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8-8-14 2pm, Angela, Fun Friday!

Aug 8, 2014|

LET'S HAVE FUN FRIDAY! Movies, Dirty Linen Night, Louis Armstrong Summer Jazz Camp and more!

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Haven't been a long hot weekend some families and kids to school others are getting their kids ready. But today everyone needs to start planning for the weekend the downtime of fun time. And we have some of what's happening and we begin with our -- Ian Hulk mr. wonderful the amazing life he lived rent and security yesterday walking down you are all of that and more. And again and we live through you and I know that you work -- setting up your weekend done. Yeah it takes a little bit of planning to leave anything to chance. It's easy to win football happens because that's obviously where I'm going to be in one and going into is in his black and gold and my guess yeah I -- when mark -- Jersey today so it gets very cautious saints game you know I'd I. And not particularly partial pre season games but. You know after reading everything that GQ Bobby and hokey and Jim and Steve and Christian anti evolved and writing. I I'm just ready to it to see all these guys play. And I don't you know I don't care if they don't start start -- the ones and -- -- I'm just I'm just excited to see some football and Tokyo. Who placed that. So -- game tonight and then tomorrow tomorrow's going to be a marathon day I'm not sure I'm gonna make it through the whole thing -- and really try. Did you read restaurant in the morning yes on and that. Means that I have to start drinking really early in the morning and this starts at Armstrong park right yes yes so did -- -- averages I think are served at 930 and art you know go crazy you know but that is part of the whole experience. But I'll have to sustain myself through the day. Because I also in the hoping to attend dirty linen. You know talking about I know there was so I I won't go -- about it -- -- -- the person from dirty -- is coming -- in just a few minutes here I think to talk about that. And then so it has Saturdays could be pretty -- we'll see if I can get through all that. So on Sunday and take it real easy and negotiate jaws for change -- It is depressing if you -- having like a shark week so they have kind of shark movies that they've been rolling out and then of course the quintessential shark jaws. Is going to be Sunday at 10 PM so hopefully I'll just get a chance to kind of rest and recover on Sunday and then go see in -- film in an air conditioned -- -- some popcorn and. You know that sounds like the perfect weekend -- -- jam -- in the rest -- ball and football party movie. Well any tape for those who were planning not this weekend but next weekend and you've got to plan ahead. It's very special event it's the twentieth anniversary of the Louis Armstrong jazz camp. And that's a program that let me tell you this helped educate. Some of the world class talent that we noted day and that includes trombone shorting and John that tees should mark Allen and big Sam Williams that's just to name a few. -- and they're gonna have some concerts next weekend that you can attend that we just are cheering on our our own. Great future talent and with this now is Jackie Harris who's the executive director of the Louis Armstrong summer camp. -- -- -- We are very thrilled for you twenty years that by itself as a huge accomplishment. Yes -- and the success that they can't really answer is really due to the faculty. And that bright -- music students who's really come to the camp and who are presently attending. And it must be a thrill for you all to to look back and say -- I remember trump trombone shorty when he was just a little boy. Exactly I remember way and the trombone with holiday and she was. Yes I know that's actually what I'm he does he'll never remember this but I met him when the trombone was bigger than otherwise you are adorable. Absolutely adorable. But so tell us what is sound but it's gonna go along with the concerts. Well what we're doing is playing tribute is paying tribute to is that. Two instructors who who worked founding. Faculty members of the camp. One is collide curry junior. We will that him and the absurd. With musical directed Christians got. And doctor Courtney Bryan who all right -- camp alumni and -- Event is Sunday August 17. At 7 o'clock at no good in the -- -- -- And on Saturday the day before a debt we will they're -- in bad taste. And eight concert at Leo Lee University. With -- against oppressive myself. We'll see that is wonderful. And poetry by that these widow. Exactly. He's it is a poll which he would press on with com -- on many occasions since so she's gonna do some special things. That actually did with Alvin while he was that -- And if it do you know the we use there in the very beginning twenty years ago. Well yeah. Founder and the producer and director of the program I mean you know -- you start things happened while you hand -- vision and you see indeed. But you'd never know how floor acting had -- a goal and twenty years lady who we are still doing the same thing. So literally you were just sitting around and and you knew of some young people who needed guidance. Well at the time was director of the music and entertainment commissions. Do we -- morial administration. And you know we talked at and that's bad hand they would taking a lot of music and arts education out of public school curriculum and you know we felt that the city should certainly be instrumental in providing opportunities to children who wanted to study music in the log -- mean with the currently subject. -- -- that's right. And so do these young people get to go for free. Large number of back to its goals for free at least 40% we and 82 kids this year. Thought -- present at that he has attended the scout ships we have. Are doing to bring me up fund raise it which is that scholarship campaign and let me say that the city of new laws against some businesses and -- individuals have really stepped up to support their efforts of these young people. Now this is wonderful wonderful news -- is something that you've got to be extremely proud of but. Just to see the names and how wonderful of you to honor the faculty the people who who help these kids along now grownups. Right right and it doesn't just take somebody who has sufficient like you did. And then put it together and the lives you have touched. Well you know it is you know that's what it's all about now on the console working together to enrich the lives of -- Yes I couldn't agree with -- old not Jackie Harris thank you very much it will be again next weekend. Both Saturday and Sunday special concerts. One at Loyola won at the loop in theater at Boca and they're both -- that correct. They're both free and people can obtain tickets by going to the web site. As Louis Armstrong -- camp -- Thank you for everything you have done Jackie Harris thank you. Good afternoon wonderful wonderful woman and wonderful wonderful event so and we we just need to in constantly encouragement. -- the talent that's probably sitting at home right now -- could just tap into it again and you know that young girl a young man. Isn't that happening to me how how those I mean I went to music camp when I was younger and I'm not a professional musician now but just the market that left on mean being able to meet other kids like Meehan and -- create an atmosphere and I look at this list of -- nine. People have gone through this program I just it makes me so interest him. To know you know what was she Maher Alan -- -- most trolling and used to host Chris royal doing before they -- this camp and then it must've I'm sure it was just this transformative experience for them. To meet these leaders and kind of gain this experience and now. I mean there must be sixty people on this list yet -- an artist performing artist performing artist band leader teacher performing artist band leader teacher. That's awesome it is good and that is something wonderful for next week but we're gonna take a break we're gonna come back and we're going to be talking about. Something that is happening this weekend and that's of course movies half with mr. dude stay with us. -- Yeah lots. Make this thing and make you dance -- -- union's grievance is the man we both indoors. Well yes I agree -- operator amber amber right on -- work yes very much. But we also love and appreciate. You -- Jude -- Movie man nice man leads is the right -- -- -- Hey. Part of -- we know that on love love love on repealing all out. And let them -- guys who could Chaka. It's not that. I know protect me topic and that all on repeat play every hour X it is. One of the. On some court of the galaxy that opened last week. A great movie on every level it is on it that in truth the whole area is well made. And it got a human touch and got a hold that thought he minimizes. It is also outer space. Bring. Human our perspectives there. -- and more than a great job. You know you had a chance to see yet. -- Well. Right. But the views. The movie that you who want to see more and calm. It is going to be it beat it again this week so. Port that the we have some other on movies that come out this week. I'm sorry to -- yeah I wanted to say this last week -- -- at a time somebody on Twitter said guardians of the galaxies like this generation's fifth element. Remember the Bruce Willis film -- mutual which carry all the 1997. And it's just classic science fiction film. With great acting great cinematography it's it's great for all ages. So I don't know house like -- it does that describe guardians of the galaxy as far as DC. It does and even to go back to store wore out toward -- indented holes are. Fiction and -- being an outer space this movie actually -- want to reading print store war never does it and it. Shot -- and all agent who enjoys not just for. That the younger generation. But. There it. People for the race and then that movie coming out there reboot in Dayton mutant ninja turtles. I'm not sure why. And I don't even know he -- that more is the title fight -- they're some people who really love. Keeping them in and -- But be warned about -- you'd gotten harsh reviews -- that. Just eat it it's not its record by the -- I think it's going to be. It's not completely on the lining -- for. I some say goodbye to the teenage mutant ninja -- stink if people want to get -- ninja turtles fixation go back and watch the old movies or even that. You calling it the dvd of the Saturday morning cartoon I think that be a much better easier time and money. And so -- -- -- and not know that already I've got to. -- yes the areas and. People we love our -- in south and Long Island that that's wonderful. Food history and you don't FaceBook. Has that whole new theory all these pictures that prove that everywhere they called food porn even. What is new and Libya and it's a good movie with a parent called the hundred foot journey. It's in the you probably. Aren't in Africa in -- two months now. It is today. Movie about. Lady who had -- -- on and circumstance that they and only 800 feet away opened up. And Indian restaurant to class. Cultures. And somehow or other book there your kingdom breaks down and true. Food they get to. -- -- how will it be -- It is predictable. -- -- you know sometimes he could predictability. Something that keeps you -- -- And then go over to -- -- I have my favorite. They did there that aren't yet. And there again it can be very happy and -- in the -- going to be course summon people. It may be predictable but it's going to be -- -- -- it is. -- -- -- The credit on that journey Alan Murray. Is going to be one movie for a lot of people are going to a lot of weekend going to be awhile so in Georgia. They're so pretty good to hear the bat into the store. May -- That all the tornados that are killing people mean it. -- sucked into them out of places in -- -- in the year. I understand that -- and. Couldn't it -- -- any part of that that would be truly is Qwikster but without. It. All it's all the this PG. And getting rid of people. I would look to note the number of people who. On screen are supposedly killed by these tornadoes. And -- the body count there that you need it is disaster movie or. How many people indeed killed with the media I mean that's not a that it wanted to. So thumbs down as they say in the storm but let definitely go look at that food movie. The hundred -- journey. There had been oh now wait for the media to keep your head up to because -- the one that he would called boy. It is. -- -- and a bunkers the Louisiana. -- international film festival increased screening that is the popular they couldn't do either. This movie. Is directed by Richard no matter. Called -- -- and who attacked. Toward it filming and use the same cast are all year. To tell that story. It's that wonderful movie it gotten from the top critics aren't pretend -- and what NATO's. And it is a it's a long movie -- over two hours then cut thirty minute. But is the movie that will make you reflect on your own childhood. He told the story it has all of the whole world. Marking. The boot music of hiring the people that are and at the very -- they were filming it. And so truly groundbreaking. Sometimes -- twelve days to make movies and it literally took twelve year. And you know it's. You're welcomed the proposed film or check out -- and note that limited -- I'll Google so eager audiences are there and -- it. -- you -- a difference. Yeah -- prince among men and you've really given us a good sense of what's out there the good the bad the ugly and the different and that's nice. Now I know but guarding the galaxy really like and the hundreds lot -- -- also boyhood what's the what's the fish dish it out. You'll you are out of it. Okay we should definitely do you have a wonderful week and you know punch on meet -- OK art you know see it. And will go to the newsroom but I've been an iPad that is the -- dropped a that it instead. Beyond -- this. You know we're gonna do because I'd -- somebody's -- -- and applause. Hello run parallel now you're gonna tell us how to tell when the movie's bad. BI believe that if you watch a movie trailer whether -- are shorter. A movie theaters and they're using people are you on Twitter or FaceBook. -- the new movie critic it's usually not gonna do so well armed. Which are welcoming to the person talking about in the -- and they use that exact same tactic on the trailer. The CB. People with Twitter handle and FaceBook account. We're -- the media because people who actually. Are going to be critics of that so give receive that in these typically probably going to be. Be aware that his -- great ideas and yes Ryan you were great to call up. -- time. But that's great thing -- I will now be bird donning an -- hash tag team and I don't do that can't get the real -- to do it. -- Ryan thank you very very much. If you attended the white -- last Saturday night warehouse district that would be you in the 50000 people you know that it was tremendous fund. Will there is even more fun this Saturday tomorrow night. Dirty -- night a fabulous strolled down art -- royal street and in much imports the wonderful and beyond style. And here to talk about dirty linen Knight is camp cook who was president. And CEO of the arts council who's the founder and sponsor of this wonderful night -- Marlins. -- -- How are you and afternoons in very good actor and I can't believe it's been fourteen years of dirty land. I mean now well you know some people might get -- -- -- -- and you asked if the city. It is to tell -- for those who haven't been what it's like. Think I get that actual a little less crowded we get about 101000 people not 50000 people. Had a little more eclectic you know when you get -- royals' streak you have some doubt that means you have to meet talent we have some part in -- constant. We just sort of you know little Moyer flavor with he has food trucks and we have some bars going around supported by Hendrick and so there's them sort of visual. Street and and -- those people who really lot just to pay one price -- Korea mystery that he wanted to sort of you know high ticket and stepping -- traveled son Brian Hill. He can have entertainment -- DJ rockaway and Crescent -- thirteen cents. The debate he's seen that Dan and it does in the alcohol in air conditioning Camelot -- You can -- and he went up on to me get yours you know labor on in terms of plants are in -- Gallery action and then move on into the party without over at the Lux lounge at the turn out. Now nice the walk is from what time too much time. The lock it from Dick and tell you laughing. And the you know and that's part Clark effective partnership now down by about 1010 parity. And then it's not -- electrode is -- -- patron more expensive tickets packets happened. And then that's a hundred dollars to ten and then keep coming in nine party. And this is between the 200 in the 1000 -- so it's it's a good. It's a nice -- strolling. It's really -- -- and you know I'm a person has only been in New Orleans about fifteen months but I came here regularly since then. Think maybe 94 it was my first trip. And there's something so incredible about royal street that. Just when -- blocking he's -- about concerns hanging from somebody's -- convenient. Architecture of New Orleans in these seeds look in the windows and command key and then you -- and other window and you see. The -- -- galleries seed Alex appeared to our enemy you know. And then you've got that the first people what they're cute choose that little bit for everybody on glass street which is -- very new more impacting. Very New Orleans and I agree with you I think it is a very special street in our community I think it's a very special street in America. Oh absolutely not what you gonna have a special cocktail. We do we and number of special treatment cocktails coming through from Hendricks gin and about our supply years so there. -- like -- little monster box on the street where he dropped the pumpkin and the monster is you'd deranged. And he'd rather telling all out -- -- being rich content but we really want it continue to make it sort of tested confinement. Unexpected I have to confess I don't remember what the concoctions are. But when they told me that they were going to be like having imaginative so I can -- -- -- refreshing and super. -- And how great for the arts council to to do this. We'd like to be involved in ways that we can create investment opportunities in arts and culture of New Orleans it's one of the ways we measure ourselves and from what I understand there's certain times of the year where of course they're great for the calories by. Carrying French Quarter of pestering Jack acceptable. But when it kept at the dog days of summer and they say you know things can sort of taper off that the great tie for the people who live in new ones to support them. Small business owners and the micro businesses of our communities that. How to make New Orleans great. And I'll tell you having done this before. It's also an opportunity to see some of those red dresses are still walking around us. Red threat -- is definitely and by. As. You -- -- could be no pace about how and demand will be input on that red -- that. And I. Is very you know -- -- Ike candies so if you want things to look at that definitely a good moment to get -- Eiffel. Well -- tell you our own in hope will be in the red dress at all is eye candy. It's cute and has read the -- -- I'm glad we got up some people down in the corner and then -- read that went so I think trying to get prepared and it does like the content. -- just a regular Saturday. He got together in new cover up to speed on what to expect and. Well England in Edinburgh last year not atypical. On number I'm like -- -- meant until proud and I sat there. Now you know. I that's good to hear from New York but anyway tomorrow night dirty -- ninth it's the place to be on royal street. And all kinds of special cocktails and beautiful art and beautiful people. Thank you very very much -- nice talking he can not. Tomorrow. I -- -- this everyone's we'll be right. And takes -- -- on things happening like today it is not too late appear. In a mood to -- run or walk he need to go out of the Lake Pontchartrain basin foundation they're gonna have there. On lake front lighthouse stroll it's only half mile stroll. Or two mile run walk. It's all gonna benefit the basin foundation needed to do wonderful things out there. And all you do is go out at 530. Registration 632 little mouse stroll and then 650. That that the actual race and it's belonged all along lakeshore drive. Beginning and ending at the new can now White House but really it's a lot of fun. Out there and we've been talking football football let me tell you there's another aspect and I loved that to line. Does this really neat thing and it's called the pre season -- And at the greening girls and two in women's association -- alumni put this together it's this Sunday. It's from two of sports going to be in the jail ballroom at -- Building and two. And we talked about this last week in and analysts say it again that local dance -- audacity gantlet that. This is the weakened of their performance at the merit opera house. It is going to be on Saturday and Sunday it's all at 8 o'clock in the night at night. If you know -- -- opera house is on Ferdinand street. And just we always need to promote local there was the other thing we spoke to simulate. Youth leadership council beat Dallas tomorrow night that correct I read that it's absolutely. Great organization feels support out of fun couple tasty -- averages. And you know we've talked white -- last week and dirty land in this week. Cross on his way Covington. Now -- to be their own white linen. -- started by a couple. On the little wine taco place it was so successful last year after another and close the holes streets Austin Columbia street next Saturday from six to nine. And they're gonna do do it like I guess we do here. That's a beautiful street by the wonderful area club history. So if you're on the North Shore and you want them one time and just enjoy the people that is the thing to do. I would like to take just one moment capsule to remind people. That when we you're playing the saints game tonight you can listen on AM you can listen on FNB can also listen at WWL dot com. He can stream the saints game live on your computer your desktop for your the laptop computer. Unfortunately the NFL prohibits us from streaming to a mobile device like a phone or tablet. But -- pre and post game coverage will be available on those platforms as well so if you're listening on your phone in your trucker works side or whatever. Gas which overdo it a computer to listen to gain. And then will boat will sink everything back up again as soon as the game is over maybe someday the NFL history to phones but it's gonna be on it both. 870. 87 1053 FM and at WWL -- OK and it's it's 7 o'clock action of this. Yeah it is for seven. We had done -- ready opinion poll on whether you think drew Drew Brees should play tonight. There's 89%. Says now yeah 11% said yes. I put I put the question to our fans on FaceBook. And it's pretty much the just number one thing that I post on FaceBook -- hundred or so people are sick sediment if you don't don't started sit sit sit -- don't you -- start of I mean if he gets heard the season's over you know and people were about Gregg Williams to he's crazy no no -- He Kiki to put her on it a little with the herd on what is right pre season game he doesn't care Gregg Williams don't carry takes we will. I have one more little announcement -- the break. I love rock and their only so generous with letting fund -- let me take next weekend. Do plan on the mr. -- next great women they're doing razor and they're doing it again next Sunday next Sunday. Five to eight in all for angel's place angels lately is -- wonderful charity for families with children -- likeness. With cancer and other life threatening illnesses it's a great cause it'll be great fun. It is next Sunday the seventeenth rock and all. Cool yes stay with this we're not done an Angel on -- I'm so excited. I'm so excited. I think the whole season so yeah. -- -- You feel it even north of pre season is still saints -- eleven look I wanna say you know we have that we have the AM -- dot com. Or my people it's it's it can be a little bit tricky. But it is completely possible to sync up your radio which your TV and you know we've got the -- from fans and am FM and our common people have. Dish or cable or traditional TV or whatever so we have an instructional article that's up our website right now that'll that'll take you through all the scenarios and sake if you have this service. This is who how you need to listen to the radio -- hearing this satellite you need to listen to disband it is completely possible. For you to sync up seek and just listened to hokey and Jim while you're watching the TV broadcast. But you have to experiment a little bit to do to find out exactly what's -- for you but we got it all taking care there's this instructional article on our website right now we're checking out. And hope that is brilliant and be an especially you mentioned Jim and hokey because they are celebrating today. Their fifteenth season together. On saints radio network that's so happy anniversary to -- and hokey it's -- -- saying greed that instructional. Thing on our website act and sync it up so that you can hear those two glorious voice now has got to -- some network Childs. Right that we are also more prosaic as we've said this earlier in our. -- program. But I just absolutely loved this man Dave Dixon father of the saints won the most creative minds ever in the city. So have the vision got it done. Died four years ago today and we just -- and memorial to him well thank him again for his vision thank you mr. Dickson yes I just hope you have a good weekend everyone has a good weekend -- -- -- -- -- wins that that we enjoy watching them in just. See what you know when everybody's been talking about over their -- always talks always talks -- -- now finally it's action I really am looking forward to the outcome. Yes and -- on top Manassas and -- -- to be here for the next several hours daddy. He is at the window he can't wait. It'll be out there really are throwing youth the first take first show we can't wait. We say again has a wonderful weekend and -- -- take you -- have a good weekend but by a.