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8-8 6am Tommy, TGI Saints Football Season

Aug 8, 2014|

Saints football is FINALLY HERE…as our boys in black and gold travel to St. Louis to take on the Rams and defensive coordinator Greg Williams. Would he really go after a Saints player? Tommy was joined by WWL NFL and College Football Analyst, Mike Detillier, and NFL Senior Writer Clark Judge who agrees Williams is malicious.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now Tommy Tucker WW LA MI famine dot com. I David let's run through last night's pre season action jets over the colts thirteen ten ravens' 23. 49ers three and a rematch of the Super Bowl although not really because you know the same be -- -- Redskins 23. Patriots sixteenths 41 angles 39. Broncos over the Seahawks when he won sixteen. And finally chargers routing the cowboys -- -- seven a seven I'll pre season action at night the saints of course taken on the rams that'll be on the NFL network you can also hear it here. On -- WL the vikings that the raiders spares that the Eagles jaguars had Buccaneers Panthers or bills. Falcons and dolphins that you look at pre season football back to -- Thank you very much dummy now we move ahead here with the morning show. After Tommy's nice updates are. -- I said that it is a pretty jaguar opinion poll is asking you do you like saints pre season football. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I personally hate it because you don't wanna go win listen pre season ranked. You don't yelling anybody hurt no you wanna value -- talent yes as a fan. You're watching the game and you trying to get a feel for what the team is gonna be like. But you can't. Because you don't know -- player who played on one situation you it's got to look completely different when they start exactly David scheme wise you don't know what Iran and -- keep base -- what are they trying to do is it more important to win the game from a coach's standpoint war. It cycle its it's split it's -- Washington there -- job Lonsky in. In a pressure situation and see how he does major blast again -- it is clear as to how did that you don't know what's more important in evaluating the talent in the situation. Or. If they're really trying to win the game and -- man -- coach detonated. Swear -- bullet -- let me ask you US for -- who -- fan standpoint. If you dislike pre season football. I can make you go away and you have to wait now until the real season starts she -- await the renowned -- we wanna have died in the link so. Absolutely I NS that is so watch -- yeah listen. I'm just saying I -- it and a -- comes into reasons to pre season games only I'd be for that but the NFL PA wouldn't. Because those guys that in there didn't beat up on pre season or not the starters. And not an upset you know I mean and the other thing is is only so much mileage in the tanks on I don't know if it's a question I'm glad you brought that up how would you like to see the pre season changed. No way completely which I don't think it happened. Cut and and half or keep it like it I'm like -- -- happening to. To be just fine and then those get down to business and a free agents you know -- guys that. Are drafted and rarely will team that are higher round draft it but it's. You know they're saying noon and Ellis made it longer let's make it six games so I can show you exactly it is that -- -- him. So but that is well in the saints and you know there are people -- say in May be an -- Drew Brees doesn't plague is Gregg Williams as a a grudging and Sean Payton and I'm trying to remember David of the whole thing unfolded. Panel. I don't know. If she. The memories are kind of flock what they are and I don't know if if Gregg Williams blow when he painful memory you know you kind of block out -- I don't know of Gregg Williams really have the right to have a grudge against Sean Payton because -- end. Initiated this news saints. That the NFL started. The general blazes that Williams did Peyton Manning. Yes that's what I thought and -- also around exactly. That Williams rolled over on this yeah I don't see where Williams would have a grudge it. We'll talk about that is -- -- -- from you know -- six point seven until 3866. 89087. Got more Gypsy king tickets to giveaway and of course coming up. Right before the top of the hour news at 7 o'clock we will give you ten days. 1000 dollar where at least this dollars 1000 dollars 1000 dollars summer. Splash you know like you had a chance to win a thousand dollars in out of line I'll explain it lowers the morning that's that's agree it's early yet and others in America and it's Friday and it's been a long weekend feeling good and I think everybody is finally Friday finally. Saints football Tommy Tucker David Blake Shelden williams' eldest saints Friday here -- WL -- only pre season football was still excited every game on tonight your -- WL patchy morning flawed. Today then partly cloudy hazy hot humid 20% chance for isolated showers and thunderstorms and downpours possible highs around 93. If -- like a hundred a 110. Pardon my money it's known. Delivery -- that but it's been the same thing -- on time but tropics to take that highs around. Right now or others eighty degrees might retaliate Brandon Myers joins W -- NFL and college football and this -- -- analyst -- top of the morning to you Michael. More. Tell me about. Pre season football first off you know I think you get it. Question here of you know wanna lose every game but you got to evaluate people's sometimes you got to evaluate him in situations that would lend itself to win the game. It's a spot no -- for coaching staff. There will forcible increasing the result. One evaluate talent that pain and first thing -- commodity in briefly. Because you know that one that you can't cure during the season. I mean you can't bring people in everybody's -- does a pretty much said the president on -- You don't couple league we have an injury. But this as an evaluation time for rookies. Rookie we agents and the development of these young talent on -- football team would get one. Also. It's the degree that you're honest with you because what are the -- to -- -- As well anybody. Else. It is fine in the opulent now especially as agents. And want to -- -- wanna see. That the one requested to question mark on this team and I think you get -- look at. Tonight. And how well you or even -- -- line plays. I -- Rudy out with him wanting to get that could be -- problem. How well early. In the gain you are right well and the line Campbell's pass rush. All the way which is fallacious statement again. And second last year. All. Morse. Including one in prison in the -- practical. You need to work to be on inspecting. Return unit at all -- probably -- Where -- young cute can step. And you want I think all things and wanna watch tonight. Is one got caught everybody's lives in West Virginia. And not all three years -- in state net Brian Cook it well. How much need to -- from Miami title players and a player injuries and they get him used to the speed of NFL game and I know you've often said there a couple of different speeds up breezy isn't. Regular season saying at playoffs the Brighton. I mean DOT it is run some plays -- -- men mostly -- deal. You won't give him some point on to get used to that -- angle when call angle speed you know help because. You know what that thing in. We saw in the world -- when he first came into this week is that it wobbles college players did and they'll learn that he couldn't do that you felt. San think. They called it track down like you've got they got yet. So many guys that are hot punt returners in college realized not as easy get to -- -- And so that he dumped in the league would cook -- it was him. -- track -- playing football. Isn't football player that ran track and you're gonna see his -- What do you how secure -- you -- will -- Not what what what you can do well open -- You get that act speed and make this deal how well he can catch one I think Mike -- told we was. That he was so impressed with how he caught the ball. That you can teach them to teach it got out of them. Returning kick all but well in that whole different animal. And what kept it how secure it is written. And it actually -- -- trying to press the envelope get a spot on the team. There shall we -- running back actually it was a defensive back return man. -- am also an apocalyptic views -- been impressed about running back receiver coming -- the field we also in the church. Tour rookie where it's got some problems you get the ball well. You got shot there -- -- in the story as we what is. And last year -- think -- -- undrafted -- who didn't make this football. It is actually gotten comfortable with this. In seven yen. Both -- and more problem it is going to be really -- page. It's like why. But there are players that -- called good. But great game players. And that got a great practice but we doctor. As you know like trouble. Where these guys take all you know we actually got Scott Robinson at running back. England Austria in law and -- take all and appreciate you saw that way I appreciate you gain from -- -- he would articles written guy this year takes at all while light but come right. And I cannot. State help you know that you have the talent that can mean. Ever been to India to spark need it even. You've got to keep LP. Finding people that can help you in different spots to this situation well in a lot of ways. Well I think they can help you rate on -- disease and you're finding that. And reasons. Thirty seconds Mike -- and we're almost out of time Ryan Griffin Luke McCown do we see money you don't want for about a half and I ended Drew Brees yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The only two quarterback on the rock and not think longer instead you decided he needed to. Mike thank you appreciate your time is always enjoy the game then we'll talk to you again soon. You bet might tell UAW WONFL. And college football analyst a lot has been written as of late and set about this. Drew Brees not play and not really evident problem with the deal -- because Sean Payton wanted to keep him. The games they Gregg Williams wouldn't do anything I heard him I don't think there's anything to that because. You know that the truth about. The trouble. I don't think any of this -- -- though and a lot of times these things happen behind the scenes where it appears those two people are enemies when in that. Maybe there -- gathered that -- deal in I just don't see any. Hard feelings I certainly don't think. That Gregg Williams would do any staying in any way. That would be perceived is is dirty player going after a player because he knows his first year's defense of coordinator for the rams. And all eyes are gonna be upon him so I don't I don't see that happening you know but it lobby here for union and our. I guess take on that when we come back just a quick reminder we do have. The code word coming up in the 1000 dollar nationwide summer splash cash contest -- -- right before the top of the hour news. At 7 o'clock. And and we give you that number you text it to 72881. -- effect Phyllis chancellor WWO listener right here in Metairie. Right there in Metairie it is you know we're downtown anyway she won 1000 dollars and today is your last chance. So make sure listen for the code words when that 1000 dollars -- their nationwide summer splash. Cash context you do texted David Blake. To seven -- 881 of the long wait you do it has been you do not texted to 8787. Do you text of this effort to. -- on the leaderboard Lee he don't let it be one of those days. Clark judge joints right now Brendan Mars -- Intel's senior writer and Clark where might you find yourself today. I might permits up in Connecticut of my fathers accountable good feel and how would temperatures there. Sixty degree coming we're wearing -- where with blanket and flannel sheets last night it's a beautiful it is football. Man it's great. The US. -- this whole -- I had another it's a concocted story if it's a slow news time about Drew Brees not really hurt. Wouldn't play in and it lets face the plea for a series anyway inning come out -- -- pre season game but. Gregg williams' face and number -- is Raymond Sean Payton no disrespect coach and I'm just bump up for. And I know but I mean rarely do you deal honestly saying Gregg Williams with everything he's been through would deal. Anything that I approached trying to hurt a player and a pre season game. Come on to on the if they do birthday yeah. Demi was portrayed as a wrote coach in -- -- I think it's possible and possibly what -- series. But you know -- 2011 -- discovered and discuss game to eleven. I think -- -- of the first of the First Lady bullets. He wrote about four times to Europe -- -- science and win after Alex commitment hit him an and. Listen I mean when he left New Orleans. That there are a lot of. Sort of bad. Feelings. I think of a -- People portrayed him as sort of a niche that sort of thing I would put it that. At that they would would be done may be great wouldn't let let them from being out. He seemed to be more contrite when he came back that it. I'm I know we can get their aggressive he loved the bullet is that you put dream Drew Brees and there is -- target and Drew Brees is the target and you know Drew Brees is the guys that maybe he was elected knocked down and make the point of the saints and and -- you -- what -- -- Clark you Tommy's he'd made me goes slack jawed -- make -- and I had no idea I just I can't believe than anybody. I guess Gregg Williams would be that dumb after being suspended indefinitely and get another chance but I guess there are ways you can do it. If you he's a freeze cleanly. But during a pre season game that just make a lot of cents. -- likely -- make any sense but there's some things in the past year with him and that's saying that don't make a lot of sense that -- minister in the history of bad blood in. -- I -- that they that would happen I wouldn't -- my players. I would batted in also I just Yemeni government Drew Brees. He's the foundation -- and you put an optimist in getting -- I don't care what the deal is that I didn't think he'd -- injury that you think we'll get an idea that he can play only if it should play either if you were healthy. I would cinema without -- just wouldn't take that chance all -- -- it did here is not a margin. For share a year war on the Bennett the great wins gets the benefit out just because of what happened in the past. And that that he may have learned a lesson I haven't talked recently. But they're an aggressive defense stepped terrific defense and I -- great when they edit it. They're going to be after a lot of people this year I -- the NAFTA accord. What about the other way around and Rob Ryan was not here for as we call it the trouble but. He is a pretty aggressive defense of coordinator. -- -- he has he has no history of I mean he he certainly went into Saint Louis and yet of what the brief sophisticated air with a 24 hours is something. But I don't think there's any sort of bad blood there as -- that I. That that bounty gate situation was so distasteful all the way around that I if you would like to see that put the pastor and. And you can do that and plain people and not take any chances. With great -- exit from. Blunt it just seemed to me it wasn't the -- -- and there's some lingering memories but I think it's something. That by the saints that I think might just stick in its car and and there's the possibility albeit remote Tommy. But there's the possibility. That something could happen. Well tell me about. Other things in the NFL pre season from around the camps may be particularly in the saints division NC south -- here in what he's seen. Well the -- he's out to me is if this thing and everybody else -- Carolina's defending champion but Carolina so many people I'm. I I I just don't know how. They're gonna continue to hunt for an -- receivers that. Jim Newton should have and and I don't know what the end of last year -- the government yet this year I think that's sort of the question -- Coming up the surgery in the off season and it'll be -- and see what happens there. Simply because there's been a lot of turnover in personnel. Atlanta -- the game expensive mention that they become back there. Being one -- -- more physical more aggressive I think it will I think he'll be the competition against that division. It became an entry in Tampa I mean with a new head coach and -- turnover in personnel I think get the could be in -- the question is. In the count actually be their quarterback. That he could be meaning he he played well under trotman last year certainly Marc track with the quarterback from the coach but. He seemed to get some sort of confidence that they have to work at -- -- in the event I think Maclin has certainly is that there at some point. I think -- -- hadn't stepped back learn a little bit and in the count and implement and that -- that that situation I think tip that the teams have been proved that make it challenge and -- -- bill. I think positions besides. I appreciate you time Parker really don't talk to allot more during the season they get out and enjoyed it cool weather. Yeah. Take. Taken nice -- but to ignite. Take -- idiot take it however you want Tommy to record double WL coming up here. We have. For us the in the morning the the final code word it is giveaway period of the 1000 dollars summer splash cash contest and just in time. For the last code. We'll corporate carrier pigeon comes -- With the code word of the hour just in time nugget it's a in about a minute span in Metairie higher on -- W good morning. Sorry yeah. That it I don't ambiance squeal is leading. I got to the same man. All of -- probably -- games and enjoy it ain't got the best reality TV game because our economy in a lot of -- -- -- one recruited. Some bad you don't get that -- back to get them better and trying to pummel. It'll eat -- and get the lead. The best thing on television. And we got to get the contest let me tell you that is the best observation I have heard in a very very long time and I appreciate you taking the time -- win. Because it really. As that's the best reality TV you can watch 'cause it's real and -- are based on competition and it's not state. -- thank you put a call have a great weekend -- Iraq.

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