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Aug 8, 2014|

Tommy coins the term "y'at-ccents" while speaking to Dr. Nathalie Dajko Linguist at Tulane University about New Orleans accents.

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Now it's Tommy Tucker WWL lay on my famine dot com. I David's -- last weekend it was white -- ninth ranked. Yeah yet now this weekend is brown women -- dirty linen dirty when -- night. And my house to be wash the -- nineties and do the sheets and I'm not just full. Notches -- amazing that the same guy. -- that could have that intelligent articulate conversation about world politics in the last hour. Could resort to that candidate Tom -- -- -- and sodomizing but I just goes show you about the many voices that are in my head. All those a lot of them up a whole lot of as is the only time I really worry as one -- you're coming down the hall and year you're seemed to be talking -- -- -- -- and there's nobody there I want -- I'm sure it happens that Israel both technology. He is -- like to keep people off. Saturday on a killer out there again. Night football time of course it is TGI saints game day -- And we're ready -- on the got a W -- get all the action for you. Today as a matter of fact pre season saints football saints taken on the rams in Saint Louis covered sides. I think about ten minutes now -- did not know 3 o'clock three. Ever gonna target to one get first take with resident pro former saints offensive lineman Steve -- and -- Manassas and 5 o'clock the Bud Light count down to kick off with Bobby eight Baird Deke Bellavia 7 o'clock. Game time best it likely team in football the voice of the saints' Jimmy Anderson. Saints color analyst -- guys John and saint sideline reporter Christine Gary as the only way to fly and I guess we're done then how. New -- you are wrong who'd had -- at a game you can join the cajun cannon. And the big chief for the point after until 1 AM blasted because. You titled we wanted down the hallway -- And there's nobody there and it really is frightening how often it happens Andy and -- a lot noting movie lines and having conversations aren't like you got a point after till 1 AM ten dollars baby a bull -- saints football coverage. Ten died on saints radio WWL big 870 AM. 1053. And a fan and David I don't know if you -- -- but you can stream saints' games live. When your laptop or that's not so what I wanna do and what we're working on. And nearly a lot of legalities involved here not to mention all technical aspects of it. From -- Oh the the phone and he needs to watch on the phone ward now priests over him but we're a long way from. I don't get to it. It is common in those being towners over the NFL. The pencils out. It's -- yeah but that -- recordings -- so many zones in different kinds of phones and and incidentally they take the the pencils out and take field. That you -- -- -- calculators out and then not come up could be about a billion -- a tape about about three feet long shot from the adding machine. And in neighboring entity an assailant is what it's gonna cost. -- stayed at a Tennessee company would mean mean and get that this won't try to in the week Donald lighter note. On the Tennessee company head clan and a planned an accent reduction class. Because they thought people in Tennessee were talking with too much of an accident. Nick you're gonna certainly work and into little punch him in talking Maghreb and on sound like you're Dylan and a funny including -- and we -- out. So the company canceled it and that I mean think about new loans accents because just here in the city. There are so many different accent offers what I neighborhood and it comes at a -- you say the name of the city. How you say New Orleans -- 98 child. But there is New Orleans which is my pronunciation maybe -- West Bank media -- Ninth Ward I don't know and is the uptown fancy new all year. Who are yes and no why is one way to look at and if you knew how to spell it out yet I don't why. -- YE EU. I'd not lost it annoy you are not a NOY. A friend of velocity loan to. But there is the uptown new -- Indiana house there's audience there's some West Bank. Things like hose pipe which the I grew -- -- -- listening got to know that was so about nineteen. Well whenever it was and has -- high school. Anaconda and hose -- is actually a host. Has not closed but. We do things differently -- -- a pipe was something that you put those close to and the people would come into town always. It happens every time especially obviously the first timers. -- I just I haven't heard that southern drawl -- I have ever present to Baton -- -- at the north -- map but not bring you you swear you're in Mississippi Tennessee and you come into -- you think you're in the Bronx exact. Please sell a couple of questions that I want the audience to weigh in on right now because otherwise just beat David and I talking to each other thing anybody wants anymore that. Dude do you think people here are you bi lingual do you speak yet. When you're with your family -- say oh you know amount political have a couple of Beers and and -- to hang out what saints game on TV. But then when year at work or you're out of town you're trying to impress somebody do you suddenly become. In all cosmopolitan. And well yes I'd like to a drive over in the car have a couple of Beers that sounds great and maybe we can watch a football game on television. And do you do you get embarrassed. When you see people. On TV. Say if they're being interviewed for sump and talk and yet. Or do you think that is a good thing for New Orleans and it glorifies our culture. I don't get embarrassed I like it but. And a lot of people it's all gone in haven't look at this dispersants on TV talking yet and make in the city look dumb. Joining us right now naturally. -- a linguist at Tulane University talk about this morning is Natalie. -- -- Tell me I presume you've you've studied about. It'll be different accents and and languages in even here in the city. Right via primarily I've studied conference in the past but over the past few years I've been starting to look it was a little more than a few surveys of the city. -- Well I guess my first question would be do we speak English here -- -- It's a warm -- it isn't it. I say it's a form of it is and that. So tell me what would you found done neighborhood to neighborhood. In the area of the region does as David Blake and averages and it seems like you go just across the causeway -- years are hearing from people -- born -- different accents on the north sure. And then here within the city itself healer of the metro region you'll hear different accents from. We're talking about pronouncing new long ones or New Orleans. Depending what do you uptown and and how can we him so many different accents in one small place. Well but yet you're definitely right there -- a lot. Different varieties even metro area you don't go to -- have to go to the north sort of find. People who sound different for each other. It basically has a lot to do it to where that standard exactly -- we're actually not quite sure there's. Strangely enough despite the fact that you have all the variations in that says such small area. They're not really been a lot for search done on New Orleans with -- where exactly -- boundaries we're not sure but they're definitely. A difference between the working class and the upper classes in the Long -- that whether there's a difference in black and white working classes is something that people have been arguing over that nobody really made it. Conclusions about the debt that. How what happens is people have social networks. You sound like the people you'd hang around more option. And that you has. Different classes for example something different from each other in any major -- it happens in places like Bjork happens in Boston. And how they developed has had to do with their ancestors are where they've come from. How much interaction I have with other groups and their relationship with other groups if you have a hostile relationship between groups you're gonna have people who don't want to sound like each other. And who are not going to sound like each -- at the result. So basically the short the short period historically there has been. Sometimes tense sometimes friendly relationships between various groups and they've influenced each other in. Whether I mean in different ways sometimes they want it sound more like -- that as some type that wants outlet like each other. But in any event you ended up with different social networks in the city creating these different. -- -- -- -- How did we wind up. -- that New York sound in Bronx flooded our thing I call I don't know like claw and ball and alana -- accommodation Bronx and and maybe Boston -- -- come from. Well that's actually kind of -- that's -- complicated story. Just you know and Handley who Wear on till 10 o'clock take a look. -- -- Well the difference about not pronouncing your heart rate like. After a balance on led -- spread across the -- Recent decades it's really receiving and that's true -- -- if you go -- well today actually did that he went to colleagues of mine from the diversity. Two years ago we went. Around the BP. -- snapshot met and we kept people. Well we will completely at the directions says pat O'Brien's. Occasionally we had to maintain the integrity of the service you can tell us what you're -- You know we can't help them -- -- Back yet that we asked people for directions and they would tell us so it's on you know what effort something that would force them to printout and our. And what we've found is bad. -- -- would have been in the streets of which -- -- thought it would have been ended streets and target -- great treatment that he had to laws on exactly. We -- -- trying to force and a different court. French quarters and other villain. They yet. Nonetheless -- that is there is definitely a reduction in the fairly steep reductions in the pronunciation of that art since the 1980s is that the biggest city. New Orleans have really focused on our with the exception of -- lead and in the early eighties which is probably one of the best surveys nor was it what you called yet you're right really. Can you get that is incredible decelerated. The treble of the city but it's definitely available for purchase online 3% of the American Media. Is credible lower. I made it. -- -- so tell me so did you -- pronouncing our ours more because I got a daughter -- an adult and an amount car mole and she it seems to me like the kids today pronouncing their -- a lot more it's almost like they don't want to be identified. With the yen accent did you find that you found just the opposite. Well yes and now. Depending on -- -- -- and we've talked to you're gonna hear more or less are and definitely you'd think you'd get a lot less that you're hearing any collective -- of like an outlet where he. -- when you say just some clear and some of the Senate's coach -- I should tell you Napoli. Rawlins now at least so well so Napoli and just trying to understand they are announcing. The are more or their leave and -- are they same. Aren't -- -- definitely gonna think you're seeing -- did you write that you'll hear more are in New Orleans proper venue itself. That basically they're they're catching up slowly to. To the rate at which people are using it in New Orleans problem but because there are at the prestigious thing it says. Why we sound like you're in toilets -- we look you can but not actually from here the white people in New Orleans sound like different from New York in. That actually it's something that that people who are wondering about for a long time that there are a lot of features in common between the two. And George Ryan McKee a lake or trying to keep -- it was fiddling with the EU and outside that there was a lot of contact between new York and New Orleans and that's. How that came about and they're definitely and some differences as well people are to -- all. There -- that is as well. They -- -- very similar and it's possibly because the historic contest between new markets possibly because we do have very similar immigrant make up. We're at their direction they are there their -- and here they were Germans in Iraq their term intent here Italians and so on. So it's possible that it's it's possible the combination of all those things that that I'm actually looking at. And playing with these days we actually don't have the answer to that exactly. Something else we tend to do here and I and I do an occasional. Does look -- bilingual -- back and forth when I'm here I can't talk new loans went and Zain around friends talk like -- normally do like he'd veto. And we had r.s two words that don't hand them. Well how does that happen would that come from. Well that's actually part of the same process when you start dropping your aren't ready to do it following of Al. And you do it. Well yet you do it it's the -- days when you have a word and export -- after a -- well that you're gonna get. -- look at -- -- trying to think when they can't pretend that. You have that word -- and the they have to -- are there. But of course now there are words in English that ended in being in our and there are awards -- doubt but it's impossible to tell which do and which don't at this point. And so you have to read and their people terribly inserting Berber ethnic or inserting -- in court -- didn't have them thinking when they're trying to procedure now they start inserting them places where they. Wouldn't normally because. They can't tell anymore whether they -- that to be there. Now I pretty good a talent where people from from the way they're talking because I can tell us. The Wisconsin accent nine Intel Nebraska accent I Intel -- the obviously Chicago accent so. Sale a bit more foreign Meehan and now and now the -- tell you exactly where you from where. When nearly nearly Marcy sentence him to tell me about the blue link linguistics department at two line. What about linguistics department in our program not a department that we're into -- we're interdisciplinary. And we're gaining majors every year it's very exciting program we're getting bigger every year we've got graduate student Ph.D. students now. Without great students ethernet timing but. -- -- the undergraduates and the graduate levels that was that exciting program you can learn to speak my language for example in the summer you can learn to speak African languages like Europe. During the year. -- hear about it while I'm ready I'm ready to make it I am ready for my diagnosis. Are you doctor Nancy Lieberman. Doctor you're from the Pacific northwest. -- are you. -- -- -- -- -- -- just the way you talk to with the accent and and then trying to think what comprised. Delete -- that the speech pattern I tried I should be in linguistics. I can I did the speech pattern. What you were saying in the way you were saying it manages and -- like Pacific northwest -- Is it -- Now now I did it first and as it now and canceled it further north and farther north than that. The divot and it did professor doctor I I appreciate your time I really do is there anything we're missing that you'd like to to talk about. In class of accents regions that had -- done any studies about people being a long ones bilingual where at least. Speak one -- with them on an avenue and go to work it's a completely different thing. Well that's I mean I haven't studied at the typically in -- -- but it's definitely a well known phenomenon that. People will switch -- -- lady speed limit economic standard -- this whole -- no. And it's not fair and it we have linguists we love different dialect believe that we we recognize -- -- systematic in the days represent the history that the people to -- and unfortunately the general populace doesn't agree with that. Meant so you'll find wing when you have to go into an industry you have to which police beating people recognize -- and and they learn to do this and they become. Bilingual and it's not easy thing to do. People think it's easy is it that must be easy because it's about it -- which threatened bit of an assumption that people can speak not standard. Dialect there are just bad speaking English. And that's not true. Standard English is well it's a complicated thing bad. Some dialects -- more -- than others and that has to do with that speaks says silence and not anything to do with how logical they might be because. That that just doesn't make it defense if you weren't following rules as some form if we weren't systematic instantly we wouldn't be able to communicate with each other. The -- all of these things come from complex history they all develop the same way and. One person becomes standard one doesn't have more to do with this because in the first place. But people recognize that unfortunately -- stated that changed it with XP. Well and it takes is exactly what started all of this which -- Tennessee company canceling. The accent reduction class and you know I also want -- listeners only comeback -- does it make you proud when you hear somebody interviewed on national TV for example a news story and and they drop the -- and any talk like they're from you know just the area shall -- at -- -- -- -- that fire truck Canada man and before you know it. Ought to hold a -- -- client and where does it did these people take pride in that doesn't embarrass them and and I just wonder when it comes from. -- region to region is it wrong for an international company to try to get people -- to speak in one. Universal manner and not celebrate whatever it is that led to the accents they have. It Iran right I can't answer. Budgets but in terms of perception outside and I I don't know the full story but -- just a hundred people that speak with a distinct dialect Iraq's and I don't think it should be. Near -- do you are they viewed differently by other people Libya perspective. But they're absolutely you differently -- and I've sightings specifically. I have a friend to its front summit. Two who can't speak -- normally did speak. With a very strong would pick out yet act and great that he had -- from Brooklyn means type -- dialect and his first semester if that was first year at some point grad school. A protester pulled aside in the senate if you wanna be taken seriously you're gonna have to leave that accent. And so it. I mean it's not necessarily get it right for her for a complete did it well. That -- their possibly also not knowing the situation it's possible that responding to demand. I've I've met working. In new budget met on the street people people who say things for example and it. A manager when that local restaurants under the fairly. Upperclassmen. Fancy tech and she was saying look I -- -- really hard time finding people who speak English. And not thinking at that time I was like I really aware of people coming from the when they beat and then I realize of course the -- speaking English. And he would complaining about. Things like the dialect it about things like African American estate here lots of loud and says he clearly wanted people is that standard to represent. -- -- and that's the kind of thing people are gonna react to it it's it's entirely unfair but there'd be strong associations. What do we do you have a couple more minutes. I'd like to address that with the of people with the southern accent are perceived to be dumb if people. Lou with a big Chicago accent there are perceived to be tougher for some memories in the for some reason of what the perceptions -- with accents of want to talk to the audience to -- -- six 1878 toll free 8668890878. And I get a texas' as somebody from out of town as they chop -- Toulouse street. And as the old joke about a new loans police officers and long time ago is right now report. About a annually died on child would to a street so he tries spell it five times and and and -- guy drag the annually camp street you know I love clever attacks in this and comes in and says. Extent lady if she listen the bodies CN might say tournament. And that is interesting about why you pronounce things different ways Natalie Natalie. Regular gasoline was that yet doing university and -- -- take some calls in the doctor that's all right doctor Natalie. -- -- And it amber Leary they came in and tells -- a good example as wind in winter somehow we put the are on the W I may because it follows a well I don't know. James smattering of mourning -- got a W out. James. I'm -- -- and -- I am absolutely it will do more and -- That your party gets mentioned earlier. About on loans accents or not it's actually available and you -- -- -- reports and it's an early eighties and early eighties and it's it's agree Larry has watched if you wanna hear two traditional new loans accent. From uptown and downtown in different spots so much -- -- so not. Natalie these kids into plots and different -- a snowman. -- James into -- where you're from you are from Metairie originally or can you not absolutely correct color. My record remains intact thank you for Colin doctor we appreciate your time and if you're on hold enemy gets in a second. But before we let you go give people. Associate different stereotypes with different accents. Easy if you go. Any of Pacific northwest are you guys overly Campbell -- California etc. We definitely have an -- that -- -- let everybody get access some -- my guess is not yet I was able I'd lol. Discern not against night against the Atlanta looking at a cricket test your record that is specifically where that the equipment from the I'm against Oregon and Washington surrogate actually perfect British Columbia to hang it -- a pledge to America. Anyways I -- it was unfair -- let that slip I. Tell me dumb quickly if we could be perceived as we value your time and going into the -- about. -- perceptions of different accents. Vietnam there there always that mean for a long is that they've been betrayed and I'm sure they're in. Basically -- tired. Attributes threat had nothing to do with release speak intelligence warmth friendliness and so on. Associated with different accent is that he reached softer for example if you spoke little English well enough he would be it would seem that does the very character actually speak different dialects. And talked with doing that that the shortcut personality and you get that in the movies right. The downside -- characters usually -- the others speak with the and access. Right and so -- As the there all these various associations that go along and not all -- negative it would not standard -- electorate that the association of lack of education. That line. On its stupidity very often unfortunately. -- censor what accents are perceived as an egg has would you would just press the conduct rooms are but what. Accents are perceived to be the most intelligent it's better. The most intelligent well it's not really. Eight region -- he generally get -- back and considered most standards. In in North America are going to be things like actually generally the Canadian. Accent. The Pacific northwest outside the people that let outside. Certain. Yeah I mean it's part of it and equipment but continued its Chicago have different -- with in Chicago in the -- generally speaking if you somebody -- something out standard. Regardless of what they actually speed build. Form a consensus around the basket that sounds bad you have the working class style and sound. Bad to people. And they tend to be that it was the same routine. Lack of intelligence had this step would not true of course that way to. The speakers themselves that but. Unfortunately it's just like to be associates of people who made. This is this -- this season and make it's it's definitely not true -- speak that it is in fact bad. But. -- on the flip side -- get things like war and friendliness. Being associated with does with that that it as well -- southern accent. Are perceived very often being an intelligent. But on the other hand. Yours -- -- -- -- with with that accent can be seen as brightly as welcoming and and so on and so. If you want passes to -- in back home era in that it is not speak standard way wreck effect be distancing from different. Thank you doctor I really do appreciate your time -- wouldn't talk to you again. Thank you doctor net league -- linguists at Tulane university and yeah I think it's Anderson what you just said that if you try to talk. In an -- other than yours. You might be perceived as so and I'll buy you friends and paraphrase in the -- here. And when it comes to work -- -- about the professor taken a guy with a -- that accent asides and likely to be taken seriously. You gotta lose its -- accent and I know when it comes to broadcasting Tim Brando tells a story that. You know usually on entry ports are now -- told -- know that you get the south -- -- boy if you wanna go anywhere. So you tell me 260187. Neitzel 386 candidate -- -- certainly do they mind if you speak yet. At work if that's which speak India have. Two different ways of talk in new -- you with family and friends is saying one thing but then. You're speech gets a lot more distinct when you're at work or perhaps dealing with colleagues or clients and yet -- Yet cents just made outward up. Write that down -- Put a mark on it with the treasurer whoever's secretary of state -- -- all that word. And that's much. Tim into the -- talk about yet language. Yet Sam. Yeah atomic. -- that delightful feeling AdSense. Yet sent out absolutely. And look they're ordered distinct ways to save fuel and but it's -- -- agencies that uptown pronunciation of New Orleans have. Correct but luck Holland England and I walked in to a there and -- got. What deal from -- Most European itself out he says. I'm glad Leo these solbes the reward option for days. So remotely like what George archer of England and America the only two countries separated by common line. But you don't want -- what I find interesting just now he's in Missouri. -- Well let me say let me do one thing. If you get in humans or it will do little out of -- -- -- if you say Missouri you don't -- Missouri on lecture from. Saint Louis or Kansas City and in -- very careful about. Got to thank you glad you called him to leave that in new on Wednesday of that you know on -- -- -- yet. -- -- -- -- It would have bearing on now that the EU that would -- I -- what -- habitat. An American evening and as well and then I'm born and raised in law and I'll I -- -- and anyone think am I in this city. I'm -- -- a gentleman in buffalo while we expect to date that -- Chicago is it going -- and go to meet you guys event and -- are -- -- -- -- -- lack. What -- is about. At all afterwards that I used is those who are hanging out there at one. You tell me where. Yeah you really comfortable that the architect while I've been here at point eight. And I met probably thirty people and I haven't heard one person that they all and yet. And I that you couldn't -- Allen who did not insult people don't usually say well. Well and yet we -- even count that as well the people that I. We don't -- -- lightly you know they -- but you'll find people in the immediate days following that he -- that you know. It questioned immediately TE. Acne and -- your questions and I want to do that attempts to. And I just wanted to have you seen an X or ask. All -- he asked you a question. Right and it was. And -- you're African American you that you guys get a lot of people. Saying bad. Is this year dirt -- all the language you know -- you speak about anything like. -- like Alex phrases like up in here those kind of things. But the that you like at that in my profession that you almost every year lease they hold a I enacted state -- Each teacher they eat the talent. A lot of people that try to work as a at least -- went about Obama. Now. That we didn't really talk about at a whole lot but yeah. In my family environment -- neighborhood -- can't -- be completely out along with the -- But in my especially. -- -- Completely -- English and I think that what -- about switching back in like a what -- meant until a curtain back and at least at this. Slightly to send a very fascinating conversation I'm not trying to compliment mediums and -- but let me -- -- you have been speaking very clearly in just ethically. Gimme a couple of sentences of how you would talk if you look you know a -- around you family and friends like at Oppenheimer a month while friends would you say it. Multi that would be a candidate as the but I might say. I am -- They did go. It's tough to beat what it's tough to be bilingual sometime isn't an event. Well you know I don't think that we live in the anywhere where Richard and that is that so much so many -- -- -- Coming together. -- and ought to be able to indicate Jeddah I think we all -- -- all the language a little bit every now independent. Eighty. At the same time I was ready to speak Spanish English and a probable and quite frankly in my community do a lot of -- that you have that -- me why the NY. And I was the only spot dead you know and getting suspended -- -- but -- would be I agree. Well but in the African American community I'm sure and I happen -- no I have a lot of friends that are that dilemma. When you eat very well and yet you allow -- -- is that may not necessarily it was -- some -- that the challenge you know. It it would thank you met -- at a time and I appreciate your column one thing and I you know we're happy and lucky enough to go to Ireland. And what I love of my daughter loves it too is black persons speaking in an Irish accent. Because you don't expect net and I find it delightful. Will they give that I'm glad you called have a great day. I -- 26018780386. Exit 8908 -- and I don't mean to make that about race but normally speaking you don't associate. Somebody that's Irish. -- with being black you don't an idea I found it. Funny and an interesting and fun to watch right here we go. Yet children. -- now. So when leak I did come back we'll take some more calls. About the language. And about differences in accidents and also if you wanna talk about tonight's. Saints game you're more than welcome to do that is the saints tweeted earlier. TGI saints game day thanks everybody for great job today in -- includes you. How they're listening Don W coming in next for Garland Robinette will be talking about the most annoying thing you see other drivers drivers do one on a road. Beating children for discipline and then of course talking about tonight saints game coverage which by the way begins 3 o'clock writer -- WL.

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