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08-07 9pm Scoot/ Police Tatoos, Torture Songs

Aug 7, 2014|

Police now can have reasonable tattoos. What songs would make you give up secret information?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A breaking news tonight of President Obama has authorized US military to carry out airstrikes in Iraq against Islamic militants if they advance beyond a certain point. Also the president says the combat troops will not be sent back to Iraqis think this is gonna help. Following this story we've got the latest information on our website right now. And every WL to account I'm still glad you're with us on this Thursday night -- -- tomorrow night the saints will be on tomorrow night in Saint Louis taken on the -- Our coverage begins at 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon it's ten hours of wall to wall coverage kick off is 7 o'clock. And we've got the best team before -- during. And after the game with get the full schedule on our website of if you'll Telecom also tonight we're talking about NO PD replacing the policy about tattoos. And I think this is a really good decision I never liked the idea in the first place that detectors. Somehow indicated that somebody was not professionals. It seems to be that there have been on a number of younger generations of pricing younger and younger than today's establishment. There are numbers younger generations now they have redefined. What it means to have tattoos. And there are so many different people with so many different walks of life that have tattoos a caller mentioned last hour. Well a lot of people would like it if if a surgeon walked in with with tattoos before surgery. Well he's a surgeon he made it through law school what difference to the -- Tuesday. I go to I go to a dentist and several of the dental hygienist. Who work on my mouth. They have tattoos. And that doesn't that it doesn't bother me was like I have a few tattoos myself so obviously doesn't bother me but. It's just interesting that we can't still still allowed tattoos to be a reason to judge people. And you know we we shouldn't allow tattoos to. To be a way to another way to judge people. And I guess there are people who are still stuck in there in their thinking and you you have a right to not institution saying you don't ever -- to. But I would tie askew to explain. Why it is that you think tattoos. Indicate today facilities and professional. And here's a Texas says says tattoos have been around. Way longer than president's or any kind of democracy -- never forget that I mentioned that did the day may come and it conversation with source of the day may come. When the president of the United States is attacked him in every generation defines the hearing it occupies. And the younger generations today are are going to. Defined an era that they occupy when they become the establishment all these tattoos that all of these people have there're there're people who were part of my generation. The baby boomer generation of the what do these kids gonna do all -- tattoos what are they gonna do and when they when they want when they want jobs. Well they'll get those jobs because they will define what it means to be a bank teller. What it means to be a bank executive. When it means to be a lawyer -- able to find their era. And -- will be totally acceptable. In fact it's a younger generation that really gave me permission to two wanna get tattoos of gave me the inspiration and then ultimately gave me permission. Because tattooed on Tuesday. -- -- -- -- Pacific a little bit different. Attaches on the head the face of inactive in a PD still banned along with -- vulgar offensive. And political designs if you wanna join us with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Tool free 866889. -- seven or text -- -- have -- seventy. Here's a Texan don't most professional athletes have tattoos also I'm sure there are politicians that have tattoos. I Travis here on WW good evening. Clark are on -- You know I think. -- They're. All that -- there -- For no reason. More -- strike he. Sometime. -- -- -- So privacy for what you say if if Iraq isn't stabilized and if the work that we did we did in Iraq liberating Iraq. If that if that falls in game away and into the hands of -- -- falls into the hands of a militant stand. You're saying that they everybody died in -- Yes sure are remembering. What and the -- and a lot of the boy is enough collusion. Men responsible. -- -- -- -- -- -- Or -- -- in court the court more. So it is true. Travis first of all I respect would you do for our country to thank you would use for our country I understand. Hi Anderson you feel. But I think what we have to do is we have to always remember that. And no matter what happens after war is over whether it's Vietnam. Iraq Afghanistan and no matter what happens after the war. None of our soldiers died in vain they did with the were asked to do by America. There are correct you are correct about. -- In terms of captain. In more need something to help me so in that group. Again. -- No wonder that one of them for one of the problems stratus has been the government they heard it doesn't always seem to wanna it except help from the US and they've kind of maybe it kind of one of the US to stay out of it until he gets to this point -- they of course are welcome US shelves so it's. You know it's it's a complicated situation that we -- it was predicted when we first there went to liberate Iraq and get rid of Saddam Hussein. Yes there is. Another big problem is that the presidents in the poll. Went in the news and told them where Euro Asian. Users. So. And -- -- picture in the news and who. What you got it. So all in. Power. Series. But -- however. There. Yeah I did I do think it's a mistake for the American people to know too much and I'd like to think that the only Telus word everybody needs to know because of its allies they they tell the world with. It's a communication being what it is today Travis again thanks or what you do for our country and I appreciate you calling -- show. Thanks did just -- further proof that the show was not scripted apparently it says something about a surgeon with the law school I -- med school obviously. I was talking about to -- if I have a surgeon. Showed up to perform. Surgery on your doctor has statuettes will the Doctor Who made it through. They assume at school so is that a great example of how the tattoos really shouldn't matter. If you wanna join a site with your comment about anything we're talking about -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- are -- seventy. And a text numbers 87070 here's tonight's double WL pretty -- opinion poll do you care or NO PD cops have visible tattoos. And who PD has reversed it will have the -- toll refers to but they've revised. The tattoo policy and now tattoos. -- will be visible on the yard if they meet certain. Certain our qualifications. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com also tonight we're we're having fun with that in this story about a Russian fisherman who says he was saved by Justin Bieber music. The -- effect Jack get the Justin Bieber song baby get that song up from the go to break but it -- is our studio producers are right. The song baby by Justin Bieber was discouraged ringtone. And this this Russian fisherman said he is being mauled by a bear. And his phone went off. And ahead Justin Bieber song baby on it it's scared the bear away. And that it would that reminded me of how US troops used music. To try to get Manuel Noriega in Panama to surrender they were blaring music into the the compound where he was he was holed up refusing to. A surrender and I believe one of the songs they played bush says Van Halen. Panama. And they did some other things as well. -- the FBI used music to try to get David Koresh to to surrender in Waco Texas when he was holed up there with the branch Davidian compound. And so music has been used to torture people it's been used to get people to surrender it's been used in. The -- prison. -- -- it's Abu Abu Dhabi and also in a Guantanamo Bay music has been used to force prisoners to talk so whose music. Would make you surrender. Whose music would make you talk. So far analysts who -- share. Air supply. Any boy band. Barney the dinosaurs on the National Anthem by. Roseanne Barr. Making the knowledge. Really. I don't know if that would really tortured me if you -- join us with a comment on numbers 2601870. Tool free 8668807. -- -- -- -- This is the song that scared the fairway and he you can look at a picture of the guy on line I mean the -- good managers all over his faith in his head his side by his abdomen. Is bring to -- in fact what's interesting is the guy said his grandfather. Put this on his. Put it on his phone is a ringtone. As a joke. Apparently it's saved his life. What song would make you say I enough I'm surrendering. Enough I will confess. This is the schoolchildren will be right back on their WL. All right your your your holding out you refused to surrender. And the military is blaring chained O'Connor. You ready to give up you're you're in prison in the music is blaring its chained O'Connor. Chained O'Connor. Are you ready to give up and tell of course she made O'Connor somebody said that's the -- that would make them surrender. And talk what song would do it for you are numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889087. Tech's number is 87870. A habit of -- a pretty general opinion poll is -- do you care kennel PD cops have visible tattoos. Q was your opinion by going to our website WWL dot com eleven update on that coming up in just few minutes. Here's a -- -- cops with visible tattoos would look like thugs with a badge. Interesting that there are people today who still perceive somebody with a -- As being a thug. What about a woman with a -- Is it only guys with tattoos that would be considered thugs are and the year on the -- show under the W elegant evening. -- -- -- -- -- Bill ought. Radio that. -- -- That you are at their records show. Can't. Eat your old one humorous -- It's an idol. I'm other you'll. -- why it. Yeah but per hour on our. I don't. It hurts a little bit further. I got Bible little -- -- one double. -- -- That's in my in my -- sorts so into the ultimate. Don't ever aired on and it felt like it. Each year their actions of people at -- Worry. About it. All -- -- it or call that they're part of the supporters. Don't like to date. Eight record they eat your. Oh. Sure you're at war mostly women early on. It was yours to -- that book away from the eight at that was there player he'd be ready here that is the streets are. He sat out about the eat your execute it. What we're also kinda thing is. So correct. -- -- -- a thousand people. People are all of you Errol. And acceptable the -- you'll. Hear that -- -- though. -- -- Well you certainly entitled to those feelings but there's a difference or something there where it would harm your health or create deviant behaviors than something that reflects who you war. I talked to a high school and high school teacher called the show once -- talking about tattoos and he said. That now high school students what tattoos because their their younger generations -- there's so much in their life that is constantly changing. Their parents are divorced nothing seems to be permanent. And -- the tattoo was a decision that they could make that would be something permanent so. That was by his his self understanding of the relationship between people and and their tattoos. And I understand that at one point you might have reflected deviant behavior but when you think about the motive behind so many people getting tattoos today. -- shouldn't we change. The impression of -- It doesn't doesn't mean you have to get a -- if you don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- really odd that you are there are certain that there. I'd go to our actual. You wonder Stevie Wonder a little bit that he now out. -- And is it that they were actually a pretty ugly. -- Ever see you all. Because the person. More -- and expect to hear it currently a a bumper sticker are are. Brandy is exhibit that's that's that's your thinking and that's your generation and there are generations that did love the way tattoos look and it's their job by guess to. Be beholden to their beliefs and the fashion trends that they find acceptable. Apps apps and now you're here. -- -- -- -- The job. The perception of everybody should be tattooed. Parker and everybody got to now now we have. Well I don't know. Well the rebellion the rebellion of of of a new young generation might ultimately one day be to not get to attitude because their parents were all tattooed. Yeah its soul and you're just not thought about it. Oh. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So -- -- that particular. What you get it there. Here hell if if you're if you're indecisive about it I think that's the decision don't do. Well and what is your. There -- Rockford. And on the Christian. It was a personal decision for it was a personal decision for me I decided that I've aborted a couple of those things that said some Japanese. And that's something to me and in engine leases in velocity and and I'd. Like that -- and I have a couple of crosses on my arms effect. A -- a tweet out tonight. In in a break coming up soon now I'll tweet -- as I sit here in the studio -- accounts detectors on on my arms and so pure -- on tour it's at scoot WWL. A treat those doubts are coming up in just humans aren't -- I think I George target yeah I think you look at your endowed of about a ten to -- -- and I would suggest you're not a good candidate for one don't get it. Well why I wouldn't air and quietly eager. For me my personal view is that the the Bible says don't. Here. A lot of people would agree with you. -- -- -- -- specialist. If your whole stay -- this if you wanna join us for the comment to our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And a tech's number is 87870. Here's quick update on tonight's -- to give -- -- -- jaguar opinion poll do you care if NO PD officers have visible tattoos because -- copd is revising the decision not to allow visible tattoos. 12% say yeah. They have a problem with it. 80% say no problem at all. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com get -- -- -- your -- here just a moment is it breaking news tonight of course you've got to two hurricanes heading for Hawaii there was an earthquake and why in the big island. Early this morning. But also there's some breaking news tonight to President Obama has address the nation to save that. He is he is going to order US airstrikes. Against the militant insurgents. The militant islamists. In in Iraq if they get past a certain point. He's going to allow military airstrikes he's also going to use our military to bring in humanitarian aid. To the people of -- and we're gonna get a CBS news update on that coming up here in just a few moments remember tomorrow night's 7 o'clock kickoff saints. Rams in Saint Louis there's been some talk about Gregg Williams. Maybe targeting some of the saints players and there's been a rumor that that's why. I Drew Brees is not gonna play I really don't belief that we're coming right back with all of your comments here. To be -- bureau this is this future we're now CBS news. It's called music torture. And I get a little research on us today when I heard that a Russian fisherman was being mauled by a bear the ringtone on his phone was the song baby by Justin Bieber. And the -- -- and ran away in the guy's alive because of the Justin Bieber music. -- so the called music tortured at the US military issues. To get people surrender or to get people to -- in prisons so what song would make you wanna surrender what's I would torture Jew whose music would make you wanna talk. Got a couple of text messages. About Barry Manilow. That's a shame to see such a nice guy. But. I guess you can only take so much of this nice -- projects according to increase. If you enjoy -- reader comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. And -- tech's number is 87870. Here's a text I've asked many people who had tattoo for many years. They all said don't do it. If you have a -- -- you tell somebody not to do it. Here's a text about the last caller we had -- who says because the Bible says there are not to get a tattoo he's not going to get one he sees him to -- thought about it but it wasn't right for him. This text says set and he never saw the little red rose in the inside of one of my of one of my girlfriend's dies. Is that when your girlfriends or one of your girlfriend sides. On very pretty she's a fox changed my attitude about tattoos. And why would tend to -- if you if you judge a man with a -- to why -- you know I judge a woman with a -- Q -- from west we go Harold you're on WWL. It's it's what I could outbursts on all -- would be sure. -- other -- you know. I appreciate listing aero -- calling. -- -- -- -- All the art bar -- juridical that is what. As a nation wants opening. And they wouldn't let that -- a jacket on what that that case should go out and are. Don't breakdown on that show later in the oval -- -- off -- pick up objects. And about it you looked at. We are not yet at new. But -- look at my job all of that you know -- it spotted it yet it was the law. The -- of four small. And I'm that. Chick is right now and I was like forty years old. But it's. Do you regret -- -- No not at all but I didn't know. -- -- -- -- I don't know why it. Put -- -- -- great -- and I sat there. And forceful. An outlet for it to you well. Yeah it's not something that gist young people decide to do randomly and for younger generations it is it is part of there. Part of their fashion part of the -- and -- they can. Oh my -- that fall on you know old Omar and it's not like got so you not want. But -- charitable. To all of -- You know. There there are limits beyond which we should not go you know there's owners there's adult entertainment and then there's true pornography. And and so there is a definite line there's orders. The bureau there are a lot of lines that they can be drawn in and because you draw a line does -- mean that you can be against something totally. And I like you know PD reversing his decision tattoos on the face on the head. And tattoos that are vulgar obscene or political and in nature are still gonna be banned but to -- twos that show below eight. A short sleeved shirt or a certain size are on the arm I don't I just don't think that's that's a problem many of the people the police deal with in the street. -- that have -- soul. But I would you not want us. Caroline -- thought the law on. At them they contact would. Always start by. Never acted out the way it looked it up. Well part of this conversation -- this is about reassessing. -- the judgment of people with tattoos and if if people still have this. Stigma in their mind about tattoos may -- it's time that they reconsidered. When you consider white people. Get tattoos and it doesn't mean everybody should be tattooed it's not for a -- -- -- but when you think about the diversity of those with tattoos now. In all different walks of life. So it's it's hard for me to judge people with with tattoos. -- political short thanks for being a first time caller now. Appreciate it Errol thanks. If you've never called a radio talk show before I hope this will be the first to call. I've I've I've talked about this before back in the nineties resident of WL -- used to used to refer some callers as FTC's. First time -- And that was inspired by and so what are people saying necessity of the year and I wanted to call in but I didn't. Well if you feel like have a conversation if you've got a thought Europe and an opinion. Don't have to calling yours -- -- consider you to be part of the show if you don't call and but if you want to express an opinion it's it's just human I have a conversation on the phone it's really it's really that simple. And if your first time -- is -- will give you FTC. And designation. If you do -- join us tonight to our numbers 2601870. -- free 86688. -- early seventy. Our text number state 77 and here's a text that reads I think tattoos are ugly disgusting. Displacement of the human body. Here's attacks the Bible also says don't judge. Here's attacks about songs that would make somebody surrender or talk listen to Eddie Murphy saying party all the time is torture skewed. Here's an -- to -- music any brat would make me talk. We used Metallica and other heavy metal to break down. They captured insurgents in Iraq I loved it. Even supply son. Yet the US military and uses music torture and to heavy metal is not something that is acceptable. To the ears of many people in many parts of the world so that can sometimes be used as torture course if you supplied him and you're you're you're dig -- it. Maybe you're in Iraq and you're trying to get these insurgents. To break down and you're playing music that that you love. If you wanna give us a song that would make you surrender our or or talker -- numbers 877. -- He's but ceases to deal guilty witness. If I'm gonna do how are you -- Out around and around it is prekindergarten night. And radio on a Yemeni man got on the attitude there. I regret that now let's get beanie ran out and got to get two out of them on an audio. And I'll let you might but. It's just the fifteen year old ball went out got it yet it is about them. And it grandmother's name on -- I didn't know you can get a tattoo at that age. Well -- in London neighborhood people. Policy and that is you know apple bought a -- he would not pressing you to get. But that mom and grandma my out my daughter and my actual anarchy it -- -- did did he do well no. Now. Now now know what -- times we. World War II babies in the back end. -- -- -- -- Maybe in the US and and see now -- -- merchant -- can't get a look at news but. -- yet to I'll put that back I'll say all of don't go away. Nowadays is like you know paint by numbers tattooed on number. You know does it does -- body when you see that do you judge people. Don't know them good and now I just say about it. You know that I guess you'd better than what you -- an you money in the bank -- yes. -- our conversation specialist into WW relish -- driving around tonight if you wanna join us with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Series -- text is a 7870. If your -- stay with us are coming right back with more of your calls here's a -- -- tattoos and gold teeth with the public -- issue with an officer with gold teeth. And if so how many teeth. Are acceptable. Also tonight to discuss blog is about to golfers who got into fights on the the seventh the the seventh hole. They argued over rules at a particular gulf country club in Pennsylvania one guy pulled out his three wood and hit the other guy would have both people were arrested. -- blog tonight is entitled irrational rage and violence not exclusive. Two younger generation. Read it share it it's on our website at WWL dot com and we'll be right back. Weird -- Yanukovich it's a take off foreign for a Williams happy song is called taxi. It's good. This is this good show on a Thursday night on WWL there's a tradition that has been started depression the NFL in decide selecting weird -- again activate. As the halftime entertainment for the Super Bowl next year. And day as of this afternoon 30000 people joined the petition ants changed out of work. My first thought about this but now it now being pregnant now that's not halftime entertainment. For the Super Bowl that I thought you know way to -- It might be funny. Maybe it would loosen things up. Mean the guys kind of alleged enemies doesn't really great job with the song to me that's a great takeoffs. It was a take off fallen PD which was eager to play you know part of it for -- to -- while on the most recently -- -- take -- happy called tacky. And you know it might be it might be fun for weird elegant if -- to do the halftime show here's a text. It reads many that serve our country in the military get tattoos. Does that mean their less trustworthy or less honorable. Absolutely not if you just going to sit in a PD is revising the decision to allow police officers to have -- So there will be visible tattoos with police officers does that Buffy. From the worlds change your own description on -- VW well. Pigeons. Another part. First time crow -- appreciate calling another FTC. I -- and I yeah I want to talk about her group don't they that the problem. Even on the and the personal. Stuff like buying low and Kyle but it bank there -- that internship. Some people -- -- -- memorial. -- and a bit. I am a -- children. -- I'm retired military a lot about burn -- nobody. Com I just never got one. The number. One well on that it's not I know. I wouldn't be critical of anybody who doesn't have a chance to. I just wonder why it when you think on what -- But -- when you think about what tattoos mean to so many people in the recent. That people get tattoos I'm surprised that there's still such a strong judgment. About those who have tattoos. Really that out on -- I mean not personal it's just like in the bank you know because of the group or whether it's that you don't like. Yeah. You know -- don't change their reluctant to where our -- Yeah it is it is fashion and the establishment today the baby boomer generation they had their fashion statement and I know it's -- -- argue will tattoos are permanent. Well that does it matter to younger generation that's going to define the era they occupied. The way we war are here the other hip partners the bell bottoms the clothes we wore. And -- that the the establishment look down on us and Ryan that was just start that was just our fashion they judged despite our fashion and are closed and not who we work. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I would not suggest that anybody get a -- thinking that well you know I don't like it don't just get to remove Padilla -- -- you can have tattoos removed but it I don't know if it's it. That simple of a process and and there. And it's six. Insofar yeah -- a guard Goran -- worse than throughout. James says thanks for calling her show thanks for being an FTC. I appreciate it and did a great job -- go to war. I -- as long -- you there appreciate you were appreciate you listening here's a text that read Cisco and I have a -- of my son's name. And his hand prints. It's a reminder of why I go to work and why I do right things every day. He means the world to me and I feel like no matter what. He's always the year he's always there with. So why would you judge somebody with that can -- to offer -- Marshall you're -- the WL. It's scoot around for a bit with that cute comment when we say that they. We're now and where it should be Puerto game -- the ball. Outside of opinion. Not you know at first I when I first heard about and -- that's ridiculous and -- in the book you know I don't know maybe a sense of humor would would would be -- This is true but there's so much out there that you know that. It it is -- will be -- and it's actually just you know out of what they did. -- -- -- -- You know whatever you know I've brought to their well indigenous to on a good -- should know. That -- I'm like a lot of -- call on -- to -- -- execute knowledge of to be I'm also but maybe that your aunt and back in those days and that's what that choose to back in the bottom. -- effectively -- Which you know him. I've changed to this degree. First of all they're much more artful. Supplement that they saw the pictures of people -- -- homes in the continent thing it. Out what the problem with the public vote on it sometimes policy. A couple believable. That they detected at an -- and actually nurtured and their partners what kind of match you initial review. You know it's a compliment -- to. -- I'm in the people. Where you know had -- of that is that accurate terrific reaction kind of helps me a little bit since you know. That might -- in the right place. And the they don't like the -- -- to -- this. I think as long as it's not outlandish like or where they're based on the Atwater did start some people. As a police keep -- the -- -- play Sydney. That's kind of a -- way to connect with you mature. Of these laws -- and you know Washington. Yeah and ended NO PDs gonna still banned tattoos with the political message and catchers that are vulgar or tattoos on the on the face of ahead. I think that it's -- so important that you know -- the trouble that you would have. In the in the in the -- -- a little more guys in uniform it's in that you know and that's that important. The economy. No I I totally agree with you when -- I mean there in the quarter RC police officers were visible characters at least hi I have and then the rules of that that changed and now I've been revised again. I didn't think anything -- and I thought it was very appropriate demeanor their. You know police deal with everybody and they deal with a lot of people with tattoos -- why would you judge the police. If they had had tests. I thought I actually before I wouldn't have it back in the day but my sermons ever -- Ever. And in the absence at the nature of the Soviet Union people there and it happened and that some. You know you let them. You've got to move forward. And and understand it series don't have that vote would. That forward by themselves who -- the -- dementia -- -- Is an opposite and the violence war and there was some. I appreciate what we appreciate it especially moderate moderate -- Thanks for listening and neglects to technical here's a -- -- police with tattoos are fine as long as they're not on the face or of the throat. And here's a text. Texting from Indianapolis. The song -- really definitely make me talk is total eclipse of the heart. Really like the station I appreciate you listen to the station graduate this new show at night in Indianapolis. Kind of like this on. But you know. There's always that song that would just make you crack. You were in prison. You were holed up somewhere in there when you surrender of what music would make you just okay enough I'll tell you whatever you need to know. Our numbers 2601 a seventy. Toll free 8668890. -- seven -- -- say 7870 we'll be right back on WWL. And I what song would make you crack. As you're holed up somewhere and and they were trying to get you to surrender what song we just. Make you surrender. Somebody said that on an awful song for Titanic. This went by Celine Dion a from every night here on WW elegant evening. Yes sir screwed -- pretty good first round caller figured out another FTC appreciate you calling Mike but it had a couple comments. The first comment automakers about that help potential -- And -- and goes. Sorry and that I Asian art collector and an electronic over the service knows about it at year. That -- take -- look at that. Wonder if if -- -- -- -- what about the threat to our attention crystal ball. -- -- -- -- -- -- because it would coloration that may indicate -- Yeah I had I had thought about that but that is a really interesting observation like. They know that he can and I'm not a medical person so I think that is or no cost and you volatile and at the other thing one. That's mr. MacFarlane says -- -- expression I do believe it. I agree also I was not. -- expected especially to Beriault. The contract that is effective and we're very -- we aren't. But I would say the -- -- as a business owner. And when -- our people deal with the public. News on the neck of the pace that it. -- tend to be. And I -- -- it is into art for that reason rather let it out. Mike I'm gonna have to get to a news break I appreciate you calling attention being a first time caller I think that are is as a really good point again I enjoyed our conversation. But you can draw alliance say tattoos at this point are acceptable.