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Aug 9, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to WWL listeners about the Saints win over the St. Louis Rams in the 2014 preseason opener.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to the point out there it's sites radio WWL 870 AM FM at 1053. And audio today at WWL dot com along with the Kasey -- Bobby a bit. We you know if you listened to a sport -- Nancy. As always talk about that he can't -- me -- is the first point after. Of the season -- you -- have it that this -- being theatrical. One. Theatrical you know madness champion Bowen that -- -- -- -- this -- I thought -- was but I. Not out of it I went out OK what what we got. Out of Thomas and I want them OK okay this is Angela the Saints -- -- nine point six point four in nineteen I wanted to bring 1981. With five people. -- out -- once scholarship at New York University your school and all. Norman hand I want Arafat came in second our team record you had the scholarship but he could go to -- do reasonably well you know if our got a scholarship. Don't know about I'd like -- -- -- the team that used to like it this is now with all the official -- to be what I was trying to be an -- I think go to school for an inducement to Europe all me drew on nine I got all the way it was like amazed that there won't there be dealt with like he can make it. So you gonna make an argument. Well. I was all right all of -- pop pop up are all products he -- at a -- -- ought to follow me thank you -- thank you so boards. This is -- in the -- But New Orleans win tonight 4060 point four goals ball what's the point after the -- we should take -- to -- the ball one emphasis has been decent now all season. They wanna commit to the run you've heard all pro talk about your team and it's a talk about what tonight -- think as a team. A 1430. On the ground five point one yards -- carry. Talking of Diyarbakir. Thirty yards on his first three Kerry -- had five more care of the 53 more yards including a twenty your. That's -- your thoughts on the whole line how they give the ones on the wall at the quarterback battle all you in amity that is a legitimate battle. Between -- account. And Brian Griffin to see who backs up Drew Brees a lot on the table your thoughts on -- -- Defensively what about the defense that plays -- Rob Brown has been able to dispute here. That's like Cairo walked a team makes even a couple of plays it would go away from football he got them back here he disrupted a couple of police. He's on the rise yeah there's a lot of things to talk about it the pre season so this is an opportunity. Sometimes we do these pre season what happens if you -- opted to talk a little more that you would at a regular season. Sorry your true football -- call all the time we got open 95 before 2601870. 038668890. Roots it about a couple of guys have been waiting -- would've done it makes you. On line three -- thank you for calling WW -- Welcome back football and eat and get on you know an act that I'll never know I don't see differently. -- really. They -- very. All. I'm I'm gone about Ron -- you can -- Lot neck is really a lot been going on a colleague in incoming high school college or not he's doing. Number one number two. -- -- Again -- you know meaning and didn't become willing production he had tonight. It had been -- watch a guy gets props to them because they will do their physical or is it good outcome and ball. Yep -- -- -- to block and a half. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No question no question number three and I think emotional -- in -- night everybody problem -- could catch. On the net on that that play in in on net financial question to Bobby. I thought is the real props like -- -- -- running Griffin agreed being at what we're all ultimately. Yes. And I made it in Bobby -- he is -- year old blew it where you can't complete man coverage. -- one safety. And it came out and zero blitz and I'm -- he got up beat Ian and that play he completed yet so product line grit and on that. And Erica and you comment on that for. Florida -- the eighth -- thing is you can block everybody. They have funeral blitz them McNamee. Which -- still -- know where the ball was definitely quickly. And again in the mile. -- O'clock the quarterback like he's been at the game and he little marketing beat disruptive but -- but -- he's -- -- You -- the ball and an obviously you'd love those -- -- that etiquette. No question that it written. Week he'd -- -- -- -- Gregg Williams remember me he. Because he took a -- -- -- that if he threw that pass. And I got a lot lot of props and that put it and he had a really regain. You know I hope I'll be sending. You know who knows maybe be back -- -- lot to think he's Smart kid and you haven't they. Welcome -- me that there are of a -- -- was at an all star no question about Ottawa -- these guys and Dave. He's just mark heating bills what he's doing with the football right way article it. And his office has become second nature although prepared the last although Bob -- to tell you -- although there is -- any pressure situation now because he's gonna make a battle. There is no really no pressure on Ryan group that he's a young guy. They want when they made the move to Asia Bobby. Did not lead him to pick -- -- -- practice squad sort of the team could sign him well you know -- was gonna pick -- as the -- together but it dead. Get that right there you mean you just you let you say you foul you follow what the problem trio went trio right damage you know to the -- season opening. And mean now -- He's wiser he's better and more teams -- -- seem now it is pre season based on the night noticing that will protect you even more I think who have fallen well. Right now and at the Saints. You know -- better quarterback tobacco drew. To me you have to keep three quarterbacks -- any of it right grip -- -- practice squad. Surmised you'll pick him up right now do you have the confidence that's why every game's important -- special and pre season. Because V if he is guy behind through. -- come -- he never played in a real game right that's that's why that's -- decision as they sent me that's why. It's -- -- support that he continues to succeed -- -- like you play tonight. Bob examine it you won't get to a time nor would harass anybody I've brand in bad routes Bible and all associated Jersey got some opening odds Bible for the music so 18720386688. -- he -- -- New Orleans 46. Saint Louis -- -- -- it's the point after All Saints radio WW how well the point out on Saints radio WW LE 70 AM FM at 1053 -- -- -- WWL. Dot com operated jaguar to get voted all of Saints averaged I don't want you -- precarious a team. You prefer to gain it -- heavy on the hands the run off balance of both with the Saints at times but he is more of a ballot -- vote cast your vote on line. At WWL. Dot com to all of the wins 26 to 24. The New Orleans Saints will take on the Tennessee Titans next Friday night in the Mercedes-Benz. Superdome recapping some of the numbers from tonight. The Saints -- 175 yards of total offense to pick to -- -- one point three. Rushing tonight Ryan Griffin led the Saints at all pass in the -- sixteen point 379. Yard touchdown rating of 107. Also tonight Mark Ingram. Three carries for thirty all Tony's first drive. Then you come back five cares defeat the three yards ten point four yards a carry 83 yards eight carries 22 yard score. Form walking and -- we Robertson 43 yards rushing tonight four point six or the -- And -- score and also Robinson and it sixty yard receiving. And two receptions 260187866889. He hates him in the he's beaten them but he evoke among the bop bop -- see it the first that Kasey Kahne and your overall take on the saints' first pre season. Well a big you always want to get off to a quick start a fast start and you know when eloquent occurred in the first quarter. And -- a slight ones vs ones the majority of the snaps and and the Rams. Their starters played almost the entire first quarter. And it we out gain them a 160 yards the wedge seven first downs the the Rams three. Now you know you always look at because he's such an explosive offense. You know who's leading as far as yardage. As far as in receptions and also a number of receptions when you look at Josh hill and the isn't. Sean Payton. Is that Josh hill fan that's why it's going to be tough keep him as a number three a tidy and he had a 46 yard reception. From my -- and its second quarter to set up the tires down run by. Curry Robinson and. And Bobby and had to coach off the you know I mean he's deep -- and they've got two great players here but I mean. I'm not Sany thinking have been about thinking there is not won't be Graham Watson Gil. They must know some we had seen because I mean. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A yard grab. So that was a game high finished with two catches. For a game high 67. Receiving yards and look in his NFL playing debut. You know the branding coach he -- talented receiver with five receptions. Excellent -- that's -- -- -- -- -- -- goes sixteen times by the -- figured out then that's why I said. What I witnessed him practice. I would not be shocked in his first year that he has at least seventy receptions. If not more legacies will be like Wes Welker and have a hundred and that's something like that but you can see the kind of outing. That he had in his debut where he led the team in reception with 555. Yards. And also third quarter. That's 45 yard touchdown reception. Right -- hung in there to government blitz and I got him the ball. Now you look defensively. I mean two by spreading the wealth. And getting four sacks. If you look last year. And -- this is not by accident. That the Saints them. They had the support this. Pass rushing team ended up with 49 sex and the Rams had 53 were third best Carolina had sixty well we had for -- game that is not. You know by accident when you look at it that in. When you think about. That number of Hornets that this in a pregame will for the total defense. Fourth that total sacks and also thwart that scoring defense. And we gotta keep this scoring defense and eighteenth in the games really count. And when are explosive offensive but we did last year I think that's one -- orders they -- realm. Nineteen point is be in that area that high eighteen in -- and you know went 1213 games that we look at the sacks. -- how they would spread around home and I think -- that even as a player of the game. And now he's been outstanding practice. Is -- walker. From New -- but he played it tells them. He had a team best six tackles five solo. And one goes the sack and also three stops. Well also three tackles -- loss. Along with -- a team as six tackles Brodrick Bunkley -- -- that early at a first half sack. Very significant. In their push the middle. In the region rookie last year and Illinois the fighting Illini England lost there. You know he led saints' rookies that it's actually 2000. Thirteen pre season that's now all of a sudden. He made his team. When he started out like -- vs the head. Three stops to solo tackles and -- that is that. Our loss I think it was around six yards and then you look at the last but not least sacked. And I think at times it's either hit or miss with him. Is -- in the right place he makes a mistake and lithium bounce back. That he looks like doors and you want to play like ours and not look like Arthur like -- the rookie linebacker. -- linebacker Ronald Powell he had the team sports -- in that fourth quarter. And so that those guys are all very active and you look and spreading the wealth around -- we had four sacks and four. A different individuals. 26018786688. On the right in the that the fall of the -- go government no recipes and it be economy patiently county waiting. Let's go to Bob on line want Bob thank you for calling WW yeah. -- -- -- -- -- Okay well we'll put you on hold for just the -- if you will about the please listen to your radio. And we'll get right back to you let's go to Bob on the Marshall on line to -- thank you for calling them because you -- Yeah. Goodies Percival. And happy with the win. I want to see Brandon -- that that was the main thing -- all of these guys fight during training camp. And the thing about it when he -- touchdown pass. I think people can back you can get better you have a lot oh disposable dropped it because -- -- Don't know that are there all you. If Bobby there -- -- -- you week that you I don't know if you ever radio board meetings and -- that we need to listen through the phone please if you have a radio Clinton all the way all. He thought about it so. Could all. So you're caught you see he's making some good moves we've got to we get so it's that kind of -- -- and the and we thank you so much for the call but. Bobby we we -- that -- practice the -- -- -- yet will -- play Iraq's leading. And don't that that validated that it'd Allen no -- -- -- -- black Eagles -- recorders that well out -- twelve you always do what he did it right through ago nobody lives in it if if if if ESP ant would've got that how right. For -- leg goes removed. It would have been in battle up on the plate that the Davis -- in the -- -- right out I hope somewhere between now and we can get a hole today. Outlook to have that because it was it was -- don't they act if they could pick him mom -- It -- and what was Manny I'm thankful and if wind Allen Iverson. Went right went left and when that ranking in my book on the -- dislike froze -- -- to do. He just rock the baby is -- to sleep in the you know what to do his studio Steelers took the best -- -- the in the in the that's the kind of player he rev Wright. I would say not a -- through -- the second biggest for the Brewers -- play it would have to be. We call them both human element that middle screen amendment that brags that he took its seventy yards all in what coach being classed as a go to Korea and I pray that he may -- -- you being one defender miss and he was like shot out of a cannon like. You could see why he ran the fastest forty yard dash at the -- line. Does -- -- one guy miss. In a couple of good blogs and you have a public defenders. And you think you have the right angle not so fast as all of us and it's a simple little past -- any -- didn't. You know a seventy yard touchdown so I I definitely. Could see that happening in. And -- of forego another caller we talked a little bit off exit the pits that some highlights and is that competition. The kicker. Now we -- since the punter. But who's going to be kicker I -- Sean Payton. Which really Pittsburgh. Which Shayne Graham I know it's a long extra point with the new rules that come on the balls and a fifteen yard line. And he's a couple weeks back to me that kicked right went that extra play all our field goal and -- -- Atlanta and I I think it would that he'd be when you win or lose the game you've got to me. The NFL he's using his experience in the first two weeks of the pre season what they're doing they have placed the ball back at the fifteen yard line during the Clinton three about a back to the fifteen yard line to make the point after it's equivalent to not automatic three yard field goal with him which if you look over the percentage. The percentages of 33 yard field goals made vs one that. What twelve north close in at the three yard line. It is more then a missed from 33 yards out purses -- will. We thought the three awfully well the holder is this how you count every time the price obviously you know that the ovals in the back and in film right so if you do lightness of the balls all on the fifteen yard line -- -- -- right at 22 and you count him as -- 32 yard -- -- got to me thirty yeah you've got him. The -- that you're not gonna keep his job. I personally is that the three out of it and have done it yet so seventies -- team. So you know it it's on the three on a three opinion mostly on the him on TOK. And then so -- -- -- -- the mail yet so yeah to a -- Owens yeah -- I think if you don't make an anomaly like that it can't it's almost like he -- gazans who will get more known and ask him later. Did you -- hit it right. What you don't have to hit that hard is that right he has got to be activities you gotta get on that and and obviously. The thirty yard you have to pick or a line drive the -- and it up. Know even at that distance that the balls at 1530. Yard few little in a token there's -- they can do is pop that thing -- And it's going to be act that you -- -- -- -- I think it led the Rams that bad an outstanding kicker. He came in as a rookie remember talk with -- about this 2012. Mean he can make six the orders that he -- right I mean at number of excellent fit you well they eat this that. Policy that was thirty -- like thirty yard game and that in and out the worst week of every -- even seen him kick that would win them. You go back to this spring meetings about it think physically he's he's the winter meetings in -- the the competition committee was actually thinking about placing the ball down at the 25 yard line. For extra point that X 24 yes because that was that was one of the things they were talking about it balls thrown his body at the two. And indicate that they snuck into a point what are your Clinton that it makes it Beckett the fifteen which via about a. 33 okay and and and I thought I'll and even had a problem that put it on that one day right because then if you put and it's wanted to 37 yard. But that that's why I'm telling you 32 yards on the fifteen. No club that that's the funeral last NFL if if that's the new rule going forward down the road you gotta make that are yet again of the job -- -- -- -- -- She -- meant -- Bob on line one -- thank you calling it be -- Days the my question is is that invisible on this subject. They moved the ball back the fifteen -- and works about it -- what to do it straight playoff game. So nobody's been able to two points anymore. But he you know they've moved back but gene. So about that a good question now won -- if you if you decide let's say. We wanted to -- put to put the ball back on the three yard lines you know aren't saying the -- that this is just experimental. At this point -- but I would imagine -- -- -- the -- that -- think he did -- develop an -- related to me it would -- you be -- -- repeat -- but I think that I was -- -- that that's what -- That's what they wanted to do they wanna they wanna make teams. Not able to stress does not okay you know after a touchdown extra point team goes in there. Well you know knew that he wants out weighted mean now let's wait and see where -- Two and a half yards away from being two points with 33 yards away from game one point and I think the elite wanted to make think about it you know like you say. Right. And my prediction is that the same -- terrible and backup quarterback and QB Ryan. They're older rebel look around and it's got to -- something happens robberies. They'll bring -- back trio tobacco. Well that would make sense because but the one thing and and all coaches alike is that that they don't have comets and running Griffin. Is that all of a sudden he's quarterback and a great team. But -- never plated a real game. -- to have that kind of pressure now you could hope we were you work out and then that if it's not to say that that he couldn't. But a lot of times they tend to lean on. Like better quarterbacks register if you look at last year. -- -- Keller got -- and accounts rather Josh Macau. For all of us to look how well he played now he's a starter. The Tampa I'm not saying Luke has the capability of his brother Josh. Lose they'll Evelyn. The quarterback. When Sam Bradford got hurt. He'll it was decline. Kellen Clemens yeah that it and he beat the Saints well -- me. He went somewhere else -- you -- pay more money that these heroes to secure the care -- what I'm seeing the -- didn't know he did a good job and and get to bring in Sean Hill from the line on you know so so. I'll tell you that that's kind of -- limited roster -- that's a good point. That you'd think right Griffin is as deadly too good. The united is gonna cut him -- that you sort of put him on the -- squad by it is -- away that it could be a scenario they do go with two exactly like you said. And I threw it right Griffin thank god forbid -- -- happen. Through a -- and you bring look look come back -- he knows the offense. And he -- that experience where if there was a work in opera on at least you have an experienced quarterback to put the game. Or -- about when we got you so much that yes Huff a call me back of the points there I think that's what the NFL want to do they want to at least say. You know it's almost automatic extra point on that point now he may be maybe they may think about but remember that -- -- -- This week and next week it would be to let this you know completely beaten meaning what they wanna look at numbers at these two weeks and look. And I was the first night someone's. Villainous in the Buffalo game as well I think this first week he started doing all the things for weeks for four weeks. -- this week in week. Last night at the point at what point 3.3. Tonight to -- broken. Thing Graham this one and probably count on it on this one -- -- -- -- them. Well it and it -- and I think they want NFL it's every kick team meeting was the reason why I say that our our every play is because if you're watching at home. And they -- yeah you know he's been so long drive in and it finally score a touchdown. There's a lot of people they get up and go to bathroom article get a beer -- refrigerator. And I do watch the extra point that they think it's automatic. Also and they come back in if it was a bit legal lol lol what happens -- you know we begin at seven points so I think that's -- they try to make it. More meaningful because so what was the percentage. Like the -- nine me. Always like 96 the stadium they now almost ninety and 9790%. So that they wanna make a little more adventurous. That's what -- expert witness this like the said the. First two pre season games 878 Texas and 87870. Back to via phone to go let's go to see it in Jersey on line three seat thank you for calling WW -- Right or at Yankee game that -- so I didn't get to see you are volatile mark all by. My question. Is starting guards and -- Senior player -- played guard the first. Quarter spurt to -- about the better plate. Between Goodwin in a year -- that they do. All right we're throwing -- the so what you guys the okay NC -- we will try to cool with that right here. And see exactly where the owners war. -- starting at on the ought to call tonight at this thing to what Al -- -- on a ground ball game grow to Jahri -- not by the front five tackles all of they -- And street -- -- QBT. And left guard in the deal with -- senate and Marcel Jones was at right or Alexei. Marcel Jones in the one all once he would. Probably did not look is as solid as he did tonight. And it you know throughout this contest the first gravity -- the first three runs made it thirty yards. The mopping up ordered drug and his team opened holes and in those thoughts played the majority remember. Jones ain't -- to meet the day they are backups right now. Right -- it carry over so that had only taken a wants night but they were taken a once in in the tooth and the retreat to the they went at the majority of time. So yet look at the finished product in as a team to saint crucified Bjork -- cares so I thought that they they did they -- good tonight. And I would say it in tonight saying go on up against the Rams those two guys probably looked better considering all things that -- It really dedicated price is they have good practice yes that David as the etiquette maybe -- think Stephenson line. As bars though the competition that you look at. And not that they. That a lot to me and he's the kid. University of Washington. And in his that they give them every opportunity a couple of years experience. Six foot 300 pounds in. And now you look at Marcel Jones do you think of him more as a tackle. And he has played it before simply because he's six with seven. 120 pound it and we got him out of Nebraska so he's been with the Saints. And but that you -- have yet you can establish. Depth at them or you can do. And that is if -- -- adult that I only play tackle regard. That's gonna help them have an opportunity. To make the team to meet. The question. That I would have also Zach Strief is that it closed the run Armstead. Artists started there's no competition I think that they have are solid but who's gonna end at the end that back up tackle I think -- Bryce Harris has struggled at times. They also -- Thomas Welch. Of what you look at it two veterans. Right there. When you look bright Harris but -- he's the guy that you hear tackle eligible. You know turning games it's weird guy at Fresno state. And then when you look at it Thomas Welch. He's another. Actually looked at like 673 pins where you got to Vanderbilt. That there are better and I think that's wide open as far as the when you look at was the final roster along the offensive line and numbers and who you keeping. -- but that's encouraging. Considering. We had a hundred yards of total offense. In after the first quarter analysis. Primarily going -- almost the whole quarter. Against the Rams that starters. And and not have ending growth and Jahri Evans there and know that. Very promising considering how well we ran the ball. Like he's innocent. -- How much ego and I'm -- have that yeah the check and looking I don't know his exact moment tonight. If -- with -- both go and who all but then Thomas here he was in there they do it then break down here a bit redundant I mean irritated him minutes old snaps in their but it gave them what they do they had a participation chart and they have. Who'd had Napoli -- the confidence that I what do you didn't play and I obviously Brees. Andy can now -- he was the OP yeah I was going to play yet can't beta game play -- heard him play. A lower did not play. Also -- him play without Jerry everything placating the team play a hand in -- bothered him play and Thompson in the week. Yeah he's a little you didn't all are gonna whip so via the -- in it but those I think that's encouraging when you look at the middle. Of the saints' offensive line those kind of three new faces as the regular. Our practices on using him in left out we had fallen over there with his green to battery Kelly you don't find out fast track. Job it's about Davis saved the point after tonight folks we've drug things in. But got his whole Slammin' Sammy this is Sam's the clubhouse sans the one of the greatest golf with all that we in his clubhouse in -- buzzing about ourselves. But for some reason they said there's a lob over about a ball well which. -- that you go to on what. -- all -- -- also Tebow was the only unpredictable semis or we got he got thrown back and eliminate the school for -- -- physically as I walked it yeah Leo we see the show they've. Yeah we are burning. I -- beyond the Midnight Oil since that's. Almost 130 here is that -- magnificent event the Anaheim and yes will be deadly burning that been 900 and -- you apartment I've -- last but we have an extreme extreme saints' coverage during -- and now. What that you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sean Payton get off their great starting to notice preceded it now one. Four games in a row they'll put of the pre season for improvements so I hit a coach -- like. This in you know we see it doesn't matter yeah but he still winner as far as he's seventeen to thirteen now you pre season thinking if their team Friday. He's -- case to get -- Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia give us your take on the Saints and the Rams what do you think about Brandon cooks and -- The offensive line minus two of the best guards in the game groves and Evans didn't play. You talk to the -- quarterback is gonna go down today for pre season game between -- account. And right -- -- you keep three quarterbacks so big questions it's a whole month until the Saints play Atlanta. But has a lot of football talk about. Jumping in Texas and 87878. Email is a big seafood WWR dot com tweet me at the eighteenth 504. 20601878668890878. KG can't would have bobbled all duel repeated this week. Combat ruler who -- him in and eat at the ability became -- campaign on that isn't your thing Anthony. Operated -- royalty you go -- Who'd win. From then. Is online at WWL dot com here we Cavaliers are better of him and now -- -- in the eastern time zone is almost 2 o'clock got a -- here. So we you know we we get older and -- -- care -- -- got -- birdies on the Knicks and is. Mine next to usual yeah Bob you've been worth it to two though that -- form -- You know get all -- -- -- -- -- in -- studio in studio feet phone via. The B he isn't a lot of my hair that is sort of like yeah that's all right do. I'm a lot of people out there. Especially -- people like -- commercial a couple of 1000009. I'm -- the club and the player president. It -- and white. Yeah and not just a statement. And -- feel like you get receding hairline nerves hoping to just get rid of -- -- though -- But -- and they'll help. You -- game that I you know I hate I hate back to discuss tonight them them -- -- -- and -- was watching the game. And Slammin' Sammy and I look young I've had facial hair. For the first time in my life from Alaska you know -- while we talk wealth and the utilized as the -- people. In thirty states but I figured. You know. I'm now Coach Williams unlike his -- but you know in the him to have him out. He got like a seven known his hair and like eight only goatee. So whoever that is -- dating and doing -- you thought of fame is like all Colvin. Is almost like you look at it in the TV screens on -- in Iowa. Don't look right into it what -- definition do that he is votes he had faced coat with a different cola. -- elite -- getting -- -- -- -- is good team or natural yeah I mean somebody's saint who's got a -- put more moves but noble flipping his whip -- definitely hair club for men and the about like the left of it I thought it was neat usually nobody -- used to. Well begin it's beginning Gregg Williams he left a lot to be desired I'm sure he's gonna Q well. -- defense that mentioned previously -- that I -- if you don't come out the wanted to that the banning LeBron well you look after. When right riveted branding coach -- lead bullets and a touchdown with eight plays eighty yards. We -- score of four straight possessions. As the when you look at overall. You all scored on Clive. Of their first seven possessions. Including a couple of consecutive touchdown drives. So that's something that. No we'll just put Durbin is -- call he -- a -- -- especially. A what you want to be aggressive then. Bottom line king style the opponent without it today. Not a thing as the Rams do you think you see in the regular season. Because they're office is not a -- you know. Is it they'd given up. Point that it no matter who they're playing their regular season five. Seven possessions. The Rams what in -- you know 500 I think so that's why it is pre season ended it by waiting. Individual talent. But if you look at the same thing -- -- the -- first quarter. Was outstanding kind of look at the rest of the starters play. Especially your first couple of drives to the reds played their starters almost the tar. First quarter we held gain him -- hundred yards to sixty. And then we had 71 downs. To the Rams three so he figures seven times four if you averaged at 281 downs. That that's outstanding even when I'll. But Drew Brees and the success. The Saints offense. Luke McCown and especially when Ryan group typical. I've Bobby let's recap. The Saints -- -- night 46 it's wonderful over the St. Louis Rams Saints coach Sean Payton addressed the media after tonight's victory. Last night's victory at the it would Jones -- -- Look look like a lot of pre season games especially -- start the year there's a ton of things first coach off of -- Number one. I'm glad we got the win but we are far too many penalties. I think we're at ten. A lot of a lot of silly mistakes were hit cleanup in bowlers so. I'm. Watching us get back tonight late look at the films long players then and reliever begin the process of making corrections. And I said in the locker mustn't look positive things we've got. Hold of the month here training camp gut. We've got a lot of work to do. And and cutting it started on that so few guys did some things. Work urging and I always are without looking at the tape sees -- specific efforts on special teams. I'm some of the obvious things stand out but the penalties were one thing. We've got to get cleaned up the questions. -- Overall I thought that pretty good command of what we're doing some thought they located the ball fairly well. It's always hard to see -- -- what's the tape who can address or under kind of pressure they're under but overall. Thought those guys -- -- -- I was encouraged with. With. Are -- wrong ball and in their efforts took the plate with good pad level. It was good to see it from both of them. Begin we'll get back and got a look at some of the the run in protection phases of the but overall. Both -- we knew were gonna. Probably would be looking at split and to you know better part behalf because peer. Was not to play in them we were doing the. Same thing we said in training camp -- we'll keep answering we'll talk but injuries so you can keep asking. Well we've been seen him progress I mean he's done some good things. He's quick with the ball in his hands. -- we were trying to monitor snaps for all of our guys receivers but also trying to give small chance for touches. Them but I I think. Thought it played hard he's Smart if it's lined up very quickly. We'll keep. You bring them alongs lot of things that -- work on still. -- We'll see the tape. A lot of these guys I'd say the middle. The middle phase the second group all of you probably got well over thirty snaps of those guys got a lot of reps. Well. I don't I don't wanna I don't wanna. Making a valuation -- haven't seen the video yet I thought there are some positives yet we got hit there we got hurt sometimes. -- better feel once we get -- look at the game game tape. Football teams anytime you're in the pre season you're going to be without some personal with without players. We were they were. Both teams and sure gonna your world and raced to try to improve. From this week to next week and that's that's part of the process and in doing that try to evaluate. You know what the full -- Indian. And hopefully yeah. Make the right decisions when the time comes. That was kind of how we plan to first base that wouldn't be one quarterback related to pay attention the rest there the rotation. Our first base took a quarter. I think the second phase the better part of almost two quarters -- quite. But most of those guys in the second wave took. Almost to one snaps and then with third wave. Play via the and a third or fourth or. -- Well sure we were done in the pre season so wont wont let you know the rep count here as we go for next week we're plans are but it's pretty normal. A rotation tonight probably for the last eight years. -- He's someone that. Demonstrated years ago when he got in -- Q a he's got good speed. He plays and special teams when you retired and that can play in the kicking game. Like you can and give you snaps aside from just on offense and it's. Because he's athletic because he can run because he can jump start looking with some of those numbers. It was and it was nice to see there's a couple big plays we had that was one of them. I thought. We had opportunities for a couple explosive plays. I don't know we have many. Wouldn't create. Any turnovers we had ten penalties and so look there are a lot of things that. The frustrate you in a game like that and yet still -- I thought I was I was Kurds that was important to win you know that was that was. You know something that we talked about thought we were physical. And yet sloppy at times. Substitutions we got to clean up some of that. But the penalties and some of the minus plays we had our offense in the fact we didn't have any turnovers -- an opportunity that are hands on the ball the first set I think we're third quarter. And then dropped an interception that was released close we got a thought. And I play this game did you -- -- List kind of calm him down and. I think he's Smart enough he's he's. There will be will be Smart with his. His recovery and and he certainly is Smart enough to be understands. Look it's it's a -- area that's affected every time to throw so it's it's important and it's under percent. -- Yeah. That would that the putter was good quarterbacks when you get in pre season game. Yeah we've done that affect. Quite a bit. -- -- I don't know I mean listen balls on the fifteen yard lines we're not talking about. -- and fifty yard field here so. Look I think the idea behind it was that the efficiencies the teams are operating under or wrong when they. Kick point after so high. 97 point whatever percent high enough to where it's become a snap where -- we. So I think the idea. In the owners' meeting with the idea of changing maybe that. Can that point after attempt makes sense -- -- just trying to figure out what it is so currently for the first two pre season games that football. On the fifteen and if you go for two you can put on the two yard line but collectively we can get a field -- balls on the fifteen. Yeah we did they they seem to work fine in the issues are going to be. -- -- -- So in dome that that wasn't an issue. I. We had probably the same amount as we normally would pictures of three sets each side of the bench. And there's probably some nuances with them and I think they'll work their way through those but one of the pictures available to do I'm drawn arms kind of a pain. And it's not like electoral on the pictures but but they're fairly easy work. I think -- such fine it's just a glare issues -- your plan outside. Just pins in the sun in the ring -- in other words I think that they -- there's a lot of games where your outside would be just fine. But I think the working the way through some of them will nuances. How they operate -- the wet Durham. NC we have pictures to just in case. Wells obviously busted coverage. There's a red zone coverage. And we didn't do -- a double pass and backflow one backs in the flat and we get hung up inside to end up with a pretty easy touchdowns coast coverage here. Coach up -- of us in the media. Tonight as the Saints beat the saint there was a train 46 point four comeback or what the case you -- him by the -- bit of a welcome back. He TK TK and Bobby -- beat Bolivia before we take a step further. It's kind of come down -- it behaves and the sponsors speak here Chaney can GM okay in my so we will put out vote tomorrow night Christian. Steve and Steve. -- -- -- Campbell made everything for you look at the rest of the way. And it would hit so many people that it helped us back home of course and that's control the great counts and Danny Thomas Mohammed the guy in Newman. Alison ransom has been involved on a ball up in doubt it's called screen extraordinaire all of sports talk -- Each and every day -- -- his work and who along with Donnie it's not hard news department that by Dave Cohen David Blake Chris Miller. And Jim hands so we also want to thank mark and all he does a great job helping us back on the -- -- vomit back home while we are all appear. At the Greenbrier and baucus also our runs everything in the basket so for the Saints radio network our entire crew in the -- department. Ian Hoch and Scott alone of course our crew appear. Christie Garrett he -- -- the regular hope you guys not Jim Anderson and the can eat you communicate against Saints win 26 point four. You look downtown the Bobby that what they left from noon to three in the Sunday the back and go get back to practice. You have back to -- as the -- -- we could be heading back -- yards employee know it. The next contest just around the corner Friday and next Friday August 15 they get all the Tennessee ties to the Mercedes-Benz superdome. Now they gave -- regionally televised that he has the end -- 7 PM -- but I know a lot of fans are looking to be and that number I know I'll going to be in that atmosphere. Around Derek gates the end and as -- that like playing in the superdome and no it's pre season -- the football is here. Followed get a home game at Tennessee Titans come details. All right thanks so much everybody at their -- go to always Tony six Saint Louis Tony thought. This has been a point after All Saints radio that you -- -- -- activity AM FM at 105 renominated WWL dot com on -- Olivia. As always thought about that agent can't and Bobby a -- -- bluntly alleged. All -- people. --