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08-07 11pm Scoot, Police with Tatoos, Torture Songs

Aug 8, 2014|

If you were being totured with music; what song would finally make you break? Police in New Orleans can now have tattoos.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

There was an earthquake on the big island of Hawaii early this morning and now there are two hurricanes taking aim on this paradise in the Pacific. And I think it's been over twenty years since a -- had a hurricane. And you think it's it's they're sitting right there in the middle of the Pacific they would have had more hurricanes in -- -- -- kind of small when you look at the massive. Area of the Pacific Ocean so I guess a lot of the storms -- bypass in but it looks like they're gonna get hit with two back to back it is amazing to see these. This training of these these these two hurricanes which will define guys heading to Hawaii now these are not. -- category -- may be wonder to a category I think the winds are 75. Maybe eighty miles an hour. But still it's still serious and can still create a lot of problems. I was thinking you are an earthquake and now two hurricanes. Mean at Hawaii due to deserve that. And then realized. Same sex marriage is legal and want. So I guess that's God's -- right. Coming up a -- this year few. Emails that I've I've exchanged with a listener who was responding to this -- blog last night which which conservatives becoming desperate about same sex marriage reality. And by the way that's -- all conservatives. But some have. I think move toward desperate measures. Two to try to stop same sex marriage as it becomes more and more. Likely that it's it's going to be reality to a a share some of those emails with you just a moment and if you do wanna and of course sponsor through emails my email address is scoot -- WL. Dot com will be talking about tattoos tonight here's a quick update on our -- to a pretty general opinion poll. Do you care -- NO PD cops have visible tattoos because they are now reversing the toll reversing but -- refine easing. The the rule about no tattoos can be shown that is changing so. In a PD officers will be able to show tattoos. With certain restrictions. Rufus you're on the -- show into the WL. A ruthless. They wanted to make to comment one but that attitude. I don't think there's that big -- deal of these days I'll hear a cop or. Fireman would have a tattoo -- up and -- -- females. I would definitely would be psychologically. When it's served food at its it department needs that the back content about meet them. It's. I'm not gonna like. Leave the restaurant because it's. So if anybody would if that would bother you would need would it bother you is fewer doctor -- -- Paris had to -- -- Is it that that animal but then put that would probably not. Probably died now it would depend where that -- -- -- -- -- -- Kinect has to. -- that might tighten biggest test in Quebec could be an issue yes I think that's a two rocket probably let that one. I think that's a little different you know professional athletes and not I don't. I don't like to face netease periods I neck tattoos I'm OK with that with a lot of people but I can understand how that could be rule. It is somebody would say okay will you could have tattoos but not on your neck and -- by the way -- -- PDs revising this this rule about tattoos but still no. Head neck or. I tattoos like that in no folder tattoos no obscene no political tattoos. And you know with and with the women not like that you than women but they have the the especially on the back side it detect it depends who -- had predicted to me on the wrong Beckett kind of throw me off that the -- it's kind of -- company's. Russa rivers if you think tattoos and a woman or sexy then. Do you understand how women which think tattoos on a guy. Okay good -- wasted my second comment is. I gotta say I think you go on and on about Adam -- being way too much -- I really think the vast majority of those -- find him attractive probably organize. Grown women and not think there are some that find him attractive. -- And -- it any -- without calling I implore you. Please call you think that he's just not nearly enough for you about the biggest experiment here but. You know we -- kind of puny guy and it is one thing that he does prove it's it's the fact if you could be covered in tattoos and still. What kind of book and it. I'm so you think Adam Levine is a -- I'm an actor or. Attractive well it sets up to it's up to use to say what you think it's it's it's a subjective view of somebody and and and you might think he's. Like the guys to be a little bigger than been -- he's gotten I don't like it look at teenager and probably about a big fan of mean it's -- -- big bad side of my biggest of my worst nightmare. Would be listening to the radio every. Being on with its same height page. -- that would just drive me nuts. Well I understand it's that might not -- years your taste in music I think there they're very good -- use Adam Levine is an example because he's such a common denominator with so many people. Does the woman I'm dating users a grown woman and she she we get rid of me the second -- architecture was disappointed that he got married recently. What she couldn't be exception not the rule of sustain it any women out there please call waiting -- that your opinion that I think -- I think you regional pride and this I think you kind of overrated person. -- well I mentioned him last night on the show because it was just announced that they have signed to be part of the MTV -- -- to perform at the MTV. Video music awards August 24. And they've never performed on the showing got a new album coming on September so I mention that and I have mentioned Maroon 5 along with a lot of other bands. As being -- bands that I think are going to withstand the test of time and be very very popular in the future. Well I guess panel held the -- but the new version of -- -- -- -- All right guys I don't -- -- I appreciate everyone you know -- thanks holistic. So is -- rights. Grown women don't think animal Venus sexy. And Adam Levine is. A feminist. I think about a feminist stars I don't think anybody. Anybody. Was more a -- onstage than Robert Plant. -- Led Zeppelin was at their peak in the seventies. Robert Plant was very feminist. There's nothing wrong with. Mick Jagger arguably. Is a feminine onstage. I never perceived as a high voice but I never perceived Adam Levine is being feminine and the guy is. I mean he's well built. Is cut a great he's got a great body were there but are are grown women not attracted to animal thing is he nuts it's easy to offend and it. If if you -- -- Russia with a comet are numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. -- seven -- tech's number is 877. Here's a quick update on tonight's over the Euro project opinion poll do you care of NO PD officers have visible tattoos. 23% say yes that number's growing but still 77% a great majority say -- They don't care here's a text I agree with with Rufus about Adam I'm 58. So do grown women think animal -- is is a -- again I'm dating a grown woman and she she loves. Adam Levine. And to be. Quite honest about I mean I I understand he's an attractive guy and it's very talented and secure enough with myself to. Actually be able to say that here's a text Adam is skinny. I don't know analyzed the choice -- look like the guy looks like the guy works out to me. Here is a text about the hurricanes heading for Hawaii according to the weather channel the hurricane winds. And did our I just fifty miles fifty miles an hour on the coast but could be as high as 200 miles an hour and higher elevations. Why now. That is significant but I would think at those higher elevations and why there really isn't going to be any. -- there will be many structures I would think. Like I could be -- I've been to Hawaii once and on a very limited basis so maybe there are structures it is very very. -- higher elevations if you are joint site with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- text is 87870. The risk of blood tonight is about to golfers who have been arrested and charged with assault. We got into fights Pennsylvania golf course one golfer accuse the other. Aaron there was there was some argument there was some argument about. Abouts. About the big puddles of water on the course after a brief rain shower the argument started. On the fifth -- of this country club in union. Biggest union dale Pennsylvania. And that it it it extended in erupted again. On the seventh hole and one of the golfers took out is a three wood and hit the guy would it then the guy start exchanging blows and the they've both been charged. The -- scoop like tonight is titled irrational rage and violence. Not exclusive to a younger generation. There's if you're a golfer you can -- venture with -- -- we're excited to -- to -- to come after -- Chad -- -- on the -- showed good evening. Apparently -- good. -- actually pulled up essentially walking in but. You know the one thing you know rob -- -- -- and he got a lot of experience not bad cattle at a lot of chicks aren't. But I mean you know are well on. No I guess I'm unless they because your your right. And I mean no I got I totally agree. And I you know ice why ice well you know women like as bad boys. It was an -- alienate the -- -- he believes -- -- -- -- the Mercury at you know so it. It's valued -- back girls like guys that value but it. As far as. Yeah or proceed talk about this but it Demetrius being among the scene game at great aquarium gonna. Put them out you know somebody saints players aren't and I. I don't see how we can do that Jimmy with what he's gone through and I don't see how you can go to -- -- -- It can be a blood test -- I thought that you don't connect it but that. The penis on Carol hackers are to him and her window it be I saw -- yeah. -- -- submarine with a don't mean. I don't have an opinion on them but some might say that military solution politically. Could that get to that keep party that they shouldn't. Have a political affiliation there in the military which. I guess that. Some people say that the military. Simple that -- other it's a political figure you know the flag with a -- that name. Well you know just because just -- just because the Tea Party and and and and Tea Party. Members have adopted that they've they've adopted -- deal with those who are very anti government have adopted that they're saying in that that flag. I don't think that that means that it's necessarily. On something that belongs to the Tea Party are people who are anti government just because somebody has to. That being he could be anti terror skipping up and make it like why can't -- and new world order knows what they mean by. I think. Let's go show thanks listing here's a text Adam Levine is definitely metro sexual. Still very sexy but not very mentally. -- you know every guy he's not. Mentally. They are not necessarily gay but not every guy is overly mentally it's just I mean god made everybody differently. Here's attacks rock stars play by different life rules. They're normal people see you can't play Adam Levine -- rules to the rest of the population. -- -- Adam Levine does reflect. That generation. And they are many people in that generation. Who have sleeps. Who have a lot of tattoos. And they will ultimately be doctors and lawyers and a bank tellers they will be. Banking executives they'll be CEOs. And one day the president of the United States. May have -- somebody from that generation with tattoos may candidate -- the United States there was a time we ever thought that would be a black president in America. So why would we be so naive as to think that one day there might not be present with tattoos. -- from Pascagoula Fred -- WWL. Yeah go on back on those home that would -- you are correct in your book well it promotion virtual store and has. But it may have been spoiled little -- rural or whatever it is that we do for you. Well -- like myself ran out and it goes back when I was in the army I was saw. In the -- -- you know we have been college dormitory style player shouldn't diaries and not. You could. So we got down and down the worried that are at one time he could not volley and ever considered trying to go to sleep -- here about. -- -- you know likening it to be a little irritating Fred I'm glad to share that witness and I have a great night in Pascagoula earlier in the show we were talking about this a Russian fisherman. In fact Jack let's go to jacares RC percent let's go to the break with. Baby by Justin Bieber. So if you hear the stories -- -- a Russian fisherman says that Justin Bieber is music saved his life. Demand so that he is being mauled by a bear man I saw pictures of the guys get bandages on his face and his head bandages on his his side by his abdomen. The guy says he was being mauled by a bear when his cell phone went off. And the ring tone was baby by Justin Bieber his father. Put that Tony's phone as a joke. The man said that he is alive because as soon as the -- heard that this does the song baby by Justin Bieber. The -- took off and left him alone. And that I was reading today about how the government has used music to torture people. The US government has used music to force people to surrender. Or to give up information person. So we were talking about whose music. Would make you surrender. Whose music would make you talk. Enough I can't stand this anymore on I'm gonna talk. If you gonna join us for the comment on numbers 260187. Toll free 866. 889 steroids seventy. The text numbers 87870. I still had the -- it is this brush envision first of all -- Russian fisherman has baby by Justin Bieber on his ring tone. I mean you think your comrades who wanna beat you up over that. But it's save this state this guy's life. -- what song words what song would make you surrender was -- -- FBI played these boots are made for -- By Nancy Sinatra to try to get David Koresh to to give up in Waco Texas in the early nineties when he was with their branch Davidian compound. And US troops have used. Have used music to try to get people to surrender in foreign countries. This is the -- showed Thursday nights and we'll be right back on WWL. And tonight's video producer Jack Harris says this is the song that would make him surrendered this is the song that would make him crack. Actually. I hate to admit it but I've kind of like it. -- coming up by evidence Jesse -- to again we've got sidetracked here but they're coming up publisher a couple of emails sent -- -- receive from listener from yesterday about the blog yesterday. Here's a Texan reason anything by Barry Manilow would be considered torture. Here's a Texas -- I wonder what the other -- meant by manually. -- does not have to be much. Thank you for challenging us to expand our views. And reduce our judgments and vanished from Laura Laura thanks for for listening here's attacks in recent women find at a -- sexy. Because he's a singer in a popular -- If he were a mechanic. A waiter along guy. He would not get a second look from the same women. Is that true. Do women only think cattle being sexy. Because he's the lead singer of the rent. Or would you find that same guy sexy. If he did something else reality it was less glamorous I John you're on the -- showed every WL. Excuse. I think that's -- actually -- me absolute -- and cracked would be. I'm Obama Girl in a ballroom world I don't know what out of spring break indicated played nonstop on common investor and it was a Q. I look at it we gonna have a CBS news update coming up in just a few minutes the job we're gonna play -- play that -- the Barbie girls song I'm a Barbie girl. Judd thanks for calling we're gonna do that coming out of the a CBS news update a there's breaking news tonight if you if I just joined us we've been busy tonight are registering -- show. On the president's has announced that he is ordering. I'd targeted airstrikes over I've -- Two try to stifle the movement of the Islamic militants. And also to protect Americans American interest. And also to protect said the refugees set in in Iraq says that CBS news updates coming up here two 1131. I Timmy -- under the W a good evening. I do well on here on goods -- -- -- on route to bail today. -- -- -- You've got -- -- if you heard the -- you'd if you are beating somebody up in their ringtone when often it was Justin Bieber baby. You usually ago you'd run. I agree with the bad since. Or I'll agree with the wrong. Syria I appreciate you calling their show. On the subject of the two hurricanes heading for a while you got a couple of -- about that. Here's a -- every wanna know why he doesn't live on the coast I would assume mountainside property would be valuable -- attractive to many people. Indeed it is but at that at the top peaks of the of the higher peaks I don't know of anybody lives there. On a life. Or invoice. Or here's a text as -- on the big island of Hawaii. Mount a -- of all Cano is thirteen 1600 feet high. Kilo YE volcano like I'm -- pronouncing that right 4190. Feet. The mountain ranges. Should break the storm openness from -- T judge I I've I I've understood that that that's that's what's gonna happen how. Hawaii is very mountainous so that's gonna break up -- -- I also heard that. Since one of the storms is gonna chop up the water that could actually cause the second storm. To tip -- two breakdown a little bit so while these are the most serious hurricanes for sure case in Hawaii and I think. Just over twenty years as so it's a bigger -- hip with an earthquake. This morning and in the big island they're bracing for a one of the airlines I think it was so Hawaiian air. They were offering a to waive all fees if any any any passengers wanted to change their plans and to get off the island. The -- to -- a lot of people this time a year -- -- really year round but it's a serious time of year Lotta people -- Hawaii. Vacationing in couple storms are coming. You know if you don't get hurt if nothing bad happens it's exciting to to sit -- restore. However you can always be sure that nothing bad is gonna happen. Here's a text about music that would drive somebody to the breaking point any thing that Nirvana Kurt Cobain saying would make me surrender. -- was the worst music I've ever heard. And a lot of people a lot of people feel that way. If you wanna join us for the comment tonight about any were talking about our numbers 260187. -- free 8668890. It's every text is 87870. We're gonna help you win a thousand dollars. Phyllis chancellor WW Alyssa from memory 1000 dollars just listening to have a WL every week day you've got a chance to win a thousand dollars in our nationwide summer splash cash contest. Listen weekdays right before the top of the hour news at 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM for the Cold War. Texaco were just seven to 81 for your chance to win without ever putting your phone down that seven to 81. Every weekday four lucky listeners nationwide win a thousand dollars each and don't forget to sign -- for the WW cash club will give you a more reminder fifteen minutes before the code word has spread. And you'll be sure to tune -- Text the word cash to 87870. The 1000 dollar nationwide summer splash cash contest designed to be WL percent before the news at seven. 11:2 PM and five. Here's a CBS news update. You know I've gotten a couple of text about this in the last caller brought this updated if they heard this song blaring over and over again. They would surrender. Or they were in prison and they were tortured with this -- is called music torture and law enforcement uses at the FBI uses it. And our military uses it. This is the song it would make a lot of people crack. And me let's let's be honest you can only take that for so long animated night in a little clip like this it might be cut -- and find you can only take effort. For so long. I I got an email from a listener and it was in response to the blog at her official last night which which title conservatives becoming desperate at same sex marriage reality. And it says still -- where cited WB real dot com it's in this two page. And two -- W real dot com justify an event at the top shows schedules and click on that you should do a deal to find it. -- The -- the text this email rather than email says the reality is. Did not allowing open comment is a desperate way of dealing with the issue. Open to discussion on line. Or be a coward and participate in another active leftist desperation. The left always stifles the discussion. When they're confronted with their folly. Hate to say it. Nights this trying to come down and it's not having political goals is it working your actions speak much louder than your worst. And -- simply respond to them by -- I appreciate you taking time to comment on the blog contrary to how you interpret my political ideology. My radio show is always open is always an open forum for discussion. However I do express my opinions the blog focuses on what I see is a desperate attempt to instill fear in America. About same sex marriage. And the the second two. Email that came in from the solicitor. Said thanks for responding. It is a desperation. The correct. Why is it that the same folks who complain about others forcing their opinions upon them think it's okay to try to make. The other 97% of the country listened to their whining. No it's forcing the other 97% actually more but will let that ride. To say this lifestyle is all right when it is something the majority of these 97. People percent find offensive. Perhaps she should start a blog for other evangelist. Maybe you should force the majority to accepts the opinions of what you consider French religious groups forced their beliefs on everyone. You wanna be a champion of the oppressed torture. And that goes on it it it concludes by saying French religious groups. Have been hated for centuries. The Aryan Nation. Has been -- for decades. Making sure everyone is treated equally you must treat or you must preach their beliefs as well so I must I must. Preach. The beliefs. Of Aryan Nation. And then 97% -- she actually is really 98%. There was a recent study which we talked about in the show. -- indicating that only 2% of Americans identify themselves as gay or or lesbian. And they are people of people like god why are we having this big discussion about same sex marriage. Well this is a classic exercise in how America works. There are a lot of people in this country -- born gay or lesbian. Who support same sex marriage based on simply equality. So it's not the two or 3% of the population that's forcing their will on everybody else it's a lot of people in this country like myself. Who are four. On equality. But I answered the I answered this. This email about the Aryan Nation in time -- answered it this way. The Aryan Nation is hated by many because of their beliefs. They are free to express them. It's fair to judge opinions as long as there is respect for freedom of expression. That's -- you're missing a very important fact in the fact is that the dynamics of the movement to legalize same sex marriage. Is not 2% of population voicing their opinion about equality. It's a growing segment of the straight population including many younger Republicans and younger people who describe themselves as conservatives. And when I say younger I'm talking about under 45. They're leading the charge for marriage equality. So even if only 2% of the population does. On claim to be discriminated against it is the bill of rights that grants individuals. The rights it's supersede the will of the majority. That's our constitution. Majority doesn't rule when it comes to discrimination. And we talked about this countless times on the show if that were the case and the bill of rights -- the civil rights active at 1964 would never been past. Or actually before that. There was a majority of people especially in this part of the country that did not want integration. As -- -- came -- -- majority vote then blacks would never had equal rights. That they were grant it which they should've had all while. -- remember the bill of rights does give individual rights that supersedes. The will of the majority. And I went on to say the very fact that you use the word discussed exposes your agenda. No one is suppressing. Your opinion. But you might be judged by others because of the opinions you express. There was a time when blacks were not treated like full human beings but not today. I -- you could save this email. The battle over banning same sex marriage is essentially over. Perhaps you should move on to something you take it anyway it was just -- -- conversation that I had with -- -- If you want to if you wanna communicate three -- trying to answer every email. And my email address is scoot -- WWL dot com. And also I -- starting to get more active with a FaceBook page which is scoot on a year. Always a posting to blogs they -- your free to comment on all the blogs created that we post there. And if you wanna join me on Twitter allotted -- out pictures of interesting things are interesting thoughts that I have not everything -- -- Actually share on the year mean none of these obscene or anything but I can't. To type something happens during the day and I'll I'll tweet something out to you wanna join me on Twitter it's act scoots WW well. That's at -- WW -- Here is attacks that has a rather dismal. As a rather dismal. Outlook I believe the beginning of world war three to start soon. And there are people who thought that in the past and it did not happen. I -- -- attacks to I'd mention manly any traditional stereotypical sense masculine strong brave. It was not an insult. He is still hot that was her comment about the animals being. I hear is attacks and it reads a really old country music might make me wanna commit suicide. But nothing would make me surrender if anything it would make me angry and more defiant. Our military. Has used music to try to get insurgents to surrender. And they used Van Halen music and I if I'm remembering correctly they ultimately went to -- Michael Bolton to get Manuel Noriega. To surrender in Panama. He was holed up in his compound it wouldn't surrender in the US military was airing this music and I I think when the songs they played was Panama. By Van Halen and then -- I don't know he finally cracked and and we have in instilling in in jail. So he's in our our custody but he -- music which used that David Koresh and the branch Davidian compound in Waco Texas in the early nineties. He was told not -- and the FBI was using the song these boots are made for -- it on that's just what they'll do one of these days -- boots and so they use that's on. And obviously that didn't work because it's they went in and got him and that was really a a botched effort to that was really controversial at a time and I remember talking about that. Brighter after and for for many years following that the way that was who was -- handled. In any event they did use music to try to get him out it's called music torture. And so we've been having fun talking about the song that would make you surrender or -- but whose music would make you. Which you making would make you just wanna just television again you do OK I'm I'm I'm gonna break here. Got a text here that says -- Kenji. Insane Clown Posse. Limp biscuit and eighties hair metal. Got its -- gotta. Text from our it was a call -- call from somebody said. He was in Iraq and they used Metallica music to try to get the insurgents to to surrender. And he loved it. Because that was his music so I mean think about the benefit of that you know you're tried to drive somebody else crazy but it's music you love and I would think that a lot of the US troops in. In -- law. -- Van Halen. They might have been a little upset when he got to Michael Bolton but they love Van Halen so you know OK let's play this and and try to get what's is named and two to come out. Couple of the other things were mentioned National Anthem by Roseanne Barr. Anything -- share. Air supply. Any boy -- Barney the dinosaur -- tiptoe through the tool despite tiny Tim. And you light up my life. -- -- -- If you want it to an issue with a comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890878. Text numbers say 7870. Yeah and received a number of text of people said Barry Manilow -- music would make him crack. We'll be right back with your comments on -- -- well. Peter Frampton got really upset with a fan who was videotaping his show this was in Carmel Indiana at the palladium. Peter -- got so upset he reached over grabbed the guy cellphone and toss it a 150 feet over the stage behind the stage. And I you might think I'd sets going overboard but here's here's what happened. Witnesses say that -- before the lights went down everybody was warned not to video that video was prohibited. Photographs without the flash we're still out. Well this despair and continued to shoot his video for you for YouTube. On 11 witness said that it was more than just dealing. He was actually putting his drinks on the stage. And reached under the State's -- the band's equipment. And talked over Peter -- that would be different -- was telling stories and introducing the pregnant. The guy was then warned to stop doing it. But it continued. So Frampton said I need to relieve someone in the front row of their phone camera. Peter Frampton according to a witness grabbed the phone from the guy's hand. And threw it a 150 feet behind the stage. Without missing a court. Now when I first heard that Peter Frampton -- somebody's phone include a 150 feet with a one you know I don't know maybe this is a rock star it's a little over sensitive but there when I I read the full story I thought you know what. I think I would have done the same thing study was totally justified. Last night on the show we were talking about the -- the controversy -- Category five hurricane hot dog in the Mercedes-Benz superdome is going to be offered for the saints season this year. Well tonight's there's news of the world's most expensive -- talk according to the Guinness book of world records. Is hot dog cost 100 dollars and is now officially listed as the world's. Most expensive not to. It's called the dragon dog it's from doggy -- a Canadian restaurant that specializes in gourmet hot docs. Here's why the hot dog is so expensive. The dog is a foot long it's a foot long brought worst. It's soaked in 2000 dollar vintage. Believe the eighth cognac. Hot dog is topped with Kobe beef. It has been seared with olive and truffle -- Fresh lobster sauteed in garlic is also part of the mix. And the dog is then topped with eight top secret. The country saw us. World's most expensive hot dog a hundred dollars again just a little more expensive not much a little more expensive than what -- dogs cost. At a saints' games. Here's our WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight do you care if they -- PD officers have visible tattoos. It's it's -- It is remain rather close. I mean close to where is it always has been added it's not close but it hasn't deviated for much. 42% say yes they they don't like visible tattoos on native PD officers. But it overwhelming majority 70% say. They don't care give us your opinion by going to our web site to -- to be relevant content here's a text when I was a teenager Led Zeppelin drove my parents crazy but I loved it. -- earlier from somebody who. Said that. Anything would anything that was -- anything binder Fonda Turco made any difference music would we tried that crazy that was the first music ever. Did you realize that that was the music of generation it was rebelling against. The parents. The baby boomer generation. At first anti establishment generation of rock generation from the sixties. Had become adults do your kids. Rebelled against what they had established with with grunge music. It was the first big deviation. In the music that way it's always a part of mainstream America from The Beatles and the stones in the British invasion from the sixties. So that was the first big big departure. And yeah I love talking about music -- because I enjoy music. But music is not only soundtrack of our lives. But it's also very reflective of society. And the music that we hear. Speaks a lot about each different generation. Music of the sixties. He told us a lot about the sixties generation the music of the eighties told us a lot about the 1980s and reflected those those starts. Music today is reflecting a very positive feeling in America very reminiscent much of the music is of the 1980s. And so when it comes -- that crunch movement of course -- if you're an adult. Maybe didn't like it I liked it but maybe you didn't like it in the fact that you didn't like it is a clear sign that your children's generation. Was adopting things that you didn't get you didn't like my parents hated The Beatles the stones the animals. And the list goes on my parents didn't like that music. They thought it was stupid ridiculous that might my dad said that's not music they can't releasing. Only playing three courts. You know I heard a lot of adults and the very same thing about crunch. And that may be wake up and realize that I'm part of generation that can be very hypocritical which is why quite often describe myself as a hostile witness to the baby boomer generation. But the fact that. The strategy. I see this would make me crack. There. It's just too nice. It's -- and melodious. It's too. It's just too I mean I guess that's the best way to describe. But but going back to the music of the big the grunge movement that was -- that was music in and a whole movement with fashion everything that was designed. To establish a new identity for a young generation. This is Cisco show and will be right back. -- VW now. I'm telling you everything I know if I keep -- in the song. Tomorrow night's -- played their first pre season game of the season in Saint Louis against the rams in our resident pros Bobby Hebert hokey guys John. Voice of the saints Jim Henderson will be part of the broadcast tomorrow. And they have been training camp time covering the saints that we brought all that information to yet we've got the latest updates about the saints on our web site. At WWL Ty Cobb. Opening day pre season tomorrow begins at 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. I'm sure traffic's gonna start to pick up a little earlier tomorrow Natalie is at a Friday in a weekend in the summertime it. People are gonna go home and get ready for the game I know it's just pre season game in -- recent might not play that people just really excited to see this this new team. -- so our coverage begins at 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon with first take. But I resident pro former saints offensive lineman Steve court and Todd Manassas. At 5 o'clock it's the Bud -- countdown to kickoff with Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia at 7 o'clock game time with the best play by play team in football. The voice of the saints Jim Anderson color analyst -- guy John instinct sideline reporter -- gear and right after the game -- cajun cannon. And the big chief for the point after until 1 AM. Ten hours a wall to wall saints football coverage tomorrow beginning at 3 o'clock on sinks radio WVU well. That's the big 870 AM 1053 FM and remember you can now stream saints' games life on your laptop or desktop. At WWL dot com. There has been. Some question about whether or not Craig Williams is going to targets. Saints players. Gregg Williams was the difference according for the saints. Win the bounty gate scandal. Rocked the saints. Will -- target saints players. It doesn't look as -- Drew Brees is gonna play. And it didn't take long for people -- because. Sean Payton is keeping him out because of Gregg Williams. Gregg Williams is the difference according for the rants. I don't think so. And it's it's okay that the priest doesn't play and and if he does have this oblique -- okay he needs to get well. And Sean -- sticking buckles and I don't really think that the breeze is being kept out of the game because of a great Williams. And it's okay that he's not playing. I wanna see the younger quarterbacks it's the first pre season game Drew Brees doesn't really need. That kind of -- up when he needs to get ready for the season but. The first pre season game is really early. And there's always a chance that somebody can get her when I mean because they really do hit each other. Even in a pre season games I'm fine with pre sampling if I -- -- see. I -- see if we have. A new upcoming future quarterback that one -- might replace. Drew Brees because Drew Brees won't play for effort. Hopefully he's gonna play for a long time that he's -- play forever so ultimately somebody will replace him. And I wanted distressing if we have somebody who is may be ready to take that spot. And it would be good to see him with the starting lineup tomorrow or early in the game some of the the younger quarterbacks in a breeze -- and applying. I we will have the latest information for you on our website into what a sign up for the WB belt text alerts. Then just text the word sports. -- -- 77. It would give you know latest alerts on the saints LSU and the pelicans. It is -- taxed I wrote the previous text about Yvonne and Kurt Cobain I was in high school when crunch was popular to me it doesn't. On matter how much it changed music it just sounded like blank and you know everybody's not. Gonna like everything. Side I'd certainly understand that it was very different for a lot of people a lot of people don't like it. There are people who don't like heavy metal there are people who don't like opera. Don't like symphonies there will always be people who don't like certain types of music and nobody has to like everything and I guess that's -- the cool thing about the world but there are a lot of people who did like it but that doesn't necessarily change your opinion. What I think Jack Harris our studio producer to bite you did a fine job and here's a final update on our WWL party -- -- opinion poll. Do you care -- PD officers have visible tattoos. 21% care 79%. Don't care. If you wanna send me an email it scoots acts Debbie WL dot com saints game tomorrow night will be back next week while the New Orleans.