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8-8 8am Tommy, US strike on ISIS

Aug 8, 2014|

The US has conducted an air strike on ISIS artillery in Iraq. Tommy was joined by CBS correspondent and retired ARMY Major, Mike Lyons.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's go to Tommy Tucker on WWL.com. Hi David Blake we got major Mike Lyons coming on from CBS again this is taken an update on the the bombing that occurred in and his nicest group you know they are. And I try to keep this straight. They are Sunni. And they they have been blown up Shiite mosques and counting that. It just blows me away about this is yea he's -- think and we try to understand this culture. And we think -- it's all based on the Koran and and Mohamed an ally and that it's all. Red base and religion and it's because the United States is not respecting their religion or their principles and then UC. From one group blowing up the other groups mosque. Anything this is this is just a bunch of foolishness that has nothing to do with religion it's all about. Terrorism it's all about thug culture it's all about one group controlling the up there. And then all of a sudden you've got tens of thousands of people running for their lives. Hiding on a mountaintop with no food or water. Yet exactly the united states military has become involved once again in Iraq with I guess active bombing missions will talk to our -- major Mike lines 12. And if you've seen some of the footage ought to be rock wide races is up to is very reminiscent at least some of the video I've seen. Hitler and Jewish people in. In concentration camps Mike Lyons retired army major -- there. Important Eric thanks for coming on am I way off base with some of the footage I've seen with prices in the way they treat Shiites ranked. Yeah actually. That the adding used -- heads on -- picture straight and you seem. Children marrying. But he militants are mean it is some of more than gore got in that we haven't seen in a while really in what torture you. It might not controlled areas are back strain but they surely have. Taken what is majority of Iraq at this point. And talk about mass exit execs you sends in and common people in the river I saw also people lying in mass graves and being shot like. Like the Germans did to the the Jewish people. He did tell me about the effectiveness seller surgical precision of bombing outta nowhere -- kill -- -- We really taken out prices are we is it to be collateral damage with all of this. Area very much wide open and targets should will bury it stirred interest out there and much future matter than they have built up area. But it just -- -- airpower alone it's gonna to send herbal really the issue here. An American interest there it is not a good subject -- our -- will hold -- Some of those troops from coming and allow the upbeat actually I don't need them. Air power being -- you'd been more. Right not to achieve their back porch of a Smart sports there. Mobilized they've been beaten back Apache week. I can capture and Tibet right now Republican guard up there and a lot equipment that they're using -- -- and all that -- of well. Repeat the letter hearing this and saying you see that's why we never should have gone into Iraq in the first place because there's no way the country's going to be stable or you can also make a case that. We did go into Iraq we beat out I guess al-Qaeda if they were there now you got a new group -- taken our. Explain all this semi major in terms of the united college return on investment but where does it make sense intervene where does that not. Well I'm surprised we did the right owed it to the president elect or. But that Iraq with about war that -- first place yesterday in your employers that this -- out sport for getting back involved with it. I think that we had 20000 troops remaining in Iraq similar to what we did at the end of the are all like what -- -- -- -- before. You would have this problem. I don't fortunately it's got to the point where united Iraq government. Land back should they did art is. Now they Shiites are on the wrong side of it now but if the Americans had left we -- the Americans I am not from here we had left 20000 troops. -- call -- a peacekeeping force what have you how would we not have been viewed the nudges by the Sunnis but even by the Shia considering. Come in at that point -- know that prices was -- gonna become a force and and then suddenly the Shiites are going to be on the wrong side -- this. Well -- pretty much after we shut down O'Donnell saying. Lead basically -- in east side or the civil war took place because that's really. What happened pretty much and pat -- that year there. But surely that doubt I'd work it all military they were the better goods better traded at the restarts where they are. And she bury somebody years that they were sport so reconciliation that they like that the president was correct about that. Hasn't taken place in the like to take a generation. Again with out -- over supervision by some other outside force you're seeing what you what they are. Major appreciate the time I really do anything we're missing -- Indians. You've got to think about those refugee I would get up about it I think that there. Structure we wait to comment there is not a very good operational plan. Go out and keep and to go to Turkey that they. The state still could be fodder where they are still out. A tremendous amount a chilling destruction. If it's bigger. Thank you major here we go an update on the situation CBS CBS news special report I'm Dave Barrett President Obama has stated that. If American diplomats were advisors were threatened in Iraq the US would be vigilant take action if these terrorist forces threaten our personnel or facilities anywhere in Iraq now a US military planes have taken action to FA eighteen hornet jets. Dropped 500 pound laser guided bombs at a mobile artillery piece near or -- it was an air strike that occurred. About two and a half hours ago correspondent David Martin at the Pentagon. Sure this was a very. Quick strike in which as soon as that artillery piece started shelling they've got to fix only artillery pieces and role in. And dropped out 500 pound -- as for the BDA bomb damage assessment did not know yet for sure whether the artillery piece. Has been destroyed but we do know for sure that the there's two F eighteens are safely off the target CBS news special report I'm Dave Barrett. Tommy Tucker back on -- WL major Mike Lyons busy morning for him -- CBS military analyst but. He's given us a limited time in major when you talk about the humanitarian crisis on the mountains I think this is one of those stories. Where people had an inning in the bag and their minding your about it but they don't really know until. How how we got to this point I guess until something like this happens how did those people get on a mountaintop how many are you talking about and what are the conditions there. Well we're not sure what the number state where 151040000. The seats are try under the Kurdistan region and the problem is that geography and so stretched out that Smart or did. The side where they were tracked that group that they were trying to -- -- the tribe. Further north into a deeper into Kurdistan. Or get back herbal protect what was that the major export operation there they chose the cut that off but fortunately a lot about it now I just -- and now. There's been on about surrounded by actors with. Literally -- so while we're dropping humanitarian aid on top of -- -- an operation to get an opt out. Or out there they'll continue. Attribute to die that -- that substantial and already it's about a 120 degrees during the day -- that out. And did you -- in -- says they don't know how many. They're not sure that they are thinking doubt that 40000. We only drop -- -- speed about eight out last night so we're actually. Reinforced thing that that can happen at that point of which -- -- age. We could be bad to be shut -- -- a -- that you might get shut down our our enemy territory and I don't think -- credit. When I don't see how it ends it all as he got the -- -- 220000. Yeah I mean you can't do an airlift you can't nearly 20000 people off the mountain top. It would be oral and you know I've been back for the 48 you get. That it closer urged that tell our own right now by -- -- couldn't do it with helicopter. You can't help but green -- and should go back to Vietnam. Where you -- or does within the green berets were able to move large number of people now -- they brought new market street were atop the week. The air strike the trick or are they out. I do get them all the mountain -- that -- And then like we and to chart yet is that what natural as the big -- so we're talking boots on ground. Yeah I mean that's what we don't do I think that they usual that don't agree with that are being hit. Following everybody or not it'd -- -- but I don't see how we -- get out when people on the ground. To direct you know what's gonna be a large humanitarian effort into. You know you don't get out that the other people get up that. Just us international support for that like it like UN under team. We can't wait -- new -- at that point perhaps we're getting on the that they are Turkey. But not all -- at any given time. There's not a lot of sports Europe at that point me right out and about agility and and really a the only. Country in the world that -- add speed agility. Sure react to a took art like. So how big little force have to be of US troops to outperform some type of green beret mission -- inning get. Ten and 20000 people and I'm laughing about it but it just seems. Herculean and in its scope to get 2.2 120000 people off of a mountaintop. And then maybe to Turkey where they get I'm presuming on him and a refugee camp. Yet it's gonna get a class figure born nation what they would do it that. It dropped in on -- and about the belt but that's small -- anywhere from what they 255. Under special forces. Get that Marshall there and then figure -- point downside of that now up on the other side. The look see where they can provide the most level protection and likely -- 12500 troops on the ground there perhaps from the tunnel -- but. The someplace where they can project forward with tremendous air copper airstrike. That would chi BI they. -- -- I think they don't a lot of they have and they don't have a lot of heavy equipment though we'll be able to do when they're coming from it that you planned out operationally. A -- so well at all will be a big win for the president the military do. But a lot but but of people in harm's way to get it done. Absent military action before we let you go do it does devices continue to do it close in on these people with the ultimate goal I guess of kill them. Yeah you know yet I think we've got to -- he would they do what they are actually today at you know they have. Better equipment out they developed from the Iraqi night vision device they battle front and the they had be forced so. You know they'll continue to terrorize them well at least you know they're not efficient tool. Off -- now on the refugee -- at that point and they're trying to survive and did that equipment come Vermont's originally. Yeah equipment it would don't -- want direct you know -- and the weapon abandoned. -- direct short in the north couple months ago and -- like multiple and and the light -- they want to fight though and you knew bailed out Republican guard. Experience office dirt and and soldiers to a spot only that the storm but all on the lap and here. Another bit provide good equipment with trained military -- now they are -- be -- and competent and a military force that we didn't need to be dealt. I got to ask you one more quick question of Saddam Hussein is still in power. What's Iraq like today what's -- world like today. -- Iraq and other dealt nations and all likelihood. The no flight donors don't pack the Iraq. You know rattled it's neighbors that doesn't its we have an hour and and and really -- at quote error. -- fortunately. It is -- still -- our our ratings but bad news but what a poem -- Thank you major you you took a complicated thing and made it easier to understand and appreciate your time. You bet thank you Mike lines CBS military analyst and retired army major. So we got a whole bunch of questions here you concerned about the United States. Military get involved again in Iraq can we do that. Should we do that. And would it have been better for the United States here in the majors they that he heated to say it. But it probably would have been better had Saddam Hussein been left alone and still been in power the US says drop some more bombs on Iraq there. May or may not be a good reason for that depending on your tape we'll get it when we come back right now CBS. CBS news special report I'm Dave Barrett when militants began to -- -- Kurdish held area in Northern Iraq near the city of irbil. US fighter planes retaliated to laser guided 500 pound bombs were dropped on that. Mobile artillery piece that was being fired by crisis insurgents. This occurred just about three hours ago national security correspondent David -- on the battle damage assessment. It's not know. Yet for sure whether the artillery piece has been destroyed but we do know for sure that the two F eighteens are safely off the -- the US does have advisories -- consulate in -- on this air strike was a move towards. Protecting -- interest. CBS military consultant retired army colonel Jeff a causal and in the broader picture. It could be the beginning -- much larger US military involvement once again in Iraq. That being said the president's remarks last night took off the table so called boots on the ground or a large US ground presence. CBS news special report I'm Dave Barrett still here in -- lies the conundrum -- and I get a couple of text here and and I'm gonna read -- change and and with the listener. That's is better without Saddam which is what major lines and he needed to say it no better had Obama not pull this out -- twist things. I'm not trying to twist anything it was horrible there with -- there and he was murdering Kurds and in terms of on weapons of mass destruction cam Chemical Ali did in fact you -- Nerve gas against Kurds. So while some people say they didn't exist when we went all right on what we had a did because they use to manage data in hand. Nuclear material but did indeed goes to parsing words about weapons of mass destruction yes. But now the Sunnis of murdering shield like the Germans exterminated and I hate to use that word but in their mind exterminated Jews -- -- mass killing of Jews genocide. So. The Texas its allies is killing women and children after Obama pulled this out is where Saddam killing Kurds was bad ridding Saddam and keeping US troops there was investment. Now -- askew was it worth the 4000 plus American lives. This seems like only the game has changed the games the same and only the players of change. A thing as -- 101020000. People on -- on a mountaintop to high temperature of the air. On 120 degrees -- his son -- the majors ahead. And at what point do we as a country. Get involved or don't get involved. Some people are saying nice to see anybody feels horrible that we don't have to be Big Brother for the entire world but if you go back. Two in 1990s mid 1990s the genocide in room -- a hundred days. Somewhere between 500000 and a million people were killed because the the two groups. -- off his religious based or not but these people were -- and each other to death with machetes a lot of innocent people died and it was. Think it was tootsie and a -- to apply our -- terrible stuff. But -- years later replacing it several -- and got involved those are but we should again and policy here you go you got 20000 women and children on top of the mountain top. A group that's waiting in and I says just like. Tackle wolves if you will for summer to -- a lot of poetry or four natured to take care of written and and the terrible conditions. So you deal I get a text that says no hard feelings but the government couldn't get water here after Katrina how can we get it. To people on top of the mountain top not a consideration as you know while -- humanitarian nations as major alliance and a US plane gets shot down what happens then. So there's a complicated thing I would ask you a couple of different questions. Should the US get involved in a humanitarian effort ordeal at the Iraqis sorted out for themselves out of 101000. 20000 women and children die on top of the mountain top target slaughtered and -- -- -- it up on line as seen in the video on the news. The Shiites. No Sunnis being lined. Gasses earnings it's yeah it's the -- ideas I get confused here the -- ideas. -- correct job by -- yet so. The Sunnis are being lined up on side of a river and shot they had just like something you'd seen Schindler's List and and the bodies being pushed and -- Others are being forced to lie down in mass graves and and a guy with a machine gun just kills everybody in the grave. So at what point does the United States get involved with this or do you say you know what. To -- -- said we took outside and -- now it's up Saddam -- up to you to to maintain appease. Should we have gone in do you regret the 4000 lives -- lost not that any of these people are not heroes because they did their mission. And they carried out with they're supposed to do but I like to hear. What you would do if you were the president what would you do if it was your decision did -- get involved with these ten -- 20000 men women and children. Or. Again like like due in German thing just continue to -- many people as they want and turn your back. You tell me 260187. -- 386 -- 89087. A year -- citizen of this country and you represented it represents you. I'd like to know what you think. He had 220000 people on top of a mountain. They are. Shiite. And they've been driven there by the Sunnis. And you know I I think. In terms of genocide it means that you look and that the way. The -- crisis as it is militant group this is terrorists organization has been treatment. If she is the Shiite people they're bombing mosques so I find it hard to believe that there's a religious connection now although I understand that they. Use the Koran differently imagine that people kill each other because they view a religious book differently gee that's never happened before. And I'm not not and religious books I'm not in the human interpretation of that yes. In terms of genocide in talented people and World War II you know history show we should stop Hitler. We should have known it was on on maybe we did we didn't do anything. Until we were dragged into it because it started in thirties and we hear about. You do row Wanda. -- in in the mid 19. A million people -- in the each -- -- with. Machetes so it is it always easier in hindsight to say yeah we should have done some than but at the time saying no mind their own business some of the tanks that are coming -- Tommy wrong question would Iraq be better off if Obama would not have left. The Obama was not there are but I don't think you can. Separate politics. From military action because they are inexorably linked in the present and of course is a commander in chief of the armed forces. So we can talk about -- feel like but the other side of that is just to keep it real. Is that more Americans would have lost their lives and I hope we all realize that far more Americans have lost their lives in Iraq. Then did Afghanistan almost four to one. So you tell me another one talks about we've got hundreds maybe thousands of children women and men dying of starvation here in America takes America before we help everyone else is coming from a member of the military. And -- the only they'll do is take yet you worry about thousands of children. -- men women and children starving. -- -- 40000 people on top of a mountain in Iraq and we have to do something about it but over 100000 people homeless in the US. And we do not -- stop being world police fix our problems at home first before we lift a finger for anyone else. So I guess a question -- did the president messed up by taking the troops out of Iraq in would you have been well in the put up with the casualties that. Resulted which inevitably there would have been any American military but would you have been criticized the president for. Risking American lives for a mission that -- had no end. Mario slide -- morning thanks for calling on governor WL. Economic I need to. Manning right at the very complicated issue and I -- wanna be president right now. Now it's if you -- just that music question as -- not say. -- -- a couple of them that involved on a whole state cycle wanna say all right. These guys and at that -- alone -- kind of leave it to tradition. But they -- experience. Is is. It will not -- -- to -- in offensively so. That it caught the Miller oh crap you know. Well and just and -- -- trying to argue with you marry oval when you say attrition. Would you call. -- the -- that would happen with the Jewish people and Germans attrition would you call what happened in pro Wanda attrition. Did do you think all three of those are the same -- is is isn't a matter of casualties I mean if you've seen his video. Did the Sunnis issued in the -- and just the mass executions -- it'll get your attention because of personal reminds you of is Jews in concentration camps. Yeah -- not not a did you put it bad -- -- I -- retract my left treatment. And although I -- I didn't mean to say that you're -- -- accurate thing I just I just bring it up as. Are the three of these lightweight you draw the difference and decide that you know witnesses. Absolutely. Intolerable and we can't let this happen we got to get involved. It's my view war or on that if in fact -- I the -- against another. That they had no other military faction OK and -- to fight it out. But if you're out it would -- these pavilions. When you're in -- in. One. You gotta get that article or promote the ride the you know -- -- -- itself spoofable by one point. No policy not gonna put. You know Obama ground. You know I think we've got the capabilities. You know minimize power -- deep into really critically remove these guys. -- -- -- -- A major lines that it -- we could be -- about 3000 troops. 250 initially on amounts opted to figure out everything out and where. Where they go would be the best bet to get him through Turkey and in another Tony 500 to provide security on the ground. Yeah understandable. That let me get my chest you know. At least one. Step -- you know what what -- it is you know major forces. You know independence in the world vision because. You know that these guys succeed over their right. Who's to say that they're not in their own little -- Laura's okay dot extort but let's -- -- -- -- will will be. I don't think there's any doubt that that would happen now in terms and then they would have little countries home base in terms of UN NNN joint effort the major told us that there wouldn't there's not time for that by the time he had a coalition together body and amounts can be dead. Well you know you know time time it probably you know these -- feature. -- -- understand a justice system date will be action debate would be -- bureaucracy about. I filed a petition that does not get it done debate let's go to peaceful and get a lot. You think generally speaking we say. After it's over -- we -- than that but while it's gone on man and so much. I don't know. Companies that because it you know compassion for innocent. You know. Standard he would come around you know shooting at in the in the in downtown you know got these two gentlemen. They get caught up across. Well and I went at that Mario and I appreciate you colonists that a lot of problems in this country that in the a lot of attention and cost a lot of money in and -- ultimately -- you want if you're in a military which you wanna be one of those 3000 people they'd go in the try to get. She died off of the mountaintop. War. Be willing to risk your own risk your own life of that family member because I don't think the if you will. And I don't think you inches commits somebody else's son or daughter had taken on a mission are dying animation it you wouldn't be on the south. Please -- -- manually clean as a somebody texted and said thousands of Americans are starving I don't know. Statistics I can't found guns find on starving but. There are millions they've identified themselves as very low food insecure will be back -- have you.

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