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Aug 9, 2014|

Don gives you the hottest and coldest places to fishing this weekend. Hear the reports from Don's field reporters.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And a good Saturday morning I'm glad to be back it's Hubert skip the girl named in honor of the patrons in on its own seasons coming up welcome aboard an outdoor show on down to -- ought to believe. One week ago today I was sitting on fishing lodge in Alaska and about 48 degree weather now we're in about 78 degree weather outlook for some ninety's that it calls the marine forecast for you. Coming up and just a moment -- wanna. A tell you about an event that's going on this weekend I will be little bit later in the city Oklahoma. Wendell Louisiana -- writers association annual conference is being held this weekend. We will be presenting need fee should the US ports to Goldman disposal when -- by youth journalism contest. The winners of my -- male and female hunters of the year. As well as the internal wars the excellence in craft awards. That go to our members the writers photographers and video of that is the broadcasters. Louisiana folks like me that bring you hunting and fishing information. Will be on it tonight the special banquet at the quality -- -- -- -- for the seasonal Fella Opel Wright is a little consistency too much. There will be got a lot of other stuff to talk about what can revisit last weekend's cajun invasion Alaska and on this now for almost a decade ago but today this may have been. The most outstanding -- invasion yet. And take you back and look at some radio photographs and knowledge season but he. Fish that we caught some of the scenery that we enjoy it will also have lots that coming up on. Paradise Louisiana television on next week -- -- speak in his team be if you missed WW LTV fishing game report this past Thursday. It was our shot in Alaska we sent the tape to -- -- -- and at -- website right now you can see some of those -- on steroids -- called -- Is go to my agent down the Al it was guys that term. And you want to bookmark this site as we make a lot of reference to that on the radio show comic is listen and increasing. Our exposure lets you get recipes and items in detail that we really can't put on the radio. Also the -- analog and fisheries commission. And their monthly meeting this week the migratory waterfowl seasons are set they chose to go for the later dates which I am glad to see in a lot of you. Responded to the department will run them most poignant talk about when you can get out and do some. Fault and will conduct -- his season. Also gonna give you a chance to win a family four pack of tickets to the southern sportsman's festival in expo it's coming into the aerial senator. West Bank across the room from the wall and next week and and we knew -- that -- call quack I wouldn't be a special phone number to call. You can call in and get your four pack -- -- family and take your favorite. Hunting and fishing buddies and enjoy the show and -- -- -- beat -- next weekend also are bad boys of the outdoors it's one of your favorite features your regular listeners tell me that while this week we've got to. Story for you about though why it's not a good idea. To -- drug dealer ship on -- -- -- -- that's right the old analog and fisheries agents not only. Required to enforce our fishing game laws that often times they enforce our drug and firearms laws to find that out bad boy the outdoors. Also got a busy calendar for the month of August we've got which we've got. Tournaments fishing rodeos CCA Starr is continuing and of course you gotta make preparations for those -- seasons that coming up. Also get some expert advice from my staff of the report -- they Jonas each week. Give you the conditions that you what happened during the week and look into the future of this week and help you make your trip more successful. Look at it that calls the marine forecast though west winds five to ten. And become a little bit more subtle about this afternoon great offshore fishing forecast for the next several -- really all next week. Sees only about a foot going to be a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms. Hot temperatures though lows in the upper seventies guys low to mid nineties heat index that's the opposite of -- Your arm was the one in the wintertime -- that cold when news adjusted to make it feels like welding heat index. Is 95200. In it's taken precautions and out. Might even wanna consider getting out of there early or maybe going a little bit later fish -- -- and loans and to evenings arm the year elected. And they tell me it's very hot on the saint Bernard parish just see if that's true -- Sanchez joins me now -- now sit in Alaska one week ago and it was about 48 degrees at this time in the morning. And I got back off the airplane the other night and I knew I was back in Louisiana friends. All. But I bet you do it you know and you should they have a little. I don't senator. Come and info about an illegal estimates or what -- guys that be an -- might land. But it surely get a little laundry out any humidity at the box. Yeah -- house decision been -- for -- -- courtside got on I got back of the guys on the outside I would just coming back -- limit -- fish not consistently but you know most for the most part of crowd by its been good. Our country and it's a little -- -- -- right. Ten candidate. Either. They do. Stuff like -- and -- picked an apple officially. That is so small. Which is this is where -- grow up. -- -- -- I. Stop the box again suspicion or. Yup and of course you know that the salvation this year has been red fish finish. I don't I don't remember we have generated these season like is I mean if you want him there there for the taking. And that Biloxi marsh has really been intercepted an -- section so they thought there. There are some paid sources -- whatever he should get some answers. And -- issue at the stable or they have now are. Yeah and if somebody likes to catch the really big bulls' league we get in that time of the year within don't come in any closer than this time a year -- going to be in all along those coastal islands are going to be hanging out those platforms and if you look at thought fight you know who you get one was on those big bulls. Boy has Jerry hey these guys that don't make much stay. And one quarter reputation at all and it shouldn't have to mark and and and it went in at six in a and so it checked in and put if you haven't broke relations and -- because that pickle -- under a day. -- what a lot further the folks that that. Don't really have the craft to get out there into the sound. Certainly they can pick up some bottom -- you know in the marshes and stuff out that dam in the mystical -- speckled Trout and maybe even futile white cultural and. Planet planet like like -- is. -- you'll -- options that which we. -- -- he broke it aren't you think the fate or. So. Yeah it's eagle -- a -- It appears that most without a bit -- You know. Anti Semitic. Remark also let you know what do that at all. Yeah and not only that you know when you go on the eve and then it's cool that trip on me it's hot when you start but he gets cooler along do you stay out there one as far as your accommodations you have at the marina. The -- is gonna put in and they know they're gonna come back in communal riot that Darko close to. Well we -- we get that apple back bacon yeah. You know what it -- basic -- so. Actually -- -- -- and he's put in a box but you know and it is always open we don't put you know so it's. That is -- -- come on majorities. What about the latest time someone could debate there Ali do you you know the school open date we'll show the -- that part of -- Well actually that's a long day. It. Always yes yes. -- glad to hear that good. I tell you I could well -- -- an incredible man for the that the light winds that we and this is a good stretch coming up this week two and a good time movement. -- that moment and then. Get a patient base to reduce our war in part all with that category here. Yeah when we get that -- idea where we're reaching the peak of what would normally be tropical storm depressions Eric -- season has been mighty quiet out -- let's hope it stays that way and it's the el Nino affect you get that west Philly dominated bell weather systems and it tends to keep them down let's hope -- -- all right don't through. It'll you know it's been blown out the last oh are you southwest's. Heroes so. It's got to keep blowing through the west probably due October it'll be that. We're glad not a -- he sought but you know as a lot of folks like to do the cast and blast Annika you've got easy access to the huge job. Home management area down am Biloxi marsh. That opening Day of The Dead zones going to be November the fifteenth and will be open weekend and so if you wanna let folks know it'll make their plans and that's that's going to be the schedule right in November 15 should be the opener. All of those that got an -- Or they RE GG. Why is no but I don't think there's anybody anticipates. An open in more than the -- But it is not an addict an epic. Debate and it's our hope that. Look at the -- so back. You know but it only about. She -- it. -- it now. And that was you know because I think this may. It's fast pace world and that's a slow movement -- welcome Glenn good talking to you as always our house debate situation folks coming down got -- form. That's what I would. Action conditionally or epic oil is today well that -- -- duke thanks Glenn appreciated and now we'll talk peace. -- that's that the Breton sound marina in hope dale let's glancing says he's always -- would miss Cameron need to book a trip Gary Odom then his son Jonathan and other guys were getting out with that too. To a column it's viable for 6761252. And we had some special music for honest guys pilot can't until you fly jets so are you doing this more. Bill Idec you make enough. I gotta -- -- theme song for you you know I was thinking about you when I was in Alaska we did a fly out. And we were on the -- the bigger than yours about. Wells either. And this guy with this thing down in knots I could step error. That I can't believe he's gallant here any hit a canal in I don't know maybe those big ones -- -- easier the control of the small. Yeah -- and yet most stable for issue but I mean. You got to upgrade terrible beavers. -- -- aren't. And yeah. Yeah. He has -- Internet yet but as -- as stable footing issue. I think he was gonna put down an -- and have you know maybe eight feet on -- -- on -- -- -- yeah. You bet that that that BAA had about that timer made it. Had to play this week. Again and it -- it's about every day we've been -- bill and get an element that got me yet they concern that it kind of sad about it. And Lew -- and there are Breton in. I'd like -- in the appellate that's the -- and it didn't let the green light and out of everybody went for the beach showed me and it felt like investment -- the -- and we're quite good at whether the pants and -- of the. There is -- -- be locked in the water wood and and then in the back you're. Seattle beat it in Europe there orders on the net playing like it is that going to be and I get to -- so. I can. That -- did -- Is that green and it. -- -- -- -- -- -- come directly over the contents of Kosher. -- -- -- viable -- -- on the base Greg and -- astute. You know have our furniture and everything do well you know. Absolutely yeah eleven. You know bank Beijing yeah you know so that the that's to be an announcement and there have been in the screening cargo ship. -- Britain back you know -- small they're so small pension netbook. Your -- numbers that it yet Wayne -- eighties community. It opened his. -- epic about yet from a -- people who measurable Quebec man is that you really act. As you know that it I think it is that you unique it's unique and different things that are right now -- -- him. And is there realizes bang bang bang bang and leave the technical bulletin board on firm. -- -- -- Obama and then -- is that part of such an menus and out there at which animal it's not animals that the bill. And the get on the body -- -- that bankers we. Members. Could make that -- and nobody that is the consummate teammate into the main networks such trauma though. -- put out but it had to pick him a while ago and business partner. Politico website and in an Internet and that -- them. Are -- camp in the problem -- in -- apartment the pompano. Well that's because the debate that haven't been -- -- and but he -- debate -- in Panama to what is it like. I can't make it. But it can you really should read write about it look similar to -- a debate or to -- -- -- economic and a companion but gentlemen. Yeah general market vision in which it is good OK I guess -- You know we -- on. Earlier team that they've put on that mullah is deceptive that's a really good it means it's real firm flash and -- -- -- -- I'm capable and cinema the kid and probably let navigate and will bat in animals -- in trouble and I'd be available to our government and get Molly and her. You know. -- -- But you want it's one of the hardest hole hand. Lower. And moderate. That it is -- it's Aaron dynamically in Cabrera and -- Anything you can do is. They explain it but it does he urged the audience and old people -- -- Is the dancing and it's -- and then Internet and we can't really good and so we actually have 36 people -- -- in it yet eighteen votes aren't right now. Bill playing today argument that in the -- is growing concern and evil of them but we can't everybody burn area on. Terrible. I believe that it simply snap and -- runner in the during the -- Debate -- an aggregate amount of property and it's -- years of a deal with it but it people and and out of those cities and -- on back of like going to six era on the ballot yesterday that it happened. And Taylor they hear these these -- -- And I. That. They would say you know you know they. Ultimately. And I'd -- -- -- now. Net -- symbol and not this. I was like -- late afternoon trip food -- -- You had a bet that they had they had they had and yet they've ever morning. We're not disputed area this morning that. Bush as a problem with the man I really can't. Did he do much in that regard for a few other little -- and back -- very bright light. -- it that way. Asked to forecast nothing over ten Nazis one foot is going to be -- on how -- non building not much chance is going to be some pop up -- it was a round that matter how one of them is gonna get extremely -- amid days. Yes but it does do we hit it you know. You. You about -- I'm not good school drop something in -- about 11 o'clock recruitment and management that Strickland back from what it is about one parity but. It is that like that and -- on and I think I think you become backing. David. A great -- and products and art -- today. So regular goodies that come around. Yeah you just and you tell them that -- because you know it can be. Sit there while somebody was guilty and give him on some of that stuff flying out to the islands efficient those grids on the inside you know we got fall come and pretty soon will be too much longer and might make its plans -- that element do it. Yeah -- that's exactly a conservative spring this year it has been our culture our partner. No comments about that a website -- back term practical for the pictures Chris will open notebook as gentlemen they eject and. An -- anyway Chris -- the current leader. -- -- And triggering oh in their parents Barbara and -- -- guys again -- -- is daughter's. Little solution. Our air America that we need your vote. There have been ordered her protector of pompano at a rate greater. Let me get an SE a loses his stamina and you can't win the -- -- And into. There -- no doubt that there where you know what was basically in the -- now you can bet networks. Yet I go to the man you -- like it and beat on which is the talk. -- -- and gives us and get mixed -- those Dallas drink and it's. Is it he was on the back in which manipulates you like ten -- -- -- -- I think Eileen. Mean America but. A couple of peak later on it was about. Drink it and certain and are the violence that that they were lowered it. As happened bella is Beagle does it not been moaning and in bearden and they -- bank -- in -- -- beer compared to get there you know by. Reader and status error in there's a -- light on the employers and earn -- logo take care people my friend was see you next week. Hurt her career. -- -- goes sky pilot captain told you believe why. What are my new love later on today in tonight in the two day event the Louisiana ultra right associations having their annual convention that's going to be going on the quality in him tonight that we will be honoring the issue the year recipients. Able say job afford to -- will be winning the rot in real division. He had a new first place state record gay group 74. Point 43 pounds. Caught it in July of last year fishing out of -- the fly fishing division. The issue the year award doubled to a doctor Victor Tedisco the third at home not to travel -- to get his award. And that was for catching a new state record six point 24 -- Gas taps eel catfish and that was caught on a fly rod. Near -- -- may of last year you'll see some photos of back and have totals and stories from all the winners of youth journalism and photography competition the use of male and female and -- -- the year. And stories we'll have all of that up on the website speaker -- the website and -- -- -- -- -- invasion the best way to visit what took place in Alaska last week and want to -- legions two weeks actually -- went up to Russell -- the last week on -- -- go to -- web page -- -- -- those guys that -- -- -- -- photo -- -- Tennessee -- -- Beautiful fish. This is called nice guy red salmon. And the one on hold and is rarely write very bright red by the green hit him when they get like that. They're on a mission to spawn and die. In the way that you finish these things is pretty unique in Louisiana we call it snagging. It's kind of like that didn't mean Burris is gambling. These things by the thousands on swimming past few in the small river. In fact if you look in the photo gallery you'll see one about middle photographed with a a mountain in the background and guys stand an -- on the fly rod you -- -- Basically a little hook a little fly. With the weight on it and you dragging it through the water is the speech went -- and as this woman by the miles opening in close. And the trick is you got to get the line in to the finish is miles. When you feel a little bit what you suspect you go out on -- set the hook. And then the fight against him believe me pound for pound little sock got rid salmon they will out -- -- Louisiana red fish at the same -- any -- And you limited to its real well now when you catch the ones like that one in the picture. The demeanor is kind of mushy and you've got to release those digital wanna keep them though ones at a more bronze color. That's the ones that have a firm flash and you keep you keep three apiece on those per day per angle. The the trick again is that lining and if you happen to it to hook one in fi and -- in detail side deal. You have to release it's got to be dragged through the fish's mouth which I totally zones and the logic and what you can see some pictures. Of the group of us on the beach with some silver salmon also bomb hold an up -- what's called it finished -- like a group it's an -- fish. Some huge Google's flounders on steroids that's the -- side had a a team tag teamed with my friend Denise. Now we had a 121 pounder you also -- in other people in my in my cameraman Chris look cock. He caught one that was 95 pounds you're gonna see some beautiful scenery of glacier. On the boat docks terrorists or some of those rocky screens and some some other pictures as a check it out. On the -- those guys that comment just go to radio -- But. And -- rules freshwater bass Fisher what's brought about Berkeley division of pure fishing near the makers of the gulf and soup or animals salon have that in new lineup called habit must not really -- been around awhile but it's definitely proved in the -- he -- lines rods -- winners of a lot of -- -- products. -- issues I can't show. -- -- division of fuel efficient. Jeff bemoaning what's going on today. Then I'd be very respected grizzly bear. Oh no no grizzlies this time -- the undecided at that last time -- they don't wanna leave those guys alone could see some some tracks and only bears a spot removed from 700 foot altitude flying over. You know playing that was the only bears this -- is I got to in this. The good thing. Earlier that unless we use the net via code and -- Lebanon's Matt Patton would -- ago and now also will be things that make it simple and efficient and that is that is moll. Local legend. Stephen brought -- he he and his partner won the -- -- it -- about eleven pounds and that was about double the second place kind of about six pounds. We got report -- a lot of this but again there are all small. We've managed one people now this has -- -- they I was just gonna build upon a pleasant vegetation on the shoreline is an opera at all. Matt and not a part of that -- It pretty much stated -- better -- -- it this year. If you didn't gigabyte model opportunity more time to get the bike ride up to drop all. Yeah I think we're going to be another year to navigate they did this come back though they don't you know the stone. Very good knows a lot of concern about this humanitarian. Anyone -- Steve's gets nearly proved that you can. Can hit some big fish it's pretty good average as far as south alive basin now -- water and -- has got to be good news. Yeah get some better reports. -- kind of look for the deeper spots as people relate to deeper canal. Wouldn't -- that he you know not that that move water in the that's gonna help you out as -- before and Brennaman says that and they have been you better bet the proper internal politics is still -- column but that approach from. But which says if you do write this -- he has hit just about everywhere took people forgot you like everybody is simply search govern. Not track anybody on the point of the report from you know -- doing that again. But based episode. Like that's a big thing to -- on demand for you better -- that's from the death of local parliament. And the other places worth talking about. Put that back on the list that Gaudin has that department on all the rivers across the state of following them to the lower problem levels. River stage is. Round three the next week about Portugal and right now that. As you know the next few weeks if you wanna go down there without -- pet the best but -- human. I got reports and we got that dealt the and as there is -- Smaller this by any -- -- -- -- -- -- do a lot better. Accord because you're in industry which in the water down apparently. And you know you just don't get possibilities. About this and that -- that -- -- block for the group and putting it -- better -- -- That you basic basis suspended players some type of classic. Mean is you want to not among -- a bank easing to two good number of about be on the watch you get started definitely it's a few bad. Yeah that's always been the situation with the size of the bans and then as. Just this time of the year with these hot temperatures heat indices around 105 today Italy eat them and night -- could get some tips force on the. Yeah right you the black flies like these black lights on the boat to get these -- -- being put banners attached to you better of the which what is below with some clear blue over at the time between you -- that like stern and Bryan has them. But they do what you do with that line and don't think. And it's how they weren't something like that tonight this and you connect the but the light black like Jack against the Euro a lot better so it helps you when you watch -- might -- time involved for you know. And that is up detective bites that have been committed had a lot of show up just enough on top of the surface do you watch it and see. And what how do you rig that light what does it in all on on -- -- what he found black lights. -- several different kind of got the poor ones if you don't do a whole lot of night fish and they got some little one basically just like flat spotted a policy like on the debt. They got -- a little bit bigger that have little white lies and the black light on it. He's played on the deck and and keep you that you do. More night vision is that likely to be an aerial others cut through that they'll have pat summit that plugin to their navigation lights and and -- have. So it just the taxes side of the boat if you thought they don't call when you run that. They have put in that you put in your cigarette lighter instead Obama I mean even you both batteries. But they display it on the deck in they have just enough light to make their arms. -- -- bank a little bit with it if you close enough but most -- -- -- as a Prisoner of War. That is -- year and it's just not that you'd be that boot quote clear blue the rest of. Well you know the back in the old Disco hit these days black liked the real popular -- put some local Lamotte clause in -- could use. You have what's coming up on the tournament schedule. I have couple on the panel on the Internet obviously being angling for alzheimer's the -- Landon. August 23 best chances of -- are over the eighty dollars to two feet. We don't need. You know living there. Brett. Pruitt is going to be sort of a classic mentioned the bass master classic he won that -- about college championship and other elected to go to. There are a couple weeks ago so long which probably gonna go to look enacted at the big on it could be the top ballots but -- into the classic. While -- what a -- that's got to be him all Louisiana ULM Anglican of the in the bass masters classic gives also by the -- for its future. That's right you know it was a lucky not to get format with these younger guy it's Bart legitimate chance that. You know don't jump start the career they do. Absolutely Jeff thanks for report. Somebody wants to put. Tournament on your web side or -- check and find out what's the latest information is give us that site. Horseback. -- can link to your -- done outdoors that the -- reported there about every week it is today in the past but -- after years of its. So our reports are coming in -- that security is that they inspiring maybe default that. He's looking down its -- it is still early come home where this thing hit this week. Well maybe you'll have an early fall these cold front -- for the come through in July and August maybe they'll be here early enough we get some good early cool. The united not a summer and really been abducted and that we flipped the switch and it means that you did not you know and so whose only about a month left. The ducks who starts on in the Trout so alone -- and be good call yeah. And we got footballs and you know and all that stuff condolences. Great time to you will be handed Jeff thanks a report we appreciate it we'll talk the next week. All right ultimately. De Diego the -- on. -- I'll we'll do that. -- okay Jeff rely vast vision few reporter coming up next captain Darryl carpenter of real screams dot com check out what's going on them early on I gotta tell you look at the forecast and if it's accurate. Offshore efficiently as a goal for the next several days now can you believe that we got a great forecast and it is Saturday today let's talk to captain Darryl called to see how he's gonna make you summit -- what's going on down on the island this morning. It is Saturday -- As the -- -- yeah I'm not gonna complain remember the -- that we. But. -- -- on the ball properly -- it does that reflect on the opera about the that it its optima people who. Wrote that the votes vote to pull out -- and yet it's it's it's it's it's -- sound and -- exit. We -- -- on off this week speckled. Well and it varies -- date down it's it's the -- sorted them out on Wednesday you know well you're welcome the next day I mean it's it's never really been all what we're accustomed to it. But you know Indy five on the Monday you don't just kind of stretching area in. -- debate the war. On the water and -- been -- -- goods. What they don't teach the next -- you -- it to -- each and not pay a stretch I don't know history in the back the the ticket is you know just move. They've been running fairly deep so that you and you unofficial longer call -- official report beat beat. But -- -- -- who appears to think the -- it slowed built in advantage they would edit but that's duke might not binding and better anywhere else. Asked in the minute ticket this year. Red -- this is the time of the year away I mean you can pretty much -- bulls. You know all -- along but this is -- they -- -- congregating around the house passes. Yeah and then there's been a lot of people -- their -- and there's been a lot of kayaks. Looks like they're their scout or audio grabber and the bulls have been there and the when you are there's going to be some of the risk of Normandy the tropical beach itself so you get a little bit mixed bag whatever you do it by remote beach. -- and remorse it's it's been our cops and this read this all in the mall. And let's spend some time talking about offshore -- Jack season reopened last week how was that bin is the mangrove and lemon fish -- still on and what about them pesky. Snap -- still bothered. Yeah well it that it would be okay that we group we're gonna talk amber Jack the inside word he has Soviet built bean dish there will be -- -- closure coming in next two weeks later than the two point. -- Understand that they say that the commercial McChrystal last year we pay it back this year so there's word -- -- in the next week so we did release of a closed for the bomb. They've been they been good from. You know a lot of people validate that they're having trouble I don't know what the reason -- having trouble by a string that you take that long or risk -- a couple weeks so mercenary more -- pocket -- staffer one after the other. Anything due to an amber to act because there's scripting 43 outraged that virtue in court -- -- twelve ball. We seem a little bit of a decrease in the number of spoke lament this but there's still -- -- on the third day it won't be covered ground you know yacht Jim -- -- to -- ballistic then they India which gets a little larger than what. Remember the on the tour. There have been so that infinity. We did that yesterday we hit perfect date but -- little -- -- light. Without a couple but the votes that it -- bogeys elaborate pretentious. And we got -- -- and it's it should have. So that downloads you -- that's what -- -- -- there's -- you don't want test that so bogeys and not be hell like yet welcoming. -- -- you decision replied you know where were you fund soon. Now there the floaters down -- and -- -- floaters remained close group of all the people there's the close when you do that Europe but the crowds watching as much political put paper up there. If you if you want to buy an extra fuel and don't. Little bit farther you get out of the artery and not nearly as much about the issue that are also. Are you all did get some money money. Well that was so called in yesterday. They ran out and it totally area. And there's there's no real lab there's scattered big -- that little football well well we will aspect is everywhere. And and there are so long that we have an awful lot current. Just to put solid threat to get out of which you got lord sort pageant on the bloated street floating out there and that's not official yet. Well looks like you gonna have a steady guy at all sure action does that forecast is Apple's saying it's almost the whole week. -- somebody wants to call you and book inside outside of both tell them how to do it. -- -- 3762. A date. -- -- rumors -- down and these days checks were just as well -- welcome back to most other polls that too cute. -- 376 to alienate extract belt so. All right very good now I don't have a great weekend and now kitchen put him eccentric. I brought that initial bogey there about it. Hope you get them how will do that I will be back with our number two bad boys of the outdoors Boston drug and our homes abuses while while -- -- Duck seasons a sets a great time and more fishing reports all coming your way on the outdoors with Don Dubuque radio network.

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