. I wonder if that will change as the evening goes on -- -- to -- -- dual party general people give us your opinion by going to our web site WW multi count. And the -- blog tonight is about these two golfers they got into a fight. And at a country club they're playing golf in Pennsylvania. And one of the golfers in in the argument that guy with a three wood and he was arrested with aggravated assault because they said he used a weapon which was the the three point. A silly -- the block tonight is titled irrational rage and violence not exclusive to a younger generation. I -- is kind of hard for adults to. Criticize a young generation for. Not for acting on impulse of rage. When -- adults will grabbed his three wood on a golf course. It's sort beating a guy with the guy tried to fight it off the guy -- up to the hospital with. Investigation into a mild concussion they're okay he's okay but you've both been. Arrested and I'm just thinking you know golf for your golf OK so so you get insists intense battles with golf but you can get upset over rules. And you -- hit somebody with a golf club. This is the -- show we're coming right back with more of your comments but first CBS news updates on the hurricanes headed for Hawaii. All that special report was supposed to be about the hurricanes heading for Hawaii but the president is speaking at the White House right now we'll get some more information on dissent coming up and we'll be talking about this on the shoulder like this is breaking news. President Obama is ordering a US missions over Iraq this is to stop the advancements. Crisis and the militants that are trying to takeover. It's going to be an interesting too. To see how this would be justified in terms of what kind of long term issue. This would put percentage terms of protecting Iraq one of them. One of the problems with the militants is they are so dedicated to their cause. I'm not really sure airstrikes are going to to -- that too but if anybody can do strategic Golan surgical airstrikes it's the United States of America. I will talk about that on the show tonight says this is news breaking right now a -- and join us with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Which have any attacks over is 87870. And the Escobar tonight is not to plug -- the blood is about that the two are golfers advocate if adults are gonna take out golf clubs and hit people. -- you know who we either criticizing young generation so you can read that blockage or with others irrational rage and violence not exclusive to younger generation. And that's on our website at WW real dot com and -- WW a pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight is do you care if NO PD cops. Have visible tattoos and LTD is reversing to some degree it's its policy on tattoos. I give us your opinion by going to our web site at W dot com and we've tracked that throughout our show tonight I -- -- -- tomorrow night because the saints are in Saint Louis against the rams. Looking forward to vacate their -- there's been some talk about. Sean Payton not wanting -- priest played. To Kaiser's. Of Gregg Williams being the defensive coordinator and it might be. I might be an opportunity to for Gregg Williams to try to injure Drew Brees. I really think that's a convenient boomer I don't noted that his speed is true but that's one of those convenient things that can spread like wildfire on the social media. I think it's wise to keep Drew Brees in the first game I mean he doesn't need the practice he's he's he's that good let let's skip this first came out of the way in this store to working in. And let's see these younger quarterbacks if you wanna join us with a comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven and a text of receipt 77. A Jason -- -- -- -- good evening. Are you -- school adjacent. All of -- problems. You may -- Erica thanks -- Jason right quake. We need good to read you know that your number is Blair and they've made in companies like it doesn't act. -- era I don't think there's you know. Appropriate Williams when you with the you ought to present but. So what you would do and my second and what to do is great. The other one of them some regulations. Because you can accessible by Butler and as well stand at the -- -- it would it would -- body butter you're. So people would like others would do is awesome. Jason that is a really good point and since I have a couple of tattoos and Terry if I Wear short sleeve shirt Navarro much -- up a couple of detectors are visible. I would feel very comfortable if I had any kind of encounter with a police officer with tattoos -- Faisal please arms with tattoos I would think okay. There's a guy he's not gonna judge me. But he really it really is a shame that there are people who were still judging character. Because somebody has attacked him. Correct -- that older train. Them you know as humans evolved as American people I think. Military and to -- these people also and I think as rebels and that you're considering. Jason I I agree those people who cling to this idea that it detectors are bad if you have a -- you're you're bad person. I believe those people really should should reassess their criticism of of tattoos in general when you think about how tattoos or use today. And what they have what they were present for so many people appreciate calling a show Jason thanks solicit. And do the year on WB you know -- good evening doing. Good news that they don't. On the statute that. Yeah well. Stretch like we entered. Yeah tattoos. You'd. Want to have an excellent job. Earlier should be. He. -- the -- year. In the year racial equality now. You know each to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Shuttle. You look at that are buried there. Carol. Hogue added that the city. Of George. There are not stepped in and covered. This siege that. DeLia appreciate the call and thanks for listening tonight here's the text of barbed wire tattoo means navy seal. Pessimism Bob portent to this visible down India down on the on divorce did the the biceps you can criticize somebody for that. Here is attacks to that reads. It seems that win questioning a young witness or suspect with or without tattoos. A -- officer. Crude will engender trust which could lead to information and that's essentially what Jason or Lance are our last caller is your site. Eyes that why why would you why would you judge somebody with a tattoo. When so many people have Texas and isn't that kind of is that kind of a common denominator with so many people it's only people who get in trouble have tattoos. Now they don't get in trouble because they have tattoos because they -- a lot of people with tattoos who never get in trouble. But because there are a lot of young people in general that have tattoos some get in trouble. Why would they be afraid of it. Of a police officer with a -- Here's I got VW up pretty -- opinion poll do you care if NO PD officers have visible tattoos and copd if you've just joined us has reversed its position on this. We're also gonna talk about the president -- speaking tonight about a mission in Iraq in the. Air over Iraq and it includes humanitarian aid. I'm scoot him will be right peck on WWL. When I heard today about a Russian fisherman saying that he was saved by the music of Justin Bieber an official said he was being mauled by a bear when his cell phone went off. The ring tone was baby by Justin Bieber the rare the -- her dad and ran off and the guys alive. And I looked into music tortured on music has been used to cause people to surrender. -- music is being used to cause people to give up information in prison and I said what. What music whose music would make you wanna surrender whose music would be tortured you somebody said your civil. So you can never give us your suggestion we're going to RO. Text HI 877 -- will give you updates on that throughout the show will will do some of the bumper music going in and out of breaks tonight. Music they would make you surrender music that would make you talk if you were in prison because you just couldn't stand it anymore. A music they were tortured you took basic torture and the US issues this the FBI used it with David koresh's branch Davidian compound is -- or they -- But Manuel Noriega in Panama but eventually I did surrendered. And they they were blaring -- music in fact I think one of the songs was Van Halen Panama blaring that is that the compound trying to convince Noriega. To surrender if you wanna join us for the comet tonight -- numbers 2601870. Tool free 866889. Here which seven tech's number is 87870. -- are talking about the NO PD according to the fraternal order police in this will be officially announced in the next few days. But the fraternal order of police in New Orleans has said that the NO PD is going to revise the tattoo policy. Under the new policy tattoos will be allowed to be visible. On the upper arm above the elbow and even if they're visible with the short sleeved shirt they will be allowed. And single tattoos below the -- I cannot exceed. Two and a half inches to four and a half inches they will be allowed on the arm. Tattoos on the head the face the neck are still banned along with vulgar offensive and political centers. So why are we still judging people with tattoos as -- possibly not being. Capable of being an NO PD officer. Here's a text that -- the FBI allows tattoos. Yeah I just I think that whole thing has changed and yet in the minds of some people. It it hasn't changed and if it hasn't changed in your mind. Stopping and instead of just being stuck with your thinking stop and and and think about. How. The the message of tattoos. Has has changed. Why people have to to use his -- has totally changed over the years and there's so many different people so many different walks of life that. They have tattoos I just don't think it's a problem here's -- -- give you a pretty general opinion poll do you care if you know PD officers have visible tattoos. 93%. Say now don't care 7%. Say yes they care. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. Here's a text nickel back and music -- nickel back would make them surrender or would be torturous and make them want to -- -- want to spill whatever it is that they knew. Night in prison. On this or breaking news tonight to President Obama has authorized US military to carry out air strikes in Iraq against the Islamic. Militants. If they advance to the city a verbal. Now the president was very clear in saying that American troops schooled not. Be sent back to Iraq but the president has ordered. Air strikes over Iraq and I also believe that they're going to use. US planes to bringing humanitarian aid into -- and -- know this is something that that that people fear -- When we went there in the first place this was a fear when we went there for desert storm with their that in the in the very beginning. This was this was a fear that many people hat. That this would be ultimately a very unstable. Region awfully very unstable parts of the world and as bad as Saddam Hussein was. He was a known factor. We knew he was bad. But he maintain stability within his country. Getting rid of him was a great humanitarian thing to do for for many people but I Iraq is still very unstable and I don't know if they can make it without us and we don't need to be there consistently if you address for the comment about this are numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And a tech's number is 877 -- remind you tomorrow night the saints will be in Saint Louis taken on the ramp snow scripture tomorrow night. Our coverage on WWL sinks radio begins at 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. And I kick off is at 7 o'clock it doesn't appears if Drew Brees got to play and I'm just fine with that. Six -- finally here Tommy Tucker we'll talk about this tomorrow morning and to be WL first news the saints are gonna take on the rams and defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. Wouldn't it be great. To seek revenge against Greg Williams or do you still like Gregg Williams for what he did for the -- Steele have disaffection for for Gregg Williams many people blame him for the whole -- gate. On. Scandal but some saved it it was it was nothing really that that's awesome people against still like -- you still hold a grudge. I'm and we Q do you think he would really go after -- saints player there's been some talk that he's gonna go he would go after Drew Brees. But I think that's more rumored that it is. A reality. In a -- refuse starting quarterbacks around the -- were not starting in the first pre season games tomorrow and and I've finally. -- talk we'll talk about it that in a lot more tomorrow morning. -- VW offers news from six to ten. I hear is attacks that raised the -- tell it to at least theme song. That would drive anyone nuts -- I do have a vague memory that I wish I was too old to be ended -- peaceful and they they first came out by. I do have a vague memory of this on a regular reports on watched the show. But I have a vague memory of that that's on what song would would be music tortured you whose music would make you surrender. Or give up information if you were in prison and you're confronted with this blaring music constantly whose music would -- -- Our numbers 260187. Toll free 866889. Server seventy. A -- is 8787 -- will continue to feature some of that music going in and out of our breaks nobody mentioned the police. Which doesn't surprise me his music is a torturous. To anybody. Well I don't think. This is this -- children Thursday night it will be right back on WWL. And LTD has revised its attempt to policy I think it's there it's a great idea but there may be some people who are still upset now that police will be able to show visible tattoos. If they Wear short sleeved shirts. Do you have a problem with that sort of things that we are talking about on the Scotia tonight. Also President Obama has announced tonight that he is going to allow US military airstrikes against the Islamic militants in Iraq if they get to a certain point. Also believe -- planes -- US plants can be used for humanitarian efforts these are some of the things we're talking about it. Also we're talking about whose music would make you surrender -- regularly barricaded they were trying to make you surrender if they Blair whose music which you say okay enough. I'm giving up. Or whose music would make you talk it's called music torture and they use it in prison and use -- when they're trying to make people surrender. Here's -- -- any song by Ricky Martin that's slow death. Here's a text. In JP SO custody now listen to the scoot show I admitted I was the shooter on the grassy Knoll. And -- we welcome you this crucial and having -- -- -- To pay our home I don't. -- problem per they would offer to -- -- through them I mean. I think that there should be some type of professionalism. Torso professions. Where they're not -- say that you know that'd be cute. You know our doctor but not to with a -- surgeries are coming and so -- -- looked at two Volvo order of Arctic. In here and -- -- -- doctor about a tattoo model. I think. So it is should be -- around there somewhere. Well very why would that I mean Brit -- why would that bother you because obviously he made it through here she made it through medical school. No I'm not saying me Pretoria this thing -- I mean if the president of the United States where the run for the offer any. Politicians are proper and -- to go about it I think there's some type of professional -- the first -- they should have some bandits but something's. Where you know they should be. Well we knew we -- when you look at a young generation today I mean we can look into the future and the day will come when the president of the United States might have a visible tattoo but there's not but there's a young generation. Are there are several young generations that are going to define the era they occupy so it's not going to be a big deal via a black president was unheard of at one point itself. I it's unheard of -- they give the president with tattoos but there's no reason to believe that that might not happen. I don't worry you're in I agree with his fame and -- and that everyone think that way I came back and see what the future -- -- -- -- It should be outside a proposal. At some point. That week you know certain things that are. If you know that you're gonna go into a certain field and you're in your career are certain area via. Career and I think it should be some line drawn. -- I'm going to call the show a lot of people agree with you. -- Jake he runs every WLA good evening. -- -- -- -- Call because. I feel like there -- my life experience. Would contribute to the discussion. -- Washington DC originally. And our our -- Padilla better. Please -- -- tattooed. Arms. Optimal way. They always told her whole life song don't -- these choose a Mac and my. The expense of and I didn't listen to -- and also served in Iraq. Hours in line three times to get tattoos that it just didn't work out one aren't there. Uprising that -- response to another arm curled just. Got my attention all I. Just things happens. I just got well. I don't have any tattoos aren't. Decorated. Retired. Washed in these two policemen. And he's got that Jews all over -- so not only professionally done tomorrow. You know Britain bury it goes those guys. Either Greenberg group in -- -- -- it become oh so that they had troops. Department an hourly. I'm faced with. A marker. Somebody got a bit you know your situation. Previously which you know break you. That -- that there. In your site. Bear in -- -- feel like the new Orleans police in room. The recent news and all have pretty. -- -- has -- quite another but aren't they should take anybody they're blue air. If you Iberian. I've got to I've got to get -- news Rick I really appreciate you calling -- showing thanks a lot -- that's a great great insight.