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8-8 5pm Countdown to Kickoff

Aug 8, 2014|

The WWL Saints team gets ready for the preseason opener against the St. Louis Rams.

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Pick any thereof of the the first but I count down and kick off of what promises to be -- to be and the national media thinks will be a very special season. For the New Orleans Saints and is about like I got a kick off on the New Orleans Saints radio network along the cajun cannon Bobby bare. I'm Deke Bellavia coming up about 2000 New Orleans Saints will open the exhibition part of the schedule. Against the St. Louis Rams albeit Kasey -- this is a pre season game the Rams have had the Saints. Number. The last few can. Well at -- I don't know finally football is here yesterday I mean is this something that -- wait far it was there was -- football obviously that can't be the case. So from now until. Hopefully -- -- -- delicate pitch in early February in this -- will be talking. About football but football is here in. Are you all think to pick up their 2014. Season tonight would appreciate that contest. Vs the Rams on the road in Saint Louis. The Saints at the Rams have played seventy what time that a regular season with Saint Louis having that edge poured in 31 they reform a long time. -- in the NFC west of the part of that in. I don't know why Kiki get the province are -- all in the NFC in as far as the western part of the country but. I think we got it right now within a few -- but you look at the long time -- that they -- The Saints played only the Falcons 87 times. And a -- niners 73 times more often in the rants this movie only this will be only the third pre season battled. Between the Saints in the Rams and the first since the franchise relocated from Los Angeles. And Saint Louis. The two times had at the two teams that should they haven't met. In an exhibition season since 1968. Pico was even born then but with the that shows how Long Island. Says they've them bad and exhibitions that are used before he can wrap -- I got the look at the having that in the preceded his 1968 with the Rams. Capturing both contests in 1967. And 68. The two clubs last met in the middle -- ever. The 2000 hurt the thirteenth in Saint Louis defeated yards 27 to sixteen at the original film. Where they're playing tonight one of the most disappointing losses the last season besides that yet. Obviously when you're expected to win I think it's a shock that it would -- nation and head coach Sean Payton. -- relatives both that a sixteen to thirteen record. In the pre season. With -- given about not if there's a chance turn Iraq has but every year this is critical time. -- these bracket players this is their playoffs and you look at the active roster. Must be reduced to 35 players on August 26. In doubt that a final 53 man roster by August the thirtieth. I think it's a great opponent for the -- You call the exhibition season. To realize -- at the Rams are out in the trenches. It's his 2010. Did this that a lot of people even get this right trivia question since 2010 to have them both sacks. At a 187. In the NFL. And last season they led the league and -- old takeaways. With eight guys that we need we need lead. The NFL in -- hole particularly that that'll definitely help our chances to go to mobile on the flip side. They have been able to run the ball. Against the Saints and evidence that last either -- regular season game. Where rookie Zach Stacy ran it by -- 133 yards what do I say -- it's according to Greg Williams reunited with head coach Jeff Fisher. Saint Louis has through the Beth Davidson mines in NFL history. I believe for the Rams to compete with the Saints for the entire season if all of the quarterback Sam Bradford. -- we have a franchise quarterback. In Drew Brees and the Rams hopefully one because they paid him like a franchise quarterback Sam -- will be that guy. But these things like right now of the past few season. It's always a make or break year for him when you look at you all of his defense and unbelievable job that -- with the coordinator Rob Ryan has done. All you have to look at is this in 2013. The Saints -- -- finished fourth in total defense a 28 spot improvement from 2012. With a 134. And a half their yards per game improvement. That is the biggest and in the league since 1970. AFL and NFL merger. With that -- fit -- to do this season is increased takeaways. That's why a player like -- safety Jared Burton was cited greens. -- both the 22 interceptions. Since entering the NFL 2009. That is the -- second highest total. In that period in big team and all of a decide. Picked apart a bit take advantage of his opportunity. To play the role of departed Darren -- with the depth at wide receiver. Which two iron to three. -- June you'll bargain or Robert -- Meachem. Will make the final roster yet he football is here and it feels great this -- wait far and it is great. Could be part of the who'd at least. What you'd never know what will happen but in the last three seasons coached by Sean Payton it was 1011 and thirteen excluding Puerto when he with Al that season the -- season came to an end but it's an NFC west foe Seattle San Francisco and -- last year. To Seattle so who knows maybe the saint the Rams a preview of something. -- yet the calm. We've got a lot to -- to -- is about like countdown to kickoff that allow for much more on little all the Saints radio network. Hey it is the Bud -- Countdown to kickoff all the New Orleans Saints radio network Oklahoma -- -- time as one hour one hour fifty minutes to kickoff between the Saints. And the Rams turned down the -- that and it turned out that it won't saints' radio network well it has been a unique in a first in franchise history of the New Orleans Saints having. Training camp in the state of West Virginia its debut facility. At a camp facility at locate the green Brian -- -- county and one thing about being the New Orleans Saints will have to adjust to and a little over a week. Is that their first practice will be something that hit him right in the face when you look at the temperature from the time they live Metairie to come here. And to playing this game in the -- which Jones -- Next Friday night in the Mercedes-Benz superdome and then -- the seventeenth outside and I think. I heard a rather heat index -- in the 110 what are your five that will be something to be in real deceit. I mean when it's harder five the heat index you're in the shade and you lose -- and now you know he -- letting. But -- I mean come on I mean these new school players whatever you're about the circuit -- week. Now given that you would like a boot camp 445 weeks in those. Inclement. You know weather conditions and dealing with the enemy and humidity and heat index so. Is -- that you could suck you know and anything neat too but. Realistically Zelikow. You know who's tough nut though I mean you have to look at the condition that your. Playing on that when you play in the superdome neutral environment. You look when they gonna play the Indianapolis Colts at that's another dome. A stadium so you know in less when you look at this day and age you ever look at the saints' schedule. In less of September. An -- and yet you playing at Tampa Bay. At Jacksonville right Miami even in Houston. Reliant Stadium your inside. So in Atlanta Georgia on the begin at the cellular tonight. Playing like he's that may be old school like for instance when a team comes. Early -- hammered at Tiger Stadium play LSU incident though they've continued dealing with the elements and and and humid. Bob Lewis C tonight although be it a short amount of time the front -- -- not expect to play more than maybe a couple of series or some of the best pass -- in the game in the 2013 Robert -- had a remarkable game against the -- it -- -- to -- it. Was thrust into the line up -- -- I think people would look at Charles Brown along with the team. He was second in the league with nineteen sex only behind Robert Mathis who had a -- better than him. But combo you talk about 22 out of this -- combos in the NFL will be on display tonight Robert Quinn and Chris Long point seven -- -- last season. Cam Jordan junior to live not far off 24 and a hand. Yeah I speak to you look at estimate of this past president National Football -- now might only be me be the first series are. Our first double a series in the first quarter so obviously you don't wanna watch. The beginning of the game when you look at against. You know when you get to see the best players but that's at that early it looks at 2010. And Nolan has had more sacks in the Rams 187. And then that I kind of speaks for itself right there and you look at the NFC south right behind Robert Quinn and Chris long. He got the Carolina Panthers. When hardy and Charles Johnson. Greg -- Charles Johnson -- 26 actually. You know camp yardage in the lead knocking on the door toward it or perhaps that snapped -- mean as -- you've always heard me. Really give praise to camp Jordan junior -- amongst the best in the NFL that. They'd only do little but the short talk about -- well to have twelve sacks. Are more but you know the -- the one thing the Rams have done it got to do. As the Saints team. Is that creating turnovers. And also aware -- taken away the ball beat them but I read this. And this kind of speaks for itself we've talked about that turnover ratio of plus or minus. In the ran seven win the Rams were plus seventeen. In the turnover ratio in his team's nine losses they remind -- night. So when they play the say that they were plus three and at the airport. They won the game and -- -- you mentioned a guy like Robert Quinn had two sacks a forced fumble. -- that that -- -- impact. That he on the game right there and you look at. 2013. NFL a sack leaders I think the thing they get enough respect we report we talk about -- -- the pinnacle sports scoring defense. We were fourth in sacks. I would have thought of regret it got last year in the low forties I get 42 party three sacks. That would have been that at a high level. Considering where we've been -- but he surpassed that -- -- party nightly look Carolina that's listened. That's played -- Carolina's offense. Doesn't do well this year the city only scored about when he points well. I've only given up thirteen. And they've led the league with sixty sacks so now the bills -- the bills get any quarterback play. That there's no excuse EJ Manuel that they got that the that they had 57 -- the Rams had 53 we had 491 better. In the New England in the New England Patriots a repeat and I'll look at. -- the start of the 2012 season only -- -- wide. Has more sacks then Robert Quinn so we -- -- about -- NAFTA opposing quarterback. Don't get any better really that would this faith in the Rams did last year so. Listen if you had that hopefully that level believe that it's them in muscle that strained. You can go and once you -- that the series. And it would have taken a couple of shots so it eat that 100% and that's why I have no problem. I'm not throwing Drew -- out there especially at this time against the Rams have because it doesn't mean anything in and obviously. You can -- Morrow will McCallum. And now I asked with I don't know the rotation because I don't think you know whether it be critical or -- Griffin. Or Luke McCown now in theory you wanna give chances -- with a one. The -- would -- could do that guys that you need to -- playing. When the -- with -- Sundays though and that's the theaters that how that and polls that. They -- and I think it's a great opponent. Simply because all the disputes that line go get a an old school tough -- type team like the Rams. And you know on the big Jeff Fisher and and done with and I'm never gonna Hedo Gregg Williams and all the motivational lead to be known him know that he helped us -- global after the end and -- and I think. Haven't yet figured out we talk about Drew Brees is on being -- hit a I think -- hearing their philosophy Jeff Fisher. Everyone has a background who's head coach Jeff -- greatly if they. Along the same lines and it even goes back of rob writes that it will let it ride everybody as a mentor that's where it all goes from. You know they say all the things calm to a man and had it not being in in I don't know who's at fault but for the regional situation deficient -- -- beat Tennessee yes he could be your point right now and Daniel looked so it but Adams wanted -- young tennis and it was a connected in right -- but out of that -- the way -- any disadvantage today's game is being delivered by the satellite -- the official transmission provider to the Saints. Radio network. Coattails a Condo DirecTV or DISH Network satellites and he's dishing it out. It is about like countdown to kickoff but I official -- the Saints on the normal Saints radio network the Saints. Radio network studio food delivered by terrorists and LA's pizzeria. -- and take out. Originally pizzeria welcome back in the -- like count them Mexico but -- official beer in Orleans -- -- -- taking on. The St. Louis -- -- night in the it would Joan and don't -- one theme throughout training camp of the Greenbrier has -- A back field it promises a lot of speed and she can use this beating she has come in the -- to younger players that we can't be Robinson. And also taveras that yet. The backs and have a little more veteran leadership to them the -- of the group without question is Pierre Thomas. And Mark Ingram oak at the top beating -- as companies by the combined him more they're backing him in the past two seasons right but from top to bottom. This back the off with a little something but when you talk about a -- -- -- Bobby since if it is especially during training camp in two minute. And -- in seven on sevens in check downs. Affairs today and Tammy Robinson have done extremely well that's going to be morris' seat tonight. If there's a couple of check downs because these guys you know -- but it's -- -- I think I like it. Well speak about it and I don't think I'm just warning or forcing Tarvaris -- to work out all the globalized though what I've seen him practice. And I and I think if prominent speculate I think he's gonna take advantage opportunity excellent -- gonna give him. To take. The role of the departed but there are rules and -- -- they cooked as a receiver. Darren Sproles the running back to bars -- that -- dead as a running back -- pass receiving and running backs the one thing I've noticed. That and rolls. Is that you can put him in -- a single by Omar almost like an I formation -- out of fullback and at times it. They can run off tackle cadet and showed great vision. Practices for the cutback run now. At times maybe he's looking at a cut back too much -- Rob Ryan was -- -- that the fifth and in the -- while -- where that you know when you study film. In everything but. Listen. I don't know what's gonna happen the cadet first caught the coach's -- -- coach's eyes when he came out of nowhere in pre season. And so with that being said Nico. I don't think he's -- physically I don't know what's gonna happen. But all of those I've seen him in space like branding coax you wanna get their hands in the ball because they. That that they'll make you look good and equality to load the ball past ovals than they've taken it. What do thirty or forty yards or -- -- Kerry Robinson about me exploded last season -- really doing well with an opportunity especially in the postseason and that was the featured on him earlier this year and it's a new world looking at players. They could be making the -- -- -- -- 25 players from around the national football at that could be making a leap into a bigger and better more prominent role this season. Andy is a certain that I found very interesting is -- every Robinson forced missed tackles on 76. More missed tackles on 76 regular season snaps. And Ray Rice -- -- on 730. Snaps that is according to stats from pro football. Focus metrics. Eric and everything is that that that's not opinion. Now that that is the man every snap and fact I mean at -- Just look at Carter Roberts and against Seattle. I mean -- I watched just a handful of Seahawks gained him the highlights that no running back broke as many tackles as a -- Robertson and now. Maybe there of fellow -- teammate and Marshawn Lynch of peaceful but. -- Robinson I think Chris Ivory in. You look at those type runners just like peaceful junior rumors like the torment of peaceful when you look at Marshawn Lynch but how hard they run that's the kind of effort. That you -- it's almost looks like the predator on the loose in and -- look at -- Robinson I don't know -- 220 pounds as they got him in the program but. He looks like I'm leaning toward the toward it I'll say it if he has he looked shifty. He's powerful. He breaks tackles and then and the Saints. Really -- during the ball you looked at the average for -- four point four yards and Nolan did it better now you can't afford to fumble -- -- started the second quarter and Ingram. Oval we had the win at the winter I'll back. But but I think I would be surprised. That is they -- -- break it down on the I'd even -- quarters but I'm just political half and only buy have like eight games into the season. I'll be surprised. It was still bitter about McCain run the ball if it -- like. Is it that that I think it's going to be a big part of what they're trying to do and I think. Like we -- -- this season the last four games I think this could be a concerted effort. To make sure. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- whatever and I think it would -- to run arm's dead. I think that's the big difference as the run blocker vs. You know Charles Brown at the end obviously it was actually so. I think whoever -- the ball -- I think you'll be a big part. Of our offense you know the -- and productive we've ever been who won its global that a 2000 -- season we set -- 2011. It's ironic that we were both ranked sixth in the NFL I'm not anything that to be sixth. If we can be out of 32 teams somewhere -- wanna say I don't know 101112. When you pass the ball I think that that that local along a long way in -- this before we had those great teams who ran about 2100 yards. And we're not. We -- about six or 700 yards less. You know like 1430 yards to just a split it used it right get about 18100 yards I think you'll be a productive enough and it helped threw out to exploit obviously teams in the passing game. He's at Bobby a Big Three on -- I'm at the can be chief he spoke with everything all the New Orleans Saints radio network if the first pre season game in New Orleans Saints and the St. Louis Rams. Turned down the sample that set in China to New Orleans Saints radio network is about like countdown to kickoff of a Saints radio network. Well the -- coming up after the game tonight it's the locker room show. Coincided with Saints coach Sean Payton and they think some are reporting act Christian -- one on two or 32 southern border if we take. In an interview players and we look at that point after with the heat -- probably the only at the calm all the New Orleans Saints radio network. In yet another season. With the New Orleans Saints radio network is color analyst Hoch guys aren't on -- liable for the bucks that it would -- -- -- -- Good to have you back another season. Well thanks a lot -- I appreciate that I mean you could certainly jealous -- he's been here in Saint Louis the Cardinals are the baseball Cardinals I should take. Plane in town I think they're playing the Red Sox lose a big crowd that game last night. Right is we review it in the in from dinner. -- let now of the ballgame right and right that and right now and we're sitting here stadium there are those. People fit in this a theme here and it's stadium Miami and -- with an hour and a half before kick off. And all that but. Yeah I'm sure that the crowd -- now trickling in but. You know it it's a pre season and iron -- you would speak was gonna give an equal. Opening there that you know it's the much anticipated. Season for the -- I think you could probably say the same thing about the around. In that this would Greg Williams have an -- -- -- -- full time defense of coordinator now. Didn't Sam Bradford back from injury last year -- you know they look like they. Had a pretty decent running game you know -- -- Neifi last year and of course that defense of landing in the all star for Robert Quinn in. You know Jim hours that you're talking a few minutes ago did. We haven't the faintest idea who don't play with either club so you're not gonna see. A whole lot tonight. From starters -- even if they are in the ball game we all know that. From the -- standpoint. And I am anxious to see some of those guys that stood out pretty well. During the course of training camp book obviously branding coach. The only yet Tarvaris could yet. A guy's been around here for a few years but he really -- much more prominent role in the saints' offense right now. Field just guys that we have. They picked out during the course of practice that these these guys are playing pretty well now. We talked about what they might have done or might not have done in the black and gold scrimmage last Thursday. Well now the if if they step up from that it's going to be on the -- game being on TV. The coaches are definitely know for a lot more stock. In this game film. Trying to break down what the guys did right in Rome when their evaluation process and who's going to be hanging around. For another couple weeks so I mean for me. -- when we sit up there for two week the talk about this guy has done well that guy haven't done too well. And certainly you want the players to do well on the field but the guys that you bragged about. Me and Bobby. GM me by the we've seen that kind of jumped out -- you -- you've got. Well you'll see if they could do it tonight and they make that now -- fifth. To prove to the coaching staff and you know right now why there -- practically all along that I can honestly say there's not many guys out there on that field nothing none. That you just go man that guy is completely out of his league if everything is over his head. Because they performed so poorly practice here tonight. Again would it be in a little bit more -- on the line formed again those guys stepped up. And continue to make those plays because. I think guys that -- in any you know bombing near certain guys who are gamers. And yet they might be players that that you don't know that here on aware of and and all the sudden they get out -- me it's like boom. Then Manning got does something special when it's for real though. Would -- the how things progressed that I didn't feel as I've always -- about preceding games this from a coaching standpoint. It ain't about points it's about performance how do you play. Are you gonna get the center quarterback exchange. Because. We don't know who's gonna start whether -- be Luke McCown. Or Brian Griffin. But those guys can be in there with either Tim -- Jonathan Goodwin. The young man -- -- held in about you and I think Matt Armstrong. Yeah the third team thinner so. It we just don't know what I mean what you want number one if you Sean Payton is that you won't look at -- if you wanna see guys that don't make no mistake you can have. A physical break down from time to time but. The mental part of it that's something that he'll look at very closely don't get away. -- dollars did this does not glorified scrimmage. Once you've yet you're backed up at the near because those are the guys. That are fighting to make fifteen they've got to play all out you started and go out there again today it's going to be. Not intensity their regular season game he'll be more film and practice but -- guys that come in that that first to second series goes we've got frightened to make the 53. And it'll be a lot more intensity for men and will be started. Now a -- you know dominated today because you look on the back here and players it's a handful of players. Hi Utica -- -- inspection teams whether it's. Put our kickoff coverage or whether you have that a key block and a return. Now that's the thing that you constantly being evaluated before waters. Even though the game was meaningless a lot of I've been in the second half but. One thing and I'll look at the Rams is the be a great challenge. Put the thing that's special teams if you look at it and it is an unbelievable play coverage. They were number one only given up two and a half yards a punt return. And their kickoff coverage there were only given up 21 York you know how we both feel about or -- that -- -- that. Well -- over three NFL. Head -- 42 point three net average. Johnny hacker at the Rams noble 144. Point two and hope they'll never see this. If you -- a few weeks fifteen and sixteen. The Rams became the first team since 1960. To go consecutive games without allowing a single returned yarder need to kickoff or punt return. It didn't think -- extended his streak the third week. As Seattle. Pet goat and -- seventeen -- when he hit the Seahawks the Seahawks had a total negative yards in the return game on it out of there Martinez got to go back that night he thinks the like to about a challenge and getting any better than the Rams coverage units. Yeah and Bobby. Typically speak in when you have a strong defense fifteen. You usually have good special teams because the majority of those guys on special teams are. Your defense to back of your linebackers defense to back because they're -- a bit more about how to tackle in things like that now the saint. Does -- return units last year were not very good but their current unit -- I mean from time to time we gonna have breakdowns but the anyway. And again tonight. Because that is one thing in practice that is nowhere near full speed. In inside Israel for if you're working on the running game you know you probably stated that probably three quarters beat them like yet. But -- -- the only thing you can do at practice that even is close to -- to full speed is you're running down the field. It's not going to be hit their return man wrapping up tackling or anything like that. So there -- a lot of these guys. Now he's but the young guys got a lot of bottled up P&G and he won't let it out and it hit it is because you know I've spent some teams are. It's in years back run down field yet you can't -- get to the man and make the tackle and hopefully the LB. Jarring loose from the football. Cause a fumble something along those lines -- it's a way to make that impression. On the coaching staff because one thing that you. Really that -- you can never have. Give me is hit honors and I might just about as they gather on the outside you're gonna. But gas and get special teams they've -- that that they just know -- good. Did you Steve Gleason come to mind knows the pats -- comfortable going all the way back to bill -- would -- cowboy years ago. There are just certain guys that make a -- don't -- -- team because they have a knack for it and it should -- hopefully we'll get started for them. Somebody tonight on the same -- that the man that we we don't know anything about those watching practice and they -- Baghdad got a feel for special teams. He's faced other end is hoping guys would Hokies call it's above I can't dedicate golf all the New Orleans Saints radio network. That that reporters on the floor of it would Jones dome right now getting the scene set up for what's happening between the -- the Rams that night. We'll go down to Christie Garrett get Christie Garrett won on to a Christian how things now on the field. Certainly a player coming out. Deacon Bobby both the Rams and think players go through their warm ups and Drew Brees and take a look at him right now of course he's been doing that oblique injury for about a week. He was doing some growing -- fifteen yards of most that we've seen them grow you know he was the fifth and they're pretty good. Right now pregame I still doubt that that I don't know this is official yet but I still doubt you see him tonight in this game there's no reason ultimately do see him. But you know it's good Nancy Drew Brees making steady progress. From his oblique injury he sustained. Last week and he's out you're still going through all of as a pregame rituals nothing good change for him. And he looked pretty sharp go to football. Christian you give up here at every practice you hit it to be training camp but you've got to accuracy each and every practice give me one thing. You got -- Iowa tonight. It's up to me it's the battle at cornerback behind. Keenan Lewis is it going to be enough Patrick Robinson how what was deeply deeply the best of the group. I think and act cornerback when you don't allow -- Billie Jean Baptiste. Corey white rod sweeting and others. Now wanna see how that battle shakes out in the court they're banged up off on the offensive line in. How much they run the football how effectively they -- looking forward -- a couple things that I'll watch and also. The policy does Gregg Williams come after the saints' offense like he did that eleven pre season opener against the 49ers. Homage to see how that shakes out well. Saint Santa reported Christie Garrett acre feet there on -- one -- two rookies don't want to face is that -- stood out to you during. Well the obvious one Brandon -- right we thought that knowledge about him but here Warren also I like Vinny since -- he's not flashy. The fifth round draft without an Alabama and he might be you know. He buried on the depth chart behind guys like here Warren and Marcus ball. But the one of these thought it was in the -- his position coaches that you can't. You cannot make up for his intelligence because of knowing the game knowing where to be and when I hear from Bobby hokey and that's one of the most important aspect. -- -- coaches look at can we trust from the be in the right spot and Vincent Terry has been for the most -- right spot now he's gotten beaten. By by more athletic guys and maybe faster guys that minicamp at times but. -- would do more he might me. On special teams that's ultimately where he feels like -- talking to him earlier this week that he's gonna have to make his mark. It's gonna be on coverage units you don't all four coverage units and they've told me this week and if they want me to hold on place kicks I'll do that too. He's pretty good for the 32 NFL's that I reformists in the. National Football League and Christie Garrett want people with him on Twitter. During the game it's above -- count -- to kick off all the New Orleans Saints radio network. And welcome back to the -- like count on deck down off the realism that Didier dog is now can you say for the Saints and the Rams. Mike your impressions on what you've seen from the Saints and -- go to the Rams game tonight. Well we go one it's the most felt that being thanked Obama. You know what that dealt with a lot of people like Brees is. Then you tell that the guys like those final 789 dropped a spot it don't mean anything. He got to -- that all Broadway. Because that -- receiving game the start of the plate because of the what I want -- -- out the back is that played it right all along. They're all up again it takes to it would go over how well the ones all of the line slides. -- get -- on ones defensively. And the other big -- specialty. Aren't built a course that is in the honor and one of the best kickoff guys in the game. But there some question marks here on who's going to be part kickoff return guy who's gonna play on the ball and cartridge and and can chamber -- at the -- kicking position. So Rocco -- to bring some conform. And -- can't explain it but there are some really good practice was great seeing guys. What do you admit that game and kind of bit me. Game action practiced well wouldn't -- -- come game time piece it together. Now -- like you said it's going to be a big challenge. Kolb put our kickoff return. Considering at the Rams were number one in the NFL and they were number eight. In the NFL's -- kickoff coverage punt coverage it was ridiculous. I mean basically almost to a fair catch in the ball and that you know that -- that two point six net that aren't legal but you know we talk about. But turnovers and and timely turnovers. Can we create turnovers and we end up on the plus side. You look at the Rams that they were plus eight -- well look at this. You know what you call it -- but don't break you look at saint Louis the fours and three turnovers and opponent that about his gold typical situations. So where do you think -- -- thirty got a few goals like an extra point but if forced three turnovers and a political typical situation. Which was tied for the both in the NFL in that category last year that you throw in there. The the Rams held outright. Oh lead in the -- they've led the NFL rattled takeaways with eight -- and you look at us -- ball Hawks. You look at the red zone at the Rams had seven interceptions so a lot of times you know you look where we -- animal or. And you look at yards allowed to be you'd give me a red zone defense you take it a ball and obviously scoring the pitching look it. Where we are ranked we were normal or as far sacked at the quarterback. Will with forty -- actually talked about that while we were hoping it would get in the low forties that you look overall -- -- animal or but. Mean even to put it we go further down the pack even -- around. Twelve or something that we can have scoring defense this week. Scoring the Pittsnogle or given up nineteen points a game I don't see how we do that again UK win. Double digits and maybe get -- twelve of that thirteen wins. Agree with -- bottom with the -- -- sports named -- a call. It. That solid job when the quarterback but the opera I know. What you just and -- bad -- Our. Football team you build -- that. -- Guy that can. Go on the call. Now that a lot of pressure on. Your mood -- And you know what the book out there. You brought him in. Sure the trojans were. Superb. You've got. Bradford was at a much higher level if not. Well quarterback in a lot reported why -- -- What do you social. Mike if anyone has stood out two years -- it going -- is Rams games that have more interesting tonight. One of the things I watched the kid everybody -- -- and Coetzer and should be I mean the most exciting -- waited for this team. Basically since Reggie Bush. 57. In May -- in my this year -- running back and chilling. You won't see him in lights at running back has that other mystery you'll chart equal reps on all fronts and get out. Yeah award. On the state -- -- competition yeah just a club on the ball and Brandon Coleman the wide receiver from Rutgers. Answer Taiwan and the idea on you'll Monroe. Don't got got an opportunity here to possibly take -- -- there and you know what got two shots that. Because I actually you know we thought about -- as saying -- Robinson. -- wouldn't lost there Campbell the only bill. Look what -- on the that you are now. Well might give them before let's go right quick look at Pierre. Ingram prior Robinson will build them but but to me if bobbled an extra bars -- that would he's done and how shall they'd been impressed with him. I mean he's gonna have every opportunity to overtake those pleased that -- -- -- No question about it Bob it's a great opportunity -- a cadet to do it and he's gonna get a lot that just the right now exposure I think it would -- it. Might -- TA dot com and in my ETA on Twitter NFL analyst Mike utility and we will continue the but I countdown to kickoff. On the north saint radio network.

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