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8-9 6am Outdoors with Don Dubuc

Aug 9, 2014|

Hear the latest on your favorite fishing holes.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our number -- with the outdoor -- glad to have you with us -- what a great forecast -- west -- starting -- like five to ten -- becoming a little bit more -- they'll stay southwest pretty much the whole week -- five to ten -- -- -- great time to get into some offshore action. Please remember those who take all of the -- precautions lows will be in the upper seventies as a -- at the mid ninety's. In the heat index will be somewhere around a 105. So be careful out this on screen play in the eyes of sport drinks. Alcohol watered it brutal mix that well this time I coming up in our number of two we get a check on those migratory waterfowl dates the duck and -- and we'll -- -- captain Ryan -- about -- if he's happy and also. Remind you about his special -- weekend if you got a youngster between the ages of ten and fifteen like to get out participate in the -- only. Hunting program. He's got a -- absolutely free will tell you how to get signed up for that. Speaking of signing up what we're gonna have a chance a couple of chances actually you know win. A family four pack. Of tickets to the southern sportsman's festival expo presented by super -- deals in the home builders association of greater New Orleans. It's going to be coming to deal Larry Olson August 15 sixteenth and seventeenth showcasing the latest about trends that we fishing running. Archery camping boating grilling all types of sports. Just speaking listening -- -- what to do when you hear the -- call me give you a telephone number to call. You feel lucky caller number eight you'll wins it locked from the stations that love Louisiana's great outdoors as the outdoors -- down to -- radio network also we're going to be talking about a bad boy the outdoor. A guy getting busted from golden medal not only did -- have some fire -- on board which he wasn't supposed to do you also had some drugs will tell you whose crime in his possible. Time plus the feel report is coming up Mike -- is gonna give us information on Lake Pontchartrain like born. Biloxi marsh area we'll talk to -- you parties up paneling in kayaks special listening at the big. Ride the bull coming up and talk about the results from last weekend's IFA. Kayak richest tournament that was held out of the feet. And plaque commenced parish coming away from Brian Lambert whole bunch of other stuff we'd love to talk about here including. Our events calendar which point got a busy weekend next week the ride the bull Williams talked to -- more about that that's. Possibly the largest -- tournament in the nation. Also the 75 annual Louisiana wildlife -- gonna have their annual convention in west Munro. Friends of black by you will be posting up there. And then of course that southern sportsman's festival at the aerial senate show hours probably going to be 28. On Friday tend to -- on Saturday. And then again on ten to six on Sunday it's ten bucks to get him. As for the adults and youngsters five dollars and at this six and younger. It's absolutely free. There's also a five dollar military pants take advantage of that. All that stuff coming up plus if you get ready for deer season we gonna help you do that this will be the sixth annual. -- extravaganza. It's going to be Saturday August 23 two weeks from today I'll be up there are some ten to two and expenses seen and seen in Folsom -- going to be giving away ago rifle. Hunting boots -- the cool enough seed and fertilizer plant two -- date more than going to be the guest speaker talking about hunting. The 2014. Rut in food plot management you'll be making presentations. At 1030 and one locks the door prizes and chances to meet some out citizen if you want. Book a trip -- my old buddy -- Banco -- people yes indeed you mean there was some venison appetizers I was going to be. Great time to get out and get ready idiocy and the captain Mike -- reports -- advance of Louisiana brought to my seat so -- -- the peace of mind if you need fuel dropped -- bring you -- you in 24/7 no matter where you are they'll come jump start if you -- that with a dead battery triple -- on the -- what they're called only 169. Dollars a -- ask anyone they've brought in. They will tell you it is well worth -- also got a new mobile app with GPS located service and rescue. That is absolutely free for -- members how to become a -- -- Simply go to CE dashed -- dot com or call toll free 800 the -- before -- -- -- Mike Gallo joins. Now -- you're on the water. I am not on the war we're about to pull away from my -- and -- blow to Biloxi marsh. I think it's a good bit of some restoration. Sounds like a fish on the menu issue Bentsen good factional. It has been very consistent in the marsh. We hit three -- -- yesterday. And I think from all three boats we came in to finish. Solidly in the so it's been it's been run for tears -- Same pattern is the last couple times you and I seized on on issues once innovate -- -- -- week this warm much -- -- -- in the nation alive but did his -- little pop in court that's exactly the way we've been commissioner -- I had an inexperienced anglers children you know back in futures were forced school started. And we did this one group or that very well on circle books. And then I had some experience bank as well we did. Terrible warms and spinners like he talked about and they were equally successful. Well with the forecast she got today should be a good smooth ride across lake -- and some good conditions and -- got to take care of the -- situation. Let's talk about some other spots though you know we always talk about it and -- the -- trial of inconsistent this year any good news as far as -- -- Trout immediately blown. I haven't heard a -- you know anything overstates -- been changed I hear reports of people catch and 45. Maybe eight. And they seem to be -- sporadic one day here in part by the bridges. The next day they're caught by the Ellen and rage. So there's a huge difference in those two areas you know in lake park street musicians twelve feet of water and nobody element musician more like twenty proxy war. So it seems say they just moment yes 08. -- and rich has been. Pretty consistent on -- you can go Ankara over there and catch a good numbers from. Just which report. That's good news. You know drama probably one of the the most underutilized species we've gotten really mean they fight accurate vision just as good on the grill. Com as far as lake borne in -- quiet over the issue and over early and you hit the fuel but the platforms over the has that gone away you know what sentinel. Here and so mixed catches. Whenever a deal on a trip for me he liked to -- -- like they wrote you know had a couple of those platforms on his way to the march. Catch as many jam and that the report that he's given me some respect for some white -- may be written short from. And then you delegates to the early morning and our clock when it starts it won't make its way into the martians finished today with some change. So you know bill -- -- and so on trial. We're talking about captain he'll wake up from triple sale now today in the next few days is going to be a good viewing day you know any -- crab traps are out there and attract a Mazda champion. There's been much more crab traps put it in the lake. And last Sunday we bought our first triple tale of the year are people need to make note. That there is now in size limit on and they have to be eighteen inches. And you can keep five per angler we saw a warning call one. Went back the next day -- another group and saw Warren couldn't get by. One that's unusual. Tablet and triple well you learn that that's like you didn't -- the -- -- more about it all came -- to man. Followed the court away from the trap you know we ought to ensure we do by. It just turnaround -- trapped. Maybe maybe in the media in his first rodeo it that. Way before and there. Mike vote live bait fisherman in the Slidell area what's the situation on coach as is is the movement all moved out and all will be shortly. Whereas -- best place to get some live -- -- there. I'll release it that supplies -- -- right there at highway nine and greatly greatly greener. They keep its stock supplies they. I'm sure Lou again that Chad always says that supplies blob data as well. Yesterday when I was coming back from the Marshall saw several. Shrimp boats working in the -- -- area so they're still in the late. So what I'm sure that's where it is or -- won't catch him. About them to a solution. You blog and has been. Mike what -- -- on on -- live shrimp for red fish I mean I'm always on the debate probably works some cases a little bit better is a worry if you strictly gonna target repetition dramas -- was in the lunchroom. I always -- that day I'll take an interest in story doctors were two kids many years ago and I had a lot of shrimp and pulled into a cool. Package secret Jewish world around would -- -- option upon the court would conceal -- approach the court. I just knew it took. A minute later which is along time. No -- at all -- I don't think after the triple when canceling each are real -- Shrieking in and sure enough he was on the hook enough to be a pinched his at all. Editing back on the topic change. And we just got -- -- in that and we'll get back across the way it can and that got me a traditional allies mentioned. We're finished with a -- state -- date what makes him. At all in -- -- -- -- way. And I knew me at the bottom there among the richest and I'm. Instead they only. In which -- water and registered five. Bought that story is dead -- to drop dead date that it's so it works much better. In those instances cancel like that it was a I can tell you wanted to and bouncy now there's a lot of rants and -- It might hit your pitch well they just below court but the grass might be six inches below so. So in judgment those were they can't. You -- it here. -- real Ares. And you should applaud. On the court. And sort of stand. -- -- And he's -- Gotta make -- visible that's part of the game. Mike thanks for the update Doug good luck today in the got a great week ahead if somebody wants to book a trip -- summer or early summer late summer and get into some of that fault scheduling gone on to on how to do it. He didn't do its army on outdoors. Kyra. We can call -- it's number 985. 7817811. And we'll be happy to put you on some of those -- All right also -- on accommodations at the beautiful spots and dots law. The right side thanks an update Mike and we'll see you next week. -- -- Jerry goes captain Mike Gallo angling advantages of Louisiana and especially for those -- -- kayaks canoes and rose to go for you finished. We have -- they are coming up next with news report by the by Eackles kayak fishing club. Also act and the backpackers to location woman Jefferson highway and that -- the other on main street of ranch in Lafayette present for -- or listening enjoyment and pleasure -- the panel report with a couple of guys Brandon Leone in Oakland touch Cormier. On the way that backpackers got all the accessories that anyone could need for paneling after the finish largest selection will be tie next January in the state. And they also sponsors several demo days to try before you buy and I think they got one of those coming up which we're gonna talk about him and they are joins us now on Brendan press let's go back Kawika IFA insure a fishing association and -- -- tournament model feet for red fish. Actually it was a combination of fish and Trout and -- did that work in the out -- ago. It -- -- they have. Slot red book for a -- actors we -- like that early armament or. A lot well toward. Lot -- a lot -- certainly it was a -- aren't we catch the biggest drought we can yet. And the big for it last week a -- one -- -- With the forty more interest is only to score out pretty much for this it. While that's a huge red fish in a kayak and Dixon. Paneling you get that guy. Yeah and finding that point to instruct this coming year in August this -- Any -- thing to do reader and 66 it is. -- it's. -- that -- -- between -- but it has come out of any argument that it spin around. The whole country for the entire. History -- that. Well then he wasn't the only one I mean second place was only an inch behind and you were right there -- the. It was it was quite an event I'm hoping others -- page. Of the quality earned him. It at the amount that it did it and for the tournament ever. It -- so. The -- fifty audiences -- tenth place and the that was the last -- it was cut. Today and usually that it almost. I'll standard well we we got the news of ride the bull coming Upton for the next tournament and bought at sick enough to -- could you know record -- -- And yeah I think it's going to be a world record again. Cheney as part Iranian. It's up to 500 that he already and that doesn't include all the spot to take it to come along with being a sponsor you know those down get our. Entries as well and so those are those guys are gonna bring more participants. And so this -- -- -- are planning to absolute percentage of people it was worried about that so. We'll see how it goes in the this could be another really really be -- and dipping is that repetition thrown out great. Last week -- we had a lot of success -- for the red fish in the past. We're using non responders to fine media schools of bogeys and white Trout in the past. I want you would -- local schools -- it would look below the usually red -- And that it was just is the is that and I am anticipating a lot of great -- cup that's next week in a -- And that'll be a bridge side marina in Grand Island shoe on the buy you coast kayak fishing club site does a lot of information net. Let's get to some reports a star about west as we cross back in Louisiana and Texas what's. Normally that. -- still stacked up on the deeper -- so -- -- one fish in the water in the 68 foot range. You're near the ship channel that also been productive or get pitched an alleged. On the shallower led him on the ship channel in the ten to fifteen feet. Into more small in memory. Decent -- right -- it's somewhat you know small. Keeper size Trout and flounder. A trial. It's it's a tough start it's a really big Trout in -- issue but it certainly did little box. Bono a spot we've we haven't talked about it a while that really conclusive the -- -- is a politician refugee area -- there what's going on over there. My point it should in theory is that given a pretty consistent action on read this right now. You know there's a lot of grass and there you'll get in their early but you can use -- ordered to pull out and fish. You can -- and some are also there come past style kitchen. Her red fish and then -- want to take it up a little bit -- those it's a little bit. I would move to cost them or us an update and continues to box out a lot too willing red -- that are. -- -- Brendon -- -- -- -- -- kayak fishing -- -- update -- panelists government and we talked about the method in what's going on British -- down a Grand -- common out of what about speckled -- so what's the best option for somebody that. Political panel -- of them at forums. Like you can try in the morning round -- on a lot of guys are suspicions there. -- in the past session along the beach. And most popular paid any anywhere you find no -- Or keep on current amount -- points about it's it's a grass. There's lots of Trout in the area and fortunately there's a lot of small. Area. Markets and a lot of initiatives. And really had to work or get it knows. You know it's changed it's that. You can certainly make you know a box out of this if you look at it and you know maybe or five hours. I would think you'd be able to children. If you could stick those close areas to the Kooks. Behind the island and probably Ireland and Scotland -- -- on the page right close to. -- -- -- -- The Mississippi River bottom bottom seems to be falling out down in plaque -- and so which means good news -- -- purist than a sport so what can you tell us about that there. It's been really slow up close just due to water conditions and -- But -- -- that make the panels towards echoes are coming back was really great mixed bags. BC in the a lot of it is Trout and flounder. That come -- like the big -- Can draw that area for me right now as potential lot of hammered out by the coast. It's a little bit apparently -- another charge was marina and panel and you know arsenic policy it away from that. That order that come out a lot right here and car in Connecticut now Portugal where that water that not salty or government. And this is some of those eroded arm and there but it. Really making a great tool box pitch for you today. You just want to get a body -- two days with the wind in them like this week it's going to be pretty. And if you headed down to Saint Bernard -- you're looking for Trout you gotta go deep which means probably mr. go which is not that bad of -- panel what would be the technique that you would use to -- -- a lot of guys. You want you to ponder and this again look at -- eight. They schools couldn't and it's kind of the same things are Christian you -- -- -- You wanna look for areas where there's current governor around. In the morning and you can now we start you know right there in India and the fringe of remark that you mentioned -- joke. -- a little lagoon. Should engineers can now and then but bam and then as soon that our prayers -- you can go to work deeper. All right great stuff that VC KFC dot org and you can find out when the next -- days -- -- -- sitting getting into kayak fishing that's the best way I would suggest you do it is sponsored by the -- two locations. And they -- this report read and good luck to you and you can be efficient ride the bull and a catch is going to be then it will be getting -- report from him. Finding out how that goes on all the wiggles out. Yet that anybody else -- register and be part of the events that call more charters dot net and hope to see everybody down there next week in Anchorage. Calm waters charter dot net. Thanks Brent we'll see you next week on two weeks we'll catch up -- you. -- big yard one of a few reporters from the paneling sports I would be right back after this is time for your favorite feature at least that's -- you tell me. Bad boys of the outdoors no -- remind you will be doing a ticket giveaways to the -- which those vessels next boulders shortly is an issue here that -- call that will be on -- telephone call. Don't look so colony ducks and -- -- -- could blame you for tickets at the seventh sportsman festival in expo presented by the super Chevy Gillis. And the home builders association of greater new wall and call five -- four to six dole wins WI NS that's 260. 9467. Right now after the eighth and ninth called visual both win four tickets to the southern sportsman's festival -- well. Wanna tell you back on July 31 just a short while ago -- -- apartment -- and fisheries agents boarded an oyster vessel. Looking to -- commercial fishing compliance Jack well. The agents observed though far from located in the cabin where there perpetrated was operating the boat. After checking with dispatch in learning of the previous felony conviction agents got permission to search the vessel for further contraband. While doing that they found a another gun. Along with a metal container containing suspected marijuana several general cigarettes containing. Suspected marijuana to grind as a mini scale scissors. And several plastic bags under the mattress. But the perpetrators laps after talking with the agents to suspect admitted that all contraband on the boat. Was indeed it is -- been arrested Nick Collins 42 of golden medal for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. Possession of a far wrong while in possession of marijuana. Possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a far rom by convicted felon. Agents and book Collins and to look foolish parish correctional facility. Agents making the case force sergeant Ezequiel Albert junior an agent -- I -- ago. That case you're wondering possession of marijuana with intent. Could be a 50000. Dollar fine between five and thirty years prison. The possession of a far on while in possession of marijuana could be another 101000 dollars plus up to ten years in prison. And possession of a firearm by convicted felon a thousand to 5000 dollar fine and up to twenty years in prison. Drug paraphernalia possession is also 8000 dollar fine. And it makes a total fines of 66000. Dollars and up to thirty years in prison. Possible for 42 year old Nick Collins of golden meadow Louisiana. Bad boy of the outdoors. NFC going to be an oyster men in Lewiston and -- drug -- -- get up -- it was Parrish -- -- with captain Ryan -- of cajun fishing adventures brought Tia -- grand ridge golf club scenic course nestled right there on this cypress swamp and play golf the -- smoke if you had down -- it's only fifteen minutes from the Huey Long bridge and willing. Check it all out on line grand ridge golf dot com. -- Ryan joins us now Ryan not Ryan did Reagan get that message of look info about one accomplishment the stuff that they flounder -- And -- he. -- Anybody. That it great -- really good week this week -- fish it really will that. Well struggled. It's -- this week. -- drop in is that in partly a response we think in formula in -- room that's wolf footnotes. There's games game -- is it better about it -- it it -- rivers. So so you would be. The 27 minutes. And yeah that's pretty good -- it. Yes that is have to do the math on that nominee fears that was a minute that's pretty doggone it took eSATA Wes I guess that these can disease usually want. Yeah it's issue one of these have been better rate now. You of the west side is that really it's just that there were placed finish. It is absolutely we'll have a those conditions. You know it'd be good and -- that. In this situation there. Mean we just don't -- but we used to used to love that you know famous I mean there is. Also operational side. The kind of went to discuss what most deal. Yeah we won't be far away from the -- that's gonna open up in September and by the way they set the as the duck seasons and I could've been doc Connors didn't wanna go for those early dates that were recommended they they turned out numbers and wrote in emails and make phone calls in the coastal zone opens November 15 that -- area. The west zone also opened on the fifteenth in the east not -- the 22. Which makes do you -- follow the coastal zone. And -- is gone for both days on eighth and ninth the same weekend. Where the other two zones they split they took one week before the regular season won the week after which. You know they do that as a protection -- for water levels up there but anyway your weekend for the utes is going to be eighth and the ninth which means. Now we know when all those kids that are going to be signing up -- gonna take ten on one thing intent on the island -- some of the the letters that will come -- and as a pretty impressive stuff those kids that. Right Malia yeah. And and it's gotten really really want all gotten really need to -- So this will be a good teachers should which from the young. -- has -- -- and get on Jerusalem and Michelin. -- and Georgia and try to teach him to agencies aspects. Like you know -- Bloopers coming you know she's like that June I mean it's just shall look like that it is also the support -- The I just love and love to watch it. And this is more than just gone out and our production and give a really comprehensive loss seminar -- of that time you know explaining the philosophy and watch and all work and training and gun safety in the holding. Are -- -- -- in the government -- sure you know that 1000. You know you know they got to. Others say about that lines that you saw in Jim Crow. Just think you know -- and figure out put to record and to get this action -- let me teach you where -- You know. That makes honors and you know you'd do it right the first go back to. So now that we know the basis this folks wanna get their kids signed up and they'll welcome the calm down -- -- and are going to be able to shoot they certainly can accompany their child along. -- what was the best way to get signed up and -- and so we get an early -- to -- Yeah you know just just read -- little told me why you in this matter that does imply you should be one of the toward children -- they do Asia should. People that want they would still like you'd you'd should be one. You know it would just circumstance you're -- -- on the government line in topic what do you mean you'll become men. We'll go from there then hopefully that they've been in this round of fifteenth of October. Where would get their bodies written in together. You know how to get there and what to do you know. All right in -- they can send it to several email addresses the best way to do it on the -- -- was guide dot com. Cajun fishing adventures or -- -- area paradise we panic in the televised this showcase it on TV show to soldiers -- and if in fact I don't know anybody that young at that nobody email attachments at one writer Erica they've welcomed in the mail. Oh yes -- a little -- to. You know it's just. Just yet here in -- opted to do with sort of -- great opportunity. As we agree on English question the in -- year -- And they would don't have to have a much in the way of equipment will provide all that -- and here. Or should it needs so. Anyway but that's. Brilliant on that goes gotta get -- weeks -- the teal seasons -- I would get that done. It into the big -- coming back after a. Let me you know that bit of -- -- -- mr. Well to we the people that. Did it the other guys that -- reasonable -- already but when you know. Scapegoated. -- the scene and utterly completely done. A credential which he thinks so. -- -- part of it in but you know what I'd -- early as. People think that when a group adopted because of the machine you know birds of -- that they just came down those ultimately on the shot dead and four. These days and a lot to do with the -- It's a lot smaller of January 20 in the yard in November approach yeah. And the season's gonna go get the sixty days again and that's good news it'll go in the coastal zone all way to January 25. And we have been and probably the second most books and history susceptible breeding pairs. In the room -- huge issues relative probably most -- -- in industry initiatives such -- great cheap. Let's hope we get some Colwin. Earlier we we -- Probably he. You're right Brian thanks for the update is always in the thanks Jamaican that's unavailable and encourage people sign up for here. And time and have a good weekend. -- Ryan limit cajun fishing. Pages I wanna send out some congratulations. To both George peppers and Chet walker and they both just 14 tickets to the southern sportsman's festival expo presented by the super Chevy dealers. And the home builders association of rated wall in August 15 and seventeenth at the aerial senate. Listen for another chance to win will be giving the win of the four pact between seven and -- 8 to 9 this morning one more outdoors which you can hear. On three WL thirteen 51 affiliate station or. You can listen live on my web -- down the -- -- A couple of events wanna talk about. Tonight national while Turkey -- haven't gone -- Bogle is awful one at home autonomy. Doors will be open at 5 o'clock it's that the global as The American Legion hall this going to be over a hundred guns given away. Of the live and silent auctions raffles games. I need more information call these two guys Bobby growth alive use the national while Turkey federation 601. 6570707. Already stamped on them volunteers and retrain the 9855150010. As the Bogle loses. National while Turkey Federation's epic gun ban on tonight at the American regional also we have the called meet chapped. Of the Louisiana coastal conservation associations haven't -- very first. Membership banquet and auction will be coming up this Thursday August 14. And Kristen would -- most brings sixty dolls per person that includes a one year membership admission in an open bar. Tickets for the youth will be specially priced at only 25 dollars doors open at 530. Dinner at 7 o'clock -- those of you who have missed out if listening last week will broadcast live from the gone fishing lodge it was our cajun invasion week. I've got to meet some new folks and some other ones out of met before in return for repeat performances up pencil dot Alaska. I can and barely part or up there and Greg Smith from Slidell is -- rid. Then I head if you listen though -- co host last week showed joke terrace Mary swayze -- -- -- and Denise to share tea and we also have the Fitzsimmons -- there was that a lot of good people up to if you missed out you wanna go next week the dates have been set next week next year. That that fast it's coming around. July 25. To August 1 that'll be the first week of -- invasion. Then from August 1 to August 8 is the second week if you can make what you want information on those. Go to the on -- lodged dot com this genial and eat fish in the note G on physician lodged dot com and not talk the Ralph crystal. You give you the pricing. He probably doesn't have the total price because it varies with airlines last used it was 3495. And that's and covers just about everything except -- skips one meal tonight. And you'll licensed the otherwise all the fish packing equipment line on the plane you rental car. You air fare all that is coveted as a great maybe the best cajun invasion -- them. My cameraman and I Chris cock and I came back with a 138. Pounds of -- away finishing with Marty and try it. I think the all time record though was 451. Pounds of feeling few obstacles halibut. -- some of those strict government would catch and release -- -- really put anything in the box anyway it's a great time great whether. And what are refreshing break to get away from the high temperatures in the high humidity and get into some really fresh cool -- -- -- -- -- to see you don't watch paralyzed Louisiana TV. We're gonna show you the whales in the sea -- in the sea lions -- -- porpoises. Plus all the salmon -- salmon -- sockeye salmon halibut rock -- link. All of that stuff. I would say goodbye to our affiliate station that we got two more hours of more outdoors if you -- -- -- at thirteen 50 AM on a New Orleans. It's three WL listen live on WW on on the on the -- those guys dot com WWW. On the outdoors -- dot com top Amazon's going to be joining us and special guest. And we'll recap the Louisiana department Wallace and fisheries. Commission meeting in our 8 o'clock hour all come anyway we'll see you next week right back here. On the outdoors with -- if you view them. WWL New Orleans and WWL FM -- and New Orleans.

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