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8-8 7am Tommy, new rails proposed for Causeway

Aug 8, 2014|

Causeway officials propose a new railing system that would make the bridge safer but cost about $50 million. Would you support higher tolls to pay for it? More traffic tickets with fines being used for that? Tommy was joined by General Manager of the Greater New Orleans Expressway Commission, Carlton Dufrechou.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now Tommy talker WW while I MI famine dot com thank you David Blake when we come aggregate talked to Carlton do for she'll friend he's a friend of ours or we certainly is running. Yeah son Stephen ninety's of random hours. You know the -- officials started about a new railing system. Make the bridge safer cost about fifteen million I think if they do those side -- a whole lot of -- for that railing and everybody is for. Some things until it comes time to pay formidable -- -- iron on dog Jack got that note -- -- -- Dexter wells so would you support as you said David someone who jarred oblique jacked up off. The tolls to pay for it. To make you safer if you frequently use the causeway like every -- it'd be pretty frequently today but more traffic tickets with finds you being used for that. But if you write more tickets -- people start they haven when they drive and as a result. That would be enough money. Pay on the hired Charles if you if it's Erica a show fans and right now monks saint Charles has little to do that -- -- -- -- I nobody's. It's overwhelming. About the tolls. Well let me give -- a third option here. What about keeping the bridge like it is and talent drivers that pay more attention when they're behind a wheel. Slowdown due to speed limit don't tailgate. -- on the -- your brakes on text. Don't don't get on a cell phone. Just pay attention to what -- -- -- a dog go over the side for gun sales LB that's the that's we're trying to prevent an intentionally does. -- -- -- If they are intentionally don't know I'm excited I guard -- and I don't sound yeah. And jump both. I have absolutely -- -- Saint John apparently is the place for that and or have been talking about this. Ebola Virus. Yeah I it's not getting any better I can tell you that. And I understand that and I know there's a great deal concern and I also know that TV is about pictures because. Let's face it you don't see any. Real ugly people on TV do you think not too -- there always telegenic and and that's great. But what I find interesting as it relates to this a bulls so -- Is that. Just about every television station network what have you whenever they do appease Soria package horse story on. The -- the -- Pinehurst they always put in are put on a screen rather the picture of the viruses seen through a microscope I. And I'm just wondered what it what does that -- case we see it walking down a street east or. -- all Randy is it on the don't know he called 91. I would bet helpless. What what did that do from what I understand and they kind of hero well I don't know what I. Don't think that's gonna help anything. This Ebola Virus if you recognize that. -- in dangerous ways yeah. Let's. Railway and called 911 we come back we'll talk about the yum. A -- because. A lot of people atlas and obviously every day use the causeway and I like to know do you want the higher guard rails and has got to pay Fortson would you pay -- with higher tolls. You want the police suggest gay crazy about right and tickets and and have the money come from that. -- do you say you know what may be if everybody would pay attention to what -- -- -- Now it would need to raise the Tom did the rails and and you can't protect everybody from everything so it's your responsibility take care yourself. A lot yelled go back and forth. Twice a day maybe sometimes even more if you work over there -- dollar in sales were -- And -- go to Carlton do for show in a moment the head of the cause we commissioned because they're talking about taxes and and studied at -- recommended. -- rails to keep cars from going into the lake. Does it cost fifty million and I would ask you how do you propose paying for that would you do it. Do with higher tolls would you be willing to go for that if you if you use the bridge regularly -- yet. Want the causeway police writing tons of tickets with -- very steep fines to pay for me is that even feasible. Or would you say you know what saved the fifteen million. Leave the rails like they are and tell people that pay attention now how they drive and maybe they won't go into the lake. Cameron real quick before we're gonna Carlton -- show good morning thanks for. More. Work -- -- opposed to two and Barbara I want to. Vocal. Talking about -- and -- interpret the law between October. Out of that Betancourt spent but the -- entered where people. -- and secondly. That the pats are the police were -- -- you know they like it. Every time around it that's. Been brought up -- -- and connect them to do more and more active -- right ticket. I'll wake damages use at their like the light. Are all well but what are we can't refuse we here's an MS -- do you think they're pulling him over for no reason. Now does not out there there have been backed up I'm a that the popular -- it there's there's a public -- but well Kabul right now. I am not number like god that that people become an urgent and they do it everybody and -- -- -- it ought illegitimate. Got to thank you Cameron leg -- have a great weekend Carlton do for show. The pizzas cosmic mission but you can add a title a year ago some of the now with -- greater well Presley commission on the -- and it takes no complaints that ideology and Bob and opera general matters. You hit it high insult at mystic yeah you do. I'm well thank you I'm I'm good and he wanted the option. He came up with the pay attention again. Bottom line is that it. The -- him that are one of the my most recent messages to that -- I -- tell you what it says -- wait guy that you made. Garnett are suggesting they came to you go to Chicago America I would think the suggestion they came UH you know what take the rails off completely and and people be forced to pay more -- it. Well actually. If someone can carefully is that the night before last day. It is the message. Instead we try to get that everybody's when he could and that bridging the cult of crumpled the expansion trying to tell our researcher -- right -- that for the next point one form that you just gonna focus on driving. It's all about -- safety is all about paying attention it's that simple because you are over water and -- that's what makes a costly unique -- -- longest bridge over the world. The 24 miles and it would the probably got frankly it's it's a number of vehicles on the road in the changing vehicles. When the bridge was original bridge which is -- -- was completed 56 neglects to be 58 years -- August 30 of this year. The northbound bridge was completed 69 when those bridges were designed to -- the prevalence of vehicles throughout the country were big pity Detroit on low center of gravity. In the overboard stars in the nineties and the thing nick out of concern is that twelve banks since 94. Yes to use -- for and you can see him actually that the stats go up beginning in the late nineties and certainly in 2000. It's changing vehicles that about one and every two automobiles -- -- -- on the bridge now via high profile and QV. Pick up percent to like that and but at the bottom line all of this is it's it's each of buses individuals taking responsibility. Certainly. My I think some of that the most -- wounded the driver actually now -- recent reaching for a cellphone. But the bottom line it's simply paying attention to what we're doing egregious kind of focus on driving while on the bridge things would be much much better and I'm glad that they Cameron said we did. We got police officers out there 24 hours today in the world similar assistance folks and now map guys and -- and dispatchers. The the police opposite right now right after -- thousand tickets citations per month and they are out there. Strictly to keep people safe they're there whether it's tailgating about it speeding it DW that's the reason that that's who want to focus on try to get. As far as the citations -- fees for those action in the -- comes -- you know we've seen elect goes to either. Church in parachutes in them repaired wherever we can repair exit the. And translate that whole money -- a charge at the tickets tickets that I missed by typing and I miss that part. To -- money goes to wherever you know patrol right well -- comes to you know EC. Our average basis. The right now projecting about sixteen million tolls. Band -- -- -- a month ago. Located at the end of the budget problem we've -- -- this year with everybody it's well it online actually can be it. It is on line in the state you know we get it daughters every year text Google for the state legislature to be approved. If you want the address for the state to. On one -- is called me at the office and a 35311. -- get it to anybody who wants but the charts during the bush uses. If the revenues sixteen million of totals about. Five. And a half million from state -- on number two that was the same funds that went to the Crescent City connection it was split between. Crescent City in causeway that those funds I was on the two dollars and strictly to pay off that debt. In five years that I have been with the -- at least -- -- been sufficient to pay off the debt all but one year and we candidate patrol ones in one year to actually do it because of I was on number 21 and that is for bonds lower. The original bridge 46 million dollars and that was not only for the cause -- but also for. The three approach -- -- sure. Which include the savings 190 in Covington. When it's out -- wins. Culpable or Jefferson highway plus veterans back pay back to Orleans parish on. Inflicting on him as an additional. Thirty million that was of bonded for the northbound bridge. In an average was refinance. Don't only candidates Tom but I believe it was. Shoot seventy something 8692. And 99 each time it was refinance. Is basically refinancing house to. Improve the kitchen and -- ban is something like that. And those funds you went back into the bridge some of them went into that -- for pats and man Google and Monroe street overpass that was probably about 22 million dollars. A lot of that in the I think the latest on the 99 and went into the improvements in west esplanade. And causeway. And the balance of the phones every year ago for. For policing the -- and actually we effort even long to its that's about two million dollars one point nine that goes to -- along with. Policing -- produces about six million dollars -- about four million dollars worth of projects. Two and a half million ballots just to ensure that doggone thing alone. Dan and the balances currently about 45 million which will be the salaries and benefits for the. Just be clear retirement insurance against storm knocking out teases his opponent in those and I think -- which is different than in a flood insurance policy that connection. No because I just -- make that point that some very real thing if you look at what happened to the twins fans turn to train. You've got to. We've talked about that -- -- since I've been there. And here's where it because it's very iffy because we made it through. Katrina because it was higher the deck sections -- the twins and the cause was twenty feet to vote or level -- Salt Lake level the into the top of the girder is lower than that about four feet look lower and we actually head. Not so much in Katrina but to in the more recent storms head. Ordered not splashing over the decked with hitting some flickers and coming through the -- Scott -- We did have a lot of damage. On the -- our protection of North -- that can be repaired next year. Outfits and damage the cable tray system that actually is being prepared is still as we speak. And I'm forgetting one other one that's still out there a defender system get to navigation chip channels itself when that's fixed and in the north when -- you know the -- about -- But the as far as the bottom line on the bridge in nailed that it is it is each and every one on this on just -- to pay attention. And drive safely. Probably Williams brickyard is more time now and we take some calls or. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In a little bit a and Kenya and dragging you around because of it amazes me to it -- those numbers right at the tip your fingers you know I was gonna ask you about -- do for show rejoins us now general. Manager of the he's the boss Alan yen on the Carlton cause we commissioned what I would like well and lolly get your title right what is it. In general matter general manager all of decorated world Brunswick high and but when you run a cause that's. All right -- At some point we're gonna get to what exactly the proposals are what are -- -- numbers they crunched in terms of saving or preventing cars from going over the side and recommendations. Lot of people wanna talk to easily get cured as quickly as it and George -- loans -- morning aren't evidently well in here George he's on Floyd Obama laid on your -- -- WL. Good morning. Google is gonna give garner a collective Arnott how much mr. -- percent salary of the year. 1141000. Dollars okay and also a burden has to do their job that. Big that you called police department ordered prices paid in this state starting salaries for officers 34000 dollars well hotter girls then. -- okay thank it. Thank you Floyd -- Carlton wanted to -- some you know. It. You know I undo what you knew when you got in what you're gonna do for eleven at it you can't make everybody happy but I don't I will telling audiences said. You know Carlton and I don't have gone to dinner anything we do have a working out friendship or relationship every one call -- But we get tipsy -- -- time we get calls Euro all the time we hear rumors all the time innuendo. About used to do this you should look in a nasty I have never. Ever heard a word criticizing Carlson's performance the doubting his integrity and for years and years and years he was with. The and did -- -- great basin foundation had a lot to do with cleaning up the lake so. And that could take any more calls and as my executive decision near questioning Carlton this sedan the other -- Republicans I think it's a waste of time. I will vouch for Carlton do for show. Thank you buddy Rogers -- the -- it's the only compliment men met -- -- just elaborate on absolutely. Georgia and didn't. Yeah I knew what I was going into this thing that there's two ways about it that the cause was got a checkered history itself. That is that is the fact that I think one thing you know about me as I like challenges and I am extremely proud of the week the organization -- they've -- -- basically the twenty million dollar budget that budget is the same budget written in. 2003. Revised budget equivalents. 28 million. So we produce a budget that fewer people. By the safety record as far as I'm concerned this phenomenal would cut. It under 51 accident last year. And twelve million trance -- if you do the math that's one accident for every 77000. -- it's -- drive the bridge every year real probability was storms that we -- the bridge every year -- probability would take over a hundred. For years to get an accident. The the bottom line right now is what's happening on the bridge it is just -- bridge. However it was designed fifty something years ago for traffic of fifty something years ago and vehicles and fifty something years ago were -- and in. -- operated in the 21 century environment. When the second bridge was completed. In 69 we get two million trend -- a year. Today with yet. A million transits every month twelve million a year. So the bridges that capacity during the more active at the Cameron one gentleman who drove earlier. Every morning every evening -- 20000 cars coming south 20000 cars going north. That's the time that it did it's its most critical to pay attention like everybody was sitting there and everyone else earlier. But if if I had my druthers the druthers would be -- -- -- -- on shall there on the hold on one thing that stood on the Christmas wish this -- -- fifty million records of a billion. It is you know we can build all of them Newbridge makes us three lanes that you and I actually would -- would try to make it. Is there is similar to that that that cause will from mobile play. These that there on the pragmatic and the only reason do this is is it it's. Pure and simple save lives you know witness of the price -- -- license for -- concern is priceless he can't put anything on any number on that. They are real and -- definitely. That you that the thing that pragmatically we would like to do morning. Anything else is is to try to put would prefer to safety Bay's -- segment -- about midway between each of the seven crossovers right now via but the breakdown on the -- is serving Croat troops and only emergency stopping areas. I can't say enough about my police and other assistance guys -- average response time is less in five minutes I mean -- that -- Place here. But every time. I'm there's a breakdown on the bridge that's when everything I mean everything in office literate stops as soon as the -- come in the dispatchers and immediately get the nearest police are -- guy. On route to those that whoever has broken down but we're all watching on cameras in this thing that concerns is so much is. He -- -- -- have been driving EP coming up behind somebody -- it's either moving slow stop and it's deceiving and even more deceiving sometimes in the conflict with a degree traffic. Even with reflections on tour which help people get out of the car get on the curb and walked. Which seems side which seems contrary but walked toward the traffic in case -- an impact all the debris -- could go down range -- reform of the automobile bit. Eric Franklin -- We have a mission statement to a couple of years ago mission statement today. Is to get all of our communities and voters back and forth the process bridge safely and timely that's always there for. And I you know which like kicked that I don't know the expressway commission has the trust issue from -- -- have done in the past that. History cattle that are part team and there. But you know the they did dog one's -- and around that place anymore that lies cheats or steals and their problem staff -- much like PO PDF function. I'm surrounded by a bunch of people were extremely dedicated. There at -- 24 hours today and storms and ice storms and -- and everything else and I am I frankly that the reason it stayed there is because of the people on knows that. These guys that only police offices map folks common enemy disguise they're putting their lives in jeopardy times to try to help partners that that's that's -- Carl appreciate you saying that you don't have to do and and I -- and we have that cult is how little amount and it's all about trust and at all. You know I'd like to think that the the and I don't have to protect you that's not what it's -- he -- I have never ever heard any whisper any any time Politico you know union wants immunity is not a word of. That's an excellent product in the way Italian. Talks along the many times after the storm that's the thing I'm still most -- about this community but it is. In many ways is gonna come out probably goofy sounding in many ways Katrina was a blessing I think of people came back after Katrina for the best of the best. And lord -- were not perfect yet been in the region nor is it that the causeway but weak you know was -- -- people around there we keep trying and striving place. I -- a -- is -- of romance gone on between Carlton that you know there's not but let me tell you this hour. It is so rare to find. Somebody in public office that is and they say they are and do what they say they're gonna do and as honest and straightforward that. That's why I respect him so much Carleton I get up persistent text here -- that is asking me over and over to pitch in this -- on gun and he says. One about it. Some type of -- -- we with a sixty foot -- that a driver behind somebody that went over could throw to a person in the water to a police get there would be much cheaper and save lives. And AM on all work votes. Actually they. This was I think in the ninety's -- we actually police in the crossover as well like offerings and crossovers. And some individuals being what they are apparently they kept getting -- for urged every. Every time and they went out there. That the problem with that the belief is that going to be right for them like -- got to be at the right place at the right time. The other big challenge then frankly as if you if the vehicle goes overboard. It's -- 5050 probability of getting out you could have been caught yet -- -- if you if you get out. If you'd be rescued there's been two ways about it we'll we'll gauge where our response times terrific of the four that I mentioned that went over and list two years to -- -- -- -- actually one. Generally came out without distraction whatsoever in America and need to. To recognize too he was in a multi car collision he was actually knocked over -- -- the only vehicle it and it was a small senator Bradley vehicle at that one over but I'm not as 21 of the things real quick just. One of the -- -- talked about this for the safety they shoulders and we're talking about. -- the thing that I think few folks recognizes we get a vote last month we had 240 breakdown. On the bridge. Months before that we had 243. It averages at least over 200 every month. If we were able to put like these -- what were the were basically is to block long shoulder instead halfway between each of the crossovers. I think that would almost -- more emergency stopping area on the bridge it would help with the not only that the first responses but also whenever anything. Happens on the bridge initially -- induces a delay you'd probably reduce delays. Those things. And I think unfortunately since cheapening what those things are probably sixty million dollars but in like again I don't mean to downplay the -- of a single life but operationally. If cited deflected just snap my fingers right now and do it the safety days would be higher priority to me. But simply because it would give because there's so many vehicles traveling the bridge and so many frankly that breakdown so often an epic. It took a question generally get to formula 201 of them is. Lot of people's say Kennedys the Orleans area oh LTD in AZ sheriff scholars place the Woody Allen Jefferson players' -- here mark unit's -- 8090 down a -- and also do anything else -- under him. NO PD -- -- I'm I'm not known until his arrest for drunk driver and on the consulate. I'll -- for that reason he was stopped there actually initially was because he was going over eighty miles an hour. I'd seek other questions did the funding mechanism for all of this -- Ten million and here's an easy -- to be safer to do the the shoulders of every call them as sort safety days or rails -- dude where's my anger come from. But I'd love to -- tell -- right now we've got we've already applied for three grants. From the United States government tiger grants to -- have been denied. The -- one active right now we've spoken to the state legislature actually John Kennedy I'm very was. Delighted to see him they've become of the meeting last Wednesday. He has an interest in that there is if it ultimately happened can't comment think it's going to be combination of many sources. And and total money goes into highway -- number two enough to know throw money operates the bridge and it does stuff like this too which is where we -- with the budget thank you Carlton appreciate her -- Keep doing -- -- we'll talk to again really I don't I don't Ottawa on our thank you haven't -- before you that is anxious weeded out I love this TGI saints game day. As -- called today for the rest of the yeah. Two dollars in -- Sheldon TGI saints game -- he GIs saints game day to waited by the saints and I love it when we come back Colin do you think it takes you. When you meet somebody to decide whether you can trust him or not. Well the journal of neuroscience says it happens in less than a second. And that's the case I wonder if you believe in love at first -- will talk when we come back debit have you.

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