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08-07 10pm Scoot, Police Tattoos

Aug 8, 2014|

The NOPD will now permitt the police to have tattoos with limitations. Do having tattoos make a difference?

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It's Thursday night I am so excited I know it's just a pre season game and I know it doesn't mean anything and I know that they're going to be a lot of players who were just gonna be in the game because they're trying to win a position on the team. I'm so excited tomorrow -- saints in Saint Louis. Against the rams. We've got a game for you tomorrow night right here -- WWL. A kick off his 7 o'clock for our coverage begins at 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon ten hours of wall to wall -- coverage until 1 o'clock in the morning. So is she would get off work and may be -- sneak a little early to try to scope make your plans to watch their first pre season game of the year. On retrieve got to VW on page 70 AM -- -- 53 FM because our coverage starts with fans first take with -- and assists and former saints offensive lineman Steve court. Tomorrow afternoon. At 3 o'clock. If we're talking about and -- nights and a PD has revised the tattoo policy according to the fraternal order of police this will be officially announced within the next few days. In -- PD will now allow tattoos. On the upper arm. Above the crook of the net above the -- could be at the elbow. Even if they're visible in a short sleeved shirt which is a change in policy. Now tattoos are also going to be allowed. Below the elbow if it's a single -- it doesn't exceed two and a half inches by four and a half inches. That's going to be allowed tattoos on the head. The face and Jack are still banned tattoos that are vulgar offensive or political in nature -- will be -- And yet there are are some who still judge people with tattoos is being thug types. What about Adam Levine. A Maroon 5. Adam Levine is considered to be a really sexy guy. To a lot of women. What about all the athletes. With senators. It's interesting to me that there were some people who steal pass judgment -- attempted I don't think everybody should be -- obviously. If it's over you wanna do you have a passion for it there's something that you want on your point your body didn't you should get it. But you shouldn't have to get one and nobody should be judged because they don't have tattoos I just think that there have been younger generations that are now really redefined. Really redefined what. What it means to have attempt to. And for those who say well you know this is a permanent thing what do these what these young people gonna do when they get older. Well first of all there'll animal -- -- They have tattoos and Adam Levine I believe would be a millennial. That's so I guess a fourteen. To 33 that's that that generation. The media and maybe it's a Tony did -- I know I think it's I think it's I think it's sixteen to. Two 33 year 34. That generation has responsible jobs that generation is in the workplace in that generation will define the same waited. That we have defined the generation and every here that we occupy as a generation the baby boom generation. They will define. Every year that they go through when they become the establishment. Tattoos will be a normal thing. But it's not it's not unbelievable to think the one data would be president. Who has attacked you because one day that we thought. Not that long ago that we never have a black president. No we do so there's a reason to believe that a young generation may not redefine what it means to be what it means to be president I think the baby boomer generation. Tennis has made the moral the world more relaxed. I give our generation -- credit for relaxing the standards when it comes to eating and in fine restaurants and this is an example of of how generations make things acceptable. You can go to almost any restaurant now find dining restaurants. Many of them wearing blue jeans. Blue jeans are acceptable in nightclubs blue jeans are acceptable almost everywhere and I think that's the result of the baby boomer generation to generation that it says. I guess in in some ways redefined jeans and in in being relaxed estate as they got older they took that with them and and they have redefined to what it means to Wear jeans some people don't like that but a lot of people do but it was a time you couldn't get into certain nightclubs. With blue jeans -- That's not that the case and army may be here there there are nightclubs here and they -- but for the most part genes have become acceptable. And I think that's a contribution. Good or bad of the baby boomer status -- So in the same way a young generation today is going to redefine what it means for them to be part of of the establishment. Here's -- -- -- a pretty general opinion poll tonight to do you care if NO PD cops have visible tattoos. 19% say you know -- care. 81% say no don't care. Give the shipping of regulatory website WWL dot com we've also been talking about President Obama authorizing. A targeted airstrikes against the Islamic militants in Iraq to protect Americans. American -- interest. And also those says those refugees. Who are being pushed out of -- cities -- by the Islamic. A militants are also the president two win out of his way to say tonight that there would be no. Troops on the ground troops are not going back -- right but targeted airstrikes. I'm will -- to CEO overtime whether that term that will work certainly you know it's it's a temporary fix to a problem that is the question will be is. Is that going to stop these these militants from doing what they wanna do and you know this was this was. Predictable this was something that was predicted when we first went in to try to oust Saddam Hussein and elaborates. I Iraq. And a lot of people are not surprised that Iraq is is unstable and there was a lot of talk when the war first started that. If we don't stay there forever it's going to lead to a country that is not stable and that's going to create a vacuum and allow. Bad people to come in and take over the country because they're not going to be as strong so. This was this was predictive hopefully things and hopefully things work out if you rejoice for the comic tonight are numbers 2601878. Tool free 86688. -- -- what's happening in a text numbers 877. It's hard to believe that summer is already over for saint Tammany public schools. So -- public school students went back to school today. I remember going back to school after labor to. In many parts of the -- -- have to go back to school this early. But I guess because of hurricanes and things like that I. It's going back to school earlier I know for a lot of parents who work in this -- of relief. Our kids are back at school and afterward about daycare so I realize it's it's a relief but -- when you're kid was there anything good about going back to school. I guess that the first date it was that initial excitement. You're gonna see people that you hadn't seen in awhile because you don't hang out with them away from school he would be. Rejoined with people and -- there was always the the nervousness you're going to a new school for the first time but it was exciting to meet new people sort I guess there was a degree of excitement. On that first day of school but other than that I don't think there was anything good about going back to school. I here's a text about it Tuesday Reid says it is ridiculous to judge anyone with a tattoo. You shouldn't judge a person on their outward appearance. You should judge based on the person inside yeah I totally agree with that and you just can't think about Adam Levine. Maroon 5 and -- generation has sleeps that has a lot of visible tattoos. Animal -- is. A sex god to a lot of women. And there are professional athletes with a lot of tattoos. Again there are a lot of people with a lot of tattoos it is just I I'm I'm surprised that there are still a lot of people we certainly have a right to be this way. But I'm surprised there -- a lot of people it's still cling to this idea that a -- too dangerous dog cannot edit text early for some bodies said. A police with tattoos. Are like thugs with a branch. And I I just when you think about the motivation for getting tattoos today just doesn't seem like it's it's fair. And cultures the conservative author and pungent who is rejected by the way by many many Republicans. And Coulter is rejected by many conservatives. So she doesn't speak for conservative she XP she speaks very very small extreme minority. Within the conservative Republican Party. She says that the American Doctor Who contracted Ebola. By helping patients in Africa. Was idiotic. She's a doctor should have stayed in America to help people here and not go help people in Africa. I'm sure there's -- people who believes that cheap she has a point. But she is known for saying outrageous things she she sells books in cheers. She's made a career out of saying. Outrageous things and you don't you don't have to make everybody happy you just have to make enough people happy to make you rich and famous and Ann Coulter has done that. But it it it's also fun to to point out when she is just totally -- -- something or wind -- anybody says something that's totally inappropriate. And I would like to think they -- human beings. We're America's second but we do share this planet with other other human beings. And while we need to take care of the human beings within our borders first is there are people who couldn't go help. People in other countries. I don't think there's anything wrong with -- that humanitarian effort and defective human scare. About people who -- in this country just care about other human beings I think it's a very endearing thing. And maybe we should be more open to that as long as it doesn't cost us now the argument is well look these people -- caught a ball. Other bringing it back to you guys -- well apparently they're not you know they've had been a lot of skiers and the media does a really good job of scaring people. I remember I guess this was in the in the seventies there was a big fear of the Swine Flu. Swine Flu was -- who was gonna spread across this country and we were all gonna get Swine Flu and that was going to be a horrible horrible thing. So that the media does a good job of of of a scary people. But as far as I know there's really. No big -- to this country. And I would like to think that those people who are in charge. Know what they're doing. I can say I'd like to think it if you wanna join us with a comment tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. A seventy. And a -- number 87870. Also this horrible talk about something to discuss blog tonight which is titled irrational rage and violence not exclusive to young generation. To golfers on the golf course in Pennsylvania. Get into an argument over rules of the club. And I Geist takes out is his three wood and hits the guy with it. And they start fighting. Now you can't really blame the young generation former acting on a moment of rage. If adults are gonna act anyway. -- -- bloggers on our website at W real dot com you can read it and -- and others. Ever come right back with -- of your comments on WWL. There is a petition on the website change dot org to get the NFL to have Al yank a very weird Al. Beat the halftime show the Super Bowl next year's was one of their classic -- line -- now. There's not a good idea we're now doing the halftime show with a Super Bowl. Is anything wrong -- have a sense of humor at the Super Bowl. It's a thought as of this afternoon 30000 people had joined a petition you can do it by going to change dot org and look for that petition. I'm -- in this is WW graduates on this Thursday night tomorrow night the saints will play their first pre season game gets -- ranch looking forward to that game tomorrow night. Nichols is its seventh our coverage begins at 3 o'clock -- -- we've got the point after with Bobby and -- It goes to 1 o'clock so stay with -- all day tomorrow ten hours of wall to wall extreme saints coverage for pre season game Drew Brees is hard -- play. -- have a problem with that there have been some rumors that Drew Brees is not gonna play because of the concern that the Rambis. Defensive coordinator is. Gregg Williams. Was our defensive coordinator under the bounty gate scandal. And I just don't police that -- I don't think that senator Gregg williams' words -- targets and Drew Brees or target anybody. On. Although he might have done that in the past two I don't think he would do that today I so I think that's kind of a a convenient rumored as is easy to spread that through social media. I generally think that's the case I don't know for sure but that's my observation of a tummy -- we'll talk about it tomorrow morning and Debbie WL first news do you still. A Gregg Williams. I'm fine with Drew Brees sitting out. Tony Romo and I think -- Tom Brady. And another top quarterback in addition of Tony Romo are sitting at the for the first pre season games so this is not something that is that and usual. And Drew Brees has experienced enough he does need to be in the first pre season game let's see these other quarterbacks. Yeah just in case god forbid. Something were to happen. The team has got to have a really good back up quarterback if they expect to win it. And we've got to start training somebody. Two to follow Drew Brees so I'm really looking forward to the game tomorrow night and looking forward to seeing the young quarterbacks in the air. With the first team. So even a super pre season game even without Drew Brees I'm excited about the game tomorrow I don't forget to Wear black and gold to work tomorrow. It's -- day here on WWL and throughout New Orleans. And I here's a text or weird Alice fitting good Dell is making a mockery of football with the entire. Offense biased rules. Interesting observation. Get to a more fewer text here in just a moment if you wanna join us with a comet tonight -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy. At a -- -- 87870. We've had we've had a a number first time callers and it's something that I like to encourage if you if you listen to the show when you've never called the radio show before. I hope this will be the first to show that you call. It's just like having a conversation with some. It's very very simple disturb the caller caller showed if you are first time caller will designate she was -- FTC so but so. Let us know if you're a first time caller. Here is attacks to read says the president Obama's statement on the responsibility to protect innocent civilians in Iraq falls. Very hollow and hypocritical considering. That he paid lip service to the slaughtering of Palestinian civilians. And not all Palestinians are members of Hamas. Which renders them innocent civilians the statement is obscene and insulting. Here is attacks about tattoos tattoos body piercing and gold teeth or true indicator of low class trash. It during the next break. Coming up I'm -- tweet. A picture of one of the -- that is visible. On -- Very proud of it can never regretted it. Does it mean to -- to like it but did he knows some people don't like to Wear Wear my hair. Some people don't like that. Clothes that I Wear so I can be worried about what people don't like -- I'm gonna tweet that out if it's gonna join me on Twitter it's acts scoots WWL. Had to scoop WW let's say actually have a picture of the the category five hurricane hot dog that I I -- to the dome and to -- drew some controversy because category five hurricane. Hot dog in the dome inappropriate because of Katrina and everything that happened in the dome. I think some people are being a little for sensitive and that's not to downplay anything that anybody went through. Following Katrina. But I just I don't think that's really of a big deal done but yet some people are sensitive to that. So if you join me on Twitter I like to tweet out things and sometimes I get interest in pictures of things it's act scoot Debbie if you will. I also. Tweeted out that these these two golfers. They got into a fight. And retreated on a comment about that earlier I I don't wanna I don't wanna say that yet because it's coming up on in the block us from New Orleans Janice -- to be WL. He gets good yeah when it said -- a couple of things. All of that to -- pertaining to scuttle. But I used to be on vacations everything. -- was old I don't know equipment that differently that day. And then the times that if I was -- -- to get that could be that the kids and everything and I think. There's nothing wrong with having -- longer school he -- and the long difficult day. It takes children occupied give them something to do and I think that tidbit and now. It was exciting to go back but it didn't take long for that excitement to Wear off for me. And you know but can malignant -- it's what it is you know everybody -- to -- it effectively it can happen you can get. -- -- something and -- we just don't have to -- again and that one about. OK if I could halt police. Let's say 1 morning a couple of -- pick outcry in the morning. So what I think and I -- about. And it turned out I found out later. That it was a one. It was at Christmas time into the skilling about an exit polling at my cut that down -- and -- -- A police officer habitat through. -- -- -- well this is what happened I didn't. I didn't actually called police first got -- mechanical problem not intend to comment -- the cowboys. Did that to police have a tattoo. I couldn't even tell you but I'm trying to make. It fit it. It probably. My -- look at it and I'm glad that -- not -- if I'm looking for a good. That can help me and I am. Sure that the police check these people. Everything if you -- a good time and and you coming to -- save me from the bad and I. Any attention -- you've got attacked us. And. -- that is a really great point time I've got to get to a CBS news update here we've had some breaking news tonight appreciate the caller I think it's a really good point don't look at the tattoos look at the police officer. Here's an update don't know what's going on with the situation in Iraq. Or continue with those as CBS news updates throughout the night tonight also in Hawaii and had an earthquake on the big island very early this morning. And now there are two hurricanes. Back to back headed for Hawaii. And I hope anybody wearing a grass skirt is not going commando because that could be rather embarrassing yeah yeah they don't like once and if there are a lot of grass huts a lot of outdoor things and I don't takeaway is -- -- hurricane in over twenty years even though they're just sitting right there in the middle of the Pacific and there are a lot of hurricanes in the Pacific. In fact there's one to the the west of fill out of Hawaii that I think may they threatened and Japan harbors some other. On other nations but. If you look at these these two hurricanes back to back I mean just think about that in the Gulf of Mexico. One hurricane and another hurricane right behind yeah it's this is unheard of but why he is is gonna get -- these are not. These are not and the big category storms. 7580 mile an hour winds and that's gonna come down a little bit when they start to sweep over the islands because says there are a lot of mountains. On in Hawaii so any hurricane is a dangerous but they're not going to be the most dangerous. And I I heard that one of the things that is really flying off the shelves. In Hawaii. Is suspending him. People want spam and that was so that was a World War II thing. And you know I guess because there's still a lot of there's still a lot of military legacy and heritage. On the -- Japan because of our military presence there manager World War II. And continuing today. Span is a very beloved item and their people here -- spam. People like spam and -- Spam for breakfast. And spam fan I have to admit it will salty for me will medium not exactly sure really what's in there. But I think it's like you know shoulders in. I don't know if it doesn't matter and if you like it you'll like it but it gets a couple of these text about talent tattoos. And if you just joined us tonight we've been talking about NO PD. Revising the very there rules when it comes to tattoos that police officers will now be able to have some tattoos that are visible in a short sleeved shirt. Are you OK with that that's our WB a pretty general opinion poll tonight. This text read Cisco I'm 54 years old vets I have two adult sons. And we have no tattoos. I don't want any and I implants they don't have any. To each his own I have no problem with -- having some that we got a picture one of my one attempt to send. Are coming appeared in just a moment. It again I. I just I don't think that tattoo makes me a -- I don't think detectors make people make people with plug and again and we all have our own style our own fashion and everybody's different in the challenge for us is to sometimes not judge people by the clothes they Wear. I mean I try not to be judgmental of people who Wear seersucker suits and box. Near downtown DC -- and a seersucker suit you might automatically think there there are bad lawyer. Or their -- lawyers that's just finished a few I try not to judge those people who Wear those seersucker suits. Here's attacks cute I'm a businessman husband of eighteen years and father of three I have 110 two of my wife's initial on my ring on my ring finger. -- Don't think so. Here is attacks today it reads -- -- -- I'd talked earlier about the Bible says don't get tattoos and you know we don't know the Bible says a lot of things. This text reads I love when people quote the Bible on your show -- too typical Christian -- their fingers. At others without looking at themselves. Judging only decisions of others. And not their own. And that is so true when it comes to a lot of things. Not the least of which is same sex marriage and homosexuality. It's very easy to be judgmental of somebody else's -- About recognizing. -- if you're rejoice for the comet tonight our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. A seventy. And I text -- precinct 7072. Golfers got into an argument over rules of golf course in Pennsylvania. One of the golfers allegedly hit the other went in the head with a three bullet. Punches were exchanged in both men face charges. Police in -- a union town pennsylvanians. File charges against Roger Harris 63. And bright and then -- 42. They were playing golf with a group at the Springfield golf club in Pennsylvania. There was an argument over the rules about casual water. I'm not a golfer but despite understand casual water deals with puddles. And this was following a brief rain showers -- -- got into an argument on the fifth hole. The two men began to argue again on the seventh hole and the police complaint reports that Harris hit Banderas. It band I think is into bandits hit bandits. With a three wood and both men -- started trading punches. When the fighting ended Harris had a swollen jaw and -- a scratch shy. And -- was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for a mild concussion. And an injury to his forearm which he used to try to block. They hit from three -- Harris were charged with aggravated assault because he used to weapon the golf club. And simple assault. And Bettis was charged with simple assault now let's not blame the golf club okay it's not the fault that we don't need to band golf clubs set the fault of the golf club is not what the golf it's that the presence of the golf -- it's what humans do with a golf club. That's who you blame that the human. The human factor behind the golf club not the club itself. But I thinking about this you know grown man getting into a physical fight over the rules of a golf club. And and adults criticizing young generation from losing their temper. It does it -- have -- is a problem with any man who would use his three wood as an assault weapon against another golfer over an argument about course rules. Mean. Again. Think about it if you get upset and I am not a golfer but I understand it's a very frustrating game. And I mean I have to wait a little bit and it when I was in in in high school and once in awhile I guess we would do to skip out of east Jefferson and I don't think this ever government permanent record but I remember one time we. Double my friends and I we skipped out of when play golf it is city -- I'm not proud of that by the way. And you kids don't do what scooted okay you you stay in school and study hard they don't skip on play golf in any event not a golfer but I know it's it can be very frustrating. And I know people who were into golf you're just a really really intense -- don't don't get. Get into an argument over the rules and in you've taken a three wood is an assault weapon and hit another golfer with a it's difficult for adults to criticizing young generation for acting on the impulsive rage when adults are doing the same thing. Apparently another argument erupted right after the fight. When band is demanded that Harris count the swing with a three wood as a stroke on his cart. And police say that a lesser charge would have been filed in Paris would simply used his partner instead. The scoop -- tonight is irrational fear of rational rage and violence not exclusive to a young generation. You can read that this year -- others especially if you're a golfer you might be interested in it. It's on our website at WWL. Dot com. And if you wanna join us for the comment tonight our number is 2601870. Toll free 86688970. And -- numbers 87870%. Of VW up pretty jacked by opinion poll that you care NO PD officers have visible tattoos. It's part of our conversation on this -- chartered I give us your opinion by going to WW real dot com Adam Levine. Covered with tattoos. And I know a lot of women including. Person on dating who is absolutely in love with this guy. This is Disco show coming right back on this Thursday night on every WL. It is a very hot Thursday night -- yeah sensitive people are these days when everything. Last night I walked added midnight and it's it's midnight. And dislikes a monkey. Since I was -- maybe -- should be offended by the muggy weather. Coming this -- -- Monday -- neighbor see I can be sensitive about that. So really can be sensitive at the ready it is just it's very very humid but there'll be a time this winter when I'll be on the air and you'll be right there. And we'll be talking about the weather and it's gonna be so cold and windy and may be Brady that you were going to be praying for this kind of humid weather. So you might be frustrated with -- now but remember it's not gonna always be like it's a -- we talked about this category five hurricane hot dog. This being offered during the saints' season at the Mercedes-Benz superdome. And there's some controversy about it it's a it's a big hot dog it's -- I don't tweet -- a picture wise it's a huge not to. And so the name category five hurricane which is a huge hurricane so I understand that some people were offended by that. Well tonight I have news of a hot dog that cost 100 dollars. This is the Guinness book of world records it's officially known as the dragon dog at doggy -- Which is a Canadian restaurant that specializes in gourmet hot dogs the most expensive hot dog in the world it cost 100 dollars. Which is really probably in not too far ahead of what it's gonna caution to buy the hot dog in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. So here's what this this hot dog has on. It's a foot long hot dog. It's soaked in. 2002000. Dollars vintage. -- the eighth. Cognac. The dog -- then topped with Kobe beef. -- with olive and truffle oil fresh lobsters sauteed in garlic is deliciously added into the mix. And the dog is target served with the top secret the country -- -- It cost 100. Dollars. You know you might wanna go there without a date. 'cause like you do the math and that would be an expensive days he rejoiced I read your comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seven at tech's number is 877. Here's a quick update on our changing WW a pretty general opinion poll. Do you care if NO PD officers have visible tattoos. 22% say yeah they care that number is increasing. 70% say no they don't care give us your opinion by going to our web sites WW Al dot com 22 year old man was shot and killed by police at Wal-Mart in a suburb of Dayton Ohio. The attorney general's office say that this disguise. Was waving a rifle in the year -- that customers. In the Wal-Mart. The shot and killed. It turned out that it was an air rifle. But does that matter. I mean if you're dumb enough to wave and an air rifle -- these people don't necessarily know that it's an air rifle some air rifles might look like. Regards. If you're if you're waiting and air rifle in the air Italy shoot you. To me if that's really what happened. That's justify it as to justify issued course there's a big investigation going into this mainly because it was a was an air rifle but it would have been any different of 22 year old John Crawford would have waved at. 122 or assault rifle. Again our police supposed to know -- he can't wait to find out if it's a real gun to shoot. Because then it might be too late. A for New Orleans site EB Iran WWL. Yes I like to comment on Pak who's. I -- they keep it real. If my account would get ill prepared to Rihanna date. As have a lot of confidence in the third and so without. With dollar bounced back who found his pace. And their -- on the bank but is -- Frank Jackson. I don't think I'd have a lot of confidence. And a bank -- that. Who would it tacked on his bag. Now with the doctor the doctor obviously went through med school. So we do we still focus on the tattoos. It and did the bank they're trained and hired that the bank teller or did the bank official. But I don't think -- bad -- out of likelihood that they would do. I go to would I go to a dentist who downtown and a couple of the oral hi Janice to have worked on me they may have tattoos in net debt doesn't bother me. With that you are an isolated case that was that was a bit -- I would think you would -- minorities. Yeah you know. EB there are a lot of people who would be uncomfortable with a Doctor Who is covered with tattoos and if the doctor looked like Adam Levine I mean a lot of women wouldn't object to that but it might object to that detectors at. And so when it comes to certain positions. Maybe -- you you wouldn't trust the person with tattoos. -- Well EV I appreciate you take time to call our show. Our thanks stylistic and a lot of people agree with you. Would you be skeptical of a doctor that had tattoos. There's -- there are a couple of younger generations Maloney also will be the first ones. There will really redefine what it means to have tattoos and and many will become doctors with. With tattoos is is is that a prop -- are there a lot of people who associate tattoos with. With people being -- Or people being thugs. That's not my opinion of people with tattoos but that doesn't necessarily change European. If you wanna join us for the comet are numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- -- -- 7870. -- -- -- thrilled to have Angelina was part of our radio fairway it was on her show earlier this week talking about the wonderful food tasted at the Mercedes-Benz superdome for the upcoming saints season. She's got another great show planned for you tomorrow. Every day at 1 o'clock every Monday through Friday 1 o'clock -- -- a -- -- show with what's trending on WW well. Join us for a candid -- in depth conversation about the top trending stories of the day news sports. Whether social media although the latest trends so ketchup on the latest trends with what's trending and -- WL. Every day at 1 o'clock with Angela hale and she's joined tomorrow by Dave Cohen WB real news director. Since Dunlap WL and three WOL sports host and writer director of prep football roundup. And also from magic -- one point nine Steve -- And that it's at 2 o'clock it's let's have fun Friday with Angela shall talk about movies including guardian of the angels switched. -- continues to break records at the box office -- can attack I -- previews for that and that's just not my style movie mean if you if you like that that's fine. I'm not into the scifi stuff Annette -- previously that the other night. And it just looked silly to -- but again it just goes to show you that they make different movies or for different people is doing really well at the box office. Also the a movie produced by Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg. Which is so called the hundred foot journey which looks. Very cerebral very interesting so those are a couple of things Angelou we'll talk about tomorrow it's an open mind with a legend Jerry Angelo hill tomorrow in weekdays from one to four under every WL. A Fred you're on the Scotia good evening. You. So I went so well. In the mail. Two local spot on that student who. Say oh that's wrong that's at C. They are and where everything. I don't I -- You know what -- -- I would agree on -- audiences something obscene. Something like -- I think it's fair to draw a line and say -- you know this is acceptable but but this isn't. And you know I can also understand how maybe it's going a little too far to have tattoos on your neck and on your face there when it comes to a lot of different professions. All right -- I -- pretty directly you -- I know about being out there to -- before a group. I do you think I had a PD should be able to have tattoos. Yeah it is right. You know not respect for -- -- Ritualistic thing well. In. -- -- and I appreciate it take to turn to color showing. Thank you for what you do for a community when you're a police officer. Appreciate -- if you're on hold stay whether it's double take a quick break and come right back with your comments here's a Texan -- tattoo lovers. Are increasingly the majority. That played talking about the doctor in the bank personnel is in the minority. Would you not trust. A doctor. Or a lawyer or. A banker. That had tattoos. Our numbers 2601 a seventy toll free 8668890. A seventy. A -- Amber's -- 77 here's a text about first responders with tattoos will get to that and more of your calls -- we come back on WL. Coming up after the news at 11 o'clock -- -- series of emails that I I've received from a listener about the blog last night which was titled conservatives becoming desperate. -- same sex marriage reality. It for seeing an interesting exchange with these are these emails will show that are coming up in the next hour. And if you -- if you want to I've talked to be through email my email address is scoot acts. WWL. Dot com he could you join me on Twitter at scoots to be WL -- Gregory welcome to our show tonight. Good debate in the -- Well it didn't about do you don't want. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Email it's very very hectic and I would I would agree with you. All that do so on it that laments that it means you're good person need to write to him and had been at the -- well. McGregor yeah right I mean they they can really be artistic or they can all -- -- don't want to yeah. Well -- can be done in a sloppy way -- I agree with you I'm. GTE. Emotionally and physically very very well you know do you have any news. I don't know you know. Settled on an opportunity. And took a look at -- and it would. It would. If if you if you hear that voice if you're if you're indecisive about oh don't don't get a tattoo. It was more into retreat -- and and beat a really good are they have an important part. Hong Kong the Philippines that I mean illegally that the that the act as the dispute. That there's a fine it's the person behind. I agree Gregory appreciate you calling -- sharp nationalistic tonight if your -- stay with this we're gonna get your calls right after the news center at 11 o'clock. Here is a -- -- -- most people with tattoos have a sheep like personality very little originality. And always the faithful follower. Tried I disagree with that. Here is. Attacks that read this and I know. I know a woman has multiple tattoos and in her case I think its attention seeking behavior. Here's a text don't think I would care if the first responders to save my life quartets. Or not. And LTD handers revised the rules about NO PD officers having tattoos. Now tattoos will be visible. On there will be some limits but now some tattoos will be visible in short sleeved shirts. This is this -- shall I -- over coming right back after the news on WW well.