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8-8 6pm Countdown to Kickoff

Aug 8, 2014|

The WWL Saints team gets ready for the preseason opener against the St. Louis Rams.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is the first edition of the but I can't Danica golf on -- -- radio network you want now -- New Orleans Saints would take on the St. Louis Rams at the Edward Jones dome in saint Louis Missouri welcome back to the -- countdown to -- vocal backer to the press box where things colorless OP guys don't don't just now. -- the pregame injury report hope. I -- a mistake free game and your horse is brought you back to playing instituted sports medicine for the athletes in all of us now we've we have no idea who's -- play in new. Not gonna play for either team they don't even give out the injury report. That if there. You know drew not gonna play day in he had taken snaps this week. You've been -- has been heard. The last few days he steals and -- often on you go out and practice that fattened for awhile and then. I think that is where baseball cap and -- -- Champ Bailey. And had breakfast this week John speak to the middle of the you'd be just the kind of name a few guys that fit anywhere. Certain if they won't play good flow. Hit that. You know it and. To -- I mean right now I guess the biggest thing is. It put those starters are guys that are expected to be started how Long Will they get an opportunity to play -- Feel right now. You can look at it one of its too laid back guarantee you one of those late is that for pre season games. Everybody's pretty well acted because you can have nine guys on the roster so. That they don't have to make any kind of declaration. That -- you see him whenever they come out feels to win streak goes over there on the sidelines and actually think pregame injury report. Brought you back to -- institute of medicine for the athletes in all of us. Now I hope you don't care who thinned out those pre season. But you gotta take riding yet individual ability. And at this particular game I mean no matter who is on the field because when they get a break down the film the coaches. We'll be on him either positive or negative. As far as who's winning the battle of the bridges old school football can't stop the run. They can't you run the football that's a lot of things that you could getter better opponent -- the Rams the -- with an appeal ought to see what happens that those. -- -- Well I've always been certainly impressed with. Some of the drills and practices -- a -- -- -- think first team offense has been able to. Here over the last week or so. Improve a lot better. On their run defense and on McFadden that you've got to be very impressed with the -- per unit opt in the way that. They have been able to run the ball quickly early camp. Been to break down. On that offensive lines are QB on defense of line. When you get down that second third unit we've been watching practice but they only do one thing net Rob Ryan Hartnell got every day making it. It is. Whenever he does -- for an immediate that we you build a wall in the instead he would. And that's really what he'll probably be looking for the night out of those youngsters. You know you got to know your responsibility if you play your responsibility. You get you get to do with -- to get here and -- doubts Daniels it's. You'll get caught up -- in line -- That's just you know I think that's one -- in the first pre season game that you know I think we're all looking for. Perfection but it's not going to be that way and some of these young kids kids did what it is it's -- -- -- -- them when they make the club or not. Right makes a few mistakes you don't necessarily have to make the tackle you just have to do your job so let somebody else right and make the tackles. Now okay go from a national perspective -- QB it just didn't. How this game is an NFL network and how they break down. That you expected to see him play at that second half Michael's thing. And you know all the hoopla that kick about with that that was the Rams drafted him. And in him you know it admitting and then they -- -- -- -- he is gave him it's stuff that the utility going to be critique it. As far as how well he played or not and you know what let the outcome of the game no matter what happens to it because that that's gonna be a lot of people look at that. Whether he makes that final roster spot or not because it could be based on. Let the people they are not and I think it's going to be. Not for him -- because I'll be the Rams are -- -- that. Play not you know I gave them -- -- lots of the -- made. Leading up for the draft it really since training camp and -- got here I haven't heard that much about it doesn't mean it had been a topic. Here in Saint Louis or not but. We knew -- Sean Payton about the other day you know he get benefit. You know hey the thing about it is having the -- for format here and feel that pretty well being to be what it is teammates is. I have -- about him that he paid just -- -- locker room kind of make the team felt. I would view I think you'll probably. Need more he can take you tonight tentative. His first game but you know hit. We do at the same thing thing it did you know if I was a teammate he has Artie was only called being what you do as a football player. Saints color analyst okay guys now with the Greek game you can report -- hope we'll talk to you a little later down the right thing to. All right what he's a young man did it is that. Terrorism hits by his ability with lots of running back in move with the defense this side of the ball at Tulane and now back to an event trying to latch on with the -- roster. Respect their growth was caught it would -- earlier this week to get his take on his first NFL game the night with -- -- -- -- first pre season game against Goran tonight was going through your minds of the season. -- just just trying to execute every every some bad weather is special teams offense and just be really be focusing. But I can't be so you have. I'm they'll have a prediction you know just just trying to work out here and every day to strengthen it and initially picked -- decent -- long. Just knew anything else. Yeah just just trying to do this and that I haven't gone back for the position just from the -- played them both levels and give -- can't run then you go and challenge all year yeah do that I can do it again. Honest I actually helps a lot of commercial on defense on my tournament gives you that it's I recommend is not a the blitz schemes and allowed them. Relays it to defense this game mentally and emotionally you know protection wise and stuff like this really helps a lot actually. He's -- Curtis Johnson we asked about June CDC you know we hear different -- got a lot of confidence you and has not just in the service -- as you -- be all right we. They the they -- me tomorrow and essentially you know and they know the -- I can do and I just I just think there's so much every -- they've done for me in. We'll just have this opportunity is wonderful and get them -- know he did of the -- -- -- -- certain certain schemes that they just Tulane decent saves this season and until you complete the stuff of the world that are here. I get when you do any. You have an opportunity when you can and and that's putting much pressure on yourself -- is -- -- -- -- -- that this is a must take advantage of my opportunities and not put too much pressure on you when you're always thinking. Oh absolutely every time we got to do make the best. Every play every day because you never know mission last -- at the same time you remain calm relaxed and just glad to have. And safety class around banks would seem like a very deep inside -- group we really anybody's -- and it's everybody's very Smart. You know everybody has got their own unique skill system holes or so I'm just trying to pick up and -- Their best of -- thank you appreciate. Bobby Tulane and former Tulane running back Derrick Rose and without his formal balls -- courtesy -- out and he's very confident young man. He's a guy about it in a game by tonight and in the -- think in the four pre season game. Just have to take -- -- of his opportunity to -- I would say shoot Bobby where you can like I was a case a case of but it feeding ground and beat that is those what if he can land somewhere body between the roster and the practice squad. Did you get an opportunity and I think he may have a chance that. Well he is these catch everyone's side because. You get that a point where. The -- right place right time he got limited number of roster spots that you really playing. To make the NFL. You know you auditioning you -- and you're out there in. You know and all of a sudden you have a couple of outstanding players in and the -- it will blow this guy. You know to -- -- actually. I you have to step but then -- everyone's attention. And -- with that being said I mean it's amazing. How that is exactly Cologne. But very similar to Darren Sproles does how quick -- and Palestinians these little he has been a lot every week it flat out -- and get it. And and I'll cut always joke when you -- kind of guy. That he -- -- the high school game in and it would look out of place but what you seen him throws the ball a couple of times you'll go whoa he's at a different level. And I think that's what you got to -- this goes there and you have an opportunity tonight and throughout pre season in. He doesn't look overwhelmed. He looked very capable. And -- is that is the what happened to him because I think he will be given. If you opportunities. -- -- if anybody can speak -- fifty minutes to go between the Saints and the Rams turned down -- sound habits and it took the New Orleans Saints radio network it's not a take a look at today's opponent and it used the Saint Louis transcript different pre season game -- because we'll talk -- -- now is world champion with the Rams back in the late innings. Think current color analyst for the Rams radio network the awful thought DiMarco always a pleasure to speak quickly if anybody knows about. Solid. -- the defense a collaborative reduce it is viewed as the Rams defensive front is one of the best in the National Football League you -- water. It has the chance to beat guys know lie if you talk about Robert Quinn last year nineteen sacks. To me I think he might be the best right into the game right now Chris Long a solid left and build the wall up their quarterback you can't escape them Michael rockers the draft -- that out of LSU. Early now he's been in the league for a couple years now if you would have stayed at LSU. -- would have been a rookie this year so he's had two years of world class coaching -- going to be something special what the guy to watch the guy that has wowed everybody campus -- Donald. Thirteen pick overall this year in the first round six feet two rating and you know something you know I know something about -- these. This guy it's all explosion. We cannot wait to see him go to night. Now what the Bartel on the flip side of what you look at the offense and I think you have definitely maybe a dozen teams that big -- -- -- Week goes the quarterback goes and I've even though boldly made this statement that I think if you -- -- -- the Rams couldn't -- in the Cardinals. Elements that they -- hitting with the 49ers in this thing called go. If you look at the Rams offense they'll rank thirtieth last year we all know about the Yankees and Sam Bradford. Them at the end of the week seven but that hasn't golf it's a 195. -- get that -- a half. -- meet the -- rabbit to beat the Rams had that great team that you need to live up all that money did they need him. You know it's weird it's the old TBA I mean you know you can't blame Hendry for making all that money. It's just the way it went but you know last year they came out and spread early they tried to. Let Sam Bradford throw around the yard that didn't work out. Once he got hurt they went back to run in the football they went back to old school Jeff Fisher football. Who died in the the game one back we're gonna slam the football up the middle with that they see Jimmy back Stacey has been a revelation. The Rams didn't know I have ever get along without Steven Jackson back Stacey took over about week four and never looked back had a chance for a thousand yards. Seattle shut him down that last game of the year but. Running the football is going to be so important for Sam Bradford with the one thing that we know common from Oklahoma seen -- here. Sam Bradford can definitely play with a good running game he's great off play action so they're going back to what Jeff Fisher life. Sam Bradford it fits his strength lets hope he stays healthy. Now let DiMarco oh what is your picks threw for a camp Greg Robinson. You -- -- Donald Greg Robinson drove thirty miles from home down. He went to Auburn from typical Louisiana. He played tackle now believe the Rams have make -- what did you think of him before. Greg Robinson it reminds me when you see him remember Leonard Davis. They drafted him out in Arizona I mean he was just a huge bad Greg Robinson the same way he's huge big hand he's every bit at 332 now. He's alone in the play guard if you know he's got to learn the terminology the footwork there but when you run -- when these drills where it's just in a phone Booth. He's an absolute smaller if you can get your hands on it there's no way you're getting -- that that's how strong he is but. He's got to learn that guard spot Jake -- coming back he's going to be at left tackle but eventually. Next season if long gets -- That's going to be the Rams left tackle of the future right now he's he left guard off the right now. World champion with the Rams in the late nineties color analyst for the Rams radio network of awful fought DiMarco now what you and I know you notice when you Latvian if you could into took over at me. Anti Nene has foot with the -- to -- so while fans -- folks follow the ball go Paula put. You can follow me if you leave the Belmont I'm not -- -- -- a great world there. I don't have enough grip manicure it don't let that happen I totally understand about what they're gonna think it is always a pleasure to visit which you have a great call this -- Thanks -- doctors have. I like to buckle -- well Bubba talk about a nine. He's actually from 98. Cincinnati and I -- with the ram -- -- from worst to win it all at that you hit and -- 79 -- and you know it America's game. That's the featured at the hours show that features the team won a Super Bowl that year he and the quarterback went to and name's -- right now Kurt Warner. Our coach Romeo with a three didn't narrate America's game in my local following around on a typical nineteen. Love the -- mention Aaron Donald well -- the tackles but if you keep moving got a high motor. And and I liked him go to that are draft you don't remember talk would like -- -- -- about this. That they could potentially be a steal. When you look at like tackles well laws do you look at sacks Aaron Donald -- one. 285 -- a high motor that just gets in the backfield so hopefully tonight he's not getting in the backfield put. All the -- you know. Talking about Aaron Donald the polls gave him and how he took care of that line of scrimmage especially because he's. -- -- opportunity whenever he's in the game in he's in their rotation and I know he's a great Williams -- there's -- kind of defend. He was the case -- -- embodying bear I'm peek at -- via Oklahoma -- Rolex time he's forty minutes. Forty minutes of the first preceding game but the exhibition part of the schedule. Turn up the sound of it sent out at this album radio turn down -- set. Keep it locked on the New Orleans Saints radio network. It is about like countdown to kickoff on a Saints radio network and -- after the game it's a locker room shown on the -- -- network and the -- after your chances sound off the first time this season with -- Katie came in Bobby -- on the Saints and the brains like it's coming out of the locker room show where he is quickly risen improvement each of these seasons the National Football League. If he was drafted in the first round in 2011 out of -- -- thought we had a chance to visit with camp earlier this week to get his take on tonight's matchup. A good -- looked. What is it about practice to get into pre season. It's the equivalent. On Sunday it was a tracks again Christian mode and get lured out of via his somebody new. He's an exciting new teammates easy suited it's I don't know anybody else in this time because on the just -- go go -- go into the ground so much rumors and really make a statement into the season. Who is different terms you Thomas have been like it's disease don't seem a little bit like when you -- -- first BC game when you look at you know it's a -- -- the first game is still long out of first against a month out. And you talk about it I mean is still a progression of getting. So we need to be I mean it's still early on to Chinese technique race as I get your mentality right so obviously. -- got to start first game from scratch calm no McAleese that we got last year and helplessly -- from the pre season games are better. Become cool going to be. How can you say you have right now can't. Limit DC can't I feel like I'm heading in the right direction and I guess they have some progression. Two. Get better and I mean this is said to me every day mentality to get better. Overall decently like when you -- progress on today's game. You know as any defense knows you have PS and downs and any -- practice them I mean you have to have that mentality -- today so I think I like the mentality that we had in. He's got to keep going to say advancing towards where we need to be. Can't thank you for us to look and deficit it. Late season cam Jordan twelve and a half sacks are tied before folk came in for us at Merrill we've had thirteen camp right big twelve and a half. And cam Jordan do you collect eight duo last season with 24 and a half sacks that was fourth best. In the National Football League thinks he'll look for early from the starters let's have a pass first cannot do. Check -- -- -- with Bobby shaven down on -- book and they do to Sampras. Well speak it now. It's not only get a truly be objective opinion on the camp -- fan outbid them they won. That Alex is far -- you look at the 101. Drills. That you go let. Has won more times to camp -- -- I think cam Jordan is still going to be steady. But I think -- -- the lead might -- take a greater leap if that makes it. Yeah now when you look at this Bulls sacks by a pair of teammates in 2013. That's pretty impressive. When you look at Robert Quinn to Chris Long Greg Hardy. Charles Johnson at Carolina or second. You look at the Colts he got Robert Mathis and it Freeman at the their third with 25 right there them before. 44 and a half sacks now it it's amazing that -- forward what's going to be the magic number this year. The that the -- any. You know offered to David Q when you talk about that because there's a lot of boards. At the fourth ranked defense. They were normal force fours that total number of sacks thirteen teammate. We're -- for a total of scoring defense. So -- it was a is one barking call right now is as well as the number four. That we had them being ranked in the number of categories. And that they that's going to be critical. That we continue a pickle ball and it. The couple off the -- you gotta get that pushed -- medals I think eighteen hicks his aggression has become a vile. I think very similar that you need to let that I think the more experienced this images gonna get better. We're more reps the more opportunities. And out not only playing you know junior said. Well you look back through 2012 season -- only play played a third at a time. Does give you more snaps and I'll be more productive that -- with the case. I think so it's the Cuba speculated about Hakeem Nicks haven't a breakout season. But I think dark horse could be also drew Nicholas. He is the -- can embodied a -- I'm peak ability it will repair we're here -- some of the things that Saints coach Sean Payton is looking for tonight. In the first pre season game for the year for the Saints taking on the St. Louis Rams all on the New Orleans Saints radio network. Well Saints coach Sean Payton and the black and gold all opening up the breezy tonight against the St. Louis Rams. It's -- -- addressed the media before the team left. From the green -- was -- do you think it is Saint Louis. On Thursday coach -- was asked what are some of the things he's looking for tonight he addressed watching special teams closely. Look for simple thing like the alignment -- have and the right amount of players on the field one of the challenges for the special teams coach is -- some of the years you're dealing with ninety players. You know we tried to break in the faces. And so everyone's communicating when we're in phase one they Stewart face street there's a lot of moving parts. With regards to the special teams so what you don't wanna see his ten guys on the field or twelve guys on the field. You wanna see guys get instead hit a line. Then playing fast that's the best chance to evaluate a player. His when he knows what to do and if he doesn't then you're really not get -- good evaluation now she consistently doesn't what to do you. You know with the pads on its a little different. But. You know I think it. I think for young guy he's he's handled the insulation knows what to do become a nice just to see him. Now coach Tom -- was asked also about eight dangerous in speeders he would had a very good yearly issue for the Rams how will the Saints look on tape. How they do -- gets tape on balls that. Well you can read -- presents challenges he's he's a fast receiver. He's got great speed and someone that they use. It reverses mystery action. He'll play inside a lineup and a few different spots. Obviously he's an explosive player you know one interception go back to one game. Then you'd see him. College vs I think it was Oklahoma. So as a returner immediate -- he's a guy you've got to be mindful of on every snap then he's very explosive and NFL probably. -- played better the second half the season for them. Than the early portion of the year but he's he's great talent it's. And it is Saints coach Sean Payton and the tunnel Bobby how the Saints got to make him I hot -- that they knew I have quotes Graham has now only at I hop. Well I think it is a matter if you win -- lose the game with all the bodies valuation. Who's gonna make their final roster at that help you have a great regular season. If you look on the head coach Sean Payton -- think that basically I've been a fibers the team a little -- and 500. They're sixteen. And thirteen. As their record it pre season and a coach Peyton. It's all of like given in ninety players. A chance to earn a roster spot and then. The process continues you look at the active roster must we be reduced to 75. Players come August 26 and it down. The 53. Now I think that's when you have. The major cuts to me when it when you go from. -- -- Knight is 75 more 75 to 53. That that that's when you have guys that your cutting. They could obviously me of NFL teams but the bottom line is -- valuation. All fate is all that the that the special teams of the matter if we don't win. Which still you have pride you have an eagle in and you wanna win meant demand. And so whatever you assignment is that you wanna win. It here you have to block that one block of -- -- to beat their blog that you got to beat them -- You know pitching catch all phases of football. -- you being evaluated -- it doesn't matter the final score is just when you have an opportunity as individual players. And coach great puts on the field but you wanna win and if you win. You have a great chance to make the team and if you put your best footballer if you don't make this thing to prop possibly could make another NFL team in. Maybe be a pro football player for a few years all right. BA there I'm Deke Bellavia eastern Jonas for -- halftime commentary here on the saints' radio network. And followed by the everybody a bear on that would have Bobby -- three I made the big -- and Steven -- is that Steven WWL. He Bobby -- will be tweeting out throughout the game his thoughts and T -- 53. And Christie Garrett Saints on a report gives you a personal view of what's happening on the field in my tweets. And it Kristian -- Want to help me after the game tonight it's the locker room -- thought about the point after. With the KG camp and probably he well -- Knicks he is starting it's 36 season. As -- with a New Orleans Saints -- have things all talk game day crew but Robert Caro Manning passed patrol in the Booth at the Edward Jones dome. On the field Saints out an opponent and Christie Garrett won Christine Guerin. Color analyst -- guys on and the positive to all the Saints Jim Henderson bring you the Saints at the St. Louis Rams right now. All the New Orleans Saints radio network.

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