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8-8-14 12pm, Don, Saints Pre-Season

Aug 8, 2014|

First Saints pre-season game tonight against the Rams. You watchin’? WWL’s NFL Analyst, Mike Detillier on what to look for tonight against the Rams.

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Now walking into the third and final hour good afternoon -- the Friday -- to think -- down -- -- -- all the -- goal will be back with you on Monday elbowing a lot to take up -- talk about between now and then of course at the big saints first pre season games taking place this weekend in fact tonight. The -- one lineup we've got nine hours of wall wall covered actually ten was if you count that last point after segment that -- -- wait -- 1 o'clock -- -- at 5 o'clock -- all morning just a few hours after all -- -- off. Always taken of that 5 o'clock outdoor show if you love the great outdoors. -- BO wants to send you -- hunt -- -- -- bodies of the -- sportsman's festival in expo presented by the super Chevy dealers in the home builders association of greater new homes it's going to be at the allow real senate. August 15 sixteenth and seventeenth. LB showcasing the latest in -- trends including the fishing running archery camping boating grueling and sports. Listen to me today and tomorrow five to 7 AM on WW well. You know we have more outdoors from seven to nine on three WO and you'll have a chance to win. A family pack of four tickets each hour when you hear the duck call you know a duck sounds like him sound like a -- it probably -- -- That will be your -- call I'll win the line I'll give you the number then. If you're lucky call -- number eight. You win four pack of family pack of tickets. To the southern. Sportsman's festival in expo at least looked good -- from stations that loves Louisiana's great outdoors. WW well right now we got football talk about it is finally here hope he -- you -- goal you can be tuned in and listening tonight you need to check our web site to find out the the keys to getting your radio sync up with you televisions you can listen to the best play by -- team in football talk and Jim Anderson -- -- -- broadcasting game. You get you ready for who better to do it and under the WONFL analyst Mike to tell -- joins us now. Mike good to be talking to you again and it's issue assignment football season is alive and. Yeah when the time has kicked at all. That's our. Well first of all pre season games you know -- not real popular every poll we've done people's that I wish that last level more and more regular season on just last pre season games but there are -- necessary evil I don't think we're gonna get around them. So the best thing we can do is figure out how to enjoy him and if you're looking for. I'm on game a close game and a lot of strategy -- be able look at what you team is gonna showcase them when they may be sick and getting in the standings for the coming season as -- at the best way to do it. But there are some really interesting and good things to look at so you can enjoy you going to look in pre season. But -- note it's my job. On dammit just that in. All I know I mean not hear the same thing you do down people like a preacher you don't think you're not a that would add an. Like a job. You know it's it's -- -- to -- -- so you know less than 18100 guys. Get that opportunity. You don't start the seat and so it's important because. Not so much for the Drew Brees to Jimmy -- world. Right out the back I think you want us economy is -- against somebody else splurge bring the world council to take in the the that -- -- -- the most intriguing port that is gain. From a standpoint -- the question mark about this football team at all potential line. And how well they like it last year -- could run the football would put record of the year. And we've got active wartime enemy of the Communist career. He bits and pieces of the puzzle here we -- working together as a unit. Got working together unit. You gonna get pretty stout group. We look at what the rams got stripped of that football team which would be -- mantra for so the first series of the game. I wanna see how well uncle prince a lot of matches up against the rams unit. Because in my opinion it is to me. -- typical breeze so the key to this city. Relies on the offensive line how well they can run the ball. How much -- they can't protect. I think it is I think for the football team they have won the nearly EU partners. And -- -- billions -- promised more tremendous football player. This question marks a place -- In return punts and kicks in your coverage and return units it's how you make a law. And for a lot of the Asia this is how you gonna make -- -- rocks. But the improvement -- punt kickoff return units. You need to build that place kicker a picture Ingram got inside but -- it's gonna make them know he's got to be preachy. So both the outlook for coming up on the line. Well look at pre season from the strength standpoint. And -- this football team has done and so where as well as anybody in the field finding. Free agents that were draft is that make this squad they had seven election. Tremendous amount of player on undrafted. On the fit between man roster. I don't think you've done to seven again this year. But the -- spot that's gonna make it. And I can tell you why and fishermen some habits. That when they practiced that it's okay you put them. On the field. And that's and that's that. And some got -- talk of being efficient. And you put him out and not quite as good. And I do believe that -- isn't all about hot lights. And that's all broadly you got -- -- -- 213. Computing. The game started about three -- that and independence in the fourth quarter. So your rookie pure food aid. Checking -- -- trying to make this Clinton. You've got two shots. And -- happens to be once and I went next week. Do -- and showcase if you can take your talent. -- the practice standpoint and created making plays out on the field this year and -- thing we talked about. -- -- -- That it really practiced well and good quality complained -- almost went off in alignment and deeply bigotry and a good thing. A big part of that rotation. Cart and and you know. Could tell me that we just trying to catch but as a running back that he would be called out in the open field. It in the -- optimistic that we grass everything in the NFL and we saw how good he was what year and -- will be. Now is battling for starting spot then we don't think that the creator. So to speak to that now they came in here -- made an impact. They practice well but it also could translated out on the field they won't -- Of the seven got to be able to do I want a city which one -- We get out first look. The most exciting football player. That -- -- that black -- from speech an important change Reggie Bush. -- -- And yeah a lot in years that organ state and I know one thing we and it can help you gonna give you an element. That you haven't had. In the last couple years loyalty and retention. Are sort of become a -- -- slotted to play -- what you gotta -- made that nuclear element to spread that you'll. As a receiver. And also what they keep simply beat port as a public. How to. Mike's they would men have you -- we come back don't want to -- exactly how much we can expect to -- -- Brandon Coca we chronic getting ready are we trying to protect deem as a starter already. Also there's some drama issues that may come on in this game and also about a cool was he the most of it quarterback will be Ryan Griffin -- Luke -- combination of both. Back with Mike to tell you AR NFL analyst getting you ready for the saints first pre season game tonight against the rams on the -- seventy VW and we're fortunate enough to have NFL analyst Mike affiliate -- listen now before 3 o'clock pregame begins in particularly into the -- -- -- will be looking at first pre season game. Mike got -- drama question we'll save that the last but as far as Brandon cook is he already we know we need to know about this guy let's not getting hurt status. And what about the quarterback spot is there a clear number two -- on what could be a two quarterback roster this year behind drew breeze. We had no question about it I think -- the audience that's there now I mean he has really really practice well. You get a lot of talent and on Election Day and an opportunity. Lost them because the ramps. But the claim him all the practice squad like protective you know. He's really done well it's it to the next couple games we -- the secure that number two spot and I think -- keep two quarterbacks to a as. The injury situation and worse and withdrew. I think it was hailed the they only got 22 quarterbacks on the roster not think blogger and got a really shocked yeah. -- -- articles about quarter. To be honest with you. I think what you want street which you know. You know his big element. Catch the ball ports on it keeps somebody apart return it to you got what you deal. Some would be difficult. A different story it was a very insecure. Catcher points at Oregon State. Dynamic in the return game. But he was very secure I'll leave that -- you know I want to give them opportunities and I'm sure. They -- problems like exposure country lane. Until more game and after that as cadets and get them and as a return man. Warrants equal -- -- shedding after returning -- punt return. That's -- I think he can be dangerous what is what -- and so. You know it will be split up and apple right grip and Campbell would get shot. -- on the guy quarterback in all of the first -- pick than me. I will hopefully hopefully get the C brand in return one quick in -- enough said we got a guy we gotta -- licences were keeping from getting hurt. Now on the drama aspect of a couple of issues here Communist talked about. You know Williams over them now vs Peyton misery -- factor that some people -- kind of portray him as the cycle plant that was to gain even in and hurt some people here and turn the dogs loose on the saints the other one is we've got the first openly gay player. And despite what players may say in interviews. Is going to be some bad trench talking going on in them may -- an intimidation factor that. Well obviously doubt that they'll be some -- -- eagle but you know which would be in. The first couple days on an issue. Sort of speak it's really been in the background. Are now early -- training camp certainly that was a big -- made out like -- he's got to do what he's got to do to make this thing. I'm the one thing Jeff Fisher have been sold. And been around for a long time he got an idea Mike slam every opportunity to make this big -- -- can be used to cap a cotton so what you can do that football. Is there will be some trash token there is no doubt that that would happen and BJ. He just gonna -- did step in -- -- them that yes Campbell very well. A is kick -- on the big offensive line. And I'll move because they'll sport different and it's horrible. And you as more and scrutinized player. And we've got a string together some rules here it get away from being someone that you know not really be. Sensitive. And hopefully in the arts. A major achievement in the -- -- handles. These huge offensive tackle that he's going to be going up against week in week out of you know. All day. That without one pre season game you really -- at -- And -- remember years back against San Francisco. In the first opening appreciate the game he really -- Alex yeah. And I mean -- get sacked 56 continent and if you let. And that was locals like you know stick in the middle finger on it -- or aborted her game as appropriate -- -- Anymore. Does come out on -- -- -- -- But there a year since he was a bit of coordinator. -- -- pick one thing -- you really tall order that would. Talent that would be biblical -- So I think it's going to be a lot made -- it's hard rules football it's something he's done all his life but because the first time against this site. I think a lot of debate and I'm the one thing -- -- -- spoke on the plight. And I think this site -- princes welcomed the plate it's going to be quite the ones against ones. Because if you turn -- loans. -- building past it's normally be in fact that. I'm that you it to -- this -- Beijing you illegals now to put pressure on the quarterback like we saw. In that opening preceding game. When he went out that order about it and Alex yeah. So do you think there's any thing to this animosity thing between he and paying -- -- on they just REIT I know that there really is some -- I'll have any doubt about it are you know because you don't. Can't nickname and a lot of quarter as general caught. Yeah that's when Greg talk at all about you know at -- -- -- that a lot of when you're able. And he got that is well earned nickname because like general -- between -- and also the general and it didn't take any -- from. And I think Greg has that same mentality that you know what head coach at the are they did know about that some friction between the world about it -- were so. That are really believe that's a reality to a lot of that. The outcome on the game time you understand this is receiving game. And you're there to evaluate young players not to -- -- this reckless using game. And yet I get to all the difference to work to understand that shedding your -- And also to all eyes on that. That itself and happen -- net gain. They're -- point toward it and say wait a minute. Didn't warn you about this once already in the got suspended for. Obama. -- the sports so that's. But I do think a little bit of friction in this. That it had been in the war. Our rival mobile look at for that in my will be looking for you all throughout the season thanks to spend some time with we've really appreciated it. I'd Mike -- WW LN FL so I will become a back with a wrap up open phone lines for you for the next thirty minutes right at the news. I'd -- and the think tank on WW I don't get -- to wrap up the think tank final thirty minutes so give us a call at 2601870. RH 66889087. It was on a lot of things on the table for you there. Still getting atomic text in on the most annoying and driver habits and now coming get those four yet. We have changed up ready opinion poll question to reflect the Sony's pre season game asking you list. Are you excited about the saints rams pre season game tonight. And not surprisingly. 89%. Said they aren't only 11% said they are not. I guess if you asked are you excited about training camp began at the same saying anything to do with the signs when you finally come right down to if you re. Phrased his question to ask are you excited about pre season games I think you have a much different number there. You know got to pay for those extra tickets and seasonal that the painful exhibition games. Also on exhibition games -- you risking injury to somebody you key players about putting on the field. Think a lot of people would be in favor of either expanding. The regular season games in that would say DN FL -- loss of revenue. Or just completely doing away with some maybe have wanted to pre season games madness and amp. What we've got now what do you think about it 2601878668890870. -- board's open for -- at 87870. Analysts say we got some mine try to get the some of these have of coming in here when people this has been -- going to bad drive -- This text says when people who accelerate when they see your turn signal long when you try to change lines on its complement. And that territorial drivers. Mean it acts like they did Nieminen one of deny you something. Instead of working on it you know Mike -- the -- -- one traffic guys came in your wallet and interesting. Short conversation. Some of the things he's seen in some of the things he heard and he brought up something that a couple of text -- brought up. Is when someone. Allows you let you in. In line of traffic when you trying to get out of a shopping -- sentinel onto highways bumper to bumper traffic somebody takes time to stop and wave you on through -- to got to give on the high side and the okay thank you oh thank you for coming I think that's. Now a great way to keep drive a courtesy -- one. I know also have this one says that on a two lane highway in Texas. A lady. Pass me on my left going eighty miles an hour while I was in the left passing a slow moving car she had a Louisiana license plate. Was on a motorcycle it's -- who meals. In the grass. I -- one with regard to Sam's of these saying at Sam's says the average player at best why are we talking about him other than the fact that he is today. Well you -- understand a big part of the NFL -- lore of the NFL's all the drama goals along with it -- part of it. And as Mike said you can -- down in deep in the trenches to -- despite what's being said publicly in interviews. Surely is going to be some shots label and thrown at him by some of the opposing players but it wouldn't be careful you might really -- him -- doing. Also this thing was Gregg Williams trying to get revenge on the saints some bad blood between him and patent them -- and that's it's realistic that there is something there. Of course she probably won't see it manifest in a pre season games and instructed. -- -- -- -- -- -- I agree with you. You know people don't get excited for for. Treat these people while -- realtors multiple state speaker of the paper but they've -- in the -- there are -- couple years and you know all their search of the trying things are being offered to always there and you know all -- powerful you are. Or eight years sure recent -- -- -- here so all of the prospect of going either the last games or regular is baggage I don't think you receive that. On the players are apple figured eighteen -- seat soccer player why. All -- actually watched Peter you've made the playoffs. You do get your when he -- -- for games ticket you bubble and that. You just decreasing your -- of getting injured all of your your body can only acceptable option in. I don't think you'll see that. The other thing. You know towards players. Dell and so -- beat alt search you -- hear -- Diego urged ego. All these years you turn signal -- the other -- church law or not it is ridiculous and the other thing is. Like especially heavy traffic. You know what it -- call where you're trying to change lanes. All of the people especially in light back quarter panel or you can look at -- Peter gave the ball over slightly but there's a lot of tropical where. You can always turn your head completely around that spot people should. Stay out of that area either -- or give your word is carrying out your right back quarter panel here. That's some great advice today. I appreciate your call 260187. ER 866889087. TI has -- of attacks coming in of people drop Imus can't. People driving fifty in a residential neighborhood -- kids are outside playing. And when you say residential neighborhood and think in the speed limits going to be wanting maybe 25 top somebody doing fifteen in residential neighborhood. Yeah strange things have happened I wouldn't take a quick break it would come back frank if you still have we'll take your call he skull and a listening to us from Brooklyn New York. We'll take your calls and -- Texas is the think tank on WW. Oh I congratulate change your day change just 14 tickets to the southern sportsman's festival in expo presented by the super Chevy dealers in the home builders association of greater new wall and so on August 15 through the seventeenth that will be -- -- senator. Listen to your chance to win each hour today and tomorrow on my show good luck from the station medal of Louisiana's great outdoors. WW. It's going to be very nice and cool -- Larry Austin sees some fishing and hunting camping equipment. Next week in August 15 and seventeenth I got a saints game pre season game tonight taking on the St. Louis Rams and you'll hear every play in fact you he has several hours of pregame and some post gain so make sure you'd. Turn the sound up on your radio and down on TV to watch the game we just heard from Mike Killian. I'm telling us what to look -- how to enjoy pre season game. A lot of people just really would rather do -- -- a good suggestion in here I think this came on the ten guesses why don't they just call pre season what it is. A scrimmage offered the tickets to the public so that non season ticket holders have a chance to take kids and grandkids. In go watch the games. I think the season ticket holders wouldn't object to that and I mean. And -- could maybe give them first choice on buying the tickets and not make it a mandatory. Part of the package and that would give some more people on opting to go watch cents -- SC we get the news in the excited about saints pre season game let me update today a 75% saying yes 25% saying. I SS go to phone lines frank in Brooklyn now thank frank duke thanks. Thank you frank or your patients you got a comment on the judge's comments. Of the nineteen year old about should I had someone to beat the hell out of -- -- -- -- Pull. -- So. The previous comments about network at all. My marker. -- turned. Than. A chart short -- but note that the -- between good. Person to strike -- as well. There are wonderful people but it all -- And so this sort -- Hitting your children. The -- they could possibly -- her. Psychologically. That you. -- on there there there are no I feel like they're and it -- And it. Just in the -- energized. You know it's been effective. The culture nurtured typically after her or did -- there are so. They're also. Adding -- a year ago. Her directly to open your. -- in -- different signal that it somebody. The -- point across. And you know thing. Oh well. Markers to do it. Back in the day. Or why it's like it's not. There wasn't more than -- be a people person you. -- -- -- Well the judge you know in this particular instance. This young man grew up without a -- and you're certain cases I mean it. Striking it's now corporal punishment probably would would need to be the very masters -- -- in most cases good parents will never have to resort may -- threat of it might get that close. But in this case where a young man has grown up wild with no adult supervision or male influence on his life. Maybe that would have been a better choice she says the -- possible but. Seeing in nineteen -- go to prison for most of his life is probably the worst thing in maybe a little. -- that might turn that around may be it would have been in the worst thing in the world for him. Well at a portable and are all partners who. Now head -- -- -- that. The target Portman or -- would not. There -- Well the event we don't know. Well you know. And ticket that they Wear. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Didn't you word. Gesture to what you want in -- that an example that they'll. There or so ago won't -- complete book. -- -- -- -- -- -- And that's that's a great suggestion yet that takes care of the aggression part of it and now also you know -- -- look what it's like. Love frank got to run thank you for you call thank you for listening to us open Brooke we come back try to get some more calls instant text in. They was coming up on the Angelina feel after this fall despite being a pre season game the first one. That in the saints and the rams take on each other tonight seven. And -- So Pelosi Brendan code concede -- he looks at the saints uniform. Mike Hilliard predicted he will play for a quarter. Like the -- -- -- -- football's return guys see what you can do with that. The other things I'll be looking for is -- quarterback competition for the number two spot -- Griffin announcing who's going to be back up. Drew Brees I don't really see a lot of spots on the -- Ross highly competed for one guy ample and four assists defensive back by the name necessary. Forget -- played Ole miss on Mississippi statement. He's one of these over achievers and a couple of Amazon underdog to make team and hope we can look at him tonight. What are you going to be looking for at the game what do you not care about pre season at all choose not to watch 2601878. 8668890878. Is that text that comes in with regard to the exhibition games is thank you Don exhibition game to what they aren't as a marketing tool. And FL owners came up with pre season some younger generation etc. don't know that. I'm let's go to the -- get done in Slidell columns on line for hey Don great name what's economy. Can -- -- Alice can't help but the traffic -- and it is two things they cut. That -- -- but. One thing I hated someone calm jumping in front of me. You know pick me up -- -- funding is slowing down and I mean that is the only unity in me and another thing which is. Car out that if but kind of sort of -- by any cobalt. Like you know this is that -- yet they that in mind now at all -- parallel 191 of the street between 19 in Italy. But that'll pick from a doctor's appointment I get honest better about it put the coastline from any. Thought -- -- definitely we -- going to beat them in now. -- -- it Obama forty amnesty it's a residential. Area you know I think that's -- -- how -- this is ridiculous. But. And now you know anything about -- price -- -- children. I kinda think it -- you should only do codec when they do some bad enough. You know used to call comprised -- it it's something they're not that the strike can someone else. But some -- -- You know guys should be a last result. I bet it did use that it was listed below what it is usually get it -- to children with two words. I believe that you can crack in the two words using. That policy. Is that that. Game you have to Google the more serious problems and to do what's right well it. Okay -- thank you for economics appreciated. I that's about gonna wrap it up for us going to be back on again tomorrow morning we begin dark in the early out this audio gets like rodeo I got to tell -- Alaska. It almost never gets dark we sit around 8:39 o'clock it looks like it's about 6 o'clock in the afternoon so it makes for some long days and so we got some stories to tell about. If you miss this year if you can get signed up the next views and of course we've got a staff -- reporters out there helping you find fish who's gonna talk a bit about that. Winning seasons that was sent anything to do with a great outdoors you find it from five to seven. You're on WW on the rest of the network and then. From seven and nine which which over the three WL losses to station and its time of war outdoors we'll have recap on the department wildlife and fisheries. Commission meeting with many policy missiles to you then have a great weekend. Tune in Monday. Wanted to go Galarraga that'll be back on the thing.