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What's trending on WWL...in news, sports & social media?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And it truly is translational crew. Happy happy Friday every one heck of a week and we're gonna wrap put up with them best of the best in trending. From WWL news news director Dave -- happy Friday from -- WL sports senate -- I don't. And from the social media world and program director of magic won -- one point nine Steve says that he's got the great. Coworker I'm glad pitcher -- adding it because as I'm walking in the building. This army of women in black and gold are coming toward me and I think you know I think people think in football but Google product like in front -- Go -- season bike I finally hardware and their shortly is that like pork and as it should be so let's talk about the game. Everybody says. Yeah I it's. A big game. I know it's an exhibition games of this might sound a little hyperbolic but for certain players and for certain themes that is actually pretty big game. One of the story lines will be watching today is that back -- quarterback battle nobody really X expects Drew Brees to play. And so it's gonna be Ryan Griffin and Luke McCown really squaring off for the backup quarterback spot and that all the young guys which were so excited to finally see Brandon cooks. Being at the top of the list finally gonna see him in action we've heard so much about. This kid from Morgan State who I watched -- time now in the pac twelve. Now everybody Christian and deacon everybody who's up there is able to see this kid and see really how explosive he is and -- going to be the real deal and Jim Anderson quote of the week. He looks fast even standing at that we really thought that it's it's amazing nobody because he played out in Corvallis you know nobody knows were Corvallis is down here. I was kind of south west organ but. He was isolated but he was good college one of investors usually the past three years -- -- finally get finally gonna get to see him tonight sort of the saints. Out to -- recognize that who knew that and who -- so make sure that the sand trap that this guy because. It really sounds like from everything we're hearing from the saints and from all of our guys that there and from all the other commentators and and analysts that. He's NFL quality. Already. He's never played in the NFL game but there's already this bass talk of him being one of the best receivers in the league and hasn't played gained. And his personality and how he carries himself and kind of person he is I think that has a lot to do it and I think in the pre season game might be little more exciting because. Of all the great coverage here on WWL last couple weeks have been overly built that up a little bit. Because have talked about how great the are on paper and all the big hoopla cook soul let's see it yeah I would definitely. Get into the expectations what they'll say about coach since we're talking about him. Really cute you can root for a been talking about that. But also values and education which I think really cool he actually sat out rookie minicamp because he stayed in Corvallis to get his degree which advocates. Yes and that's wonderful is this this in the IQ of saints football fans is amazingly high because I went out this morning. Around the CB -- I was asking people what they thought about tonight's game and I think a lot of NFL markets people. Shrug off pre season games because they maybe don't see the importance of them but -- as you mentioned third dozens of guys who are currently. In training camp with the saints we're not gonna make this team. And this is their really their only shot. Over the next couple games during the pre season to show with they've got it and for honest it's the which of these guys are real and ready for prime time. So I found a lot of saints fans excited about the pre season similarly. A lot of fans I think would be upset in most and it felt -- -- the starting quarterback isn't playing. At all in the first pre season game because like -- You know we're we're right we're having a party to watch the game forward doing this story what we want to seed the quarterback. But the saints' fans I talk to IKO. Deliveries via there's no reason for him to go out there and risk aggravating this open week. Injury in his abdomen. And there's no reason he he'll be ready. Either way in dire once since phantom and today they now I get like Brett Favre last few years of his career didn't even go to training. Does Sonia -- because he's you know wanting your quarterback get -- went to the real season he'll be fine he knows what he's doing -- better. You know it's interesting I never heard him perhaps you'll can answer it. Today in my ply his class were talking about that oblique injury and of course wasn't that you -- -- said just really love him. Well for frost regular regular. And so the wonderful plot -- teacher is trying to demonstrate her passing. And she says the force of it must be so great I think of injuries to quarterback is neck shoulder arm. Vs globally did anybody say at what moment he got. The -- no but I will say this it's actually fairly common injury you get a lot of lower back and bleak -- an area. Of the body with quarterbacks and also Major League Baseball pitchers it's just now or throwing motion and it -- -- body twists and I think they never released that type of information I'm sure there's some convenience -- where it probably is -- -- do something at home or how. These pickles yeah. I don't know -- battle -- Pick up the two boys yeah same time I do have a factoid to thank you -- you -- not -- in Taylor's my effect toward authority. Did you realize I did not know that the saints have played the rams in pre season only two times. Both times losing. You wanna guess what years 1967. They were -- Anaheim lost sixteen to seven there were 26003. And institute for science and here. Think about that today and then in 1968. Same thing there at Anaheim they lost when he won seventeen I say get out and. Well they did and there in Saint Louis now when I'm glad about is that they're playing him in the three season when the game doesn't count because the last few years the sentiment real trouble with the rams in Saint Louis. Better to get out of the -- in the pre season last year we may not have been on the road. Seattle and we beat the rams in Saint Louis thank goodness or not. Went there and remember three years ago when they're battling San Francisco for the top for by we top overall seed they also the loss to -- horrible rams team on the -- so -- so little payback for little little bit about. And -- -- well actually two of the very quick fact weren't today marks the fifteenth season together Jim and hokey. On saint rating and while we're emotional. Yeah and I -- they are -- -- -- what do you think you're sharing a piece of cake or something. All right I think Hokies indicate and on I said no but in a great remembrance of a great man for years ago today. Dave Dixon died at the age of 89 and he was really the father of the -- Absolutely -- wonderful wonderful -- superdome was all his vision and all his idea. And you had to have a team to go in the superdome so he doesn't envision the superdome and doesn't inspire the idea of bringing in the NFL to New Orleans. Maybe today we're talking about other stuff and set the saints games and unknown. And in his brilliance he created a a a place that can actually. Being renovated and continue to be developed where it's you know it's it's good today silent and it's not a place that has -- miniscule and so structure that he couldn't you know renovate it. Apps is 39 years old 39 years old this month as a matter of fact anyway we're gonna take a break we do have other things that are trending stay with -- we'll be right back and we're back trending with them. Our wonderful -- -- Dunlap and Steve Souter and Dave. Colin. Let's talk to Dave -- because again we we all have saints on our brain but something interesting happened yesterday with you know PD revising that -- took -- policy. And now they -- -- not officially release the new policy but the police union came out and -- hey we met with the chief when he told us we are going to compromise on the tattoo policy was very controversial. Couple years ago when the saints started with a sense when the NO PD started to -- August 10 and we do when they don't see Gary started talking about this policy. And at first it we're gonna say he can't have. Any visible tattoos and all of that's how the policy started. And there were a lot of police officers that hold up but what if my tattoos in my arm chip Wear long sleeves to when I got to be outside. In 95 degrees with a bulletproof -- sweating and long sleeves. Covering up all my tattoos. And there's also some concerns it would hurt recruiting because yes there they'll. Today's twenty somethings. Have more tattoos obviously than any generation before. And the question was are we go over limit ourselves by saying no visible tattoos so after. Really years of debate over this there is now compromised. The fraternal order of police says the police chief has told them that they will be allowed to have one and a visible tattoo on their four -- no bigger than two and a half by four and a half inches. And no more then one on each forearm and they can have some on their upper arms that are partially exposed. By short sleeves so -- obviously still -- neck tattoos no face tattoos. But they. The arms okay. One tattoo on each form is okay as long in the pits with the those size requirements. And upper arm tattoos can be exposed but if you have a big sleeve. You know weird painting your entire arm. It's coming up yet percent yet now you got to be able to last. Week we did a program with recruiters military recruiters from arming and Marines. And they are they're very strict on that and you can have you can have tattoos that can't be visible like can you can have nothing going up and act and you can't have anything in your hands. But. There is a size restriction or limit limitations and they are they are standing firm this is a professional. Issue it's. Gonna be interesting to watch the evolution of this I don't know if you've seen on the push on the T shirts and stickers and things that are going around the state tattooed and employed. There's a big push where those with tattoos. And it's. I'm trying to remember last time we did a story and I wanna say 40% of people between the ages of eighteen and 34 now have at least one tentative. Well that's what I was just gonna say with this now full disclosure I don't have any tattoos are only have a plan to get one but a lot of my friends acting majority in my difference. Have one so when I feared this. I think it's a little backwards and outdated now there's common sense involved with the face tattoos and anything that would be -- I think we can all disagree on that about sending any rules that. To have you law or a rule against employing people with tattoos. Seems. Seemed a little odd in back and you're really gonna -- you for people my age -- younger like you just said. And I think it's gonna take until this current generation of excessively tattooed individuals. Is assuming the management roles and positions and I talked to my kids about this before you know is -- that everybody has tattoos and that's true. But the people who are doing the hiring in the vast majority in industry is still are older. And are still less likely to be tattooed and if you walk in with a visible tattoos. That person who's doing the hiring. May hold that against use of warn them you can't have. Tattoos on your hands he can't have tattoos hanging out everywhere and you have to -- and cover up if you're gonna get tattoos. And I think it's gonna take until the twenty somethings of today. Are the forty somethings of the next generation and doing the hiring until this completely turns it. But in between. I just saw a story I think it was on CBS news. Of doctors who are now removing and the influx of people who want them off not just because of the employment issue just because you know that looks anymore. Yeah I don't I don't think it's and I I know it's a lot about the young people but you know being in the Coast -- -- Hillary for a few years now on being around so many military people a great military people I know as you mentioned a lot of military people from the navy and Coast Guard have a lot of time to specially other upper arms and stuff and I don't I hope that doesn't diminish their interest in you know being I think the -- needs more people. I think this is a Smart move on the part and immediately we did historian -- on fastest growing jobs. And tattoo removal among the fastest growing jobs in the United States right now just a few more people than any time in American history that have tattoos. And varied either tattoos that they regret because they get something -- that perhaps they don't want on them any more love Georgian yeah he's gone drugs. Hung on its outlook or a it was a drunken. Mistake or something like that or just that. Maybe they've grown older and I said you know -- maybe I don't want this because while we're gonna have you know thank 5060 years from now. Is this entire generation of elderly people with these Aggie tattoos. That. Used to -- look at this it was guys. Tonight. Is every reason to stay -- petty jealousy nine. I -- I -- up and -- not an honor and now actually not on television even -- thank you Steve. No but back to the and a PD just final thing I think they're really struggling to get enough people and if that is becoming an issue and by dialing -- and we have to -- There's a lot of things working against the you know PDA in recruiting we know that the crime rate works against the NO PD. The morale problems that have been well publicized work against the NO PD. The long hours the taking away a lot of money from NO PD officers through the new details system some officers -- whole lot more money. When they could work more details than they now can't so there's and those are just a few of them there's a lot of things working their -- -- working for the NO PD the reform effort. That leadership yeah. Indistinct but. If you can take some of those things off the table that work against you when you're trying to recruit. Then maybe they'll have more success because it's -- out of bullet had trouble attracting as many good candidates as they. And your rights and when they had this I believe was about a year ago when they pass this the City Council passed -- ordinance that you had to live in Orleans parish who work and that included. If they're having this problem with with the violence in recruiting these people don't you think they wanna make it more inclusive than exclusive while -- -- -- lift that great -- regrets that I incoming and a PD officers that -- not. Have to live within the city limits of -- -- just seems like. Every once in a while you're talking about here periodically to three times a year we we hear about these things come from NO PD and the city about. Restricting. Entrants to work for them rather than becoming more inclusive it is -- Well Battier the debate will continue because they have compromised but it's only to some extent and and this world. Ebb and flow based on the leadership in based on the public barometer drew you want the question is do you want police officers. That are. -- Do they look at professional -- they are they -- respected by the public. Are they the type of people that the police want representing the fourth and the city of new world and previously the question was -- the answer was clearly no. Because that no visible that is now the thing a few that is okay. Will continue to go towards more attentive to what they pull back on -- time. The debate rages on. Very quickly before we go to news though we got to do this one about phones people love their phones but they want better batteries. You know this has been trending on WW -- -- -- for a few days -- Jim Hanson looked and has some reports about you know because we keep hearing about all these whiz bang new -- Apps and all these fantastic new features that your -- scan you in -- to commercial now you hold a popular movie tell you a movie it is in all these different things. But when you -- ask phone users what would you light. Your phone to be able to do that it can't do now. Overwhelmingly. The number one answer is a better battery that I do not have to constantly be -- And this is especially coming from people who stay on their phones all the time and you know my kids we go on the car the plug -- and because probably a 2% -- we get home. Their plugging and we go watch T they wanna sit somewhere and Europe plot applaud that while we're eating their phone can be charging as we know phones at the dinner table but it was they can be charging it while we're eating. So you know I know from personal experience I haven't extended big -- -- battery on the back of my found so I usually get 24 hours out of it but. Now that's the biggest people say come just give us the battery that'll last that aren't -- counselor recharge and -- was -- -- can get just a little bit wet without being having to put in a big bulky case or kinky can't hear me through it out so those are the two big things. Better batteries. And let it get a little wet -- operate. And you know his new trend in for teachers and lamp since and and its its its its outlets. Michael -- come with -- outlets as USB ports. Yeah Elam at Illinois and -- the new airports and casinos believe that the chairs the usually have a USB port nearby or courts because that's what you need Davis funny that you said this I just bought this about two weeks ago it's a new Samsung note to -- and the guy told me when I've got to ask first thing asked was battery life. That my old phone didn't get a heat. He promised me up and down this would have more battery life now that I use at work get about ten hours Max out of what are you happy event. Not with a battery life happy with the phone blow up the phone by the way but the battery life yes. Well speaking of apps let's not forget the WL -- -- -- and for android and iPhone yes and it's going to be hunky dory. And in being able to talk to host of things and it's coming out so download that. Stay with us every one let's check with the news and we will be back trend so appreciate -- renders Steve Suter and stuff Dunbar and on mr. wonderful Dave calling let mr. wonderful -- he has mr. wonderful and I do truly mean that you do want. I wanted to Alaska state senator isn't seeing the video and it is impressive. The man who can honestly yes they're by the grace go all. It's incredible you could see the picture. What happened was this man was going to work in the morning and Australia Wednesday morning -- just on its purse -- a fair -- went -- to get on the subway train vehicle there and it was it was a gap. Between the seamen and train all he accidentally. Went dislike went through the whole enemy Wendell way to defy really artsy originally jammed in there and its foot. -- get down below the platform get. Wedge show that firmly that he could not pull his leg out period one leg down one leg up. And the train's about to -- yet luckily the driver was alerted right away. To make sure the trained -- move but others commuters this is the big story that other commuters there in the hundreds of them started to gather. And is trying to figure what to do they banded together to push the car. And it's either video that's what's trending right now on the pushed hundreds of people pushing this car -- lean up against that and I don't count of three. Bush to actually separate. The train car from the platform via the power of people to save someone from apparently include in the mystery century. It could have been terrible injury but I kept thinking with this happened in New York. I don't play together well and just hold of them. Worst place to live explosion went out of me he was the least happy place these in sales last time I was in New York I was walking -- ridden the subway I was going to CBS news that the studios. And I was walking from the subway to CBS and in New York. Everyone it's like -- -- everyone gets off the train goes up the escalator walks down the street but no one even looks at each other let alone talks to each other during this whole process. Someone's -- And I turned that once. Acts where fifty people looked at me as if I had three pets. Like I was an alien. Because I spoke and was nice. On the streets of New York to know would this happen in New York. I don't think so but it -- video from Perth you're representing New Orleans -- and -- the guy caught the next train by the way. He was completely uninjured. Caught the next hour and went on a lot of credit are you talking about the sneeze -- this round I don't know what -- -- -- he didn't even thank me for from. Good thing Q after that the public to me like I was crazy off my Mets or from mark. We're also keeping -- -- -- all -- Cink tweets and -- tweets and so far -- as being very nice and just looking forward to the although we did get a tweet we just saw a -- from to London Barton didn't play for the -- did it I was playing for the -- just a two doubles an hour ago. That he did just did the ice bucket challenge and it just treated area a picture of him getting drenched with gallons of from its Gatorade bucket for a offer -- lasso that's sparkle and he talked about yesterday he's talking about yesterday -- already challenged expressly for for Steve -- I think that we on ice -- somebody in the building. Tonight because it's gonna say I have to ask and how are you want someone else that -- ballot goes viral I'll go first. So he did didn't abortive expert Steve Gleason is received on the radio and it's it's okay. We should have been video I think we'll all visualize that water certainly again. Our charities love this ice bucket talent thing it's getting rave reviews from one charity after another because it's integrating social media. Young people and donations. To charities now there have been some health experts are a little concerned about it. Because some people are going into shock right -- brokered yet you can you can have some health implications from it. Especially if you get carried away you do you know this at all full of ice and port on someone who's been outside making it for a long time -- By and large charity thing. It's agree it is it's fun and -- -- on account for and thank you Steve suitor for participating. A student -- went -- well with the what's got our little wet and you you've got to patronage for Steve good ending for Steve. -- Steve do you have some rookie stuff you wanna talk about well. I think we kind of talked about the rookie watch for obviously going to be keeping an eye on Brandon -- and and he's the big one but the expectations it's interesting that you we talk about the expectations for the saints never Rudi wants in now. Are they gonna get back to the Super Bowl how far they gonna go it looks like. On paper and this is always on paper right the other yet a third of that caveat there. But the saints the Seahawks and 49ers to three best teams in the NFC could -- the Packers if you want in the quartet. Not the cowboys know not I'm sorry I'm not the cowboys cowboys fans out there but it's -- and I know it's just pre season. But this Seahawks and the 49ers losses and a 49ers. Looked. Bad and I am talking not talking about with their second or third string the rookies in there and talk about what their starters and a team that has been so dominant the past four years. They had to be looked bad so saints fans. Probably pretty good news pretty good news for use Seattle played the Broncos yesterday rematch of the Super Bowl the whole first -- was basically first team on first team. And it was 107 Seattle's of the kind of went back and forth so. Yeah Abbott a how many times that the patriots lose all four of their pre season games only go on -- make it to the super well now. Now here's the countered that the two teams laster who made the Super Bowl the Broncos in the Seahawks have ultimate -- on the pre season what was the saints pre season record the year we won the super. Vatican -- Catholic and I have to go into the archives to view that says what do you think that the fans should be watching after after we get to the game tonight -- back -- scum and I mean there's been a lot of talk about some of the big players but what about some of them like the third string wide receiver or the offensive line that hasn't been -- much I -- -- You get well the offensive line is it's always a little bit tough to watch an offensive line. During a pre season because continuity is still being on the offensive line that when your plan a left guard he's -- doesn't play with the Senate's all mixed map a mix and match. It's really hard for that the casual observer to to get garner too much out of that. If you watched two areas after the starters are out. Depth wise and it's gonna be big for the saints this season is the defensive line the second most third stringers on the defensive line because the way Rob Ryan runs is defense. You're gonna rotating and -- especially pass rushing situations. And the linebackers the same way on the outside the pass rushing linebackers and on the inside because you've got a couple of old linebackers older linebackers Curtis Lofton. And David Hawthorne that. Had injury problems in the past so I really wish to see that defensive front. -- the front seven and like we talked about earlier the quarterback and a -- At its big now. Drew Brees says he wants to play for another ten years right feels like he's 25 right putts let's assume that he's not immortal and he's got another 34 years left. A lot of people inside the saints camp and I think Kristin -- we'll tell you this is well one. Brian Griffin to win that back that job because he's got a lot longer term potential than Luke McCown and he's young enough. When Brees does get me into the row 345 years from now Griffin will still be young enough to perhaps. Assume you guys and so got that tutelage under duties all of that rhyme. You know maybe he has all the season at least 25 I could be wrong about -- -- forward he still have how many years 89. Predate nine lessons it's good yeah. Yeah especially if he's not playing. A whole -- for the next few years he's sitting on the back you know I Jake DelHomme credited a lot of his ability to play for many years after the saints. Because he sat on the bench with this thing to that and never got hit. So I was -- young man when a sort of playing for the Panthers. Stay with us everyone we're gonna continue our trending with all kinds of fun stuff up that is what's -- who dat say gonna beat them saints. But also Steve -- I find this very interesting. 60000 people have signed an online petition for -- at at at at. Look at this is at the scab football related note this you know at last year's halftime show a suitable yes it was Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Well this year there is a petition online petition. Four. We -- Yanukovich note. To perform yeah we talked about him a couple of weeks -- -- is it weird out here at the super he's always trending I don't know whether it's because you know a lot of geeks on the computer in the all of weed out what he's got like the number one albums comedy -- -- is doing great online. Honestly if -- -- -- songs and it's doing really will remember it well but all the fans have come together in the Padilla 60000 people aren't signed a petition for out. Yes weird Al -- at 49 and -- at times showed it in our dressing room at Arizona's University of Phoenix dating yes they would let him and the people he made fun up to come on and. And sinkers so that it's not I'm Beatrice yeah actually -- offense with this this one I think you'd be good theater good TV I just. Sometimes policy acts that really happens -- long time NC that you and I -- lives half the time would seek to use him dance around it. -- it's good to see you whack with that with the actual artist yes this -- the big Ole miss my friends who would you he would pick one band -- artist who wants. At this at this -- to go to work out what this lets you watch. Between John. Yeah YouTube with a phenomenal. When you're here and that yet and that's the big caveat is they have to not done. I'm -- no help elect Michael global. He's been happy to be great they were right after -- -- net says that bring the energy too well I'll tell you how are pushed Erisa. Policy in this company in agony of hate mail and you're Texan Twitter for this and that Lady Gaga got a policy hurt that she's totally she's supposed to have the best. Out there. Well I got to say you know Bruno Mars an excellent greed is greed and it and it's got to be some lottery entertainer like yes it's gonna be more than just singing it's going to be -- -- -- That is an -- that we have to get serious a little bit. Kind of update is on that tropical storms and hurricane and then an earthquake in Hawaii -- yesterday they had a. Relatively small earth earthquake but while they're waiting for what was a hurricane. That was the degraded to a tropical storm to arrive -- an earthquake first. Then comes a tropical storm there's a hurricane behind that the good news as it looked like Julio which is the hurricane is gonna. Pass well north. The Hawaiian Islands and maybe just bring them some high -- which most -- don't mind com. But yet you just got to imagine yesterday when the earth starts shaking. You're waiting on one hurricane booking another one right behind it wondering what in the world could happen next it was volcanoes and have a massive eruption. The good news is while they have had power that is a lot of people spent the night in shelters. In Hawaii. By and large they have weathered the storm fairly well tropical storm when it made landfall early this morning our time now they're watching the hurricane which -- expected move. You know we were talking a state where he ago. When you're on an island where you go will you go off and that's that's the volcano. At her yeah that is an earthquake. We're just lucky we've had a beautiful so. They know -- so well it's an along with all the discussion about the hurricanes and obviously the Pacific has been forecasters are now -- greeting the Atlantic hurricane season habits right politics once storm we know but they have demonstrated a little -- -- wonderful almost no activity in the Atlantic basin including the Gulf of Mexico. And it doesn't look like there's going to be a whole lot more -- you're right it just takes 11 storm comes here at the bad ones. As a matter how many were there where that these you've probably read more about this and I have been when I was really it was extremely rare this back to -- entrant like almost unprecedented write an. And if they've made back to back landfall Hawaii has -- -- landfall in decades. And today. Chances of them having back to back hurricanes making back to back landfall but everyone why should -- got a bottle lottery ticket that was that was actually -- -- In -- -- we're looking at things were trending for the show today I did notice that there was a huge increase in people going to look at Hawaii cams. Like different camera since it opened wide justices that the outlook client I'd rather be in Hawaii during hurricane and then that way at all the -- That's a good attitude and let's just we just want hurricanes to go away and we don't want them here and we'll think about those people. Very quickly ST this is so cute baby crying in car. You know every week we gotta come and your talk about what a cute dog if you -- cute -- -- and a viral video that's happening right now is is not just this cute little baby this one little baby. But it's it's a series of other babies that are crying in the car. And the mom I mean babies that are really upset puts on a Katy Perry song from and the baby immediately to start stumping in being in tearing up immediately so I don't know what it is and it's different Katy Perry's songs dark horse seems to be the best Katy Perry song -- -- Happy I don't Horacio that the clean -- yes the coming up. The one this one mom found the secret for bringing the daughters into a good mood seems to be Katy Perry music. Isn't that something had your kids you -- -- -- the district only over half a million views for that video did you all see and this -- kind of on the opposite end of the viral video spectrum. The kicking the swirl into the Grand Canyon we talked about it earlier this sadness still haven't caught -- peed in Europe is still offering that huge reward. Anyone who can identify the possibly French man who -- this world into the Grand Canyon and. Wearing their underwear now so -- that someone will make the money that they they will be found out I have to think very positively about that. But it is funny when you that the movements little children will make an opinion. The music like to release all the video though of the more mature people. Doing sort of the dance too happy yes and that is pressure -- It's precious I mean it just music can motivate us I don't want and on on a sentinel but let's let's get a quick update so we will and -- senate. Air strikes in Iraq. Yeah we did have the first. -- air strikes in Iraq after the president last night said that it was possible US fighters dropped bombs on Islamic militants. And the Pentagon says they were carrying out the president's promise. To use military force to counter the advancing militants and confront the threats that they -- to Iraqi civilians and Americans still stationed there. This may just be the beginning of what it's looking like -- re engagement in Iraq. A place that we destroyed. After Saddam Hussein and spent trillions of dollars to destroy and then rebuild and now is going into cast again it's in the US military is at least going to try to do some thing. To keep Iraq from going into complete upheaval again stay with -- everyone we'll be right back.