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8-8 10am Don, driving pet peeves

Aug 8, 2014|

What is the most annoying thing you see other drivers doing on the road? Distracted drivers? Territorial drivers? Bright light abusers? Tailgaiters? What’s your on-the-road pet peeve? Don takes your calls...

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It's Friday so you got me down to -- filling in for Garland Robinette thank you for tuning in number I just returning from a wonderful -- trip to the Alaskan wilderness late last frontier and did some fishing and some TV shooting in some -- -- -- -- place. In a great trip have been doing this now for almost a decade every year a bunch of -- we called the cajun invasion and he may have heard -- live radio show from salt dot Alaska the confirmation Blige and -- between the time last Saturday and today about lots of things happened out there weekend in some nice runs on some silver salmon red salmon. I came back with a load of halibut -- -- cameraman and I had a total of 138. Pounds of these days. They realize it's all meat no bones. Of salmon halibut and one lonely link. So anyway good good to be back although I you can tell you those of you I'm fly do in the summertime when you hit the wall and you know which airport cheering as soon as you walk on the plane in the run when you feel let humidity comeback in. And boy what a pleasant break it is to split up some good way to place's nice cool at some temperatures in the low forties and under the glacier trip and when you get close those -- -- the wind blown off the escalation and you gotta be bundled up fleece on and gloves and jackets and a a young couple who were honeymoon -- sitting at the table with new immigration tour boat. And -- -- from Florida and luckily it was the first time they were there images -- not prepared they did not get the mammal on what where. Luckily I had a pair of gloves in the -- cap that I can loan to the two of them young lady and I'm kind of helped him get through it but anyway I'm glad to be back good to be back in the back in Louisiana and moved on V continuing to talk more about that -- some pictures of highlights of the cajun invasion. I go to my website down the outdoors guy. Dot com and you can accents access net from the -- BO website frequency of some of the action that took place than some of the great finish with. And went on to other things. I come back and boy here this first pre season game in no later on we're gonna talk to my to do yea he's on WW NFL analyst and middle losses at talked might be good to talk with him again and it's time to be doing and it's the first pre season game a column necessary evils nobody's really excited about pre season games but. If you go into it into the viewing of the game with the right expectations you can enjoyed Mike's gonna join us to help us tell us how to look at what looked for. And how to would join in join these games that lead up to the the very precious and crucial sixteen regular season games like -- Jones this afternoon. 9/11 o'clock hour. And -- some open lines of -- first -- allows will be -- console but those telephone numbers out for you of course not text message board is always open when two of today you can do that. I came across a story about a Detroit judge -- name's James talent. And he sentenced a fellow by the name and I don't know let -- Cummings whose nineteen years old. And in the sentencing his comments to Cummings one he told -- that he he needed a dead someone to discipline him. And this is a quote someone to beat the hell out of you when you made a mistake as opposed to allowing you. Or encouraging news to do it to somebody else was he on target was the judge outline. Was physical punishment part of your childhood. And have you yourself ever use physical force to discipline. Children. Is fear Obama of a thrashing a good motivated. Will open phone lines up eleventh of that at 10 o'clock and -- this hour right here we're going to be talking about some the net. Also kind of is annoying. Drivers doing things on the rose distracted drivers territorial drivers bright light abusers. Tail gators. What you're on the road pet -- -- polled some of the the other hosts here at WW go long on and it accounts -- -- -- -- I got a list -- would bugs them the most and I'll tell you what mine is volatile some of them out there for you. To comic choose from. And of course and a lot of you got journal but what does still. Thing that really gets to you know that of the drivers would. And if you wanna participate in today's program those phone lines on 2601870203. It's 866. 889087. Text as you can get a sedate 7870. Please remember -- text responsibly. -- along Louisiana no texting while driving if you going to be driving. Have a designated text -- -- if you -- text wall unit vehicle have a designated drivers pretty simple Mosul the ground rules so let the texting and calling began. Some of these out -- some of the ideas on gonna start off with -- mine this is my personal pet peeve. I drive a lot on interstate well. Between Slidell and Baton -- And for some reason it seems like this stretch maybe because it's only two lanes and it's already overcrowded should be three land some of its -- and expand its feelings that you get close and Baton -- -- -- still -- a lot of it. But yeah you follow along OK and you pass him in the left -- we've got along Louisiana but you don't belong in the left wing militia passing. Now as I remember him back in the day when I took my first driving. Test to get my license state they had a rule of thumb half closely you should follow behind. In it was something like one car -- for every ten miles speed. So if you go on seventy. Much more likely 751912. You should be seven carlin's behind the next call was not -- must change either the technology has gotten better. Cause a gotten better people's reaction time is better I don't know but now I see him gone 7075. With -- less than a Carlin. On it is in on my. So basically I try to keep at least two to three car lands behind probably too. And how they -- on seven he may be 75 and I'm in the left lane and I'm passing cars in the right lane traffic and -- might be 6568. So what. Fasten them but not zoom in past -- would gradually passing. But we are passing so was staying -- in the law. Well as always going to be some clown that runs up on the right hand side. And wants to jump in front of me and squeezed into that two car lands to get ahead of me. And pass me on the right. Is the one that really gets me. I mean I am in the process of passing got a safe distance between the card from me and this jerk is gonna come run -- cut in front of me winning on their -- just get from me it's an angle on anywhere after that. Then passing these these cars up ahead in the England 7075. And is barely a -- -- between. And anything can happen mechanical. Out to -- missed -- into another issue about. People were texting and distracted with other things pulling on makeup eating breakfast it. And you can have a serious accident I -- that's mine and -- that's mine up and here's some other ones that I just wanna throw matchup you can maybe pick yours and you were -- got some callers on the one issue others -- -- suggest this is the data do it so stay on there would get to you the second. Distracted drop as I mentioned. They could be distracted the phones that I've ads food make up being your name and I've seen and on the roads people just not paying attention. Preoccupied with trying to do other things that we have the territorial drop. You know of these and then -- -- emerge even when there's nowhere else for you to go -- -- generally you know it's kind of -- and I'm in the one behind these -- -- you know alternating. Now as the ones that just don't wanna human -- they don't want to -- not give him -- time. Now of course we have the intersection block traffic bumper to bumper. They come to an intersection with a lie and I gonna wait that you know sanctions the cars can get through in the light changes they're gonna sit there and market. They only got the people that just think bright lights of the greatest thing Italian Alaska. I had 83 hour drive along the keen on peninsula. From -- dot to Anchorage the morning -- returned. And I tell you they got some creative bright lights they use in Alaska roses -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Anyway bright light users who refused to -- You know -- if you can understand -- got him on an animal on awhile and you go in and you put the lights on the same day -- blinded me and they just won't -- About the tailgate -- -- is two it's in knowing in general but it's very unsafe and aggravated if you go on the speed limit or even high. About drivers who speed up when -- crime the past some day there and right playing you come up behind them. You move over the the last plane and all the sudden they wanna start going fast as they don't want to pass and from. What about drivers who can't seem to maintain a consistent speed that probably gets back to distracted. I would think. As if -- done that you're you can generally tell -- -- signal and I get up to this -- look over I guarantee you -- got a phone in his face. About this one not pulling over for an emergency vehicle. -- -- life is so important can't take three seconds all last DePaul over to maybe save another person's life. Not gonna give an inch to the emergency vehicles. Then you got the drivers who turned left from the right on that's -- minute turn right from the left lane on a four lane road. -- all across several lanes of traffic to make this turn. Then you got the those who like to drive five to ten under the speed limit and they looked -- looked mostly for some than. While slowing down all the traffic behind him. Then when there's two planes but the right lanes -- right turn lane. And you got someone use in that -- that pass up everybody and it's taken their time in their turn in the long line of cars. Trying to bully the left -- at the last minute to get fun. And when people don't have the option open opportunity to make a turn on right they don't. Does anybody know -- they get the memo you can turn right after a stop -- summoned after a year. Those are a few only come back and initiate you would Angela hill T Bob -- back debt from buy used these suited for magic scoot. Scott Cologne bizarre web master Mark -- of aboard operators news reported -- hands though. Steve gallon Jammer to be 97 they've all got their deputies what's yours checking on a pretty opinion poll question which it reflects that we have right now and not surprisingly distracted drivers 40% of you think that is the most annoying thing. 10% say territorial drivers 20% bright light abusers another twenty -- gainers in another 10% off fall under the category other. And I have got probably a 150 text about the most annoying thing one problem we'll try to get to make those weekend and I of the one of them before go to our caller. This 1 says Don I am a police officer I seen a lady on west esplanade eating a plate of red beans were. While driving the issue of corn -- a regular role. Yeah what's the strangest thing the other -- of people do it has -- last saw contestant Kimberly sought some but anyway let's go to Rick Ingraham and I he's got one for -- Rick thanks for calling. I do my friend what annoys you the most. Well out there are skeptical but rather it -- but when you come they. Gated home. And you. See one cor common real slow and the practical common -- -- -- -- well you let the court coal fired because. It -- -- you don't have operated like why couldn't get out quick if I can pull out -- -- if you know if he's. Awaited return. Yeah. Yeah show -- so you just ask and do something simple you got Blake is on call use right. Yeah very simple up and down and other thing that. Talk about these tailgate people -- these these these these trucks are rotting in a way it was on its highways -- in this state highways it's come right side and and if you do an Olympic they'll hit -- on and you know it's it's it's it's ridiculous. Well I think a lot of these things were talking about need to be enforce that we have laws that prevent tailgating we have laws that prevent. Using a cell phone on sale device law you'd Robin but yet very few people who ticketed I can't remember anybody ever heard of got ticketed for. Driving and texting or not driving in in in and cruising the Internet and it goes on -- Osce -- my campus police. Our creative funny thing other things that might drop and put and I dropped him. You wonder how we still lives it is unreal -- -- It is thank you for you call Rick we appreciated -- you wanna get our -- just today's debated do it now Rick agrees with -- Tuesday is on magic one on 91 of host he says drivers not using their signal don't edge over and expect me to know you wanna come over and and get pissed that I don't give you run. -- come to a stop while almost running to you so you can turn let me know you are turning. He's got this in all caps use your signal people. Angela -- got will be different today at when asked -- -- most -- -- driver and she says pick up trucks that think they own the road king of the road. What is your ST 60187. ER 8668890878. And I hope all these people that it texting on driving after -- vehicle that they are indeed having a designated text before them. I'm going go most annoying thing to me this is a text while driving is people go slow leak in the left -- Another one says driving wrong way in a parking lot a lot to kind of free for all that'll come under regular. Traffic -- Is another when that says not texting and driving gets on my nerves Don police need to enforce the law on the subject yeah we got the law on the books and Nazis and up the saint. There's another one tailgating driving slow in the left lane general impatient. Another one this one mass at the -- with a high beams on people that rob about high beams in the city. Is another text texting and driving is me and my dad's pet peeve. The designated text that's what we say to use and remember when you gimme reading these text. If you punched the down 87 -- 1053 union enemy in mid sentence -- remember that may or may not be my real opinion. May just be that animate text of them reading to you. I think as an adult in the second most of -- what was affairs anyway the second most annoying thing to me while driving is people who won't turn left on red. After stopping when legally allowed turn left on red. Or other places though like Utah and left I don't know about rise against -- could be few instances. I have another when Don people that can't wait behind you. Yeah I know which to me and and here's another one just says Texas drivers most of the only thing about -- extra. -- -- fast as most of them in a deal now on this beat. And here's another one in the intersection. Blocker who won't look at Q at all well. On whistler into the great beyond that -- block in this in a section in the -- Logan anybody can in my community. Here's another one. What about -- twelve traffic slows down approaching the bridge gone over the river. I guess they mean that you found -- -- there. And how yeah 19 in how which 11 that would be to -- to Rivet and then when you get over the bridge there's nothing going on I guess that's gonna look at the river. At who's going east or west. I -- that very often you're exactly right for some reason that river has that you know and Evelyn is the highrise. People I guess because moon beginning -- angle that's steep angle. They have to -- the an accelerated to keep him to maintain this speed and they don't do proceed generally immune to slowdown as a question for you what would you do with a thousand dollars -- a lot of things on the mind WWL wants to help you find out like Phyllis fans learn dug -- a listener from right here in Metairie. Today is your last chance to 1000 dollars in a nationwide. Summer splash cash contest just -- today right before the top our news and eleven. Two and five for the code words and text that word 272881. For your chance to win. Without ever putting down your phone at 728814. Lucky listeners nationwide when a thousand dollars each. Don't miss out on the money sign up now front of video cash club you'll get reminded text. Just text the word cash to 87870. Then we'll alert you fifteen minutes before each code word is announced. So you don't forget the list thousand dollars nationwide summer splash cash contest. Don't forget the times 112. And also 7 AM and it's -- good to block from small radio. Intercom and all of us at WW remember we never charge protects an individual plan text and data rates apply. And that's coming up shortly so let's get to some phone calls -- over and Bay Saint Louis. On line to Candace thank you for joining the think tank what year -- your favorite pet -- from drivers and annoys you. Bring them. And now warning that -- clothing and actually it is -- -- church completely ended. Yen in that traffic more Bryant and they wanted to jump in front of somebody you know yet they want you let him have it. You know what roadway you drive the most where you see that ten. Yeah. Okay Candace thank you so much for you call appreciated. Hope nobody nobody cut you off and rightly let's go to Randy in Saint Francis bill line three. The morning round they -- it. These a lot of bicycle in order to -- every -- when they come on -- on the broader military you know. And I got -- again and -- a -- -- a -- up at it now. Yeah I believe bicycles is supposed to beta saying losses -- automotive on -- auto drivers but yet they wanna bend the rules you know they wanna stop for the stops on they want to know what you give all the right away they don't want -- -- -- you know they got to give a little bit too. -- I brought like it is about. Randi thanks for your call appreciated 26018786688908. Cent a share -- -- some more VAR -- produces in the stampede and an account. At about eight bit what do you think would be his most annoying driver habit. It's called easy mode he says slow drivers in the left lane if you wanna go slowed just yet in the -- -- simple stuff. And then act cat from buy you says on not using a blanket I hate those people. Because I have a crystal ball. So I know when you're going to abruptly make -- turn. Also going to slow in a fast lane come on in folks don't let you merge it karma. Plus -- you freaking lights on why don't know it sounds like debt issue. And then scoot down -- -- -- says no lights in the rain but cruising in the middle lane with hazard lights. Lasting hazard lights only supposed to use. When you have -- -- and you pulled over the side -- Ganassi of all time having heavy rains fog is on the one of those hasn't lights on which is supposed to signal as somebody stopped. In -- So be aware of that Scott Cologne he's our webmaster he says I hate when people are crawling down the road and you look over and you see the head down. Taxpaying. Another distracted drive. A board -- mark Menard says sighing he hates it when someone cuts me off then go slower than I was going. And I need to be on the news reporter Jim hands though says I hate when people blow by UN approximately ninety miles an hour. Weaving in between traffic and they never seem to get caught keep thinking someone is gonna die up ahead and so -- well. Steve -- sports guy says driving slow in the fast lane get out of my way slow poke. And B ninety seven's -- says when cars merge. Please watch oncoming cars this causes accidents is very importantly as people just -- like there's no traffic and now. I that is our hosts and produces most annoying driver habit. The overwhelming responses electing to get this off your chest and we -- takes more these calls in the next -- Khatami -- lines and they were talking about the Georgia admonishing. Nineteen year old telling him on he really needed someone to beat -- -- lot of you -- on -- -- that -- we'll get to that let me check on our opinion poll as the economy marinate in here on the back -- analysts -- would it says. Asking this question was most anointing you -- other drivers doing. A still distracted drivers as out their number 138%. Territorial drivers that would be 17%. The bright light abuses that gang is 7% a tail gators -- pretty hot 24%. And it didn't really is bad I don't know why. In the last few years it seems like it's gotten to be you more and more in the things that really scare me is I'll watch people get up behind them. And eighteen Wheeler and I mean right on his bumper and is no way he can see them then just to tap on the brakes and sudden movement some tendon. Disaster and then the whole other category is 14% what does -- cast your vote at WW all dot com. Text me yours at 8787. New York call us at 260187. ER 8668890878. That's what Linda did in -- listen to listen to Waldman is on line Linda thank you for you call what annoys you the most about drivers. And tailgating at -- police around it police are. -- The application. Eight people on the street and that. I'll go coming and a lot of people. Act like and play arm at the end it. Came out I -- baby pretty. -- actually -- and I have to our. Well aren't. Out cheaper. -- Yellowstone blaming all Texans there's a lot of those people are actually a local literally -- with Texas plate you're right about that. Thailand the -- call appreciated hope you don't encounter any of that today let's talk to Mike in Canada he's got a beef but cab drivers go ahead Mike you're wrong. I did I -- good. I'd very regularly from -- Rollins Puyallup plot. But the reserves and but mainly between New Orleans and the output equity chatter about attacked and -- -- can't convert. They that I got a look at why. And but it is trapped in the traffic you know that they just. It's not like they do the speed limit. And as a whole lot of people -- in most cases the middle light in the right in -- -- Look at the other glove and line. But even worse when one operative -- all -- The Uggla and mine every time we get like that it's a one car -- -- -- in a project until it. And in Atlanta meditate on let the guy Robert tight one they wanna get orbit which is stopped on. Anyway you know not bothered so what -- do -- try and block from getting open making mister right that the airport is now. My thing now because a -- open give them over the back which they get everybody else. I might thanks thanks again and hope you feel bad again none off it just appreciated let's go now to Rodney in Hammond lime tree. Iran needs should turn tell us what annoys you most about drivers. Well in all of this thank you mentioned -- me because I'm more courteous and safe driver and probably your rarity these days limit I'm not -- -- considered a -- -- but as quakers don't speed limit long Asian Ryan lane. Enemy you know -- but it must go faster -- -- -- speed limit -- the -- bright -- -- -- are calling for long enough you know. It's got a month. Realization that the majority of people with their rights to light probably don't realize that they are too bright and among those. Most of those people probably just care as they want you wrote. Now you know in the good old days when you went to get a break today. I was one of the things they did you pulled out to wall may socialites and peck and news. These -- satellites with the two screws approached the driver it's easily ingested eaten a proper settings as we're here right. -- shot toward the shoulder. And your left like there's pointing in your -- Close to the caller on the and -- -- bright lights that's what the bright -- functions -- but not when somebody is -- and you come toward you. Merrill the newer cars are no problem it's the new apartment so complicated probably can't even -- just being back -- And of course a lot of protection agents don't even check them anymore now I'm not an advocate for morals are distinct from Regina. There inspection stations as a poster skull of nonsense that the united -- comply with -- -- A friend does -- pay 800 per -- tires business -- wouldn't you know they cannot stand up. -- -- -- cars and the better cars there's they're bright -- spectators at the -- on being Caucasian. Where that got the technology to delineate where elections and where it doesn't and that's a Smart idea. I would never be an advocate -- given more -- disasters there -- to mature and you do that means already. That is the only way I would note occurred. -- lies -- as it is dangerous. You know around they want thing on those bright lights and not to Longo was run with -- W -- TV cameraman we were in the WWL vehicle and it's it's an issue -- and got pulled up on the sunny S admiral wind it down opponent did he said you got to bright lights on. End to drive growth. Said in on August who's -- is look man this -- -- not only says Donald bill cause I just -- -- -- -- trying to be Smart but I asked in a war don't. But I think. The alignment on some of these vehicles you know when you get on another type of vehicle that's a lot more it seems like it's bright eyes because it's at that specific angle. And now -- -- you can avoid to do that misses some kind of an adjustment you can make like you say you know used to be able just tickle Phillips screwdriver and angle where they should be you know on. Or whether there out of line I was just a way that they happened a decision but then people of drama around they think the bright lights are wrong but then. I have other and our program justice colleges -- their kitchen of your listeners -- anybody is conscientious or anybody want to think about it. And checked into an economic -- -- at night -- relax -- looked up. I consider it a -- so drivers out there and I don't a lot of police don't really target this because this is unseat the big thing -- thank insists. It but it stalled in the category of everything we talk about this is rude and insensitive to your fellow driver you don't get slider into the actual experience. -- when gasoline went up so five years go out and start treatment are going to be I'm gonna. Enjoy the experience of course don't arms much -- so it is it is clear -- How can also be very stressful and you know I can't help but think that just the fast pace of the world of social media in no hurry this and attacks that run here all us. Is expanded now in -- driving habits and it's just more stressful situation. -- -- -- like the caution everybody sort of like that previous caller didn't even with the character hours you're not -- reform these people island and thanks a want to come out you know interstate and I was in a truck with. Four laps satellites in and I didn't realize it was on practice he indicated and work on the dashboard. This truck driver and people that's GB and China in the hazard you're right review -- side Mir and then on to me and I got the message pronto but. -- -- He also afraid of neat you know are outraged that I am afraid that there's no way I mean when you talk about like he'd like somebody are reluctant to do that. Still pretty determined to come out and here's. As a possibility to stay cool out there Rodney thanks for the call we appreciate -- it Abiola as well there's always something new the US launched a first strikes against crisis militants in Iraq we have the latest on the military and humanitarian missions plus -- saints game -- don't mystic ability is preview santorum's panel also our resident pros Bobby gave there -- you guys John. All the voice of the saints Jim Henderson share what they're ready to study and we have coach Payton -- Q&A about the rams. And trending -- turned down the sound every vote that wants to watch the game but. Listen to Jim Anderson -- guys on instructions about how to sync up your saints radio gained a broadcast it's all on line now. At WW all dot com. Also remember those important news updates US launched airstrikes against ices. Listen for the latest in a CBS updates every half hour keep your radio locked on WW -- breaking news in any press conferences from the White House. -- simply got time for this one quick call from haunts in Slidell Hossa -- Adam and although Joseph but you heard that before. It I know -- good what bothers you with these drivers. Passionate about this subject the -- brought it up. If the tail gators don't like India -- get over it's the law of the rules. Highway about wedeman. They say two wrongs don't make the right. That should that person be tailgating just because somebody's going to slow in the past them. It's against somebody -- keep going and they don't get over. I must have been an escort Robert market like I can't control. You -- that you can bet that. It's endangering yourself that's like where are gonna get rhetoric that's suppose that person says you know -- I do in fact I got some Texas say you know into -- -- -- slam on the brakes. Not good not good at the -- all Ausprey shaded.