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Aug 9, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to WWL listeners about the Saints win over the St. Louis Rams in the 2014 preseason opener.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to the point out here on -- Saints radio network final score from the Edward Jones dome tonight it was a New Orleans Saints. 46 in the St. Louis Rams 24 -- of the Saints on Friday night. Game in the dome against the Tennessee Titans. Have always done by the cage. Came in Bobby anything. You know I think you look at the game tonight the bottom line it always feels good though when you win. -- not a priority. You know we truly evaluating we're trance part of four quarters. The coaches a look at an individual play. And you know he made a mistake that you keep. You know repeating that mistake however. I did you actually get better obviously. You know you have penalties -- that something that you can coach W so yeah individual players -- players when you have. Reviewed film that you can't have yet anywhere and nine or ten penalties that it's too much that could end up. You know cost and you if you look what happened at any game. That end -- costing the Rams. What are all of us then. He got a -- that and then if you think you can stop the clock -- -- -- -- penalty. And then having to kick a 59 yard field goal which is hard to make in the end up missing it but if you look at. The history between the states and Iran we talked about this in the pregame. Going way back into the NFC west I mean. You know besides the that felt with the 49ers. You know that's the only team to the Saints have played more. Then the Rams they were in Los Angeles and Saint Louis. You look at the history just refusing gain of only the third time. They've played each other priest he's got to go back in 1967. And 68 in the ramps one both photos and now. The things get their first. Pre season victory against the St. Louis Rams. -- -- it doesn't matter but -- oh. You know won a game that you actually work competing and not to look Sean Payton where he's at right now. He's basically at 500 coach he came into the game sixteen to thirteen I was 1713. His record. In the pre season. And they get -- get a lot better in you see two great individual play. And -- and obviously we ran the ball. Maybe better than I thought we -- at times that you know who knows who's in there and how many of the want to play in. Actually we mutually you know break down into. It's -- numbers that of the marking him how can you know give Mark Ingram. You know a lot of credit how hard he ran and his vision. So that's typical long way when you look at. You know third down efficiency. The Saints. That very seldom office and there on the 40%. They were 42%. Usually they closest upper forties or fifty that's when he football. The offensively rob Bryant had the defense normally. The start to time wanted to -- third down deep into the 30%. Conversion rate well the Renton that being. 41%. In that regard now. Bill ran the ball toward a four times you do with that -- agency. I would maybe have liked about. You know 56 more carries yards five point one yards a carry 123 yards. Where if you look at the Rams. They ran 32 it gives a 150. Four point seven. You know throughout our disabled who were running games. Got the job done overall. We -- break it down. Now. When you look at it that first touchdown drive the Saints gave up. -- had to give us the coverage. -- I don't know the it's an out though with defense theory in. But that was the sixteen York there's they went six -- 47 yard. Both Sam Bradford and Drew Brees like this they did not. Well played at the two starting quarterbacks. What you look at that either Hawthorne. David Hawthorne Curtis Lofton but today Harvard's. -- -- to be that open and they took a seven is futile leap in that we got off to a great start Ingram. You know run the ball -- had a nice that cormorant polite nineteen yards. Now than negative said back. Was when Tarvaris today got minus seven and his take Jimmy Graham. That a terrible job or run blocking and as he was beat. -- them and then at some accounts that we try to run a wideout screening Chris Long. They're great view that event and making a nice play. And -- came out with -- interception. Look at that I think all all the backs look at cadet and discreetly got fourteen yards. Look at it Carter Roberts and his production. The one that disappointingly a little bit it is -- Is -- compared to holly looked in practice. I thought he was definitely looks like needs to be more of a gamer. Come game time. You know to get things done. Now when you look brought you Buckley I think that was the first segment of getting. And in and that was a big Lakers at the time the Rams were up a 73. You know and keep him back him in the heat territory. That Brock -- book -- keep getting that kind of penetration. Whoever's in the middle sport you with the tackles Russian I think. That's unique it closed at fifty sacks because haven't legally camp -- come off the edge. When you get that push in the middle. Brandon cooks. We all know the highlight that he had its thing like he got off somewhat of a slow start we wanted. So -- explosive plays and -- ago. But as he warmed up we'll talk about them later. How he had outstanding. Touchdown reception. When you look at that yards after the catch -- thought Josh yell. Josh -- outstanding. We look at like 34 yard reception the 21 yard reception coach training knowledge. How he is awesome on especially teams now -- on that piece. In them getting beat -- 24 yard touchdown. As the Rams. You know all of a sudden they take that lead in the first half. And he just needs to find a ball on the thing is it pretty good coverage may be a Louis W got to got to find a ball. And and then make a play on it you know bottom line. Now -- think -- -- and Rob -- as little disappointing is an inability. What else was selling it to create turnovers. And up here Warren. We've seen practically a couple of nice interception. And he missed one where you got to catch that really I think Ellis really. It all opportunity when all's said and done and when you look with four seconds left to right four have made the Rams. Was there are likely to 45 yard field goal -- income through the end. And they were up seventeen to sixteen and you look well. The third quarter was -- transpired. I talked about Arjun his big plays. As the we look now we've taken in 1917 lead six plays. Would that keep they're fifty kicking -- 37 yard field goal. Do that with a defense came -- the feel. -- boss -- -- -- Foster. A lot like current walker have been outstanding in practice for their outstanding. In the game getting after an opposing quarterback. Tyler Walker might have been the most act that the that the player. You know whether he was getting after the quarterback -- just run the -- and that's encouraging to see that like get a back to back away. I'll look at on third and four now. To just stop the drive anytime you come up big important now. That that stance a lot out. The play of the game. He was Griffin right Griffin to Brandon -- In -- to the pin there. I mean it's only eight plays eighty yards and if you look at that time -- right grip had gotten him -- -- account even though he had their session he was pretty accurate and poised overall and I think also right Griffin. Like night and day compared to. You know where he was that last year this time our -- learn offered to make the team. But we've seen this in practice then. He let the the team to eight plays eighty yards and I thought that was the play the game right then. I've driven to Brendan cook because that was exciting tightly and that's sort of -- a scorer for streak of possession. -- that's we used to seeing as far as offensive efficiency. About being able to put that together. No I thought it disappointing. Player on offense to lose a big receiver. And we -- -- as it gets to the see him try to catch the ball. Come though tease him mini camp was Brandon Coleman. And you know the tall six foot six receiver out of Rutgers he drops a pass and then. I don't know if he's suitable coming just flat out does that popped it up and the like. Told Steve -- that -- inning on New Jersey. Who. To finally there when ladies playing volleyball just. Jewels and that the ball up. So you know radical when he got to make those kind of plays if he's gonna have a chance. To make your team look at their -- that Johnson. -- we've seen Amanda put pressure on the opposing quarterback. In practice has seen he had one case you that also he had a tackle the one that was a little bit disappointing to me of Brian Dixon the core cornerback. He was kind of picked on a few times is that dark horse an -- Missouri. They. He looked like he had he left a lot on the field to be bizarre. And -- and not his best outing where you see flashes of it in practice and not necessarily. In the team that area out of Alabama. He had won critical penalty that went against them. I think eventually you have to make plays and special teams. If he's gonna make the team. But I think the Saints got a lot out of me and how they won that game. But the bottom line is they want to when -- X 44 but it really doesn't count -- this all evaluating in the individual play. But they are wanted to right now they'll come back up to West Virginia -- -- more week at Thursday. Back to the Big Easy and played a Titans. In his superdome and you what does he progression. Obviously he had 910 penalties a game marked him. Like -- they would say this week you wanna maybe have 45. The follow treatment. Actually real police. -- -- on on -- values how well. They were running the ball and gash in the Rams at the beginning and a lot of props go while. You know the marking him and his effort he looks really poised out there and hungry but all the running -- that thought overall. Were productive and it really took it to the -- He's the Kasey -- and Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia -- -- we got open lines 5042601870. 8668890. Rates and the -- the city 78 that it won't hear from you. You gotta look at the -- at the Saints get an agent for the first time they see -- you have. They were to watch highlights on the local who's on WW dot com on YouTube. But you've got a chance to watch and I got a chance to listen to him innocent and walking guys -- -- should take Brandon cooks Mark Ingram beat yankees turned a corner offensive line give -- a good gift bag yeah okay. The old ball. Coming here -- 60187 he's out of dictating Gainey and Bobby -- 866. 88908706. This an 87870. Misses the point after all the New Orleans Saints radio network. And welcome. It's the point out on the saints' radio network if Katie can't nobody grabbed the ability and -- point six points or you good UKQ Mark Ingram. Three cares thirty -- on his first rabbit characteristics they all care for nineteen yards for five yards comeback Bible can't repeat it for your game point -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He became the game Bobbi bit Tony down mark and Bob and right do you nobody wants to make a point. Yeah can you know you kind of look at this how this season starts. It is human nature. Players that you're familiar with you what does he was going on. In the first water when you look at the first quarter of the which. They're starters that being Iran has played nearly. -- entire first quarter. I -- all of -- gave the Rams a 160. And had a 71 downs the saint louis' three so that's encouragement you kind of bring it down when you go oh. Once the ones that we've been kind of -- that is the Saints -- Adam on this on paying -- not a great start. You know to start the pre season. One and -- for the fourth consecutive year. So we wait for football to get started and usually. They rewarded us would a win even though. It is pre season. Now way if you look at. You know quarterback play obviously with Drew Brees not playing because there's so oblique injury. Look look down. Start in his place that the unique every Canadiens -- had it over all but he was confident. He was seven to ten. 449 yards and talked about an assessment in right Griffin. We took over of Lehigh considers -- -- was sixteen. Of 23. Very impressive 179 yards. A touchdown and a passer rating of 107. To a throw by some more individual numbers of players is that well. But -- the face value kind of look at the quarterback situation. And put a very competitive between Ryan Griffin look look down. And obviously. You right -- an -- after their performance. When he came in. You know behind theater in that second quarter. But you look at the first quarter of the Rams and a lot of their studs and -- I think I played him. Again quarterback numbers Ryan group of sixteen point 379. Yards one touchdown no interceptions of 107 rating -- in the count seven -- in 49 year old. An interception 41 point two rating. You'll gore was fourth 744 yard interception 44 point four. -- to the phone do we go and it's going to Tony on line for Tony thank you calling WW Rio. -- -- -- Other target that we do injury. Now it is the Saints the Saints policy they do they do not -- Andrews in the pre season that that the policy if you ask companies compete on the same thing so I just it doesn't seem policy you can speculate now you know who you concerned with Tony. It's sort of person per game. But this morning that it would -- in the on a hard tackle let alone the top appealed looks like debt. No -- well what they are really event anybody's series like that come I've got some some nicks and bruises and everything but there was. There was there was nothing major has good depth and that likes speculate about you know one house but that -- it -- that's one of the things zoning out on the abused. And I hit a certain things we can -- but it's almost like I don't know I think you know sometimes in life when you do some. -- so -- waste him at Iowa you know if the policy is in the and they tell the media they don't interest interest in. You know you'd best ask about maybe you know what does this -- play or some cause you to -- that's about entry you don't think hey look. We follower -- but I would take NFL rule mandates. Wednesdays Thursdays and Fridays is one coach is. Have to mandatory addressed the media and they released -- gone beyond you know active inactive at that point that almost you know -- play that week it. Right. At a Daytona thank you so much -- -- ever present them I don't know what people are so offensively we entries. In the pre season anyway I mean it's not like you know -- the reason -- -- that money because third pre season game but I mean it -- like. What is the big deal about increase in the pre season I just I thought I don't think you talk to somebody in like the gamble I mean I do Jimmy Greeks thought at all as a long time ago -- you mean before the pre season well it was so offensively -- handers in the pre season. Well -- and you look at it. That realistic. My family -- pre season anyway and be injury in the regular season. Right you know what I mean by allies and equally because maybe they wanna try to get a close to a 100%. You know and I'm not just bring them because the situation -- drew and is left oblique I think the majority favorite players -- -- AK played you feel pain. Know they feel they feel English and whatever he beat buddy because every time you have a chance to compete and and you know a competitive situation one -- out there and get the -- the opponent -- with that being said. I mean this doesn't count I mean like the true but I -- -- continue to aggravate. Is that his stomach muscle. The next -- like -- paints every time you move the ball. And as the toward his body it's affected so high you pre register on the move yeah I mean so yeah. I mean that's the bottom line is you're just all the time if there was this the real gain. Our situation. That you got to play -- entries in between you know pain and injuries. Different levels -- -- regular season you play right now. Not each earn his spot especially and it's that was better. Hi Bob marked not hang -- you guys on the ball a personal level comes in buying out the way Atlantic open last night going of 1 o'clock nor has 46. And Saint Louis 44 the point -- on the saints' radio network. And welcome back to the point out there on a New Orleans Saints radio network final score New Orleans 46 in Saint Louis won before Knicks brought into would join yet. This coming Friday a week for the day at 5 o'clock outside of the Mercedes-Benz superdome for the but I can't get a kick off as the Saints opened up. The exhibition bordering on schedule ten home games this season of course the first what is the Tennessee Titans. Friday night in the -- here on the saints' radio network to the phone and we go to go to -- can slide dale mark thank you for calling the saint. A guy -- -- OK guys value out of a can. -- one question and one comment. What did you guys they could be offered some line especially Aaron arms. In my comment is confident about that in that. I've seen him drop out and I mean not realize he gave Michael aren't there yet. Well lately had a stupid blah. I mean has -- -- of block in the back penalty you know went on them long play by charged TO if you remember that that hurt away and I UK you know is she Charlotte paper Q a mile above the game have a you know you gotta think you have to look at went to plays and end up in and what you try to do you on the edgy his -- of hurting the team. And then -- he's just gonna tell on the -- smaller which is they'll. Yet but it -- think it's. Like it's actually a building was a lot better and last year especially Jets game. Right yeah yeah I mean -- -- the one who had a terrible game oh Brandon Coleman the big twelve since it's X receiver directors. He was the one. Mean that what it is -- that because ladies playing beach volley ball is bad -- The ball -- you dropped the pass and then heaved the ball goes through hands that pops it up but in that game interception. Note that the that I got chances. I I -- I mean he he did not have a good -- for sure but. You know from what I saw from tonight I just thought that you know current -- what last year was to this year. On the report sweetheart and practice right. I'd seen that one mistake and I and I appreciate that and that's pretty easily or you know well I. Honestly market for those who -- watch and they tune and Mike you're not that he didn't do anything bad it's that it really exceptional he had stood out -- that out tonight you feel like he's had it right -- get pregnant I hope I hope it makes you pre season game. People see we've been talking about that OTA days of practice because he's been he's been almost flawless out. -- and mark Brett does appear military and the receiver coach. -- -- challenge him in reality yet and it -- that it's at 35 situation. And altitude plus yards. -- biggest threat you've got to get that five yards when you break it at tackle or Duke at the guy you can't afford just to catch it. And only get two yards you're talking about because all of a sudden I do I don't really you know that we -- in a field goal would go eleven plays. 61 yards and instead -- maybe -- seven to seven. Shayne Graham kicked that you about seven through it that's that they go look at. They went big play big time receivers -- ET get the right thing first thing's first you gotta catch it. But you almost have -- that one guy can achieve now -- the 35 situation. Keep taking makes a -- -- -- it based on what he did in practice and I think he is outside. That I think he's their fourth receiver. And it's a battle but I last via between Robert Meachem or more. And it's a thank you so much for the call -- will be the Bob Don and brand and the rest you call those. Gotta say go back to us Saints radio network down the line stations the -- list those in the Big Easy. Stick around for much more finals goal law. From the Edward Jones dome in Saint Louis it was New Orleans 46. Saint Louis -- forward Jonas -- -- night at 5 o'clock for the but I can't advocate now with the Saints take on. The Tennessee Titans from walk on our alassane Arantxa on indicating came Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia stick around -- more the point after a visit New Orleans Saints radio network.

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